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An unexpected fantasy night

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As a single guy in college, I was loving the freedom. Life consisted of a little school work, then mostly going out, taking shots, and hooking up with girls. I even got involved in the swinger scene. Enough searching for porn will eventually lead you to a swinger website. I hadn't done anything too crazy. A few threesomes and a couple occasional parties. There were a handful of people I chatted with on the site who kept me up to date on the get-togethers.

Back to normal life, I had an apartment with a roommate on campus. We got paired through the schools freshman system that basically considers your interests and then connects you with a random person. We ended up getting along pretty well. But the best part was a few weeks after we moved in, his girlfriend, Lauren, came to visit. Holy fuck.

They ended up going to different colleges, but she was only a couple hours away, so she would visit a lot. She was about 5'2", smooth tan skin, maybe 120 pounds, long light brown hair, the prettiest face, a perfect ass, and the most incredibly perky, huge, round tits. I loved when she came to the pool with us and I really loved when she got all dolled up to go out with us at night. I'll even admit i enjoyed being able to hear them through the walls every now and then.

She was very friendly. Nice, but not overly flirty. Very social at parties. Her and I talked, but typically only in group settings. They seemed like a good couple. I didn't know too much history, but it seemed that had been together for years. There were arguments, but never long lasting. Until one night.

She was in town for Halloween and they were getting ready for a costume party. I was also looking forward to that night as I was heading to a swinger party later that evening. Of course, as far as they knew, I was just going to a different party with different friends. Though I did consider changing my plans once I saw her walk out. She had on a cheerleader costume. And by that, I mean she was wearing fishnet stockings, a mini skirt that left her ass cheeks hanging out, a tube top that did not come anywhere close to covering even half of her giant tits, her hair in pigtails, and the thick black lines painted under her eyes. Wow.

If I thought there was even half a chance of getting my hands on her, I would have changed my plans immediately. But her boyfriend was my roommate, and she was staying with us. What was I going to do? So I said bye to them, and I hopped online to get all the final details for the swinger party.

It was going to be at a house about 15 minutes away. Costumes encouraged. I had met the host once before at a hotel. He and his wife were late 40s, average looking. When I met them, there were 2 other couples and some single guys. I was the youngest, but there were all ages there, 20s to 50s. And it was a free-for-all when I walked into the hotel room. So I joined in and had a great time. I was glad to see an invite to this Halloween party now.

I got dressed into my nerd costume. Button down, pens in my shirt pocket, taped up glasses, slacks too short for my legs. I just made it up because I didn't know what else to wear. It had been about 2 hours since my roommate left when BAM! The front door slammed open so hard the knob put a hole in the drywall.

Lauren stomped in saying "Fuck him! I'm so sick of his shit". I was doing my best to listen, take her seriously, and stare at her tits without getting caught, hoping they would bounce out. Before I could even get all the details, she asked, "I thought you were going to a party?" I said "I am, I was just about to leave." Lauren said "I'm going with you." Obviously I told her I don't know. "I dont think it's your scene. You won't know anyone there."  She cut me off with "i dont care. I just wanna get fucked up. If they have alcohol, I'm in."

So we walked out and got in the car. This was the most one-on-one time I had ever spent with her. I honestly didn't know what to say. She was spending a lot of time typing on her phone. Finally as we were about a minute away, the nervousness caught up to me. I said "I really dont think this is going to be something you're into." Out of nowhere, she responds "why do you keep saying that? Is it a swinger party or something?" I froze. I was speechless. I just sort of stared. She looked right at me and said "omg seriously??!" I told her I just didn't know what to say. I was just interested in checking out the scene. I would gladly take her back to the apartment. But to my surprise, she said "I actually think it could be kind of fun as long as you promise to keep this between us." Of course I said absolutely, right as we were pulling into the driveway.

Before I could open the car door, she stopped me and said "PROMISE me this stays between us." I assured her and then we got out.

