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River Run 2008 Part 2 of 2

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This is part 2, please check out part 1 this is the continuation.


After having quite a bit of fun Holly was resting in bed up in the room, the boys had left to go downstairs and would be back in an hour or so, I went down to join them for some more drinking and gambling, they went on about how hot my wife was and how much of a trooper she had been, I told them it was her fantasy plus she had to pay up her bet.

While we were in the casino the boys ran into a guy they knew named Chris he too was in town for the River Run and had just gotten in, he was with Jason & Craig. All 3 guys were over 6 foot, 35-45 with good builds. They asked what had been going on, so they told them, they were surprised to hear about such a good time so early, then when Brian said I was the husband they were shocked to believe I let happen what did, I told them she was hot & horny and it was just fine by me. So the boys said we were all going back up to the room, did they want to come, they said maybe later on, so we went to the store inside the hotel and got some more alcohol as well as some Redbulls because Holly would need them.

We got to the room and Holly was sleeping, Mike got in bed next to her cuddled her and began whispering in her ear, she turned towards him and gave him a big kiss, she opened her eyes and saw it was Mike not me and she looked a little shocked, she then remembered where she was and what we had done. She sat up and Mike offered her a Redbull & Vodka one of her favorites when we were out for long nights, she drank up, then Mike pulled away the covers to expose her still naked, he was happy to see she was nice and clean, he asked if she was up for more fun times, she said yes in a soft tone, Mike said what you're not? She said yeah I am just sore and tired, he said drink up its only 415 we have alot of time left, and he had some surprises.

Right away Mike started kissing Holly deeply, he then went to hear ears licking, kissing, blowing, making her hot, he told her she was so great and he enjoyed fucking her so much and how hot she was, and that the boys were all gunna fuck her brains out more and thensome, he then guided his hand down and started rubbing her pussy, she was already nice and wet, then Brian made his way down and started eating her out, she threw her head back in extasy, Mike remained on her ears and tits, Joe came over and started on the other side, I began to film again, Brian than pushed her legs up and began licking her sore red asshole, he was tounge fucking her good, she was loving it, then Joe moved down and started licking her toes and kissing her feet, immediately Holly began to cum nice and long, Brian was lapping up her juices, then after she was done, Mike laid on the bed and told Holly hop on his throbbing cock, she did, right away from crawled up behind her asking her if she wanted to be DPed again, she said oh yes!, he slide his cock right into her wet lubed asshole, Brian & Mike found a rythm quickly and Holly was again cumming all over Mike had Holly's body pinned close to him, he asked her if she liked being a fuck slut, she said she loved it, he asked if she's ever experienced anything like this before, she said no, he asked how many men she'd been with before tonight, she said 5, she was only 24 and had been married since 19, he said well tonight what do you feel about doubling that #, she began to cum and said she'd do whatever he wanted her to do, Mike said with all of us cumming inside of your sweet pussy you're on the pill right, she replied no.... Mike then get a snicker look on his face and started thrusting even harder inside of Holly, then he began to again blow his load deep inside of my wifes pussy, pushing every last drop he had as deep as he could, then with all of the friction Brian allerted the room he was cumming and left his load inside of Holly's ass. Brian then got up off of Holly, Holly began to roll off of Mike, he pulled her close, he said he wanted her to stay right where she was, she leaned down and kissed him deeply, she then asked for another drink, she promptly got me, pounded them, then Joe came behind put his head on her shoulder and asked if she thought she could take his large cock in her ass, she turned her head back toward him licked his lips and said give it to me honey, he then backed off slid his cock into her ass and began pumping, he must have reached a deep point Holly again laying with her chest pressed against Mike's began to moan, it was her loudest of the night, then Holly came back down, asked Mike if she was feeling his cock get hard inside of her pussy again, he said yes, she kissed him and begged for him to drop another load of his seed inside of her, it did not take long Mike & Joe found their rhythm and Holly was cumming yet again, Joe was pounding from the back, Hollys tits were flopping all over Mike, then Joe let out a huge grunt and came inside of Holly's ass, he got up and cum was pouring from her ass down Mikes balls, then Mike told Holly he was cumming, Holly beared down on his cock and they came together, Holly gave Mike a nice long kiss, rolled off of him, he pussy was leaking lots of cum, she then noticed the mix of Brian's, Joe's, Mike's & her juices that had fallen onto Mike's balls, she leaned over and licked up all of the juices she could, Brian came back gave her a Redbull & Vodka and a nice kiss.

