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Fuck my wife, please

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Fuck My wife, Please -- By Eric Drew

"This is the wildest thing I've ever heard," I thought to myself.

I was sitting at the bar talking to one of my co-workers who I have known for several years. He had just finished telling me that he wanted me to fuck his wife while he watches it happen.

As a single guy in his late 30?s I have fucked my share of married women. In fact some of them I had met right at this same bar. A lot of women come here after work and it?s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with them while they sip their glasses of wine and scope out the possibilities. Over the years I have developed a sixth sense and can tell when these lonely ladies want something other than just a drink.

Until now all of my encounters with married women have been on the sly without hubby knowing that his sweet little lady just put out for another guy. Most of the time the women I hook up with are simply looking for something they are not getting at home. Either Hubby is working too hard or is to busy playing golf to pay much attention to them. I?ve even had a few tell me they are just getting even with their husbands who they found out were screwing around with their secretaries.

This situation was totally different. Tom and I have known each other for a long time and see each other almost every day. We work at different companies but have lunch together on occasion and share a mutual interest in sports. I have even been invited to their home a couple of times. His wife Judy is a knockout and one very sexy woman. I have to admit that I have had my share of lustful thoughts about her but had never given a thought to trying anything.

I was still in a state of shock as Tom fished out a packet of photos from his jacket pocket and began showing them to me. In every photo his lovely wife Judy was wearing some very sheer lingerie or was completely nude. His manner exuded a great deal of pride as he shared the photos with me. Some of the photos clearly showed beautiful breasts with their large pink nipples and some were taken showing her trimmed pussy and swollen pussy lips. There is not a man in this world that would not jump at the chance fuck this beautiful woman.

"A few years ago I began to read and hear about couples who brought a male partner into their relationship,? Tom was saying as he continued showing me her photos. ?There are more of them than you are apparently aware of. When I first suggested having another man join us in our bedroom, Judy was seemed shocked but it was obvious from the way she moaned that she was open to the idea. During the past month or so I have brought the subject up a few more times during our love making. A couple of nights ago when we were making love and I brought it up again and this time she just looked me right in the eye and asked when I was going to do something about it."

?There must be a lot of men that you know who could be a candidate and who would love to make your fantasy a reality. She's a very attractive woman. How did I get so lucky?" I asked.

"I have thought about asking some of our friends but Judy was not interested in any of them. I know she likes you and has even mentioned your name during some of our love making sessions. There is also one very distinctive difference in you!?

Oh yeah, what's that," I asked, my curiosity further aroused.

"During all of our fantasies Judy has consistently fantasized about fucking a man with a really big cock"

It suddenly hit me. I recalled an incident or two in the restroom when I was taking a leak. Tom was in the next stall and I had caught him looking rather carefully at my cock. I had some uncomfortable feeling but now I understood why he had done it.

"I guess I should be flattered,? I said.

The conversation and the photos were getting me excited and I felt my cock growing harder as Tom told me about Judy?s fantasy of being fucked by another guy with a really big dick. Mine certainly is in the "larger-than-average" category. Soft it's nearly seven inches and hard in can be more than nine. In fact a few of the women I've known have found it impossible to take it all comfortably. None have ever complained that it wasn't enough.

"Next week is our fifteenth anniversary," Tom Stated. "We always get a hotel room downtown and go out for a nice dinner and dancing. This year I thought that you might be a great anniversary present for her.?

For the next hour or so, Tom and I talked about how I would "accidentally" meet them in the dance club that they would go to after dinner. We carefully worked out how we would get things going and how Tom expected Judy to react. We parted with both of us feeling extremely excited about the scheme we had hatched.

All week I could do nothing but think about my date with Tom and Judy. Visions of her nice firm breasts and shaved pussy kept me awake at night. Of all the times I'd fucked married women this was going to be the best if things worked out the way we had planned.

The fateful night finally arrived. The plan was for me to be at the club by 9:00 and sit at the bar. Tom and Judy were supposed to arrive a few minutes later. At exactly nine I waked into the bar and located a spot that gave me a good view of the entire room, ordered a drink and eagerly waited their arrival.

About ten minutes later I spotted Tom coming through the door. It took me a few seconds to recognize his wife. Judy had her hair done differently than I recalled from the photos or the few times I'd seen her at their home. Instead of hanging down so that it framed her face she had it swept up so that it was swirled on top of her head. She was wearing a long black dress that fit like a glove. The dress had a slit up one side that nearly reached the top of her thigh. The effect was stunning and the anticipation of fucking her left me momentarily breathless.