There were a lot of cars there and we could hear music inside. Before we got to the front door, it opened. It was the host, the guy I knew. Enthusiastically he said "hey! Wow! Is this your girlfriend?" I honestly hadn't thought that far ahead so I didn't have a response ready. But apparently she did. She said "yes! Im Lauren!" And kissed me on the cheek, then shook his hand.

We walk in the door and there are a bunch of people there. Mostly older couples. Single guys here and there. Lots of drink and snack options sitting out. We say hi to a few people on our way to get a drink. Lauren immediately takes a tequila shot, followed by another, and finally grabs a corona. I look right at her and say "oh really?" Her response was "I want to have fun tonight". I'm fairly certain my cock immediately got the hardest its ever been.

We walked over to a lounge chair. I sat down and, to my surprise, she sat on my lap. There was no hiding it. She sat right on my hard dick. Then she turned and looked right at me and smiled. She told me "we'll get to that later." It was a dream. It had to be. It was all happening quickly and I was awestruck.

There was a stack of games next to the chair that she started going through. The host noticed, so he came over and said, you guys want to get a game going? She said sure!

He got everyone's attention and everyone got in a rough circle and started making small talk with each other while the game was getting unpacked. Essentially the game consisted of a blocks with numbers on them. Each guy was given a different block number and each girl was given a block with a number as well. Everyone took turns being the player. When it was your turn, you drew a card from 2 decks. One deck would have an act to perform, the next deck would have a number.

Of course the host handed the decks to me first since we were looking at the game to begin with. I draw a card. It says 'lick nipples'. Then the next deck. It says '2 and 6'. Whoa! I did not expect it to have more than one number! 2 was an average looking late 30s blonde and B cups. 6 was a little older, maybe C cups, and a very nice body. Oddly enough, they were sitting next to each other. I walk over, pull their tops to the side and go to town. It was hot!

I go back to my seat and hand Lauren the decks. First card 'topless make out'. Holy shit. I might actually get to see those amazing titties. Second card '4'. We both look over. He was mid 50s, short hair, slightly overweight, and smiling ear to ear. Without hesitation, she got up, and in mid stride walking across the circle, took her top off, got on his lap, and started kissing him like they were married. His hands never left her breasts. I was so jealous.

The decks continued around the room a couple times. Light touching mostly. Then the host pulled out another deck, held it up and said "I think we're warmed up now. Who's up first?" One of the single guys threw his hand up first. 1st card, 'lick her pussy while she's sitting on her husband/boyfriends lap'. 2nd card, 3, Lauren's number. Without hesitation, she leaned back against me, and opened her legs. The guy walked over and got down, slowly sliding her panties off, then he went in. She reached back, wrapping her arms around my neck, still topless. I couldn't help but to grab a handful. They looked so delicious. She didn't seem to mind at all.

Lauren's turn. 'Double blowjob'. I quietly whisper, "you know you don't have to." She grinned, "I want to." Then she gets on her knees in the middle of the circle and the 2 guys walk over. What a sight. One of the younger guys and one of the older guys. I was loving watching her go back and forth. Clearly the younger guy was too. His knees start trembling, then he tried to pull out but ended up squirting cum all over her face. I didn't know how she would react, but she just wiped it into her mouth and kept going. So damn hot.

The cards made their rounds around the circle. We enjoyed the different mini-shows. It was very exciting.

The deck got back around to Lauren. She drew the first card, it said 'air tight'. Holy shit. I knew what that meant. At least I was pretty sure. I was also pretty sure she did not know. That was confirmed when she looked up, very confused. Someone said, draw the next card and then maybe you'll see. The next card, 2, 11, 13. Two things happened simultaneously. First, we both recognized that I had number 11. Second, I knew she was waiting on an explanation for 'air tight'.

I quietly said "one guy fucks you in your pussy, one guy fucks you in your ass, and one guy fucks you in your mouth." With the most devilishly innocent twinkle in her eye, all she replied with was, "I want you to fuck my mouth." Then she got up and walked over to the guys that were already waiting for her. One was on his back on the floor. She got on top of him and started slowly riding. Another walked up behind her and started getting his cock lubed up. The moment the head touched her ass, her eyes got wide and she arched her back. Her big perfect titties were on full display and she was moaning with pleasure while slowly riding up and down.

