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I put the steaks on the grille and began cooking while Sally and Gary set the table, brought out the salad, and prepared a vegetable. When the meat was done, Gary fixed us each another drink and we sat down to eat. When the meal was finished, Gary and Sally cleaned up the kitchen as I brought everything in from the patio.

It was a great meal and we each ate our fill. Gary filled our crank pipe once more and we settled down in the living room. I turned on the television as the pipe was being passed. There was really nothing on, even though it was a Saturday night.

Sally asked if we wanted to play some cards for a while since it was still early. Both Gary and I said that would be fine, and Sally went to the bedroom to find the cards.

While sally was looking for the cards, Gary told me what a hot wife I had and how much he enjoyed her company that afternoon at the lingerie shop. I guess I would have had a good time too, with someone trying on lingerie, and letting me feel the material on each one. Any way that comment made me feel pretty good. I started to set up the card table while waiting for Sally to come back into the living room. Gary went back to the bedroom to see what the problem was with Sally and I set up three chairs.

When Gary came back to the living room, he said he had talked Sally into putting on the second outfit he had bought for her that afternoon. I had not seen it yet and was anxious to see what it looked like. About three minutes later, Sally came out to the living room with the cards and wearing her new outfit.

It was a red top with only two buttons. Both buttons were below her tits, and the top was undone. This showed lots of cleavage, and allowed both Gary and I to see all of her tits when she bent forward. I started to feel my dick get hard once more. I could not catch a glimpse at Gary, but I know he was having a problem as well.

Sally as if anyone had an objection to playing a game of spades? I didn’t care and neither did Gary. So, as it turned out, spades was going to be the name the game. Sally wanted to know if we were going to play for anything, or just for fun.

It didn’t matter to me one way or the other.

Gary said he wouldn’t mind playing strip spades with us if it was ok with Sally. Since Gary had seen Sally naked several times, she decided there would be no harm. I could see her nipples starting to get hard and push through the red silk like material. Gary elbowed me in the side and winked as he noticed the hardness as well. I got up while Sally was shuffling the cards and put on a porno tape in the VCR and turned it on. I thought we may as well have something on the tube as we played. Besides, since having had the drinks and the crank, a porno flick seemed like the next most logical step to take.

Sally dealt the out the cards and we started the game. It only took about ten minutes to complete the first game, which Sally lost with a count of three. I took the middle position with four, and Gary was the overall winner with seven. Gary, being the winner, asked Sally what item she was going to remove first.

She only had on three items, so she decided that her shorts would be fir first to go. She said since Gary was the overall winner, he could take them off! When Gary was done removing Sally’s shorts, all she had left on was her new red top and a pair of black panties. Sally was quite a sight to look at for both Gary and I. I really started getting hard now, and the porno flick didn’t help matters my situation any!

Sally asked Gary if he could refill the crank pipe then looked at me and asked if I would fix another drink for each of us. Gary and I went about our assigned chores while Sally shuffled the cards again and dealt out the next hand. By the time the pipe was empty and the drinks were finished, Gary had lost with three, I had four, and Sally was the winner with six.

This time, Sally said that Gary had no choice what he was going to have removed. She was going for his pants. Gary started to object since he didn’t wear any underwear. Sally said that was just to bad and told Gary to stand up, which he did. She undid the top Gary’s button on his pants and lowered his zipper. This done, she pulled his pants down to the floor and out sprang Gary’s hard on!

Nice cock remarked Sally as she threw Gary’s pants in the corner of the living room. I could have sworn that she purposely brushed up against Gary’s hard on as she threw his pants. It kind of bounced back and forth in an unnatural way as he sat back down at the table.

While Gary’s pants were being removed, I was shuffling for the start of the next game. I pushed the cards Sally’s way. She cut the cards and dealt out the third hand. I hoped I didn’t lose this round as the game was really starting to get interesting. As luck would have it, Gary lost again. This time, Sally won with five, I had a total of four and poor Gary only had two.

Sally had Gary stand up and she removed his shirt. This only left him with his tee shirt. If he lost that he would be completely naked! Gary seemed to be getting nervous and asked Sally if he could shuffle this time around. She pushed him the cards to shuffle and I changed the tape in the VCR to another porno. We each had another hit from the pipe and Sally dealt out the fourth hand.

I felt I had this hand won from the start. I had lots of spades a couple of ace’s from other suits. To my surprise, Sally ended up this hand with no points, I had seven and Gary ended up with six. This time I told Sally to stand up and walk over to me and turn around. I reached from behind her and undid the one button that held her new top together in the front. As the material swung away from her tits and they came into view, I pulled the top off her shoulders and lifted her arms through the sleeves. This left Sally totally naked except for her black panties. I reached around and gave her right tit a squeeze and tossed the top on the couch.

Sally said it wasn’t fair that I got to cop a feel when Gary didn’t. He took no time at all to jump up and right there put both of his hands on her tits and tweaked her nipples!


Sally sat back down at the table and took stock of where everyone stood. Both she and Gary only had one item left, but I had everything I started with. Sally suggested that since Gary and she only had one item left that the winner should have the option of playing for some time if it was either of them. I still had to play for my cloths if I was the looser. It was alright with Gary and me as I didn’t think I could loose and Gary said he wanted some time with Sally anyway.

Sally wanted another drink, but we were all out of liquor. I told since I was still dressed I would go to the store and get some more after this hand. She seemed ok with that, and began to shuffle. As she was dealing the cards, Gary asked how much time they would get if either of them won. Sally took a second and said fifteen minutes sounded about right. The game began. And I knew I was in trouble. I only had a couple of spades and three other high cards. Little did I know it was the same situation for Sally. Gary had the only good cards in his hand.

When the hand ended, Sally only had one point, I had three and Gary almost shot the moon with nine points. Sally stood up and told me to go to the store for the liquor and she would give Gary his fifteen minutes. She told me to hurry back as they would be ready to play again when I returned.

Sally then reached over to Gary, pulled off his tee shirt and kissed him while pressing her tits up against his chest.

I went out to the car and drove the five miles to the only store within twenty miles. I bought the liquor and was home in about a half an hour. I guess Gary had one fine time by the smile on his face when I returned. I went to fix everyone another drink, and he filled out pipe one more time. While I was making the drinks, Gary came into the kitchen and told me what a great blow job Sally had given him while I was gone. He also said what a lucky man I was to have a wife like her. She probably could suck a golf ball out of a hose. He stated Sally had sucked him absolutely dry two times!

Sally was getting fairly tired by now, and Gary had to go to work in the morning. We decided to call it a night. Sally put on her PJ top, but failed to button up the front.

We all retired to bed. In the morning when I woke, I found Gary in the kitchen with Sally. She was wearing a jump suit that Gary had bought her a a prior visit. I was surprised she wasn’t wearing anything under the jump suit. Gut then it had been a wild night, and she probable wanted a little more from Gary before he left.


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