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My Southern Wife takes a Black Lover

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This is the story of how I convinced my wife to try a black lover. It’s taken me a couple of months to compile my thoughts, recollections of conversations and events that brought this to fruition. Our names have been changed for privacy reasons but the events and conversations are accurate. This story may be a bit long for some, but I have tried to be as truthful as possible and convey what actually happened.

My name is Mark and my wife is Tina, I am now 49 and she is 41 and we have been married for almost 22 years.

Tina’s brother and I were friends and we used to hang out in high school in our small town in Tennessee. Tina was so much younger than us that I didn’t really pay much attention to her at the time. Our small community was primarily white and our school had very few blacks in attendance so we had limited exposure to them.

Shortly after graduation I joined the Army. While serving I came home on leave a few times over the years to catchup with old friends. During these occasional visits I never had the chance to run into Tina as she would be at a friend’s house or camp when I would stop by. Finally after eight years I left the service to come back home and start a new life.

As in any small town at that time, life for young people revolved around cruising about town and meeting up with friends in one of the parking lots, potentially hooking up for the evening. One afternoon I was parked at one of the towns strip malls, when a car pulled up with a load of younger girls.

The girl riding shotgun called out my name. As I looked closer I saw it was Tina, all grown up. She quickly stepped out of the car, gave me a hug and I stared at her not quite believing what I was seeing. Gone was the skinny girl I had once known and now a beautiful woman stood before me. Tina was now 5’ 9” and about 125 pounds, lean but with wonderful curves, long auburn hair with piercing green eyes.

After some conversation I asked if she wanted to hang out with me and she readily agreed. We spent the evening riding around and catching up. After I took her home I asked her out again and she accepted. We dated exclusively after that, getting married several months afterwards.

After we were married I went to college full time and worked various jobs to support us and Tina found work as an office assistant. After many years of working at better and better jobs, I was finally offered a really great position about three years ago as a supervisor at a large company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We moved from our small community and bought a large house in a nice subdivision in a medium sized city about twenty miles from my work. Tina found a job as a secretary at a small Baptist Church that we were members of, about ten miles further south of our home. We attend church every Sunday at her place of employment, more out of support of her job than any religious convictions. By any standards we had the perfect life.

The passing years has not changed Tina’s appearance much. She replaced the long hair with a shorter shoulder length cut that I found particularly attractive on her. Tina only gained about fifteen pounds since we got married; her hips are a little wider now and she has the slightest hint of a bulge in her belly area; but she looks very much like the day we wed.

Her skin has a porcelain quality to it as she avoids being out in the sun for long periods of time and always wears sunscreen. Because we never had children her breasts are still firm and very white with large areolas capped with ¾ inch long pink nipples.

Time hasn’t been as kind to me however. I am almost 6’ tall and used to be 190 pounds, but the years of long work hours, bad eating habits and beer had the effect of ballooning me up to 240 pounds, leaving me with a prominent beer gut. To top it off, I wasn’t blessed in the manhood department. My penis isn’t very large, only five inches on a good day.

As with most couples when first married, we had sex often. We would find many opportunities to make love wherever the mood struck. Tina had a daring streak then, and we would fuck anywhere to include public places where the chance of getting caught always remained.

Over the coming years however, our sex life diminished to the point by the time we moved to Raleigh we were doing it perhaps once a month. We tried various things to spice up our sex life but Tina had developed a conservative streak in her that caused me some consternation.

She tended to wear conservative clothing, mostly long nondescript dresses that hid her figure. This included what she wore to bed as well. Her preference was granny gowns or if I was lucky a long tee shirt that ended at her knees. She also wasn’t one to engage much in dirty talk while we made love. She might say “Do me” or Give me your cock” if she was particularly excited but that was pretty much the extent of it. She also had a thing about leaving the lights off when we had sex, only allowing the nightlight in the master bath to be on that offered a faint glow across our bed.

Another example of her conservative nature was when I suggested we purchase a vibrator or dildo to use when playing. Her response was to order a vibrator that looked like something your grandmother would have used in the 1960’s. It was a white plastic bullet looking thing about five inches long and not at all exciting looking.

The one thing that did seem to excite her when we had sex was when I would sometimes talk to her while making love. I would talk about some pretended lover (usually a white TV or Movie Star she thought was attractive) fucking her and would make up stories about him wanting her while I would stroke my small cock in and out her. She would usually moan quite a bit and would sometimes have an orgasm when I told her these stories, but it didn’t seem to increase her libido to want to have sex more often.

Because we had sex sporadically, I found myself surfing porn online to masturbate to when she would go out. I usually would look at commercial grade stuff, which fit the bill but didn’t really send me over the top. One day while I was surfing, I stumbled onto a website that had homemade videos.

As I was looking at these videos, I saw one that caught my eye. The description was one of a white wife’s first black cock. I clicked on it to see what it was all about.

The video started with the scene a white wife in a hotel room getting dressed in lingerie while talking to her husband who was filming. He was asking her what she was going to do and she answered she was going to fuck her first black cock.

It quickly cut to her and a black man kissing on the bed. I found myself incredibly excited as the movie progressed. Watching this black bull finally slide his large black cock into her and the look of sheer joy she had on her face had me stroking my cock like crazy. As she moaned and grabbed his hips to pull him further into her it became too much for me and I came like a mad man.

I found myself looking for this kind of porn exclusively from then on.

As I would watch these white wives fucking these well hung black guys I started fantasizing about Tina being the one who was on the receiving end. It came to the point that it started dominating my thoughts and I really wanted to see it happen in real life. It was then that I decided to come up with a plan to ease her into accepting a black lover.

One night after we had made love we were lying in bed talking and holding one another.

“You know” I said as casually as possible “I’ve thought about buying a sex toy I saw on the internet.”

“Really?” she responded “What kind of toy”?

“Well” I answered “It’s a sleeve about 7 inches long that would fit over my cock with a harness that holds it in place, I thought you might like a larger cock for a change.” Tina looked at me somewhat surprised.

“Honey, you’ve got enough for me”.

Even as she said it I could sense she really didn’t mean it but was sparing my feelings.

“Well that may be true.” I said “But I thought it might be kind of exciting for both of us.”

After some back and forth Tina agreed to my getting it. The next day I went online to place the order. It was expensive as it was well made and lifelike. It came in white and a realistic chocolate black that looked like a real black cock, down to the veins and bulbous head.

I took a deep breath as I clicked the order button for the black model.

About two weeks later it finally arrived in a plain cardboard box. I brought it into the house where Tina was sitting on the couch reading.

“It finally arrived.” I said casually not trying to sound too excited “Want me to open it”?

“Sure.” she responded “Let’s see this toy you have been raving about.”

I quickly found a knife and slit open the tape that sealed the box. I set aside the paper that padded the boxes contents, pulled out the dildo in its plastic packaging and showed it to her.

Tina looked at the toy and then looked up at me without blinking. “Its black.” she said flatly “You ordered a black one?”

“Well.” I stammered “When I went to order they were out of the white ones so I went ahead and ordered this one”.

Tina continued to look at me and I could tell she didn’t completely believe me.

“Uh huh.” was her response.

“Look, if you don’t like the color I can send it back.” I said hoping to defuse any potential situation.

“No, don’t send it back.” she answered “You took the time to order it, the color is fine. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting it.” I breathed a sigh of relief. The first step in my plan had been accomplished.

About a week and a half later Tina was feeling extremely frisky as she had finished her period and was up for sex. After her shower she crawled into the bed and I started kissing her neck (which drives her crazy) making my way down, kissing on her breasts and sucking her long nipples.