Mike laid on the bed for a bit then got up and hopped in the shower, Holly just laid on the cum soaked bed, legs wide open, cum seeping from her holes, she commented on how she felt she had been fucked by a train and did not know how she could even do it, Brian said he needed to recoupe, Brian came out of the shower saying he was empty and who wanted to the shower next, both Holly & Joe called it, Joe said we can share, Holly agreed, she needed help to the shower from Joe & I and got in, Mike,Brian & I sat in the room having more to drink after a bit Holly and Joe emerged from the shower, Holly came out in just a towel, Joe said he took good care of her for us, Holly came over to me gave me a nice kiss and said Joe again fucked her in the shower. I was amazed at what my wife had done, and possibly become. We all decided to get dressed and go have some breakfast, it was about 830 in the morning and we were all pretty hungry prior to leaving Brian called and requested housekeeping clean up the room ASAP. Holly got dressed but needed some assistance walking to get breakfast. We all sat down appropriately at a booth with Holly in the middle of all of us, we just did some small talk nothing much while we had coffee and breakfast, everyone was tired and needed the break we got at breakfast. I spent most of the time with my right hand stroking Hollys leg, she was cuddled very tightly between Mike & I she would lean over from time to time and give me a big kiss, then lean over to Mike and give him a big kiss.

Mike went to pay the bill, Holly followed I sat at the table finishing coffee with Brian & Joe, both asked how I felt about my wife getting fucked by 3 strangers, I told them I was okay with it, it was a longtime fantasy and I am glad it came true, I am also glad I got it all on tape for our pleasures when we went home. After about 15 minutes passed we wondered what happened to Mike & Holly, we went up to the register and they had paid our bill the hostess said, she also said they were talking with some other people, so we all got on the elevator and went back up to the room, it was clean and empty, we sat around for a bit wondering where Holly & Mike were. Then opened the door it was Holly & Mike, they had gone over to the store and grabbed a few things, more alcohol and a few other things. Mike said they ran into Craig downstairs, they were all supposed to hang out later on, so Holly poured herself another cosmo, all the guys had screwdrivers, Mike pulled out some rolling papers and asked if anyone wanted to smoke some bud, I had not in a long time, Holly only in high school, but Mike rolled a couple of joints and we started passing them around, Holly right away was on dream street again, the weed must have made her horny, she went over to Brian and started making out with him, rubbing his cock through his shorts, then she got up walked over to me and kissed me deeply, walked over to Mike gave him a nice kiss, then went over to Joe and did the same, she then took her top & jeans off and pranced around the room in her pink bra & matching boyshort panties, I loved to see her in those kind of panties, they were so nice and tight and the bottom of her ass cheeks stuck out, Holly went over laid on the bed and asked if anyone wanted to eat her out, Joe was the first, he pulled her panties off to the side and went to town, her pussy was very red and swollen, Joe said he'd make her feel alright, I took the joint over to her she took another hit, I then pulled off my pants went over to her and placed my cock next to her face, she took her Q and started sucking on my cock, I had seen so much and only came in her once so far, then Mike went over to the other side of the bed released his cock from his pants and Holly turned and took his cock in her right hand and then started sucking on it, she went back and forth from my cock to his cock while Joe was going down on her, she had my cock in her mouth and she started to cum, I thought she was going to bite my cock off, she clamped down as she came, then here comes Brian feeling leftout he straddles Holly's chest pushed her 38c tits together and started tity fucking her, she was again at her peak both the object of everyone attention, and again being used by all of us, then a knock at the door, Joe got up to answer, put his underwear on thinking it was the maid, instead it was Craig, Chris & Jason all came in, all saw what was going on, Holly removed my cock from her mouth, I thought she was going to scream for them to get out, instead Holly says "Hi Guys, Welcome to the party!" She smiled and wagged her finger for Craig to come over, he kneeled down and she gave him a back wet kiss, I asked what was this, Holly replied when her and Mike went to pay the bill on the way over to the store they had run into Craig, Mike introduced them, then Mike invited them up, I thought okay, wow. Then we kinda all got up off of the bed and Holly asked the 3 to get naked she wanted to see them, Craig was 38 6' 7" Cut, Chris was 48 6'5 6 1/2" Cut, Jason was 39 Black and 10+" cut,Holly's eyes lit up to the sight of Jason's cock, he asked if she had ever been with a black man before, I thought her answer would be no, she replied yes, I could'nt believe it, she then asks how were're gunna do this with so many men, then decided we would play for her, this time war, she was dealer, she dealt cards if you won you got her then, person who won most got to be where he wanted, if she beat you then you're out to wait.

