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After reading my husband’s account of our experience, I realized that if I tell the story truthfully it will be more of a confession. They say that confession is good for the soul. Well, I hope it is good for the marriage also. Keith, I hope you are not mad. I never intended for things to get so carried away and out of control. All I can do is ask you to forgive me.

Guess it would be helpful to start off with introduction. My name is Kelly, and I love to dance and lead aerobics. While my husband makes a very good living, I supplement it with a little extra from working part time at the health club. Zumba, dance aerobics, jazzer-size, spinning, and some personal training are what I do. However, I work less than 20 hours a week. At $12.50 per hour, that is not a lot of money. But I do it because I like it and it comes with a free club membership. Plus, it keeps me in shape. At 34 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life. I’m 5 foot, 4 inches and weigh 120 pounds with long light brown hair. I have been told I look like Vanessa Marcil from the TV show “Las Vegas,” but my breast are a little bit larger than hers.

My husband Keith is 38, about 6 feet tall, muscular, with dark hair and an easy going personality, but kind of a workaholic. He is a general contractor and loves to build.

Our story starts one day when Keith took me to a clothing optional beach. He was trying to act like it was no big deal and that he didn’t know it was a nude beach but I could see the excitement in his eyes and he practically begged me to lay out naked. Having never been nude in public before, I was hesitant but seeing how excited he was, I figured what was the harm. Plus, I was curious to see how comfortable he was with his wife being naked in front of other guys.

Thinking back on it, at first I was about to say NO WAY and demand that we go someplace else. But he said lots of people do it and it is the norm in Europe so why don’t we try it.

Still, I said no, but then he asked me to just do it once for him. . . My parents would have had a cow if they saw their daughter on a nude beach. But then, well, I thought what the hell. You only live once, and what could it hurt? It’s not like we are hurting anyone or braking any laws. Plus, I was curious to see how Keith would handle having other men see his wife’s naked body.

At first, I thought Keith was excited to see other women naked, but then he took his clothes off so fast that maybe he was an Exhibitionist. We set our towels on the beach with a couple chairs. Then my husband looked at me, like, ok your turn. My heart started beating fast and I was just about to chicken out, but I removed my one piece swim suit in one motion and laid face down on my towel.

Keith then says to me, “I’m so proud of you honey. You have a gorgeous body, why not show it off a little.” Well, I am showing off more than a little, I am completely naked showing everything to anyone who is looking. That is when I looked around, and guess what? No one was looking. We were far enough away from others that no one could really see me nor were they even looking. Smiling at myself, I thought, Why was I so nervous?

Keith lays on his back showing his junk to the world, and I was a little envious how comfortable he was in his skin. So now being more relaxed, I thought, what the hell, and I rolled over on my back exposing my breast and privates to. . . well, no one because there wasn’t anyone noticing us, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun shining on my nakedness.

Hearing a male voice, I sat up, opened my eyes to see two penises right in front of my face. Silly me, I thought Keith would be looking out for me, but he was talking to two young men. He introduced me as his beautiful wife and then two more kids came over and Keith invited them to join us. Holy crap! Does my husband want the whole world to see his naked wife. Well, obviously he wants four young strangers to see me.

The boys brought their towels and placed them next to me so I am in-between them and my husband, making me the center of attention.

Keith kept talking to them like nothing was out of the ordinary. They were all drinking beer so I again thought “What the hell?” and I got up and got me a wine cooler and joined in. The boys were looking at my breasts and privates. Funny thing, Keith seemed ok with it and during the conversation he even pointed out that I have perfect boobs. The boys agreed and they took advantage of where the conversation went and stared even more at my breast. That is when I sat up facing the boys cross leg, Indian style as we called it. This gave the boys a view of my trimmed pussy lips and well. . . everything.

Having the boys see my sex, I thought would pull Keith out of his excitement of having us naked but he was ok with it. In fact, he again pointed out my “perfect boobs” and offered the boys a feel, which they all eagerly excepted. This surprised me so much, I was taken off guard and just sat there and let four boys feel my breasts.

They were very complimentary and also aroused. As they touched a squeezed my boobs, they all got erections. That is when I decided to have some fun. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” I said with a smile, “I think I am making things hard on you. I can cover up if that will make you feel more comfortable.”

They all laughed as they told me that it was ok and that they would suffer for me. Then one of them asked very politely if it offended me they would put swim suits on. It would have been pointless to cover up now so I just laughed and told them I took it as a compliment. When I glanced at my husband, even he was getting an erection. Well, I guess I still have “it.” Boys still get excited by my body.

On the way home, Keith pointed out how erotic it was seeing me flirting with those boys. I told him I was blown away that he was ok with those boys seeing me naked and even touching me.

Then we got into a deep discussion about how beautiful women should be seen and not covered up. “Even your wife?” I asked expecting him to make an exception. However, he said “especially my wife, because she is totally hot and the most beautiful.” Well I am glad he feels that way but I don’t understand. I thought guys got jealous if another man looked at his wife. Turns out my man likes other guys to look at his wife.

For the next year, Keith encouraged me to show more cleavage, dress more slutty and even go without a bra or panties. It was a little exciting and definitely improved our sex life. When we did go out and I gave into him and dressed like he wanted, Keith would be so horny when we got home. We had some really good sex.

Now remember I am an aerobics instructor at the health club? During this time Keith was encouraging me to be more slutty, there were a couple guys coming to my classes. They were both nice and fun to talk to. LeRoy was in his 40’s, short, a little over weight with a fun sense of humor. Adonis was in his 20’s, attractive tall black man with perfect smooth chocolate shin. He paid a lot of attention to me and flirted in a friendly not inappropriate way. He told me he is an aspiring actor who now works for LeRoy.

Right after we became friends, I was shopping for work leotards and well, I got ones that were a little tighter and more sheer. The first time I wore one of my new leotards Adonis was so complimentary. I think Keith would have really liked it because these really showed off my body leaving nothing to the imagination.

That night after class, LeRoy asked me how much I made working at the health club. They were friends and I was comfortable enough that I told them about $200 a week. LeRoy asked if I would be interest in working at his place doing the same thing but making $500 or more a week.

I assumed he owed some kind of gym, and I was interested. He asked me to come by tomorrow and he would show me his place.

It never accrued to me that he was anything but an upstanding citizen; however, when I got to the address that he gave me, I was shocked. My first I thought was I had the wrong address. My next thought was to turn right around and leave but for some reason my curiosity got the best of me.

The place was an Adult Book Store. Maybe it was Keith’s influence on me because I have no idea why I parked and went into that book store. It was against everything I had been taught growing up. My mother would have been ashamed of me.

Adonis saw me park my car and he greeted me as I hesitantly walked in. “I’m so glad you came!” he said with a big smile and hand shake. As he was leading me through a door and down the hall he continued, “We were a little unsure that you would even come. I told LeRoy you are a classy lady and classy ladies don’t come into Adult Stores. But he kept assuring me that you were not the typical tight ass prude lady.”

As we entered his office, LeRoy jumped up with a big smile on his face and genuine excitement in his voice. “So glad you came,” he said, “hope you are not offended by my store. This store has been in my family for 50 years and I owe it to my father to keep it going.”

Then he got a sad look and his expression changed to serious. “Adult Book Stores” don’t do well these days. The internet has made it too easy for people to buy what they want on line. Don’t get me wrong, dad’s store is still a cash cow but it’s not going to make anybody rich, know what I mean.” He said with a sly grin. Well, no, I didn’t know what he meant.

In fact, I was just about to tell him I had no idea what he meant and I didn’t want to know, when he told me, “I have a proposition for you. Come do your classes once a week for a month. I will pay you $100 for one night. All you have to do is try us out. Please, it will help my business so much.

Well, I finally came to my senses because I told him, “LeRoy, no offense but I don’t want to be seen here. I don’t want my friends knowing I am here. This is not the place for a lady!” I got all worked up and was practically yelling when I was through.

Then he completely disarmed me by agreeing whole heartedly with me and apologizing for even inviting me here. He told me he had all these ideas to make it big and he needed a beautiful, no, knock out gorgeous girl to make his plan work. If he could just get someone like me to help him start then he was sure other girls who are comfortable with themselves would come for the next step of his plan.”

I wasn’t really following him and it must have showed. “Please just hear me out,” he said as he started to explain. “All I need to do is make the back part of my store a studio. Guys love watching a pretty girl move. They will come and then I can get the permits and hire other girls that will be willing to bare more and that is when the money will come.

Then I can invest in cameras and get into the video business where there is BIG money. You would just be the spark that would get me started. I have it all figured out. Please, all you have to do is one night a week.”

