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Unexpected Visit From the Ex

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It was a great day for Marcus. The meeting went well with his new boss; his generally enept coworkers actually proved useful on the project they were working on; and he was introuduced to the beautiful new woman, Sandra, in Marketing. He started the engine to his week old BMW 330i convertable and let the top down. He thought to himself, "Days like this don't happen often and I'm going to bask in the sunlight on the way home." He decided to take the 1 up the coast so he could watch the sun glow over the ocean and breathe the sea air. The jazz coming out of his stereo system set the perfect mood, and had it been legal he thought how great it would be to have a glass of Pinot Noir in hand. Oh well, he'd have it once he got home while he ate dinner and watched the game.

Even though he took the long way home the drive was still coming to an end much too fast, and he sat in the driveway listening to the soothing notes from the stereo for a few more minutes before raising the top and shutting off the engine. Once inside he took out a couple things for dinner and got to work. Unlike most men Marcus loved to cook, and not just because he didn't have anyone to do it for him. At his salary he could hire a cook if he wanted to, but he felt food made with his own hands just tasted better. He made himself a lemon glazed grilled chicken breast, rice, and some mixed vegetables. After dinner was ready he poured his anticipated glass of wine and sat down to watch the game.

He had begun to nod a little when he was jarred by the sound of his doorbell. He glanced at the clock on the satelite box which read 8:43. He wondered out loud, "who would be coming by now?" He walked over to the door and turned on the porch light even though there was still some daylight left in the dusk. Had he known what awaited him on the otherside he probably would've checked the peephole before opening up, but he didn't.

He'd promised himself that if he ever saw her again she'd never know how bad he was hurt when she left. He told himself he'd be cool, calm and indifferent. He'd be polite and cordial but just a little cold. So when he opened the door and saw her standing on the other side of it he paused in shock and then said the words that engendered all of those sentiments....

"What the fuck are you doing here?" The anger in his voice wasn't the least bit cool, calm or indifferent. "Fuck!" He thought to himself.

A warm smile crossed her lips, "I can't stop by to say 'hi?'"

"No, you can't. What do you want?" The last time he saw her was an abnomally cold day in early November. She had packed up all her things and was pulling out of the driveway as he pulled in. She had cheated on him a couple months before but he'd forgiven her and he thought things were working out great. Then one day she just up and left, with no explaination. His calls weren't returned. He didn't have any idea where she'd been for the last 10 months. He had finally gotten to the point where he didn't care. But now she was back on his door step and his perfect day was an icecube in hell.

"Can I come in? I need your help." She looked sincere enough. How could she just comeback like nothing was wrong? And she expected him to invite her in? She wanted his help? "Do for Love" by Tupac began to play in his head. He had listened to it over and over after she left. He would fall asleep with it on repeat every night and wake to it still on every morning. But against the advice of every word in the song he stepped aside, opening the doorway for her to enter.

He gestured for her to take a seat on the loveseat that they used to cuddle on while watching movies together. As she sat a look came into her eyes that made it clear she remembered those nights perfectly. He fought to ignore it.

"Now, what do you want?" He said in as cold a tone as he could muster.

"I wish you wouldn't look at me like that. I know you didn't under-" he didn't let her finish.

"Listen, you stupid bitch," he stood "I don't want to hear any of your bullshit! It was a mistake even letting you in here, but since I did why don't you go ahead and tell me what you need my "help" with so you can get the fuck on somewhere."

No one had ever spoken to her like that, especially not him. He was always gentle with her. Even after she confessed cheating he stayed calm and was willing to talk it out. No sooner was the last word out of his mouth than in one motion, before she realized what she was doing, she stood directly in front of him and slapped him hard across the left side of his face. He was infuriated. His hand didn't fly to his stinging face, it flew to her neck. He pushed her against the wall and held her there his strong arm pressed against her throat. He was surprised at himself but he didn't stop. What surprised him more though was the look in her eyes. It wasn't fear. She stared back at him with fire. They said nothing. They just stood, eyes locked. She could see his jaw was clenched. He only did this when he was deep in thought or very angry. He was both. His grip wasn't so tight that her breathing was cut off, but it was becoming labored. He wanted to stop, but he wanted to hurt her. He wanted her to feel physically what he'd gone through mentally for so many months after she left. Then suddenly her look changed. Her eyes began to shift from a central stare to darting back and forth looking into his. Her hands, which had been stationary at her side reached up and found his waist. She violently jerked his pelvis into hers. He didn't react but his mind was racing. So was hers. Just like the slap that landed them in the position, she had no idea why she was doing what she was doing. She pulled again.

