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A Different Type of Full House

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Being former military, I’m a member of both the American Legion and the VFW. They are great places to hang out for cheap drinks and no drama. Plus when the right people are cooking you can get the best meals around. They also hold poker tournaments and I love to play poker. I usually end up in the money spots as I am very patient and wait for the other players to make mistakes. This leads me into the setting of the story.

I was going into a very large tournament on Friday night. There were at least 100 players (large for this venue) and the payouts were in the thousands as opposed to the typical hundreds. My wife wanted to come with me even though she and I agreed she would be bored hanging out for hours while I played. She simply said, “I’ll find someone to talk to”, insisting she would not be mad if I played while she waited at the bar.

When we got there I paid my entrance fee and came back to the bar to have a drink with my wife before the tournament started. To my surprise she was talking with Dean, a guy we both knew from riding motorcycles. He and his girlfriend Melissa were always fun to be around however, Melissa was nowhere in sight.

When I came up to the bar, we exchanged the usual “Great to see ya comments”. Dean said he was just heading over to our buddy Paul’s house and had stopped in to have a few drinks. We also knew Paul from riding but not as well as Dean. In my opinion both were great guys and we always had a good time hanging out. Although the typical flirtatious, in-fun comments toward my wife had been made in the past, nothing out-of-line had ever occurred when we’d hung out. If there had, I’m sure I could take Dean, who is my size, but Paul is a damn monster, standing almost 6’7” and over 300 pounds.

The three of us chatted and had a drink. My wife said, “You see, I told you I would have someone to hang out with”. Dean replied, “I’ll keep her company”, as he hugged Susan around her waist. A quick thought ran through my mind whether this was a good idea, but Susan welcomed the hug as she hugged him back and said, “I got company, go have fun baby”.

Dean is about 35 and my size, 5’10” and about 200 pounds. A former Marine, he has a muscular build and tattoos on his arms displaying his pride of the years spent in the core. I knew he had asked my wife out long before I met her. Although she thought Dean was good-looking, she was just starting to date another guy at that time and never took him up on the offer.

It was five minutes before the start of the tournament so I quickly finished my drink. I gave my wife a kiss and she pulled me back in and said, “Win me some money baby”. Dean said, “I got her, good luck”, and he moved into the seat next to my wife.

It was about an hour or so into the tournament and I had only played two hands the entire time. I was in between hands when I got the first text from my wife. It read, “Honey, going with Dean to another bar….will let you know. Love you, have fun”. I settled back and waited for the next hand however, a jealous thought did cross my mind as I questioned why she had left. I pushed it aside because I did feel guilty about my wife sitting there all night waiting for me. If she wanted to go out, I felt she would be OK with Dean.

About 2 hours later we were down to ten players. Since they were paying 1-10, I had made it into the money and was right in the middle of a good hand when my phone chirped indicting a text. I glanced down and saw it was from my wife. The only words I could see were, “Honey do you want to… ”. I would have to unlock the screen to see the rest, but I was holding a pair of kings with another one on the board and waiting for a guy to bet what I knew was just a pair. He finally bet half his stack trying to scare me away and I easily won with three-of-a-kind.

As the dealer shuffled, I unlocked my phone and read my wife’s message. It said, “Honey do you want to have a 5-some tonight”? There was a little devil attached to the message and several hearts. I quickly typed out my response, “Yeah right”, and put the phone down for the next hand. As I picked up my cards my phone chirped again and I glanced to see it was another text from my wife. Since this hand was an easy fold, I mucked the cards and read her message. It said, “No I’m serious. You are the one who always wanted to try stuff. You want to tonight”.

Reading her text first got me a little mad as I thought she was just fucking with me. She knew I was trying to win this tournament and she was purposely messing with me to be funny. Two seconds later a picture of my wife and Melissa popped up on the screen. They both had their tops pulled up and Melissa had her hand cupped over Susan’s crotch.

My wife has beautiful 36 DDDs. Although a wonderful doctor enhanced them after her divorce from her first husband, they look natural and perfect. Melissa’s were almost the same size. Her nipples were very pronounced and perfected rounded. Melissa had always reminded me of the girl Kaley Couco on the TV show “Big Bang Theory” because of her facial features, her blond hair and sexy ass. I could tell they were at the waterfront bar about ten minutes away seeing the distinct, wooden pelican which is mounted on the very back deck area of the place.

