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A hotwife is born

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Nathan sat half slumped on the leather sofa with Pam sitting in his lap facing the same direction. He held her right breast in his grasp, the other clasping her outer thigh. I could see his fat cock pumping in and out of Pam, her knees high and feet up the edge of the seat she squatted impaled on his stiffened shaft. Nathan was fucking my wife and I had a tremendous hardon. His full sack hung low, touching the seat. The amount of clear liquid that drained out of her womb was mind blowing, coating his cock like tasty syrup. I was amazed a her leakage watching three separate drops of her nectar trailing down his wide cock and onto his nuts.

“Eat me baby, eat my pussy” her words held a sense of urgency about them, while motioning me to get between their legs and into a position I'd never been before. I was intimidated by the sight, her lust and the proximity of another man's junk. But if that's what she wanted, I'd agreed to do anything she asked. It was the price of seeing another man' cock in my wife, which I just discovered was better than I'd imagined and that price was a small investment.

As I approached Nathan spread wide to give me access to Pam's obviously wet and turned on pussy. His cock pushing up into her time and again. She was taking ever inch and seeing her let go was like witnessing a light come on. Two minutes with a strange cock fucking her in front of me and she just lost it. She was fucking him for the pure pleasure of it and intended to leave her cum on him.

Pam is petite, barley five foot tall with a womanly shape like Drew Barrymore. Just soft edges with a fuck me appeal that screams out to be seen and touched. Her sandy shoulder length hair was beginning to show the signs of sweat from fucking. Her orange sized breast now being enjoyed by Nathan are perfect in size and shape to her body. She's pretty and gets a second take most all the time.

We were on vacation in Orlando, using a friends condominium for the week and having a blast, when on the second day we crashed at the condo to rest after doing the tourist thing all day long. We grabbed a cold cider drink from the fridge and fell back on to the sofa, tired but still excited to be on vacation. I spotted the remote control and pressed the on button. Wow, fifty five inches of flat screen came to life with a pretty blond girl sucking a man off while fucking another guy doggy style in high definition.

“Shit, Vic gets some serious cable” Pam said. “Damn, that's a happy girl” I said. We watched it progress and the man getting his knob polished, asked the guy fucking the woman, if he thought his wife had good pussy. The man said hell yes, his wife could really fuck, he should be proud of her. The husband pulled his “wife's” hair back and faced fucked her a few strokes then said yes, he was so proud of his bride.

“Seriously, he's proud of her fucking” Pam laughed. I thought a second and said sure,, she's hot, he's proud of her and likes letting another man get a taste of what he gets all the time, sort of like letting someone swing your favorite golf club, I said. “So men think of women like sports equipment” Pam balked. I told her no, but if he wasn't proud of her, he wouldn't share her. Pam thought a minute and said “perhaps, she does seem to like it though”. What woman wouldn't like a good spit roasting I laughed.

“So maybe I need a little spit roasting, Tyler. You're are proud of me aren't you baby, don't you want to share me, get me all spit roasted” she laughed and swung a leg across me and climbed onto me then began to pump her ass back in forth like she was fucking me. “You so want to see me pumping away on some big fat cock don't ya baby” she laughed. I jested back and said yes, I so wanted to see her fucked by another cock, let it feel what I get all the time, let him lick her like a sucker and spit roast her for hours. Pam pulled her top off and held her awesome breast up at me, “Look at these, you want to see them sucked on, maybe a big cock between them while I suck it” she teased me.

I played along and we began to get naked right there in front of the cable access porn. We began to fuck and the banter continued along with the movies story line. I was admittedly turned on, but the thoughts of another man fucking my wife was alien to me, however at this second, the banter was driving a raging hardon for me and I was envisioning Pam getting fucked by another man. Apparently so was Pam. We were slamming it hard and the dirty talk continued. “You want to see me cum on a big cock baby, leave my girl cum on a big long fat cock” she growled out. “Shit yes, and watch him cum inside your pussy, fill you up with his hot sperm” I gasped. “Fuck I'm going to cum, I'm cumming, cum with me, cum with me” she stammered out. And did I ever, pressed up tight against Pam and felt her warm liquid flow out and over the head of my cock as she gasped and stiffened. Then my own juice spewed out meeting hers as we came hard together. She remained seated on me, cuddling and catching her breath, my spent dick softening and feeling both of our orgasms leak from inside her.

