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A Boating Surprise

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My wife Bev and I (Rick) moved to the Tampa Bay Area two years ago from Pittsburg. We both relocated with our jobs and have love the tropical weather and atmosphere.

We quickly discovered a boat opened so many recreational activities and bought a (new to us) 27’ cuddy cabin to cruise the intercostal and bay area. We heard several other boaters and people talk about a small island in the mouth of Tampa Bay called Passage Key and it was a local hang out for nude recreation.

This sounded interesting so Bev and I decided to cruise out there one day. Bev enjoyed hanging out topless and sometime nude in our backyard pool area but has never been to or participated in a nude recreation area.

We pulled up and anchored in a shallow area lined up safely other boats. It was a beautiful day and naked people everywhere! Bev and I just set back and was doing some site seeing as we were curious about all this.

People were all gathered in groups socializing drinking adult beverages soaking up the sun so Bev and I decide to jump in and socialize. This is the first time Bev and I were about to remove our clothes and be in front of other people but Bev only wanted to take her top off. It was amazing how comfortable so many people were being naked around each other.

Even though Bev had her hat and dark sunglass on, I could tell she was checking out all the guys naked bodies. I was of course checking out the girls too.

We were hanging out by our boat when this guy (Randy) was walking by and said…Nice Boat! I said thanks. He said this was his first time at Passage Key and asked if we were regulars. We struck up a conversation being we were newbies also.

Randy was welt built guy, nicely tanned and had a package, completely shaved which made his cock look bibber and hang lower that my wife kept stealing looks at. Randy said he was in town for the annual boat show starting next week and had a loaner boat for the day. He was a rep for Garmin Nav units and just came out to check this place out while in town. Bev and I said it was our first time also.

I started asking questions about my nav unit and Randy said he’d be happy to show me a few features with mine since I wasn’t very familiar with it. We all hopped in our boat, Bev went in the cabin for something and if you’re familiar with the narrow door of some cuddy cabins you’ll understand how things happened next.

Randy was standing at one side of the cabin door and I at the helm talking about my electronics. Only about 20” between us because it’s a narrow passage area to the cabin. You can’t see into the cabin except maybe someones feet when standing at the door but you can see out and everything about waist high while inside the cabin.

I noticed Bev stayed in the cabin for a spell and would have bet $20 she was eyeballing Randy’s dick. I asked Bev if she was ready for another drink and she spoke up and said sure and came back through the cabin door. Keep in mind this is a narrow opening and when she leaned over to come through the door, Randy’s dick was in the right position and height that it rubbed across her shoulder and bake as she came through the doorway. I also noticed a bit of hesitation as his cock touched her back leaving it there for just a split second longer. She had to know that was his cock lightly touching her.

Bev went to the cooler and made the three of us a drink. We chatted a bit and decided to get back in the water to cool off.

I asked Bev if she was sure she didn’t want to get completely nude this time. Randy said it really felt great, unrestrictive and liberating. Bev said she would but wanted to stay close by the boat. She stepped back in the cabin and we gave her room to get in and she closed the door this time. She came back out a couple minutes later with a towel wrapped around her bottom still unsure about being fully nude.

I chuckled and said still shy huh? She said it was just weird being fully naked in front of Randy and others. Randy said…. Thats’s ok Bev, I won’t look and then slipped his dark sunglasses back on. (LOL) That was enough humor and smart ass remarks that Bev said what the hell and tossed the towel. And hurriedly jumped in the water.

Bev is a well built girl that takes really good care of herself. She stays fully shaved with super soft skin. Her nipples are nice and firm and look great on her medium sized well tanned tits. Randy spoke upland said that’l work with a thumbs up.

Back in the water we were all standing fairly close together and the occasional waves would occasionally push us into each other causing us hold on to each other for balance. The water was only a little over knee deep near the boat, Bev dunked down and rested on her knees. I know she know had a direct view of my and Randy’s dick and her dark sunglasses made it easy to view what she may.

Randy went to check on his boat and decided to bring it over and anchored up beside us. While he was gone Bev and I was talking about how nice Randy was. Since I noticed my wife looking at his cock and well defined body. I asked her if she noticed how large his package was? She said how could I help not to look? I said that damn thing must be a monster when it’s hard! He appeared tore at least 2” larger and defiantly a larger girth than me. But other guys size never concerned me. She said I wouldn’t know with an ornery smile.

Then I noticed Bev’s nipples were a little hard and I called her out on it in a jokingly manner. Damn Babe…. Does looking at his big cock give your tit’s a hard on? Stop it Ricky….

