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Unleashing Desires (Romantic, MFM, First Time)

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We married young, both with similar sexual experience before we met-you know, some fumbling in High School and after prom, a few steady relationships and growing familiarity with sex at college, a torrid one-night stand or two, nothing earth shattering for either of us. At the time I never really understood what motivated slutty girls from school, the ones who went on the prowl and just had to have it, but while I never thought of myself as a wild, goodtime party-girl, I did enjoy sex. When I first met my hubby-to-be, we both knew enough to know what we liked, and coming off sour relationships, we found solace in each other and took our new friendship a bit slow. His name was Tom and honestly, I held him at arm's length for almost 2 months of friendly dates, until our hormones were surging, and frankly I yearned for him as much as he wanted me. We fell in lust. Our love making was natural, frequent, and intense: he seemed always ready, hard within seconds and fast to recover, and he loved to go down on me. At 20, I had no idea one could cum so many times in a week! We were truly lovers in every sense, and spent every moment we could naked in bed, or on the sofa, or in a tent, or anywhere really! We fell deeply in love and rushed into marriage. A few years passed and because practice make perfect, kids followed, and we became closer as a couple and the best of friends. We totally trusted each other and, despite the pressure of raising a family, still kept our passions burning. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and he was dedicated to keeping me satisfied. After babies arrived, although my boobs did get bigger, I exercised to keep my figure, and as a runner he remained tall and slender. Playful and attentive to my needs, he got me a bedroom toy and we occasionally indulged in soft porn to keep our motors running for each other. After 10 years we were a content, happy, and committed couple with a couple of preschoolers, settling into life routines like most of our couple friends and neighbors. We had a solid, well-rounded relationship and an active sex life was definitely a part of our weekly exercise routine. Yes, I admit I had a few unfulfilled fantasies, but I assumed that setting them aside was something everyone did as an adult. I thought that we had all we needed for a perfect life.

Then everything changed. Tom got a great new job, but we had to move to a city halfway across the country where we settled in and basically started over, began to look for new friends and try to find a crowd where we felt we belonged. You know that isn't always easy, especially if you don't want to be a soccer mom! Luckily, we had an older cousin of mine nearby who would happily babysit the kids when we needed some 'adult time.' Through his new job my husband met a group of people who lived far in the countryside, about an hour away from our house, and even though we were newcomers, they welcomed us into their homes and circle of friends. They enjoyed our kind of music, dancing, good food, tapped kegs and crazy late nights, and we began to visit them for parties, sometimes staying overnight in a spare room rather than risk a DUI arrest.

One evening after an afternoon BBQ had ended and all the guests had left, our hosts Jim and Colleen invited us to relax on their back porch. Jim topped up our wine glasses, pouring a shot of tequila for himself and my husband. A full moon lit their forested backyard and a blue bug-killer light across the yard kept mosquitos at bay. As we settled back to star gaze, our host bent to fiddle with the cover to their hot tub. Funny, I thought to myself, in all the times we had visited they had never gotten into the tub or asked us if we wanted to use it....

"Mona and Tom, we really like you guys and enjoy having you guys visit," Colleen began. "In fact, we wished you lived closer to visit more frequently. We really like you... but for the last few months we have not been totally ourselves, I mean, ourselves with you...." I sensed she was nervous about something, and she hemmed and hawed for a bit about "hiding from you," and "feeling restricted" and repeating "not being ourselves," but naively, both Tom and I didn't follow her rambling discourse. Ever forward and outspoken, Jim jumped into the conversation.

"What Colleen is trying to tell you is that we are and have been for years..." Jim sheepishly smiled as he clarified his wife's bumbling. "Naturists."

"Oh." Tom's eyebrows lifted. "Naturists?" I asked, confused.

"Nudists, honey." Tom's voice was a hoarse whisper near my ear. "Yes." Colleen nodded. "We like to vacation at nude beaches, go to nudist resorts and if you weren't here, well, we would be in the hot tub..."

"Naked," Jim explained. "Guys, Colleen is saying you are, well... cramping our style." I was shocked-I would never have suspected, and we had never met any people who were openly 'naturists.'

"We needed to confide in you because you are becoming close friends, and we just want to be ourselves around you. We don't like hiding who we are." Colleen looked at me with pleading eyes. "You understand, don't you?" "I guess," I mumbled, my eyes on my husband who nodded in agreement. Colleen continued, "We want you to feel comfortable with us as we really are."

"Listen." Jim took a swig from his glass. "We understand this is a lot to process and we are sorry to dump it on you tonight, but it's been a long day and we really just want to relax." He pointed at the bubbling spa. "We are ok with whatever you decide, but Colleen and I are hoping we won't offend you if we are just ourselves around you." He stood up and stretched, reached out to his wife, and pulled her from her chair. "And you can always join us," Colleen added. They set down their glasses and entered the back of the house.

After this bombshell dropped, I stood and stumbled around the porch, unsure how I felt about their admission. "I guess that makes sense," my husband mused. "What do you mean?" "Well, haven't you noticed that Colleen never wears a bra?" "Of course, but I never thought much about it. I mean she isn't all that busty... I didn't realize you were noticing." I feigned a bit of jealousy. He shrugged with a weak smile. "How could I not? I am a man after all...."

"Do you think they are undressing? Like, right now?" "Well, probably.... If you are uncomfortable, I guess we could go inside and watch tv or something." I searched my husband's eyes-what was he really thinking? "What about you?" I pressed him. "We never talked about nudism, but I don't really see it as such a big deal." "Oh, really? I am sure you won't mind ogling Colleen in the buff!" He snorted. "Come on? What's the big deal? Didn't you have to shower after gym class in school?" "Yes, but not with boys! I don't know...." I crossed my arms across my chest and lowered my voice. This was unsuspected and I felt conflicted. "Would you be ok with Jim checking me out?" "Well, if they're nudists, I would guess they've seen a lot of flesh before. It's probably no big deal to them." "But these are our friends, won't it get weird?" "Not unless you make it weird...."