To say I was now distracted from the game would be an understatement. I leaned back in my chair to stare at the photo so the guys on either side of me could not see. My wife’s hair, which hangs almost to her waist, was pulled to one side of her head and Melissa had her head lying on my wife’s shoulder. They were both blowing air kisses which I assumed were meant for me.

Another text from my wife came in. It read, “Do you like”? I was now considering two distinct possibilities. One…she is really trying to fuck with me to be funny. I knew even though she said she would be alright with me playing, she was really not looking forward to the evening without me. Or two… maybe she is being serious! I quickly typed back my response, “Love it! Please send more”.

The following hand lasted almost the whole blind level as three guys decided to take their sweet ass time in making a call. In the end, they should have taken longer because all three were knocked out of the game by a player who proudly showed his four nines. This left only seven players and I was the low chip man at the table.

I sat back because it was going to take a minute or so for the winner to get all the chips pushed to his side of the table. My phone chirped again and it was a text from an unknown number. I looked and read, “Mike, this is Melissa, did you get our pic”? I replied I had and complimented her on having a great set of tits. I then joked their picture would be my good luck charm.

As the dealer began to shuffle, I got another text from Melissa. It read, “Is it Ok if we fuck Susan tonight”? It was too late for me to answer as the cards were on their way around the table, however I did feel my cock get hard in my pants. I was now thinking they were dead serious about this five-some and I assumed the fifth person was Paul. My wife and I have talked about swinging in the past, but it had been only bedroom fantasy talk. Well, at least up till now, maybe.

I was dealt a pair of queens. I made my usual slow play call into the hand and my phone chirped again as I was putting my chips into the pot. Being it is a rule you can’t be on the phone in the middle of a hand, I ignored looking at the message. While waiting for the other players to make their move, it chirped several more times and then started to vibrate with an incoming call. Glancing down I saw the call was coming from Dean. Although I was dying to answer to find out what the hell was going on, it was going to have to wait.

The flop showed a queen on the board with two lower cards. Both players in front of me checked, as did I. The next player, who had just a few more chips than I pushed “all in” causing the other three to fold. The first player called the stack, as did the second and I quickly followed suit pushing everything I had left into the pot. Just then my phone began chirping every few seconds with a new text. I wanted to look so badly but was right in the middle of what was turning into my best winning pot of the evening. The turn matched the low card on the board putting a pair on the table and me holding a full house. The remaining players with chips all checked the bet. The river was a low card putting a possible flush on the board causing the two remaining players to both take their time to decide.

I glanced down to see the text messages were from my wife, Melissa and Dean, as well as two missed calls from Dean. I was now dying to know what the hell was going on at their end of town, but was very close to knocking out one player, putting a hurting on two others and creating a stack which should coast me into some very good money. Both players finally checked each other and I turned over my cards announcing I had a boat. The three other guys just mucked their cards and I began to collect and stack the chips as player number seven left the table in a huff.

Thankfully, the dealer said he had to take a break and we could all have five minutes while he went out to find someone to take over for him. I grabbed my phone, stepped over to the corner and unlocked it to see what the hell my wife was up to.

The first text was from my wife. It said, “I love you baby, we’re going to have fun later”. This was followed by a group of texts from Melissa which was just a bunch of kissy face emoji’s, hearts and a devil face. Dean’s call was marked as missed with no message left.

The final text was from my wife which was attached to a picture. I had assumed right because Paul was holding her up on his left side while holding Melissa up on his right. Both were kissing his cheek which at first seemed like a perfectly innocent bar pic. That is until I saw they were both reaching down toward the rather large cock hanging out of Paul’s jeans. Although I felt a little jealous at first, I now realized this five-some might actually be going to happen and I felt my dick strain in my jeans.

I called Dean’s phone and he answered on the first ring. Dean didn’t even say hello. He just explained “‘Listen man, the girls got a little wild tonight. What do you want me to do”? When I didn’t answer he said, “Mike, they want to go back to Paul’s house and I think you know what they’ve been talking about, are you OK with that”?

I felt the jealousy twinge again, but I also felt the strain in my jeans from my now very hard cock. I told Dean, “Yeah, its fine, I just wish I could be there cause it looks like you guys are having a good time”. He responded by saying they wanted to wait at the bar for me to finish but Melissa was pushing for everyone to head to Paul’s house and get in the hot tub.

