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Halloween party

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This story is true...the best of my recollection, only the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

This past weekend, we attended a Halloween party. My husband had told me that he wanted me to try some of the toys that the host and hostess provided for their guests. I had teased him about trying out the swing. From the gleam in his eyes, I knew he was considering the idea. (Maybe more than considering.) I sent an e-mail to our host and hostess. I told them that we were planning on attending the party and that I was building up my nerve, as I planned on trying out some of their toys. Here is the story:

I had assumed it would be easy to find the house again, since we had been to one of their parties before. I had assumed wrong, there were just too many twists and turns to make the trip easy without written instructions. I had to call the host and found that we were only a half mile we continued on, by his corrected directions. Because of the left, when it should have been right...We arrived about an hour late to the party. We figured that the party would have been in full swing.

We walked in the door, shortly after 9 PM, to find that there were about thirty people already there. Two more couples and one single male were expected, but they were all lost, even more than we had been. We did a bee-line to the kitchen, to drop off the food and drinks that we had brought with us. We nodded at friends and acquaintances from previous parties. After freeing up our hands, we went over to the kitchen table where several people were sitting. Karen said, ?I thought you were going to wear a costume.? I pulled out my ruler, grinning wickedly, I responded, ?I am. I am dressed as a teacher.? My husband corrected me, ?Principal. She is looking to discipline someone.? We sat and chatted for a bit.

My husband leaned over and whispered, ?Get rid of your pants.? I was wearing a suit jacket and dress pants. Under that I had on a matching bra and panty set of red lace, and thigh-high stocking. Taking off the slacks would leave me with the suit jacket, which reached just below my butt. Without anyone noticing, I slipped out of them, and handed them over to my husband. He placed them across the back of his chair. Getting up from my chair, I walked over for a beer and some finger foods. When I got back to the table, I noticed that Keith and Kenny were both watching me. My husband had moved over to the other side of the table. Karen noted, ?I could have sworn you had pants on when you came in.? I just grinned at her.

Our host stopped by the table. ?What do you think, should I bring out the swing? Do we have any volunteers?? Not saying anything, my husband pointed at me. Bill?s eyebrows went up. ?Really, you built up your nerve?? I had attended other parties and was always a little quiet and didn?t draw any attention to myself. Even though I had ?warned? him, Bill hadn?t really expected me to follow through. He asked one of the guests to clear out the doorway, and to put the support bolts into place. Bill then headed back to the bedroom to get the swing. I looked across the table to my husband. ?Are you serious??, I mouthed to him. He nodded. I went and got a second beer. When I got back to the table, Bill was back. Looking disappointed, he said, ?You still have your clothes on.? ?Do I have to get naked?? My husband told me I could leave my bra and panties on, but Bill wasn?t going for that. I stepped out of my heals, and started removing my jacket. I told my husband I needed help. I meant that I wouldn?t be able to get into the swing by myself. Bill took my request differently, and ?helped? me with my jacket and then out of my bra and panties. He said, ?You can leave your stockings on.?

Bill and Alan helped me into the swing. They had me sit on one of the straps, and they positioned the second strap across my back. Bill lifted one of my legs, slipping my foot into a stirrup. My husband helped me into the second stirrup. ?She?s ready for any takers,? my husband stated. Kenny had been given ?first crack? at me, but he was keeping his distance, as usual. Two of the women came over. Melissa asked me if I was bi. ?Nope.? She looked disappointed, and turned to walk away. My husband stopped her. ?She?s not bi, but if you want her...go ahead and have her.?