Bev’s had a few drinks and she gets a little more friendly when she catches a buzz. Since this was all a new recreational activity and Randy was not a local and leaving town soon, I thought what the hell, lets see how much fun we can have today.

Bev and I had fantasy talked about having sex with others but never acted on it or pursued it. We usually had great sex after discussing various hot fantasies.

I told Bev she better be careful you’ll put his eye out with one of those nipples if they get any harder. That remark made them harder just as Randy pulled up beside us. I grabbed his anchor and Bev went to the side of his boat and Randy handed her a tie off line. She was looking up and Randy’s cock was waving just a few inches from Bev’s face making her nipple erection more prominent.

I guess Randy noticed her erect nipples and decided to stand there talking to her as she was getting a perfect view of his cock literally a foot or so from her face. Not sure if it was just a guy thing for him but he grabbed his cock and tugged on it for a second as if it was a natural motion. He kept talking to Bev as he did this. Bev looked over at me and had an ornery smile going on again.

Randy jumped back in the water and I thought…. Hey I’m going to grab my phone and take a couple pictures of our first nude recreation activities…… (I later found out that’s not cool to take picture while out there)….. But anyway, I snapped a few of Bev and I said turn sideways so I can get the sun shinning across your tits. Randy was standing off the side and I said jump in there Randy, let’s get a couple pics of you too. He stood beside Bev and after a couple pics he put his arm around her waist. Bev dropped back down to her knees again and Randy walked up close behind her for a couple more pics. He was close enough behind her while she was on her knees that the waves would cause them to move back and forth slightly bumping each other and his cock just just barely touching her shoulder a couple times. I said…. Damn Bev! that was a good shot with that anaconda bouncing off your shoulder. She flipped me the bird and just leaned back, threw one arm over her head and the other behind Randys leg letting his cock now resting on her shoulder. And she sarcastically said is that better?

I don’t know what came over me but that pose of Bev with Randy’s cock laying over her shoulder looked cool as hell and I was getting a woody! Bev seen this and gave me dish of my own medicine and said Who’s getting excited now big boy?

At this point I think Bev and I were testing each others limits as to how far we were going to take this? It was kind of hot for me and I was willing to pursue things further if she was.

All the banter back and forth between Bev and I was causing a positive reaction with Randy. Bev leaned back again tilted her head slightly and let Randy’s growing cock lay across her neck as Bev said here’s picture for you Babe.

I could see where this was going and I said hey guys let’s get a drink. We all got back in our boat. Randy and I set up front and Bev sat in the back chair and was feeling much more comfortable being nude. She laid back to absorb the suns rays and was giving Randy and I a great view of her pussy.

A couple minutes later Randy noticed a slack tie off rope and walked back next to Bev to tighten up the anchor line. He of course did it in a fashion that he had to lean over near Bev to do this. Bev pulled her sunglasses back with one hand and the other she reached up and grabbed Randys dick….. (which really wasn’t blocking the light)…. and said what the hell…. This thing is blocking all my sun! I said hold on let me grab my camera.

Bev pushed it over to the side and let go of it as it swung back in front of her face. She grabbed it again and pushed his half hard cock out of the way and it plopped back in front of her face again.

I said damn Babe you might have to beat that snake off of you. She jerked his cock a couple times and Randy’s cock came to life. That god dam thing seemed like it wouldn’t stop growing! Randy knelt down on one knee so others couldn’t see Bev playing with his cock.

I said Bev…. Now what the hell are you going to do…. You created a monster! Now you should give it the kiss of death to tame it down! We all laughed out load

Bev was looking at me contemplating if I was serious. She held onto his cock, starring at me with hard ass nipples and her legs partially spread open. Then turned her head and softly kissed the head of Randy’s cock.

I was sitting in the captains chair and couldn’t believe how hard my dick got watching my wife kiss the head of another mans cock! I tossed a towel over my crotch to conceal my arousal and said damn Babe I wasn’t ready for that one as I pointed the camera at them She turned her he’d and kissed the head of his cock again then ran her tongue around it’s head and said is that better now? I didn’t have a chance to say anything before Randy spoke up and said fuck yea that was way better!

Bev’s always been a bit of a tease with me and around friends but never acted on it. It kind of surprised a bit but I guess we always new a situation might arise that we’d take it over the edge. I was surprisingly turned on and Bev looked at me like are we going to continue this? My hard dick was telling me yes and Bev’s bold moves proved to me she wanted to go to the next level.