As he was explaining my wife must have had his phone close to her ear because she clearly said in a laugher filled voice, “Baby, come meet us now, me horny baby, me want to fuck”. Judging by her voice she was most definitely having a great time and I guessed her to have had a record number of her Cosmos. Her voice trailed away from the phone and I could hear Melissa yelling something in the background, but couldn’t make out what it was

The players were heading to their seats and I told Dean I would be there as soon as I could. He responded by saying if they headed to Paul’s he would let me know. He asked me again if was ok and I answered quickly this time. I said, “Just make sure Susan is alright, whatever she wants to do is fine with me”. I hung up realizing I just given my approval for three people to have whatever fun they wanted with my drunk and apparently very horny wife. As I went back to the table, I did the best I could to hide the fact I was sporting a raging hard on. However, the older lady who had taken over the dealer spot gave a very knowing glance as I sat down. There were only six of us left and I was debating whether to just throw this thing and settle for sixth place money or see what happened in the next few hands.

I hadn’t even picked up my cards when my phone chirped again. Since I was in the big blind, I didn’t bother looking at the cards dealt to me. While waiting for the others to act I quickly read the message from Melissa. It said, “We want to be bad tonight”. Attached was a picture of Melissa with her top pulled up again. My wife had one of Melissa’s nipples in her mouth with Dean standing in the background looking on. He had both arms raised to his sides giving the “What am I supposed to do look”. My subsiding hard- on was now swelling once more.

There were only two callers and the little blind mucked his cards. When I looked at my cards I had been gifted with suited ace/king. I made a rather large bet and was called by only one of the other players. Just as the lovely lady dealing put the flop on the table my phone chirped again. This time I did ignore it because my suited ace/king was blessed with three cards of the matching suit. I checked and the other guy immediately went all in. I called and turned over my ace high flush. He flipped over his two pair and I took the opportunity to glance down at my phone. It was Dean and the text read, “We are heading to….”

The other player didn’t get lucky drawing a full house and my flush held up knocking yet another player out of the game.

Being down to five players, I asked what the payout for fifth place was. The dealer shook her head and said she had no idea but called out for someone to find out for me. I asked the other players if they wanted to split the pot right now. Two agreed, but the other two didn’t even answer. Instead, they just played with their chips and waited for the next hand.

My phone went off again and I checked it while the dealer shuffled. It was a picture of Melissa and my wife next to Dean’s truck in the parking lot. Both were mooning the camera as they kissed each other. Melissa had tattoos of hearts running across the top of her ass and two big hearts on either cheek. My dick was now throbbing. I wanted to leave thinking “FUCK this game”, but I was now very close to taking home some very good money. I decided if this was going to be a fun night, I might as well make some money before I go and allow my wife to do whatever she wanted because I had already given her permission. Anyway, just thinking about what may be going on was driving me up the wall and made my cock throb in my jeans.

Even though I was in the small blind I folded the next hand because one guy went all in. He was called by another player who he had covered with chips and easily knocked him out of the game. The next few hands seemed to take an eternity and I folded the trash cards I was dealt. However, when my phone chirped again, my cock decided it was now time to just say the hell with this and go all in on anything.

I was dealt a seven-jack off suit. The first player to act raised the bet. When I went all in he acted out of turn pushing his stacks forward to call. Surprisingly, one of the players who had been skipped by his mistake also called. The other quickly folded.

I was actually trying to get knocked out of the game, but my dumb luck being true to form, the flop hit the board with a seven, a three and a jack. This was followed by a five and then a queen. My garbage two pair had taken down the pair of aces to my left and the pair of kings held by the other guy, thus knocking out two more players and putting me well over the top of being the chip leader. Truthfully, any other time I would have been happy as hell because I didn’t even have to pay another hand and still win, but right now I wanted to go.

I asked the other guys if they wanted to split. One said yes, but the third guy refused as the cards came around. In my mind I was wondering what my wife was doing right now. I wanted to be with her. I felt anxious and so turned on at the same time it was a very new experience.

The next hand was a giant show down between the two other players as I folded out. As luck would have it, the guy who had refused to split knocked the other player out with a straight draw on the river. It was now down to me and him. Even though I had double the amount of chips, I asked again if he just wanted to split the two prizes. He shook his head no and didn’t even look at me while he stacked his chips. I then said, ‘‘Listen man, I really gotta go, I’ll give you an extra hundred if you split with me now”. He shook his head no again. There was about a $1,500 difference in the payouts, but his attitude had now pissed me off a little.

