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Im sitting at the bar

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Tonight, as I sit in this very classy hotel cocktail bar, a married woman, elegantly dressed in my dark blue business suit, I'm hoping that a good looking guy will come up to me and try his luck. If he does, and I like him, I will definitely fuck him tonight! Down the other end of the bar my husband is patiently watching too see if it happens. We both hope it does!

All this started a few months ago in a similar hotel bar when by chance my husband and I were both away on business in the same city. We are both in our mid thirties and have great jobs. Unfortunately, we are often away working but that means we are always horny when we get the chance to be together, so we decided to stay the weekend and enjoy some good fucking.

We had gone to the bar and sat at one of the tables, having dinner and a bottle of wine. Another couple like us came into the bar and sat at the counter. The tall blonde woman must have been my age and her handsome husband was a couple of years older than Jack. I noticed her because of her fantastic dark emerald green business suit and expensive high heels. She was very classy! On her finger was a huge sparkling diamond ring. The elegant blonde and her husband (he also had a wedding ring), were very intimate and he wrapped his arm around her waist while they ordered drinks. Kissing and laughing, they seemed very happy.

I held Jack's hand and pointed out there were other couples like us and we kissed too. I was looking forward to our romantic weekend and watching them just added to my great mood.

"Are they a couple or is it an affair?" questioned Jack. Now my curiosity was piqued and I couldn't stop observing them. Jack and I whispered our various theories until the man finished his drink, kissed her on the cheek and left the bar. Jack said he'd gone to get a room. She settled down to checking her phone and sending messages. Jack and I eventually decided her husband (or lover) had gone off to do a conference call and would be back shortly.

By now the bar was filling up with business people coming to the end of their day. Several men eyed up the sexy blonde but thought better of it and left her alone. Perhaps it was the obvious wedding rings. After about twenty minutes, a tall handsome man in a dark business suit came and asked her permission to sit on the stool next to her. She didn't object and flashed him a warm encouraging smile. Once he was settled in place he ordered her another glass of white wine and they started to chat. She seemed very at ease and the man. Occasionally she would touch his forearm in a flirtatious way and she was clearly enjoying the stranger's attention.

"This will be interesting if her husband comes back, especially if he's the jealous type", I said. The more I watched her the more fascinated I became. At one point, she even spotted me watching her and gave me a broad friendly smile, throwing her head back and laughing. She was SO sexy and self-assured!

I was beginning to think that her husband had left altogether and she was taking advantage of the situation, when ten minutes later, Jack pointed him out coming from the elevator. This time, instead of coming over to his wife, he sat at the far end of the bar and just observed her. He looked very relaxed and watched her for at least five minutes. Then he pulled out his phone and sent a message. Instantly the blonde's phone buzzed and she excused herself from her suitor, turning away so she could read the message in private.

The blonde smiled to herself reading the note and typed her short response. At the other end of the bar I could see her husband just got a message. He too was smiling. As she turned back to her companion she would have clearly seen her husband over his shoulder. Her husband winked and nodded his head in the affirmative. I was dying to know what they had said to each other in the texts.

I had been keeping Jack up to date on the saga unfolding in front of us.

"What do you think they're doing?" I asked naively, unable to fathom what was happening.

"He wants to watch her getting picked up", suggested Jack.

"You've got to be kidding!" I gasped. "Do people do that?" Even although I had read plenty of similar scenarios in the sex advice pages of women's magazines about ways to spice up your sex-life.

"Or maybe they're looking for a threesome", Jack continued. "He probably just gave her the thumbs-up to go for it!"

I was transfixed. Over the next ten minutes I kept sneaking glances at them. Gradually the blonde became flirtier, until the man drew her close and whispered something in her ear. She laughed out loud and playfully pushed at his chest. Then without hesitation, she put her hand behind the stranger's neck and drew him forward into a passionate kiss. As she broke the kiss, the blonde again turned our way and smiled - she was showing off for us too!

"Oh, my god, this is so sexy to watch!" I confided to Jack. "She's so brazen! It's like an erotic movie!"

I realized that I was getting hot and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was getting turned on for some reason. As a woman, I was wondering what she was thinking. Jack could sense my excitement.

"Would you?" asked my husband.

"Would I what?"

"Would you do it, if it was you at the bar and I was sitting up the other end?"

I was stunned and couldn't even think about his question. I just stared at him. Now I was getting light headed and breathless. Jack persisted.

"Would you have sex with another guy, if we both liked the idea?"

"I don't know", was all I could say truthfully. I was so confused and now my heart was pounding. Was my husband really asking me if I would fuck another guy?

Jack took my hand and pulled me forwards. We started to kiss and I felt my pussy flutter.

