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Extravagant older woman

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My name is Eric and I have a Bachelors degree in business management. I?m 24 yrs old. While I was in college I worked part time for a UPS loading trucks at night. It was a good job & the benefits I got were pretty good for a college kid. I lived with 6 other guys in a house so rent was cheap. I tried to stay away from all the parties & working at night helped a lot. I usually studied in the library after class or on breaks at work. When I was ready to graduate, the company offered me a job as a driver and the opportunity to move up to management. The money was good since I had time with the company so I agreed. I saved my money and after a year of driving I bought a nice condo near the beach. I had a nice car and things were going pretty good for me. The only thing I was missing was a girlfriend or a social life. I dated some in college, but just couldn?t stand the games girls played. I found myself just going to the gym and working out. I?m 6? about 190 in great shape. I have women at the gym flirting with me all the time, but they are usually older and married. I always enjoyed talking with them because they were intelligent and very easy to talk too.

I started dating women a few years older than me. I found them more mature and they usually knew what they wanted and weren?t clingy like the other girls I?d dated around my age. Most of the women I dated seemed to be in their mid 20?s. I liked the girls I dated but didn?t really seem to connect with them, so I thought about a little older. Although the only older women I knew were the women on my delivery route. I always found them very attractive and sexy. They were usually in their early 30?s late 40?s. I started flirting with some and found they were funny, polite, caring, all the stuff I?ve been looking for in a woman. Younger women I talked to were usually rude or uninteresting. I figured I would try this angle to meet woman by becoming friends with them.

One day I came into work and I was told they were changing my route. I now went through half of the business district and then hit a newer upper middle class neighborhood. This was where my life got turned upside down and all around. I was making almost daily deliveries to a house where one of the most beautiful women I?d ever seen kept receiving the deliveries. She was as beautiful if not more so than any Hollywood Starlet. She was the type of woman that guys stopped in their tracks and their jaws dropped. There wasn?t a flaw anywhere on her. Everything was perfect. I was delivering to her for about 4 months and we just made small talk because I was too nervous to talk to her. She was so sexy it was intimidating to talk with her. She made me nervous every time I had to go to her door. Our conversations were mostly short and sweet because I always acted like I had to get back to deliveries. That wasn?t the case. I just had to leave because she made me so excited. Sometimes I would deliver to other houses in the neighbor hood and she would be there. Most of the women were housewives and stayed at home all day. Their husbands made plenty of money so they didn?t need to work. Sometimes I could deliver more than one package.

The woman, Torrie is about 46. She has the mot amazing tits. I know they're fake, but it didn?t matter. I?ve had several dirty thoughts about her breasts. She is always dressed with a top that shows off her breasts. She likes to chat with me and often invites me in for a water or soda. I would like to take her up on the offer but, with my schedule I usually finish my route just in time to get back to the shop, clean my truck and clock out. I often wondered what she does that she?s always getting packages addressed to her. Most other women have them addressed to their husbands. Then I started thinking and realized I?d never delivered a package to a Mr. at her address. She wore a wedding ring so I wondered if she was really married. The woman turned me on so much I would have a hard time containing myself when I drove up to her house. It was one of the largest houses in the neighborhood. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was earlier than normal because I had a light day. I showed up in front of her house and figured I would try to find out if there was a Mr. around. She opened the door wearing a lightweight see thru tank top. I could see her full erect nipples. They were hard and straining to punch out of the top. She had bikini bottoms on that were cut really high. I would have never guessed a woman of her age could look so hot and wear that so well. I was in a state of awe. I must have been drooling, because I remember looking at her and wiping my mouth.

?Hi Torrie, sorry I?m a little earlier than usual. I?ve had a easy morning.? I said.

?No problem, I was getting some sun before the girls come over. Want to come in and have something to drink? You know, since you?re early and have time?? she asked Now how could I say no when she put me on the spot like that? She turned and I followed looking at her beautiful ass. I realized I had a hard on and looked down to see it straining at my shorts. I wasn?t wearing any underwear today and it was very noticeable. I followed her into the kitchen and put the box on the counter. I commented on how beautiful her house was.