Then I interrupted him, blurted out that I am not a stripper. Silence for an instant and laughter. Adonis chimed in, “No, you certainly are not a stripper. You are the most beautiful, classy lady we have ever met. We are not trying to make you feel anything but classy. And the guys that watch you will want you to be classy.” So again, I am confused. This is an “Adult Book Store.” I saw the porn videos and magazines when I came in. What are they trying to get me to do?

“Sweetie,” LeRoy liked to call me that, “All we want is for you to do a class in my soon to be studio. A few people will join in and exercise. You will be amazed at what happens next. Tell you what, I will pay you $200 to do two classes tonight and if you don’t like it then don’t come back.” “I’m not taking off my clothes!” I blurted out. Again it was Adonis who quickly agreed with me, “No No No, you will never have to take your clothes off here. We will never ask you to do anything like that. Just exercise classes like at your club.”

Well, $200 is as much as I make in a week and then it dawned on me that Keith is working late tonight anyway. So why not make $200 and see what the hell they are up to. Maybe it was just curiosity but now I wanted to know how he was going to “Make BIG money.”

Just then Nancy, LeRoy’s secretary came in. She was about 40 years old, well dressed and very modest. She scolded LeRoy for ganging up on me and pressuring me. After she introduced herself to me, she told me not to feel pressured or let them intimidate me. “LeRoy just wants to get rich and he thinks all he need to do is have a working studio in order to make millions. Which he is probably right but he has to afford the camera and lights first.”

She was so pleasant and understanding. We walked out of the office and half way down the hall where she stopped me and told me that in the old days lots of guys came to the book store just to hang out. They would watch short movies in the arcades and spend lots of money. Now men sit at home watching porn on their computers and buy stuff online. LeRoy wants to bring these guys back by having live action and then make videos he can sale online. It sounds dumb but the internet porn business is a multimillion dollar business and relatively easy to get into.” After talking to Nancy, I felt like helping LeRoy and Adonis get started to making their millions.

Just as I am saying yes to LeRoy, a thought comes into my head. I don’t want anyone to know that I am here. Adonis quickly tells me he understands and that they can give me a disguise so no one will recognize me. Plus, if I am to do it tonight, I don’t have my work clothing. Again, Adonis tells me they have outfits for sale here that would work. Just grab anything off the shelf and I can keep it. But I don’t want to go out onto the sales floor and be seen. Nancy volunteers to get me the perfect outfit. “Really?” I say, “you are going to find me an outfit in an adult book store?” She laughs and assures me as she walks away.

Adonis, takes me by the hand and leads me down the hall to a big door. He is tell me that they just renovated the back so it can be a movie studio some day but now it is a show room. Did I tell you Adonis is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. Seriously, he is the man of my fantasies. I have to use self control not to stare at him or drool. He looks like Morris Chestnut who I think is the hottest actor alive.

So I just do my workout routine in this room and they pay me $200? Well, there is a fool born every minute. Why Not? Then Adonis points out that he and LeRoy will be working out with me and men will be watching from behind 5 glass windows. The windows are tinted because I can’t see through them until Adonis turns off the lights. Then I can see five small closet size rooms looking into the studio. “What will men be doing in these rooms?” I ask, but as soon as I ask, I already know the answer. “Probably masterbating,” Adonis tells me completely straight faced.

Holy shit, men are going to get horny watching me workout and masterbate!? Just as I am having second thoughts, Nancy comes in and assures me that won’t be going on tonight. This is just the first show and it is just a trial. Don’t know if anyone will even come, as she hands me a very sexy, very sheer catsuit leotard. “Try this on, if you like it, you can keep it,” she tell me. Then she tells me with a wink, “If you forget to wear panties, you will get more tips.”

Adonis takes me to one of the rooms with the window looking into the studio to change. Just as I am about to complain about being seen through the window, he leave and I see the studio is completely empty. So I change into a very attractive, but sexy to the point of being slutty, black with turquoise strips leotard. It is about two sizes too small for me, so it looks and feels like it was painted on. Remembering what Nancy said, I remove my panties before putting on the leotard. If they are going to pay me $200, I want them to get their money’s worth.

Putting my blouse back on, I come out of the room and walk down the hall to LeRoy’s office. It was almost comical how their jaws dropped when they saw me. Adonis was first to come to his senses and tell me I looked marvelous. Nancy even told me how hot sexy and what a hit I was going to be. Then Adonis hands me a sheer vale like “I Dream of Jeanie” wears and Nancy helps me put it on. Sure enough, when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself.

Well, it was about 10 o’clock at night when we were all ready with my playlist. Since I had been doing this a long time, I wasn’t nervous about going out and doing Zumba. It was just a little weird having Adonis and LeRoy being the only ones with me, and my leotard was so thin. My nipple stuck out and my pussy lips were obvious, I think the new term is “camel toe.” Well, mine was very pronounced.

Before I could complain about how I looked or felt, Adonis started my playlist and it began. I always start with some stretching. LeRoy asked me to lie down with my butt to the windows and stretch my legs. OK, I thought, you are the one paying me.

For the last stretch he asked me to roll over on my stomach and work my way up into the “Down Dog” yoga pose. Whatever, I thought. With the lights bright in the studio, I couldn’t see men in the booths. After about the third song LeRoy turned the lights down a little and I could just make out figures in the booths. All the booths had a man in them and a couple booths had more than one man.

Now my self-confidence is starting to fade, but Adonis reassure me that I am awesome and beautiful and to keep going. Just then I notice $1 bills being slid through a little whole in the booth windows. I look at Adonis and ask if they think I am going to strip. He laughs and says “No, it is just their way of tell you they like what you are doing, and to keep going.”

So now I am re-energized and finish my Zumba but making a little more effort to encourage tips. Little more shimmy and spread my legs a little more. Sure enough, more $1 bills. When my first class is done, Adonis goes over and collects the $1 bills and hands them to me. There are 15 and I am like WOW, $215 for tonight, but I have one more class.

Nancy comes in and compliments me and again tells me how “Truly hot and sexy” I look. And “By the way, I heard some of the guys talking about how much they like your show. Maybe, if you feel comfortable, try to go a little closer to the windows. By the way, your stretches at the beginning were a big hit.”

So the second class starts and Adonis has prepared my playlist with slower, more sultry songs. This time only Adonis is with me and as we stretch he comes over to me and helps spread my legs farther apart. At first he holds my ankles but then gradually moves his hands up until he is inches away from my sex as he pushes my legs apart. Now I am the one getting turned on and I roll over on my stomach. Adonis grabs first my right foot and pulls it so he is stretching my quadriceps. Then my left foot. Then as I walk my hands up with my legs straight doing the down dog, he holds onto my hips. He holds me there for a full minute, exposing my ass and camel toe to the men in the booths. Again the $1 start coming.

So this time I move closer to the windows and my routine changes a little so my legs are spread more and I hold poses just a little longer. Being flexible, I grab my ankle and pull my leg straight up over my head showing my thinly covered sex to any man in the booths. Again, more $1 but then I see a hand sticking through holding a $20. I look at Adonis and he whispers in my ear that usually when a man holds a $20 he is expecting to personally put it inside your garter belt.

So I go over to his window and the closer I get the better I can see the man. He is maybe 21 and smiling from ear to ear. I take pity on him and get as close to the widow as I can as he reaches through and touches my thinly covered pussy and drops the $20.

Well, that was my first experience and I couldn’t believe I did it. I was practically a stripper but not nude, just close to nude. LeRoy was thrilled and told me how great I did and asked when I could do it again. Well, it wasn’t a terrible experience so I told him Wednesday. He smiled and shook my hand and handed me 2 $100 bill and then about 38 ones and 1 twenty. I guess Adonis had picked up all my tips. WOW, $258 for 2 hours of work.

Well, Keith wanted me to show a little more so in reality he is getting his wish. I just didn’t know how to tell him, and the subject never came up. He was into his work and I was working three mornings and five nights a week. Two nights at the book store. And to be honest, I liked the book store. Now he was only paying me $100 per night, but I still made more than the health club. Plus I made more tips as I learned to get closer to the windows and what the men wanted to see. I was wearing my usual workout leotards. I was determined not to be a stripper so I wanted a little thicker material.

A friend of mine from the health club, Becky, was talking about needing more money for her kids soccer and stuff. I told her about LeRoy and she was asking if I would introduce her.

Turns out she was willing to wear less than I did and LeRoy really liked her. She did a couple nights a week. Adonis told me that she had a tennis skirt that she cut out the crotch and would lift up her shirt when men tip $20. Then she started going topless for her second act. I saw her a couple weeks later and she thanked me for introducing her to LeRoy.

