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The Scent of White Roses

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I?m sitting on a bench at Lover?s Point in Monterey ? a special place for me, as I have always felt strongly drawn to the sea. The sun is setting in hues of pink, orange and violet, sinking into the sea and setting the sky on fire. As I listen to the waves crash, I feel myself recharging. I relax and let whatever feelings may come have free reign. There?s a cool breeze that touches the exposed skin of my arms and face ? softly, like a half remembered caress from a lover long gone. I breathe deeply, savoring the salty tang of the sea air as it mingles with my own chosen scent ? cherry blossoms.

Content to simply linger there, in that peaceful moment, I am surprised when I feel a warm hand gently laid on my shoulder, followed by the lightest of kisses behind my right ear. This is a highly sensitive spot for me, and I feel my nipples harden instantly. Surprised, but not in the least apprehensive, I turn around. You are somehow there, with a fire in your eyes that is plain in its single-minded intensity. It seems you have walked right out of one of my more romantic dreams. You?re wearing well fitting jeans and a white linen shirt, open just enough to hint at a strong and masculine chest for me to adore. But what draws me ? and holds me ? are your eyes. The desire, the undisguised hunger in them. As I allow myself to sink even deeper into those windows to your soul, you reach up and I notice a single, perfect, white rose in your hand. Slowly, never breaking my gaze, you stroke the rose down my cheek and over my slightly parted lips. I hear you whisper one word?


I am trembling with emotion ? incapable of responding verbally. I break your gaze and cast my eyes downward, giving my consent and coyly communicating my own desire. You take my hand and we walk together, always touching, caressing, silent promises of the intimacy to come. My heart begins to beat wildly as we turn into the Seven Gables Inn, a gorgeous B&B right on the ocean. We climb the stairs and you open the door to a beautiful room, dominated, of course, by a huge antique bed; feather comforters, satin sheets and pillows enough for a harem. I enter first, awed and trembling. You gently close and lock the door. No interference from the outside world on this night. This room is big enough to be our universe for now. You walk towards me and open your mouth to speak. I quickly put a gentle finger to your lips. There is no need for words right now. Only touch. Only taste. I wish to explore you sensation by sweet sensation. I want to discover you slowly and completely.

I begin at the beginning?with a kiss. Your lips are warm and soft and I moan as I feel your tongue willing slip against my own. I feel your hand cradling my head, my full breasts crushed to your chest. Reluctantly, I break away and begin kissing your throat and neck. Your scent ? rich and masculine ? speaks to my body which responds of its own accord. I abandon all pretense at conscious control and allow myself the true ecstasy of erotic freedom. I kiss and lick my way down your chest, unbuttoning your shirt. Your nipples are hard ? echoes of my own ? and I delight in licking, sucking and nipping them until you can?t help but growl and moan with pleasure.

Those moans increase in volume when I place my hand over the large bulge I have been feeling in your jeans for some time. Again you begin to speak, and again I stop your mouth, this time with a kiss passionate and full of my own longing, my own need of you. As I taste your mouth I free you from your jeans. My long nails trace gentle patterns along the length of you. You are beautiful in your fullness. Velvet and steel. You lead me to the bed and stretch out on your back. You know as well as I do what is to come next. I love that you allow me to discover you in my own way, without making demands on me?yet.

Lying beside you, I kiss the base of your cock, breathing you in, your scent again speaking to me. I run my tongue slowly along the length of you, noticing the places that make you tense and sigh. I tease the underside of your head, pleased to see that there too, is a sensitive spot! There is a drop of moisture glistening at the very tip. I extend my tongue and delicately taste your essence for the first time. I open my mouth and engulf you, feeling your body tense and relax in turn as I bury you in my warm and wet mouth. My tongue circles you as I suck; adding a different layer to the sensations you must be feeling. I cup your full balls in my hand and feel them tighten as I lean farther down to kiss and suck them as well. I can hear you grabbing the bedding almost spasmodically and know that I have brought you to the brink of orgasm. I am still fully dressed, but my thong is soaked with my own sweetness. I am close to orgasm myself, simply from the pleasure I derive from pleasing you so completely! Then I remember that this is a night for discovery - a magic time out of time. Ours to create. There is so much more I want to experience with you.