?Yes, my late husband was a home builder and designer of custom homes and this one was special for us.? She said.

?Oh, I?m sorry about his passing? I said with passion in my voice.

?That?s ok, it?s been almost 1 1/2 yrs. I guess I should get on with my life. I haven?t seen anyone since he died.? She commented ?Well, you don?t want to rush into something like that after such a loss. When you feel the time is right it will happen.? I told her.

?You think? I don?t even know how to go about it today. It?s been so long. We were married for 25 years & he was only the second lover I ever had and I stayed faithful to him our whole marriage.?

Wow, I thought. This woman was so beautiful she had no idea or she was playing me so good.

?So, what would you like to drink?? she asked ?Oh, just some ice water would be fine.? I said sitting on a bar chair at the end of the counter.

She stood against the end of the counter and we talked for a few minutes before the doorbell rang.

?Oh, that must be the girls ready to play cards? she stated as she began to walk towards the door.

I followed and said I should be going then and thanked her for the water.

?Hey, why don't you come over tomorrow night for dinner, unless you have another date?? she asked with a serious questioning tone in her voice.

I was in total shock and stuttered? ?Uh, uh Ok that sounds great, what time?? I asked with a nervous crackle in my voice.

?Whenever you?re done with work will be just fine? she replied with a big smile ?Ok, I usually clock out around 6pm, then I?ll run home and shower, so I?ll be here around 7pm.? I told her.

?Forget going home, just come over here and shower.? She said.

?Ok, then I?ll be here shortly after 6 then.? As we reached the door She stood at the door and turned around and rubbed her hand across my shorts and leaned in and kissed me saying. ?So I?ll see you tomorrow then?. She opened the door and greeted the girls and said ?you all know Eric, he just came in for a glass of water on this hot summer day.?

I noticed that most of them looked me over, good thing I was holding the clipboard in front of my manhood. I?d seen 2 of them earlier and the other 2 asked if they had any packages?

?No, this was my last stop of the day, sorry.? I replied and said my good byes and walked past them. Turning I thanked Torrie for the water and said ?good day ladies?

They all giggled and said good day as Torrie blew me a kiss and waived bye.

I had to sit in my truck around the corner to let myself calm down from what had just happened. I could feel pre-cum wet on my leg. From now on I?m wearing something on under my shorts. No more commando.

Friday morning I woke with huge anticipation. I took a shower with a hard-on. I kept thinking about Torrie. I had to help myself because this was going to be a long day. I?d never had dinner with someone old enough to be my mom that turned me on so much. She was the best-looking woman I?ve ever seen let alone been with. She showed great intelligence and poise in many of our quick conversations. I?ve never been turned on for another girl or woman like I am with the thought of Torrie. I mean some women at the gym were great looking and have wonderful bodies, but none of them compared to this woman. She was amazing.

I get to work and look over my deliveries. It was a fairly easy day again. I noticed Torrie had another package. I was wondering if I should wait until the end of the day to deliver it or go around normal time. I didn?t want her to think I was eager. I?d decided to wait until the end of the day & then let her know I was all done & should I come back or wait until later. I arrived at her house around 4pm. She answered the door with a surprised look on her face.

?Oh, you have a busy day and your running late?? she asked ?No, actually this is my last delivery and wanted to know if I should come back now or wait until later?? I asked She perked up and said, ?Come right back if you don?t mind. It will give us some pool time before dinner.?

?Ok, I?ll run home real quick and get some trunks. It will only take me a few minutes,? I said casually ?Just come right back, you won?t be needing any trunks? she said with a grin ?All right then, I?m gone. See you in a few minutes? I said as I turned and noticed I again had a hard on. Good thing I wore boxer briefs today. I drove as fast as I could back to work. When I got there I was praying they didn?t ask me to stay & help clean up the shop for the weekend. I didn?t even think that it was Friday when I was talking to Torrie. I drove into the yard and began cleaning out my truck. My boss, Bob yelled at me that I had a phone call a few minutes ago and a friend said she had an emergency and wanted me to call her right away. I went inside and he handed me the note. It said her name was Torrie and had a number. I looked at it and thought maybe she got cold feet.