"Let's just watch what happens", I said as our kiss broke and I tried to regain my composure. The problem was that Jack had put the seed of a thought in my mind. Now, every time I looked at the blonde, I imagined it was me on the stool. The man was sexy. He was good looking. In our four years of marriage I had never even thought about a man other than Jack and now I was wondering if I would like to fuck the man at the bar.

Just then the blonde slipped off her bar stool and pulled the man close by his lapel. She whispered something in his ear, took her purse and headed for the ladies' room. The man called the barman over and asked for the check. A few moments after the blonde went into the bathroom, her husband's phone buzzed. He looked at her message and smiled.

I don't know what made me do it, but I suddenly snatched my purse and followed her into the bathroom. When I entered, she was fixing her hair and makeup at the mirror. Clumsily I blurted out my question.

"He's not your husband, is he? And that's your husband at the other end of the bar?"

Without stopping her makeup, she answered me in a very matter of fact tone.

"No, he's not. And yes, that is my husband", she turned, flashing me a knowing smile. "He likes me to fuck other men. I do it because it turns him on and I love having sex with different men to please him. It's called being a Hot Wife".

"Oh!" was all I could manage.

"And you've been enjoying watching me all evening and wonder if you could do the same?" she asked.

"Sort of!" I think I was visibly shaking. She reached out and took my hand, facing me.

"Find out if your husband likes the idea. It's part of our sex-life. It is part of our marriage. It works for us. I'm going to go up to this sexy man's room, fuck him maybe a couple of times and then in a few hours, I'll be back in bed with my husband Chris, making love all night long, telling him all the details. It's our thing!"

I was still pretty well speechless and limply nodded at her. Absent mindedly, I got out my lipstick and started to reapply it.

"By the way" she added, "that's my lucky bar stool - you should try it. It almost always works!"

"Thank you. I'm Helen", is all I could say.

"I'm Anne. Good luck Helen. Maybe we'll see you at breakfast. I hope you and your husband have a very sexy night!"

Anne kissed me quickly on the cheek and headed back to the bar. I composed myself and followed her a few moments later, in time to watch her walking out of the bar hand in hand with her lover, briefly glancing towards her smiling husband as she passed him. At the elevator she looked back over her shoulder and stared directly at me. She nodded and smiled and I knew exactly what I had to do. Without hesitating I walked to Anne's vacant stool and slipped up onto it. Not looking at Jack, I pulled my phone out of my purse and texted him.

"You were right. She's going fuck him. Later tonight she'll go back to her husband. It's their regular thing. And Anne told me this is her lucky bar stool and I can use it".

Turning to the barman I ordered a drink. My heart was beating even faster in my chest and I felt out of breath. I looked down the bar and Anne's husband was paying his bill and sending another text. Then my phone buzzed. It was Jack.

"You look great. I'm sure someone will hit on you!"

I kept my back to Jack and texted him.

"Is that what you really want?"

"YES. It's my biggest fantasy".

"So, you're OK with this? It turns you on?"

"Yes, I want you to get picked up and fuck someone!"

"Make sure you are VERY certain! You have one minute to come up to the bar and get me or there's no turning back."

That next sixty seconds was the longest in my life. I sat there, watching each second tick by. Half of me was hoping Jack would come and rescue me from this stupidity. My other half was a throbbing pussy and I felt so alive.

The minute passed and Jack didn't come to get me. My phone buzzed.

"Good luck, darling!"

I just kept staring at the bar until a few moments later a hand brushed my forearm sending an electric thrill through my whole body.

"This is normally my wife's lucky stool. I was hoping it might be lucky for me if I came over and talked to you".

Up close, Anne's husband was even more attractive than when I saw him earlier. I was relieved it was him and not someone random.

"Hello, I'm Helen and you must be Chris. I met Anne in the restroom".

"Do you and your husband Hot Wife too?" he asked kindly, making me relax.

"It's my first time", I admitted. "Watching Anne inspired me!"

"Is that your husband watching behind me?" asked Chris.

"Yes, that's Jack. Would you like to meet him?" I asked, not really knowing the protocol.

"No. That would spoil it for him unless he wants a threesome", advised Chris, taking my hand and getting very close to me. I felt his arm slide around my shoulders and instinctively I raised my mouth towards him and met his kiss. I was glad I was on the stool or I would probably have collapsed on the floor. There was something wickedly erotic about that first kiss in front of my husband. "Send him a text. Tell him you want to go up to my room to fuck me and does he like the idea - it will turn him on!"

I didn't look at Jack but sent the text Chris suggested as he began to kiss my neck. In a few seconds, I got the reply.

"OH, YES PLEASE! Bring me back a used pussy and all the details. I love you".