Holly shuffles and deals Me-4,Mike-2,Joe-6,Jason-3,Craig-9,Chris Ace, Holly-7 Chris & Craig win, 2 new guys. They walk to up Holly right away each start rubbing her tits, Chris removes Holly's panties and gives her a onceover, he tells Craig he can have her pussy he wants her lucious bubble butt, Craig then lays on the bed, Holly climbs across his naked body gives him a nice wet kiss, then moves her way down to his cock and began to lick and suck it, Chris without hesitation removes Holly's panties and starts licking her pussy and ass from behind, then he started working his fingers into her ass, he tells her what a nice ass she has and how he can't wait to fuck it she has her hand cupping Craigs balls licking them all over and she asks Chris what he's waiting for, he comes up behind Holly and puts his lubed cock against her ass pushing it in slowly, she lets out a good moan, then goes back to worshiping Craig's cock and balls, she says what big balls you have, he replied that he was going to empty those balls inside of her pussy, then she started cumming again Chris is slamming her ass, his balls slamming against her pussy, his cock thrusting deep, deep inside of her, then she colapsed Chris pulled himself out, he and Craig moved Holly onto Craig's cock, then she begins to ride, she is trying to talk but cannot even make out a complete sentence, Chris is back behind her and slides his cock in, it takes about 5 minutes but Craig & Chris get their rhythm, both are fucking Holly in amazement, neither had ever DPed a girl before, much less such a hot and sexxy younger girl then Holly lets out the biggest oragasm I had ever heard her let go of, she clinched up and then Craig & Chris nearly the same time came inside of my wifes holes. Chris got up off of the bed, Holly rolled off of Craig onto her back, Holly was panting from exhaustion Craig then took his 1/2 hard cock and put it in Holly's mouth and told her to suck it clean and dry which she did.

Right away myself, Jason, Joe & Mike were all ready for Holly, she said she was exhausted and needed a break, at the same time me a & Mike said no breaks! She said fine, and asked for the cards, she would deal from her back. Chris & Craig were out this round, I got - 4, Mike - 3, Jason - 6, Joe - King, Holly did not look at her card she held it up, it was a .... 2 we all cheered, she looked at her card and said "Fuck" right away Joe laid on top of Holly and asked how she felt, she said tired and sore, he offered her another drink, she asked for 2, she downed them and before she could say a word Joe was next to her asking her to sit on his cock he wanted another piece of her ass, she lowered herself onto his cock, he slid in pretty easily, she said it was sore, Jason was 2nd he said he wanted to put his big black cock into that pussy, Mike and I took our places on the side of the bed where we would get handjobs till our turn.. right away Joe was laying there, his cock was tired and had worked Holly alot that night, she was moaning softly as Jason slid his huge black cock inside of Holly, as he got deeper she let out more of a moan, louder and louder until finally he thrust as hard as he could, OOOOOOOWWW! Holly screamed I covered her mouth to not get any of the neighbors wondering what was going on, again he trust, telling Holly there was nothing more he loved then to fuck white pussy, especially married white pussy, he was full on top of her pressing her body down onto Joe's cock with every thrust of his cock inside of her, Holly then again came, this lasted for a goor 5 minutes of her in extasy Her left hand on Mikes Cock, Right hand on mine, Joe inside of her ass, Jason and his 10"+ black cock inside of her pussy and his hand on her mouth forcing his fingers in her mouth to suck on, this pounding went on for about 10 minutes before Joe blew his load inside of Holly's ass, I looked at the clock it was 12:32, Jason had been slamming her pussy for 10 or so minutes, he just kept going and going Holly w as at the point of no return, she still had a 1/2 hard dick in her ass and a man on top of her with a giant cock and huge stamina, he was covered in sweat, Holly below him was covered in both his sweat and hers, Jason slowed a bit leaned down kissed Holly and told her how good of a fuck she was, then back to hard thrusts in and out of Holly's pussy, then Mike said he was cumming from his handjob from Holly he squirted what cum he had left onto her nice round tits, mixed with her sweat & Jason's sweat the cum mixed and ran down her boddy to her bellybutton, Mike scooped some cum with his fingers and fed it to Holly she sucked every bit off, so he repeated, then Jason says I am gunna cum, he released a nice fat load into her pussy, she was groaning and grunting as it went long and deep inside of her pussy, Jason got off of her, Holly's pussy was spread very wide, very red, and very swollen, with gobs of white cum dripping out, Joe still underneath rolled Holly off of him, he announced he too had cum again inside of her ass, as she lay on her belly exhausted I look at the clock, its 1:07 my wife was getting pounted by giant black meat for at least 40 minutes, I asked how she was, she mumbed incoherantly, I still had not gotten my turn, so I lay across her back and slide my cock into her ass, I fucked her for about 10 minutes and blow my load inside of her. At this point she just lay there, I rolled her onto her back she was smiling from ear to ear, she did not say anything, but the boys wanted more, Mike laid down next to Holly started kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear saying he wanted her longer, he kissed her on the mouth and said that he wanted to see her fuck Jason,Craig & Chris again, Craig came over, laid down Chris & Mike helped Holly onto his hard cock, she began riding him as much as she could with her lack of energy she was given another Redbull she downed it, then Chris lubed himself up and slid in Holly's ass and started grinding her down harder onto Craig's cock, they both slowly fucke d her for a good 20 minutes Holly had at least 2 more orgasims if not 3 in that time, Chris then pulled out of her ass and then Jason took his spot, his huge black cock took some work to get in, I could hear Holly moaning in extasy and a little pain, Chris made his way to the front of the bed and put his cock into Holly's mouth and started fucking her face, it was not long before Craig blew his load inside of Holly's pussy, then Chris started fucking Holly's face harder and blew his load, she kept most of it in her mouth, some dripped down her chin onto her tits, Jason then stopped, Chris & Craig got up from the bed, Craig took his finger and scooped up the cum that had dripped from Holly's mouth and put it back in, she smiled and thanked him, Jason then put Holly on her back again, put her legs over his shoulders and started driving his 10" cock into her pussy as hard as he could, 1, 2, 3, 4, thrusts Holly was screaming in both aggoney and extasy, her entire body was shaking I've never seen her like this, then 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, thrusts more of the same, she is screaming oh my god! oh my god! 12, 13, 14, 15th thrust she is screaming & mubling at the same time, we could not understand her, 6 of us watching Holly's pussy be ravaged by a 10 or 11 inch black cock Mike walked up stroking his cock and shot a load onto Holly's beautiful face, she opened her mouth and caught some, Mike scooped up the rest and put it on her tounge, then thrusts 16, 17, 18, 19, Holly's body again began to shake all over, Jason grunted and emptied his load inside of Holly's pussy for the 2nd time. He pulled his cock out, sat on her chest and put his cock into her mouth, and said taste my black cum with your white juice that nobdy else has made you feel before.

