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Our Road Trip Saga Chp 4 First Time With a Couple

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We woke late the next morning. I got in the shower and Jan followed a few minutes later. As she entered the shower I glanced in the mirror and saw her ass. It was red and a little bruised. I’m guessing the guys grabbed her pretty rough because I never saw them smacking her. I went out and dressed then packed my bag. I heard the shower stop so I walked back to the bathroom and stuck my head in.

“How you doing sweetie?”

Jan looked over at me, then turned. Her pussy was bright red. “I think I’ll need a day or two to recuperate.”

“Yeah, things escalated quickly didn’t they.”

Jan smirked. “Yeah they did. They were nice guys though. You thought so, right?”

I smiled. “Yeah, they seemed to really like you. I got nervous a couple times. When Brent was holding your head and you were gagging, I thought I might have to say something.”

“It was scary at first, but knowing it was turning him on made me want to try more.”

“When Danny fucked your ass, I thought you might pass out. Did it feel good?”

“At first, the pain was bad. When they paused and let me adjust, I mostly just felt full. A warmth within me that was never there before. Having the 2 cocks so close together made me feel like they controlled me from the inside. The crazy thing is that I didn’t last long. I felt like I came pretty quickly.”

I leaned in and kissed her.

I’m all packed and ready when you are.

Our trip from North Platte to Boulder was only a little over 4 hours. I drove the whole way and got to the hotel a little after 2 o’clock. We got our room keys, dropped off our bags, and headed out to see the sights.

We hit the University, a brewery, and then a pub for dinner. We talked about heading to Estes Park tomorrow and getting in some hiking in the national park.

Heading back to the hotel, we turned in early. Jan was still very sore and tired. She fell asleep in no time.

I laid awake for a bit and remembered the pics on my phone. I scrolled through them and stopped on the video. First was Jan impaling herself on Brent cock. She looked so hot. The video really showed how much cock she took. Then the video switched to Danny eating her ass. The look on Jan’s face was one of ecstasy. I rubbed my cock and came within a minute. I wiped myself off and drifted to sleep.

We were up early and hit the road. We planned on entering the park early then checking in to our cabin later.

Most of the day was spent looking at some of the greatest scenery I’ve ever seen. We saw caribou, some mule deer, and maybe a moose from a long distance. Tough to tell. We were hoping to see some mountain goats, but they never materialized.

Around 3 o’clock we started back towards Estes Park. We turned in to a parking lot and found the cabins. After checking in we drove down a gravel road and found ours. The place was up off the ground with a nice deck that looked down on a stream. We dropped off our gear, grabbed a quick shower, and went back into town for dinner.

We found a small restaurant that Jan had read about and went in. The hostess said there was about a 2 hour wait. We looked at each other and Jan said, “We’re here. Let’s get drinks and wait at the bar.”

We slid through the crowd and found 1 seat in the middle of the bar. Jan sat and I stood behind her. Ordering drinks, I leaned in close so we could talk. We discussed our hike earlier in the day and made plans for tomorrow. While I was talking an older couple sitting next to us interrupted and explained that we should leave much earlier.

“Parking is tough to find unless you get there early.”

I said thanks then introduced myself and Jan.

Jim and Beth explained that they moved out here to retire and enjoy the park. They were regulars at this restaurant and confirmed that the food was good.

“Usually a big wait during tourist season though.”

Not long after, their table was ready and they left. I slid into their seat and faced Jan. We just started talking and Jim tapped my shoulder.

“They sat us at a table for four. Would you like to join us?”

I looked at Jan and raised my eyebrow.

Jan smiled and said, “We’d love to.”

We sat down and thanked them again.u

Jan said, “We were prepared to wait 2 hours so this is great. Thanks so much.”

They ordered a bottle of wine for the table and told us about the house specialties. We ordered and enjoyed a nice conversation.

They were a bit older than us and had been retired for a while. Beth said they owned a house a bit out of town. Their kids came to visit a couple times a year but otherwise they led a quiet life.