As we whispered to each other, the screen door swung open, and Colleen returned to the porch wrapped in a thin silk robe that dr*ped over her body like a second skin, clearly showing nothing lurked underneath. Behind her was Jim and seeing him, I unconsciously gasped-he was stark naked. The initial sight shocked me-I hadn't seen another nude man for over 10 years. Shorter than my husband, his chest bulged from workouts, a multi-colored tattoo crept across his shoulder, and he had those proverbial 6-pack abs. My eyes drifted lower-his thing dangled massively longer than I expected and was capped with a foreskin, something I had never seen-I learned later he was a "show-er" not a "grow-er," but at the time he looked unexpectedly huge. My husband gave me a look and cleared his throat, and, realizing I was staring, I dropped my eyes as I felt color rise to my cheeks.

Colleen dropped her robe and climbed up on the rim of the tub. She looked surprisingly svelte, her C-cup breasts high on her chest and her bubble butt round and shapely. Her legs looked amazing as she stepped over the rim. A glance at Tom showed me he definitely noticed her shapely form. "Come get in," she said. "The water's fine." Jim brushed past me and Tom, grabbing the tequila bottle on his way to join his wife. He stopped and faced us, looking me in the eyes- "Look, if you aren't comfortable, just wear your underwear..." and gave us a good view of his butt as he climbed into the frothy water and sighed, settling in next to Colleen. My mouth hung open; I didn't know what to say.

"Ah, um, ok...." Tom took my hand and tugged to wake me from my stupor, then shepherded me back into the house. "Did you notice no tan lines?" I shook my head-I had not noticed any details other than nakedness. "What do you want to do?" "I dunno...." My heart beat ferociously and I felt light-headed, having drank more than a few glasses of wine. I kept rehashing the image of our friends naked in the moonlight. "Look we don't have to do anything but if we don't go join them, they may be offended." Tom held up his palms and continued, "I don't want them to think we are prudes...."

I could hear Jim and Colleen chatting outside but not make out their words. "No, we don't want to offend..." My thoughts spun. Tom put his hand on my arm. "Stop fidgeting and tell me what you think." I realized I was wringing my hands, staring off into space. "It's not really about sex, is it?" "Naw, I don't think it's like that," Tom confirmed, toying with the top button on his shirt. "Listen, we've already seen them, and it was no big deal. At least, not to them. I am ok with this. I mean I think it's ok, I mean, if... you are ok?" I looked up into his eyes. He smiled wistfully at me and nodded, prompting me with "What can it hurt?" I drew a ragged breath. Ok, I thought, it's just a hot tub with friends. Tom's right, we had already seen them naked. What could it hurt?

"Ok, I will get in the tub, but promise me if I get uncomfortable, we can get out, right?" "Sure." "No, I mean it, if I give you a pinch, you have to leave with me, ok?" He nodded and began unbuttoning his shirt. I took a deep breath and untucked my shirt.

Men! I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that Tom dropped his shorts and kicked off his shoes in an instant and stood aside watching me disrobe and neatly fold my clothes. The chill night air gave me goosebumps. I slipped off my panties and with another deep breath, unsnapped my bra and let the girls out, covering my chest by crossing my arms. Tom led the way out to the back deck with me close to his back, hiding in my protector's shadow.

"We were wondering what took you so long," Colleen spoke up as soon as we stepped outside. "Come in, this water is delicious." Now for me, ever since I became sexually active, undressing was always, always a preliminary to sex, seeing and being seen was part of the eroticism, and I was having trouble getting my head wrapped around this idea of nudism-getting naked with my husband in front of attractive friends made me feel anxious and downright sexy. If my husband felt the same way, he clearly didn't "show" it. He climbed over the tub wall and dipped into the water, sinking down to his shoulders. "Ah," Tom sighed as Jim handed him a full shot glass.

I felt everyone's eyes on me. My breath was shallow, and I felt flushed as climbed into their bubbling tub. As quick as possible I pushed myself down under the water to hide my body from prying eyes.

Colleen was right, the hot, steamy tub felt wonderful. The bubbles made me float around and I scootched closer to my hubby and felt for his leg to hold my place in the swirling waters.

Jim and Colleen didn't seem to care-it was just another evening with friends to them. Colleen chattered about how good the BBQ had turned out, and the compliments she received on her German potato salad, while Jim bragged about his grill master status. Colleen teased him about his 'master' status, but I was focused on my husband. Tom seemed to be totally cool with nudity, in fact he relaxed against me and gave me a toothy grin. Under the water Tom's hand settled on my upper thigh, sliding up and down with the frothy swirls.

It was hard for me to concentrate on the conversation. The banter went back and forth, Colleen giggling along with the men. Tom and Jim joked and passed their bottle back and forth, and Colleen called for more wine. "Your wish is my command," Jim laughed as he sloshed across the tub and leaned over me to get the wine. I could feel his warm body hover over mine and his manhood floated in the surface bubbles in front of my face. Tom laughed and said, "Jeez, just ask and we'll hand it over." Everyone chuckled along but me-my stomach was a butterfly hurricane, and Jim leaned close to fill my wine glass, his leg touching my thigh and Tom pressing against my other side. I held my breath as both bodies rested against me at once, trembling with involuntary sexual tension. As Jim stepped back, Tom slipped his hand up and gave my kitty a tender stroke under the water. Not expecting his fingers to graze my sensitive parts, startled, I jumped and splashed. I had no idea how swollen with excitement I was until he touched me. I squirmed under his probing fingers. Suddenly the water grew damn hot.