I had to pinch myself. Was this really happening?? A couple hours ago, I had barely spoken to this girl. I had always just been happy to enjoy seeing her in a bikini. Now here I am at a swinger party, looking at her naked body, watching her get double penetrated by two 50 year old men in the middle of a room of about 20 people watching. I almost forgot i need to go over there and provide the last detail of getting her air tight. I felt like the moment lasted forever. I stood there, in front of her, and pulled my cock out. I was harder than solid steel. She looked up at me and grabbed it with her warm hands. She never broke eye contact while she opened her both and sucked down every inch of my dick that had been wanting her for so long. She had a rhythm, but of course it kept getting broken by the 2 other guys that were thrusting inside her.

I looked around and a few of the couples had started playing on the own. Back at the chair, the game had fallen off the arm rest and no one seemed to care to pick it up. The mood in the room had changed. It was time to fuck.

I stood as long as I could before I had to jump back to prevent myself from cumming all over the place. When I stepped back, I noticed a lot of the other guys in the room had moved in to get a closer look, playing with themselves and hoping for a turn. Taking a chance, a different guy walked up to her mouth with his cock in his hand. She started sucking him as if there was no change. Apparently this was all the green light that everyone needed. Quickly there were hands reaching in to squeeze her tits and slap her ass. The guy fucking her ass pulled out and came all over her back! What a sight! Look at this girl! Right away, another guy slid in his place. The guy on the bottom started pumping hard. He said "I'm gonna cum! Im gonna cum!" She moaned, "just cum inside me".

After he filled her, she lifted her ass up and moved to her knees. Guy on the bottom slid out and got up. Guy fucking her ass kept going. Doggy style. He had her hips in his hands while he pounded away. Her tits swinging back and forth. He said "I want to cum on your tits!" So he pulled out, she rolled over, and he squirted all over her. Guys continued to walk up and have their turn. The look on her face was incredible. I couldn't believe how turned on she looked.

She noticed me basically staring at her in amazement. She looked at me and motioned with her finger to 'come here'. I eagerly hurried over as she motioned for me to come closer. She whispered, "I want you inside me". Omg. I slid my cock inside her perfectly warm, wet pussy. I grabbed both of her enormous plump perky titties and began to slide in and out of her. I fucked her as hard as I could until I just couldn't take it anymore. I exploded inside her pussy.  It felt like my cock spent minutes releasing a gallon of cum. She didn't say anything, but I realized I was squeezing her tits extremely hard, so I let go, and pulled out. I was still dripping, and so was she.

I drifted back to the chair and began to gather my things, while still enjoying the show. There were a few guys still having their way with her.

After everyone finished, she picked up her clothes, looked down at her body, completely covered in cum, and laughingly said "there's really no point in getting dressed." We told everyone bye and walked out to my car. We started heading home. I must have looked over at this insanely sexy, naked, cum covered girl more than I actually watched the road. We pull up to the apartment and my roommates car is there. Obviously she can't go in like that. We decide to head to the pool to rinse off.

She gets in the water and says "don't make me get in alone!" Cleary, I strip down and get in with her. How in the world did no one see us? In the water, I still didn't know what to say. Thankfully she wasn't shy. She got close and just said, "tonight was so much fun. Just promise you'll never tell anyone." I said "of course I won't."

We got out, air dried the best we could, and went back to the apartment. I walked in and went straight to my room. Never saw my roommate. I heard them talking but couldn't make out what they were saying.

The next morning, it was like nothing ever happened. We all hung out and went to breakfast together. We even had some mutual friends over to hang out that night.

Fast forward to present day. Ive partied with some of those couples again. The guys ask me about Lauren every time. They all say she is by far the sexiest, most gorgeous girl they've experienced.

Eventually my old roommate and Lauren got married. I've lost touch with both of them, but I still see what they're up to through social media. I assume he has no idea about that night. They seem happy. I know I still am.

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