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A Woman Awakes - Ch. 2, Marv Meets His Match

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The following is a telephone conversation in which the heroine tells her horny hubby about her latest adventure.

Hi honey, I?m calling you on my new hands-free telephone. I miss you. I?ll be glad when you get back home. I?ve been so lonely this week that I didn?t know what to do. But, then something happened to perk me up. You?re not going to believe this because I can hardly believe it myself. I did something that I?ve been fantasizing about. This is the kind of story which you?ll love to hear. So, lay back, relax, and listen.

You know that guy from Massages and More who you hired to stop in on me last week? Yes, his name is Marv. Well, I was at the grocery store yesterday. I was in the produce department looking at bananas. I looked up, and there was Marv in the melon section. He looked up, and our eyes met. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. He came over, said hi, and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was fine but lonely because my husband was still out of town. I noticed that he was staring at my breasts. I was wearing my tight blue sweater which shows them off nicely. Marv said that he liked coming to the produce department to look at grapefruits and melons. I asked him if he saw any that he liked, and he said, ?yes.? Well, my nipples started to get hard, and I noticed that he was getting a big banana bulge in his pants. So, I asked Marv if he would like to stop by the house for a drink. He said he would really like that. It was his day off, and he was looking for some company, too.

I drove home and Marv followed. We both pulled into the garage, and I put the door down, so the neighbors wouldn?t know that I had company. I made us each a drink, and we went into the family room and sat on the couch. Well, it wasn?t long until he made a pass at me. He bent over and gave me a lovely long kiss on my lips. I liked it and returned his kiss. He reached for my breasts and began to feel me up. I enjoyed his attention, and my nipples began to grow. Marv really worked on by melons while we necked on the couch. I asked him if he would like to listen to some music, and he said, ?OK.? I got up, and told him to sit back and relax because I had a surprise for him.

I put on that strip joint music CD. You know, the one with all those sexy songs that I love to dance to. Well, I started to dance, and he couldn?t take his eyes off of me. I was really bumping and grinding to the beat. First, I worked my way out of my sweater a little at a time. When I was finally down to my bra, I danced over to him, and rubbed my size 36D grapefruits in his face. He smiled and grabbed my butt. I danced away from him and started to work my tight little black skirt down. When it dropped down to my ankles, I kicked it over to him. It landed on his lap. He laughed and motioned for me to come closer. I moved over to him as I swayed with the beat. He spread his legs, and I stood between them and danced to a seductive number. I turned away from him, put my hands on his knees, lowered my butt to his lap, and began to move back and forth, and up and down on the big bulge in his pants. Marv was really enjoying himself. He cupped my breasts from behind and gave them another workout. Finally, he unfastened my bra. Then, he really started to go after my tits. He rolled my hard nipples between his thumbs and fingers. I was really starting to get hot. So, I stood up, faced him, and asked him if he saw anything he liked. He stared straight at my melons and said, ?Yes ma?am!? I laughed and danced back to the center of the room. I moved with the erotic beat and rubbed my hands all over my body. I paid particular attention to my breasts. I cupped them and played with my nipples. Then, I pretended that I was riding a cock as I moved my rump up and down to the beat. I stared into his eyes to let him know that it was his cock that I was pretending to ride. Marv watched me like a hungry puppy at meal time. My panties were starting to get damp in the crotch because my pussy was moist. I turned and pulled them down a little at a time to show him my sweet little ass. Then, I pushed them all the way down. I kicked them off, picked them up, and tossed them over to him. He caught them, and sniffed the damp part where my pussy had dripped.

I danced over to the couch. He moved into the middle, and I sat down on his lap. We kissed deeply. His hands roamed all over my body. Marv massaged my breasts and rubbed my back as he pulled my breasts into his chest. Then, he put his hand on my thigh and began to move it up my leg. I mean to tell you, I was one very hot woman! My pussy lips were swollen and glistening with love juice. We were exploring each others mouths and lips with our tongues. Marv started working on my cunt with his pointer finger. He slipped it inside me. My moisture gave me away. He knew that I was as horny as he was. Then, he spread my pussy lips using his index finger and his ring finger. He slid his long middle finger deep into my honey hole, and began to move it in and out. My pussy was getting juicier by the minute.