As if she knew what I was thinking, "Too much heat for me," Colleen declared and shut off the spa. As the cloaking bubbles faded away, Colleen hiked her butt out onto the tub rim, steam rising off her shoulders. She arched her back, shaking droplets from her hair and rubbed her hand down her chest to scr*pe off the excess water. Naked, she looked much prettier than I expected, slim and toned, her pussy shaved smooth-I guess I didn't know what I expected. Jim rested his head on her knee, his eyes on Tom and me. The fizz in the water cleared, and with it went my sudsy camouflage. Now in a crystal pure bath, I felt exposed. I glanced at my husband-he stared, mesmerized by Colleen, his eyes soaking up every inch of her figure, the moonlight leaving little to the imagination, her wet nipples puckering in the chilly air. At her side Jim looked directly at me and blushing, I dropped my eyes.

Under the water I saw that Tom had lost his composure-his dick lifted from his lap as he got hard watching our attractive hostess cool down. It was also obvious his hand cupped my lap, his fingers working my pussy. I gave a slight cough to pull his attention away from the goddess preening on the tub shelf and gave him my wide-eyed, read-my-mind look-Jim was clearly watching us. He gave me a semi-drunken smile and moved his arm around my damp shoulders.

"See, it's relaxing in the tub," Colleen offered. Jim tipped the bottle and took a slug. "We have been in the nude community for many years and it's so natural. We love it." Jim nodding in agreement. "How do you guys feel?" "This is great," Tom volunteered. A lull settled into the conversation and Jim began to stroke Colleen's leg. "We should have asked you to join us long ago," Colleen added.

"Nice tits," Jim complimented me. Colleen agreed, gently kicking her legs, and sloshing the tub. I felt my embarrassed blush rise to my ears, but at the same time, it made me a bit proud that they noticed. "Yeah, they're the best," Tom agreed and slid his hand down to give me a squeeze. "Tom, stop..." I mumbled, feigning offence.

Jim chuckled and stood, the water rocking side-to-side and pushing us around. Tom wasn't the only one with a chubby-Jim's rod stood at half-mast, and he seemed to have absolutely zero embarrassment over his display. He turned to Colleen and embraced her. We watched her hands comb through his hair as he leaned into her kiss and water drooled down his muscular backside. I noted how his back muscles rippled, rivulets cascading down his shoulders to his backbone to stream down the crack of his ass. He pulled her forward and sideways-now we could see their passionate and hungry kisses in silhouette- my mouth slightly ajar, I had to wet my lips, and my breath increased tempo. Glued to their performance, I reached for my glass and gulped my wine. He stroked and pinched her nipples. I could see their tongues slipping from mouth to mouth, then Jim lowered his head to nuzzle her neck and she gave a soft moan and spread her legs around him, heels locking behind his hips. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes.

This tub is way too hot, I thought. Glancing at my husband, I saw Tom was fully erect now, his underwater snake pulsing with his heartbeat. The foreplay a few feet away absorbed his complete attention, his mouth slightly agape. He was panting, I could feel his heavy breath on my shoulder. Honestly, the show was making me horny too. I couldn't take my eyes off them. Tom moved his arm from my shoulder and slowly stroked my side to my lap, his finger tentatively seeking me out, and suddenly my desires took over, raw physical excitement shattered all apprehensions and I spread my legs wide, trembling, yearning for his groping fingers to find my special spot. His first caress nearly made me cum, and he began to fondle and rub, as, like kids in a naughty movie theater, we watched Jim and Colleen make out hot and heavy right in front of us. Beyond any erotic encounter I had ever had, I was entranced by the scene before us-I couldn't look away. It was hotter than I had ever imagined, and my body was vibrating with desire, inflamed by a wantonness I never knew could consume me.

Jim pulled back from his bride and lazily scooped up the tequila bottle. "Come on, babe, let's leave these guys and go get comfortable." Over his shoulder he gave us a sly wink, and helped Colleen climb down from the tub. We bounced as the water rebalanced. "Good night, campers," Colleen patted Tom on his shoulder has she left. "We will see you at breakfast." Tom mumbled some response. Tom watched Colleen, but my eyes followed Jim-after cuddling his wife, he was fully engorged, standing tall. He seemed to know I was watching, and confidently showed off. OMG! So stiff and fat with his foreskin pulled part way down his head! I had never seen one like that.... I fumbled under the water for Tom and gripped his hardness tight.

"Just close the cover when you're done," Jim reminded us, and they stepped into the house, the screen door banging behind them. It was on! Like a cat in heat, I pounced on my hubby's lap, spilling water over the tub rim, our mouths smashing together and tongues twirling. This whole 'naturist' experience made me uber-horny. "God, Tom, I want you," I whispered, my voice croaking, hoarse and guttural. I rubbed my tits against his broad, hairy chest, up and down, feeling tingling in my nipples. Unable to prolong our foreplay, I gave into my craving-I wanted him in me, and I wanted him now! I pushed down on his swollen cock, and he rose to meet me, driving his shaft into me with one thrust, and, to my utter surprise I came immediately, a deep, throbbing orgasm. I could not control the animal sounds that purred and squeaked from my throat as the contractions rolled over me, a cum that left me limp and breathless, clinging to his shoulders. "That was so hot," he whispered, my pussy pulsing on his dick, the rest of me a ragdoll on his chest.