"No." He said firmly, but barely above a whisper. She wasn't convinced. Neither was he.

"Fuck you." She replied and jerked him into her again. This time she felt his response. He didn't mean for it to happen and he hated himself for it. His grip on her neck loosened and she brought her hands to his chest. She pushed him away from her and slapped him again. He was instantly right back on top of her. It wasn't just anger this time, there was a powerful lust mixed in. He had never hated her so much or wanted her so badly. He pushed her so hard she was thrown back into the wall. She hit it with a thud. Ignoring the pain she only looked at him defiantly. When he came close enough she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her. They kissed recklessly. She pushed against him but didn't stop. He grabbed her wrists away from his torso and pressed them above her head. He held them in place with his left hand and brought his right down to her silk buttoned blouse. He squeezed her right breast as his tongue probed her mouth. She struggled against his grip but he held her in place and it only turned her on more. She was so wet that she was starting to soak through the thin fabric of her thong, and he began to think his erection was going to burst through his pants. What the hell were they doing?

She jerked her wrists from his grasp and firmly grabbed each side of his $95 Calvin Kline dress shirt and pulled sending the three buttons that held it together at the bottom flying in different directions. She tore the shirt off his body then grabbed the back of his head pulled him close and bit his neck. She tasted the thin veil of sweat that had built on him during their heated exchange. A low gutteral growl escaped his throat as the pleasurable pain was received by his nerves.

He pushed her back once again and just as she had done he ripped her blouse from her body. He immediatly recognized the bra she wore underneath. He'd purchased it for her birthday a year before. The black lace framed her bosom well. She'd been working out. The baby fat that she always whined about was gone from her midsection and had been replaced by a flat stomach. He ran his hand down her neck, over the bra and her stomach and found the button to the slacks she wore. He undid it and slid the zipper down in a fluid motion. She gasped as he turned her around and held her hands firmly behind her back with one hand. He used the other to slide both her pants and thong down over her shapely ass.

Next he unfastened his own pants. He'd already shed his belt before making dinner. He let his pants drop to his ankles and stepped out of them. He repeated the action with his boxers. After he was nude he moved her arms in front of her and cluthed her tightly so that she couldn't move. He moved his lips to her neck and sucked on the spot just below her ear that drove her crazy. He felt her body tense and the gasp she made told him that it still worked. Her pants and underwear were still half on an he lifted his foot to her knee and pushed them down and off. He brought his left hand around to her right arm so that he could hold both of her arms with one of his. She struggled against him but he had his body pressed against hers and there was nothing she could do but bend to his will. He bent his knees slightly and used his right hand to guide himself very quickly and forefully inside her. Though she was tight she was so wet that he got in with relative ease. He pushed in as deep as he could go. She felt him fill her up quickly and shrieked his name. He used to slide in slowly to give her time to adjust to his size. But not this time. Her pussy hurt so good as he began to violently thrust again and again deep inside her. She could feel the pressure on her g-spot as he ravished her from behind. He grabbed her elbows with each of his hands and used them as leverage to thrust harder and deeper. She screamed in painful extasy. He was becoming feral...his hands slid up under her bra and he clenched at her breasts as he fucked her mercilously. He broke into a sweat and the experience became surrealistic. It was almost as if he were out of his body watching himself. This wasn't him making this woman that he hated so much scream over and over. But he loved it. It felt so good sliding in and out of her dripping hole. Her legs started to trimble and he knew that she was about to cum all over him. His own orgasm was nearing as well. As hers hit she shook ferouciously. Her vaginal muscles contracted around him and he began to go over the edge as well. He exploded inside her, hard than he'd ever cum. Both of his hands wrapped around her throat and he squeezed as he yelled. She was surprised to find that him choking her made her orgasm that much stronger and she continued to cum. After what seemed like an eternity his senses returned to him. They had been pressed up against the wall breathing heavily for several minutes he still inside her. He pulled out and began to dress and she did the same. They placed their tattered clothing back on in silence.

"Baby, I'm sorry." She was the first to speak. He didn't respond. "Is there anything I can do?" she continued.

"Yeah." he spoke and then paused, "I'm going to take a shower. You can be gone when I get back." With that he turned and headed for his bedroom. He closed and locked the door behind him and began his shower. He showered in the dark as he did when he had a lot on his mind. He was oddly proud of himself for how he'd treated her. How did it feel that he'd fucked her and then told her to fuck off. However, after about 20 minutes it occured to him that he never did find out what she wanted. 20 minutes up the freeway she smiled to herself knowing she'd just gotten it.

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