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I met my wife when I was in my early twenties. She was a drop dead gorgeous brunette I met while in college and I gave it my best when chasing her. Well, I finally caught up with her and we dated for five years before we got married. There was a lot to learn about her even after we got married but I suppose she would say the same about me. The town we settled down in is about an hour drive from a large recreational lake where cabins and campers seem to prevail. My in laws have a camper they park there year round. We try to get over there at least a couple of times per summer especially on the long weekends when we have nothing going on. It?s nice to sit around, with nothing in particular to do. Sounds boring but it sure shakes a lot of tension away. This all took place a couple of years ago when I was twenty-nine years old. We went to the lake on Thursday night after work and met up with the whole crew that frequents the place more often than us. The stories were flying and so was the beer. Next thing I know, it?s time for bed and I?m well on my way to being drunk. My father in law kept talking about the things he was going to show them tomorrow on the big ?boat outing?. I could tell my wife was not happy about me getting shit faced before we even went to bed. I thought it would have lightened up a little by morning but I learned shortly after waking up that it hadn?t. While the whole crew was planning on this big boat trip with Jim, my father in law, I kind of made up my mind that this might be a good opportunity to sleep off some of my hangover since I?d have the camper all to my self. I also would not have to deal with the remarks from my wife for a couple of hours. After everyone took off over the hill to where the pontoon sits, I crawled into the master bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. It wasn?t long before I heard the camper door open and someone was quietly rummaging around out in the living room. I was in that ?drunk sleep? stage where you are a sleep but still slightly aware of your surroundings. I heard the bedroom door open. I lay there on my back silently pretending I was unaware of anyone in the bedroom. After a minute or so, the person moved to the side of the bed. I felt a hand move to my cock and rub it through my shorts. I thought, ?woman, make up your mind, are you pissed at me or do you want to get laid?? She rubbed me for a minute until I had the ?hang over dick? of the century. I don?t know what it is about a hard on when I?m hung over but it feels like it is twice as big as normal. She unbuttoned my shorts and wiggled them and my underwear off of me. I heard a gasp when my cock sprang into view. I lay still pretending I was completely asleep. She moved her mouth to my cock and gently started to suck on the head. She was very gentle and slow the whole time which is unlike my wife. She usually sucks my dick until it is hard and then has her way with it. This time she was flicking the tip with her tongue and stroking me with her hand. I heard her whisper, ?oh, my? more than once during this whole process. She then climbed off the bed and I heard her take her own shorts off. She climbed back on the bed and I felt her swing a leg over me and straddle me. She took a hold of my cock and center it at her pussy opening which was slopping wet. Slowly she lowered herself. I felt the head of my cock slowly slip into her and it felt like I was fucking a key hole. Wow was she tight. As she slid the shaft of my cock into her I heard her moan ?oh, fuck!? I thought I?d better get an idea of what she was so rattled about. She had only taken my cock into her a couple thousand times. She should know what it feels like by now. I pretended to come back to life. As I opened my eyes I got my answer to all my questions. I was staring directly into my mother in law?s eyes. I must have had a look of shock on my face because she whispered, ?it?s ok, sweety?. She took her finger and held it to her lips to shush me and I then felt my balls nestle into her ass crack. I was stunned. Now don?t get me wrong, my mother in law is hot. She is 48 years old, brunette, very large tits, nice firm ass, and has all the things a woman needs to be pleasured by her husband. She is basically a carbon copy of my wife but with bigger tits. I just couldn?t understand why she would need something like this but I wasn?t asking questions at this point. She lifted herself up the length of my shaft and slowly sank down again. She was panting and cooing the whole time. I could see she was providing us with plenty of pussy lube as my cock looked like someone poured cream on it. She continued to perform this way for about ten minutes until I decided to mix things up. I sat up and rolled her over onto her back with out ever pulling my cock out of her. I then pulled out and slid down the length of her body to get a better look at what I was fucking. I noticed that she really had a hard body. There wasn?t an ounce of extra fat on her beside her tits and she had done a nice job of maintaining herself as the years passed. I was surprised at myself for not noticing just how hot she really was sooner. I started to lick her sopping wet pussy. She had it shaved bare and her clit stuck a half inch out from her lips. I sucked and rubbed her until she was shaking. I slid up once again and for the first time, put my pussy juice covered mouth to hers and gave her a taste of herself. In the same motion, I hooked my arms behind her legs, pinned her knees to the mattress, and once again slid the length of my cock inside her waiting cunt. I then started to pound her tight little 48 year old pussy like I was paid to do it. My headache had temporarily subsided and I decided to make the best of the moment. I could hear an audible sound as my sack slapped her rose bud. I glanced into the mirrors that make up the closet doors and the look of the whole thing about sent me over the edge. I really hadn?t noticed just how doubled up I had her until I could see it in the mirror. She was steadily panting and her toes were curled up. I looked back at her now and her eyes were rolled back into her head and she was in a constant tremor. The whole scene had caught up to me and I was starting to feel that familiar burning at the base of my cock. I asked her, ?Mary, where do you want me to cum?? She replied, ?As deep as you can get it, sweety!? The next ten strokes are the hardest I have ever fucked a woman. Our bodies were making a loud slap when we would come together. After those strokes I started filling her womb with ropes of my milky semen. As I climaxed inside my mother in law, she could obviously feel herself being pumped full of cum and began her own orgasm. She had a grip on my arms and was moaning into the pillow beside her. After I had finished making my deposit, I held still, my cock remaining inside her now swollen pussy. I leaned down and gave her a slow passionate kiss. Our tongues entwined and I realized that my cock had not softened. With slow, short strokes, I began fucking her again. My cock was coated with semen and pussy cum and was starting to actually glide through the strokes with a little more ease. After a minute, I pulled out and told her to turn over. She did as she was told and I quickly reentered her from behind. Immediately, she began another orgasm, which lasted a minute or so. After she came down from that I told her I had more cock juice that needed a home. She told me, ?you know where to put it, hon?. I got myself into better position and started to piston my cock into her. Within a minute I had a firm grip on her hips and sinking my second load of cum into her. She was gasping, ?oh god, oh god, oooohhhhhh!? as the semen once again jetted out of my cock and coated the inside of her pussy. After things had once again settled down and we had a chance to talk, she told me that she had not had sex in five years due to a surgery my father in law had done. She said she had several vibrators but nothing could compare to blood filled flesh and the feel of it throbbing semen into her. I was a bit shocked she talked like this even after I had just finished fucking her senseless. That was the one and only time that anything happened with her. I have kind of given up on anything ever happening again but I have this juicy memory to hold on to.

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