Grinning, I told them, ?I?m not bi, but you can try to turn me.? Melissa turned to Alice. Alice told Melissa, ?Get her ready for me.? Melissa grabbed the swing with one hand. She slipped her hand between my legs. ?Tell me if I hurt you. I tend to forget about my nails.? I nodded and spread my legs wider. She slipped two of her fingers into my pussy and started to pump in and out. She rubbed her thumb over my clit, and soon had me moaning. She kneeled in front of the swing. Spreading my pussy lips, she stuck her tongue into my pussy. Licking and sucking, she was determined to get my juices going. She alternated between biting the inside of my thighs, licking my pussy, and sucking on my clit. While she was paying attention to my pussy and clit, there were others rubbing my boobs. Alice was pressing against my left side, rubbing her strap-on against my thigh. The strap-on vibrated. She rubbed my left breast and pinched my nipple. Pete was doing the same to my right nipple. The swing limited my movements, or I am sure I would have been bucking my hips to meet Melissa?s movements.

A man leaned over me and whispered, ?Do you suck cock?? I looked up at him. I recognized him as the man who had stopped my husband at the door and introduced himself. I believe he said his name was Oscar. I nodded. ?Will you suck mine?? I nodded again. Oscar moved closer. I reached up and unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled his cock out. I lifted my head up and wrapped my lips around the tip. He stopped me and motioned to Bill. ?Get the neck band. She looks uncomfortable.? When they repositioned me and had me comfortable enough to satisfy Oscar, he moved up close to my head again. I slipped his dick back between my lips. I sucked him all the way into my mouth. I licked my tongue up and down his entire length. While I concentrated on Oscar?s dick, Melissa continued lubing my pussy. I lost all track of who?s hands, lips and tongues were where. I tried to concentrate on sucking Oscar off, but soon had to stop. I couldn?t stop the moaning. It wasn?t long after that, when Melissa stood up and handed me over to Alice. Apparently, she decided I was ready.

Alice positioned herself between my legs. Without any additional prep, she crammed the strap-on into my pussy. I think I came on the spot. She started thrusting. She thrust into my pussy, in and out, fast and hard. She slammed her fake dick into my pussy. Oscar and Melissa had both stepped away. I could sense them, close enough to watch but not close enough to interfere. Pete had moved down and was now behind Alice. He had grabbed her hips and was fucking me, using Alice and her strap-on. Alan had taken Pete?s position at my right boob, and he was alternating between rubbing my boob and pinching my nipple.

Bill stepped up and Alan backed away. Bill slapped one of my boobs, and then he started pinching my nipples. Linda mentioned that he should get the ?nipple grips?. Bill stepped over to the table holding his supply of toys. Coming back to me, he attached one of the grips to my right nipple. Once he got the pressure right, he turned on the vibrator. He attached the second one to my left nipple. ?Are you into pain?? I shook my head. ?I think you are.? At this point, I was so far gone, I hadn?t even noticed that Alice had stopped, and stepped back.

Alan moved into between my legs. At first, I thought he was going to slip his dick into me. However, he knelt down instead. He steadied the swing with one hand. He inserted a finger into my pussy, moving it in and out slowly. He added a second finger. Soon he added a third finger. With each additional finger, he increased the pressure. When Alan had his third finger inside my pussy, he started slamming his hand into my pussy. My eyes rolled back, and I started to moan. Just a little more and I would be cumming. Hard, hard and still harder. Alan continued to fuck me with his hand, while Bill kept up the pressure on my nipples. One more thrust and I was cumming. Squirting my pussy juices all over Alan?s hand.

Bill told me it was time to give someone else a chance at the swing. He helped me out of the swing and escorted me back into the kitchen. I grabbed my jacket and slipped it on. I didn?t bother with my bra and panties, hoping that I was going to get some more attention soon. Oscar found me in the kitchen, sucking on a cocktail shrimp. Wrapping his arm around my waist, he leaned forward, ?Thank you for sucking my cock. I wish we could have finished.?