With the whimper of a small child denied a favorite treat, I pull away from your cock and sit up next to you. I pick up your hand and kiss your palm, running my tongue in a small circle, tasting the saltiness of your skin. I take a moment and simply look at you, my eyes drinking you in. Your eyes are closed and I see you smile?that smile I have seen in photos and in my dreams when the world is dark. What a gift that you now smile ? for me. I place your hand on my breast, knowing you can feel my nipple, hard and pink, beneath my blouse and lacy bra. As you did earlier, I whisper one word, as usual, chosen carefully for this one moment?

?Now.? I gasp.

Shedding your remaining clothing, you take great care undressing me. Each breast is treated to a long, slow suckle, your body pressed against mine. I am wet beyond reason and cannot help grinding my hips against you. I look in your eyes and notice an impish light. You realize just how much I want, I need to feel you inside me?and are making me wait on purpose! Fine. I have tricks of my own!

You remove my skirt and drenched panties and pause for a moment, simply watching me. My hand wanders down, almost of its own accord, and begins to stroke my wet pussy, seeking relief. You gently but firmly grab my wrist and move it away. Staring at my pussy still, a sound escapes your lips. Not a word, more a need given voice. That sigh, that moan of pure desire and need is enough to trigger my orgasm. Without touching me. I arch my back and scream my passion as I writhe and pitch in front of you.

I have had some training in tantra and have learned to prolong my orgasms so they last minutes, not seconds. Fully abandoned to the intensity of my orgasm, I am surprised when I feel the swollen head of your cock pressing on my pussy lips. My GOD, the sensation of being entered for the first time ? in the midst of a powerful orgasm ? is beyond description. I feel you slide slowly into me, filling me completely. My tight pussy muscles, already spasming with my own climax, grip you rhythmically, pulling you ever deeper. You grab my hair and crush your mouth to mine. I feel my lips bruise with the passion of your kiss.

I cum again (or am I cumming still?) triggered by your tongue, your teeth at my neck, your ragged breath in my ear. I feel your balls draw up and the head of your cock swell even larger. This time I cannot, dare not intervene. I welcome your climax with a cry that echoes your own, loving the sensation of your hot seed spurting and mingling with mine. It feels like your orgasm lasts forever and I think how happy I would be if I could live in this sensation always?

Sated, but still moving slowly inside me, you kiss my face, my eyes, my breasts. We turn onto our sides, still joined, still connected. You gather me up in your arms where I can, at last, rest my head on your chest, peaceful and content. As I drowse in your arms, I luxuriate in the feeling of total relaxation. Stretching lazily like a Cat in the sun, I snuggle closer, breathing in the heady scent of our lovemaking. You stroke my hair softly, as I drift deeper into sleep.

I dream of a meadow, verdant and full of wildflowers. I am naked and my body thrills to the touch of the breeze on my skin. I walk beneath trees in the full blossom of early spring. The wind sends petals drifting down over me, caressing me. I stop, noticing those caresses have become decidedly erotic as I feel those petals sliding over and around my nipples, then lower still. The sensation pulls me from slumber...yet even awake, the sensation remains. It is then that I realize you have retrieved your rose and are, again, running it over my skin.

"Who is this man," I think to myself, "that can play my body like a fine violin? How can he, with one touch, ignite such craving, such lust in me?"

For it is pure lust I am feeling now. Despite the soft and gentle nature of your current seductions, all I know is that I hunger. Taking the rose from your hand, I resist the urge to tear it to shreds. Instead I let you look into my eyes - eyes that could never lie to you - so you can see for yourself just what I need. You reach for me and our lips crash together, tongues warring, both of us trying to consume the other. I feel your hand slip down my soft belly and begin stroking me. Parting my thighs with a moan I invite you, almost beg you. Your gorgeous cock is pressed into my side and I can feel your heat.

"Tell me what you need." you whisper. "I want to hear you say it. Talk to me."

"I need you to devour me. Consume me. I want you primal. Take me as you desire. Fuck me, baby. No gentle touches and loving looks this time. I need you...unleashed!"

We kiss again and I feel your hands twisted in my hair. There is nothing that turns me on more quickly than being held by the hair. You guide my face down to your cock. No force is needed, as I'm eager to taste you again! This time I can taste us both. I take you deep into my mouth. A growl of pure lust low in my throat reverberates through your entire groin. Every stroke I take along your length is pure heaven. My tongue swirls and probes. I use my teeth to tease you gently, hands playing over your chest, your thighs, your ass. I dip a finger in my soaking pussy and raise it to your lips, feeding myself to you. When you've licked my finger clean I retrieve yet another taste. Pausing, I raise my head from your cock and stare into your eyes as I slowly lick my own sweet honey from my finger. The sight of me reveling in the taste of my own pussy sends you over the edge...and right where I want you. I smile devilishly, finger still in my mouth.

