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Derby Party

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We finally did it. After moving to the country and taking more than two years to get our house and garage bar just right, we planned a blow out Kentucky Derby party.

Our Derby party was a wild success and a few people were still scattered throughout the house, garage bar and outdoor areas. The race had long since ran and the remaining guest were well lubricated.

I made my rounds checking on everyone to ensure they were enjoying themselves. One couple was really enjoying themselves on our downstairs sofa. A few wives were gossiping at the kitchen bar still sipping mint julips. Several of the guys were shooting pool and drinking beer in the garage.

My wife was not amongst any of them, so I checked with the group by the fire pit. They advised she may be on the “420” porch. That was the back porch where Liz kept her bong and smoked her weed. Some fellas brought some supposedly good stuff they wanted to let her sample. I figured they wanted to sample her.

I cut through the bonus room to find the double doors open to the covered porch. The fire flickered from the small propane table. The pungent smell of marijuana filled the air. Liz and two nice looking guys were hitting her large water bong. She was on the outdoor couch between them.

Sitting across and enjoying a cocktail was a dark haired beauty I’d only glimpsed earlier in the evening. She, like my wife, was wearing a short summer dress and cowboy boots. I sat next to her and introduced myself.

“You have a beautiful home and wife,” she said.

“One of these lucky fellas does too if your with him,” I replied.

Her name was Raven, very fitting. She was tan, short, and curvy with huge tits. She was married to Jake. He was the weed guy sitting very close to my wife on her right. To her left was his friend Darrius.

“Our mutual friend Jeff invited us,” Raven softly said, as if she didn’t want to disturb what was going on in front of us. She had leaned in close to my ear to say it, which let me know she was comfortable sitting close to me. I capitalized on the moment by sliding over as if to hear better.

“They seem to be enjoying themselves,” I said softly into her ear. Her perfume was arousing and I glimpsed at her ample cleavage.

“Your wife has been Jake’s target since she greeted him.”

“Target,” I asked innocently?

“I’m sure he wants to fuck her.” “Would you be ok with that?”

“Only if you are ok with a swap,” I said as I blatantly looked over her body then stared into her eyes.

“I’ve kept my eye on you tonight, you’re handsome and charming,” she said as she placed her hand on my thigh.

Liz finally saw me there. She looked very relaxed and said something about me getting to know Raven. I smiled and said it looked like everyone was getting to know one another.

I stood to introduce myself with a firm handshake to Jake and Darrius. When they sat back down, they were both intentionally closer to Liz. Jake casually put his arm around her on the couch. He looked at Raven who gave a subtle nod that made him smile.

Jake leaned in and whispered something into Liz’s ear. She told me later that he said, “Your husband wants you to enjoy yourself and I think he wants to fuck my wife.” “I definitely want to fuck you.”

She slowly looked at me with sultry eyes. I smiled. She turned to look at Jake and he kissed her. It was slow and seductive. As they kissed, Darrius ran his hands up and down her thigh, inching her dress higher with each pass.

The scene was slow, gentle and very erotic. It would build to what we knew would be a lustful frenzy but I was hoping not to soon. I felt Raven shift and suddenly her lips were on my neck and her hand slid from my thigh to my crotch.

I turned to kiss her and hold her body. I was torn between watching and participating. Raven knew it. Between kisses she whispered, “I like to watch too.” I pushed her hair back and slid my hand around her neck. I pulled her in for a hungry kiss while letting my free hand roam over her breast.

“They are making her so hot and I love watching her get lost in lust, but you are so beautiful, it’s a tough choice.”

“The night is young, hold me while we watch.”

Liz was leaning back with her eyes closed as Jake and Darrius rubbed her body. Her hands were resting on their laps and she squeezed their bulges. Jake began nibbling her neck and massaging her chest as Darrius gently rubbed her panty covered pussy.

My hand had worked it’s was up Raven’s thigh to her pussy. I rubbed the silky smooth skin of her inner thigh and up her crease to tease her clit. I was ready to see and taste it but didn’t push the pace. She moaned appreciatively making me hungry for another kiss. She leaned back as I kissed her and massaged her luscious tits thru her dress. I kissed her neck and down to her cleavage. I pulled her dress over her shoulders and she raised to remove her bra. Her exposed tits were magnificent. They were big and round with large dark areolas. I devoured them. Then we kissed again before I pulled her onto my lap facing the others.

