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Please dont ground me!

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Walking into the house you are surprised to see me waiting for you.

?Hi Daddy?

?Hello Monica, I need to talk to you in my office please?

?Sure thing, let me just go up to my?.?

?No Monica, now? I tell you and turn and walk towards my office. You follow me unsure what is happening. Moving over to sit at my desk I turn and see you standing before my desk. My eyes drink in your body, from your thin tank top, with your hard nipples poking through to your blue jean short shorts to your flip flop you look so hot.

Standing before me you shift nervously on your feet. Daddy has never been harsh with you before and as you stand before me you wish you were wearing something different. Walking around the mall in short shorts with no bra teasing the boys was one thing but standing in Daddy?s office like this was totally different.

?Where did you go last night young lady??

?What do you mean Daddy??

?After we all went to bed, where did you go last night??

?Nowhere Daddy, I went to bed too?

?Don?t lie to me Monica. I couldn?t sleep last night and I saw you slip out of the house?

?I just went over to a girlfriends house daddy? you respond nervously, afraid that I may know what you actually did

?Why do you lie to me Monica, I followed you last night, I saw you get in that car with those four guys and I saw everything that the five of you did. I didn?t know you were a slut?

?I?m so sorry Daddy, I was just really horny and got carried away? you respond embarrassedly ?it won?t happen again?

?What would your mother say if I told her that innocent Monica was sucking four cocks in the backseat of a car last night??

?Please Daddy, you can?t tell Mommy, you can?t tell anybody?

?Well Monica, I have a choice to make and you are going to help me make it. the first option is you are grounded until further notice and I tell your mother what a whore you are? you blush as I call you a whore, shocked at my language ?Or you can accept my punishment for you and we?ll keep your indiscretion our secret. What will it be??

?What is your punishment for me Daddy?? you ask uncomfortably noticing me staring at your hard nipples through your shirt

?You?ll have to find that out?

?I don?t want to be grounded and have you tell mommy, so I guess I will have to accept your punishment Daddy?

?Very good Monica? I smile and you see me take a camera out of my desk ?your punishment is that you are going to have to do everything I tell you to do for the next two hours?

?That doesn?t sound too bad Daddy?

?I?m glad you feel that way. Please step into the center of the room now?

You back up into the center of the room and watch me get up from behind my desk and approach you camera in hand. I start to take pictures of you. moving around you, full body shots, pictures of your legs, your shorts, pictures of your shirt with your hard nipples. ?Pinch your nipples through your shirt for Daddy Monica? I tell you. ?I can?t do that Daddy? ?unless you want your mommy to know about you fucking four cocks last night, you?ll do it? Reluctantly you pinch your nipples hard while I continue to take pictures. Taking your hands away from your breasts, your nipples are even harder and more pronounced through your shirt. ?What size are your tits Monica?? I ask ?They are B cup Daddy?, I smile and then moving behind you tell you to bend over to stretch your shorts tight over your ass ?I don?t know if I should do that Daddy? I spank your ass ?This is the last time I?m going to say this Monica. Last night you were a slut for four cocks and didn't mind showing those guys your tits and ass, well today you are my piece of ass. You are going to do what I tell you, when I tell you. If you don?t do it I am going to tell your mother what a fucking whore you are and I will also anonymously post these pics of you on your facebook page. Now for the last time, bend over and show me your ass?

Slowly you lean forward, stretching your shorts across your ass and the flashes of light tell you Daddy is taking pictures. Moving infront of you I tell you to stand back up. ?Okay Monica, it is time to show Daddy those tits of yours, take of your shirt and put your arms at your side? ?Daddy I?.? but the stern look on my face cuts off your protest and you slowly take off top, dropping it to the floor and put your arms at your sides while I continue to take pictures. ?Play with your tits slut? a little shocked at me calling you a slut again, you start to play with your breasts and nipples, lightly pinching and squeezing them. While you do this you see me set down the still camera and turn on the video cam that is always set up in my office. Pointing the cam at you I walk over and grab a handful of your tits ?You don?t know how long I?ve wanted to squeeze your tits Monica, and now that I know what a cock slut you are, I will be playing with your tits a lot more. Now take off your shorts and panties whore?

While I continue to play with your tits, pinching your nipples harder then you like, you unbutton and lower your short shorts and then shove down and step out of your panties unsure what is going to happen next. You are surprised how things have gone so far and even though you know you shouldn?t let me take pictures of you or record you or play with your tits, your pussy can?t help but be wet. ?Touch your pussy for the camera Monica? and even though you know you should, you spread your legs slightly and drop your right hand down to your pussy and start playing with your clit.

Returning to my desk, I open a drawer and take out a six inch dildo. Walking up to you i bring it up to your mouth ?Open your mouth whore, show Daddy if you are a good cock sucker or not? Surprised at all the names i am calling you, you nonetheless open your mouth and let me slide the dildo into your mouth. I turn you slightly so the camera can get you sucking on the dildo while playing with your cunt. I fuck your face with the dildo, plunging almost the entire six inches in and out of your mouth so that it starts to enter your throat causing you to gag on the fake cock. After the dildo is all wet with your spit, I extract it from your mouth and press it against your pussy and into your right hand. ?Fuck it like you did those cocks last night whore? With Daddy and the camera watching you spread your legs and slide the dildo into your wet pussy. It feels so good sinking in that you start to fuck yourself with the dildo, shoving it in deep, pulling it out and then shoving it back in again. You gasp every time you sink the dildo into your pussy.