Chris dropped some cash on the bar and took my hand. I was too excited to back down now, even if Jack had tried to stop us leaving. I need not have worried. The look of excitement on his face as I walked past him with my lover said it all, so I decided to make the most of Chris and enjoy him completely.

Once in the room with Chris, I forgot my husband completely, I was so absorbed in the thrill of a new man. Chris was a very skillful and considerate lover. He didn't rush me and we slowly played, kissed and caressed each other until we were finally naked in bed. When his tongue found its way to my sopping pussy, I almost screamed out at his exquisite touch as he licked me and teased my clit gently between his teeth. I started to come in constant waves and eventually I was so sensitive that I had to push his mouth away before my whole body exploded.

Chris raised himself up and positioned his cockhead at the mouth of my pussy. I took it in my hand to guide him and he didn't feel much different in size to my husband. Maybe it was the thrill of a new man's cock but somehow, I could feel every ridge, ripple, bulging vein and fold of skin as this beautiful man parted me and slid into my waiting depths. My legs naturally wrapped behind his back and I drew him in, matching his every thrust. I wondered what Anne was doing with her lover at that moment as I surrendered to her husband.

Soon, our pace quickened and we began to fuck wildly. Our mouths mashed together as we kissed and moaned. I couldn't help little tears of delight as I hit my orgasm. I don't normally come easily without touching myself but the whole sinfully erotic idea of consensually cuckolding my husband must have set me off and I reached another little peak when I felt the hot flood of Chris's come deep inside my womb. I knew exactly why Anne loved doing this!

We lay there sweating and stroking each other. I started to think about Jack and wondered how he was doing. I was excited to go back and tell him all about it but I was also thinking it would be fun to do it with Chris again. Then Chris got a message from Anne.

"He was great! I have two loads of come for you. Are you with Helen?"


Immediately the phone rang and it was Anne. She asked to speak to me.

"Was it good?" she asked. "Do you like being a Hot Wife?"

"Yes, your husband is amazing!"

"Good. Can I try yours too?" she joked.

"How did you know I was here with him?"

"Because I texted him and asked him if you got on my stool. When he said yes I told him to help you with your first time".

"Thank you. You're welcome to try Jack".

"I may just do that tomorrow!" she laughed. "You should go back to Jack now - he'll be going out of his mind because it's his first time too. And I need to get back and let Chris eat this come while it's still fresh". I thanked Anne again and told her I hoped we would see each other tomorrow for a 'girl's chat'.

I got back to our room about 5 minutes later and Jack was waiting for me naked in bed with a huge hard on.

"Did you have fun?" he asked simply. I nodded and stripped.

"I have a cunt full of another man's come here! Does that make you happy?"

"Oh yeah! Now bring her over here so I can take a closer look!"

I felt like a total slut and so turned on. I stool on the bed and straddled Jack, lowering my pussy to within a few inches of his face. I could feel come leaking out.

"Do you like what you see?"

Before I knew what was happening Jack had pulled me down, landed my pussy on his mouth and began to eat me. I was still so sensitive that in just a few minutes I came again and the gut wrenching spasms made my pussy pump come into my husband's waiting mouth. Then I slid myself down and found his cock with my parted pussy. Jack slipped in easily and I kissed him, enjoying the taste of Chris's come from my husband's mouth.

Just like Anne had described, I made love to my husband slowly, reliving and relating all the details of my amazing fuck with Chris. I was so surprised how much Jack was into it and not jealous at all. That night I vowed to become a Hot Wife - why not!

We slept late after a long night of passion and I hoped we'd not missed Anne and Chris. I called their room and Anne answered, so we arranged for all of us to have brunch together.

I was a bit nervous at first but after a few Mimosas, I relaxed and we all talked about the previous night. It was so erotic sitting there with my lover and my husband and his sexy wife. Somehow, it felt OK to share our secret feelings and fantasies with this amazing couple.

"So how was Martin?" Jack asked Anne.

"Very hot, thank you. He was a great pick", she replied.

Then it struck me like a train. This was a set up?

Jack could see the look on my face, and smiled at my confusion. Anne reached across and took my hand.

"This was all for you, darling", she cooed. "Jack wanted our help to get you started!"

Before I could really take it all in, Jack leaned over and kissed my neck. Again, I was a whirlwind of confusion, tingling pussy and butterflies in my stomach.

"So you all know each other?" I asked.

"Not exactly", explained Anne. "Jack and Chris work together and it seems that they got talking about Hot Wives".

"And Martin is our Regional Sales Director, just recently single".

I was flabbergasted and pretty well left speechless.

"How about we take a couple of bottles of champagne up to our room?" suggested Chris. "After all, we have the rest of the weekend to talk about this!"

We ended up spending the whole afternoon and night with Chris and Anne. That was my first swinging experience too. But that, of course, is another whole story!

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