We ate dinner and finished off second bottle of wine. Sitting back, Jan complained about how sore her feet were. I was physically tired also and leaned back to stretch my back.

Jim said, “You guys need a soak in a jacuzzi.”

I smiled and said, “Oh yeah. That would be nice.”

“Well, we have one up at the house. Follow us after dinner and we’ll take a quick soak.”

“Tom and I don’t have our suits and it’s getting kind of late.”

Beth chimed in, “Don’t be silly, we have plenty. We can lend you some. I won’t take no for an answer.”

We looked at each other and smiled, “We’d be glad to.”

We followed their Range Rover out of town about 2 miles, then turned up a pretty steep drive. It wound around until it stopped at a large house overlooking a wooded valley.

“Whoa, look at this Tom. It’s beautiful.”

Climbing out we walked up the front steps. They had parked in their garage and walked around to let us in. We entered and they gave us a quick tour. Beth left for a moment and came back with a couple suits.

“Here Tom this ones for you and this one is for Jan. You can use the bathroom in the back. Right through that hallway.”

Jan and I walked in and I laid down the suits. We got undressed and I picked up my suit.

“Seems a little big.”

Jan said, “Looks fine.”

As she picked up hers I heard, “Tom, we have a problem here.”

I looked over and saw it was a pretty skimpy two piece. Jan held it up and it did seem small.

“Beth’s tiny. I’ll never fit in this.”

“Try it on and let's see.”

Jan let out a sigh and slid on the bottoms. I watched intently as she slide it up to her still red pussy. She adjusted it on the sides then turned around.

"It’s almost like wearing a thong, I feel half naked.”

“Why don’t you try the top on and you can put your shirt on over the suit.”

Jan pulled off her blouse and undid her bra. Fastening the top, she turned it and pulled it up over her breasts. It barely covered her nipples and the material was stretched to the limit.

“No way. I can’t go out here like this. Please ask for a new one. Maybe a one piece.”

I looked her over and said, “Try on the shirt.”

Jan looked annoyed and slid on the blouse. Buttoning a few, It covered her pretty well.

I said, “Looks good to me babe. You can slide in the tub quickly. I think it should be ok.”

“You’re lying. You know this is way too small. You just want to see me wear it.”

Smiling at her, I nodded my head yes.

We walked back out to the kitchen and found Beth and Jim waiting for us. Beth looking ravishing in a black bikini and her hair pulled back.

“Everything fit?”

I spoke first, “Mine is a little big but Jan’s suit is fine.

Jan looked at me and shook her head.

Heading out back, we found a large stone jacuzzi with a beautiful grotto and waterfall. The view was gorgeous. I walked in to the water first with Jim following. Beth slid down behind us and Jan stood with her feet in the water still covered with the shirt.

Leaning back, I felt the pain in my sore muscles melt away. Jan, seeing how relaxed I looked, turned her back to our hosts, slid off the shirt, and dropped in. It was clear that the hot water felt great on her muscles also.

“Wow, I’m sorry Jan. That suit is a little small for you. You should have said something.”

Jan gave me “the look”.

“It’s really my fault. I thought it looked nice and persuaded her to wear it.“

Jim chimed in, “We’ll you look good to me.”

Both women leaned back with their heads on their husband’s shoulder. Jim reached for his phone and music started playing from speakers in the rocks. Cool feature, I thought.

We were all just enjoying the ambiance when we saw Jim slip his arm down on Beth’s chest and gently start massaging. Surprising as it was, we just kept talking like nothing was happening. As his petting became more apparent, we stopped talking and watched them rub each other. Beth slid in front on Jim and facing us. They were clearly not trying to hide anything from us. In fact, I got the feeling they enjoyed our voyeurism.

Jim asked,” Would you be embarrassed if we took off our suits. We are much more comfortable naked.”

