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step bro spent the night

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Hi my name is Judy, I'm divorce and do have a nice body, even if I have to say so. Well I feel I need to share this story with you. I've got a half brother that live out of town and when he come's home he stay at my house. He can come and go's as he please from my house and he like that. So he came out one weekend and he had been partying some already. I was going to go out with one of my gf and she was to meet at my house. She had a few already and was dress a bit on the hot side. So she was hanging out with my brother Jim why I finish getting ready. They started to pick on one and another. Before long my gf was telling him how she was going to come back that night and jump in bed with him and fuck the hell out of him. So he was daring here and it was getting pretty wild and hot conversation. So I drag her out and off we went and he went out to meet some of his friends.

So for most of the night my gf is telling be story on how hot my brother is and how she heard he was hung like a horse and was some great guy in the bed. That she was going to go back to my place and jump in his bed. I just laugh and told her she could. She just keep going on about it all night, Now I'm wondering if half the story she telling me is true, She telling me that she know a couple of girl that got it on with him and it was all true. I just laugh and told her I didn't know I had such a great stud at home lol. So we drank and dance some and she was going to go back to my place. But then her boy friend showed up and hung out with us. When time to leave she had to go with him. So one the way home I laugh about it because she had all those plan's and it back fire on her. But I cant get out of my head all the stuff she told me about him. I was married for a few year and we did have a great sex life, I do enjoy my sex. Now I was divorce for over a year with no sex life. So listen to her story got me pretty horny. I wasn't in any pain from partying either. So I did make it home in one piece. AS I head to my room I pass the room my brother was using, I could hear him snoring so I knew he was home. I figure he was pretty was pass out by the noise. So I went to my room and getting out of my clothes. Now it summer time and my air wasn't working well, so I usually sleep in the buff. So now I'm in birthday suit and horny as hell and thinking of all her story. So I told my self he was pretty well wasted and sleeping. I could get out of my head that he was suppose to be so well hung. I had to find out is she was telling me the truth. So I slip on my bath robe and tip back down the hall. I stop by his room and he was still sawing logs. so I stood there a while to build up courage. I try the door and it wasn't lock. So I ease it open and could make out his form in bed and he sound so far out of it. So I decide I had to find out and I figure he was so drunk he wouldn't know. So I step in and shut the door, But is was so dark I couldn't see anything. But as I stood there I could see a bit more as I got adjusted to the dark. He was still sawing logs. I tip over to the bed and could make out his form but not much else. It was a queen size bed and he was pretty much over to the far side, which was up against a wall. So I gentle pull on his sheet and he didn't make a move or change of noise. But the sheet was under him some how and I couldn't pull down to far. So I couldn't really see anything. I couldn't reach him with out leaning out over the bed. So I slowly lay on the bed so I could get closer to see. He didn't stir so now I on the bed trying to see. But is was to dark to see. I figure he was pass out and I really wanted to know. So I poke him once or twice to see if he move. Nothing happen. So I pull the sheet harder and it finial pulled free, so I pulled it down to take a peek. But it was to dark to see. So I slowly slide my hand onto his leg and he still didn't move or change. So I got braver and slide my hand up his leg. I didn't slide it to far when my hand hit his cock. It seem to be on the firm and quite big to the feel. I was sliding my hand on it to see how big it was. As I did this it did seem to get bigger and more arouse. His cock was coming alive to my touch, But he was stilling snoring and not moving. So I stroke it softly and he got bigger and harder. Dam she wasn't telling any story, his cock was bigger then I've seen before and getting bigger. As I stroke it I was getting horny just knowing I had his cock in my hand. He was so out of it, I just got braver or more stupid, which ever way you want to call it. But I did slide more forward on the bed to get closer to his cock. As I got closer I got a bit braver and lick his cock to see how it taste. As I lick it, it seem to get harder and bigger. I slowly lean forward and slide the head of his cock to my lips. I then slowly open my mouth sliding his cock into my mouth to see how it felt to have a big one in my mouth. I got a bit braver and started to suck on it a bit. I got into to this so much that I didn't notice the snoring stop. