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To cage an Owl part 1

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Miss Owl, never knew how much her life was going to change that day, or she would have never gone home?or would she?

Tired and weary from the night at the hospital, you enter your home, with the only thoughts of a hot shower and a days sleep on your mind. This is evident from the trail of clothes from the door to the shower. The bathroom starts to steam as you warm the shower up. You enter and the water embraces your sore body like an old lover with its warmth. After nearly draining the hot water tank, you climb out and dry off, refreshed and smelling clean. As you walk into your room , large hands grab you and cover your mouth. ? Scream and I?ll hurt you, don?t do as I say and I?ll hurt you worse? the voice tells you. ?Do as I say and this will be over soon, don?t, and I?ll use this on you.? He lets you see the large knife he carries to emphasize the point. Fear fills your mind, as the danger becomes very real. You feel the towel ripped off your body, making you even more vulnerable to him. He forces you down face first on the bed. He folds your legs under you while he holds your head down and cuffs your wrists to your ankles. Then he blind folds you cutting off one of your senses. You feel your legs pried open and bound again to a metal bar holding them apart. Bound face down, ass up and blind folded, he tells you ?There, that?s how I want you, open for business, and ready to serve.? You can almost feel his eyes leering on you body, and then feel the sting as he smacks your creamy white ass cheeks. ?Feel that?? ? That?s the pain your master is going to inflict on you till you learn how behave for me.? SMACK! He hits you again, sending a ripple through your body. ?Now I am going to break you.? SMACK! SMACK! The fire on your ass cheeks begin to burn. ?Call me master?. ?No? you cry. SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! He assails you supple ass again. Pain ripples through you again as the tears begin to flow. ? Call me Master?. ?master? you squeak. SMACK! ?I can?t hear you.? ?Master? you sob. ?There that wasn?t so hard was it?? You feel the soft touch of rabbit fur brush against the welts on your ass, It sends chills through you and tortures you at the same time. You feel something pressed against your clit and begin to vibrate. ? You like that?? ?Yes.? you sob. You hear a second vibration as a lubed vibrator is pressed into your anus. SMACK! Your body jerks as the sting warms your ass again, followed by the pain of the vibrator now fully enter your ass. ?I will posses you.? He tells you as he inserts another vibrator into your surprisingly wet pussy. Now two are worked in and out of your lust holes as he tells you ? I control your pleasure and your pain, and soon they will become one.? ?You may not cum until I allow it.? ? I wont let you until you beg me.? ?And if you beg me I will spank you more.? ?Do you understand??. To emphasize his point he smacks your ass again while trusting the vibrators into you deep. A wave of pain and pleasure fills you, causing your loins to shake and quiver. ?I said do you understand???.?Yees? you sob again. SMACK! ?Good? he sneers. He picks up the pace with the vibrators and you feel the wave of an orgasm building. No I won?t give in you think as you bite down on your lip, trying to force it back. SMACK! ?No, no none of that, I said you must beg me.? The slap and trust brings you close, to close. He seemingly senses this and stops and two more smacks hit your ass. Inflamed and wanting to finish, you quiver. ?I said beg.??SMACK! ??please.? you sob, as your emotions hit you all at once. SMACK! ?Please what?? SMACK! ??PLEASE! ..LET ME CUM!? you cry out. SMACK! SMACK! ..?I SAID PLEASE YOU BASTARD!? You scream. ?You didn?t say master!? ?YOU SON OF A BITCH!? SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ?Please master no more, let me cum I beg you! PLEASE!? ?Ah that?s better? he says as the vibrators are turned back on and the rhythm is worked at a tempo that pushes you over the edge. You cum hard and your whole body shakes as you see white flashes inside your eye lids. You lay there, spent, shaking, hurting, and soaked in your own cum. Your to weak to even fight him as he undoes your binds. You lay there limply as he rolls you over and drags you to the edge of the bed. You feel his hands grab a hand full of your hair. ?Open.? he commands you. You feel his hard cock pressed against your lips. ?Now you will suck me off.? ?And if you so much as scr*pe your teeth on my cock, I will knock your teeth out!? Fear returns as you begin to take in his throbbing cock. His thickness stretches your lips as you taste the precum on his head. You take him in deep, and grab his ass cheeks as you pull him in.?Yes? his voice now husky tells you. You take him in you, working his shaft and head with your tongue and lips. You Feel his body tighten and hips trust as he unloads his cum over and over down your throat. Spent he falls beside you breathing hard. He pulls back your blind fold and kisses you deeply, His cum taste still on your tongue. He pulls back and you see its your lover. You smile as he has just given you your r*pe fantasy, and can?t wait to see what he has planned for next time.

Pages: 1

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