My phone was chirping constantly now. Despite his dirty look, I placed it on the table and read as the texts came in. The first was from my wife. “Baby, we’re horny, hurry up”. The second was from Melisa, also saying, “Baby, we’re horny, hurry up”. The third text was from Paul with a picture attached. They were in Dean’s truck and the girls were making out in the back seat with Paul’s big arm holding up a beer between them from the front seat. I looked over to the last guy and said, “Hey man, you really want to sit here all night, let’s just split and I’ll give you an extra $300”. He shook his head again as the cards were being dealt.

I looked and saw I had a 3-6 off suit. I said I was all in and he immediately called me. Ten minutes later I collected my first place prize money because his pair of jacks got beat by my lucky-ass trip threes. I texted my wife I was on the way and needed directions.

Paul’s house was way back off the main road. I remembered what area he lived in. We had been there to drop him off one day after he’d had too many but could not recall all the turns. Getting no response from Susan I called Dean. answer.

I drove to the general area and looked for something familiar. It had been daylight when we came here before, but in the dark everything looked the same and I was absolutely confused on which road I should turn off on. I parked on the side of the road and tried calling my wife…then Melissa…and then Dean…then Paul. When none answered, I threw the phone down and sat there kicking myself in the ass for not possessing the good sense to have confirmed his address earlier.

About 5 minutes later Dean called me. I answered and said, “Where the hell is Paul’s house, I’m lost”. He laughed and asked if I was on the main road. When I told him I was parked on the shoulder he said, “Hold on, it will be easier for me to come to you”. While I waited, I reviewed the pics from earlier and felt my dick ache for what may follow tonight. Dean pulled up about ten minutes later. He rolled down his window and yelled for me to follow him.

When we walked into Paul’s house the music was on and I could see Paul out on the back deck messing with the hot tub. Dean saw the look on my face and said, “The girls are in the back bar”, which answered my expression of concern as to where my wife was at this point. We went back onto the deck and Paul greeted me with his usual hand shake which lead into one of his giant bear hugs. Then both he and Dean asked at the same time, “You OK with this”? I said, ‘If that’s what my girl wants, you damn right, I just need a drink to catch up with you all”. Dean said lets go to the bar and see what they are making.

When I walked into the living room my wife yelled out “Finally” and met me half way across the floor with a hug and deep kiss. I could tell she was really flying high and I immediately started to get hard as she pressed into me and said, “Baby, we’ve been waiting on you”. Melissa had followed her and when Susan released her hold on me, Melissa pulled me toward her and gave me a soft kiss. I wasn’t sure what to do except kiss her back and eyed my wife for her reaction. Susan just blew me an air kiss as she went back to grab her drink off the bar.

Dean interrupted by saying I needed a drink to get caught up. Melissa backed away from me, smiled and grabbed Susan by the hand. They walked out to the deck area to join Paul while Dean poured me a drink. As soon as he handed it to me, I drank the whole damn thing down and slammed the glass down for another. My dick was now aching and I wanted to try and calm down a little to enjoy whatever was to come next.

As Dean poured another drink he asked me once again if I was OK. I glanced out toward the deck and didn’t hesitate with my affirmative answer. He told me Susan and Melissa had really gotten wild at the bar. They all had to move to the back area away from everyone because Melissa had flashed her tits at the bartender and a couple guys moved in which caused a problem. He told me Paul had shown up just as the two guys were starting to get crude and Paul put the problem to bed rather quickly. I didn’t have to ask for the details as Paul’s size most likely solved the issue.

We went out to the deck and found Paul standing stark naked by the now roaring hot tub. His attention was fixed on Susan and Melissa who were on the other side of the deck kissing passionately. Paul’s beer belly did not distract from the size of his cock, which was as fat as a beer can itself and about seven inches sticking out. He glanced at me and said, “You sure you’re Ok with this’? I gave another nod of approval as I watched my wife fondle and kiss Melissa.

The girls stopped kissing and looked over to see all three of us watching them put on their show. Melissa took the cue and pulled her top off exposing her tits and her perfectly round, hard nipples. She grabbed my wife’s top and pulled it up while my wife undid her bra. Both were now topless and I felt my cock throbbing in my jeans as I waited for my beautiful half naked wife to continue.