A nervous pause then Jan spoke first. “I don’t mind. It’s your house. Be comfortable.“

Beth stood up first. Her chest was just above the water line when she peeled her top off. Her tiny tits were beautiful. She then sat back and took off the bottoms and set them down. Jim stood up and pulled off his suit. His cock dangled into the water. He stood for a moment, almost as to give us a good look, then sat back down.

Time passed and I realized they were very interesting and kind people. As we talked more, they began asking us about our trip. I told them about our excitement for the mountains and a bit of the itinerary.

Surprisingly they asked if we had time to be intimate or if we were too busy.

Neither of us spoke. Jan glanced up at me and smiled.

Beth said, “What. What was that look?”

“Well, we’ve tried a few things on our way here. Sort of experimented to see what we like. Things got a little crazy one night but we’ve been pretty chill for a couple days.”

I was surprised at how much Jan shared and probably looked a bit embarrassed.

Beth smiled, “Do tell Jan. Don’t stop there. Details, details.“

“We might be too embarrassed for details, Beth. We did something’s in the car, and at a truck stop. Got a little crazier at the hotel.“

Beth looked up at Jim and back at us. She then reached under the water and grabbed his cock. Stroking it up and down she looked at Jan and said, “Crazier then this?”

Jan made a face that Beth read as, we were crazier.


Jan nodded yes .

Beth made a “that’s impressive” face and turned towards Jim. Pulling up out of the water, she presented her nipple at Jim’s lips. Sucking it into his mouth, Beth moaned.

My cock got hard in an instant. My hand started feeling Jan’s nipples poking through the material.

Jim looked at us and said,"It would be nice if you were naked also. We could relax.”

Jan rolled on her back and looked up at me. I reached down and undid her top. It floated to the surface and her tits were sticking up out of the water. I slid my hands down and hooked my finger into the bottoms. Gently sliding back and forth I got them down to Jan’s knees. She slide them with her foot then lifted them high into the air with her other. Her shaved pussy clearly exposed to Jim.

He whispered something in Beth’s ear and she turned around. Jan lowered her feet and reached for my suit. Sliding it down she then threw it on the deck. Then she pushed me back into the bench and straddled me with her legs. She hugged me and kissed me softly on the lips.

While fully concentrating on Jan’s lips, I became aware of Beth leaning against Jan’s back. Jan pulled off my lips and turned her head. Beth was staring at her then leaned in and kissed her. I slid my head to the side so I could get a better look. Beth’s tongue was swirling in Jan’s mouth and she was caressing her head and neck. Jan’s arms were still around me and she was holding on tight.

Jan’s breathing was labored. I could feel her heart beating fast. They were still kissing when I saw Beth’s hands slide around to her front and stop at her tits. Jan’s nipples were poking between Beth’s fingers as she squeezed her full breasts.

Jim interrupted the action, “Guys, should we head inside for a little while? It would be more comfortable.“

Beth stopped kissing and looked at Jan, “Come on.”

Beth stood up and took Jan by the hand and walked to the stack of towels. Handing one to Jan, she wrapped herself and then helped Jan wrap. Jim and I were just staring, still sitting in the tub.

They walked in the sliding doors and Jim and I jumped up, erections waving, grabbed towels and followed them in.

Entering the house, I looked around and didn’t see the girls. I tied the towel around my waist and followed Jim down some stairs and into the basement. Hitting the bottom stair, I found that they had a full gym. Weight machines and free weights, cardio machines and a yoga studio.

I heard a shower running and walked through the door. Jan and Beth were in the shower, intertwined and caressing each other. Watching through the opaque glass I saw Beth drop her head down and begin sucking Jan’s nipples. Jan threw her head back and moaned slightly. Beth devoured her nipples and slid her hands down to fondle her ass. Jan reciprocated and ran her hands over Beth’s tiny ass. I heard Jim behind me and when I turned, I saw him stroking a raging hard-on.

Beth poked her head out, looked at us, “Are you joining us?”