One week, after doing my Friday night, LeRoy asked me if I could come back the next night also, Saturday. He said there would be a big crowd and some VIP’s who he was trying to get as investors. Well, I had got him this far, and the investors were his real goal, so I said ok.

Saturday had been busy, Kids had soccer and school projects. House needed to be cleaned and Keith was just finishing up on a big housing project. And Mr. Garcia came by and handed me an envelope with $100,000 in it. He had mistakenly taken out too much from the business bank account and asked me to put it back. He said good by and I stopped him and asked what was going on. He said his father passed away. He had to return to his native country to take over the family land. It was tradition and his obligation. With that he left and I never saw him again. As he left, I put the money under the seat in the car and headed for the book store.

Arriving at the book store minutes before 10 o’clock, I parking in the back, grabbed my duffle bag and went in to change. When I got to the dressing room, they now had a real dressing room, I opened my bag and instantly remembered I had taken all my outfits out to wash. Shit! What was I going to do. LeRoy was in his office and I told him I had to go home because I forgot my workout clothes. He got this real worried look on his face and said that important men were here to see me at 10 o’clock and that I had to go on. He said just pick something out from the store. There was no way I was going out there with a crowd of men so I told LeRoy to pick something out for me.

He returned quickly and claimed that he had the perfect outfit and please no panties or bra. So I changed quickly, not really paying too much attention to the outfit. It was very similar to the first one but maybe a little more see through. I had my vale so no one would recognize me and I went out on stage. Since the first time, I had been doing them by myself.

The music starts and I start my stretching. First thing I notice is that when I spread my legs there seems to be a breeze between my legs. Well the material is thinner than before, more like wearing nylons in a full body suit. It is practically see through and my nipples are sticking out. But that is the idea, right. Well, as I am doing my stretching, I notice more tips than usual and then the $20 start. I go over and let the first guy touch me as he throws his $20 through the opening below the window. As he touches me, I realize he just touched my bare pussy. Holy Shit! I am wearing a crotchless outfit!

Then another hand comes out with a $20. It was just too surprising and I didn’t know what to do. So I just continued with my routine. The next guy got to feel my naked sex and the next guy and the next. Shit, lots of guys wanted to feel my naked pussy.

One time, I could see into the window and the guy looked barely 21. He may have been that first kid that touched me on my first night. As he pushes his $20 out and reached to touch me, next thing I know is his finger is inside of me. I am so wet that he easily inserted his finger and push it all the way inside of me. Once inside of me, he starts wiggling his finger and finds my g-spot. As he continued to move his finger inside of me, I can’t believe I am letting someone insert their finger. I should put a stop to it but it feels so good. So I relax and allow this kid to finger fuck me. Oh Shit! I am approaching orgasm and my body starts to shake and tremble.

After having one of the best orgasms, I slowly move away causing his finger to come out of me. That’s when I notice several others holding $20’s. It wouldn’t be fare not to collect their money also, so I go to each of the windows and allow them one by one to finger my now wet pussy.

By the time it was over, I had collected $200 just for allowing them to touch my sex, ok, do a little bit more than touch but that is all I’m admitting to. Quickly grabbing my coat, I put it on over my new leotard, or actually “cat suit,” I am thinking about what I just did, and I literally can’t believe I just let 10 strangers feel my exposed pussy. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

I kept thinking about what I had just done. The funny thing is, I liked it. Something about turning on all these men was exciting me. Or maybe, I like exposing my body.

On the way home, I kept thinking about exposing myself and getting touched. Can’t explain why, but it really made me horny. As soon as I got home, I grabbed Keith and practically tore his clothes off. Even though he didn’t see the crotchless part, he loved my new leotard. I knew he would. Maybe I’ll wear it at the health club sometime but careful not to expose too much. Turns out Keith was as horny as I was and we fucked all night long.

The next day, I had a text message from Adonis tell me I had left my duffle bag at the book store. Guess I wasn’t thinking too clearly when I left.

Nothing else to do on a Sunday, I drove to the book store to retrieve my bag. Parking in the back like I always do, I entered with my code to the door to find Adonis just about to leave. Odd that he is there this early in the morning because the store doesn’t open for several hours.

He has a dumbfounded look on his face and I ask him what’s up. Just then LeRoy comes out of his office swearing and ranting about dirty old men just wanted a free peep show.

Turns out his investors, never were planning on investing any money. Adonis then told me that LeRoy was sure he was going to get at lease $100,000 from these guys and so he bought the camera and lighting equipment. He put in on his American Express credit card. I am like, so, just make monthly payments on it. LeRoy then yelled that he is not about to pay the credit card company 25% interest on $100,000. Plus he won’t have any money to pay off the credit card for several months.

Now, I must be the stupidest blond, and I’m not even blond, because just as he said that I thought out loud. Hey, I have $100,000 in my car. Both LeRoy and Adonis jaws dropped as they looked at me in disbelieve. As soon as I said it, I wanted to take it back. But too late, the cat was out of the bag.

Trying to save myself, I explained to them, it was my husband’s business money and needed to be put back in the bank. LeRoy was positive he could repay the whole amount in less than one year. As I continued to attempt to rationalize with him about this not being money I could invest, he then said that he would make me a silent partner and give me 10% of all precedes from the internet and video business.

He expect to make $1,000,000 per year which would mean $100,000 per year for me. It all sounded too good to pass up. I think it was Adonis who said that my husband would be so proud of my ability to turn money into a small fortune that really sold me.

So I let LeRoy draw up a contract. Adonis looked it over and had LeRoy change several aspects that were not keeping with the original deal. Adonis was constantly looking out for me. The whole way home, I had a doomsday felling, like I had just sold the family farm.

The very next day, Keith came home with the news that “Mr. Garcia” had cleaned out their bank accounts and skipped the country. No one knew where he was. Well, I knew, but I was too scared and ashamed to say anything.

The whole time our financial livelihood was coming down and we filed for bankruptcy, I was demanding, no begging LeRoy to repay as much of the loan as possible. He just didn’t have the money yet. Then he had one setback after another.

It was a few months later, Keith had new financial partner and new crews and was getting his construction business going again, when LeRoy called me with an idea that would make us the money we needed to get on track.

Meeting with him was so frustrating, he didn’t have the money and he needed my help desperately. If we could shoot a cockhold, or wife sharing, short film we would instantly make it big in the internet market. Then the videos sales would get big. But he needed a husband and wife willing to be in a porn movie.

Becky, I said, without thinking about it. Becky was my friend that had been doing the yoga classes there at the book store and she was stripping completely nude for the big tips. Becky was in awesome shape at age 35, blond hair, and an hour class athletic figure. At the club, the guys always stopped and stared at her. She would just smile encouragingly at them.

Well, somehow LeRoy talked Becky’s husband into not only allowing his wife to be in a porn movie but he would also be in it watching his wife get fucked by an actor.

The day after the movie shoot, I was doing my exercise class, which was always well attended. After my two classes, I heard Adonis and some new guy talking around the corner. When I came around the corner, there was the raw footage of Becky and her husband, Tom, on the monitor. And George, who was the porn actor they had hired. Adonis and George were totally engrossed in watching the film, and didn’t notice me standing there watching my friend’s first time as a porn actress.

LeRoy asked Tom why he was about to let a strange man fuck his wife. Tom stuttered, totally unprepared for this question and said, “We need the money, and they are paying us $1,000 each to make this movie.” LeRoy just said, “OK, well, let’s get started,” and with that George walks in and asks Tom if he can undress his wife. Hesitating for a minute, Tom then says, “Yeah, go ahead and take her clothes off.”

Then it started, I watch George go over to my friend Becky, kissed her passionately, and removed her light blue sweater. He continued to kiss her as he removed her white t-shirt and white lace bra. As soon as her breast were free, he bent down, kissed them, and then sucked on her nipple making them booth hard. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my friend letting a strange man kiss her breast in front of her husband. It was just so weird.

Turning Becky around, George held her from behind and asked Tom if he could now remove her pants and panties. Tom, hesitantly said “Yes.” Before Tom had answered him, George was removing Becky’s pants and then slowly put his hand down her panties, feeling her sex with his hand. She looked back at him as if to object, but George just kissed her, giving her his tongue, which she accepted.

George makes the comment that Tom did a great job giving permission but acting like he really didn’t want to give permission. Adonis said it is the genius of having first time amateurs. The men act perfect without having to act.