They toyed with each other’s tits while lightly kissing for a few minutes. Melissa then pulled away, knelt down and started to undo the button on Susan’s jeans. My wife looked at me and I could tell she was very much satisfied by the smile on my face and the bulge in my pants. Her glance over to Paul, who was now stroking his dick slowly, made her rub her big tits causing him to groan. I only wished I had not left my phone in the car because a picture of the two of them right now would have been sexy as hell.

Dean was stripping his clothes off as he watched the girls put on their show. I followed his lead while Melissa pulled Susan’s jeans down. Susan stepped out of them and kicked them to the side of the deck leaving her with only her pink thong panties on. Melissa looked over at us guys and took hold of my wife’s panties. As she slowly pulled them down Susan’s legs, she leaned in and kissed my wife’s pussy area making Paul groan out his approval and Dean say, “Yeah, that’s my girl”.

When they were off my wife put one foot up on the rail and Melissa immediately licked at her exposed pussy. My wife groaned out and said, “Bitch, you’ve been teasing me all fucking night”. She placed a hand on the back of Melissa’s head and held her in place while Melissa tongued her.

Melissa stood up and kissed Susan once more. She turned around as she undid her jeans and pulled them down baring her beautiful ass to us. I couldn’t help but to grab my now raging hard on and stroke it while I watched her remove the rest of her clothes. Melissa’s sexy glace back at me told me she already knew how much I loved her ass and I think her display may have been meant just me for this time.

My wife was looking directly in my eyes as she ran her hands over Melissa’s ass tattoos. She gave me a sexy smile and I almost came right then when she ran her fingers up Melissa’s pussy lips and put them into her mouth. Dean and Paul had already gotten into the hot tub. I followed as the ladies continued kissing and felt each other’s naked bodies. Dean and I exchanged one more, ‘‘Are you Ok glance” and we both nodded in approval as the girls finally made their way over to the tub.

Susan and Melissa got into the middle of the hot tub where they started to kiss each other again. We watched as they put on what I later found out was a planned show for us. After a minute or so, Melissa pulled away and locked in a kiss with Paul while my wife did the same with Dean. As she kissed him, I saw her open her eyes and look for my approval. The smile on my face made her kiss Dean more deeply and she let out a little moan of desire. Melissa rubbed Susan’s back and they immediately switched places. As soon as my wife kissed Paul I could see she was reaching down in the water to play with his cock. Paul groaned out in pleasure as Susan pumped his hard dick under the bubbles. I just watched and waited patiently for my turn.

When Melissa moved over to me, I pulled her in and kissed her deeply. She ran her hand over my cock and bit me lightly on my lower lip. Her legs were straddled over my left leg and she rubbed her shaven pussy back and forth on my leg as she drove her tongue into my mouth. This was the first woman I had kissed since marrying Susan and the feeling of her strange touch and body was incredible.

Melissa backed off of me and moved over to rub my wife’s ass and back. Susan stopped kissing Paul and told him to move up to sit on the edge of the hot tub. When he did, his big dick was sticking out at them ready for service. Melissa and Susan kissed as my wife took hold of Paul’s hard cock and ran her hands up and down the length. She then looked over at me once more. Seeing the expression of approval on my face, she took the head of Paul’s cock in her mouth.

Paul groaned as Susan sucked on the head of his dick. She ran her tongue around it and sucked on the tip causing Paul to tense and moan in pleasure. Melissa joined by kissing on the side of his shaft which made Paul moan out, “Oh fuck me to tears”! I will admit the jealous twinge hit me for a second, but as I watched my beautiful wife pleasure another guy, I was so turned on my cock was now aching.

Dean slid in behind Melissa and although I couldn’t see under the bubbles, I guessed he was playing with her pussy by the sighs of pleasure she started making. I moved behind my wife and felt her pussy. Even in the water she was obviously wet and she sighed when I pushed a finger into her causing her to take Paul’s cock deeper in her sweet mouth.

This lasted for another five minutes or so until Paul said, “Ok, enough, we need to move inside”. Susan released him and he got out of the tub pulling her hand to help her out. Melissa and Dean followed with me in the rear as Paul led my wife into the house. As I watched my wife’s sexy ass walk willingly with Paul I again felt a little regret about what I knew was now about to happen. However, since we’d always fantasized about a scenario like this, I pushed it aside and focused on the heart tattoos on Melissa’s gorgeous butt.