"My God!" you growl, your voice deep and low, a tremor of lust gilding its edges.

The child with a lollipop has, with one smile, becomes the wicked woman who MUST be taken.

You grab me by the arms, roughly, and push me face down on the bed. Laughing seductively I wiggle my round bottom for you. Grabbing my hips you pull me up on all fours. I feel your hardness pressing against me, seeking entrance. I tease you a bit, moving just enough to keep my pussy out of reach. You're having none of it and quickly grab my hair (GOD I LOVE THAT) and use it as leverage as you impale me. I reach down between my legs and caress your balls as they slap into me feeling my own wetness dripping down my legs. A deft stroke or two on my clit triggers my climax. My pussy muscles tense rhythmically and I ride the waves of sensation. You slow so you can enjoy feeling me cum as well, taking the opportunity to give me a bite or two on the ass and neck.

As my climax ebbs you pull out and flip me over. Pinning my arms over my head, you enter me again with a groan. You watch me, eyes riveted as I writhe beneath you, hips rising to meet yours, wanting you deeper.

"Fuck me, baby! I pant. "Harder!"

"MMMMM HMMMM." is all you can manage as you squeeze my tits between your hands. Tweaking my nipples between your thumbs and forefingers makes me buck like a bronco. My pussy is exquisitely sensitive and I can feel your cock swell and know you are close. I am confused when you suddenly disengage.

"Wanna explode on your belly so you can see." You pant.

"I have a better idea. Straddle my chest, baby."

Now it's your turn to look confused, but you do as I ask. Your cock is slick with our juices. Wrapping my hand around it I guide it between my 44dd breasts and squeeze them tightly around you.

"Fuck me this way." I whisper.

You begin to thrust between my tits. Your eyes roll back and you gasp in pure ecstasy when, to your surprise, I open my mouth and am able to suck the head of your sweet cock at the apex of each of your strokes. It seems you like getting fucked and sucked at the same time!

My eyes lock to yours, widening with pleasure each time the silky head of your cock slips between my wet, warm lips. You grasp my breasts tightly, flicking and pinching my nipples, commanding them to stand hard and perky for you. Each pinch sends volcanic pulses of sensation through my body ? the immense pleasure of erotic pain. I can feel my pussy tensing and relaxing in time to your thrusts, empty and jealous of the breasts and mouth that are now enjoying your cock?s attention. I feel my clit throb and swell as a new supply of sweet, warm wetness spills from me.

I need to taste you. Now. I grab your hips, sinking my long nails into the flesh, pulling you, forcing you as deeply into my mouth as I can ? tongue swirling. You release my tits, grab my wrists and pin them above my head. In one fluid motion you slide down and ram your rock-hard cock into my soaking cleft. My orgasm is immediate, and shattering in its intensity. With a purely animal growl you suddenly shift again and straddle my hips. Taking my right hand in yours you wrap it around your cock and show me exactly how to stroke you. It takes only a few firm pumps until I hear that guttural cry I?ve so quickly come to love and see your seed begin to jet. I open my mouth, giving you a target and eagerly swallow all you have to give me. Cum splatters my face, my chin and my breasts. I rub the precious cream on my nipples, slippery and sticky at the same time, greedily licking my fingers and purring in pure delight.

You slide down and rest your head on my belly, wanting to rest and be close. We lay there quiet, exhausted and soon fall asleep. After a short nap, we wake up hungry...for food this time, not sex....though we both know there will be more of that later. We dine at a nearby bistro ? quiche, crusty sourdough bread, white wine and a sinfully rich crème brulee. We talk of inconsequential things, enjoying the easiness we both feel between us and feed each other morsels from our plates like teenagers in love. After our simple dinner, we return to the room. Stepping out onto our balcony overlooking the sea, we feel a chill in the salty air. It?s dark. The moon and stars are out studding the sky with shimmering gems. I?m standing in front of you at the balcony savoring the magic of this night. I feel your arms circle around me from behind, white rose in your hand. You hold up for me to smell while you gently?slowly kiss me on my neck. I lean back, melting into you and purr softly. You set our flower down and begin to run your fingers through my soft hair. Then I feel you slip something around my neck. It?s a beautiful necklace ? a sparkling pale green crystal suspended on a silver chain, its brilliance echoing that of the stars on this perfect night. I?ll wear it always.