Becky is not exactly making it easy for George, because her legs are tight together and he is trying to get her to spread her legs. So he breaks off the kiss, grabs the waistband of her panties and quickly pulls them down and off. He turns her naked body around and begins to kiss her again. George says, “It would have been better if I had taken a little more time and convinced her to spread her legs so I could have fingered her. Audiences love seeing a MILF fingered in front of their husbands.”

Next I hear Adonis say that if they want their movies to be a hit she has to be willing to give a really good blow job.

Now I am watching my naked friend being pushed back onto the bed. Georges quickly takes his clothes off. He looks at Tom and asks, “Hey, is it ok if I lick your wife’s pussy?” I was surprised to hear Tom say, “Yeah, I think she would like that.”

George pushes Becky’s naked body further back on the bed and starts to lick her pussy. I think he actually put his tongue inside her vagina and after what seemed like 20 minutes Becky was getting into his oral sex. I think she had an orgasm.

Now that she is all wet between her legs, George moves up, but then looks back at Tom and asks, “Hey, is it ok if I stick my hard cock inside your wife?” Becky and George are looking at Tom as he says, “Yeah, I guess that is why we are here.” With that, George is on top of Becky, kissing her, as the camera comes in close showing his cock rubbing against Becky’s pussy lips. He is sliding his cock up and down her lubricated pussy until the head of his cock finds Becky’s love hole. He holds it there for a minute and the camera shows him looking at Tom, who is staring at George’s cock as it starts to open up his wife’s sex hole and slowly disappear inside of her.

I am thinking, “Hole shit, Becky is really getting fucked by a very large cock. He is really fucking her!” Adonis compliments George on a great view of the initial penetration. Apparently you have to be in good shape to hold yourself up so the camera can get a good picture of your cock going into the vagina. George was a good looking, well built man. He looked like George Clooney but a little bigger in the chest, and with a 8 inch very thick cock that was now buried inside Becky.

“She should smile more,” George says to Adonis. “Yeah, she needs to look like she enjoys it more, instead of the deer in the headlights expressing that she has now,” Adonis replies as he is pointing at Becky. “And she needs to look at her husband more and maybe smile at him so everyone knows she is enjoying getting fucked.” George then told Adonis something that really stuck in my mind, “Hey, you could be a huge hit if you would let LeRoy put you in one of his movies. You have the talent, the looks and the equipment.”

Well, I stand there and watching the video of my friend getting fucked. Don’t know why I just stood there, I should have left, but then George looks over at Tom and asks him, “Hey, is it ok of I cum inside your wife?” Perhaps this was more than Tom could take because he doesn’t answer as George continues to pump in and out of Becky. Then George asks Becky, “Can I cum inside of your sweet tight pussy?” Becky still has that deer in the headlights look and very slightly shakes her head no as George moans, tells her, “here it comes, you are getting all I got,” and with that he empties his balls inside of Becky’s fertile womb.

Oh shit, she just got hundreds of millions of sperm deposited inside of her. I hope she is on the pill, I am thinking to myself as George tells Adonis, “Now if she would have cleaned me off, this would have really been a true porn flick.” Just then Adonis turns his head and looks right at me, and smiles. It takes only an instant for me to come to my senses. I get out of there as fast as I can.

The whole way home, all I can think about is Becky getting fucked for money by a porn star with a really big cock.

The next time I am at the book store doing my routine, LeRoy gives me $100 extra and says that Becky’s video is doing great on the internet. I tell him, I need a lot more than $100 like 10 times more. He confidently tells me that this is just the beginning and be patient, good things are happening. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Hey, you are the one that could really make this whole business go big,” He tells me. “Have you ever considered being in my movie. You are perfect. You have the perfect body, the most beautiful face and you have an innocent look to you that . . . Well, that the guys just love.”

I told him, “My husband would never go for me being in a porn movie.” He then asked, “But if he was ok with it, would you do it? You would make both of us rich.” “Forget it, you could never convince my husband to watch me have sex with George.”

Then LeRoy really gets my attention, “Oh honey, not George, Adonis said he would only be in my movie if you were is leading lady.” WOW! that got my attention. Again I said “No,” but I think LeRoy could tell that I was definitely interest in Adonis. LeRoy just told me to think about being a rich star.

He doesn’t know how close we are to going bankrupt again. Keith is working 6 days a week, coming home late. Hell, my husband doesn’t even know I am working here, sharing my body with horny guys just to make the mortgage and car payments. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not doing anything wrong. I just wear a little thinner material when I exercise, that’s all. Oh, and I spread my legs and bend over a little more. And guys get to touch my pussy for $20 but it is keeping us from being homeless. I have to do my part for the family.

As fate would have it, Keith had several things happen at work that set him back. It took every penny we had just to keep his construction going. He was so close to making his first sale and then we would be back financially. We just needed a few more weeks.

LeRoy call me into his office and told me he had the perfect plan. He had seen Keith at the bank begging them for an extension on his business loans and mortgage payment.

So his plan is to have Tom and Becky tell Keith about how they made some easy money that kept them from going bankrupt. When he hears how Tom let Becky to it, he will realize it is no big deal. I will offer you guys $5,000 for one days work. But it has to be this week, because I have everything ready for a shoot this Sunday. You see, my lead actress and her husband are still in Europe making a film. Everything is set for this weekend. Plus, Adonis says he’ll be your leading man.

“How does everyone know I have the hots for Adonis,” I think to myself. “No, no, no,” I tell LeRoy emphatically. Keith will never go for it. “But just give Becky a chance. She and Tom can be very convincing. Plus I have promised them $500 if they can talk Tom into letting you make the movie. They really think he will go for it.” he tells me. “What can it hurt?” LeRoy says, “Just give them a chance. You may find Keith more open to it than you think.” When he said that, my mind starting racing, would my husband be ok with me fucking another man. He has wanted me to be naked in front of other men. He has wanted me to be more slutty when we go out. Do I really know what Keith would do? “Ok, you set it up,” I finally said, and with that I left.

True to his word, LeRoy made all the arrangements. Tom and Becky invited us over to their house, they told us about how they saved themselves from going bankrupt, and how Becky had been in a porn movie. The whole time I was watching Keith, and to my surprise, he didn’t freak out when Tom told him Becky fucked a porn star for money. Even when they explained that LeRoy now wants me to be in a porn movie, Keith didn’t freak out.

Maybe my husband is more open to this than I gave him credit for. Maybe my husband would be willing to watch Adonis fuck me for $5,000. Ok, I admit, the thought of making love to Adonis is very appealing but making a movie with him? I just don’t know. So I make comments to Keith like, “well, she didn’t cheat on Tom, he was right there.” And “As long as both of them are ok with it then I guess it would be ok. Anyway, it is just her body.”

To this day, it still baffles me that Keith agreed to talk to LeRoy about me getting fucked right in front of him by Adonis. Hold on, how will Keith feel about a very attractive black man being the one? Well, no sense telling him until he actually agrees to it. So we set up an appointment on Sunday to talk to LeRoy, who had already set up his studio to shoot the movie. That is how bad our money problems were and how close Keith was to make the sale on his first house.

I remember having butterflies in my stomach as we drove to LeRoy’s book store. Several times, I told Keith that we were in this together and we didn't even have to talk to LeRoy if he didn’t want to. I made it clear that whatever he wanted or didn’t want to do, I would back him up. Keith mentioned something about going broke again and the family being homeless. That was my opportunity to say that I wanted to do my part to help the family. I was willing to do what ever it took to help us through the next month. The whole time, I was sure there was no way Keith was going to agree to me getting fucked by Adonis, especially since it would be right in front of him.

Well we met with LeRoy and Nancy his secretary was there too. She is so nice and made Keith feel a lot better, that this just wasn’t a bunch of dirty guys trying to trick him into letting someone screw his wife. LeRoy explained to Keith why he was willing to pay us $5,000 to be in his porn flick, and surprisedly my husband listened to the whole thing. When ever he looked at me, I just said I would do what ever he wanted. To be honest, It was all my fault anyway for giving our money to LeRoy. We REALLY needed the money. Plus it would just be a one time thing.

I kept thinking about Adonis. I would never cheat on my husband but if he agreed to it. . . Well, I have a serious crush on Adonis, which is something I have never felt before. Just pure lust. So I guess, I was really hoping this would work.

Oh Shit! I remember thinking when Keith agreed for me to be in a porn flick. LeRoy and Keith talked money and Nancy took me down the hall to a dressing room. First I took a shower. Nancy was there to make sure I had privacy. Ironic, I am going to be naked in a porn flick and Nancy is worried about my modesty. After the shower, Nancy has me sit down with the towel wrapped around me and proceeds to apply the thickest coat of makeup I have ever worn. Seriously, I looked like a call girl. She said it had to be thick for the camera to show my soft smooth skin. And my eyes had to be highlighted.