I leisurely eased down between her legs and started eating her as she moaned and opened her legs wider. After she was completely dripping I stepped back from the bed and retrieved the dildo from my nightstand.

I quickly strapped it on and climbed back on the bed and slowly started to ease the head in.

“Mmmm.” Tina said with her eyes closed “That feels yummy.”

I slowly moved back and forth easing the dildo a little further into her every few strokes. I could tell her breath was increasing as her excitement level rose. I continued with this slow pace, teasing her with a little more penetration every so often and she started moaning.

“How does it feel?’ I asked excitedly.

“Oh it feels really good.” she responded breathlessly “It almost feels like the real thing.”

“How does it compare to me?” I questioned

“It’s thicker than you.” she said quickly “It feels great, don’t stop.”

At this point I was about two thirds of the way in so I decided to pick up my pace and go for broke. I slid the dildo the rest of the way in and I heard Tina gasp.

“Oh my God.” she quietly moaned “It’s longer than you too. God, that feels good”.

As I stroked in and out of her I decided to go for my second part of the plan.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I do.” Tina answered “It feels so good.”

“Do you like him between your legs?” I whispered in her ear.

“Who’s between my legs?” she moaned, probably expecting me to name some hunky white movie star.

The black man that’s fucking you right now.” was my response “He’s wanted you for a very long time now, wanting to put his big black cock into you and now he’s giving you what you need.”

Tina didn’t respond immediately and I wondered if I hadn’t gone too far too quickly. I continued to stroke in and out of her but I feared my chance at making my fantasy a reality had been blown.

“What’s his name?” Tina suddenly whispered in my ear. This took me by surprise and I frantically tried to come up with a name for this imaginary lover.

“Jerome.” I blurted out “His name is Jerome. He saw you out shopping and had to have you. He had to have his big black cock deep inside you. Do you like Jerome’s big black cock?”

“Oh yes.” Tina moaned “It feels so good and deep and thick. Oh my God; keep that pace; I think I’m going to cum.”

I continued to glide the dildo between her legs, trying to keep the pace she wanted. Tina’s moaning got louder and as the shaft plunged deep inside her. She started bucking up to meet the dildo at every stroke. Tina suddenly lifted her legs around my waist to allow the last bit of the dildo into her cunt.

“Oh yes Jerome!” she wailed “Yes Jerome, it feels so good! Give it to me baby! Give it all to me!”

Tina’s dirty talk was pretty tame and limited when we would play our sex games before, but now she was really responding. I hadn’t seen her this excited in a long time and certainly not when I was talking to her about a white actor fucking her. She seemed to really be into the fantasy of a black man having his way with her. Suddenly she grabbed my hips and thrust her pelvic bone against mine.

“God yes Jerome!” she moaned loudly “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh my God, I’m cumming!!!!”

I took one last stroke and planted the dildo as far as I could into her womb. Tina clamped down hard on me and let out a deep moan in my ear. Her orgasm seemed to last for a minute or more. Once she caught her breath I took off the strapon and lay beside her and held her tightly. She lightly stroked my cock and had a dreamy look on her face.

“Mmmmm.” she purred in my ear “That was something.”

“Did you like it?” I asked smiling.

“Like it?” she responded “My God. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time. Yes, I liked it, no correction, I loved it.”

“Well I’m happy. I thought you would enjoy it.”

Tina and I finished the night with her climbing on top of me and riding me until I came. I noticed that her level of excitement wasn’t the same as when “Jerome” was doing the deed.

Using the dildo made a dramatic change in our sex life. Tina now wanted sex every week instead every month but it required me using “Jerome” and talking dirty to her.

It also seemed to loosen her up and now she was much more open to playing along.

We would be fucking with our toy and she would say things like “Do you like watching him fucking your wife? Do you like seeing his black cock enter my married womb?”

Hearing Tina respond in such a way would cause me to fuck her harder and I would sometimes put her legs on my shoulder just to be able to penetrate her tight pussy further. As Tina would get close to orgasm she would react with a flurry of filthy talk.

“Oh God!” she would cry out “Yes, fuck me Jerome. Oh Mark, do you like watching him fuck your married wife? Can you see it honey? Can you see him taking my pussy? Can you see me taking all of his black cock into my cunt?”

Hearing my wife respond with such vigor as I stroked the dildo in and out of her would drive me crazy beyond belief and I started to believe that my scheme might be successful.

A few months later, after one particularly hot session, Tina lay beside me with her head on my shoulder and played with the hair on my chest. “You know.” she said dreamily “You’re getting pretty good with the stories when we make love. Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re serious about a black guy having sex with me or if it’s just a fantasy.”

I couldn’t tell if she was giving me an opening or not, so I decided to tread lightly.

“Well.” I said cautiously “They’re just stories, but in all truthfulness I do find it exciting thinking about you having a black lover.”

She suddenly stopped gliding her fingers across my chest. “Why?” she responded a little angrily “Do you want to have sex with someone else too?”

“No baby.” I said quickly trying to calm her. “I have no interest in anyone else. You’re the only woman I want. It’s just that I find it exciting to think about you being pleasured by someone better equipped than me. You know, I wouldn’t have a problem if you decided to have sex with a black man.”

This seemed to satisfy her a bit and she continued to play with the hair on my chest. “I don’t know.” she said “I’m not sure I could cheat on you.”

“Well.” I answered “It wouldn’t be cheating if I gave you permission.”

“You really mean you would allow me to sleep with another man? You wouldn’t be jealous?” she said somewhat confused.

“Honey.” I replied “I would find it very exciting and to answer your question, no I wouldn’t be jealous.”

Tina lay there thinking about that for a minute. “So you would want a three way?” she asked.

“No. My real fantasy is to watch you. I want to watch you be pleasured beyond your wildest dreams. I want to watch you make love to a black man and watch him make passionate love to you.”

Tina thought on this a bit.

“I don’t think I could have sex with someone else.” she said with some finality “The fantasy if fun and all but I’m not sure I could go that far.”

Her response left me crestfallen. My plan hadn’t worked and it looked like the best I could hope for was our role playing sex games.

We continued to lie quietly together, but a few minutes later Tina said “If we decided to do something like that how would I meet a black man? I mean we really don’t know any black guys do we?”

I suddenly felt a sense of excitement. Was Tina really considering doing this?

“Well.” I said casually “There are websites where we could advertise and seek out a black lover for you. You know we could take a few pictures of you and describe what you are looking for.”

“I would be afraid that someone we know would find out.” she replied shaking her head “I would be mortified if our family or someone at the church knew I was looking for sex outside of marriage, especially if they knew I was looking for black men.”

“Honey.” I said reassuringly “We could crop your face out of any pictures and we could use an alias so no one would ever know.”

This seemed to relax her a bit.

“Well, I’m still not sure.” she continued “I will admit it’s a very exciting prospect though, I’m just not sure I could do it.”

“Just think about it.” I replied “Yes, it’s very exciting. I’m up for it if you are as well.”

As we lay together I prayed that she would find the thought of taking a black lover irresistible. These thoughts still filled my mind when she suddenly pulled me on top of her and asked me to make love to her. Visions of her having fucking a viral black stud raced in my brain as I slid into her and I was so excited, that I only lasted for a minute or two.

About a week later I came home from work and found Tina sitting on the couch waiting for me. She had a somewhat stern look on her face.

“I’ve been thinking about what we spoke about.” Tina said “We need to talk.”

