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Our second 3some with our best friend

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Tags#3some, #HotWife, #Swinger, #swinging, #wifesharing, Threesome It had been several months since we first had our first ever threesome and it was with our close friend. My wife and I had replayed that night over and over again during sex. Although she loved that night and did want to do it again, she didn’t want it to be an expected thing from me or from our friend. So it didn’t happen again for a while, although there were many times when out together or at parties the flirting was in high gear. I always told her it was up to her when and if she wanted to have a repeat.

Well she finally did so I had her start texting him and slowly during text messages flirt and turn it sexual. It was very hot seeing her text with him and get very sexual. They both were sexting back and forth for a few days telling each other what they wanted to do to each other. The buildup was incredibly hot and arousing for all of us. During this process I would speak to my friend but never discussed the sexting he was having with my wife. I wanted to leave the doubt if I knew or not. In the past we had discussed many times the infamous night to great detail and shared with each other how much we enjoyed it. I had told him I couldn’t wait for it to happen again but it was up to my wife when and where. He had also said he would love to fuck my wife again and how hot she was and how hot it had been to be fucking my wife in front of me and together. He also told me that he would love to do the same when he got married and return the favor.

Eventually we agreed to spend 4th of July together and they had agreed that night would be the night. She had told him not to wear and underwear and he asked the same of her. They both had requested shaved body parts so it was fun shaving her for her hot night of sex. The day came and we went out to his area which was about 30 mins away from us. We went to see the fireworks and afterwards it was agreed we would spend the night at his house so we wouldn’t have to drink and drive. After drinking for a few hours and heavy flirting and touching I took my wife and kissed her and started rubbing her tits and pussy. She was on fire! I could feel the heat through her shorts. After I worked her up completely I turned her around and nudged her over to our friend. She was flushed, breathing heavy and very hot. She went over to him and they started kissing. They kissed and groped each other for several mins until we decided to head to his bedroom.

Once in the bedroom the clothes started coming off with him striping her completely, loving that she didn’t have any panties on as he had asked and sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy the entire time. She did something I had asked her to do which was to drop to her knees and undo his pants. She opened his pants to find his cock already hard and no underwear as she pulled them down all in one stroke. She then started to lick his cock from the base to the head, never putting it in her mouth. She then licked his balls and stroked is cock while again licking the shaft and sucking on it without putting the head into her mouth. When he started to leak pre cum, she did something that was so hot, she milked his cock ‘til a big drop of pre cum was sitting at the top of his head. She then licked it off and tasted it, then she swallowed his cock whole. We both almost came when she did that and I was just watching. He told her after a few mins that he was going to cum if she kept it up. It had been something I really wanted to see and had asked her to let him cum in her mouth so she just continued jerking him off with just the head of his cock in her mouth. Knowing my wife had developed a love for cock I knew too well and there was no way he could last. After a minute he started to cum in her mouth with a fury. His face was red, his muscles flexing, his balls pulled up as far as they could go and clenching his ass while shooting his cum in her mouth. He held her head and she just kept on sucking his cock. When he calmed down she opened her mouth to me to show me his cum, then she swallowed and put his cock back in her mouth.

She kept sucking his cock for several mins, I almost thought he was going to cum again but his cock finally did go flaccid. Once she knew he was dry, she pulled it out and his cock was clean as a whistle. She was so proud and so was I actually that my wife was that hot and that fucking good. Then our friend pulled her up and laid her on his bed. He told her how fucking amazing she was and that was the best blowjob he has ever had in his entire life (to this day he still claims she is the best woman he has been with in bed). They kissed for a bit and then he started going down on her, starting with her tits and sucking on her nipples. They were so hard and tight is was amazing to see. She gestured me over just as our friend started to eat her pussy. He was licking her entire pussy from her ass to her clit. She was going crazy with arousal. She pulled me into her mouth and I was soon enjoying one of her awesome blowjobs. Our friend continued sucking her and fingering her G-spot until she came furiously and pulled his face, head into her and held him there ‘til she was done. Even while she was orgasming she never let go of my cock and continued sucking even harder. I knew it was a long night so I just let her enjoy having me cum in her mouth too. After a few more secs of her sucking me and her orgasm was passing I let loose and filled her mouth with my juice which she took without missing a beat. That actually turned her on even more, having two men cum in her mouth in the same night several mins apart while she was having an orgasm of her own that it triggered another orgasm. Wow!