Adonis came in with a shocked look on his face. “I can’t believe LeRoy talked your husband into letting me fuck you on camera. By the way, are you ok with this?” My reply surprised even myself, “I am as long as it is with you. I don’t think I could do this with anyone else. You’ll take care of me won’t you?” He got the biggest smile as he responded, “Oh girl, I am going to take such good care of you. You just follow my lead and we’ll both get through this.”

As Nancy is doing my hair I ask Adonis what I should do? I remember he and George talking about what Becky should have done and I really wanted this flick to be a hit. So I asked, “We really should make this the best flick we can, so tell me what I should do.” Nancy piped in and said, “Give him a blow job, smile a lot, especially when you look at your husband, and after he cums lick off his penis. Men love to see a girl clean off a cock that has cum and pussy juice on it.” Talk about TMI, “Too much information.” Both Adonis and I were speechless. Then she said, “have him cum in your month and swallow it.” That is when I said, “No way, I do not let anyone cum in my mouth!” Nancy was so calm about the whole thing. “Ok, then you need to let him cum inside your pusssy. Then make sure you leave your legs spread so the camera can get a close up of his cum leaking out of you.” She said it like it was no big deal, like “Don’t forget to pickup bread at the grocery store, and after he cums inside of you spread your legs wide.” Adonis and I were speechless, as he looked at me and shrugged his shoulder. Guess this was going to be new for both of us.

Nancy told Adonis that he was next and she then gave me a red lace matching bra and panties, a white blouse and black slacks. “Go get dressed while I put a little makeup on your leading man.” There was just one of those folding partitions for me to go behind to put the clothes on that in a short time were going to be taken off in front of the camera.

Just then Nancy hands me a shot of fireball and tells me to drink it. As I hand back the empty shot class, she hands me another and says, “Buttons up beautiful.” As I am downing the second shot, I notice Adonis also downing a shot and I realize he has butterflies also.

Well, it’s about 10 pm when Nancy takes me back to LeRoy’s office where Keith is waiting. When he sees me, I see a look of confusion and panic. Oh shit, what have we gotten ourselves into. It is all my fault. If I hadn’t loaned LeRoy the money we wouldn’t be here. I have to make it right, even if it means I am going to get screwed to do it.

LeRoy tells us to not worry about a thing. Just be ourselves, act nature, say whatever we want, but follow their lead at all times. They would walk us through it. And above all, be into this. Remember, you are being paid a lot for one days work, so please give me my money’s worth.

They put a vale over my face to hide my identity. And then it started, we walked down the hall and into the studio where LeRoy sits us down. He does the whole Lights, Cameras, Action. . . Looking right at LeRoy asks, “So you are about to let a porn star fuck your wife, why would you do that?” Keith is really taken off guard, but recovers, “We needed the money and you are paying us a lot to do this.”

LeRoy has a kind of sinister smile and asks Keith, “What is ‘this?’” Again Keith does a pretty good job keeping himself composed and says, “I am going to let someone fuck my wife while I watch. But I don’t know who the guy is going to be. I haven’t seen who. . .” Well, I do believe that was exactly what LeRoy wanted Keith to say, Because before Keith even finishes his sentence, LeRoy says, “Lets get our leading man out here.” and in walks Adonis dressed to kill.

Nancy has good taste in men’s clothing. Adonis is dressed in a blue silk button up shirt and dark blue slacks. He has on a dark maroon marbled tie and smiling from ear to ear. It is obvious he is excited about what is about to happen.

Then he compliments LeRoy for his taste in women, “Oh fuck, I do believe she is the prettiest thing I ever have seen.” Adonis comes over to me, gives me a big hug, holds me as he whispers in my ear that I am truly the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Then he looks at Keith and asks, “Hey man, can I kiss your wife?” Keith nodes as he stutters, “OK.”

Oh my first kiss with Adonis was electrifying. It completely took me away, for a minute. I forgot that there were cameras or other people watching. We kissed for several minutes. Still holding me tight, Adonis breaks off our kiss and again asks for permission. This time he asks to remove my blouse and bra and again Keith gives it to him. Not too enthusiastically I may add. Hell, we have already committed to this, why not enjoy it. Adonis is so masculine, so good looking, and so into me. Truth be told, I am pretty into him too.

After getting permission to take my clothes off, Adonis turns me around so he is behind and I am facing my husband. As he is unbuttoning my blouse; he is kissing my neck, whispering how beautiful I am. At this point, I am allowing myself to relax in his arms, enjoy the physical attraction, and the physical stimulation.

Keith never takes his eyes off of his wife, me, as another man undresses then kisses me. Adonis continues to kiss my neck as he removes my blouse and bra. Keith and I make eye contact just as Adonis cups my breast in his big black hands. I realize that I have a big sheepish smile on my face. Surprisingly, Keith has a half smile on his face like not only is he not irate, but pleased with what is transpiring. Holy shit! Is my husband enjoying watching a stranger have his wife? Is he getting aroused? Do I see a bulge in his crotch? Then Adonis asks my husband if he can remove my pants and panties.

Keith is looking me in the eye as he gives permission for a stranger to undress me all the way. His voice kind of cracks when he tells Adonis it is ok to strip off the rest of his wife’s clothes.

With my husband’s permission, Adonis proceeds to unbutton, unzip, and remove my slacks. This is the first time since we have been married that someone other than my husband has undressed me. Hell, it will be the first time that someone other than Keith has had any physical sexual contact with my naked body. We are a faithful monogamous couple, or at lease we were. Well, I think we still are. We are doing this together, with each other’s permission. It drives me crazy to analyze it.

After Adonis removes my pants, he holds me again from behind, runs his hand down the front of my exposed body until his hands are at the waist band of my red lace panties. Then he moves his right hand under my waist band and down to my pussy. Keith’s bulge is getting larger as he watches this very horny stranger touching my pussy. Adonis is gently touching me, moving his fingers from my clitoris to my ass and back. The soft touch is driving me wild, and as his fingers spread my lips they find a very wet love hold wanting to be entered. With every fiber of my being, I want Adonis to continue. Hell, I want him inside of me.

Adonis must read my mind, because he doesn’t stop at just touching, as soon as he feels that my sex is wet and inviting, he pushes his large finger inside of me. Oh Fuck, it feels so good. His finger is almost as big as most guy’s erections. Slowly he penetrates my love hole going deeper and deeper. I can feel him pushing against my cervix and then he is pushing the palm of his hand against my clitoris and stroking my G-spot with his finger. Never have I experienced anything like this and I start to feel an orgasm building inside of me. The whole awkwardness of the cameras, others watching, my husband watching seems to fade away as all I want is for him to continue to stimulate me.

Just before I climax, he pulls his finger out and sticks it in his mouth sucking my juices off. Before this moment, that would have been gross, but now it is the sexiest thing. He is looking me in the eye as he licks my juices off his finger and then he has the cutest school boy grin. As I am about to tell him to stick his finger back inside of me, he bends down and removes my panties so now I am completely naked for all to see.

Now that I am naked, he turns me and pushes me backwards so I fall on the bed. Turning to Keith, he asks, “Hey, can I eat your wife’s cunt?” Adonis pauses, waiting for Keith to give him permission to have oral sex with me, which he does a little too eagerly if you ask me.

As soon as he has my husband’s permission, Adonis buries his face in my sex and starts licking me. He goes right to my love hole, licking around it for a minute before proceeding up to my clitoris. Going up and down my crack, he is really skilled at eating a pussy. Shit! It feels so good. All I can think is, “He is really good at this.” He goes down on me for a long time and serious when he finally stops I was just about to orgasm. “Don’t stop!” I moan as he stops.

Then he asks Keith if it is alright if his wife undresses him, and again Keith quickly tells him yes. I look over and our eyes meet, as my husband gives me permission to undress another man. It is just such a strange situation that I smile big and a little laugh escapes my lips. Later when we watched the video, I really looked like I was enjoying myself and happy with the whole thing, which by this time, I guess I am.

After getting my husband’s permission, Adonis stands up in front of me. Thoughts of my husband giving permission and the bulge in his pants are on my mind, so I hesitate. Adonis then tells me his pants are not going to remove themselves, and gives me the most adorable smile.

