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This is my first story put out for anybody to read please comment and let me know

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SEDUCTION A short story By J Lang She watched as Steve walked into the living room. His gait was smooth and confidant, like a stalking cat. She could feel the fire rise in her body. The desire to have him touches her. He crossed the room, approaching close enough for her to smell the musky odor of his body mixed with remnants of the aftershave he had put on earlier. Her desire climbed within her body. The tingle of it made her tremble. She lifted her eyes to his slowly. Roaming her gaze across his body as she did so. He saw in her eyes the desire she felt. He raised his hand to her cheek and gently caressed it. He could feel her tremble under his touch. It was as though an electric shock had gone through her. As Irene closed her eyes she felt a dampness begin between her thighs. Steve gently stroked her hair then pulled her close. She could feel the quiet strength of him. He gently kissed her ear and then blew into it. Again the electric shock shuddered through her. Her passion climbed steadily. She wanted Steve to kiss her, to hold her. He did not disappoint her. He wrapped his strong arms around her and leaned in to brush her lips with his, and then gently pressing his lips to hers he kissed her. She felt a wave of desire pass through her body, and almost fainted. Steve felt the tremble pass through her body. He knew she was his to take. As he kissed her he reached down and cupped one firm buttock. Caressing the small of her neck with the other hand. Irene was a petite woman with medium firm breasts and a toned body. She pressed her bosom into his chest as she felt weak and used him for support. She kissed him harder with all the desire in her. ?Take me? she thought ?I am yours?. He reached a little lower and lifted her skirt. He felt the heat and moistness of her desire soaking her panties. He pressed a finger to her moist flower, feeling her twitch with each gentle rub. Irene moaned reaching hungrily to unbutton his shirt. She wanted to feel his chest the muscles rippling it. She teased his nipple with her fingernail. Steve reached down and picked her up. Carrying her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed. She reached to unbutton his jeans, but he stopped her. Lifting her chin and kissing her again with his own passion now rising to new heights. Steve undid her blouse and cupped her breasts in his hands. Then he undid her bra releasing her tits. Her nipples pointing at him accusingly. He gently laughed feeling joy at the beauty of Irene. He knelt in front of her, teasing her nipples with his tongue. First one then the other. Pushing her back onto the bed he undid her skirt, removing it. Reaching down her again felt her wetness and desire. Pushing her panties aside he slowly inserted his finger. She gasped as it penetrated her softness. Using his other hand he caressed her breasts fingering her nipples. He slowly lowered his head as he removed her panties. Brushing his tongue across her labia. He teased her. Kissing her thighs, brushing his lips across her moistness again and again. Finally she could take it no more. Grabbing his head he pulled him into her center urging him to fulfill the promise of his teasing. He used his tongue and brought her just to the point of orgasm. Finally his own passion almost beyond control he rose and removed his pants and briefs. His member, a full 8 inches, throbbed impatiently. He moved himself over her and pressed the head against her sex. Slowly but firmly he entered her. Irene came almost immediately. Her body shuddering over and over again. As she relaxed Steve pushed deeper moving in and out. Nibbling on her neck and caressing her breasts. As he moved faster she matched his rhythm. They made love, their passion climbing together. She thrust her hip at him urging him to go faster harder. He knew he was close and not going to last much longer. Then, he felt her stiffen and knew it was time. They climaxed together. Their passion peaking as one. Sweat drenched, chest heaving, she pulled him down and kissed him. ?What a wonderful husband? she thought ?I am the luckiest woman in the world.

The End

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