I said guys we should step into the cabin to finish our drinks and get out of the line of sight.

Bev and Randy gathered themselves and headed for the cabin. Thank god we had a fan in the cabin because it was pretty hot in there. Bev laid back and Randy and I on each side of her. I was feeling her tits and asked if she was good then she reached over and grabbed Randy’s cock and with that devilish smile… said are you good? I sure am… Bev started stroking Randy’s cock and it was hard as a rock. He reached over and helped me massage my wife tits. Bev was stroking my cock and pulling me closer to suck my dick.

This was so hot playing around for the first time. All I wanted to do was get off I was horny. Randy had got up on one knee and was reaching down for Bev’s pussy. He rubbed her clit and Bev raised her hips to his finger wanting more. I enjoyed watching my wife get into another guy playing with her pussy making it wet.

Bev stopped sucking my dick and looked up at as she was trying to pull Randy’s cock closer. I know my wife pretty well and knew she wanted to suck on that big cock of his. Wow I really wanted to watch her do it and pushed her chin over to his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock again and then put just the head of it in her mouth.

She looked at me again and asked if I was ok. I said enjoy Babe, I want to watch you suck it. Bev looked like she was in heaven and began sucking his cock. Randy was moaning saying god that feel good. This pleased Bev and she rolled over to position herself better to give him a real blow job. I laid back and jacked off watch Bev perform her magic. After a few minutes of Bev masterfully sucking his cock, Randy said he was getting close to cumming but not ready just yet and ask if he could lick Bev’s pussy. I said Bev loves to have her pussy eaten.

Bev rolled back over and Randy got on his knees between her legs and slowly lick Bev’s clit and it was making her quiver with spams having another man lick her pussy. She grabbed my hand and was squeezing the shit out of it. I know her pussy was feeling good because she grabbed the back of Randy’d head and started fucking him in the face and had a body all most instantly had a body shaking orgasm. She was cumming in Randy’ mouth and he kept tonging the hell out of her while she was climaxing

After Bev’s intense climax, Randy leaned back with Bev’s cum on his face. Bev’s heavy breathing said she needed a water and Randy said he would get her one out of the cooler. While he was out of the cabin Bev said move over to the middle and she stood up between my legs and started giving me a fantastic blow job. She stopped for a moment and whispered, I’m so fucking horny and want to fuck. I got the sense Bev positioned herself like this for a reason so I held her cheeks in my hands and said would would like to fuck Randy’s big hard cock? She said if you don’t mind maybe just a little?

Who in the hell only wants to fuck a little? What my wife is really telling me is she wants Randy’s hard cock in her to satisfy her overwhelming desire to fuck another man.

Randy came back in and Bev took a quick drink of water then set it aside, turned back to suck my cock and only left enough room so that Randy was standing behind her. Bev kept pushing her ass back against Randy giving him the invitation and permission to enter her. Randy was hard and willing as he rubbed his cock on her wet pussy. Bev was so horny and and kept raising ass up und down wanting his hard cock. I knew exactly when he entered my wife’s pussy. Bev spit out my cock and moaned Oh God, Oh Fuck!

Bev screamed out Oh God his cock feels so good! I Said… Randy be easy, Bev said no Fuck Me God Damn It, Fuck Me! Bev’s body was rocking forward each time Randy pushed his cock in further in my wife. Bev looked like she had tears in her eyes when she whispered to me…. Can I cum Honey? I smiled and said if it feels good go ahead and cum on that hard cock. Bev was getting into the rhythm taking him deeper on each stroke. Randy was taking it easy at first but Bev kept asking him to fuck her harder. I could feel her body shove against me each time he rammed his cock in. I could hear the sounds of his cock and balls slapping her pussy as he increased the power of his trusts. Bev screamed again…. Oh Fuck….I’m Cumming! Fuck Rick, I’m cumming on his cock! Randy couldn’t hold back either and said he need to cum soon. Bev said please Rick can he cum in me…. Please! I didn’t have a chance to say anything and Randy took Bev’s word for it, held her hips tight, moaned like hell as he shot his load of cum in my wife. Bev said I feel it…Oh God I feel your cock throbbing and shooting cum in me. Bev collapsed in my lap and Randy stood up and said Wow! God that was good, are were we all ok?

I said we’re good Randy. He said if you don’t mind I’m going to leave you guys to reflect if that’s ok.

Bev laid there exhausted but had enough energy to tell Randy to leave his number on the helm and that we’d like to see him again after the boat show before he left town.

Boy are you going to want to hear the story of our next meeting.

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