At that point our friend was hard again and moved up to my wife, she took his cock and made sure he was fully erect before telling him to fuck her. We were all on his king sized bed when she pulled him up towards her and they began kissing very passionately. She was so wet he slipped right in without any effort at all. And just like that he was buried balls deep into my wife once again but only this time there was zero apprehension on anyone’s part and it was all in for the 3 of us. He kept going in and out of her slowly at first making sure his cock was almost all the way out and then would push it all the way in. She was so wet the noises coming from her pussy were incredible. After a few mins she started on her third orgasm of the night, I was kissing her and sucking on her nipples which really built her up to a big one. She then yelled at him to fuck her faster as she was cumming. He didn’t need his arm twistted and really started going fast in and out of her. The sight of his cock coming and going from her pussy was awesome, a sight that is so intoxicating and arousing few words can describe. All of a sudden she grabbed his ass and pulled him into her as she ground her pussy onto his cock and came violently. Moaning “yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop” and he continued ‘til she was done with her (forth) orgasm. They lay together kissing and him still inside of her, slowing moving again, there was no doubt in my mind now that they really felt something more than lust for each other. It was so hot watching my beautiful make love to another man, my best friend, our best friend and feeling no jealousy at all. How they kissed each other, touched each other and fucked each other was out of a movie. Their movements started getting quicker and harder and then she did what to this day gets me hard as a rock, she told him she was about to cum again but wanted him to cum with her and inside of her. She said, “I’m cumming, cum with me and in me, I want to feel your cock fill me and I want to feel your cum”. That pushed him over the edge and she along with him. They were frantic and animal like, just pounding away with a sense of urgency like it was now or never. They both exploded together and he came in my wife once again and she had a 5th orgasm and gushed all over his cock.

I was in bed next to them and it was amazing to watch and participate to some extent but mostly watch. When he dismounted her she reached down and took him into her mouth and cleaned him up entirely not leaving a trace of their combined juices. He was spent for the time being, I was hard as a rock and she was somewhere in between. She reached over and stroked my cock while we all talked a bit about how hot that was and we shouldn’t have waited so much to do it again. I was rubbing her pussy and clit while we were talking and she was getting hot again, although I don’t think she ever cooled down just needed a break. She turned to me and kissed me and said please fuck me, I really need you inside of me right now and with that she pushed me on my back and got on top of me riding me with new found passion and energy. She was going crazy and came very quickly, as I had already cum I usually take a long time for my second cum so I continued to fuck her nice and slow like she likes it after an orgasm. We then changed positions and I took her doggie style pushing her towards my friend on purpose. She not being so innocent at this stage got the message fast and inched closer to his cock. She took him in her mouth while I fucked from behind. I was very aroused, watching my wife blow my best friend, having him cum in her mouth, she swallowing his cum, then mine while he ate her out. The entire evening had me going crazy at this point and when she started cumming again I couldn’t hold back and flooded her pussy with my cum. She was spent, I was too for the time being and he was getting hard again…..she laughed and said she needed a break or would be dead from so much cock. She was also full and leaking both of our cum. It was very hot. She did clean me up and made sure my cock was completely dry of cum.

We took a break and had another drink, a cigarette and chilled for a bit. We took turns kissing my wife and playing with her tits, ass and pussy. She took turns stroking us but not enough to get us going yet but it was fun just being naked and so close. Seeing my best friend naked, well it happened the first time but this time we were just hanging out and his cock was out in the open as was mine and my naked wife playing with our cocks was amazing and intoxicating. It was so surreal that after the crazy sex we had just had we could just be so normal again. That’s when I realized that she did like this and she felt very comfortable with him, me, us that she also had a crush if not more for my friend. I brought up how natural this was and how cool and comfortable we all were. I also did thank him for always respecting her after the first time and never stepping over the line. I suggested we should keep this going as long as we all want but with no expectations other than when my wife requests it. If he would be willing to play with us moving forward when she / us decided to invite him to join us. The answer was one I knew already which was of course!! She said she didn’t want to make it a habit but a few times a year, maybe once a quarter would be fun, of course if he ever was desperate to let her know, she preferred to take care of him instead of him risking his and our health with some stranger. We all got a laugh out of that. He then said that after tonight he would be super horny for a while and might need a few times a week til he was able to calm down. She looked at him, then at me, then back to him and said she would be too after tonight so no problem at all and we should all enjoy it and get it out of our system to something manageable as she had suggested. She then looked at me and said, “so you’re ok if I use our friend sexually anytime I want huh?” I laughed and said, “I told you that you can”. She kissed me and then said she would only do it together and as a threesome, never alone and wanted to make sure he understood that as well. That this was fun but an addition to us and not about an affair. He agreed and said it would be hard but would do his best not to develop feeling for her. She told him it would be hard for her too since he was the only man to have other than me, her husband. They kissed and she stroked his cock til it got hard again, then she dropped to her knees and started blowing him.