I watched her ass as they made their way across the room to a table. She was truly one incredible sexy female. As I watched them walk across the room I rehearsed the plan in my mind. The plan was for me to wait fifteen or so minutes then walk over and say hello. Tom would act surprised to see me but would invite me to join them.

I waited the appropriate amount of time and watched as they ordered their drinks. Martini for Judy and scotch rocks Tom. After the waitress delivered the drinks I walked across the room to their table.

"Hey, look who's here," I said to Tom. "I didn't know you came here. It's a great club isn't it?"

Tom looked at me acting surprised to see me. "Hey Eric! What the hell are you doing here? I thought you hung out over at Ceros? he stated. After our planned interchange he said ?You remember my wife Judy??

"I must admit you look even lovelier than I remembered.? I said taking her hand and kissing it.

"Why thank you, Steve? she replied with a warm smile.

"Are you here alone?" Tom asked pretending to look around the room.

"Sure am," I replied. ?Just stopped by to have a quick drink before heading to my dull apartment.?

"Would you like to join us for a drink?? he asked looking and Judy for her approval.

I accepted the invitation and sat down next to Judy. We made small talk for a few minutes before Tom took Judy to the dance floor for a couple of fast numbers.

So far everything was going exactly as planned. Tom was going to bring her back to the table as soon as the DJ played a slow dance number. That would be my cue to invite her to dance. I had worn jockey shorts that held my tool up even when it was soft. I also wore rather tight fitting slacks which would make my package quite noticeable when I pressed against her body. ?It will definitely pique her interest? Tom had told me.

After a couple of fast numbers the tempo changed and Tom and Judy returned to the table as planned. I waited an appropriate minute or two before making my move. I turned to Tom and said ?If you're not going to dance with this beautiful lady, would you mind if I did?

"Be my guest," he replied. ?I?m not real good at these slow dances.?

"Judy, would you honor me with this dance," I asked as I stood beside her chair. "Here goes nothing," I thought to myself as I took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

I didn?t want to scare her off right away so I made it a point to dance with some space between us. Despite the minimal distance I could feel her body gently brushing against my cock. Even though my cock was starting to enlarge she showed no reaction so I figured everything was cool. Tom and I had agreed that we would let a couple of drinks take effect and let her get comfortable with me before I started anything.

"Thank you, Judy? I said as I returned her to the table when the tempo picked up again.

"Thank you!" she replied sweetly. "You're an excellent dancer."

Tom led her back to the dance floor and I ordered another round of drinks for us all. I told the waitress to ask the bartender to make her martini a little stronger than the last one and hoped that Judy wouldn't figure out what I had done.

After returning from the dance floor we sat and chatted for a while. Judy sipped her drink oblivious to the fact it was much stronger than the earlier one. Tom and I chatted about work and the current scores of our favorite football teams. A little while later Tom and Judy went back to the dance floor and remained there for two rather fast numbers. When the tempo slowed again, they returned and it was time to put the next part of the plan into action.

"Judy, may I have the pleasure again," I asked.

Without answering she held out her hand and I led her back to the dance floor. This time I held her a little closer but still not too conspicuously tight. I knew that she could feel the lump of my cock as it rubbed gently against her. As the dance progressed, I pulled her closer and she didn?t resist or pull back. As her body pressed against mine, I could feel my cock start to expand. Unfortunately the tempo changed again before things got very far and we returned to the table. Tom and Judy took the floor again and returned after just the one dance and Judy excused herself to go to the powder room.

As soon as she was out of earshot Tom told me that she had noticed my cock while we were dancing and had commented that I was 'hung like a horse'.

"She wasn't upset was she," I asked. "I tried not to be too obvious about it."

"Oh no, in fact she's rather intrigued by it. I think it won't be long before she will be begging to try it out."

"I'm ready any time," I replied.

"So am I," Tom agreed.

Fate was with us because just as Judy returned to the table the music switched to another slow number. This time I simply reached for her hand before she sat down and we walked quickly to the dance floor. As we moved to the music I pulled her close and dropped my hand to her ass and pressed my cock deliberately against her. She responded by pressing her body firmly against me allowing her body to massage my cock until it grew about as big as it would ever get. Putting her head on my shoulder she snuggled against me as her breath came in rapid gasps.

