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You come home to find the TV on but living room empty. Some light noises draw your attention up stairs. Noise from the TV masks your steps. You can see my door is mostly closed but open enough to peek in. As you get closer you can hear soft breathless moans. Looking through the crack in the door you take in the scene, an evil grin on your lips.

I'm laying back on the bed. My white panties are pushed down, still tangled around one ankle. My skirt is pushed up, the plaid shoved around my waist. My shirt is unbuttoned but only half pulled from my waist band. My bra straps disappear into my shirt but they are pulled down off my shoulders, allowing my tits to spill out from the cups. One of my hands is gripping a breast roughly, massaging then pinching and tugging the nipple. My other hand is between my spread legs.

You can see my pussy, swollen and open with lust. My fingers run up and down between my pussy lips, circling my clit then dipping into my slut hole. You can just barely smell the scent of my juice but you can see it glistening on my fingers. Suddenly I pull my hand away and move it towards my mouth. You start to rub and squeeze your cock through your pants as you watch me lick my fingers clean before they return to play with cunt.

My fingers move faster over my clit and dipping deeper in my hole. My moans become louder and you can now make out whispered words repeated over and over. "Dirty slut" My face becomes red as I get closer to cumming. My one hand begins to tug harder and hard on my nipples moving back and forth between my tits. Suddenly I jam two fingers up my slut hole and my body begins to spasm and jerk, cumming hard on my hand while you watch. I gasp for breath but it doesn't hide the slurping wet slut sound my fingers are making in my pussy... so wet.

With a bang you slam the door open and step into the room. I yell in shock and panic pulling down my skirt and trying to cover my tits. You reach out and grab my arm in a steel like grip dragging me to the floor. "You dirty fucking slut!" My body shakes in your grip as I land on my knees. My tits hang out from my shirt, swaying as your hand transfers its self to tangle in my hair, ripping my head back. I reach out with my hands to balance myself but you growl at me, "Put your hands behind your back!"

I sob and tighten my hands into fists behind me. I can see that apologies will get me no were. My face stays red as I feel your eyes all over my body. You shove a booted foot between my knees, forcing them wide apart. You reach down and tuck my skirt up into the waist band as it had fallen down, hiding my pussy from your view. You pause and I whisper, "Daddy, please... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.. I couldn't help it."

"Shut. Your. Fucking. Mouth." Your voice is soft but raises goosebumps all over my body. Your eyes narrow as you watch my nipples harden into points. Swiftly you take your free hand and begin spanking my heavy tits, focusing on the soft, swelled undersides. My body jerks in your grip. My nails cut into the palms of my hands with effort to control the need to protect myself. Heavy gasps are ripped from my body as my breasts turn red from the slaps. You watch my tits bounce and reverberate from each sharp smack.

"Daddy, please... " I choke out. You twist my head your grip in my hard making me wince.

"I told you to shut up." My eyes widen as you unzip your pants. You pull your hard cock out and slap it across my face, leaving a trail of precum. "I guess you need something to stuff that slut hole shut."

My eyes beg you not to but my mouth opens and you shove your hard cock deep between my lips. I can taste your precum and my tongue begins to move. Your hand smacks at my tits again, my grunts escape my lips around your fat cock. You force my head further onto you and I gag, gasping for air. You thrust your hips forward, punctuating each push with a word. "You. Dirty. Fucking. Slut. Did. I. Give. You. Permission. To. Play. With. MY. Slut. Hole.?"

I can do nothing but suck and gasp for air, your cock filling my throat over and over again. I can feel spit and saliva dripping down my chin. My eyes blur as tears run down my cheeks. Drops of wetness flick over my tits as your smack and thrust.

Suddenly you pull out. I suck in air as fast as I can, my mouth still wide open, lips red from abuse. You drag me back to the bed, pushing me forward. "Get up there. One you knees. Head down" I scramble to obey. I get on my knees, face pressed into the bed but turned. My hands in balls in the small of my back. I keep my knees as wide apart as I can. I know you can see my tits squashed against the bed, between my thighs. I can feel you eyes taking it all in. This position opens my slutty slit, wet juice still glistens all over my lips and even on my legs. The round globes of my ass pulled apart. My pussy and ass have been waxed smooth. My ass is tightly puckered as if begging to be spread open. My pussy is red and inflamed, getting wetter as you stare. The lips are slightly swollen with lust, open just enough to show you my clit which throbs. I can't help but clench as you watch, a shiver running down my spine.

Your hand strokes your cock. I feel the bed dip as you half kneel behind me. There is no warning as your open palm smacks down on my upturned ass. Again and again you spank. Both cheeks get your reddening touch. The back of my thighs as you watch me jump and jerk. Your open palm slaps my open wet pussy, the smacks sounding wet and sloppy.

You lean forward and spit, directly hitting my tight ass. I sob into the bed. You rub a finger against the closed little hole, then push in. When you've pushed your finger in to the second knuckle thespanking resumes. More spit and your are sliding your finger in and out... working the hole as I gasp and moan into the bed.

"This is what happens to dirty sluts. Is this what you want?"

I don't dare answer. Your finger and hand continue to torment me.

"Look at how wet you are" Slap against my wet pussy. "This must be how you want to be treated." Slap.

You pull your finger out and hold it to my face. "Lick"

I shudder with disgust but my tongue reaches out to lick as you nod. "That's just how dirty sluts act too." Slap.

You pull your smelly hand away from my face and spit again. This time forcing two fingers into my ass. I groan and try not to clench. You force your fingers in, twisting and stretching. You move up behind me and take your cock in your other hand. You begin to smack your cock between my wet pussy lips, spanking my slutty cunt with your thick meat. Pain and pleasure mingle in my body and I moan and beg for you to fuck me.

You shove your cock into my hungry hole, rough and hard. My pussy and ass clench around you as you bottom out, slamming into my cervix. Again and again you pull out all the way and slam forward, punishing my naughty pussy. Your two fingers jam into my tight ass as my pussy milks your cock. I cum hard, clenching and squirting slut juice onto the bed and our thighs. A low guttural moan tears through me. You pull your cock and fingers out and reposition. My body continues to shake with my orgasm, not recognizing the fat head of your dick at the slowly closing gape of my ass. With a grunt you force yourself into my still tight ass. My body twists with shock and I yelp as you force yourself balls deep.

"This. Is. What. Sluts. Deserve." Every thrust shakes the bed and before I can catch my breath I feel you swell impossibly large and begin to shoot rope after rope of hot cum into my clenched hole. You groan, your body held tight with pleasure.

Your hands grip my ass cheeks hard, spreading them as wide as possible. Very slowly you pull your still hard cock out and stare down at my once puckered ass, now gaping wide from your thick cock, bathed in your milky white cum. You reach forward grabbing me by my hair and yank me around shoving your dirty cock in my face. You wipe it against my cheeks and lips as my eyes clench shut, revolted. You smack it against my face. "Clean this slut juice off my cock."

Shuddering, my mouth opens and you push your way in. My mouth works over your cock, sucking and licking. You pull away and push your now softening cock back into your pants and walk out.

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