I dialed the number from his phone and when she picked up she said ?get your ass over here?? she laughed ?I called ahead thinking you may get stuck with extra stuff since you were so early. I hope you don?t mind I tried to make a little diversion for you.?

?No, no problem at all, I?m sure I can clock out early and I?ll be right over. If I can?t I?ll call you right back.? I said with deep sympathy in my voice because Bob was standing right there. I figured he would let me go if he heard that and the fact that he took the original message. I hung up the phone and looked at Bob.

?Everything all right?? he asked ?Well a friend is kind of in a bind and she needs some help, you mind if I cut out early today?? I asked He looked at me for a second and then smiled and said get out of here, have a good weekend and see you on Monday.

I thanked him as I ran to my locker and put my stuff away and I clocked out. I was trying to calm myself down. I was so excited from anticipation. I?d thought about stopping by a flower shop and getting her flowers. I decided to stop by a little flower shop around the corner who I have made deliveries to in the past and knew the owners pretty well.

?Hi Margie? I said as I walked in. She was the owner with her husband. ?How have you been?? I asked ?Hi Eric, I?m good. We haven?t seen you around. Did they change your route?? she asked.

?Yes, they changed my route. I need some flowers for a very special person I?m on my way to see. Think you can set me up with something nice??

?Oh sure, anything for you Eric. How much do you want to spend?? she asked ?It doesn?t really matter, whatever you think will drive a woman crazy when she sees them, but not make me look too desperate. You know what I mean?? I said ?Yes I do, you don?t worry about it, I?ll make you something real nice, she will love them trust me? she said with a smile.

I paid for the flowers and drove to Torrie?s. As I pulled up to her house there was another car in the driveway. I didn?t recognize the car as one of the other ladies from the neighborhood. I got nervous, so I called from my cell phone. She answered and knew it was me, from caller I.D. I said I saw another car in the driveway and wondered if I should still come over or wait.

?You can come on up. It?s only my secretary from the office. Just dropping off some legal papers,? she said.

I drove into the driveway and parked next to the other car and walked up to the door. I was carrying the flowers as the door opened and out walked her secretary. She was tall, dark hair, pretty face and nice smile. She was wearing a very sexy mini skirt. I was thinking wow, she looks a lot like Torrie, except for the dark hair, I thought for a second it could be her daughter, but it couldn?t be because she said she would talk to her tomorrow and called her Torrie. She turned and walked towards me.

?Hello, how are you?? I said. I didn?t figure I needed to introduce myself ?I?m good. Since when did UPS start delivering flowers?? she asked with a sarcastic attitude.

?This happens to be a personal delivery this time? I said with a wink.

She turned and smiled at Torrie and said have fun. What the hell was that suppose to mean?

?Hi Torrie, these are for you? I said presenting her the flowers.

?I see you met my assistant, don?t mind her. She?s jealous because I have a date with a gorgeous young man and she is going home to her house all by herself.? She said. She put the flowers to her nose and said, ?they smell lovely, and I?ll put these in a vase. Grab yourself something to drink and I?ll meet you by the pool.?

I made myself a stiff jack and coke to match my cock. Then poured myself 2 shots and downed that. I needed those to calm myself down. I figured a little whiskey dick wouldn?t make me orgasm at the sight of her in a bikini. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for morning time. I yelled to Torrie and asked if she wanted something before I walked outside. She said she already had one out there. I walked into the backyard and it was absolutely beautiful. I undressed down to my shorts. I wanted to see how comfortable she was and if she was wearing anything at all. She had on a little silk robe that I couldn?t tell if there was anything underneath or not. I sat there trying to calm myself down. This was only a date with another woman I kept telling myself. Yeah right, an incredibly sexy, horny older woman. I was thinking how she must feel after 25 years with the same man and not having sex in 1 1/2 yrs.

Torrie finally walked out.