Carefully holding me impaled, he lifted me from the water, positioned me on the edge of the shelf where he could get leverage, and began to work his meat in my puss in a slowly building rhythm. I was wet and slippery, and he drew it out and slammed back home, my arms holding his shoulders, staring into his eyes. "That was so hot," he repeated, and I whispered back, "Yes, oh yes...." "How do you feel?" "I'm so hot for you," I admitted licking my lips. "Being naked, watching them... it made me so horny." "Me, too," he whispered and pressed forward to kiss me, sucking my tongue into his mouth as he pounded my puffy vagina. "God, I love you." His pace increased and I felt him stiffen, his head swelling, and he lifted me off the tub rim as he peaked, his back muscles jerking and me bouncing on his hips, my legs wrapped around his back. Fulfilled, he nearly collapsed on me, catching us on the tub rim with both hands. We giggled into each other's neck as we waited for his cum weakness to subside. Quickly we pulled the cover across the spa, rushed into the house, scooped up our clothes, and rushed to the guest room. Pulling our door closed, I grabbed him, and we embraced, kissing each other madly. I realized we were both still deeply excited. "That was so hot," he whispered. "I could have kept watching them." I realized he was right, I had loved watching Colleen and Jim make out. I liked watching their foreplay, and I had never suspected how hot it would make me feel. I admitted it. "Me, too. I wanted them... to continue." He nibbled on my neck. "Would you have watched them, you know... fuck?" When he said it, I felt a thrill. "Oh yes," I whispered in his ear. "Yes, I wanted to watch them fuck."

With a low-pitched growl, he lifted me to the bed and slid down my chest, nibbling his way across my tits and ultimately licking my box. He tongued my hole and sucked my clit between his lips, worrying my sex like a dog gnawing a bone. With his free hands he caressed my breasts, squeezing and massaging them. He hummed into my pussy, the sound vibrating me in a delightful way, and I lifted my hips to press into his face, a second cum building. Sensing I grew close, he sat up, flipped me around and plunged into me doggie-style, one hand gripping my hair and the other rubbing my bud. Neither of us lasted-I came first, my body thrashing in ecstasy, my head dropping to the pillow while Tom began to slam me uncontrollably from behind. A few more pumps and he grunted, his cock throbbing between my legs. We collapsed together and he held me tight as we caught our breath, juices trickling from our coupling. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, I assumed everything would be back to normal, but when I came out to breakfast, I was shocked to find Colleen making coffee in her birthday suit. "Goin' somewhere?" "Not till later," I replied. "Then why so formal?" She pointed at my shirt-when I woke, I had donned my clothes from the previous day. I stuttered, unsure how to answer and she placed her hand on my arm. "Listen, honey, whenever we're alone you should get naked with us-it will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and it'll get the boys used to it, too." She winked at me. "Keeps them settled down." She handed me a cup of joe. "Besides, you got nothing to be ashamed of, you have a smokin' bod." I felt my cheeks warm at her compliment. "Thanks, but I wasn't sure...."

"Listen," she interrupted me, holding up her hand. "The ice is broken, sister. You can expect Jim will be strutting around in the buff from now on. He will not notice if you are naked, but he will wonder what the hell's wrong if you are all covered up. Sure, if we have guests over, we will dress appropriately, but the rest of the time, welcome to the nudist camp!" She set down her mug and gave me an impromptu hug. Tipping her head, she started to unbutton my shirt and I got the idea-I stepped out of my sandals, unbuttoned my top the rest of the way, and wiggled my shorts off my hips. Colleen grabbed a towel from the back of a stool and tossed it to me. "Remember, sit on a towel." I unclasped my bra and joined her at the kitchen table, still a little nervous and uncertain where to look but a lot less anxious than I had been last evening. We began to chat about the previous day's party, the drunks and the unexpected hook-ups, and I admit, after a while I forgot that we were naked and just enjoyed the conversation. We were on our second coffee and had opened a box of muffins when the men roused themselves and stumbled out to join us. She was right about her husband: Jim wandered through the kitchen with not a stitch on and barely acknowledged we were there, while my Tom stopped dead in the doorway, his mouth agape, unable to believe he found us naked at the kitchen table. He rushed back to the bedroom and stripped, joining us for coffee. That was our first day as nudists-we spent the morning relaxing and learning all about the naturist lifestyle from Colleen while Jim wandered in and out, busy with his Saturday morning chores. Our hostess told us about the staying at campgrounds, dances and parties with fellow naturists, going to nude beaches, and which clubs were family friendly, and which were "more adult." We learned who among our new friends were long time nudists, some people we never expected. By Colleen's count, four other couples in our new circle of friends liked to party naked. She told us once they let the others know we were comfortable with fellow nudists, we would be invited to a few more selective parties. As the morning sun rose in the sky, Colleen invited me to sit on the porch and sun on their chase lounges. She even helped me spread suntan lotion on my back, reminding me, "Remember the tender spots where you never have had a tan. Those will burn bad if you are not careful." She even mentioned I should trim my bush. After a hastily prepared lunch, we four shared a beer on the back porch, and Colleen was right, the more we relaxed with our friends, the more we became comfortable, almost to the point that we stopped noticing each other's bodies. As the afternoon sun settled behind the trees, we packed up our things, thanked Jim and Colleen for a wonderful stay, and with a hug good-bye, drove back home.

Over the next few months, it became natural for us to visit our friends in their country haven and party naked, and we grew closer to them, contented and relaxed in our skins. We even met their other nudist friends, and everyone got to see us in our birthday suits! The sexual excitement that had so overwhelmed us on our first night faded to a much more manageable underlying sensation, always there but controllable. Occasional touches body-to-body among friends became a normal occurrence. Sometimes a horny feeling would flare up, like when Jim dr*ped his arm around my shoulder and cuddled me into his hip, or when Colleen and another naked friend began discussing explicit sex acts they preferred while we soaked in the tub. Yet, every time we undressed, I still felt a thrill of sexiness, my sensitive nipples would always perk up and I would get that twinge between my legs. Growing comfortable with the whole idea, my husband would get touchy-feely around our hosts, and they started making out more frequently in front of us, as if it was completely normal. Watching them was super erotic but I didn't want to ruin our budding friendship, so I calmed down my husband's advances-but boy, did it make for some hot nights in our host's spare bedroom! One night my husband explained that Jim and Colleen were swingers, something I had heard about but never considered, but they always treated us with respect and never made me feel uncomfortable. I thought we had settled into a familiar routine and never expected it to go any farther. I actually never thought they saw us in that way.