Finally we just fell over and laid there a few minutes on the sofa. Another wife fucking video playing as we chilled. “That was so taboo” Pam said,, her breathing still a bit erratic. “You came hard, I felt your juices rush over my dick, shit we are laying in a puddle,” I pointed out. She laughed and said “ya, that was a good one”.

The next day I sported a semi most the day. Thinking about the how the scene unfolded with us fucking in such a fierce urgency and how Pam just blew like a water balloon on top of me. My frequent boners did not go unnoticed by Pam either. We were shopping the local stores and antique shops when she said, “I've noticed you've had to straighten things up down there a lot today. You feeling a tad horny today aren't you baby”. I admitted I was feeling a bit edgy today. “Thinking about yesterday on the sofa, I bet” she grinned. I said ya, it was a good time for sure. She just smiled and we continued shopping. Our shopping took us into a small bar amid the stores to evade the heat for a bit. We found seats at the bar where our conversation continued.

“So when are we going to do this” Pam asked. “Do what” I replied acting as if I hadn't a clue. “Clearly you want it to happen, you've had a hardon all day and it's stuck in your mind, so why drag out the inevitable, you want a threesome. Your dick is saying it wants to see me to cum on another man's cock,,is that true or is your dick wrong”. I admittedly agreed my boners today had been backed by those thoughts. “So what's your thoughts on a threesome” I asked my wife. “Well, we both know I've had maybe eight partners, and you are obviously good with that, so what's one more for my husband” she replied. “Man, the thoughts of you going at it were pretty hot the other night, dunno how I'd feel actually watching you fuck someone, what if I don't like it when it happens” I asked Pam. “That's why I'd have rules, so you can't blame me. Like you pick the guy, and you must participate, do whatever I ask. Them's my rules, otherwise it's all good”. I thought a second and said if we did it I accepted her terms.

'I'd so be willing to be your third” the bartender said as he sat two more beers in front of us. Pam and I looked at each other embarrassed and a tad shocked “ Hi, I'm Nathan, sorry, I wasn't actually listening in, but did hear some of your discussion. She's hot man, and frankly, I'd love some time with you” he said to Pam.

Pam giggled like a school girl, obviously not offended and more clearly reacting responsive. “Talk to my husband” she laughed then looked at both us. “Well, this is sorta different” I laughed. “Hey man, I'm clean,, a nice dude and promise to be real gentle and treat her like a lady,,, and you get free drinks as long as you are in town” he said. Pam and I looked at each other a second or two when he added, “I'm like over eight inches, and thick”. Pam laughed, turned red then looked at me and said “Free drinks”.

Nathan wasn't a bad looking dude I suppose, about six foot and appeared to be solid and fit, a good smile and gregarious of nature. “Well Nathan, I'm Tyler, and this is Pam, whom you may fuck tonight” I found myself saying. We all clicked glasses and toasted to a pending three way. We gave Nathan our hotel number and set the time for his arrival and left after one more free drink.

We had five hours to kill before our guest arrived, and our discussion was seldom about anything else. We ran the gamut of scenario possibilities and may have over thunk the situation as Pam eventually said “You know, we are over thinking this, it's just fucking. We do it all the time, we got this”. She was right of course..

Pam stepped out of the shower ten minutes before Nathan was supposed to arrive and her attire shouted fuck me. She put on her red thong panties and red lacy bra with a thin see thru short sleeved cover up top. Her breast flooded over the top and her sexy ass cheeks were there to behold. Pam was stunning.

The knock came on time and I did not know if I was ready, but my cock said it was ready. I opened the door and Nathan stepped in. He'd cleaned up and changed into loose white pants and floral tiki bar type shirt. Pam was standing in the center of the room. “Holy shit, aren't you gorgeous” Nathan exclaimed. We stood there a second or two admiring Pam in a sort of uncomfortable silence, when I said I really didn't know how to start things out. Then Pam said, “this should get things rolling” and removed her top as she knelt in front of Nathan and began to undo his pants.

We were all shy smiles but Pam looked more serious when she pulled out his eight inch and very thick cock. “Wow, Tyler. Look at what I got” she said with a big grin, then wrapped her lips around Nathan's cock, taking his dicks head into her mouth and sucking softly. He leaned back pushing all he had forward for Pam to work with. Her hands worked his meaty shaft as she gave him some serious head. Fisting his shaft while sucking a heavy ball into her mouth she had him moaning in no time flat. Pam looked at me, sticking her tongue out fully and placing it against the base of his prick then running it up Nathan's thick veined cock to the tip then asked, “Do you want to see this,, in me”. I dropped my pants to the floor, my steel hard cock, though slightly smaller than his, sticking up like a pipe. “What do you think” I replied.