I asked him to kiss my breasts. So, he laid me back on the cushions and lowered his head to my chest. Marv kissed my beautiful big breasts on the sides, bottom, and top. Then, he kissed my sensitive nipples. He complimented me on how responsive they were. I told him that he was doing a great job. He was massaging my vagina the entire time with his middle finger. I could hardly stand it. Then, I asked him to suck my nipples. He said yes, and popped one of my strawberries into his mouth. (By the way, he said that my breasts are like white grapefruits topped with pink strawberries. You tit guys really like my knockers!) He flipped my nipples with his tongue, and made them hard. I reached down and grabbed his hand. I guided his gooey fingers to my clit and asked him to massage my sweet spot. Marv soon had me squealing with delight. He increased the tempo of the massage, but was so gentle. Finally, I couldn?t stand it any longer. Waves of excitement ran though my body as I shook with a thunderous orgasm. It took me a little while to regain my senses. Wow! What an exciting afternoon. And, the fun was just beginning.

Well, I told him that one good deed deserved another. So, I told Marv to sit back, relax, and I?d be right back. I went to the utility room, and got a bath towel and a hand towel. I pulled him up off of the couch, unfastened his belt, and pulled down his pants. I put the bath towel on the sofa cushion, and then had him sit on it. His cock was really big and hard. He was obviously ripe and ready. I sat down next to him. We began to kiss, and I started to explore his treasures. I cupped his sack. What a set of nuts! He had balls the size of plums. I massaged those wonderful weights for a few minutes with my left hand. Then moved my right hand to his shaft. I held it firmly and began to move my hand up and down. I gave the tip of his cock special attention as I massaged it with my thumb. I kept up the ball massage with my left hand as I stroked his big thumping cock with my right hand. We French kissed while I continued to massage his meat. Marv had his hands on my tits the entire time. I knew he was getting close to an orgasm when he stopped tonguing me and laid his head back. I could feel the tension building up in his balls with my left hand. So, I kept up a steady up and down rhythm on his shaft with my right hand. His cock seemed to grow bigger and harder by the minute. Finally, I noticed a drop of his juice on the tip of his cock, and realized that he was about to cum. I let go of his balls and grabbed the hand towel with my left hand. He started to squirt just as I got him covered. I continued stroking him has he groaned with pleasure. He could hardly stand it. I continued stroking as he shot his wad into the towel. He was a big cummer. When he finished squirting, Marv begged me to stop. I gave him a kiss, and asked him how he liked my ?handiwork.? He said that he had never been jacked-off by a woman before, and really thought that it was wonderful.

Then, I took him into the adjoining bathroom to clean him up. While I was washing his cock with a soapy wash cloth, he began to get another hard-on. Now, I knew that I had him right where I wanted him. I asked him if he would like some pussy, and he said that he had a confession to make. He told me that he had been thinking about me ever since we had sex a few days ago. Marv explained that he had entered me from behind because ?my hubby? wanted to see my breasts bounce as I got banged during the filming. He said he enjoyed our sex session at the end of my massage appointment. However, all week he had thought about how great it would be to have me in the missionary position. I told him that he was a real sweetheart, and that I had thought of him also. I grasped his cock and led him upstairs to the bedroom. There, I laid back on the bed, and motioned for him to mount me. I drew up my legs and raised them with my heels almost touching my butt. Then, I spread my legs wide. This gave him access to my moist opening and made my cunt deeper to accept his enormous cock. Marv positioned himself above me and jammed his jumbo into my honey hole. This took my breath away because he was so big and hard. It all happened so fast that I didn?t even think about getting him to use a condom. Oh well, I thought, at least I?m on the pill. Besides, I really like to feel it when a man cums inside of me.

Marv was one horny stud. He pounded my pussy for at least 10 minutes while I was in that position. His balls were slapping my bottom as he drilled me deep with his dick. They smacked my butt like the clapper on a bell, and he was really ringing mine. (I knew that if I jacked him off before he banged me, he would last longer in the saddle.) Then, I lowered my legs and put my heels in the hollows behind his knees. He continued to thrust into me, but now I could move a little, too. As he would cram his cock into me, I would slide down on his shaft. And, as he pulled back, I would slide my pussy up so that the tip of his cock was just held by my outer pussy lips. That way, he was getting more stimulation, and so was I. With my legs raised, my clit was in constant contact with his cock. My twat started to tingle with excitement, and my labia were so wet and puffy. Oh, I was enjoying him so much! I reached out, grabbed his buns, and pulled him deep into me. I wanted every inch of his big beautiful cock. Soon, I had an orgasm, but begged him not to stop. We kept banging each other until he started to squirt. Then, he stopped thrusting. But, I kept moving my pussy back and forth on his dick. I would slide, and he would squirt. He must have squirted about 5 or 6 times. Marv really pumped some puddin? in my pussy. I couldn?t believe that he could cum that much after I had recently jacked him off. I complimented him on the size of his load. But, he said that the credit was all mine because he had never had such a hot and beautiful woman. I thanked him and told him that he was Marvelous.