One warm summer night the four of us were joined by another couple named Wendy and Mike. There was no moon, the only light coming from the few underwater lamps and the bug zapper across the yard. The tub fit six, but it was a little crowded in the bubbles, legs crossed legs and bodies wedged up close to each other. Wendy was tipsy and, to my surprise, hung on Colleen, her hands stirring around in the water making Colleen giggle. Mike and Wendy seemed to maneuver our hostess into a corner and Mike was stroking her hair and whispering to her. Jim seemed cool with their underwater friskiness, relaxing on the back side of the tub, his leg propped over mine. Tom intently watched the three touching and teasing, his arm over my shoulder. I felt happy and a bit drunk myself-after a bucket of martinis, the feeling of Tom at my side and Jim's legs resting on my knees was making me feel horny too. I put my hand on Tom's lap and found he was already aroused-something about the way Wendy was teasing Colleen got his motor running. I pumped him and purred into his neck, "Come on lover, let's get some alone time."

We wished everyone a good night and crept off to bed. A small night light lit our room. Tom was ready and I was worked up as well, skin sensitive from the hot water and alcohol, and we were so ready to jump each other, we inadvertently left the door ajar. As my husband nuzzled my neck, I noticed the door gaped open but decided it didn't matter... I could hear Colleen out on the porch with Mike and Wendy, and the guest bedroom was at the end of the hall, beyond the master. No one would follow us to this end of the house. I closed my eyes to relax and enjoy myself. Our hands glided over each other, lightly stroking, pinching, scratching, building mutual excitement. His mouth found mine in a deep kiss, our tongues swirling around each other's. Dropping his head, he licked my breasts and squeezed them the way I love, blowing and chewing on my nipples to make them pucker. Sometimes I think there is a direct connection between my tits and my clitoris, and his attention delighted my pussy. I stroked his straining rigid cock and purred-he took his time, rubbing my belly, focused on foreplay and my pleasure. I squirmed in anticipation. I remember my husband was really into me that night, fondling and rubbing and licking across my fiery torso, and as he slid down to put his talented tongue to work on my box, I opened my eyes to realize our host stood at the door, silently watching....

For a moment I froze with my mouth open, a tongue circling and poking my most private spot. The small light clearly lit him, and as I watched, my naked friend Jim sprouted hard in front of me, engorged and standing tall, and he began slowly jerking himself. Up and down, up and down, his foreskin pulling back from his head with each stroke. My husband was a hard seven inches, but uncut Jim seemed longer and thicker. I watched it lengthen and firm and looked up to see him bite his lower lip. I suddenly felt a thrill I had never felt before, the pleasure of being watched, and shivers of excitement tightened my pussy. I arched my back to lift my tits for Jim to see better in the dim light. I found myself panting like an animal in heat. Feeling my elation building, I grabbed my husband by his hair, pressed his face against my labia and spread my legs wide for his mouth. He sucked my nub between his lips and twirled his tongue in rapid circles. I locked eyes with Jim and suddenly released in a throbbing shudder, my moans uncontrollably loud. I knew Jim watched me cum on my man's face, then he slipped away into the darkened hallway. My tipsy husband had no idea what made me cum that night, and he mounted my wet hole and pounded me, riding and plowing and rolling me on my side to drive deep, until with a thrust he swelled to his stiffest and popped, pumping out his total satisfaction. He collapsed next to me and soon snored into his pillow.

I laid in the quiet and listened to the crickets and peepers outside the window. With my drunken husband lying next to me sawing logs, I found I couldn't sleep; I was still keyed up and feeling uncommonly aroused. I tossed and turned for a while, then slipped quietly from the room to go to the kitchen for some water. Grunts and shuffle noises emanated from behind the master bedroom door as I passed-I figured whoever was in there was having a good time and wouldn't notice me creeping around in the dark. The kitchen was deserted. With glass in hand, I walked to the living room to sip-that's when I saw Jim, sprawled in the recliner, just as deeply asleep as my hubby back in our room.

To be honest, even being around other naked people so much, until that night I had never seriously thought about sex with another man. I felt I was a good girl, faithful to my vows and in control of my baser instincts. But excitement lingered on my body, my nips tingled, and I still felt the dampness of cum between my legs. He had watched me cum, we had shared an intimate moment. Moving quietly, I sat on the opposite couch, just on the edge of the seat, admiring my slumbering friend. His dick dangled across his leg, still swollen from his earlier voyeuristic experience. The water wet my lips and I set my glass aside. Leaning closer I could see a drool from the tip of his foreskin, a bit of cum perhaps? Had he finished himself, thinking of me? How hot was that? I spread my legs wider and leaned forward to gaze at his sleeping form. He looked muscular and toned, stretched out on the reclining chair. I gently touched, then rubbed and pinched my puckered nipples, so sensitive, and with my other hand I began to stroke my tender, still-pulsing labia. It felt unexpectedly good, so good. I closed my eyes and thought of Jim, willing him to wake and take me here on the couch. I whispered his name... I wanted to lick him, I wanted to feel him swell to fullness in my mouth. I glanced at that strange cock and remembered how hard it looked and how erotic it was that we locked eyes when he watched me cum. To my surprise, my clit stiffened immediately, and I came again, deep long contractions that stole my breath away, my knees so wobbly I nearly slipped off the edge of the couch. I slumped back into the pillows to catch my breath, still massaging a breast with one hand. Suddenly I felt conspicuous, and I scrambled back to the guest room and closed the door.