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head shove my head down onto his cock. He telling me to suck it, and that he was surprise that I did jump into bed with him. Dam he woke up and was thinking I was my girl friend. I couldn't say anything or he would know it was me. So now he holding my head and fucking my mouth. Telling me to suck harder. It was so big I couldn't get much in, but I started to suck harder. He moaning now and still holding my head as I suck. Then I felt his other hand sliding up my inner thigh all the way up to my pussy. Pulling my leg apart as he slide it up. Then he hit my hot soaking wet pussy. Sliding a finger into it as fast as he hit it. Still holding my head and fucking my mouth , He started to finger my pussy. Telling me how hot and wet that it was. It had been so long and really was getting soaking wet. He stop for a minute and pull the tie on my robe and pull it wide open as I laid there. He went back to finger my pussy and working it so well. Now found myself moaning with excitement.. Then he rolled to me. pushing me to my side as he was pulling my leg up. Sliding his head up my leg, telling me that he had to taste my hot pussy. When his head hit my pussy he pull me to him rolling me on top of him and into the 69 post ion. Then holding me to him started to eat my pussy and probing his tongue into me. Dam he was good, and the hotter I got. By this time I didn't care who tongue it was, I just need to cum. Well didn't take long and I was cum quit hard into his face. He just bare his face into it more sucking and probing it. Then he started to push me down his body as he slide himself up the bed. When his cock got to my pussy he stop pushing me down and started to rub his cock all over my pussy lips. Getting my pussy hot and his cock all wet with my juice's. He was driving me nuts but doing this. He push me up some as he played so I was up on my knee's. He move up a bit and I could fell his cock parting my pussy lips. He slowly work his cock head up and down my pussy lips, teasing my pussy . then I felt him pushing down on my hips as he shove his cock up. His cock pop inside my pussy now and I could feel its size spreading me open. Now holding my thigh and holding his cock into my pussy he push me forward more and slide up as he was pushing his cock into me. Holding onto me and sliding out and from under me, keeping his cock in my pussy, he move into doggie style. Now with me on my knees and him on his he started to slam his cock into my pussy . As he push he was pulling me back into him. Slamming his cock deeper each time. His cock was so big it hurt as he shove, but I found my self pushing back into his cock moaning louder each time. I was getting so loud I heard him tell me to be quiet before I woke up his sister. I had to laught to myself , I don't think you have to worry about waking her up. I felt his cock hit bottom of my pussy and I knew he had more to give. But then he just started to fuck in and out of my pussy harder each time. I started to cum again and could feel my juice running down my leg as he force it out with his cock filling my pussy. He reach around and finger my clit as he fuck my pussy harder pulling me into him as he did. I was slamming my pussy to him and he pounded it to me. Then as he keep fucking me, he lean forward and grab my boobs pulling and tease my nipple and he pounded my pussy. Then I felt his cock begin to explode into me, pumping his seed into my hot pussy.NOw he just holding me pulling me to him and trying to push his cock deeper into me, This driving me into cum again and with the pain I was making quit the noise of excitement and pleasure. he telling me to be quiet as he pumping into me. Then he let go and I feel forward onto my face. I could feel all of the seed pour out of me. I never been fuck so hard and cum so much. But as I laid there I remember it was my step brother seed pouring out of my pussy. He didn't know it was me and I wanted to keep it that way. So as I started to move he tried to pull me up to him. I push away from him , He was telling me what a hot little slut I was and he need some more of me. I put my finger up to my mouth and shhh him. Then trying to sound like my girl friend I told him we probably woke up Judy and I had to get out before she caught us. I hit the floor running for the door. His seed running down my leg. I ran to my room and shut the door and fell backward on my bed. Asking my self did I really just fuck my brother. Reach down and touch my sore soaking pussy,

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