Out of the corner of your eye you notice me getting undressed. Walking over to you, I place my hand on your shoulder and pressing downward say ?On your knees Monica, it is time for your to be Daddy? cocksucker?. Sinking down onto your knees, you continue to shove the dildo in and out of your pussy. Without even being told you open your mouth and take my big cock into your mouth. You slide your mouth up and down on my shaft, taking three inches of my thick cock into your little mouth, while your tongue bathes the underside of my cock. All the while the dildo continues to move in and out of your cunt and you can feel your orgasm building. Placing my hand on the back of your head, I start to press your head forward every time you go down on my shaft, coaxing a little more cock into your mouth then you would like. ?Not too deep Daddy? you try to say but my cock muffles your words. You can feel yourself nearing orgasm and with one more plunge of the dildo into your pussy, you cum. You scream around my cock and your body quivers with pleasure as your pussy spasms around the dildo.

You continue to suck my cock and ride the dildo as you come down from your orgasm, my cock sawing in and out of your mouth. Keeping my hand on the back of your head, I shove your mouth down deep around my shaft, taking six inches of Daddy cock into your mouth and top of your throat. You gag on my cock being buried so deep into your mouth that when I release my grip you let my cock escape from your mouth and momentarily gasp for breath.

?Time to bend over Daddy?s desk my fuck toy and feel a real cock in your pussy today?. You hand me back the dildo and getting up slowly move over to my desk, legs spread, tits pressed into the desktop, laying your head on the desk with your mouth open, still catching your breath from your orgasm. Moving up as well I adjust the camera to capture the scene. I bring the dildo covered with your cum up to your mouth ?time to clean up cum whore? and press the wet dildo into your mouth. You momentarily fight it but soon accept the dildo coated with your sweet pussy juice into your mouth. Grabbing the base of it you close your eyes and start to move the dildo in and out of your mouth, tasting your pussy and cleaning off the dildo.

Moving behind you I bring my hard cock up to your still wet pussy. You moan as I slide my cock in, splitting your cunt with my dick. Moving my hips I slide in and out of you, deeper and deeper with each plunge until finally I bury my cock all the way into your pussy. Daddy start to fuck you hard then, slamming my cock deep into your pussy, pulling it almost all the way out and them slamming it deep into your again. my balls slap against your you with every thrust and while you lay there with your eyes closed, sucking on a dildo that was covered with your cum, being fucked by your daddy while the entire scene is being recorded on Daddy?s camera, you know you are about to cum again.

Holding onto your hip with one hand I start to spank your ass with my right hand ?Show Daddy you like it Monica, fuck my cock with your cunt and become Daddy?s cum whore?. You start to move your hips to meet my thrust, my cock burying into your pussy as you grow closer to cumming. You start to move faster on my cock, fucking me harder and deeper, me thrusting harder into your pussy and continuing to spank your bare ass. With one more thrust you cum again, filling my office with the sound of your moan as you orgasm. Your pussy quivers in release and your body shudders with joy. I can feel your pussy spasm around my cock and know it won?t be much longer before I am cumming too.

As you recover from your second orgasm, I withdraw my cock from your pussy. ?Lay face up on my desk whore, Let Daddy see those tits of yours.? You move up on top of my desk and lay face up. You automatically move the dildo back down to your pussy and begin fucking yourself with your new toy. Grabbing the camera, I slide you up on the desk so that your head is hanging off of the side of the desk. Bringing my cock up to your mouth, I slide in between your lips and your mouth is filled with the taste of your pussy ?With this angle Monica, Daddy will be able to face fuck and throat fuck you too? You start to protest but one pinch of your nipple quiets you as I start to move my hips again, each thrust driving my cock deeper into your mouth and throat. You choke every time Daddy drives his cock into your throat but I continue to drive my cock deeper into you until all eight inches are buried in your mouth and throat and my balls are slapping your noise. I continue face fucking you, turning you into my little fuck toy, my cock throbbing in your mouth, gagging you with every deep thrust. ?I?m going to cum now whore? I tell you ?Daddy wants you to swallow every fucking drop like a good little cum dumpster? You panic and say ?Daddy, I hate to swallow, please pull put and cum on my tits? but Daddy doesn?t care what you want and I can?t understand you anyways with my cock buried in your mouth. With one more thrust into your mouth my cock explodes into your mouth, spurting cum down your throat and into your sweet mouth. Even though you hate the idea of swallowing Daddy?s cum you start to gulp it down knowing that you can?t disappoint Daddy with everything he knows about you. spurt after spurt fills your mouth and you keep swallowing the hot thick cum down until I finally pull out of your mouth, and with my final spurt of cum, squirt it on your face.

I sit back in my chair as you lay there on my desk recovering from your face fucking. I start to play with your tits while you lay there

?Daddy, is my punishment over now??

?For today it is, though now that I have pictures and a video of you being a whore, you better keep me happy so that I don?t post them on the internet?

?Oh Daddy, please don?t do that?

?As long as you keep me happy and keep being my little white trash cum bucket, you shouldn?t have anything to worry about?

?Daddy, next time, could you please not cum in my mouth, I hate swallowing cum?

?Monica, you?ll do what I tell you to, unless you want me to tell everyone what a cock sucking whore you are?

?Yes Daddy, i'll be your play thing, just don't tell anybody??

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