"Am I causing that?? she whispered in my ear. "I've never felt anyone quite so big."

?I think it likes you!? I whispered back pressing more firmly against her body. ?It only gets this way when I am with an exceptionally sexy woman. I hope you don?t mind cause I can?t do very much about it when I holding you this close.?

"Ohhhh, I don't mind," she replied. "In fact I'm flattered, and besides it feels so nice. I've never had the chance to enjoy anyone this big! I know I shouldn't say this, especially on our anniversary, but if Tom weren't here I would take you up to our room and fuck you till it fell off."

"Hmmm, now that's an offer I find hard to refuse. I'd love to make love to your beautiful body and shove this thing as deep as it will go.? I said, pressing my hard cock against her pelvis.

The tempo changed once again and I led Judy back to the table. As we sat down she moved her chair a little closer to mine and I felt her hand as it gently began to massage my erection. She tried to look as if nothing was happening but when Tom spoke to her she didn't seem to hear him. I reached over and slipped my hand through the slit of her skirt and began to gently but deliberately work my way up to her pussy. I could feel the warmth when I was inches away and when I got to her panty covered pussy. She jumped as I touched her there. Her panties were soaking wet. She definitely was ready.

"Tom, I think your wife is ready for her special present. What do you think?"

Tom, who had been observing everything we were doing and simply nodded. Then he leaned over and said, "Sweetheart, I have arranged a very special present for you for our anniversary." As he finished the words she looked at him with a surprised look on her face.

"Steve is your anniversary present. He is going to come with us to our room and give you the opportunity to enjoy a great present. Are you ready for that?"

"Oh my gawd!" she gasped. ", I'm ready," she stammered as she realized what those words meant."

It took a few minutes to pay the bill and walk out the door. Their hotel was a short walk away and Tom and I both had our arms around her as we walked. Every other step she would let her hand rub across the bulge in my pants.

By the time we reached the hotel I was so turned on and ready that the minute we were in the elevator I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. She dropped her hand to my crotch and tried to pull my zipper down. Once she had it down as far as it would go she inserted her hand inside and tried unsuccessfully to pull my cock out. I was so hard and because of that she was unable to free it from my jockey?s. Tom watched us with a "my wife's about to get fucked by another guy" grin on his face. It was an attitude that I was quickly beginning to like it a lot.

She was still trying to extract my cock as we walked down the corridor to their room and fortunately for us no one was around to notice. I glanced over at Tom who was trying to find the best vantage point were he could watch her every move. He had been right. She was hot for a my big cock.

As soon as we entered their room she dropped to her knees and quickly unfastened my belt and pulled my slacks down. Anxiously I helped her slide off my shorts down and moaned as her tongue flicked the tip of my cock.

"It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!" she exclaimed as she took the head in her mouth and gently swirled her tongue around it. Tom was sitting on the edge of the bed watching in delight as his wife lovingly sucked a strange cock.

The sensation of her tongue swirling around my cockhead felt wonderful. I knew she wouldn't be able to take it all in but she sure gave it the old college try. Tom watched as he removed his clothes and I took of my shirt. Within a few minutes Judy was the only one in the room who was still fully dressed.

Tom walked to where she was kneeling and unzipped the back of her dress. As she continued to lap on my cock he slid the dress over her arms and down her body. She straightened up briefly so he could pull the dress all the way off of her body leaving her in just a sexy black bra, panties, garter belt and hose.

"You are an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman," I said. "I have never fucked a woman as beautiful as you."

Wanting to see and feel her gorgeous I reached and unsnapped her bra. She held her arms to her sides and let it fall away. Her tits were even better than the photos and I softly caressed them as Tom slid her panties down and let them fall to the floor.

I could not believe my good fortune. Here I was, looking at one of the most beautiful creatures on earth totally naked. It was so much better than what I had seen in the photos Tom had shown me.

She took my hand and led the way to the bed where she fell backward and spread her legs apart revealing her neatly shaved pussy. She held her arms outstretched in an invitation for me to come to her. As I moved forward I was treated to a great view of her pink slit glistening with her juices. She was ready. I had to taste her exquisitely sexy cunt and fell to the floor and buried my head between her legs.

"Oh, yes, eat my pussy," she encouraged.