?You?re a little over dressed for this party aren?t you?? she said as she removed her robe. She was beautiful. Probably the sexiest woman I?ve ever seen. My face must have looked like Clark Griswold?s did in Vacation when Christy Brinkley took off her clothes. There literally wasn?t a flaw anywhere on her body. I removed my shorts and turned to her with an enormous hard on and asked how?s this?

?Much better, but it looks like you need some tending too. Sit down on the edge of the Jacuzzi and I?ll take care of you,? she said as she walked over and grabbed my hand and led me to the Jacuzzi.

I sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi with my feet in the water. Torrie got in and walked towards me. Her nipples were sticking straight out.

?My, my, I haven?t seen a cock this close up in a long time. My husband didn?t like me to give him oral sex. He was kind of old fashioned. I did it every now and again only because I liked it. Do you like to have your cock sucked,? she asked as she took hold of it and looked up at me with her big blue eyes.

?YES? was my simple reply.

She got up right between my legs and started to kiss me very sensual. It relaxed me a little and it also turned me on so much I though I was going to cum on right there. She was moaning and we sucked on each other?s tongues very lightly and when I did it to hers she moaned deeply. She was rubbing her hand up and down my legs and brushing them across my stiff cock. I bet that if I hadn?t jerked off that morning I would have cum on her. She moved from my mouth to my ears, neck and down my body. She had one hand stroking my cock at the same time. She could feel it jump in her hands.

?Oh, you like that?? she whispered. She pushed me back against the wooden deck. She climbed onto the seat and leaned almost on top of me. She continued to kiss her way down my body. She was biting and sucking on my nipples. My cock was now between us and I?m sure she felt it pulsating. She took my hands and pulled me into the water. I needed to dunk my head underwater to cool myself off. Yes I know it?s a Jacuzzi but right now I was hotter than the water. When I surfaced Torrie was handing me my drink and saying this should cool me off.

?Sorry about stopping. I was getting so overloaded with emotion I was getting carried away. Your not mad at me are you?? she said ?Mad? No way. That was the most I?ve ever been turned on?ever. Though nothing really happened I couldn?t be happier than I am right now,? I said as I reached over and gave her a hug and kissed her on her cheek.

?That?s good, I just need a few minutes to compose myself. I think a jump in the cool pool will do us both some good,? she said.

So with that she jumped in the pool. I followed shortly. It felt so good. It actually made my uncomfortable hard on go away. I tried to show off for her by doing a 1 1/2 off the diving board. I don?t recommend doing this naked. I don?t know what I was thinking. Lucky for me I made it around enough I didn?t hurt myself. I surfaced to her clapping. I swam underwater towards her. I could see her underwater and she wasn?t moving. I decided to swim right to her legs and slowly surface. I kissed her stomach as I rose up right between her beautiful full breasts. I kissed each nipple then wrapped my arms tightly around her. I softly kissed her lips waiting to see if she would respond. She did but not by kissing me. She bent her head backwards offering her neck and chest. She kept her arms tightly on my shoulders. I kissed her neck and down to her tits. I began to back up towards shallower water so her tits were all the way out of the water. I sucked on her beautiful tits, alternating between them as I rubbed her ass. She was now running her fingers through my hair moaning how good it felt. My cock was stiff again knowing I was turning this woman on. I lifted her and walked her towards the side of the pool near the Jacuzzi. She wrapped her legs around me. I sat her down on the edge. She leaned back and put her legs on my shoulders. I was looking at her as I kissed her leg near the knee. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back so I could no longer see it. She spread her other leg almost all the way to the side. She was very flexible. I let go of her leg and she moved that one so she was now basically doing the splits. She was inviting me to lick her shaven pussy. Her lips were very pink and her pussy looked like the inside of a flower. I moved my fingers down her thighs until my thumbs were at her lips. I lightly touched them spreading them gently as I leaned in to kiss her pussy. I lightly kissed all around that lovely pussy. I spread her lips to see her clit; it was sticking straight out, kind of like her nipples were. I started pinching and holding pussy. It was something I learned from a video I saw given by a porn star (see Nina Hartley). It had worked one time before on another girl so I figured I try it again. It was basically massaging all around her pussy and pinching her clit down to the nerve endings. Torrie started making really loud moans and saying in question but not really wanting an answer, ?what the fuck are you doing and why is it feeling so good?? As I continued to massage all around her pussy and rub the soft skin under her clit and finger fuck her by pressure and let her do Kegels she said it felt like she was being fucked. Which was what I was hoping for. Her pussy started getting super slippery, which meant she was getting close to having an orgasm. Only then did I use my mouth and slowly start licking her pussy and I got the first taste of the juice of an older woman and wow was it sweet. Kind of like honey. She was so wet, I had to slurp up her juice and that was just making my dick even harder. To think that this woman hadn?t had sex in over a year and a half and probably never had her pussy eaten like this I really didn?t need any stimulation. I wanted to see this thru and see if she would actually cum and squirt. She was moaning so loudly and telling me to lick & fuck her pussy I was afraid the neighbors would hear. As I felt her start to shake I turned my fingers over and found her G-spot and rubbed it and she started screaming and pulling my hair and pushing my face into her pussy. I don?t know if she actually squirt, but my face was flooded with liquid and it again was kind of sweet. She wrapped her legs around my head until she stopped shaking.