So I reach out, unbuckle his belt, unbutton, then unzip his pants and I pull his pants down. As he steps out of them, I notice he has removed his shirt and tie, so now all he has on are his underwear. This is when I see the outline of the biggest cock in the world. Ok, probably not, but it is definitely the largest cock I have ever seen. Reaching out, I grab the waistband of his underwear and hesitate. Not sure if I am having second thoughts or just scarred of releasing his manhood.

He is patient with me as I take my time pulling down his underwear so slowly. At first I pull down but stop just before exposing any part of his package. I just can’t believe the outline of his penis is that big. But then I start again and this time I pull the waistband out and down revealing the head of his cock. As I am pulling down his underwear, and his huge cock is now out for all to see, Nancy’s comment about having to give a blow job in a porn movie pops into my mind. Adonis takes over and removes his underwear. I think his patients just ended.

What do you do when a big black cock is inches from you, starring you in the face? Not sure what to do, a little embarrassed, maybe looking for emotional support, I look over at Keith who jaw has dropped. I think he is as impressed as I am. How am I going to take that thing inside of me. But then I notice Keith nod his head to me, which I read as he wants me to take it into my mouth.

I continue to look at Keith as I reach up with my right hand and take Adonis’s cock. Holy fuck, I think as I am still looking at my husband, and taking this cock in both hands. Suddenly, a lot of pre-cum comes out of his hole and it surprised me. “Oh shit!” I say as I look back at Keith and start to stroke Adonis’s cock, spreading the lubricant up and down his massive cock. Then I think about what Nancy said about giving a blow job.

As I am stroking Adonis’s cock and looking over at my husband, Adonis breaks the ice by speaking. It kind of brings me out of my trance when I hear him ask my husband, “Hey, is it ok if your wife gives me a blow job?” Keith now speaks to me, “Hon, take that black cock in your mouth. Give him a blow job.” Oh, I can’t believe my husband wants me to give oral sex to a stranger, but obviously he does.

So I lean forward and at first kiss the head of Adonis’s cock, tasting his pre-cum which I remember thinking, “This is not bad, I don’t not like the taste.” Then I open my mouth and allow the head of his cock to slip inside. Seriously, I can’t believe how much I like having his cock in my mouth, and I start to suck on it like it was a Popsicle. I am coating it with my saliva making it easier to stroke it as I continue to suck on it. I just wanted to suck on the head and stroke his shaft but then he pushed his hips forward causing more to go inside my mouth. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat, and I tried not to gag as I took as much as I could into my mouth. He probably could tell I didn’t like having his cock thrust deep in my mouth, because he then held still, allowing me to enjoy sucking on his head and stroking him.

Perhaps he was getting close to climax, because it seemed he suddenly stopped me, pushed me back onto the bed, and crawled on top of me. Now his naked body is lying on my naked body, he starts to passionately kiss me. This is my favorite part of sex and it was so easy to relax while we kissed. But as before, without warning, he stops, looks over at Keith and asks, “Hey, do you mind if I fuck your wife?”

That really brought me back to reality, hearing Adonis ask my husband if he could fuck me. I believe Keith was having a hard time saying the words that would give Adonis permission to continue and fuck me. So then Adonis rephrases it, “Hey, can I stick my cock inside your wife?” it probably took Keith a minute to come to grips with the final step, but then I think he remembered that we had made a deal. “Yeah, go ahead and push your big cock inside my wife’s cunt.”

I don’t remember ever hearing Keith use the word “Cunt,” and it sounded so awkward. Hearing this strange word come out of my husband’s mouth. I looked over at Keith and our eyes met as Adonis is sliding his cock up and down my very wet crack.

I don’t know why but Keith then stood up, came over. For just a second, I thought he was going to tear Adonis off of me and put a stop to the madness, but he took my hand. My husband held my hand as Adonis lined the head of his cock with my love hole and pushed. Keith was watching my face as another man slowly entered me.

So picture this, I am looking into my husband’s eyes as I feel Adonis’s big cock pushing against my sex. My vagina opening really was too small for him, but he pushed and I felt the pressure, then he released and pushed again. He repeated this, each time pushing a little harder. A lot of pre-cum must have come out of him, because suddenly I am very wet down there and the next time he pushes my tight opening gives way and the head of this huge cock is suddenly inside of me. He holds it there for almost a minute before pulling out and pushing back inside of me. This time he pushed a little harder and went a little deeper. Slowly little by little he entered me while I kept my gaze on my husband’s face.

Keith broke our gaze and looked down to see his wife’s pussy taking this big black cock inside of her. It wasn’t long before I felt Adonis’s pelvis against mine and I knew he was balls deep inside of me. Holy Shit! I just took that whole thing. I literally felt his cock in my belly.

As he started to pump in and out of me, I thought he was going to come out my belly button. Glancing down, I saw his cock disappearing inside of me. He was so thick! Soon my neck got tired and I laid back and relaxed. That is when the discomfort changed to sexual stimulation. Oh fuck, it started to feel good. He was hitting my g-spot. Hell, he was hitting all my spots. There was no part of my sex that his cock was not stimulating.

As I relaxed, it started to become so enjoyable and I started to move my pelvis up to meet his. Believe it or not, I wanted him as deep as possible inside of me. It felt so good every time his pelvis contacted mine. He was putting pressure on my clitoris and then grinding. Shit! Adonis is a great lover. He really knows how to fuck. The dance as some have called it. Adonis was a really good dancer as he continued to slowly pump in and out, grinding into me for a minute each time our pelvises met. So lost in the moment, I wrapped my legs around his legs and grabbed his butt and pulled him into me with all my strength. I was humping him right back as he thrust his cock into me.

It was obvious when he was going to cum because he was short of breath, a low growl could be heard from deep in his gut, and he then pushed hard into me. He held his pelvis tight against mine while he unload his balls inside of me.

As he was coming down from his orgasm, he started pumping in and out of me again. It felt so good and I could feel his cock shrinking but not going completely soft. He just keep fucking me and I held him, not wanting to let go. When I finally climaxed, it was like a volcanic eruption. I was light headed. It was the most intense orgasm of my life.

Never being one to “go all night,” it surprised me when I didn’t want to stop. Shit, I was disappointed it was over. But then Keith was suddenly naked, crawling on top of me. My eyes opened wide when I realized my husband was going to fuck my cum filled hole. Adonis filled me with more seaman than I thought possible and now my husband was about to push his cock inside my hole filled with another man’s sperm. Well, if he is ok with it, go a head, I am too exhausted and horny to stop.

Keith pushed into my slippery hole so easily. Would he like me now that my love hole has been stretched so wide? Will there be enough friction? Usually he is a gentle lover, but now he was fucking me with animal intensity. He just pumped in and out, not making love, but fucking me fast and hard. It only took a few minutes, and he was adding his hundreds of millions of sperm to load that Adonis deposited only minutes earlier.

As Keith rolls off of me, I can feel what seems like a river of cum flowing out of me. Remembering that they want a close up, I keep my legs spread wide for the young kid with the camera. Oh the perversion of the men who want to see a close up of my vagina with so much sperm coming out. Well, they sure got it. Then I hear my new favorite words, “Cut, that’s a take.” And my porn career is officially been launched.

Everybody is busy congratulating each other. Even Keith has a satisfied, how be it confused look on his face. LeRoy is telling him what a great job he did. All the while, I am laying there naked totally dumbfounded, not knowing what the hell I should do. I just got fucked by my celebrity crush, in front of my husband, on camera. As I am coming to grips with what I just did, Adonis comes over and wraps a blanket around me. This was the nicest thing anyone could have done for me at that moment, and my feelings for him grew ten fold if that was even possible. The only guy to look out for me was the one who just fucked me.

With a genuine concerned look on his face, he asks “Are you alright? Can I get you anything?” My response was, “Thank you for the blanket. That was exactly what I needed. Where can I go to change?” Just then Nancy comes up and escorts me to one of the peep room with a blanket over the window and my clothes are sitting on a towel.

All I wanted to do was get out of there. So as fast as I could, I got dressed, found my husband, and left. The whole way home, I could feel cum leaking out of me. Holy shit, I had a lot of cum inside of me. Believe it or not, I was more concerned with how Keith was taking this than with how I was handling it. He didn’t say anything, so half way home I asked him how he was doing. “Coming to grips.” is all he said, and I left it at that.

Well, that should have been the end of our story, but the money ran out faster that we had thought. The next week when I went in to do my class, LeRoy was all smiles. Internet viewing were better than expected and we were going to video immediately. He handed me a check for $2,500 and very seriously asked me if I would be interested in making another porn flick. Without much thought I said what was on my mind. My answer surprised me because I told him, “only if my husband wanted me to and it was with Adonis.” LeRoy smiled big and said OK, let's hope Keith needs more money.