I sat down beside her worried about what she was about to tell me. Was she having second thoughts? Had she decided that it was a step too far? My mind was panicking at the thought of her rejecting the plan I had put so much effort into.

“I thought long and hard about this.” she said “And I’m okay with taking the first steps if you are really sure about it. You’re positive that you’re not going to be jealous, right?”

“Baby.” I replied “I’m completely sure.”

“Alright.” she replied “I want some ground rules first.”

I nodded and waited for her to continue.

“Number one, I get to pick the guy.” she said “I have to be comfortable with person and I want the final say.” I nodded that I understood.

“Number two; there will be no kissing on the mouth.” That is reserved for the person I married, you. My feelings are that kissing is a personal and romantic thing you do with the one you love.”

“Number three, I’m not sure what you expect but I’m not going to act like some slut, so get that out of your head. We are doing this to spice up our sex life and nothing more.”

“Number four, and this is important. I don’t want to go through all this and suddenly find you pulling the plug at the last minute because you’re jealous. There will be a point where there is no turning back. I need to know that you’ll be okay with that.”

“Babe” I said holding her hand looking deeply into her eyes “You don’t have to worry. I’m fine with this, more than fine. I won’t be jealous and I won’t have second thoughts.”

Tina looked into my eyes and smiled. She seemed to be relieved.

“This is really exciting isn’t it?” she said. I agreed that it was.

“So.” She said “How do we start?”

“Let’s start with some pictures. I’ll get the camera.”

Tina got up and headed to the bedroom. By the time I had gotten the camera she had already stripped down and was laying on the bed. She lay on her side with her arm propping up her head. Her white skin stood out against the purple sheets on the bed and her nipples were hard as a rock.

“How is this pose?” she said “Is this sexy enough?”

“Very sexy.” I responded as I snapped off a picture.

I took about a dozen pictures of her in various poses and got to work blurring her face out with a Photoshop program I had installed. We setup an account with a swinger’s website and I downloaded the pictures. Tina helped me with the narrative and we finally completed the profile.

“Well.” I said as I hit send “That’s done, I guess we wait.”

“I guess so.” Tina replied “I’m really nervous. What if no one find me sexy?”

“Honey, you don’t have to worry.” I said trying to reassure her “I think you will get a ton of responses. Once they see that hot body of yours they will be kicking down the door to meet you.”

She grinned and answered “I hope so. I have to admit that I have been thinking about this all the time since last week. I can’t believe we are really doing this. I really don’t know what to expect, I’ve only had sex with two other men besides you and that was in high school. I certainly haven’t had sex with a black guy. I’ve heard they are really well hung though.”

“Would you like to see what you can expect?” I said “There are videos of wives with black men on the internet.”

“Really?” Tina asked excitedly “Show me.”

I logged into one of the websites I would usually view and found one of my favorite videos and hit play. Tina watched in amazement as the video started.

“My God.” she said “She is really into it, isn’t she? Oh my, look at the size of his penis. This is really hot.”

As we watched about a half a dozen videos together I could tell she was getting more and more excited. She seemed to be engrossed in the action and I noticed her lightly rubbing her crotch as we watched. The final video we viewed showed the husband licking the cum out of the wife after the black bull had finished with her.

“Ooooh, that’s sexy.” Tina said “Maybe you could do that afterwards. Have you thought about that?”

“Uhm, not really.” I nervously replied “I hadn’t really given it much thought. Not sure I could do it.”

“Well honey” she responded pouting “You asked me to do something you found exciting; the least you could do is reciprocate. I mean it seems like you are asking me to do all the work.”

She was right and I wasn’t about to blow everything I had worked for.

“Okay baby.” I answered “If you’re willing to do this, I’m willing to do my part.”

Tina smiled and leaned in to whisper in my ear. “All this is making me very horny. How about we break out Jerome and play a bit?”

I couldn’t make it to the bed fast enough.

Within a few days we had over two dozen replies. As we weeded through the responses though it was apparent that many were just picture hunters, with no real interest in meeting. Added to that there were some married men who were merely interested in cheating on their wives. Tina showed no interest in meeting them. That left us with about five or six real possibilities. Tina read through the profiles but wasn’t impressed.

“Don’t worry.” I said “This is just the first of many. Someone will tickle your fancy.”

Over the next three or four weeks we did receive more responses, but Tina I found was very hard to please. If I saw a profile that might be promising she would inevitably veto it. They were too old, not good looking enough, came off as too thuggish. At this point I was wondering if she was having cold feet.

“I don’t know.” she said “I haven’t felt comfortable with anyone I’ve seen so far. There has to be chemistry between us. I have to like them and be attracted to them. I haven’t found that person yet.”

I wondered to myself how she could find that chemistry if she wouldn’t respond to them but thought better about saying it out loud.

“Don’t worry honey.” I replied “We’ll find someone, don’t rush it.”

A few weeks after we established the account I decided that I was going to make my own personal changes. After looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the huge gut I had gained over the years, I decided to join a gym. My second day of working out I was lying on the a bench getting ready to start my lift.

“Need a spotter?” I heard a voice ask.

“Sure.” I said looking up. Looking down on me was a tall black man grinning.

“You should always have a spotter.” he said warmly “especially when you’re trying to get back into shape.”

“It’s that obvious?” I replied.

“Well.” he said still smiling “I wouldn’t say obvious.”

After I finished my lift, I stood up to shake his hand and introduce myself.

“I’m Mark.” I said “Good to meet you.”

“I’m Devon” he replied “Nice to meet you too.”

We spoke for about twenty minutes sharing details about ourselves. Devon had grown up in Alabama and had attended school at a small college in the state on a football scholarship. He had moved to Raleigh about five years ago and was working as a Marketing Manager for an IT company. He was 35 years old, 6’2” and around 230 pounds.

He had a fit body, muscular and cut like a Greek statue. His body looked very much like the character Apollo Creed’s from the Rocky movies. He was very charming, articulate and self-assured without appearing cocky. I liked him immediately and we hit it off. Devon offered to help me out with the rest of my workout which I readily accepted.

“You know.” Devon said after we finished “I come here pretty much all the time. If you want a workout partner I could help you out and give you tips.” I readily agreed and we started working out fairly regularly afterwards.

Our normal routine was to meet after work and lift, do cardio, play Racquetball or Basketball, then grab our bags to head home to shower. After one particular workout about a month later I planned on showering at the gym and change into street clothes to meet Tina for dinner at our favorite restaurant. It just so happened that Devon had plans too and had brought a change of clothes as well.

Devon’s locker was around the corner from mine and he made it to the shower before me. As I entered the open shower room Devon’s back was to me and he was soaping up. I stepped to the shower next to his and turned on the hot water. We conversed a bit, kind of looking at each other from over the shoulder while we spoke.

Devon was telling me a funny story about his playing days in college and at one point turned to face me while washing his chest with the washcloth. I quickly glanced down and saw the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be eight inches soft and as I found out later was six inches in circumference. His head was massive and his balls were huge. I was shocked at how well-endowed he was.

My mind started to race as I thought about the possibility of Devon being a potential lover for Tina.

“No.” I thought to myself “The plan is meeting someone online. We were going to meet a stranger; we had set up an account for that very reason.”

”How is that working out for you?” I asked myself.

Tina found a reason to shoot down every profile we had looked at so far and it appeared that plan was going nowhere fast. As I soaped up I began to brainstorm while Devon continued to talk.

What was it Tina said? Didn’t she say something about chemistry and feeling comfortable with the person? Well Devon certainly fit the bill. I was positive if they could meet she would be charmed and find him irresistible. The issue was to get them together with no pressure; she had to feel like she had selected him. It was then I hatched a strategy to try to make the meeting happen.