I dropped my towel and stepped in followed by Jim. I stood behind Jan and kissed her neck and fondled her tits. Jan leaned back and jammed her tongue into my mouth. Beth was still face to face with Jan when Jim wrapped his arms around also. He reached further and ran his fingers up Jan’s side and found my hands there. Pulling his hands down, they returned to Beth’s hips. Jan surprised me, she grabbed his hands and pulled them to her tits. Excited, he began kneading them and pinching her nipples. I took that as a sign and started rubbing Beth’s. Her tits were much smaller than Jan’s but her nipples were rock hard.

After a while I saw Beth’s hands slide down to Jan’s pussy. Looking over Jan’s shoulder I could see Beth gently stroking up and down. She wiggled a finger into her, then start stroking her clit again.

Jan moaned a bit. She had Beth’s fingers in her pussy, Jim’s hands on her tits and my cock nestled against her ass. Beth slid down to her knees and looked closely at Jan’s pussy.

“My, oh my, Jan. Your pussy is beautiful but really red. Are you ok?”

“I told you we had some crazy times the last few days.”

Beth slid in close and began licking up and down her pussy. Jim moved over Beth and buried his tongue in Jan’s mouth. I saw Jan slide her hands down and grip his cock. He moved in even closer. I continued to grind against my wife’s ass and then started to caress Beth’s head as she ate Jan’s pussy.

Beth suddenly got up and pulled Jan out of the shower. We followed and watched as they dried each other off. It was so sexy watching Beth gently rub Jan’s pussy lips.

Once dry, Beth asked Jan to lay down on the weight bench. Jan laid out her towel and sat down. Beth walked over and pushed her back. Jan lay prone on the bench while Beth pulled her legs up and inserted her tongue in her pussy. Moaning, Jan kept a hand on Beth’s head.

Standing in the middle of the room and sporting an erection, I decided to sit on a chair not far from the action.

Beth asked, “Does it feel good?”

Jan moaned.

Beth then asked,” Tell me how your pussy got this red baby,”

Jan remained silent while Beth flicked her clit.

“Come on, tell me. I want to hear about it. “

Still Jan was silent.

“I looks like you got fucked for a long time. Is that what happened?”


Was it Tom that fucked you?”


Who was it? Tell me about it. Was it more than one guy?”


“Were the cocks big?”

“Yes. One of them was very big.”

Jan was writhing when Jim motioned to me and we walked over to join them. Jim leaned over Jan and began kissing her and squeezing her nipples. I got behind Beth and kissed her neck and pulled her nipples. Rubbing down her back, I leaned and kissed her ass and gently massaged her pussy. She wasn’t shaved and I could feel the short hair above her opening. She lifted a leg and I slid my head under her. She sat with her pussy on my mouth and I began eating her.

She returned to questioning Jan. “Was Tom there watching you?”

Jan moaned, “Yes.”

“Did you like him watching you? Did it make you feel slutty?”

She again moaned a yes response.

Then Beth grabbed my head and really started grinding on my face. She whimpered a bit then I heard Jan start to moan loudly and finally said,”I’m cumming.”

I heard Jan’s orgasm and I quickened my work on Beth’s pussy. Beth had both hands on my head and was rocking on my face. Then I heard her start yelling and moaning.

“I’m cumming Tom. Be ready for me. I’m cumming now”

When her orgasm hit juices started pouring from her pussy. I kept licking, waiting for her orgasm to subside, but it kept going. When she finally calmed down she lifted a leg off me and kissed my juice covered lips.

“You need a towel. I’m a “squirter” Tom.”

I smiled and wiped my face. Sitting up I looked over and saw Jan sucking Jim’s cock. She was kneeling between his legs on the floor and bobbing up and down. Then she stopped, took a breath and lowered her face taking all of him. He held her head there. She held his cock in her throat and then pulled up. Then immediately pulled him back into her throat.

Beth asked,”Where did she learn that? Was it those guys from the other night?”

I nodded sheepishly.

Beth led me back to the bench and laid me down. Straddling my body, she slowly slid down on my cock. It felt so good.

“Do you like watching Jan have sex?”