The next week when I came to do my class, LeRoy was so excited. Orders for the video are already coming in and a major studio wants to include our flick in one of their major full length videos. “You are going to be a real movie star!” he told me with excitement. “Wait! it was never my intent to be a porn star. I don’t want anyone knowing it was me in the movie!” He responded, “Don’t worry, I personally helped edit and no one will be able to tell it was you getting fucked by Adonis. No one will ever know.”

Well, as luck would have it, before the month was over, we were broke and back talking to LeRoy about money. Knowing that LeRoy thought we were the key to his fortune, we asked for more money and a percentage of the profits. He and I had already worked out that from now on we would get a percent on top of the percent I got for loaning him money. How ironic, this started out me loaning him money, now we were the ones needing money from him. The problem was, if he didn’t make it big, we didn’t get our $100,000 back, but in order for him to make it big, we had to be in more porn flicks. Oh, what a web we were in.

Keith worked out a deal with LeRoy and we were back in the porn business. That Sunday we had another movie to make. Adonis had warned me that LeRoy had made a script that include another man besides himself. Oh shit, I was going to do a threesome! When I told LeRoy no way, he reminded me that I agreed to make a movie on two conditions: 1. Adonis had to be in it and 2. Keith had to agree. Well, both of those were accomplished so now he expected me to not only be willing but be happy with the new script. “But I thought Adonis would be the leading man.” LeRoy politely agreed, “Yes, Adonis will be the leading man and Michael and Jeramy. This is what sales big in the porn business. You have nothing to worry about, everything is all taken care of.” Nothing to worry about?! He expects me to have sex with three men and he says I have nothing to worry about?! What a clueless idiot!

This made for an interesting predicament. If I refused then LeRoy would tell Keith about the loan and my classes and my feelings for Adonis. Plus, both Keith and I had already agreed to be in another movie. We just didn’t expect for it to include sex with three men. I can’t do this! But I can’t have Keith find out. For the few days leading up to the making of our second porn movie, I fretted over how to get out of this. I just could not imagine having sex with three men. Of course before we did the first movie, I couldn’t imagine having sex in front of my husband for money.

There was just no getting out of this and the day of the shoot came much too fast. So here we are again at LeRoy’s book store getting ready to shoot another porn flick. Nancy helps get me ready. This time she gives her advice freely. More like telling me the script in advice. Give a blow job, kiss your husband as each actor first enters you, have them cum inside your pussy, and clean off each cock afterwords. This will make for a big hit. This is what the perverts want in their porn these days. They love to see cum in the vagina and the actress lick the cum and pussy juice off of cocks. Don't forget to kiss Keith and smile at him when you have a cock inside you. This is a wife sharing flick so involve your husband as much as possible. Trying to remember all her advice was a little overwhelming.

After getting dressed and make up, I was led to the studio where LeRoy and Keith were waiting for me. I was wearing a pink lace bra and matching panties, maroon silk blouse and tight DKNY girls stretch skinny denim jeans. They showed my butt really well.

Keith was struggling to answer questions from LeRoy about why he would allow his wife to be in a porn movie. Apparently LeRoy wanted to hear Keith say that he liked seeing a black man make love to his wife.

At first Keith wasn’t saying what LeRoy wanted to hear, but then LeRoy asked how he felt about having his wife fuck another man. That is when my husband admitted he liked seeing a big black cock go inside of his wife. Oh shit, so my husband is turned on seeing other men with me. Knowing this is going to make it so much easier to let three men have their way with me, not to mention getting filmed. Oh shit! I am going to get filmed having sex with three men. I don’t think I can do this! No! I absolutely can’t do this!

But, then Adonis enters stage left. He has the biggest, cutest smile on his face as he walks over to me and give me a warm bear hug. My fears fade away as I enjoy the security of being in his arms. He pulls away just a little but at that moment all I wanted was him. So I reached up, held his head with my hand, and pulled him to me so our lips met. It would have been so nice to just kiss him for a long time and have this all fade away. However, after what seemed like a few seconds, he pulls away and asks Keith if he could undress me. “Yeah, Yes, well, that is why we are here,” Keith says.

Adonis smiles gets even bigger as he starts to remove my shirt and bra, and then waste no time putting his face in my chest and kissing my boobs. Even though we had done this once before, he acted like he just came in from the desert, dying of thirst, and my breasts were his water. He feasted on my tits until he was sucking on my nipples. He had them both hard, pointing straight out.

Before I was naked, I wanted to fulfill my obligation of giving a blow job and it would be really good for the movie if I initiated it. So, as Adonis was enjoying my breast, I asked my husband, “Hon, can I pull down Adonis’s pants and give him a blow job?” Smiling as best I could for the camera. This was when I knew he was enjoying his wife in a porn movie, because Keith all of a sudden smiled from ear to ear and said, “Of course hon, take that black cock in your mouth and suck on it until he comes. Make sure you drink ever drop.”

This took Adonis by surprise. Immediately he stops sucking on my nipples, and as I am unbuttoning, then unzipping his pants, he looks at me with dumbfounded look. Without hesitating, I pull his pants down then slowly pull his underwear down. Looking up at him, I wink as I am grabbing a hold of his now growing manhood. Without realizing, I am smiling as I lower my head taking Adonis’s growing cock into my mouth.

As I am taking Adonis into my mouth, I look over at my husband, who has a very content look on his face and I swear there is a growing bulge in his pants.

Oh, I had forgotten how good Adonis’s cock taste, and how it just feels right to have this beautiful appendage growing in my mouth. The more I lick it the easier it is for me to stroke it and the bigger it grows. Feasting on this cock is as enjoyable for me as it is pleasurable for Adonis. As I am sucking and blowing on the head and stroking the shaft, I want to make him orgasm because I am thinking maybe I will drink his seamen. The shots of fireball loosened me up, or maybe I am very amorous but at that moment, I really wanted to make him cum.

Before I can get him to cum, Adonis asks Keith, “Mr. Jones, can I take your wife’s pants off?” Of course my husband nods his head in the affirmative, and Adonis gently pulls me up by my head, kisses me on the lips, and then removes my pants and panties. He then pushes my naked body backward until I fall on the bed. He grabs my ankles, spreads my legs, and then before going down on me turns to Keith. “Mr. Jones, can I eat your wife’s pussy?” Keith nods his head, “Yeah, eat her pussy.”

My husband watches as Adonis lowers his head to my sex. He licks up and down my crack for a few minutes before he sticks his long tongue inside my vagina hole. After wiggling his tongue in my vagina, he then licks up to my clitoris.

As he is pleasuring me by licking my clitoris, he inserts two fingers inside my love hole. He has them buried in me and wiggles them, while he continues to suck on my clitoris. Oh Shit! It felt so good! He must have found my G-spot because I could feel a very powerful orgasm building within me. It was going to be so intense. However, before I could climax, he stops, looks over at Keith. “Hey, Mr. Jones, can I fuck your wife? Can I stick my big black cock inside your wife?” Keith hesitate, apparently thinking about how he is going to feel about seeing Adonis inside his wife. Keith comes closer and tells Adonis, “Yeah, go ahead and stick your cock inside my wife’s love hole. Fuck her real good. Make her cum.”

As Adonis is lining his cock up with my love hole, Keith bends down and starts to kiss me. I’m glad he is part of this wild porn scene. Now I feel I have his permission to enjoy Adonis’s beautiful cock slip inside my very wet love hole.

We continue to kiss as the head of Adonis cock is pushing into my sex. Oh, I remember wanting that beautiful black cock inside me. My legs are spread, Adonis’s naked body is on mine naked body, and it is hard to concentrate on kissing my husband as this big, black, wonderful cock is now slowly slipping inside my oh so moist vagina. He goes deeper and deeper filling me with pleasure until I feel his pelvis pushing against my pelvis. We continue to kiss even though Adonis is now completely buried inside me. Oh Crap! My mind can’t handle the fact that my lover is all the way inside of me and my husband is kissing me.

Then Adonis slowly withdrawals and pushes back in. For just a moment it was uncomfortable having something that big inside of me, but as he gently fucks me, my body quickly adjusts. Now he is hitting my G-spot and putting pressure on my clitoris. I forget about my husband, as Adonis is pushing in and out, making me focus all my attention on the cock deep inside of me. The orgasm that had been building but had been denied to me, is now starting to build again. This time as Adonis fucks me, I can enjoy the pleasure knowing that he is not going to stop until we both arrive at our destination. I have to stop kissing Keith so I can concentrate on the fucking I am getting. I have my hands on Adonis’s butt pulling him into me.