Devon and I would every now and then work out on Saturday mornings, and I figured if we did so that weekend I could arrange a meeting. I nonchalantly asked him if he would like to meet up and play basketball on Saturday. Devon agreed and casually mentioned he was going to watch a baseball game afterwards. I told him that I also had plans, that I was taking my wife to lunch and an afternoon movie.

Once I got home I told Tina that we should go out. “That sounds good.” she said “There’s a movie I have been waiting to see.”

“Honey, I was planning on going to the gym Saturday morning. Could you drop me off around ten o’clock and pick me up around noon?”

“Sure” she said casually “I wanted to do some shopping anyway.”

I felt a sense of excitement as my plan was coming together.

As the week passed my mind would wander, my thoughts always going to Tina and Devon meeting for the first time. I prayed they would hit it off. I also hoped she would be attracted to him.

Saturday came and Tina dropped me off at the gym. “Have a good time.” she said as she gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Don’t spend too much money.” I replied.

Tina smiled and waved as I shut the door.

Devon and I played basketball for an hour and a half, and then headed for the shower. After changing we made our way to the gym entrance together. I noticed Tina’s car in the front lot about fifty feet from the gym door.

“Hey, my wife’s here.” I said nonchalantly “Why don’t I introduce you?’

Devon and I walked towards the car and Tina got out of the driver’s seat. Happily she had worn one of the only things she had that accented her curves, a long clinging sundress. She must have been waiting with the air conditioner on as I noticed her long nipples poking through her dress despite her bra.

“Devon, this is my wife Tina.” I said “Tina, this is Devon.”

Tina smiled broadly and shook Devon’s hand.

“Mark has mentioned you.” she said “It’s nice to meet you finally and put a face to the name.”

We made conversation for about five or ten minutes when I suddenly blurted out “Shit, I think I left my cellphone in my locker. I need to go back inside and look for it.”

“Okay honey.” Tina said absently, still looking at Devon.

I quickly turned and trotted back into the gym. Once inside I positioned myself by one of the front windows to watch their interaction. Devon was talking to Tina and must have said something funny because she started to laugh and she put her hand on his forearm.

As they continued to talk I noticed Tina playing with her hair, twisting a lock of it as she spoke to him. Once while Devon was talking he turned his head to the side and was pointing at something and I caught Tina looking him up and down. It seemed that they were getting along very well indeed.

After about ten minutes I decided to rejoin them. “False alarm.” I said as I got back “It was in my bag the whole time.”

“Glad you found it.” she responded, not taking her eyes off him.

We talked for a few more minutes before Devon announced “Well, I guess I need to get going and let you take your beautiful wife to lunch.”

Tina seemed disappointed that our meeting was ending.

“Devon, it was a pleasure meeting you, maybe we will get to meet again soon.” Tina said.

“It was a pleasure for me too Tina.” Devon replied easily “Yea, maybe the three of us could hang out sometime.”

As he departed, I stepped to the car and put my bag in the backseat as Tina headed to the passenger side. I noticed her glancing back at him a few times as he walked to his SUV.

Once inside the car I started the engine, turned on the air conditioner and looked over at Tina.

“Well.” I said “How did you like Devon?”

“He was very nice.” she said “And very witty. He’s a really charismatic guy, I like him.”

I continued to look at her and a small wry smile crept over my face.

“What?” Tina asked “Why are you looking at me that way?”

“I think you more than like him.” I said mischievously “I think you are attracted to him.”

“Well, sure he’s attractive.” she said a little defensively, then quickly added “What I mean to say is he’s a good looking guy and very charming, he was very pleasant.”

I continued to look at her smiling. After a moment it dawned on Tina what I was smiling about.

“Oh no.” she said quickly “You’re not thinking me and Devon are you?”

“Why not?” I answered back “You said you wanted someone you had chemistry with, it certainly appeared there was that between the two of you. Are you denying it?”

“Well no.” Tina said begrudionally “I will admit that he’s very good looking and easy to talk to. But I only met him for a few minutes.”

“Well.” I responded “It appeared that you two were getting along really well in those few minutes. I saw the way you were looking at him and it seemed to me that you were enjoying his company a lot.”

Tina thought on this for a moment. “True, I was.” she said “But how do we know he feels the same way about me?”

Oh he finds you attractive alright. Guys can tell and anyway, I saw the way he was looking at you too. Besides he called you my beautiful wife, didn’t he?”

“He did say that, didn’t he.” she said brightening up immediately. She seemed to be taking in the whole situation and I could tell she was thinking about the possibility when she suddenly asked “How do we know if he would be willing to do this? I mean how do we approach it?”

“Don’t worry about that.” I said reaching for her hand “Leave that to me. I will have a little talk with him next week.”

She thought on this for a few seconds.

“Well, if he’s interested in me I think we should meet one more time. I mean yes, I have to admit I find him very sexy, but I want to be sure. This is a big step.” I nodded my head in agreement.

Tina leaned back a thought for a moment. After taking a deep breath she looked at me and excitedly said “We’re really moving forward on this aren’t we? I mean this is for real.”

“It looks that way.” I replied.

“I’m suddenly feeling very hot.” she said trying to fan herself “Can you turn on the air conditioner?”

“It’s already on. I think you’re a little excited.”

“A little?” she responded “I think I’m more than a little excited, I’m down right horny!”

I leaned back in my seat and grinned broadly.

“You know.” I said with a smile “I’m not especially hungry right now.”

Tina looked into my eyes. “Me neither.” she said lustfully “How about we go home. I think we have a new scenario to try out with Jerome.”

“I think we will name him Devon from now on.” I replied laughingly. Tina was beaming as we drove home.

Monday afternoon found Devon and I playing Racquetball. On one of our breaks I casually mentioned our meeting the previous Saturday.

“Tina really liked meeting you.” I said.

“She’s a great girl.” Devon replied “I liked meeting her too.”

I stepped in a little closer to Devon. “Actually, I think she more than liked meeting you.” I said “She’s really drawn to you.”

Devon’s eyes got big and he suddenly blurted out “Hey Mark, look I wasn’t coming on her to her when you went inside. It wasn’t like that.”

“Calm down Devon” I said “Don’t worry, I’m not mad. If fact it’s just the opposite. I’m glad Tina finds you hot.”

Devon had a confused look on his face and warily asked “Where is this leading to?”

“Well, how do I put this?” I said “Tina and I have been married for quite a long time and frankly our sex life has gotten a little stale. We are looking for something to spice it up and thought you might be interested. As you might have seen in the shower, I’m not particularly hung and Tina has been thinking about trying someone shall we say, better equipped?”

Devon stepped even closer to me and whispered in my ear. “Let me get this straight.” he said quietly “You want me to fuck your wife? You want me to fuck Tina?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” I replied “You do find her good looking, don’t you?”

“Hell yea!” he responded enthusiastically “She’s gorgeous. I’m just surprised that you want me to have sex with your wife.”

“Look.” I said “Tina and I are both in agreement it should be you. She is completely turned on by you and if this happens she wants you to be the one. What do you say?”

Devon thought for a moment, furrowed his brow and looked back at me. “You’re sure you’re cool with this?”

“Positive. She has some ground rules though. I thought we could go over them.”

We discussed Tina’s rules and then I brought up another subject.

“Look, I want to give you some pointers regarding Tina because I want you to be successful.” I said “There some things that really turns her on, for instance she really likes having her neck kissed and her nipples are extremely sensitive. She also likes it when you talk dirty to her.”