Paul led us all to his bedroom. He picked Susan up and tossed her onto the bed. She landed on her back and immediately spread her legs for him. Paul lay down and put his bald head in between my wife’s legs and started to kiss her pussy to which my wife sighed out and wrapped her legs around his neck. Melissa pulled both Dean and I down onto the bed by our cocks. With her lying between us, I went straight for those big tits, sucking each of her nipples while Dean kissed her deeply.

As I moved my hand down to explore Melissa’s pussy, I heard the familiar sound of my wife already building in orgasm. Susan always starts out with repeating “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck” over and over when she was ready to come, but this time it had only taken a minute for her to start. I glanced over and saw she had her ass up off the bed and had locked Paul’s face onto her pussy with one hand. She opened her eyes to see me watching her and then released into an orgasm screaming out, “OH FUCK ME”, as her body first locked and then began to spasm in her release.

Paul grabbed her around her waist and legs locking onto her and continued to lick at her clit as she tried to pull away from him. I know my wife can’t stand to be touched just after she has an orgasm, but Paul tightened his hold on her as she rocked back away trying to make him stop still screaming out in pleasure. He just tightened his hold on my wife as she continued to spasm in orgasm and smack at his head to let her go. This caused Melissa to giggle and say, “Relax baby, he’s going to fuck you soon enough”. Her comment excited me because I was now about to watch my beautiful wife get fucked by another man.

Melissa moved and knelt over Dean’s waist. She took his cock and stroked it a few times before swallowing half the length into her mouth. Melissa arched her ass toward me and I ran my hands over her smooth ass before inserting two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. I went back and forth from watching Melissa suck dean’s dick, to my wife still being eaten out by Paul and exploring Melissa’s very wet pussy.

Paul released his grip around my wife’s waist and pushed himself over top of her. Both he and Susan looked over at me either to get a final approval or to ensure I was watching. I just smiled at my wife and waited for the show. Susan held her hands on Paul’s neck as he guided his dick down and held it on my wife’s pussy lips. He rubbed up and down teasing her, which caused Susan to moan in displeasure at having to wait for his cock but, she quickly changed her moan as he began to push his fat cock in. She gasped and said, “Oh, fuck…. me….. please”! She looked over at me once more before closing her eyes and leaning her head back into the pillow.

I slipped my fingers out of Melissa only to have her push her ass higher in the air inviting me to take her from behind. I ran my hands up Melissa’s inner thighs and teased at her pussy lips while I watched Paul slowly push his dick into my sweet wife. I wanted to fuck Melissa badly, but I also wanted to have my full attention on my wife as she took her first strange cock since our marriage.

Susan gasped in pleasure with every inward thrust. I moved and could see Paul had most of his dick inside her and she spread her legs wider to allow him access. The sight of her open legs and curled toes made my cock throb with desire to be inside her. Although I had fucked my wife hundreds of times, I was envious of Paul having her at this moment.

Paul pushed all the way inside of Susan. She let out the kind of groan which always told me I was hitting the right spot in her. He must have picked up on it too because he held his dick in place and rocked from side to side as Susan moaned in pleasure. Paul then pulled almost all the way out and slowly pushed back in repeating this rhythm several times while my wife gasped in pleasure. Her breathing and moans increased with each slow stroke as she pushed her hips up into Paul to meet his cock.

Paul then grabbed my wife around her ass and began to pound into her with all his might. Susan immediately screamed out in joy as he fucked her with everything he had to give. I was concerned he was going to actually push her through the bed, but the way she was crying out in pleasure told me she was getting fucked just like she wanted to be fucked.

Melissa was still sucking Dean’s cock as she reached down and felt for my aching dick. As soon she touched it I decided it was my turn to have fun even though I was enjoying watching my wife get fucked by my monster sized friend. I knelt behind Melissa and rubbed her ass to which she pushed back toward me. I placed the head of my cock on her wet pussy lips and held still. I was going to wait for Melissa to fuck me as I continued to watch my wife get pounded in the bed next to us.

Melissa held my cock and guided me inside her. Although I love my wife so much, the feeling of being inside another woman was incredible. I leaned back to allow Melissa to take me into her and held a heart tattoo in each hand as I watched her sink back on the length of my dick.

