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Rekindling the Spark, with the wife’s help…

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My husband Dave and I have been married for almost 30-years, raised our children, and had a wonderful life. After all these years, and now being in our 50’s, our sex life was still active, but not as often and pretty much routine and very predictable. We have taken each other for granted, and not put in the effort that we should have.

My birthday was coming up and Dave wanted to do something special for me. He took me to a super nice upscale restaurant to celebrate. We ordered a bottle of wine to go along with our dinner, and decided to make an evening of it. The piano was playing in the background and we were enjoying being with each other in this relaxed atmosphere, talking about a wide range of subjects, doing some people watching, and nurturing our great bottle of wine. 

At some point in the evening, the topic of sex came about, and we both opened up to each other, about how great it once was, and how routine it has become. After some discussion, I suggested to Dave that we do something about it, and bring back the spice that we once had. He agreed, and gave me a kiss to seal the deal. He said that he will try to be more spontaneous and more creative, and said he’s also  looking forward to my ideas the I come up with.

I asked him how far he wanted me to go with this and if he had any limits. Dave’s eyes lit up, and had a big smile on his face, what are you thinking Rose, I know I have no limits, none that I can think of? I promised to look in to it, and will come up with ways that will change our sex life for the better, for good. A big question mark was on Dave’s face, but he told me that I had the green light and he was looking forward to it. 

A few weeks passed, and I was well in to my research. Our sex life already improved 100%, just from talking about the various topics I was reading about, and the research I was in to. The swinger lifestyle was just one topic I looked in to. Sex clubs, Craig’s list ads, various retreats that are intended to reinvigorate a couple’s sex life, straight sex, bi sex, lesbian sex, and gay sex, S&M, bondage, and you name it, I research it. Dave was totally on board, and supportive with what ever direction I was going to take with this.

We now started having sex ever day, at least once, sometimes more often, and each time we had a new topic that we discussed, and new twists we added to our lovemaking sessions. 

One of the topics I read about, was how sensitive men’s prostates are and of course we discussed the topic. After we’ve taken a long hot shower one afternoon, I went to work on Dave. With lots of foreplay and a large jar of lube, I made Dave comfortable and relaxed. First I slipped in just one finger, then two, and after I had him moaning and squirming, I slipped in a third. I was milking his rock hard cock, while fucking his ass with all three fingers. I leaned over him, cupped the head of his cock with my lips, and sucked him with deep long strokes, while continuing to pound his ass with my fingers. Dave was moaning and arching his back, while his cock started hardening and stiffening in my mouth. I heard him say, honey, I cant take it much longer. I had my mouth full of cock, and all I could mumble was “ahmm” , when I felt his first squirt hit the back of my throat. Dave arched his back, while I locked my lips tight around his rock hard cock. I felt his hot seed start filling my mouth, squirt after squirt, till it was trickling out the corner of my mouth. He had not cum this much in years, and it felt so nice. I milked out every drop, then slid up and locked lips with him and we kissed till we digested every drop of his hot semen. A first for us, but we both enjoyed it so much, that we now do it almost every time we fuck.

Since we enjoyed this session so much, I just had to go out and buy some toys; a nice long strap-on was one of them. I surprised Dave one night while we were making love, and I told him not to cum, not just yet and not while he was in me. When he was just about to pop his load, I stopped him and I went and got the brand new strap-on that I just bought. Dave went wild when I stepped out of the bathroom, sporting the nice long dildo strap-on. Honey you look so hot, so sexy, he said. I had him lay on his back, adding a little lube, and then went to town fucking him like he’s never been fucked before. It didn’t take long, for him to pop his load all over my tits and his stomach. I lowered my lips, liked his hot sperm off his stomach and dangled my semen covered tits in front of him. He cleaned them clean and of course we locked lips in to a tight kiss, as always.

Dave was in heaven, we both were in heaven, and never enjoyed sex more since we’ve been first married. Our relationship grew stronger and much closer, inside and outside of the bedroom, and we never loved each other more. 

Dave now relaxed and satisfied, said, honey, these past weeks have been wonderful, our sex life has never been better, you’ve done so much for me, but I need to do something for you now,  my turn. I had no idea what plans he had, and just smiled, and said whatever you think, I’m sure I will enjoy it.

The weekend was approaching, and Dave said that he made dinner plans for us, and for us to spend the night at a nearby Four-Star hotel to celebrate our new found sex life, and a new begging for us both. I was thrilled, and couldn't wait. Saturday came, we went and checked in to our hotel. We showered, dressed, of course I had a brand new super sexy outfit on that I bought for this occasion, with new stiletto red sexy shoes. Dave was blown away, and couldn't keep his hands off of me. 

We went downstairs, had a cocktail at the bar before dinner, then had an exquisite six-course meal, with a bottle of champagne to go with it. Wow, a delightful evening, I said, thank you for arranging this. Hold off honey, the evening is still young, there is more to come and he extended a toast. Here is to “more to come” raising my champagne glass.

We skipped desert, but Dave suggested we have another drink at the bar before we went upstairs. Sure, I was up for it. We sat down, ordered our drinks, and made small talk with he bartender. No one else was sitting at the bar, but the dining area was full. Our drinks arrived and Dave extended a toast “here is to us, here is to the most beautiful, sexiest woman that I know” I was floating, and not just from the drinks. I was content and loved where we were at in our relationship, and couldn't be happier. 