The warmth and smell of her pussy turned me on and made my cock throb in anticipation. Bending closer, I slid my tongue over her wet flesh causing her to jump and press her pelvis to me. Slowly I ran my tongue around the fleshy edges of her pussy and up and down her slit. Finding her clit I began caressing it with my tongue. Her body quivered and shook as her first climax of the evening surged through her body.

"Ooohhh, that was marvelous," she murmured. "I want you to fuck me now. Please put that magnificent cock in me and fuck me hard."

I wanted to make sure that Tom got the full visual effect of my cock entering his wife's cunt so I raised her leg and moved it out of the way. Holding my cock, I rubbed the head up and down her slit to get it well lubricated. Tom stopped stroking himself and leaned forward to watch as my cock slowly entered his beautiful wife?s body.

I heard Judy and Tom gasp as I pressed forward and sent my cock sliding inside. I was about halfway in when I heard Tom moan and looked over to witness a blast of cum shooting from his cock.

Judy seemed oblivious to it all as I slowly pushed forward and buried all nine inches inside her wet cavern. Pressing it as deep as I could go, I held it there to allow her body to adjust then slowly withdrew until just the tip was imbedded.

"Please don't tease me," she begged. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want that big cock deep inside me.?

My cock throbbed from the excitement I felt from hearing her words. Many of the women I had bedded in the past were vocal but not like this. Judy was an incredible woman and I savored the wonderful sensation as her inner muscles caressed my engorged tool. Fucking her was an incredible experience and I could feel every inch of her flesh as she enveloped me.

My balls slapped her ass as our tempo increased. I felt Tom?s movement behind me and looked to see that he was standing right next to me watching wide eyed as my cock slid in and out of Judy?s beautiful body. He stood there mesmerized for several minutes then moved to the bed where he guided his cock to her mouth.

I was totally blown away. Not only was I fucking a beautiful woman right in front of her husband but I was watching her take his cock in her seductive mouth This was the very first time in my life to see a woman take on two men at the same time and the picture of it almost sent me over the edge.

"Do me doggy style!? she begged as she turned over and supported herself on her knees and hands. As I guided my cock back to her gaping hole, she took Tom?s cock and guided it back to her mouth. As I pounded into her pussy from behind her body moved upward and sent her mouth over Tom?s cock.

Suddenly she seemed to freeze in mid stroke and her body shook violently. "Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, she screamed as her climax shattered her world. "I love your cock, I love it, ohhhhhh! Her words trailed off as Tom lost it again and shot his load in her gaping mouth.

"Now it's my turn," I muttered as I felt my cock begin to explode. "I'm cumming!? I groaned as a jet of semen shot deep inside her body. I pressed myself as deep as I could and felt my cock throb and shoot its load inside her. My body trembled and shook more than it had ever done in all of the times I could recall. This was the beyond description.

Looking at the juncture were my cock and her pussy joined I saw a river of cum running around my cock and flowing down her legs. We remained coupled for several minutes as my cock slowly returned to its normal size. As I gently pulled out Tom let out a loud gasp as he watched a river of juices flow down his wife?s leg and onto the bed.

For the next two hours Tom and I happily did everything we could do to satisfy his sex crazed wife. We made love in every imaginable position. I lost track of how many times she came but knew it had to have been a dozen or more. I was able to get off twice more before I had to surrender. We cuddled for awhile and finally fell asleep on the king size bed.

My spending the entire night was not part of the plan so when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized the time I decided it was time for me to depart. I got up quietly and went to the bathroom. As I returned to retrieve my clothes I ran into Judy who was awake and waiting for me.

She quickly pulled me to the bed where I easily slipped into her wet and willing pussy for yet another round. This time it took it was slow and lasted for several minutes before we both reached the peak and experienced another mind blowing orgasm. When we finished I cuddled into her and fell asleep again forgetting all about leaving.

That morning my visit with them was capped of by fucking Judy one last time in the shower. While Judy and I were enjoying ourselves in the shower, Tom sat on the toilet and jerked himself off then while I s dressing Judy sucked Tom to a climax.

"This was more than I could have ever have imagined," Tom said as I started for the door. "It's easily the sexiest thing I've ever seen or done and I hope that we can do it again sometime soon."

"I never in my wildest dreams realized what fun a strange cock could be.? Judy added ?I hope Tom is ready for the consequences of what he started because I know I'll never be satisfied with just one cock anymore."

I smiled as I walked out and closed the door behind me. There was no doubt that I would be the one to satisfy her again and again.

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