Melissa sighed with Dean’s dick in her mouth and pushed her ass back to meet my inward thrust. I pulled her into me and felt my cock rub the very depth of her pussy, which caused her to kind of whimper in pain for a second until I began rocking from side to side. I hadn’t been this hard since I was younger, but the sight of my wife being fucked while I was fucking another woman seemed to have drained every ounce of blood I had in my body into my aching cock.

Susan told Paul to roll over and he slowly pulled his cock out of my wife and lay on his back. I knew what she wanted as her being on top will almost always make her come. She rubbed her pussy as she looked over at me. For a second we both had the “are you sure about this look”, but her sexy smile told me tonight was about getting fucked and nothing else.

I began to pound into Melissa as I watched my sexy wife straddle herself over Paul. She grabbed his dick to lower onto him while looking at me the entire time. Her stare made me pound into Melissa even harder as I watched her ease her sweetness down on him. She let out a gasp while rolling her head back and I again regretted not having a camera to capture how sexy she looked.

Paul then thrusted up basically impaling Susan with his dick. She cried out in pleasure and began rocking her hips riding his cock. I knew she was on mission to make herself come, but her occasional glances told me she wanted me to enjoy the special show she was putting on.

Her special show just made me fuck Melissa harder who was actually bouncing off of Dean’s cock as I thrust into her from behind. She finally stopped trying to keep his dick in her mouth and lay her head on the bed, allowing me to just take her from behind.

Dean moved off the bed when Melissa let his dick go. He went over and stood up on the bed next to my wife with one hand on the ceiling to brace him in place. His cock was sticking right in my wife’s face and Susan didn’t hesitate to grab hold and begin sucking him while continuing to ride Paul’s cock. This was now a scene I truly regret not having a picture of as my sweet, sexy wife fucked one cock and sucked on another.

Watching her pleasure both guys was putting me over the edge and I tried as best as I could to hold back from coming. I slowed my thrusts into Melissa and allowed her to just rock back into me at her own pace. It felt amazing and also prevented me from coming to quickly.

Knowing Susan gets super horny when she sucks dick, I knew she would be in heaven right now with a cock in her mouth and a big cock in her pussy. Her rocking motions were picking, up as was her breathing and gasps of pleasure as she fucked Paul. It was only about a minute later when she took Dean’s cock out of her mouth, grabbed a handful of Paul’s chest hair and screamed out in orgasm. Watching her convulse on top of Paul made me jealous again but her sexy screams of pleasure drove out all the thoughts I had about regretting having done this night.

Paul was trying to keep fucking her, but she rose up and pulled his chest hair saying, “Just wait sweetie”, while she twitched in the last spasms of her orgasm. She looked at me smiling, blew me another air kiss and grabbed Dean’s cock to start sucking him again.

Well, it was time for Melissa to come and I did not want to disappoint her. I pushed all seven inches into her and started to fuck her like I was on a mission. She obviously wanted just that as she pushed her ass back to meet every inward thrust and began to cry out in pleasure. I kept fucking Melissa as hard as I could and right about as I was running out of steam, I felt her pussy contract. She then made a funny squealing sound, grabbed the sheet s and began to convulse in an orgasm on my cock as I buried it all the way to the back of her pussy.

I just held still watching my wife suck dean’s cock while Melissa regained her composure. Susan was only sucking on the head of Dean’s dick while pumping her hand up and down his shaft, but having been the recipient of her blow jobs, there was no way Dean was going to last very long. His muscles were tense and he was groaning as my wife worked his dick in and out of her mouth. Just a few moments later, he put his other hand on the back of my wife’s head and released inside her causing Susan to pump his cock even faster as she took his load in her mouth.

Watching my wife suck off another guy put me over the edge. I could not hold back any longer and I pumped into Melissa hard feeling my orgasm suddenly build and let go. I pushed all the way into her as I came holding onto the heart tattoos on her beautiful ass. Melissa gasped feeling me throbbing inside her as I filled her pussy with my cum and grunted like a wild beast. She reached between her legs and lightly rubbed my balls as I filled her with everything I had.

I just held still with my dick all the way in Melissa while I watched Dean regain and step down off the bed. He leaned in and kissed my wife before sitting back on the bed. He then rubbed her tits as she continued to fuck Paul. She looked over at me and I could tell she was now in the “I’m getting fucked mood” and began to bounce on Paul’s cock as hard as she could.