Liz was now kissing Darrius and rubbing his bulge as Jake sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy. She hadn’t worn a bra so they had easily freed her tits.

Jake rose to his knees on the couch and pulled his jeans down. His hard cock sprang free eliciting a seductive moan from my wife. She gripped it firmly in and licked the shaft before teasing the bulbous head. His cock was about 6” long but had a very large mushroom head.

Darrius stood and dropped his pants. His semi erect black cock bobbed. Liz looked over and said, “wow”. It was about 8” and thick. She grabbed it with her left hand and pulled it closer. With a cock in each hand, she looked at me and licked her lips.

Raven leaned back onto my chest as I played with her big tits and kissed her neck. Liz began sucking one cock while stroking the other. Each time she alternated, she glanced our way to make sure we were watching.

Raven ground her firm ass into my bulge as I rubbed her pussy. I pulled her thong aside and slid my finger up and down her wet slit. Liz had Jake’s cock nearly all the way in her mouth. She was struggling a bit with the big head.

He said, “Ah, just relax and let it slide down your throat.” She gagged a little but tried again and sure enough his cock disappeared. She held it in her throat for a few seconds before pulling off to catch her breath.

Raven said, “damn that’s hot” as Liz turned to take Darrius’ meat. She sucked it in and swirled her tongue around the head. She firmly gripped the base as she bobbed up and down on the end of his now hard cock. She glanced at us and started taking in more length. His head slid right into her throat, but his girth was a challenge. She got half his cock the first try. She pulled off and took a deep breath and sank her head down further, going past the thickest part of his shaft. She gagged a little and stopped but didn’t pull of. She cut her eyes toward us, determined to impress.

Raven softly said, “breath through your nose honey.” Liz did and pushed further, taking all but the last inch of the black shaft into her mouth. His meat had to be way down her throat. She backed off slowly making the sexiest slurping sounds I’d ever heard.

“Damn girl, that is some good head”, Darrius told her. Liz pulled back and smiled triumphantly, then shifted her attention back to Jake’s cock. She quickly swallowed his entire length this time. Jake gently throat fucked her as she tugged on Darrius.

Raven, who was soaking wet, stood and removed her panties. I pulled my cock out as she lifted the bottom of her dress. She straddled me as she buried my hard dick into her pussy. I squeezed and sucked her beautiful tits before kissing her deeply. She rode up and down.

“Gawd your so hard, it feels so good.”

“Your pussy is like velvet.”

I heard shuffling and Darrius say, “let me fuck that pretty face.” Liz got on her knees. Jake was behind her pushing into her tight pussy as Darrius fed his fat cock into my wife’s eager mouth. It was so fucking hot I couldn’t stop watching.

I told Raven she would want to see, so she turned around and rode me reverse cowgirl while watching the others. I held her fat tits and watched her plump ass bounce. Between her and the others, it was almost too much visual stimulation to process.

Jake looked over and said “Damn Raven, save a horse and ride that cowboy.”

Liz was moaning loudly now. Jake’s pace told me he was ready to cum. Darrius was enjoying himself but didn’t look ready to shoot his load yet.

I was pacing myself as I didn’t want this to end. Raven began cussing and moaning as her first orgasm hit. I felt her wetness as she stopped bouncing and quivered on my lap. I hugged her tightly until her quivering subsided. Just as she calmed and caught her breath. I began thrusting hard and fast. I squeezed her tits and drove my cock in and out of her soaking hole. “Oh fuck,” she screamed.”

A couple emerged from the darkness on their way to their car. As they left, they walked past the porch. She said, “Oh wow.” He said, “One hell of a party.” They watched for a few minutes before moving on.

Seconds later Jake grunted and filled Liz with his hot load. He slumped into the couch and grabbed his drink. Darrius turned Liz around. I knew that meant he was about to stretch her tight little hole.