I've worn high heeled sandals and a short, silk chemise, creamy white, making my skin appear fair and pink in comparison. The silky fabric rides the curves of my body as if suspended on a thin cushion of air, responding to each movement or touch of breeze with a caress as soft as angel's wings. The feeling of the silk on my skin, the beautiful inn with the waves crashing below us and the glittering jewel at my throat have me almost believing I am a glamorous movie star of the 1940's. The illusion grows that much stronger as I feel the rose...our rose...brush my cheek again and I catch its delicate scent.

Listening, I can hear music coming from downstairs. Someone is playing the blues on a tenor sax - smoky, sexy and completely perfect! I feel your arms surround me, drawing me closer to you, your lips at my neck, kissing me, awakening me again. I lean back until my head rests on your chest. My fingers are interlaced with yours as you run your hands over my body, your touch as light as the silk on my skin. I can feel a slight shaking in your hands. I worry for an instant that you are cold, but almost immediately realize it is desire that fuels your trembling.

My God, to have this man desire me so completely is above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. I can deny you nothing. This one night, this perfect rendezvous, will exist in memory as long as we both draw breath. Of this I MUST be certain. I will leave nothing out - waste not one breath or thought on inhibition, refusal or regret. I wish to know you...and open myself as never before and be known by you.

Still in your strong embrace, facing away from you, I raise my arms and place them around your neck. I sigh with pleasure as your hands drift to my breasts, teasing the nipples through the silk with the palms of your hands until they stand up, hard and insistent beneath my chemise. Your hands wander farther down, caressing my shoulders, back, bottom and thighs before heading back up my body. This time you run them under my chemise, whispering to me how much you need to feel my skin. I respond by simply sinking to my knees slowly. As I drop lower, my dress catches on your hands. By the time I am on my knees, I am naked, save for my panties, silk and lace as white as our rose.

The sight of me on my knees, naked in front of you pleases you greatly. I wrap my arms around your legs, head against your bulging groin and gaze up at you. My big blue eyes sparkle in the soft moonlight. They speak of deep desire, of abandon, of craving. You reach down to unbutton your trousers. I grab your hands and shake my head. Still staring up at you, I begin to free you, unbuttoning and unzipping your trousers with my teeth. Hands on your ass, it is easy for me to simply grab the waistband of your trousers and guide them down over your hips.

Not able to wait until you finish removing your shirt, not even caring that we're still outside and might be glimpsed, I reach out my tongue to encircle your stiff and ready cock. We've been making love all day and, despite a shower before dinner, I can still smell our musky scent on you. I lick your head and down your shaft, enjoying once again the moans I cause. I feel your cock respond to me with every kiss, every lick, bobbing and tensing. My nails stroke the underside of your balls and tickle the sensitive skin between your balls and asshole. I sink you deep into my throat with no warning and feel my pussy become instantly drenched as I see your eyes roll back and feel your knees weaken as you make a sound of pure, undistilled pleasure.

I want you. The need is simple and immense. As I continue to devour your luscious cock, that is all I know...I want you, want to give you the gift of such intense pleasure and sensation that you'll never forget me.

Glancing over to the small table there on the balcony, I see the drinks we've carried out - Iced tea for you and coffee for me. An idea grows and I act on it immediately. Taking an ice cube from your glass, I hold it in one side of my mouth for a few moments, chilling my tongue and left cheek. I then take a sip of my hot coffee and hold it in the right side of my mouth for a moment. You watch me curiously. That curiosity turns to amazement as I take you again into my wet mouth, slowly this time. I can only imagine what the feeling must be like - cool on one side, warm on the other, as I swirl my tongue around your hardness. It must feel exquisite, because almost without warning, you let out a growl, crush my head to you and begin to cum. As your climax grows, I again lightly stroke the flesh just behind your balls to add to the sensations you're feeling. I greedily swallow every drop you give me, loving the rich, salty taste of you.

As your orgasm ebbs, the strong hands holding my head ease their grip and you begin gently stroking my hair. I look up at you, mouth full of you still. I reach for one of your hands and guide it to my throat. I want you to feel me swallow your essence.

I rise and walk back into the room, still naked but for my panties and heels, trailing my silky dress behind me. I know you are watching me, so I make sure my ass sways just a little more than necessary. Knowing you need a rest, I decide to carry on...alone.