We woke to breakfast with all four friends, and Tom and I grabbed a quick meal. As we left to drive back home, Jim asked me if I had left a glass of water on the table the night before-Somehow that off-hand remark convinced me he knew of my late night escapade and, terrified that it would somehow harm my solid marriage, when we got home after we paid the babysitter, I dragged my husband up to our room and confessed my late night adventure. I told him I saw Jim watch us have sex through the open door, that he had seen me cum, and after everyone fell asleep, I slipped away and touched myself in the living room while Jim slept on the couch. To my utter surprise, my whispered confession electrified Tom. His pants tented and he grabbed me, kissed me passionately, and promised we would talk more about this later.

That night once the kids were asleep, I couldn't keep his hands off me-having mulled over the events of the previous evening all day, our libidos were through the roof and we rode each other to orgasms, recounted what had happened and rode each other again. Each time we spoke of it he begged me to remember more details, especially about the second orgasm in the living room in front of a sleeping Jim. The shared experience excitement was unexpected and unrelenting. We were hornier than we had ever been, and it turned into a week of morning, noon and night-ers! He confessed to me that he found it extremely erotic to think of me having sex with he and Jim together, and he definitely wanted to watch me. He encouraged me in my desires. He wanted me to release my hidden slut. Pressed, and in the heat of lust, I admitted that the thought of doing Jim turned me on too. It became our naughty pillow talk for weeks.

Then came the invitation. Jim and Colleen were hosting a Saturday Bar-B Que and we were invited. Nerves like knitting needles in my stomach, and I cautioned my husband to not say anything to Jim. It was one thing to have pillow talk, another to take actions we might regret. I didn't want to cause a problem with our friendship, and I had no idea how Colleen would react to all our fantasying dirty talk about her husband, or the idea that given the chance I would jump his bones. Tom grudgingly agreed and we kept our little secret to ourselves.

The party was great fun. A crowd of people descended on the forest bungalow, and we tapped a beer keg in the middle of the afternoon. As the day wore on, I noticed Jim watching me from the corner of my eye. He peeled off his shirt in the heat of the afternoon, which started all the girls hooting and hollering, and he was followed by most the men, including my husband, as well as a few rather drunk girls showing off. Music and dancing lasted until the sun set, and soon the gathering had dwindled to a small group of hardcore partiers, three couples and us, a few fellow nudists leading the charge to hop in the tub. Someone broke out a bottle of tequila and I had a snort as it passed by.

Drinking all afternoon had made some people tired and others sloppy, Colleen among the latter. She sat on the edge of the hot tub, topless, with her arm around a woman named Tonya, laughing, and joking with her friends. Wendy sat behind her, massaging her shoulders. There were too many people to get in the tub, most just dipped their feet in the swirling waters. Instead of intruding in the crowd, my husband and I helped clean up. He collected the yard trash and I cleaned and stowed dishes, pots, and pans, watching the shenanigans on the back deck through the kitchen window. One of the couples who we did not know well got excessively handsy in the tub and Jim laughingly chased them off to the guest room to finish their business. Tonya and her husband helped carry a drowsy Colleen back to her bed, and thanked Jim for a great time as they slipped away. Mike gathered Wendy who was pouting over the collapsed Colleen, and they headed out as well. My husband, Jim and I sat in the living room and snickered, listening to the noisy guestroom couple bang the wall and shared another slug of the tequila. Their boisterous union concluded, the couple sheepishly crept out of the guest room, thanked us for a great party and drove away. That left the three of us, my hubs and Jim in their shorts and me in my bikini. My husband suggested we all go soak in the tub. Jim thought it was a great idea, dropped his shorts and headed out to the deck.

I held back-I don't care for beer, so I had only had a few shots and was mostly sober. I watched the two men climb into the hot tub with the bottle and open the spa vents, the water foaming. I admired their tight asses and their flat stomachs. The idea of being alone with them suddenly fluttered in my stomach. Would something happen? Did I want something to happen? Maybe nothing would happen... but I kind of yearned for their touch, a horny sensation rippling in my belly, and my nipples rising in anticipation. All the naughty fantasies of the last few weeks were replaying in my mind.

Big enough to seat six comfortably, I decided I could control the situation by sitting across from the guys in a triangle of sorts, where I wouldn't be too close to either one of them, and I carefully took off my suit and folded it before stepping out on the deck and climbing into the tub. Jim passed me the bottle and I took another swallow. I leaned back with my head on the rim, watching the stars and feeling the bubbles swirl around my legs, a jet spraying into my lower back. I took another drink and passed the bottle to hubs. My tensions began to melt, and I sighed, relaxing in the hot pool. My legs and arms floated loose in the water. I put my dreams and fantasies out of mind. No one spoke and we relaxed in the steamy water for a long time.

I felt my husband reach for my leg, and he pulled my foot close and began to massage it. I must admit his strong hands felt good. I sighed aloud. I felt Jim reach over for the other leg and he began working the other foot and calf. I encouraged the massages by a wordless hum of satisfaction. They rubbed my feet for a few minutes, just massaging. Then Jim slid his hand along my calf and up my thigh, each stroke going higher on my leg. Tom began to do the same, pulling me closer. My heartbeat picked up tempo, and I drew a ragged breath. I floated on the surface of the water, both men rubbing me, my hair spreading out on the water behind me, and as they worked on my legs the current drifted me closer to them. Without a word, my husband caught my arm and pulled me across the tub to float between them. He tipped my face to him and kissed me, lightly at first, and then with increasing passion. I felt Jim stroke my side, his leg brushed against mine, a gentle caress along my breast. I pulled back from the kiss and turned to a smiling Jim, pressing my back into Tom. "What about Colleen?" Jim floated closer to me, his face inches from mine and whispered, "She's passed out, and," he cupped my breast as he continued, "she doesn't care if we share...." He rolled my aroused nipple between his finger and thumb, and leaned in to kiss me, and I let him, opening my mouth to his probing tongue.