“Understood.” Devon said seemly taking mental notes.

“One more thing.” I said “I really think Tina would be submissive in the right situation. What I think she really wants is a dominant lover, but you can’t be too brutish, too soon. I want to watch you satisfy her and take complete charge of her though.”

“I think I can handle that.” Devon chuckled “Do you think she can handle this cock though? Can she handle ten inches?”

“My God, ten inches!” I blurted out, suddenly looking around to ensure no one heard me “I don’t know but you should go slowly and don’t try to rush. If we do this right, I think everyone will enjoy it.”

“No problem Mark. “I will make this an experience she never forgets, I promise you that.”

“Look she wants us to meet again before giving the final okay. Can you meet us for a drink Friday night?”

“Just tell me where and I’ll be there” Devon answered.

“I’ll arrange a place and time and get back with you. If we do this, I’m thinking we go back to our house. Tina would worry about being seen going into a hotel and I think she would be more comfortable at home. Pack something to change into, just in case.”

“Got it” Devon replied.

Once I got home I told Tina most but not all of what had transpired.

“So he’s willing?” she said with a sense of excitement “He wants to do this?”

“Oh yea! He’s very eager. He’s going to meet us for a drink Friday night.”

“I need to get ready for Friday then.” Tina said “I need to get something sexy to wear out. I want to impress him. I probably need some sexy lingerie just in case, don’t you think?”

“Honey.” I said stepping in to hold her “Get whatever you need. I want you to knock his socks off.”

Tine beamed and said “I’ll do my best.”

She went shopping on Thursday but wouldn’t let me see what she bought as she wanted it to be a surprise. She also went to a salon to have her hair styled and had her fingernails and toenails painted an attractive shade of green.

Tina left work at the church early Friday to come home and get ready for our meeting with Devon. When I came into the house from my job she called to me from the bedroom.

“Have a seat.” she said “I want to show you what I bought.”

I sat down in my recliner and waited with baited breath. Tina stepped into the living room wearing a black dress that rose several inches above her knees that had slit that stopped almost to her thigh. She had on what appeared to be black pantyhose and her feet were clad with four inch black stilettos which accented her already long legs. Her makeup was flawless and her mascara made her green eyes pop.

“My God.” I said breathlessly “You’re stunning.”

“Thank you.” she said sweetly while striking a pose against one of the pedestals that separated the living room from the dining room. She lifted her leg to reveal that what I thought was pantyhose were actually a garter belt and stockings. In our entire time of being married she had never worn a garter belt.

“Do you think Devon will like?” she asked innocently. “Do you think this will knock his socks off?”

“If he doesn’t like it, he’s crazy.” I responded and then looked closer “Are you wearing panties? It doesn’t look like you are.”

Tina lifted up the short dress to reveal she wasn’t. Upon closer inspection I noticed that her normally bushy pussy had been shaven, leaving only a small thin flight pad of hair left at the top.

“Now that’s sexy.” I exclaimed.

Tina smiled broadly and walked over to me taking my hand.

“Come with me. she said sweetly “I want to show you something.”

I followed her to the bedroom. She had already turned down the bedspread and sheets on our king size bed. Candles were strategically placed all over the room and she had placed a bottle of lubricant on the nightstand. She led me to the other side of the bedroom where she had placed a sitting chair facing the bed.

“Now if this happens, this is where I want you to sit.” she said sexily “I want you to have a good view. I want you to see everything. What do you think?”

“I love it.” I responded “I think if this happens, our lives will never be the same.”

“Well I’m not making promises.” she replied “But we are most of the way there.”

We met Devon outside a restaurant nearby and as we walked up his eyes got big when he saw Tina. We entered the restaurant and took a seat in a booth in the bar section. Devon sat beside Tina and I sat across from them. After I ordered drinks and we started to make conversation.

“My God Tina.” Devon said “You look so sexy in that dress. I love the heals your wearing too! You’re easily the finest woman in the place.”

“Thank you.” Tina purred “I was hoping you would like what you see.”

“Oh I like it.” he answered as he stretched his arm around her and lightly rested his hand on Tina’s shoulder “You took my breath away.”

Tina smiled a huge smile and I noticed Devon was slowly caressing her hair and shoulder as we spoke further. We continued conversation for fifteen or twenty minutes when Devon rose to get another drink.

“Can I get you another glass of wine Tina?” he asked.

“No thank you.” she answered. As Devon walked to the bar I looked at Tina.

“You sure you don’t want another drink?” I asked hoping it would loosen her up more.

“I’m positive. I want to be sober for what’s going to happen next.”

“So we are going to do this tonight?” I shockingly asked. “You’re absolutely sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes dear.” Tina whispered leaning closer “I’m so wet now I’m afraid it’s going to seep through my dress.”

I quickly caught Devon’s attention at the bar and waived him back over. When he arrived I looked at him and calmly said “I think you should follow us home.” A smile spread across his face as he stood back to let us up. We quickly made our way to our cars.

Devon followed us home and parked in the driveway as we eased into the garage. After I let Devon in the front door, the three of us went into the living room. Devon had a seat on the couch while I turned on some smooth slow jazz on the radio. Tina had an excited look on her face and her cheeks were flush.

“Well.” she said suddenly “I think I’m going to change into something more comfortable while you guys talk.” With that she turned and headed into the bedroom. When I heard the master bath water running I looked at Devon.

“Now might be a good time for you to change into something more comfortable too. You can use the guest bath if you like.”

He grabbed the small bag he brought with him and retreated down the hallway. I sat there on the couch, my mind racing at what was about to transpire. Was this really going to happen? Could I go through it? I tried to control my breathing and get a hold on myself as excitement and fear consumed me.

A short time later Devon appeared wearing silk pajamas, he had left the top unbuttoned, his muscular chest and rock hard abs showing. He sat down beside me and we spoke very little. It seemed we were both too excited for conversation.

Suddenly we heard Tina’s voice from the bedroom. “You boys ready?” she asked sexily.

“We’re ready.” I weakly croaked.

Tina stepped out wearing a green floor length sheer gown that matched her polish perfectly. The gown clung to her curves being only held up by two small straps.

You could see her wonderful figure through the gown and I noticed that her long nipples were straining against the material. I had never seen her look so sexy. She was barefoot and walked slowly towards us, turning so we could appreciate her beauty at all angles.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked anxiously.

“Very hot.” we replied in unison. Tina’s grin was ear to ear.

“So Mark.” Tina said “This is what you wanted, how do you want us to start?”

I leaned back on the couch thinking.

“Devon, why don’t you stand behind Tina and wrap your arms around her”.

Devon quickly got up and obliged.

“Wow” I said with excitement “The contrast of your skin tones is overwhelming.”

His chocolate brown skin against her ivory white made my cock rise.

I really didn’t have any other suggestion to offer so I said “Why you don’t let nature take its course.”

Devon took that as his cue and began to kiss on Tina’s neck as he slowly caressed her arms. Tina closed her eyes and tilted her neck to allow him to kiss and suck its entire length. He slowly started to caress and rub Tina’s breasts through the sheer material and she gasped when he made contact with her nipples.

He gently caressed Tina, sliding his hands slowly down between her legs, lightly rubbing her pussy. Tina let out a low moan and leaned further back against him. Devon took his time, kissing her neck and then her shoulders. He continued to kiss and run his hands over her body for several minutes.

He then slowly turned Tina around and moved the straps of the gown off her shoulders allowing it to fall.