She looked down and me and said where in the fuck has that been all my life. That was the most incredible head I?ve ever received and I don?t believe I?ve ever cum so hard in my life. Did I squirt on you?? she asked.

?I don?t know if you squirted but you released a lot of fluid on my face and it was sweet.? I replied

She looked at me with a nervous look and asked if she?d pee?d on my because she said it didn?t feel the same. I?d told her I didn?t think she did. I said you just had an incredible orgasm. She leaned down and started kissing me with a passion that wasn?t like it was earlier. This time there was more heart or lust in it.

I swam a few minutes before jumping back into the Jacuzzi. When I did, Torrie sat next to me thanking me for doing that.

?It?s been a long time since I?ve had that done to me? she said as she kissed me.

I sat there wondering how tough it was for her to go without sex or oral for so long. Oh well, I wasn?t going to dwell on it. I was having a great time and even if nothing else happened I?d be satisfied.

It wasn?t long before I got to find out that she was gong to finish what she started. She began stroking my cock and it grew in the hot water very quickly.

?I think I?m ready to suck your cock now,? she said as she gave it a little squeeze. I about jumped up on the edge. She commented on how nice it was and she wanted to taste me. She kissed the head then licked it all over. She was saying she liked it all smooth as she took my balls in her mouth and sucked on those. She had her hands all over everything down there. She was having a good time licking, sucking and probing down there. It had been a long time for her so I figured I?d let her do whatever made her happy. I laid back and just let it happen. I cold hear all her noises over the sound of the Jacuzzi. I was so hard in her mouth I could feel her teeth along the sides of my shaft. She was sucking my cock like it was the last time she was ever going to be able to do it. I could feel the climax building in my balls. I knew I was close to blowing my load. I wanted to cum on her tits so bad before I knew she would actually be sucking my cock. Now I wanted to cum in her hot mouth. I figured I?d be respectful and tell her I was close to cumming. She just sped up the pace. She was sucking like she wanted to swallow my hot load. I blasted off in her mouth. Even though she was ready I think it surprised her. I noticed it coming out the sides of her mouth. She kept sucking and stroking my cock. When I finished cumming she cleaned up all that escaped form her mouth by using my cock to smear it back towards her mouth. She swallowed every drop of my cum. She was so beautiful. She kissed her way up to my torso until she was looking me eye to eye. She just smiled and grabbed the back of my head and started kissing me. I wanted to stop because I?d just cum in her mouth, but then again, she kissed me after she cum on my face so what the hell. There really wasn?t any taste at all. Nothing to be afraid anyways. It was hard to get it through my head that a relationship with her was never going to happen so I figured I?d just enjoy it as long as it lasts.

She finished our kiss and asked if I was ready for dinner and desert? ABSOLUTELY was my reply and what might she have in mind for desert, hopefully it?s much better than the APPETIZER

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