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Sunday morning at the radio station

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So, you had a dream about meeting me at a radio station. That sounds like fun. I've wondered for some time if one of the ladies from the group ever just decided to stop by to see her new, favorite So, you got me thinking.......

Sunday morning, at the radio station. Just had my breakfast while the music plays. It's always so quiet, just me and my oldies. There are always cars and trucks stopping for the bait shop in the building. This was not normal for the bait shop. A woman gets out, dressed in a short skirt, low cut blouse, black stockings and hi-heels. I see her walk towards my front door of the station, opens the door and comes on in.

"Hi, can I help you with something?" I ask "I guess you are Ron, I've been wanting to come by and surprise you. My name is Connie."

"Nice to meet you, Connie. Welcome to our studio. I hope that you like it."

"Very 60ish, you guys have a fun place here I see. I love the music on your show."

"Thanks, we love it. Won't you sit down?" I ask "Sure."

We sit, I'm going through my cd's looking for music to play. I'm getting kinda nervous, not used to having company, never mind an attractive woman like you sitting in the studio. We're chit chatting back and forth, when you say:

"Ron, play something slow and romantic, I want to dance with you. Nice, slow and close."

"You got a deal, I'll play several if you want."

"Please do, that would be great, make my morning."

I can't believe this is happening to me. Gorgeous lady, sexy as hell, wants to dance with me. Thank God I have that romantic cd, this can last a while if need be. I introduce the dreamy set, start it up, and get up and start to dance with you. We wrap our arms around each other, starting to sway ever so slowly to the music. I look into your eyes, and, our lips meet. First, little kisses, then, my tongue finds its way into your willing mouth. We're kissing so passionately as we dance. My hands are rubbing your ass, as you rub against my hardening cock.

I think to myself "I can't believe my luck. Where did she come from? This is incredible."

The songs are ending, I need to get back on the air. I'm flustered, but, I get my composure, and announce some music will play for a bit. I take your hand and lead you over to the couch. We sit, and start to kiss again.....passionately. I'm rubbing your tits, your nipples get soooo hard. You stop, get up, and say to me "I want to strip for you, nice and slowly. That will really get our blood boiling."

"No shit. I think I'm about ready to explode." I reply "Ron, baby, sit back and enjoy my show."

Damn, enjoy, is this a dream, or did I die and go to heaven. This happens in cheesy porn films, not at homegrownradionj studio, especially to me. But it is, and I'm loving it. I'm sitting on the couch, you're dancing around the room, slowly, looking in my eyes the whole time. The blouse is getting unbuttoned, as you unbutton your blouse, you start to rub your boobs. The blouse comes off. You keep dancing, grinding your hips, loosening your skirt, wiggling our of the skirt. Thigh-hi's, panties, black bra and hi-heels. You look incredible.

You start to slowly walk, dance and wiggle towards me. I'm sitting on the edge of the couch, watching you come to me. You stand in front of me, grab my head and place it between your tits. I start to feel, and to pull your bra away, starting to rub and suck the nipples. I run my hands over your ass, sliding my hands into your panties. I stand up, and start to rip off my clothes as well. "Now that's more like it." you say, every so sultry.

You lie back on the couch, I pull down your panties, and I start to lick and suck you clit. I finger your pussy, nice and slowly while I eat you. You stop me at this point, and say "Let me suck you first, will give you some time to get hard again."

"Connie, you got it baby, go for it." I say

I'm sitting on the couch, you crawl up between my legs and start to suck on my cock. Slowly, up and down your going, massaging my balls while you suck. You look up at me for approval, I smile and nod my head. My gosh, it feels so good. I'm rubbing your head and shoulders while you suck and lick my cock. I'm loving every second of this, your mouth is amazing.

You look up at me, in between licks and sucks, and say, "Ron, baby, cum for me. I want it so bad. I want to taste you so. I love to suck cock, can't you tell, give me your cum."

"Connie, sweets, keep on sucking, it's not far away baby. That's it, keep sucking, ooooo yes, it's just ......about......there, I'm cumming,,'m.....fucking cumming. What a mouth, WOW! Damn, sooooo good, you're swallowing it, oh God, yes, go Connie, yes!"

"I enjoyed that so much Ron. I guess you can see how much I love to suck cock." you say to me "Connie, after that, my goodness, I'll lick you till you scream now."

"Go for it, baby."

"You're on, get on your back, spread your legs."

Now I'm really motivated to drive you wild. I'm licking and sucking your clit, licking those sweet pussy lips. I'm fingering, nice and slow, in and out. You're moaning, grabbing my head as I continue to lick and suck your clit. I try a little surprise, I stick a finger into your asshole, just a little bit, in and out a little bit further. Fingering both holes while I eat you. You're starting to tighten up, you're moaning alot more now. "Eat me! finger me! Dammit, It feels so good! I'm cumming, I love the way you finger both holes! That's great! I'm cumming oooooooooo." I don't stop yet, just keep licking and fingering. I want you to cum again and again. I'm eating you, I look up, I can see your head bouncing, you're screaming, you're cumming more and more.

At this point, I finally stop eating you. You just look up at me, smiling a big shit eating grin, and say "Damn, that was fun, I love that tongue of yours."

"Well, babe, your mouth is incredible as well. But, Connie, while I have you here, I want you to get me hard again and ride my cock." I say "Why, of course Ron. I want it so bad."

Down you go again. I'm getting hard again, good and hard. You grab a condom, roll it on, and get on my cock. You're so wet, I slide in so easily. You ride me, slowly, while I have my face buried between your tits, licking and sucking your nipples. Feels so good, you riding me, your wet pussy, you holding me as you go up and down. I feel you start to tighten up, and, I can feel myself building up again. You're moaning and holding me real tight, as your cumming. I can hold back no longer, I start to release, we hold each other as you ride it just a little bit more.

We slide back on the couch, just holding each other, lightly kissing each other.

"I'm glad that you came up to visit me Connie. This was really a fantasy come true for me. Always hoped for one of the listeners to come by, and just want to fuck my brains out. Thank you for making that come true." I say, with a smile from ear to ear.

"I've listened for a while, I love the music, love your voice. I wanted to make it here for a while now, but, I finally summoned the courage to just do it. I am so glad that I did. I know that I will have to come by again, it was fun." you tell me, as you kiss my neck.

"Will it be planned, or will it be a surprise?" I ask

"You'll have to wait and see, maybe sometime I'll even bring a friend." you reply

"Let me know then, I can bring a friend as well. We can really rock this room."

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