The sun was starting to set as we moved to the bathroom to clean up. My pussy was dripping with his cum. I asked him if he would like to go out to eat with me. Marv jumped at the offer. So, I put on my thigh-high black hose and my little black dress. I dressed in front of him because I wanted him to know that I wasn?t going to be wearing any underwear. We went to that Italian restaurant in town. I suggested that we sit in the corner booth because it was darker there. We scooted to the back side of the table so our laps were hidden by the table cloth. When I was certain that no one was looking, I pulled down the top of my dress, a little, to expose the tops of my tits. I stopped just short of exposing my pink nipples. It was a little chilly so my nipples were up. He couldn?t keep his eyes off of me for the rest of the time, and neither could the waiter. I think every guy in the whole place paraded past our table to check out my tits!

Finally, our pasta was served. I put his right hand on my thigh and pulled up my dress to give him access to my pussy. Then, I put my left hand on his penis and gave it a squeeze. Marv almost dropped his fork! So, we ate pasta with one hand and rubbed pussy and penis with our other hands. I?m not sure if the pasta was any good, but the under the table petting was pure pleasure. As we finished, I told him that I wasn?t hungry for dessert there, but I could give him a big juicy piece of cherry pie if he wanted to go home with me. I paid the bill with my credit card, pulled my dress down to cover my pussy, and gave all the guys one last long look at my tits as we walked to the door. My escort hid his hard-on with his coat, and we made our way out the door. I drove because Marv was much to excited to drive.

When we got home, we went straight to the bedroom. Marv couldn?t wait to get his hands on me again. He peeled off my tight little black dress, but left my black thigh-high hose on. I moved a pillow to the center of the bed. Then, I stretched out on the bed with a pillow under my hips. This gave him better access to my cherry pie dessert. He came crawling up from the bottom of the bed. He ran his hands up my legs kissing my thighs as he advanced. When he got to my pussy, he spread my luscious lips and kissed them. My pussy lips started to tingle as he began to tongue me. He sucked on my creamy cunt and licked me. I was rubbing my clit the whole time that he was working on me. Finally, he replaced my fingers with his tongue and lips. My little clit started to thump as he explored my every nook and cranny. Marv continued his quest as I writhed in pleasure and begged him not to stop. He had such wonderful technique! I held onto the bars at the top of the bed. My thighs began to tremble, and I arched my back as I had an orgasm. The juice ran out of my pussy and streaked down my butt. He lapped up my moisture with his tongue and swallowed. Then, Marv moved up my naked body, stopping on the way to nibble on my enormous nipples. He moved on up to my mouth and French kissed me. I tasted my own pussy juice on his tongue and lips. I told him that I was ready for some cock, and he shouldn?t keep a willing woman waiting. I spread my legs wide and smiled at him. He drove his love stick into me. Wow, what a cock, so big and so hard! It seemed to grow bigger every time he put it in me. I took him without a condom, again. He slid right into my tight little twat. The moisture left over from my orgasm gave us plenty of lubrication. He really humped me hard, but I enjoyed his enthusiasm. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed my breasts against his chest. I could feel his cock start to throb inside of me. Marv moaned with pleasure as he pushed his dick deeper into me. I felt his warm sperm squirt into my love chamber. He was really horny and kept thrusting until he had delivered his entire load. When he pulled out of me, his white love liquid streamed from my slot. Then, we moved into the master bathroom and showered together. We got each other all soapy and slippery. Marv rubbed his hands over every square inch of my body, and I did the same for him. What a way to unwind! By the time we finished toweling off, it was going for 9 o?clock. So, I asked him to spend the night. He gleefully accepted my invitation.

I turned down the bed, and we climbed in together. I told him that I wanted him to sleep in the nude, and I would do the same. We cuddled a little, and I gave him a kiss as Marv drifted off to sleep with visions of my vagina dancing in his head.