“You’re the sexiest woman I have ever seen.” he whispered into her ear. She beamed and stepped out of the gown pushing it behind her with her foot.

He started to kiss on her upper chest area and made his way down to her erect nipples. Devon took her breast in his mouth and sucked deeply while Tina stood there, eyes closed and her mouth open breathing heavily. As he sucked and licked on her nipples she would emit a series of moans and groans pulling his face further into her breasts. Finally not able to take anymore she eased him back and looked deeply into his eyes before turning to me.

“I have to see his cock.” she said breathlessly “It’s been rubbing up against me and its driving crazy.”

With that she lowered herself to her knees and grabbed the waistband of his pajamas. Where I was sitting I could see that his penis was straining against the silk material making a huge tent bulging forth.

Tina slowly pulled down the pajamas and Devon’s manhood shot out fully erect and on display. Tina stared at his cock with a shocked look. She quickly turned her face to me.

“My God Mark!” she said in a panic “His cock is enormous. I don’t think I can take it.”

Devon gently put his hand under her chin, lifting her head so he could look her in the eyes and in a calm voice he reassuringly said “It’s okay Tina. We’ll go very slowly and I will be gentle. We will go at a pace that is comfortable for you and if it gets to be too much, we’ll stop. This is all about you and I want to please you completely.”

Tina seemed to lose some, if not all her nervousness. She slowly took the head of Devon’s cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked on it and then moved up and down his shaft licking and kissing the whole way. When she took his balls into her mouth Devon leaned his head back and let out an audible moan. I looked on in excitement watching her. I was getting my wish but it seemed surreal to me at the same time.

Tina moved her way back up to Devon’s dick and placed it back in her mouth. She greedily sucked on it but couldn’t get more than about a third of it in. Her cheeks bulged as she tried to fit it into her mouth. As she sucked his cock Devon slid his pajama top off, placed his hand on Tina’s head and gently played with her hair.

After about five or ten minutes of sucking, she finally released Devon’s cock from her mouth and stood up facing me, still holding onto it.

“This is your last chance Mark.” Tina said “I‘m pretty much over the edge, but I’m giving you this last chance. Is this truly what you want?”

“Honey” I whispered “This is what I want.” Yes, please go ahead.”

With that my wife of over twenty years turned and faced Devon grinning from ear to ear.

“I guess I’m yours.” she said happily.

Devon scooped her up into his strong arms and carried her like a groom on their wedding night to our marriage bed. I quickly and silently followed them and took my place in the sitting chair. The room was imlunited by the candles, and Tina had left on a light on the nightstand, which offered a good view of the bed.

He laid Tina onto the bed carefully and climbed beside her. He started to kiss and lick on her right breast taking her nipple into his mouth gently sucking it. Tina gasped and grabbed her breast to feed it further into Devon’s mouth. He spent several minutes nursing both breasts while she continued to moan and twist her head from side to side. Devon slowly kissed his way down her belly until he was between her legs. He leisurely licked and kissed around her pussy but never entering it with his tongue.

“Ughhh!” she cried out “Stop teasing me, please eat me Devon!”

He obligingly slipped his tongue against her inflamed clit and began to gently lick her pussy. Tina grabbed his head pulling his face closer to her wet hole. I watched as he continued to lick Tina and play with her clit with his thumb. Tina’s eyes were shut and her mouth was agape with sexual bliss. Devon continued to orally pleasure her for about twenty minutes when she abruptly let out a huge moan.

“Oh God, Oh God!” she forcefully screamed “I’m going to cum, don’t stop! Ooooooooh yes, I’m cuuummming!”

Tina clamped down hard on Devon’s face and held him there while wave after wave of sexual release caused her to shake and buck against him. After a few minutes she finally caught her breath and said “That was wonderful Devon, but I really think I want to try that cock of yours now.”

Devon grinned broadly, pulled himself away from her and reached for the bottle of lube that she had left on the nightstand. After coating his cock liberally he placed himself between Tina’s legs. Slowly he gently rubbed his massive head against her pussy lips. She closed her eyes moaning as he rubbed and stroked lightly against her. After a few minutes of this Devon slowly eased the enormous head of his cock into her and her eyes shot open.

“Ughhhhh!” she cried out “Oh God, your head is so big.”

Devon took his time, sliding his cock a little further in with each stroke and Tina would groan each time. I sat in amazement as he slid in and out of my bride, knowing each stroke he took was bringing her pleasure I couldn’t give. He continued to ride in and out of her and she began grasping the mattress cover as her excitement rose. When Devon was most of the way in her Tina suddenly turned her head to me.

“Oh Mark, I never knew.” she gasped “I never knew.”

I quickly asked her what she meant, although I had a good idea of what she was saying.

“I never knew a cock could feel this good.” she responded “My God, I’ve never felt this way before.”

Devon smiled and whispered in her ear. “That’s not all of it Tina. I still have more to go.” This seemed to set Tina off and she wrapped her legs behind Devon’s knees.

“Please give it all to me Devon, I’m ready baby. Please give me all your cock; it fills me up so good. Please baby, give me that big cock of yours.” Devon picked up the pace and his strokes got faster.

“Oh yea baby.” Tina blurted out “Yes, give it to me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Devon continued stoking in and out of Tina and then suddenly slammed the last of his cock into her. Tina’s mouth flew open and she gasped as she took all of him inside her. “Oh fuck!” she cried out “It’s so big and it hurts, but it feels so good. I’ve never had anyone so deep inside me. Oh Devon, you’re in a place no man has ever been. Oh God yes. Please keep fucking me with that wonderful cock.”

I felt pangs of joy but some disappointment as well. She was right, he was in a place no one had ever been before and he was deeper in her than I could ever hope to be.

Devon kept slamming in and out of her as he fucked her for what seemed like an eternity. Tina suddenly grabbed his ass and dug her nails in hard. Her face was a mask of both pleasure and utter enjoyment.

And then it happened.

Tina grabbed Devon’s face and pulled it to hers. She eagerly began kissing him, sucking on his tongue and jamming her own into his mouth. I sat shocked and bewildered. The one thing she said she couldn’t do was now happening, and she didn’t seem to care. I watched helplessly as she greedily kissed him.

“Oh yes Devon.” Tina said lustfully as she parted from his lips “Yes baby. Keep fucking me with that big cock. I’ve never been fucked like this before. You’re the best I’ve ever had Devon. You’re the best.”

I sat in the chair speechless, watching what had once been my prim and proper wife. She was eagerly engaging in filthy talk with Devon and seemed to be blissfully ignorant of my presence now. Tina now locked her legs around his waist and pulled him down to her.

“Oh fuck!” she wailed “I’m cuuuummmming! I’m cuuuummmming!” Tina’s whole body shook as her orgasm took over. She deeply kissed Devon as she received waves of pleasure previously unknown to her.

Tina and Devon held each other for a few minutes and she asked him what he wanted to do next. He smiled and had her climb on top and facing him. Tina gingerly mounted him and guided his cock into her waiting pussy.

“Uhhhmm.” she groaned “I could get used to this. God, it fills me up so good.”

She slowly rocked up and down on his cock and gently played with her breasts. Devon placed his hands on her hips and directed her as to the pace he wanted. She slowly would rise and fall on his enormous shaft while rubbing her pelvic area against his. I watched as her breathing grew more rapid and the moans became more frequent. Devon noticed that she was completely engrossed in the elation of the moment and he moved her hips up and down faster on his cock.

As he sped up he started talking to her. “Do you like my black cock baby?” he asked “Tell me you like my black cock.”