Bill came by with a paddle in one hand. He was on a quest for batteries. Finding some new ones, and replacing the old, he walked over to me. ?Have you tried this?? ?That paddle scares me.? ?It only shocks for a second.? I placed my hand out in front of me. Slowly, very slowly, I reached for the paddle. ?Ow!? It felt like I was bitten. He said, ?Let?s use it right.? Then he paddled my bottom with it. When he didn?t get a reaction, he realized that my jacket was protecting my butt. Bill lifted up my jacket with one hand, and applied the paddle again. ?Ow!? It wasn?t as bad as my hand, but still it did nothing for me. Bill rubbed the spot that he had just electrocuted. He spanked me with his hand. I pushed my butt back toward him, letting him know I liked that. He grinned at me, and told me that he would catch me later. He then wandered off, looking for more ?victims? for his paddle.

I wandered around the party. I peeked in the bedrooms, checking out what was going on with the other party goers. One door was closed, showing someone wanted privacy. In one of the bedrooms, Melissa was going down on one of the guys. I found my husband in the doorway of the third bedroom. He was watching one of the women getting spanked. He told me that she had already worn out at least one woman and two of the men. They should have been using a whip or a paddle, because she didn?t think they weren?t giving her hard enough whacks with their hands. Oscar walked over. He was waiting for his date to get herself together. Thanking me once again, he told me that he hoped that we would run into each other again...soon. I let him know that I was looking forward to the same thing.

I walked back into the kitchen, to check out the munchies. Pete found me there. ?May I?? Without waiting for a reply, he lifted up my jacket and squeezed my butt. As we talked, he continued to fondle my cheeks. ?I plan to get up close and personal with that later.? We moved over to the bar area. Pete sat on one of the chairs and I stood between his legs. Ray slid up behind me. ?Hmm, things could be getting interesting.?, I thought. I was wrong, Ray just wanted to chat.

While we all stood around talking, I nursed my third beer. Several of the guys made excuses to slip past me. Each one would either rub or squeeze my ass cheeks as they made their way to the bedrooms. Bill swatted my ass as he headed to the back. ?Hey, come back and give me some more of that.? Kenny stopped by. While he was rubbing on my butt checks, I ran my thumb over his chin. He had added a goatee since the last time I had seen him. ?Too bad that?s going to have to come off. It looks good on you.? ?I?ll grow it back in the spring.? ?Hmm, good. A guy with a beard...does things to me.? Grinning, I watched Kenny walk away. A little while later, I was talking to Laura and Don, and Pete. Ray had disappeared, along with Melissa. I felt someone lift my jacket and start rubbing my ass. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Bill had come back, after all. Bill slipped his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy. He slipped his thumb into my pussy. I spread my legs further apart. I closed my eyes and leaned against the counter. The position gave Bill full access to my pussy and ass. He took his thumb out of my pussy and replaced it with his index finger. Bill pressed his thumb against my ass and was soon knuckle deep. He started pumping, finger fucking both my ass and pussy. I opened my eyes, just a of the women was standing on the other side of the counter. She grinned at me. It was obvious she could see that whatever Bill was doing to me, I was enjoying it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his fingers. ?Hmm.? I was beyond words or coherent thoughts. It wasn?t long before I was cumming onto his fingers. He pulled out and swatted my ass several times.

My husband walked up to me shortly after that. He had my discarded clothing in one hand. ?It?s time to go.? I was surprised to see that it was well after midnight. I turned to Pete and told him I would be taking a rain check on the ?up close and personnel.? ?I?m looking forward to seeing you again at the next party.? Kenny was leaning against the wall again. I walked over to him, giving him a big hug, I kissed him. Leaning forward, I whispered in his ear, ?You really need to be faster. You?ve missed out...again.?

My husband concentrated on the road, all the way home. He let me know that he had plans for me as soon as we got home. It was usually a thirty minute trip, but I am not sure it took that long that night. Soon we were home and he told me that he?d meet me in the bedroom. It was long before he came walking into the bedroom. He kicked the door shut, locking it behind him. ?Come here and suck my dick.? That was the beginning of an hour and half of rough and yet satisfying sex. But that?s another story...

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