Stretching out on the beautiful bed, I close my eyes and begin stroking my breasts. My nipples harden instantly, almost painfully. I have spent the better part of the day in a state of intense arousal, and my body is demanding release. While my left hand lingers at my breast, my right hand slowly caresses my inner thigh as I slowly open my legs. My sweet pussy is wet and swollen, flushed with desire. My pussy lips open like a flower in anticipation. I hear a moan and smile, knowing you are watching. I tease my clit with feather-light strokes then dip lower and plunge a finger into my slippery depths.

As I revel in the sensation of my own wetness bathing my fingers, I feel you there, kissing my inner thigh. You rest your head there for a moment, still watching me pleasure myself. After a few moments I feel your tongue join my fingers. God, what bliss! You run your tongue around the edges of my pussy, pausing to nibble, suck and flick my swollen clit until I am dizzy with lust. You gather my honey and feed it to me, loving the sight of me sucking my own juice from your finger.

We are delirious in our need of each other. You shift your body higher, cock again rock hard, and insert just the head into my moist and waiting love box. I whimper with need, wordlessly begging for more, but you give me only slow, shallow thrusts. My nails rake your back as I try mightily to pull you deeper into me. Suddenly you give me what I crave, sinking every glorious inch into me with one, powerful stroke. I scream my passion as my orgasm begins, grinding my hips against yours, crushing my clit as it spasms.

As I cum you whisper words encouraging me to give it all to you. Yes, my love, of course! How could I do any less? On this night I have ceased to be an individual. I have, for these few hours willingly abandoned all identity and chosen to exist completely within you?fused?complete?no longer alone.

Our rhythm slows as my climax winds down. We disengage just long enough for me to flip over on my tummy. You are still between my legs. My soft, round ass is raised, treating you to a close-up view of my drenched pussy and pink rosebud. I feel your fingers gently stroking me, collecting my slippery love juice I had so recently spilled for you. Your hand wanders to my asshole, stroking the rim, silently, sweetly asking permission.

"Yessssss, baby. More." is all I can manage to say.

Your finger slowly enters me and I feel myself closing tightly around you. The sensation is wonderful as I feel you filling me and hear your pleasured moans mix with my own. You withdraw after a time and I feel you sink your cock into my pussy to the root with a sigh. You grab my hips and control me, stroking me deep and achingly slow. I know this will last for a while, as you recently came - hard. I relax even more, allowing myself to fully enjoy the feelings you are triggering. We move as one, rhythm and form so like the ocean waves I love. Your hands, strong and warm, wander over my back and neck then move around to cup a breast teasing my nipple as you ride me. You are gentle now, hips slowly moving, you brush my back with dozens of the most tender kisses I have ever felt while you whisper words to me sweet and low.

I am surprised when you stop and turn me over on my side. We are still joined, still connected in a way more fundamental and precious than merely physical. You hold me in your arms, so strong and safe, and stroke my hair, burying your face in my soft locks to inhale my scent. I feel you begin to soften and experience the most bittersweet pang of grief at the thought of separating from you. All too soon you turn on your back. I cuddle close and, as I lay my head on your chest a single tear is born. It trickles down my cheek, evidence of the overwhelming emotions still swirling throughout the room ? emotions almost strong and vital enough to have form and substance. My tear falls to your chest, mixing with the sweat there. Glad you haven?t noticed, I smile to myself, thinking how fitting it is that my essence, in the form of a single tear, has again found a way to join with yours, surrendering its separateness in search of something greater. We sleep then, deeply. Cradled in each other?s arms we each know the joy of total relaxation, complete surrender and perfect peace. It has been a night of discovery, of abandon; a night of passion and emotion, of lust?and of love. A night of magic.

I wake slowly to witness the birth of a new day, feeling reborn myself. As the sun rises, bathing the sea in that most perfect light only possible at dawn, I wander to the balcony. The world is quiet, even the waves meet the shore with hushed tones as if the sea itself is mindful of the sacredness of this morning. There are a few people out enjoying the dawn, walking along the oceanside path. Some, I see with a grin, look like they?re only now stumbling home from whatever all-night party they were at. Turning, I see you still deep in slumber. I want you again?still?crave connection to you. I ache to see my reflection in your beautiful eyes and know that I have found a home there. My need of you is almost painful, but I let you rest and return my gaze to the shore.

My eyes wander back to Lover?s Point, a place more dear to me now than breath. The beautiful spot is deserted save for a young couple strolling slowly down the walk. They stop just in front of the bench where I sat not so long ago. As I wonder what they?re saying to each other the young man reaches down and picks something up off the bench. My tears flow unnoticed down my face as I see him caress her cheek?with our white rose.

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