“Yes Devon, I love your black cock.” she moaned “Please don’t stop fucking me.”

It was now that Devon started to take charge as I had asked him to do. “Are you my woman Tina?” he asked “Do you want me to make you my woman?”

“Yes baby, I’m your woman. I’m your woman. Oh God, make a real woman out of me. Please keep fucking me.”

“Tell Mark whose woman you are Tina. Let him know that you’re my property now. Tell him or I will stop fucking you.”

Tina turned her head and looked at me. She had a look of pure lust on her face. “I’m his woman now honey. I’m all his.” she moaned “I’m sorry but I can’t help it. I’ve never felt something this incredible before, I’m so sorry honey.”

“That’s what I want too babe.” I hoarsely whispered back “I want you to give yourself completely to him. I want you to surrender to him. It’s okay baby.”

She turned back to Devon and looked deeply into his eyes. “You heard him Devon.” she said “My husband said you can have me. I’m yours now, I’m your woman. Do what you want with me, but please keep fucking me.”

Devon smiled a wicked smile. “Do what I want?” he said excitedly “I think I want to breed you Tina. I want to give you a black baby. Do you want that too?”

“Oh God, yes.” she moaned “Yes. Give me a black baby Devon. I want your black baby. Breed me, breed me. Give me your baby making seed. Fill my belly with your seed. Oh God, breed me, breed me.”

Tina continued to moan and ask him to breed her for what seemed like forever. I sat in the chair speechless. I couldn’t figure out if she really wanted his baby or not. She was on the pill so chances were unlikely and she might have just been caught up in the moment, but I was doubtful.

Tina slammed up and down on his cock while her hands massaged his chest. Devon reached up and started to pinch Tina’s rock hard nipples and she screeched in delight.

He suddenly propped himself up and reached for her.” I’m getting ready to cum in you, I’m almost there.” he whispered in her ear “You ready for my black seed?”

“Oh God, yes.” she responded “I want it Devon. I want your seed deep inside me. Let’s cum together baby, I’m almost there too. Keep fucking me baby, I need you. I need you.”

They continued to rock together when Devon unexpectedly groaned loudly and announced he was cumming. Tina pulled him even closer and allowed her own surging orgasm to flood over his cock.

They held each other and kissed for several minutes as I watched them explore each other’s mouth. After parting, Tina lay on her side facing me while Devon stroked her hair and kissed her shoulder.

“Are you enjoying the show Honey?” my formally innocent wife sweetly asked “Are you getting a good view?”

“It’s fantastic.” I answered “It’s everything that I could hope for.”

She smiled, leaned her head back and kissed Devon deeply. I watched as she stroked his cock until it was hard again. Tina decided that she wanted to try sex in the doggy position and got on all fours. Devon slowly eased his rigid cock into her and I watched as his black shaft slid in and out of her pussy.

As they fucked I rubbed my cock though the material of my pants. I wanted to jack off but had no lube and I didn’t want to take my eyes off them if even for a minute. Devon fucked my beautiful bride for twenty minutes in this position, gliding his long black shaft in and out of her. Devon suddenly stopped stroking and bent over placing his head close to Tina’s.

“Fuck me Tina.” He whispered in her ear “Show me you want my cock. Fuck my black cock baby, show me you want it.”

She groaned loudly and started rocking back and forth on his shaft. Devon smirked at me as if to say “She loves my cock so much she’s willing to do all the work.”

They continued fucking like this for several minutes until Devon decided he would take over. He suddenly started to take fast and deep strokes in my wife, pulling almost all the way out only to suddenly and violently ram his huge cock deep inside her. Tina wailed and grabbed hold of a pillow but did not ask him to stop.

Devon now had hold of her hips and was now slamming his rock hard dick into her hole with greater force. Tina lowered her head onto the pillow and moaned with excitement.

“Fuck me baby.” she groaned “Fuck my married pussy. Oh God Devon. Fuck me.”

Devon looked over to me smiley broadly and then looked back to Tina.

“Do you like my cock better than Marks?” he asked her “Who fucks you better?”

Tina moaned loudly and answered “You’re better Devon. You fuck me so much better than Mark. His cock is too small for me, I know that now. Oh God, you’re the best fuck I ever had.”

Devon suddenly grabbed her by her hair as he pounded her from behind. “This is my pussy now isn’t it Tina?” he said forcefully “I own this pussy, right?”

Tina moaned and replied “Yes baby, it all yours. This is your pussy, yours for the taking. I need your cock baby, I need it so badly.”

Devon looked over at me and grinned. He knew that Tina had completely given herself over to him and she would do anything he wanted. Moreover I knew it too.

“So I can have this pussy whenever I want right baby?” he asked “Because I’m going to want it a lot.”

“This is your pussy.” Tina shouted “It’s your anytime you want. Just tell me when. Oh God, I love your black cock in me.”

“Do you like having a real man fucking you?” he responded all the while looking at me “How do you like a real man’s cock?”

“Oh God, I love it!” she screamed loudly “I love having a real man fuck me for a change!”

I was deeply hurt hearing her say this but also extremely excited. Tina was becoming a slut before my eyes, despite what she had said in conversations before.

Devon quickened his pace until he was a blur of motion slamming her pussy with every stroke. I could hear the sound of his massive balls slapping against Tina’s pussy and the grunt of enjoyment she uttered each time they did. She suddenly grabbed the bedsheets twisting them violently as an orgasm overcame her.

“Ugggggghhhhhh!” she cried out “I’m going to cum! Oh God, I’m cuuuummmminnng! Yes, Yes, Yes. Give me that black cock baby! I want your baby making seed deep in me. Give it to me, give it to meeeeeeee!”

Devon abruptly gripped her hips, thrusting his cock deep into her one final time. As he climaxed inside her she reached back and grabbed his ass, holding it to allow every drop of his semen to enter her. After he came they crumpled onto the bed breathing heavily.

Devon and Tina continued to make love until around 2 o’clock in the morning, trying various positions until they were both completely spent. As far as I could tell Tina had about a dozen orgasms and Devon had cum in her three times. They lay there kissing and talking in low whispers for a few minutes holding each other closely. He finally mentioned that he probably should go as he had a commitment later that afternoon.

“Can’t you stay?” Tina pleaded “Mark could sleep in the guest bedroom and we could stay here, right honey?”

I sheepishly nodded in agreement that he could stay the night.

Devon said he would love to but couldn’t, he kissed her and left to change. As I heard him walking down the hallway I looked over at Tina. She was still sweaty and her hair was a mess but she had a huge smile on her face. When she got up her legs were shaking and she was somewhat unsteady. Tina smiled at me and wordlessly reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out an unused thong panty that had come with her gown. As she slid it on she looked at me with a mischievous grin.

“I’m trying to keep what’s left of his cum inside me.” she said “I want you to clean me up after he leaves.”

Tina nude except for the thong, headed into the living room. When Devon returned we talked for a few minutes and we slowly moved to the front door.

After Devon opened the door he turned to Tina, pulled her close to him and began kissing her in the doorway. The living room light framed and displayed them to the outside world. I suddenly realized that if someone was looking out at this time of night they would surely be able to see what was going on. Tina seemed unfazed however and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply back.

Just when I thought Devon had made his final goodbyes, he took Tina by the hand and had her walk him to his car. I quickly peeked from behind the blinds to observe.