All of us were standing around stroking our hard cocks, Holly was out, laying wide eyed with a huge smile on her face, but Myself, Craig, Brian, Chris & Joe had loads ready, on suggestion from Chris we all stroked till we came into a big plastic drink glass from one of the local bars sitting on the table, Chris came a good sized load, I came a huge load, Brian had a good load for as much as he had cum, Joe had a big load he was a cum machine, Craig had a good thick load, Mike was out, Jason came over and shot another gigantic load, there was a good 10 ounces of cum in this thing, Mike went over to Holly still laid out on the bed with a cum dreched pussy and ass gave her a big kiss, a big thank you, and invited her back anytime while they were still in town, Joe gave Holly a kiss and told her the same and that she was the best partygirl he's ever met, Brian leaned in gave Holly a nice hug a huge wet kissed, said he wanted her to be his and thank you, Craig gave her a kiss goodbye, Chris gave her a big kiss, told her how hot she was, that her husband was such a lucky guy, she mumbed something back to him, he then asked if she wanted a big finale, she looked puzzled but nodded, I brought over the glass with about 10 ounces of cum and told her drink up, she opened her mouth and I dumped it slowly so she did not miss any, she then took the glass from my hand and licked it clean. The boys all got dressed as they were going down to the river for a swim, they told us hang out as long as we liked so Holly could rest up and they would not be back for hours. Mike left me his # and told me they'd be in town till Sunday and to call them and we'd do dinner one night.

Holly just laid there in extasy, smiling, grinning at what she had done and the compliments the guys had given her, she was the center of everyones attention and did not want it any other way. I moved her to the other bed and her and I took a few hours nap, we woke up and decided to go back to our hotel, Holly put her shirt & bra back on, left her panties on the floor and put her pants and shoes on, we got a water taxi and went back to our hotel where Holly showered, cleaned up and took another nap.

We talked about it later that night, all that had happened, 2 days later on Thursday we called Mike. Another story.

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