Nathan reached down and took a handful of my wife's breast into his grasp, “damn you have some serious skills,, and your boobs feel awesome” he said. I stepped up to them and offered my meager cock to Pam as well. She grabbed my hardon and swallowed it down to the base but did not miss a stroke in fisting Nathan's dick. For a good while she swapped back and forth between Nathan and me, sucking us off with an obvious pleasure, her smile never left her lips. She can work to cocks flawlessly.

“I think I need one of these fine cocks in me now” Pam said. Nathan looked at me for guidance and I nodded for him to go ahead. He stepped over to the sofa and took a seat, his big cock standing up waiting for my wife. I watched Pam step between his legs then onto the sofa. She turned to face me and began to lower herself down to Nathan's lap. Her hand found his cock and guided it between her legs. She watched me as her outer lips spread around his meaty dick then paused. She looked at me, looking at her, then almost fell down upon his fat cock taking all of him into her tight pussy in one smooth motion.

Pam gasp and smiled, her eyes never leaving mine. She wiggled her little ass about settling onto is meat then leaned back onto his chest. Nathan reached around and took a breast into each hand and began to fuck my wife. My own dick could of ripped my pants off if I had any on. Pam put her heels onto Nathans knee's and assisted him by meeting each upward thrust. They were fucking and clearly they were liking it, and so was I. Nathan was pumping in and out of my wife like a machine and her pussy was providing all the lube that was needed. I could see her juice flowing down his cock onto his low hanging ball sac. Her soft pussy lips wrapped tight around his dick moved with each stroke. I was jerking off slowly, not wanting to cum,, I needed to cum inside her. My load was going in my wife. “Eat me, eat my pussy” Pam panted out between breaths. It was our agreement. She'd fuck a man, take his cock into her, be spit roasted like the girl in the video, but I had to do as she asked in return, so she'd know it was ok.

I didn't hesitate, I wanted to please my wife. As I approached, Nathan spread wide to give me access to Pam's obviously wet and turned on pussy. His cock pushing up into her time and again as I knelt between their legs. Pam's feet along side my head I was inches from the junction of his cock and her wet pussy. I could hear the sounds of his cock pumping the liquid from inside her. She was leaking like a faucet, and for only one reason, she was liking being fucked by another man, a strangers cock pumping her orgasm to the surface. “Hurry, eat me baby” she moaned.

The scene was intimidating yet so damn hot. I bent forward and laid my tongue against Pam's hardened clit, which brought out an immediate moan from her lips. “God yes” Pam gasped. It was all the encouragement I needed to press my tongue firmly against her clit and bring her more pleasure. Her hips began to rock back and forth, lifting up to get more tongue on her button. It was suddenly apparent that Nathan's cock began to glide along my chin, a soaking wet, warm softness pistoning up and down. He was fucking my wife and I was into it, into her pleasure. “Man, she can fuck, Tyler,, damn you feel so tight and wet girl”. Pam laughed and moaned at the same time then grabbed my head and pulling me in tighter. Nathan's cock pressing against my chin firmly. “That's it man, get in there, eat her out” Nathan directed the action.

“Hoo fuck baby I”m going to cum,, I'm going to cum on his cock, baby”, Pam almost yelled out. She gets loud when she's into it and clearly she was about to cum. I could feel her hand on top of my head trembling, an extension of her entire body quivering. “Don't stop,, either of you,, don't fucking stop” she demanded. Nathan began to long fuck her, stroking his cock inside Pam from tip to base while I pressed my tongue hard against her slimy wet clit. “Oh fuuuuuuck” Pam let out then jerked like she was shot, he body violently shaking “Cummmm, cu cu cummming” she panted out. Then I felt a warm wetness, and juice being splashed out, Nathan's cock causing a plunger effect. “Cum baby, yea cum on my cock” Nathan cheered on my wife's orgasm.

