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A surprise in my bed while my husband sleeps

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This night started with a group of our friends all hanging out at our house for drinks and dinner. My husband and I host at our house often. My husband was an active swinger for years before we married, and although we have had some situations where we have played around with other couples in the same bed, I was never interested in another man. My husband, however, always tells me how he fantasies of me taking another man’s cock. As often as he tries to convince me, I continue to tell him, it just doesn’t interest me. The night continues and we are all having fun, taking shots, making jokes, and taking turns with sexual innuendos in general. As the night gets later, my husband, who has had one too many shots, tells me he is going to bed. Everyone takes turns making fun of him, but he laughs and goes upstairs to bed.

As the night continued a little longer, the shots kept coming and all of us were getting ridiculously drunk. Finally, one couple orders an Uber for a ride home, and another couple asks if they can sleep in our guest room. The couple left and then I helped the remaining couple with clean sheets and blankets. As I’m saying goodnight, the husband jokes with his wife and says to her, “hey honey, let’s just have her sleep with us…we can take turns spooning her!” His wife replies with, “your perverted honey…she can do whatever she wants with you, but I’m going to sleep!” His eyes pop out of his head, and he looks at me for approval. I laugh, throw a pillow at him and tell him goodnight.

I went to our bedroom and my husband was sound asleep and as I climbed onto the bed and tried to wake him, he didn’t move at all and just continued to sleep. I undressed, climbed into bed, turned off the light, and was asleep within minutes. Sometime later, I thought I was dreaming when I felt my pussy being fingered. When I opened my eyes in the darkness, I realized I wasn’t dreaming, and my husband must have awoken for some midnight sex. I continued to lay on my side letting him finger me to wetness. He pushed his fingers in and out of me for a few minutes and it felt amazing as my pussy was getting wetter with every passing minute. With one hand he was fingering me, and with the other, rubbing my ass. The sensation was so good, I could feel my body building up to an orgasm. After a few more minutes, my husband was fucking me with his fingers, when I could no longer hold it and said, “I’m going to cum…fuck me as I cum!” As I started to cum, I felt the head of the cock push up against my pussy, then with one long thrust into me, a fat, unfamiliar cock buried into my pussy, filling it with incredible pressure. I knew it wasn’t my husband’s cock and although my first instinct was to pull away, the cock inside of me felt so incredible and at that moment, I honestly felt incredibly sexy, dirty, and wanted to get fucked by this strange, incredible feeling cock. As I am still orgasming, I said, “now fuck me with that cock until I cum on it!” This cock started fucking the shit out of me. It was long, fat, and I could feel the head of it inside my now, soaking wet pussy. That cock was fucking me so hard, and after he fucked me for a while from behind, he rolled us over onto my stomach, and pushed in as deep as I could take it. I immediately gasped as I could barely take all of him inside of me. The sensation was different, and I knew I would cum in minutes in this position. He continued to bury his cock deep into me. I could feel his heavy balls on my closed legs as he pushed his cock into me. After a few more minutes, my body tensed up and I said quietly, I’m going to cum…fuuuuccckkk…oh god….I’m cumming on that cock. My orgasm was unbelievable and with the incredible pleasure of his cock fucking me, my entire body tensed up and his breathing started to increase in my ear as he was now laying on top of me. As my orgasm finally started coming to an end, he lifted me up to my elbows and knees and continued to fuck my pussy from behind. I attempted to look back, but the darkness hid his identity. As he continued to fuck the shit out of me, I could feel his cock begin to swell and his breathing was much louder now. After a few more minutes of fucking me, he pushed me back down on my stomach, pushed his cock deep into me a few more times, then abruptly pulled out and unloaded his cum all over my ass and lower back. I could feel his incredibly hot cum hit my body squirt after squirt. He came so hard I could actually hear it hit my body as he was quietly moaning through each squirt of his cum onto my body. After a few more minutes and lots of cum later, I hear him catch his breath, climb out of the bed and I heard the door close as he left.

As I lie there in total shock at what just happened, I gently reach over to check if my husband is still there. He was still there and was softly snoring as he continued to sleep. I continued to remain still and replayed what just happened in my head. I was so happy and relaxed from the incredible fucking I just got. As my body was still tingling from the incredible sex, I reflected on my husband’s fantasy of taking another man’s cock. Well, I can’t wait to tell him when he walks up in the morning, it happened. As I closed my eyes and relived the event, I fell asleep only to be woken in the morning by my husband. As he gently tapped me on the shoulder to wake up, I opened my eyes looking right at him. He says, “I’m not sure what happened last night, but you and the bed are covered in dry cum. I smiled and merely said, “your fantasy came true honey, I got fucked to sleep by another man.

My husband’s eyes grew twice the size, and said, “Fuck yes...that’s so fucking hot…now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” Before I could say another word, he lifted me up to my hands and knees and without delay, shoved his amazing cock into my still semi-wet pussy. He immediately started pounding me so hard, his balls were slapping my clit, causing instant pleasure. We clearly forgot we had company as we were both so incredibly loud as he fucked me through multiple orgasms. As he continued his incredible fucking, I thought I heard the door open, but since I was enjoying his cock so much, I didn’t look. Another ten to fifteen minutes went by and another orgasm of two for me, I finally felt his cock begin to swell and I hear him shout, “Fuck honey…I’m going to pump you full of cum….oh fuck...fuck…here it comes….oooohhhhh shit.” I could feel his cum fill me as it was hot and with every pulsation of his cock, he would erupt even more into me. This was amazing and I had no idea another man’s cock would result in my husband’s reaction. After a few more minutes and recovery for both of us, my husband slowly pulls his cock out of me, and I lower back down to my stomach. As he collapses next to me, I look over at him and he surprisingly looks up, and before I know it, that strange cock is pushed into my incredibly fucked pussy. As I look back and see our friend and his wife, he begins to pound me like my husband just did. He pulled me up to my hands and knees and then to my surprise, his wife slid underneath me and began to lick my pussy while her husband pounded me. The sensation was over the top and I immediately began to cum again. My orgasm was almost too much, and as I slowly recovered, I dropped down and began to lick her pussy. She was already wet, and I could taste cum. This turned me on so much and as I licked her, she moaned and within minutes, her body tensed up and as she orgasmed, he pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my pussy and onto his wife’s face. For the next few minutes, her and I licked our husband’s cum out of each other’s well-fucked pussies. We slowly came to an end and as we both got up, both husbands were sitting back with huge smiles. That was definitely a relationship changer for all of us...and now I know what I’ve been missing.

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