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Oh, what a night!

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I was just settling down for the evening... Having just finished a hot shower, I threw a towel around my waist out to the enclosed porch room off the back of the house. Being early September, it was already getting fairly chilly at night in upstate New York. Sliding the cover off of the hottub, I tossed my towel on the bench next to it, put a CD of some soft relaxing nusic in the CD player, and resigned myself to an evening alone. I had called you earlier, told you I'd love to have you come over for a nice romantic evening. I guessed you never got the message, because you are not one to miss an invitation like that. With an opportunity to ditch all remnants of work for the evening, have some wine and snacks, and... well... To be honest I had planned to seduce and pleasure you for the night. If you HAD gotten the message.. you'd have BEEN there!. Grabbing a cold beer from the cooler I had placed by the hottub earlier (hey.. I was thinking ahead) I slipped into the warm water (102`F is just right for me!) I instantly felt the chill from the night air relinquish it's grip, and the warm, flowing water and air quickly messaged my body into a relaxed and calm state. It was then that I realized just how tired I was myself. Work had been so crazy the past few weeks, and all the "stuff" I have going on lately had been so demanding, the sudden lack of activity was enough to make me feel tranquil and free. I think I was just starting to doze when I heard the door close quietly behind me. Startled, but drowsy, I glanced over my shoulder to see you coming towards me, a smile radiating across your whole face. "Couldn't even wait for me, huh?" you teasingly pout. Surprised at your arrival, I can only stammer... "I... didn't think... You didi't call..." "Naughty boy" you say and then I lose all ability to speak as I watch you slip your long coat off your shoulders and to the floor. I am shocked an instantly aroused when I realize that the coat was ALL you were wearing that evening! All I can do is moan in delight.. thinking I must be dreaming, that I must have actually fallen asleep in the hottub... but there you are. The fact that you are holding out your hand to me jars me to consciousness enough to reach up and help you as you step into the hottub into the louge-style seat beside me. Going back to the cooler, I pour you a glass of wine, and bring it back to you. We sip our drinks quietly, not talking only enjoying being close to one another, as well as the relaxing pulse of the jets on our bodies, the subtle drone of the hottub motor, and the soft music playing in the background. MMmm the night is going as I had hoped. Sliding off my bench seat, I slip in front of you, moving close to kiss you. Our lips meet so softly they barely touch. Then I felt your lips part slightly and your tongue brushing my lip. Fighting the urge to rush, I savor the slow kiss, tongue dancing to the music now as much in the back of our minds as on the CD player. I reach my hand through the current encircling us, and take old of your waist, and slowly caress your skin. Slowly, very slowly, finding my way to cup your beautiful breasts. I know you wish secretly that they were maybe a tiny bit larger, or maybe the slightest bit firmer, but to me, they are perfect. Shaped almost perfectly to fit in my hand, as I caress them, knead them gently, circle the nipples with my fingers and playfully pinch those cute rosy nipple. I hear a moan escape you and know that you are as totally aroused as I am. Foreplay leads quiclky to heavier action. Our hands freely explore one another now, your hand on my shaft, and my fingers feeling their way between your legs and into the soft folds of your pussy. Your hips rock as I finger you, until I can feel your muscles clench slightly, and feel the pulsing of your pussy around my finger several times. Without a word, you lift up and turn yourself around, facing the side of the tub, and the tops of your ass cheeks just peeking out above the water line, sending a definte message to me. "Get behind me and fuck me!" Not wanting to disappoint, I position myself appropriately and with all the wetness, (yours and the water) I slip in without effort. No need for gentle seduction. We both needed a good old-fashioned fucking. I began thrusting behind you, my cock penetrating deep with each stroke. I couln't go too fast, or risked starting a minor tidal wave in the tub. As it was, each time I pushed my cock deep inside you, I small wave of water would get pushed up on your back, and slpash back into the hottub. We fucked lik this for a few minutes (or was it a week) and I heard you moan (much louder this time) and felt your second orgasm wrack your body, squeezing my cock, as you held tightly to the side to keep from going under. Now.. speaking of going down, it was about this time that you stopped me and looked out the large glass window toward the back yard (Ok.. so the back yard is like 4 acres) and said.. I have an idea... follow me. Jumping from the tub, I followed your wet footsteps from the porch, across the back patio and toward the grass area about 20 or 30 yards away. When I caught up with you, we kissed deeply, the night air a sudden shock to our senses. I swear as I held you close I could feel you nipples harden even more against my chest. And just as suddenly you broke the kiss, and dropped down to your knees. I closed my eyes and thrilled as your lips kissed the tip of my cock, then slowly took it all in. and I mean all of it, in one smooth motion. If I weren't trimmed there, you'd've had a mustache! But I realized quickly the you weren't looking to make this a long drawan out blowjob, but you just wanted to make me cum, and soon! I think you were anxious to swallow my cum. The feel of those sweet lips wrapped around my cock, I couldn't help but watch, the eagerness and hunger in your eyes as you sucked wildly. When I was at the brink, I groaned... so happy to give you my seed.. so sorry that it would be over... With one last thrust, I made some kind of an "I'm cumming" sound and let loose my orgasm. I watched as my cum shot out and into your phantom mouth and into the cool night air... and landed in the grass some distance from my feet.

Damn... Walking back to the house and picking up my towel, I think... "WOW.. that was really awesome, I really wish you could have been there to enjoy it too....


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