Behind me I could feel my husband's erection pressing against my back, and wondering, I slipped my hand under the water to find Jim just as hard on my other side. Tom slid to my side, opposite Jim. I gripped them both in my hands, two stiff rods under the churning water. This was a first for me-two strong, virile men who clearly wanted me, one in each hand. I felt my hunger building. Both began massaging a tit, and I felt a hand prying my legs apart to stroke my pussy. I turned from one to the other, kissing them both and craving more, feeling my lust grow, and they in turn nuzzled my neck and began to lick and suck my breasts. A finger was rubbing my vagina-it was Jim, I could tell because he handled me differently than my husband.

"Let's get out of this water," Jim suggested. Wrapped in towels we headed to the living room. We dried off, Tom and Jim dropping their towels as I rubbed my hair, drawing the dampness away. Both men stood watching me, their eyes caressing my naked form, their hard cocks standing tall, insistent. Tom inched closer to me. Uncertain what to do, I dropped my towel and looked from face to face-Both Tom and I stood panting with excitement, but it was Jim who took control. He knew what to do. Taking my hand he pulled me toward the couch, and gently pressed on my shoulders until I dropped to my knees before them. "Here," he said, and pulled my husband over next to him, "This is what you want." He was right-on my knees I could see how stiff and magnificent they were, so mutually excited over me and yet so different. I reached up and stroked them, Tom's seven inches, thin and circumcised, and Jim's fatter, uncut eight inches. I tugged on them, one in each hand, and looked up at them, smiling over my new toys. The urge to taste them overcame me and I slowly licked along Jim's shaft, nibbling and sucking. His moan increased my eagerness, and I sucked him into my mouth, flicking my tongue under his head and swirling it around his foreskin. A glance up showed me that Tom was entranced, watching every moment with an intense anticipation, unconsciously licking his lips as I pushed Jim deeper into my mouth with each pass. "Hmm, that is good," Jim moaned. I took my hand off Tom and cupped his balls, twisting my head as I tried to choke all his meat down my throat. Gagging a bit, I pulled away and turned to Tom, plunging my open maw down his engorged shaft, and slurping in a breath around it. "Oh," Tom swelled in my mouth, and I knew he was over heated and ready to explode, so I pulled back and kissed the tip, and took them both again in each hand.

On my knees sucking them I felt both terribly submissive and at the same time, totally in control. Using their hard dicks like joysticks, I guided my boys toward the couch, and they stumbled back into their seats. Still on my hands and knees, I moved between them, licking and sucking each prick, savoring the different taste of each and delighting in how I held them enthralled. Each time I switched I felt my own excitement grow, my dangling breasts and nipples growing more sensitive, yearning to be touched, my pussy swelling and my juices flowing. I wanted this, I wanted to ride them both. I came up to catch my breath and smiled at them, and Jim pulled me forward onto their laps, his mouth latching to mine in a deep soul kiss.

Pulling away from the kiss, he lifted me to my knees and began nuzzling my breasts. "God, I've wanted to suck these babies for so long...." Tom stroked my ass and watched Jim suckle my tits. The mouth on my chest was warm and he lightly chewed on my nipples. It felt so good. A hand fumbled for my crotch. With a moan I pulled back. "Someone eat me," I pleaded. We shuffled on the couch, both men lowering me to the cushions and changing their positions, Tom sliding down to my pussy and Jim leaning over us both, angling his hard cock downward so I could suck it while Tom ate me. Tom's tongue touched my fiery box, and a shiver ran up my spine. I could feel the thrill building in my pussy. I moaned into Jim's hard prick, slurping as it slid in and out.

Tom tongued my hole, pressing it as deep as he could reach, rolling his tongue around my bud and sliding up one lip and down the other. Jim pulled away from me, his cock leaking a bit of cum-I could taste him on my lips.

"Switch places," Jim whispered to my husband, and Tom pulled away from his cunt-licking duties, stepping back from the couch. Jim stepped between my legs and rubbed his turgid rod against my clitoris, up and down. My ass propped up on a cushion, my head lower than my hips, I could see him gliding his hard member against my mons, and I wanted it, I wanted him to stick it in me, to drive it home. I felt swollen with desire, slick and wet. I spread wider for him, watching the fragile foreskin on his purple head pull back with each thrust.

Jim peeked at Tom. "She's ready," he said. "Is this OK?" Tom moaned, stroking his cock, his mouth open and his eyes wide and fixated on my spread legs and gaping pussy.

"Do it."

Resisting the impulse to slam his meat into me, Jim lifted my hips and began to work into my tight hole, an inch with each thrust, pushing in and drawing it out, toying with me. Animal noises escaped me, and I moaned with rising lust. I began to thrust my hips to meet his plunges, each one sinking deeper, each one stretching me farther. I wrapped my legs around his hips to cling to him. It felt so good, so instinctive, so real. I grabbed my tits with both hands and squeezed as he drove all the way home, his pelvic bone slamming mine. With a vengeance Jim began to beat a rhythm on my pussy, bang, bang, bang, bang, my breath popping from my chest with each prod. My pussy began to twinge in time with his piston, anticipating the next pump, wanting it, wanting him. Tom stumbled to my side, stroking his dick over my chest, and watching Jim pile drive me. In me his cock felt thick and stiff, and so good, better than I had expected, so heavy, so strong, so hard. I ground my cunt back into his thrusts, feeling him deep inside. This was better than a fantasy, so good, so hot... My excitement peaked.