Pam began to come down from her orgasm high, breathing hard and letting Nathan do all the work. His fucking slowed down to a steady easy pump, enjoying Pam's cunt offerings. I leaned back and looked at all the liquid on their privates, and the sofa. Her orgasm was intense. I stood up and stepped on to the sofa and Pam grabbed my cock and sucked me into her mouth like a hungry animal. She wasn't giving me her usual soft wet blow job, she was quickly bobbing her head on my dick like hooker trying to make a John cum fast.

“Trade places man” Nathan chimed in. Pam rolled off her new fuck tool and into doggy style upon the sofa while Nathan and I swapped ends. I watched him settle into the seat and lean back to the armrest. Pam grasped his dick and began to swallow it down to his pussy juice soaked balls. I looked at my wife's pussy, reddish pink, a clear drip of her cum oozing from her slightly gaping hole where Nathan had enjoyed his cock being gripped by her snug pussy walls. I positioned my dick at her entrance and it was so warm, so wet, I throbbed just touching her. Lined up, I simply sank into her depth and began to fuck her. Pam spit out Nathan's cock and moaned out 'yes, fuck me baby, fuck my used pussy”. I began to slam fuck her with solid thrust. It was a lust filled fuck, not making love at all, just slam fucking a woman who loved cock.

The wet splat that sounded out when I slammed into her added to the scene. Pam was deep throating Nathans rod and taking me inside her just like the women in video we'd watched. I glanced down to see the tv controller and hit the on button. Again the porn channel delivered the goods, a good spit roasting scene similar to what we were doing. I dropped the controller and took Pam's hips into my grasp then began to fuck her in a steady pace. I knew I better slow down or I'd bust a nut way too early.

The position was working well. Nathan and I were enjoying Pam's pleasures and she was moaning out the best she could with eight inches in her mouth. I was near cuming so pulled out and slapped Pam's ass a whack as I stepped from the sofa. She wasted no time in falling back and spreading her legs for Nathan. I watched as he took a leg in each hand and folded her back like a taco and poised the head of his cock just inside her wet slit. I stepped up beside them and looked down as his meat disappeared into my wife. My cock was like a stone and Pam reached up and took of it and began stroking it.

She looked up at me and said “Harder Nathan, fuck the shit out me”. I felt my dick pulse in her grasp just as Nathan began to slam into her fast and hard, fucking her almost violently. “Yes, fuck yes, fuck my pussy”, Pam yelled out. He banged her good for about five minutes when Pam said “Rub my clit baby, rub my clit”. I reached down between their bodies and laid my fingers on her wet hard clit. She was panting and her orgasm was close, I know the signs. I began a fast fingering of her clit and she announced she was about to cum to Nathan. “Fuck me, that's it, fuck my pussy. I'm about to cum Nathan, fuck it,, don't stop”. “Better hurry, ah, man I”m about cum too, I'm close to cumming”.

Pan went off, “Fuck yes,, fill me with your cum, cum inside me Nathan, cum in me” she gasped out. My fingers sped up and I pressed into the clit a little firmer. I could fell Nathan's slams into my hand, driving it against her clit with each thrust into my wife. “Cumming, cumming,, I'm ah, ah ah, shhhit,” Pam squealed out as her orgasm hit her hard. I could see her juices blast out around Nathan's cock in drops flinging everywhere. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

That was too much for Nathan, his orgasm was immediate when Pam sprayed her liquid all over his fat cock. “Cumming, shit yes, cumming in you” he moaned, then slammed up tight against her pussy and held on as his jizz flooded my wife's pussy. “Oh yes, yes fill me with your cum, yes cum in me” she looked at me with the most beautiful freshly fucked looked, “How's that baby” she asked and smiled up at me. Nathan was spent and in awe of my wife. He stood up, cock dangling, still thick and semi hard, clumps of his cum and her juices clinging to this shaft. Pam sat up and took his meat back into her mouth, cleaning their fuck juices off his cock. “Damn,, better keep this one Tyler” he moaned as my wife polished his softening manhood.

Pam leaned back as Nathan dressed and made his timely exit, she looked content but also mischievous. Now, come over here. I have something for you” she grinned. “You do”, I asked... “What's that”. “Creampie”. I got between her legs and looked down to see a flow of white sperm oozing out of my wife's pussy, and it wasn't mine. I shoved my dick inside Pam and there are no words for how wonderful her pussy felt. Clearly she was full of desire and liked being fucked, a true slut was born tonight, and as I blew my load deep inside my wife, I was already planning on the next time.

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