She was so aroused to know she could now fuck him whenever, wherever for however long she wanted to and didn’t have to end it anytime for the foreseeable future that her pussy juice was running down her leg, well it was a combination of her juice with our cum. She got up and took him by his cock and walked him back into his bedroom. She turned and said, “Are you cuming?” We went back to his bedroom and we all got on the bed. We took turns kissing her, playing with her nipples and going down on her. She took both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time while rubbing them together, it was hot to look at but kind of weird at first feeling our cocks rub. I went down on her as she sucked his cock, licking the shaft and sucking the head. She took his balls into her mouth and licked them up good. She came one more time from me eating her pussy. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her because she needed a cock in her asap. I get her every night, so I told him to give her cock, tonight was all about my wife and her pleasure. She doesn’t get to fuck someone new everyday so she deserved to enjoy it completely. He buried his cock in her in one stroke and started fucking her nice and slow. I went over and kissed my wife and played with her tits while she was being fucked by our friend. It was amazing, we both watched as our friend was fucking her and we were kissing and making love, only it was his cock in her and not mine. Truly mind boggling. We both looked at his cock as it went in and out of her pussy and then he came again flooding her completely, she was close but still needed more to get there so were traded places and I pounded her like there was no tomorrow, she cleaned him up again while we were fucking. And as we started to cum together she locked into a very deep kiss and I could taste the both of them. The taste and smell was insane and caused my orgasm to be that much stronger. The feeling of her fresh fucked pussy filled with cum, his cum was also a wild and crazy feeling but a great one.

We crashed out on his bed and fell asleep. We woke each other up during the night, I was fucking her or he was fucking her, but she got fucked all night, she says she lost count of how many times she came after 10 orgasms that night. In the morning she was a mess, all fucked out as we were. We all had cum everywhere, literally everywhere, all over our bodies but especially her. It was in her hair, face, tits, pussy, ass and legs. It was past noon so we went to the kitchen and my wife made us all breakfast. We discussed last night again and we all still agreed on the terms and were very happy with our agreement, he thanked me profusely for sharing my wife with him. I told him we had to leave soon but if he wanted her again, he better hurry up and take her into the shower and kill two birds with one stone. It was funny, they both looked at me and she took his hand and off they went. He later confided in me and told me he had been taking Cialis for three days before before last night which is how he could be hard and stayed hard so often. I gave them space and time, they played in the shower and then they fucked one more time on his bed, all wet, never dried just went from the shower to bed and fuck each other ‘til they came together. I noticed then that they were falling in love with each other. The way they kissed, stroked and moaned into each other was no longer fucking but making love. They whispered into each other while fucking and came together while in a deep passionate kiss. They were done, exhausted, completely fucked out. She was going to jump back into the shower and I told her not to, that I wanted her full of his cum all day. She complied and while I got into the shower our friend did something my wife has always asked me to do but I never did which was to eat her creampie. Well I came out of the shower and he was cleaning her out. She had one final orgasm and we got dressed and left to go home. On the ride home she thanked me again and said she would never take advantage of the situation and that him eating his, our cum out of her was the hottest thing ever. She also said she wanted me to do it next time and she also wanted to try a a DP and DVP. Later that week we fucked again and that weekend she was fucked more times than anyone should be allowed. We were all naked the entire weekend, never put on a single article of clothes and just fucked whenever we felt the need. Believe it or not, she was the instigator the majority of the times. If he was spent, she would come to me and blow me til I was hard. Then we would fuck. When I was spent she went to him. That weekend she became a complete slut, nothing was off limits and it was all about her seeking maximum pleasure and unlimited orgasms.

Our relationship with him continued for many years and he is the only man to take her bareback and cum in her. He also took her ass which she really enjoyed. To this day although he's now married we all still get together a few times a year to play. When we moved cities she had her only alone private time with him which was something I knew they had wanted but she was afraid to do. She enjoyed herself and said she preferred to play as a 3some. It's always been about us as a couple and continues to be that way.

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