When I didn’t answer she pulled her pussy off my cock.

Frustrated, I answered,”Yes.”

She slid back on my cock and said,”Look at her Tom. She has Jim’s cock buried in her throat. He’s going to cum and your wife is going to swallow it all. That’s so hot, what do you think?“

I let out a small, “Yes. I think it is hot.”

“You know what I think, Tom. I think you are a little bit of a cuck. You know you want to see her fucked by multiple guys while you sit and rub your cock. You like watching. What do you think?.

I replied, “I like fucking too.”

“Not as much as watching your wife find passion in another’s arms.”

With that, Beth started bouncing up and down and squeezing my nipples. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on my cock. I felt my cock start to throb and I came into Beth’s pussy. She milked me dry and leaned forward on my chest. She turned my head toward Jan again.

“Look at her still servicing my husband. She’s amazing. I’m guessing you can tell we like having sex with others. We’re going to a party on Saturday night. I want you two to come and meet our friends. I promise we’ll have a good time.”

Jim started making a low moaning sound. He held Jan’s head tightly and unloaded into the back of her throat. She started gagging like before but swallowed it all.

“She’s amazing Tom. Do you want to fuck her now? Go over there and fuck your wife. She wants it bad and it will take Jim some time to regroup.”

I walked over stroking my cock back to life. I pushed Jan back down and quickly entered her. Pulling up her knees over my shoulders, I began fucking her hard. She was grunting at every deep thrust.

Beth then slid over and laid down face to face with Jan. She kissed her lips then stuck her tongue in, swirling it around.

I heard Beth whisper to Jan, “I told Tom to bring you back here Saturday night so we can go to a party. You want to come right? We can have more fun.”

Jan moaned “Yes.”

“Tell me, how many cocks did you service on your way to Colorado?”

Panting Jan whispered, “One in the truck stop and two in the hotel.”

“Two, really? Did you take two at once?”


“Would you like to feel that again?”

Jan started shaking and through her orgasm she moaned,”Yes.”

I kept pumping into her pussy, increasing my pace. I dropped her knees down and spread them wide. Jim moved closer and laid his cock across her lips. Again she opened and started sucking. I was staring at her with her mouth full of cock and it pushed me over the edge. I started cumming. When I finally pulled out, some cum dripped from my cock onto her stomach. Quickly, Jim jumped in and turned her over. Grabbing her hips, he slid his cock back in her pussy. Fucking on her hands and knees, her tits looked marvelous swing back and forth.

Beth crawled over and asked, ”Want to taste some pussy sweetie?”

Jan smiled and Beth slid under her, pulling her head down into her pussy. Jan’s ass was high in the air and her face was covered in Beth’s juices. Jim was pumping away and pushed his thumb into her ass. Jan moaned and pushed back against him. Jim groaned, “I’m cumming.”

As he pumped his cum deep in my wife’s womb, she continued to feast on Beth’s pussy. Beth started to shake. Her orgasm was wild. She was bucking under Jan and again squirted all over. As Beth calmed down, Jan sat up and looked at me. All I could do is laugh. Jan was covered in Beth’s juices. Her hair was wet on one side and juices had run down her chest.

Jim handed her a towel and we all sat around looking at each other for a few minutes.

Beth spoke first,“We are so glad we had tonight together. You two are a really fun couple.”

Jan and I both smiled at them and then I said,”We probably need to get going. We want to get back in the park tomorrow.”

We went back into the upstairs bathroom and got dressed. We washed as well as we could and stepped out into the kitchen. They handed us each a bottle of water for the road and we headed out the front door.

As I was hitting the stairs, Beth grabbed my hand and said,”Please don’t forget about Saturday night.”

"Our reservation is only through Friday. I don’t think we’d be able to extend.”

Beth smiled and said, ”Just stay here with us. We have plenty of room.”

I looked at Jan and she shrugged.

“Give me your number and we’ll text you the details.”

We exchanged numbers and headed back to the cabin.

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