Just then a handsome young man came in and sat at the bar across from us. He was strikingly handsome, built, but so young; I’m sure he was still in his 20’s. Our eyes met, and we briefly smiled at each other, as he sat down. He ordered a drink, but I noticed he kept staring at me. I mentioned it to Dave, and he said, can you blame him? You are the most gorgeous woman in the entire hotel. I didn’t think much more of it and excused myself to the ladies room. Shortly after I returned and sat down, the young man grabbed his drink, got up and came in our direction. I looked at Dave, when he said, oh, this is Tom, Tom this is my wife Rose. We said hello, shook hands, when he kissed the back of my hand, delighted to meet you, he said. I was at a loss for words, how did Dave know this young man. Dave saw my puzzled expression, and said, It’s my turn honey, Dave, with your approval, will join us this evening upstairs. I did a double take, but quickly figured it out. Wow, some desert honey, I told Dave. We chatted a bit, got to know each other, and I couldn't wait to head upstairs. I took the lead, are you boys ready? Dave settled the bar tab, and off we went. In the elevator, Tom embraced me, kissed me on my neck and gave me goosebumps all over. Dave was loving it too.

We entered our room and I went to freshen up, knowing what will come next. When I came back in to the room, Tom was already stripped down to his briefs, revealing his marvelous body and incredible young muscles. I was down to my bra and panties also, and quickly moved closer to Dave and Tom. They both started caressing me, and pressing their bodies against me. I felt Tom’s growing cock, right through his briefs. Dave stepped back, giving Tom and me room to engage and kiss. Tom’s hands explored every inch of my body, with gentle licks on the back of my neck, down my back, over my butt cheeks, and down my legs.  He worked his way back up, cupped my breasts, and we locked lips. I was so turned on, once again, I  had goos bumps all over. He gently laid me on the bed, working his way down my breasts, liking them for ever, before moving down my stomach down to my wet pussy. He was so gentle, and so sexy. He licked my pussy till I was a river of juices. His hard body felt so good pressing against me. Dave was in wonderland and was watching us and sporting a hard-on of his own. 

I reached down to Tom and pulled him up by his broad shoulders, and said, its time. He knew exactly what I meant, and didn't need any further encouragement. He slid up his body, and I soon felt his hard rock cock grow in between my legs. He was so hard, and so big. He gently eased the head of his cock in to my wet, awaiting pussy, and I let out a sigh as I felt him enter me. Yes, please fuck me, fuck me hard I said. Tom slipped in, and kept on pressing his manhood deep inside of me. In no time I started cuming, cuming all over this young man’s cock, multiple times. He started pumping harder and faster, and I could feel his rod growing harder and tensing up inside of me. Yes, cum, cum inside of me, cum hard, and in seconds he exploded. I could feel this young buck’s sperm spirt; spirt, after spirt, I could feel his rod pulse inside of me. It felt like would never end, but he soon pulled his now softening cock out, and I could feel his hot juices drain down my thighs and butt. He rolled on his back, spent, but very satisfied.

I glanced over to Dave and saw that he was now also stripped naked and stroking his cock, overjoyed with what he just saw. I waved him over, and told him to get busy. He knew just what to do. Dave dove down between my legs, his tongue slipping inside of my wet overflowing pussy, licking my protruding wet clit and licking up every drop of my and this young buck’s commingled cum. Dave was having the time of his life and so was I. Tom was not idle for long. Watching Dave and I go at it made him rock hard again. I guess being in his 20’s, he could reload at will. I rolled over to my side, with my back towards him and with Dave still buried in between my legs, doing his job. Tom spooned me from the rear, and I could soon feel his tool sliding inside of me once again. Dave’s tongue was also still inside of me, and my next fantasy, a fantasy that I only dreamed about, was about to come true. 

Tom was back deep inside of my wet dripping pussy, pounding me hard, when I reached down, pushing down Dave’s head. There was no escape, Dave could not avoid Tom’s cock while he was eating me at the same time. After hesitating somewhat, it seems that he surrendered. He took long licks, licking Tom’s shaft and my clit on the upstroke. The thought of it, was making me cum all over again. Tom started stiffening up, his cock growing inside of me once again, and I knew what was to follow. Tom rammed his rod deeper than ever, and held it there. A second later I could feel him unload his hot sperm, stream after stream. It was oozing out of my pussy on to Dave’s awaiting tongue. He didn't miss a drop. Tom started going soft and slowly eased out, and in to Dave’s hungry mouth. Yes, he did it, just what I was hoping for!!

We all cleaned up, showered, and the three of us went down to the bar for a drink. Not much conversation, we were all just too relaxed, and preoccupied reflecting on what just happened. I leaned over to Dave, gave him a big hug and kiss and said, “thank you dear, thank you for the most wonderful evening ever!!”  With a big grin on his face, he said “don’t mention it dear, I wonder if we can ever top this…” I said that it will be difficult, but I’m sure that we will …  

We are now more open than ever when it comes to sex. Open to exploring our mutual desires and our individual fantasies, with each other’s total support. We’re in a good place now, and our sex life has changed for the better, for ever! 

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