Paul was holding her hips and thrusting up into her as my wife fucked him without mercy. He was groaning and yelling out, “Oh holy shit”, as my sweet girl rode his dick, basically owning his ass at this point. I pumped in and out of Melissa while my cock softened and watched Susan fuck the hell out of Paul. It was only a minute later when he tightened his grip around her legs and announced he was going to come. Susan grabbed his bald head with both hands and bucked her hips rapidly from side to side grinding down on Paul’s dick. He shouted out, “Oh holy fuck” and released his come into my wife.

Melissa slid away, pulling me down on the bed with her. I kissed her and asked’, “Was I ok”. She only smiled and kissed me back deeply. I took this response as I had done OK in her book. I rubbed her body and watched as my sweet wife slowly ground her hips on Paul as he held her and recovered from his orgasm. Susan was looking directly into my eyes and by my smile; she could tell she had put on an amazing show for me.

Paul threw his arms over his head and told Susan she had to stop because she was driving him crazy. She leaned down, kissed him quickly and slid off to the other side of the bed. We all lay there for a minute or so catching our breath until Dean said it was time for another drink and headed for the door. Melissa crawled off the bed and she and Susan began to follow Dean out of the bedroom.

Even though the lights were low, I could see a trail of cum running down my wife’s leg when she stopped and said to Melissa, “I think we need to get cleaned up a little first”. Melissa rubbed at her own pussy, pulling some of my come out and both girls laughed as they turned and walked back to bathroom.

As I rolled off the bed Paul said, ‘Hey man, don’t take this wrong, but god your girl can fuck”. I laughed as I assured him I was in full agreement with his statement. He pulled on a pair of shorts while I just threw my jeans back on before heading out to the bar area to join Dean.

At the bar we poured another round as we waited for the girls. There was a small period of silence, but Dean finally broke it by saying, “Well, round one is over, let’s see what happens with round two”. Paul looked over at me for my reaction. I just said, “Whatever momma wants is fine with me”. They both cheered their glasses and drank.

I asked Dean how long he and Mellissa had been, well, you know. He explained they had been at a party about a year ago and she ran into one of her old girlfriends. The two of them had gotten pretty drunk and wound up in bed together. He said Melissa didn’t let him fuck her friend, but they both gave him a blowjob together and he watched them fool around until they both crashed. Melissa later confessed to him she was bi and things just started happening as they met more people in the lifestyle. Dean then asked me, “You ok with me and Susan being together tonight”? I nodded my approval and said, “It’s up to the boss, whatever she wants”. However, I already knew my wife would probably be up to taking on all three of us repeatedly tonight.

Round two was about to begin because we could hear the girls coming down the hall. As they came into the living room, Melissa lightly slapped my wife’s ass and said, "She’s a bad girl”. I didn’t understand exactly what she meant but could care less as they were both naked and my cock was now getting hard again. Susan did tell me a few days later what occurred while they were getting freshened up. The thought of my wife licking my come out of Melissa’s pussy is still something I wish I could have seen.

My wife hugged me and gave me a quick kiss before she sat down and grabbed the drink waiting for her. Melissa also kissed me as she went by on her way over to Dean. Susan leaned into me and whispered,” Baby, are you sure you are ok”. I kissed her and nodded to the affirmative. She then whispered, “I am so fucking horny, I can’t remember when I’ve been like this”? Her comment did hurt me a little, but I wanted this night to play it’s self out and let my girl have whatever fun she wanted.

We all talked about making plans for a ride in the next few weeks. Paul said we also needed to come to his next pool party. He laughed as he said, “Since you guys are now part of the group, you know what to expect and will have a great time”. We had heard some rumors in the past about Paul’s parties, but now fully understood those rumors were nothing compared to what we now expected to see.

We all later jumped back into the hot tub and the girls took turns sucking each of us while we sat on the side of the tub with them calling “Switch”. Dean and my wife later fucked on the couch while Melissa sucked my cock with Paul fucking her from behind. I came inside Melissa’s mouth as I watched Dean fuck my wife, her cute feet up in the air as he pounded away making her cry out in pleasure.

Paul’s next pool party is in about three weeks and we have already made plans to crash at his place. I am very sure he is looking forward to fucking Susan again and I am looking forward to meeting some of the friends they already told us about. Paul did warn us his pool parties sometimes get a little “out-of-control”, so my wife and I are counting the days.

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