"Oh, oh my god," I cried as I rode the wave that washed over me. My swollen pussy lips contracted in an incredible spasm that rolled up through my abdomen, a long, full body cum. My vision darkened-I nearly fainted. My body convulsed in jerks and uncontrollable moans. "Fuck!" I whimpered as the orgasm seemed to drag on... barely able to speak, hoarse grunts of "oh, fuck me, fuck me!" poured unbidden from my throat, and Jim continued his jackhammer, banging at me with a slapping rhythm, over and over. I felt warmth spurt over my chest and opened my eyes to see Tom had cum too, covering my tits with spume, still watching Jim pound away at my cootch. As my orgasm diminished, I felt Jim grow rigid and he drew back for a deep, hard stab. "Mona," he cried as inside me his cock exploded, pumping out his juices in a warm flood.

We all three paused, catching our breaths, Jim's cock pulsating between my legs, Tom caressing my cheek, his cock dangling over my tits. His dong seemed swelling again, showing signs of recovery. Jim had stopped throbbing between my legs, but he seemed not to have lost his boner, and he began tentatively working it in my buttery box. I felt on fire, my passion still inflamed by their attentions. Cum everywhere made me feel sticky and naughty. I reached down and smeared the cum on my chest, scooping some up with my index finger. Teasingly, I licked and sucked my digit clean, never breaking contact with Tom's eyes. I pulled my husband down for a soulful kiss, sucking his tongue in my mouth-he dropped to his knees to hold my face and frenched me. Breaking for air, he pulled up and showed me his shlong, almost fully hard and ready for more action. I smiled happily at his display. He turned to Jim, "My turn. Switch."

Jim pulled slowly out, and Tom wasted no time in flipping me up on my hand and knees, positioning himself behind my ass and rubbing Jim's nectar up and down my crack and cunt. With little prelude, he pushed his cock into my pussy, one hand tangled in my hair and pulling my head back, the other rubbing and tweaking my ass. Jim's lubrication was just right-his slippery thumb pressed into my hole, and he began working it in combo with his plunging member. Ass play was not a regular occurrence for us, and his twisting digit not only felt surprisingly stimulating, the very idea of him fingering my ass made me feel nasty and hot. My desire became unbridled. I fumbled on the couch, pulling Jim to my wanton mouth and trying to deep throat his monster. I reveled in lust, sucking and toying with a hard cock while getting fucked from behind. Amazingly, the squelching sound between my legs only increased my cravings, the hot jism slurping from my stretched pussy as Tom pounded me from behind. My animal nature took over and I wiggled my ass and pushed back on Tom and his thumb, driving them deeper into me. I felt another orgasm begin to stir.

Tom came with a grunt and collapsed forward on my back, adding his essence to the load already in me. Unspoken, Jim swapped places with him and mounted me with little effort, his massive tool slipping in like a hand into a well-worn glove. "Oh, Mona," he whispered. "You feel so good...." He began his rhythmic pounding again, this time from a different angle, and Tom stepped aside to watch him take me. I arched my back and lifted my quim to his stabs, pushing back against his ravaging prick. "Do it," I ordered him. "Fuck me, Jim. Make me cum again." It felt so slutty and hot to say it aloud. "Fuck me."

"Challenge accepted," he laughed between breaths and rolled me on his stick, laying me on my back where he could get a better angle on my g-spot. I liked that he manhandled me into a position he wanted. I stared directly into his eyes, such a hot connection, so intimate. My god, he knew how to use his man rod-I grasped his shoulders and hiked my heels up over the curves of his ass, holding my hole wide for him to spank and poke. I pressed my breasts against his chest and wiggled my nipples. He drove me against the cushion, bouncing my hips on his wand, thumping his entire body down on mine. More than Tom ever had, Jim was stimulating my g-spot. Tom watched in kind of a stupor, twiddling his dick and marveling over the live-action porn happening in front of him. The idea of his watching made our coupling even more erotic for me, and as Jim stroked in and out, I felt another tremor ripple from my loins up my belly. Staring into his dark brown eyes, I caught my breath as he triggered my second cum of the night. My moans started low and guttural as the eruption grew and I felt a wash of my own cum squirt, a flow that pumped out over Jim between my legs. I bucked and humped his cock, pulled in close to his chest and shuddered against him. A damp flood drenched him, but he kept working his cock magic, fucking me like he would never stop. Each plunge prolonged my ecstasy, enticing my vag to keep pumping to his rhythm, squeezing his dick. As my body drifted down from its sexual heights, my spasmic reaction must have prompted him as well, for his cock stiffened and he began to quake in release, whooshing his pent-up breath in a long sigh. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me, pressing his questing tongue to tangle with mine. We lay still, catching our breath.

"Wow, you came all over the couch," Jim chuckled in my ear.

"I didn't know you could do that," Tom added as he helped Jim lift off me. I made a shrugging movement from under Jim. "I didn't know I could do that either!" I admitted.

"Wow!" Jim said again. "That was great. You were amazing." I thanked him. Tom handed me one of the damp towels and I headed for the bathroom-I was so stretched and swollen I had trouble peeing!

I returned to the living room and found my men lounging, drinking water and they had thoughtfully brought me a glass. Jim thanked me for a wonderful evening, and I smiled and led Tom to the guest room where we hugged me and held me close. "I love you so much, babe." I cautioned him that I was a bit tender from all the action. "You were amazing, you know."

"I had fun," I admitted. "It was much better than I thought it would be, much better than our fantasies...." "It was fucking amazing," he told me and kissed me passionately. I curled up against him as we lay on the sheets. He gently stroked my torso.

"Do you think you will want to do it again?" We had exceeded boundaries I never knew we had, and I loved it all. I knew now why it was good to be a slut. His hand grazed my pussy lips and to my surprise, my little bud trembled at his touch. I was still excited; the thrill hid no longer. "Do I want to do it again? Yes, I think I do... Let's ask Jim and Colleen about this swinger thing."

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