Oh this is sexual heaven, as I just relax, allowing myself to enjoy the pleasure being giving to me. All I could think about is the pleasure between my legs. I could feel myself so close to climax and I didn’t want Adonis to stop so I whispered in his ear to cum inside of me. Oh, I wanted him to unload his seed inside of me.

As he starts pushing into me hard, his breathing quickens then become erratic. I know he is right on the verge. That is when the most intense orgasm hit me like a volcanic eruption. It took my breath away as I climax. My whole body trembled. That is when Adonis started filling me with hundreds of millions of his sperm. It was the perfect end to the most perfect sex ever.

However, this was not the conclusion, not even close. As soon as Adonis got off of me, Jeramy was right there crawling his naked body on top of my just fucked naked body. Not knowing what to do, I look at my husband. Keith has a shocked look on his face. He wasn’t expecting me to get fucked by more than one porn star.

Jeramy slowly climbs his naked body on top of my naked body. He is holding himself up so the kid with the camera can get a close up of his cock rubbing against my sex. Jeramy then stops and asks, “Hey, Mr. Jones, can I bury my cock inside your wife’s cunt?” He asks this like it is no big deal, like he is asking for directions. Keith hesitate and I was thinking he was going to tell Jeramy NO WAY ASS HOLE, but he nods his head, “Yeah, man, stick your cock inside my wife.” It is so weird hearing my husband tell another man to fuck me.

As Jeramy is lining his cock up to my just fucked love hole, Keith bends down and kisses me again. This settles me down and I except my husbands kiss and reassurance that what we are doing is OK.

That is when Jeramy’s cock finds my wet hole. He easily slips inside me with one push. Oh Shit, he is so big! For a minute, I stop kissing my husband, look down, and see Jeramy’s big black cock disappear inside of me. He buries it inside me and then slowly pulls out so he can quickly bury it again. As I look back at Keith, he is watching Jeramy’s cock going in and out of me. I expect him to kiss me again or look back at me, but he just stares at Jeramy’s cock inside my vagina. It is obvious to me that Keith likes what he sees. Shit! My husband is enjoying watching another man’s cock going inside his wife.

Jeramy fucks me slow for a few minutes. Then he picks up the pace. The whole time the young kid with the camera is close, pointing the camera at Jeramy’s cock and my sex. This should give the perverts what they want. A great shot of a big black cock fucking a little white pussy with her husband right there watching.

While I am thinking about all the guys watching this movie and the close up of Jeramy’s cock inside of me, I look at Keith and for some reason the whole thing amuses me. The other camera caught me with a big smile on my face as Jeramy is fucking me. LeRoy pointed out that my smile was going to make the movie a big hit and me a famous star.

As Jeramy is pumping his cock in and out of me he asks, “Where do you want it? Where do you want me to unload my sperm?” He really doesn’t ask anyone in particular. Knowing that LeRoy wants all the cum in my pussy, I tell him, “Cum inside of me.” Before I could finish the sentence, he was emptying his balls deep inside my pussy. He pushed hard into me and I swear I could feel his cock inside my belly squirting his seed. Oh, he filled me with so much cum. I felt his cock throbbing inside me for a full minute. Each throb squirt another hundred million sperm. He moaned out, “Fuck” as he completely emptied himself, and then rolled off of me.

Of course, Michael was right there, getting on top of me with his naked body. Here I go again, one more time getting filmed having sex with a handsome black man. I made the mistake of looking down. Oh shit! Why do porn stars have to have such big cocks. Michael’s cock was even thicker than Jeramy, but maybe not quite so long.

After seeing Michael’s cock, I was feeling a little over whelmed. How was something that big going to fit inside of me and if it fit, was it going to hurt? Every fiber of my being wanted to yell stop and run, but then Keith leans over and starts kissing me. I have just been fucked by two attractive black men and now my husband is kissing me. It wouldn’t be right to refuse to kiss him, and I really like his willingness to go through with all this. Hell, he is allowing three strangers to fuck his wife, so I can’t not allow him to kiss me.

So as my husband is kissing me, I feel cock number three sliding up and down my crack. For a minute, I thought maybe he understood that he was too big and would only rub his cock against my sex without going inside me. But then he asks, “Yo, Mr. Jones, can I stick my big black cock inside your wife?” Keith stops kissing me long enough to nod his head and says, “Go a head, stick it in her,” and he continues to kiss me.

So as I am kissing my husband, I feel the head of Michael’s huge cock at my love hole. He is pushing and first I feel the pressure of him pushing. For an instant I thought he wasn’t going to be able to enter me, but he pushed harder and because I was dripping wet he starts to slip past my opening. As he pushed deeper inside of me, it took my breath away and I arched my back as I inhaled deeply. “Oh, Shit! Oh, Shit!” I gasped as he slowly pushes his huge cock inside of me until he pelvis was touching mine and I knew he was all the way inside of me.

Just then Jeramy was right there with his cock in my face asking me to clean him off. The distraction was just what I needed so I took his semi hard cock in my mouth. I could taste myself on him as well as his cum. Without really meaning to, I licked and sucked his cock clean so I wouldn’t dwell on the uncomfortableness of the stretching of my vagina by Michael’s huge cock that was now going in and out of me. After a couple minutes, Michael was still slowly going in and out of me but the discomfortable subsided and I started to relax. I did notice Keith was watching Michael’s cock going in and out of my vagina. The camera kid was getting close ups again of another cock buried inside me.

Michael seemed to fuck me for hours. He liked to tell Keith how much he liked fucking his wife. “Oh Mr. Jones, your wife has the sweetest, tightest cunt I have ever fucked. Oh Mr. Jones, I love having my big cock inside your wife. Oh Mr. Jones, I love your wife’s little white pussy.” Finally, “Oh Mr. Jones, can I cum inside your wife? Mr. Jones, can I fill your wife with my love juice?” It sounded so strange to hear my husband give permission again for Michael to cum inside of me, “Yeah, cum inside my wife. Fill her up with all you got.”

Michael started pumping faster, then moaned and pulled almost out as he unloaded his sperm just barely inside of me. I could feel his cock twitch each time he shot sperm inside me. How do these porn stars have so much seamen? It seemed like he came for a solid minute, and it had to be at least a full cup of sperm he squirted inside of me. Since just the head of his cock was inside of me, as he pulled out, I felt a river of cum leak out of me and run down the crack of my ass. Of course the camera kid was right there getting it all on film.

Just as I was starting to get up to leave, Keith climb on top of me. Oh Shit! He is naked! He wants to fuck me too. Seriously, just as I was about to finally say no, Michael sticks his cock in my face. It distracted me just enough for Keith to have time to push his cock inside my now slippery vagina. He must have been so horny having to watch three other men fuck his wife. So I take Michael’s now limp cock into my mouth. Even when he is limp, Michael’s cock is bigger around than most men’s cocks when they are fully hard. Again I taste myself and the salty taste of his cum as I use my mouth to clean off his slippery wet cock.

By the time I have Michael all cleaned off, Keith pushing his cock deep inside me and cums, filling me with sperm for the fourth time.

As I lay there getting inseminated for the fourth time, I think about all the little swimmers inside of me. There must be at least a billion sperm swimming through my cervix, up my uterus, out my fallopian tubes, and throughout my belly. Sperm live for two to three days and they will be swimming inside of me that whole time. Sperm from four different guys swimming inside of me. Shit, that is a lot of sperm! I hope the pill I take every morning does it’s job.

As Keith finishes emptying his ball inside of me, he is out of breath. He rolls off me but still holds me as he catches his breath. “Wow, I can’t believe you just got fucked by four guys,” he whisper to me. “Are you alright?” Shit! Now he wonders if I am alright, but I just inform him that I have hundreds of millions of sperm swimming inside me right now, and that I am a little sore down there. Then he says the words I have been waiting to hear, “Let’s go home.”

Again, it is Adonis that brings me a towel and as he wraps it around me, he whispers softly to me that I was amazing. Then as he hugs me, “I so wish we could do this without the cameras sometime. I think I am in love with your body.” Not knowing what to say, I just smile at him and head to get my clothes.

On the drive home, I can’t stop thinking about all the sperm swimming inside of me and the cum leaking out of me. There is going to be a big stain on Keith’s passenger seat. Good thing we brought his car. Also, I thought about what Adonis said and I wonder if Keith would be into doing a threesome with him. Before, I wouldn’t have even considered it, but now I believe Keith just might go for it. But how do you ask? “Hon, if we are not doing anything tonight, do you want to watch Adonis fuck me?” Maybe I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I try that line on my husband.

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