They stood for several minutes illuminated by the street lights, talking and kissing and I noticed her nodding a few times during the conversation. I nervously wondered if a car would pass by and see them. Finally he climbed into his car, turned on the headlights and slowly backed out of the driveway. She stood there waving as the lights cascaded over her mostly nude body and she didn’t seem to care if anyone could see her or not. Only once he rounded the curve did she turn to come inside.

Tina stepped inside and shut the door.

“That was incredible.” she said breathlessly “I’ve never cum so much in my life. Thank you honey.”

“So I was right?” I responded “You enjoyed it?”

Tina gave me a look like she couldn’t believe what I was saying but then stepped closer to me.

“Truthfully that was the best sex I have ever had.” she said seriously “I started to lose count of the orgasms. Yes honey, you were right.”

She then noticed that I was still fully clothed.

“I’m surprised you didn’t jack off while Devon and I were making love.” she said.

“Frankly, I was so excited I didn’t even think to do anything but watch. I was riveted to the chair and didn’t want to miss anything. Maybe we could remedy that in a little bit?”

Tina looked down at the bulge in my pants and back up at me.

“Honey, I’m a pretty sore right now.” she said “Maybe I could give you a hand job instead?”

“Right now I’ll take anything.” I responded.

Tina took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Looking over her shoulder she said “Okay, I’m going to give you the best hand job you ever had but first there’s something you need to do, remember?”

I quickly took off my clothes and climbed on the bed beside Tina and watched as she slid off the thong.

“Most of his cum is dried on my pussy and legs but there is still some in there.” she said “Time for you to clean me up.”

I started licking the inside of her legs cleaning Devon’s dried cum off and slowly progressed to her pussy. A faint musty smell filled my nose as I licked the dry semen. Tina moaned and spread her legs wider.

“Oh yes baby.” She cooed “Clean me up, oh that feels so good. Keep licking.”

I licked and cleaned and then thrust my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. Tina let out a deep moan and started to pinch her inflamed nipples.

Ooooh!” she shouted “That’s right baby, lick all of his cum out of my married pussy. Don’t miss a drop. You like cleaning me out don’t you? Eat every bit out of me!”

As I continued to eat her, she grabbed my head and thrust her pussy against my tongue. She suddenly turned her head and let out a massive groan.

I’m cumming!” she shouted at the top of her voice “Oooooh God, I’m cuuuummmming!”

After she had caught her breath she had me lay on my back and she lubed my cock up. Tina started stroking my shaft slowly moving her hand up and down.

“Did you enjoy tonight honey?” she asked innocently “ Did you enjoy seeing your sweet wife getting fucked?”

“Oh God, yes.” I replied “It was amazing.”

“What was your favorite part?” she asked me.

“There were so many. You kissing him was really hot.”

Tina smiled and laughed. “I know what I said about kissing on the mouth, but I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny and he was fucking me so good I had to kiss him. I hope you didn’t mind.”

No, I didn’t mind at all.” I said “It was so incredibly hot to look at.”

“So, what else?” she asked “What else turned you on?”

“Oh baby.” I said “When you were asking him to breed you and give you his baby. I thought for a minute you were serious.”

Tina sped up her rubbing. “To tell the truth.” she said “I wanted him to impregnate me at the time. He was talking dirty to me and stroking me with that delicious cock of his and I was ready to do anything he wanted.”

I groaned with the thought that my wife would be willing to bear another man’s child and Tina could tell I was excited at the thought.

“Is that what you want honey?” she whispered “Do you want me to get pregnant with Devon’s baby? Do you want your wife to carry his black child?”

“Oh God, yes I do.” I answered back as she stroked my cock faster and faster.

“Devon and I talked outside when he was getting ready to leave. Do you want to know what we talked about? You’ll have to beg me to tell you.”

I quickly begged her to reveal what they had spoken about.

“He wants to come by on Wednesday after work to fuck me again, and I said yes. He’s going to come here and fuck me in our bed again. He also wants me to come to his place sometimes so we can play alone. I told him I was his anytime he wants and anywhere.”

I could feel the cum rising in my cock as she spoke.

“He also said he has some of his college friends coming for a visit next month and he wants me to stay the weekend and play with them.”

“What did you say?” I asked hesitantly.

“I told him if they are as hung as him, I would fuck them all.” she responded.

I started to buck up and down in her hands as she furiously jacked me off.

“Oh, does that turn you on?” Tina asked “Are you picturing me being fucked by several black studs? Are you thinking about it? Can you see me fucking them and taking all their cum, begging to be bred and being their married fuck? I’m going to do it Mark, I’m going to fuck them all.”

“Uuuughhh!!” I cried out as my cum shot out of my cock.

Tina smiled as I orgasmed and gently rubbed my cock until it went limp. She then got up and gave me a towel to wipe off with, then climbed back into bed sitting beside me.

“I think you started something you might regret.” she said quietly “I meant what I said about continuing to meet him and fucking his friends. I want more now and I’m not going to stop.”

“I know.” I replied “This is what I said I wanted, and I’m not backing down now.”

With that Tina lay beside me and hugged me laying her head on my shoulder. “Thank you honey.” she said “But I think you created something you may not be prepared for.”

Oh, I believe I got exactly what I wanted.” I said smiling “I got the hotwife I always wanted.”

Tina smiled broadly and hugged me tighter. We quietly lay together and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Tina did meet Devon at our house later that week and I watched them take up where they had left off. It wasn’t long before she started going to Devon’s on Friday nights, staying overnight and coming home late Saturday with her pussy filled with his jism for me to clean up. Additionally she was true to her word, when Devon’s friends came in she spent the weekend fucking them.

She called me so I could listen to the action. I jacked off listening to her grunt with pleasure and talk like a filthy slut. Additionally during the course of the weekend Devon would take pictures and videos of her getting fucked and text them to my phone. Tina was now completely his and he wanted me to know it.

The end result is Devon has now taken complete charge of my wife and does what he wants with her. She has pretty much become his property as he said she would be.

They frequently go out on dates, although they do so far from where we live so no one we know will happen to see them. About twice a month Devon will stop by the house during a weekday to have a booty call with Tina.

When he arrives I know it’s my cue to head to the guest bedroom to give them privacy. I lay in the bed stroking my cock as the noises of them making love echo down the hallway. The sounds of my wife groaning and moaning as he slams his enormous cock into her stirs me like nothing else. It is only after he leaves that I come back to our marriage bed and perform my ritual duties of cleaning her up.

Tina and Devon have been fucking now for about a year and the change in her is shocking. The body hiding dresses are relegated for work or if she and I go out locally. When Tina goes out on a date with Devon she wears sexy outfits that accent her lovely body. She only wears garters with stockings and never wears panties anymore. She now has a closet full of “date clothes”.

Tina announced just last week that Devon wants her to get an Ace of Spades tattoo on her right ass cheek and that he is taking her to a Tattoo Parlor soon to get it.

She has become what she said she wouldn’t be. She now acts like a total slut with him. Tina sees Devon exclusively but she has suggested that she might be willing to branch out and date other black lovers later.

I don’t get to fuck her much anymore but she ensures that I get a hand job when she comes home and describes in detail her most recent sexual encounter. Tina frankly told me not too long ago that she doesn’t even feel me when I enter her and that she is in need of large cocks now.

Our married life has changed forever and I know she won’t go back to our dull sex life. Now when we sit in church on Sundays and listen to the pastor deliver his sermon, I can’t help but picturing her fucking Devon just a few nights before.

I look around the congregation and wonder if anyone has the foggiest notion that my wife and their church secretary has a hidden secret, an uncontrollable lust for black cock. Now when we sit in our pew while she holds my hand I smile, because I cannot wait for what will come next.

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