“Go easy,” she told him. He pushed in about one third of the way with ease. She inhaled deeply as he steadily pushed the widest part of his cock in. “Mmmmm, your filling me up so good.” “That’s a tight little pussy you’ve got there.” They fell into a slow steady motion.

I was still pounding my cock into Raven when she began to shake and toss her long hair from side to side. She clawed at the couch cushion as another orgasm, more powerful than the first, ripped through her.

Jake stood and walked over to his wife. He stroked his cock in front of her. “Watching you cum is making me hard again.” She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him closer. She wiggled on my dick as she sucked his.

I looked over to see Liz starting to shake through a powerful orgasm. Darrius was sliding his fat dick in her. She grunted, “stuff me with that big cock.” “ Oh shit, pound that pussy.” She began panting as Darrius picked up the pace.

Jake held Raven’s head as she bobbed up and down on his dick. I started to pump in and out of her pussy, then felt her hand push against my thigh as if to say stop. I did stop and she reach between her legs as she lifted slightly to pull my cock from her pussy.

Before I could feel disappointed, she grabbed my shaft and rubbed my cock head against her little brown hole. I laid back a little more and pushed my cock into her ass with slow steady pressure. As I pushed past her ring, she stopped sucking Jake and gasped. I stopped and let her get acclimated. Jake got on his knees and lined his cock up to her pussy. Once he was in, Raven began moaning.

“Oh I’m so full, fuck me hard with those two cocks.” “Oh my gawd that feels fucking great.”

I had tried DP once before but we never lined up right or kept a rhythm. It would feel good for a moment, the come apart leaving everyone frustrated. This was different. We aligned perfectly and kept a steady motion until Raven convulsed and squirted everywhere. Jake pulled out and came on her tummy as I filled her ass full of hot cum.

Darrius started grunting and Liz told him to cum on her tits. He pulled out and she rolled over just in time to be blasted with an enormous load.

The other party goers had left and the five of us sat nearly naked in the night air to cool off. Everyone agreed that everything was awesome and should be repeated.

Jake, Raven and Darrius declined our offer to stay the night, so Liz and I jumped into the shower after cooling off. We kissed passionately under the warm water, pressing our soapy bodies together.

“Did you like what you saw,” she asked?

“You were smoking hot and it was the most erotic thing I’ve ever watched.”

“What turned you on the most,” she pressed.

“Watching you seductively deep throat each of them was incredible.”

“I’m getting better at it.” “Did you like watching Darrius stuff me with his big black cock?”

“You know I did.” “I also loved watching Jake fuck you as Darrius fed you that chocolate monster.”

“Mmm, I surprised myself tonight.” “Sweetie, did you enjoy Raven?” “I bet you loved her big titties.”

“She’s very sexy and let me cum in her ass, so yes I did enjoy her.”

“That’s good because I think we will be seeing more of them.”

“What about Darrius,” I asked?

“Maybe, if we feel like having a third sometime.”

“Considering how hard you came I assumed you liked his big cock more.”

“It was good but was more of a conquest and an opportunity to please you.” “I did like feeling so full, but Jake’s big head rubbed me much better.” “Jake’s hot and the reason I got so worked up.”

“Well then, I guess we will be seeing more of Jake and Raven.” “Too bad they left because you’ve made my cock hard again.”

“Dear, my little pussy is worn out, but my mouth is still warmed up.” I pulled her out of the shower, wrapped her in her robe and drug her to the bonus room. She sat on the sofa while I stood with my cock in her face. Everything I watched her do earlier was now being done to my cock.

Liz swirled her tongue around my shaft and teased my head. She massaged my balls as she slowly took more and more cock into her mouth. I felt it push into her throat. She stopped, breathed through her nose and sank her head all the way down until her nose pressed against me. I’d never been that far down her throat and it felt amazing. She pulled back but not off my dick, then slurped and sucked up and down. Her pace quickened. She was throat fucking me.

My balls tightened and I told her I was about to cum. She went faster for a minute the popped my cock out of her mouth and pumped it with her fist. “Blast a load on me like Darrius did.” “Shoot your hot cum like you did when you filled Raven’s ass.” I grunted and unloaded all over her tits.

One hell of a party indeed.

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