Around midnight, I woke up horny. Marv was sleeping soundly on his back. I had to have some more sex. I turned on the little sex light on my dresser, and gently pulled down the covers to expose his naked body. Then, I straddled him on my hands and knees. I let my long hair drag over his body as I moved my head from his thighs to his chest. He began to wake as I continued with my hair massage. Then, I lowered my chest to his and let my big hard nipples drag on his chest. He started to respond. His cock grew bigger and harder as I continued. I laid on top of him, kissed him, and rubbed the soft hair of my pussy on his growing gift. Next, I lifted myself to a squatting position on top of his cock. I spread my pussy lips and began to rub them up and down on his shaft which I had pinned against his tummy. He began to smile and groan with pleasure. Then, I lifted my self up a little and raised his penis until it was perpendicular to his body. I spread my labia with one hand as I inserted his cock into my vagina with the other. Slowly, I lowered my body onto his shaft and impaled myself on his flag pole. Marv bottomed out as my pussy lips reached the base of his penis. Wow! What a wonderful fill up for me! I began to gently bounce up and down on him. My breasts bobbed up and down as I rode his pogo stick. He was really starting to get excited, and so was I. So, I stopped that and began a little front to back and side to side motion. Marv reached for my swaying breasts and massaged my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. Then, he pulled me down toward him, and we kissed as I laid on his chest. I kept my pussy in motion the entire time, moving it up and down on his now fully erect cock. When I felt him begin to throb inside me, I raised myself up like I was doing a push-up. This gave him access to my breasts which he enjoyed immensely. Marv told me that he was going to cum and that my pussy massage of his cock felt so good that he could hardly stand it. I told him to grab my breasts and pinch my nipples because I was going to continue to ride him that way until I drained every drop of sperm he had for me. I picked up the tempo, a little, as I rode him. Soon, he was groaning with pleasure and pinching my nipples purple. Marv started to squirt and begged me to stop, but I showed him no mercy as I slammed my pussy on his cock again and again. Finally, he could cum no more, but he had delivered his biggest load yet. My cunt was saturated with his sperm. As I pulled him out of me, I showered him with a warm white river of love juice. He told me that he had never been laid by a woman like that before, and it had been the best sex he had ever experienced. He said that I was heavenly, and called me his angel of passion. I told him that the pleasure was all mine. Then, I wiped us off. We cuddled again, and he drifted off to sleep with his head buried between my breasts.

Well, I had Marv two more times, once at 3 AM and again at 6 AM. Each time, I woke him, and we made love the same way. He really enjoyed getting humped by a busty babe. And, I enjoyed being in control as a rode him from above. We both got up around 8. Well, got out of bed that is. Marv is a little embarrassed because he can?t get it up this morning. He is in the shower now trying to think sexy thoughts. So, that?s why I decided to give you a call.

Oh, yes, I am fine. My nipples are little numb because he has about pinched them purple. And, my cunt feels like a cream puff, but I am OK. My muff looks like a ripe cracked coconut full of milk. Marv has squirted enough sperm in me to re-populate the planet. I?m just like a sexy cream filled pastry. Every time I cross my legs I squirt cum. It is a good thing that I?m on the pill, or I?d be knocked up for sure.

I am feeling a little guilty, but glad. I feel guilty because I?ve been having some sensational sex with Marv. I?d really like you to be here with me. But, at the same time, I?m glad that I am learning to loosen up and fulfill some fantasies. How do you feel about it?

A little jealous, but glad? Tell me what you mean. . . . . . . . . Oh, I understand.

What man wouldn?t be a little jealous of having his woman humped while he was away? But, I am glad that you feel good about me starting to loosen up and fulfill some fantasies. This will benefit both of us. Our sex life is going to be more wonderful than ever.

I am going to start to put out more for you during our love sessions. I got to thinking about how you finger me so well during foreplay and stay on my clit until I have an orgasm. I want to start giving you more attention with my hands and head.

I also want to begin fulfilling more of our fantasies. Here?s what I?ve got in mind.

I want to make love with another woman. I want to make love with you and another man at the same time. I want to bring a woman into our bed to make love with us. I want to do some swinging with another couple. ( You know, swap mates, and have sex in the same room, or better yet, in the same bed.) I?m even thinking about letting you get some guys together to gang bang me. I know it all sounds wild, but I know that you would enjoy it, and so would I. I?m anxious to explore the sensual wonders of the sexual world with you.

With your permission, I can practice this morning for our session with another man. I know that you enjoy watching two guys have sex with one woman. So, here?s what we can do. I?ll invite Marv over after you get back home. You and I can make love while he watches us, but I don?t want you to cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my mouth. So, after you?ve humped me for a while, I?ll put you on your back and position myself over you on my hands and knees. My head will be over your cock, and my twat will be over your head. I?ll lower my chest and head so that I can get your meat in my mouth. Then, I?ll start to work my magic on you. I will suck you until you can?t stand it. Then, I?ll let you rest, and do it some more. You can squeeze my breasts above your tummy, and finger my twat above your face. When we are both adequately aroused, you can motion for Marv to join us. You can watch as he parts my pussy lips and enters me doggie style. You will have a ring side seat to see him cram his cock into me. This time, I?ll ask him wear a condom, so that you won?t get splattered. You?ll be able to see my pussy lips hug his cock as he pulls back and prepares for each thrust. You?ll probably see my moisture on his shaft. And, the entire time, I will be giving you all of the head you can handle. We will continue until the three of us cum together. And, I promise to swallow every drop of you wonderful sperm.

How does that sound? - - I thought that you would like it.

Like I said, I can practice this morning if you will let me. I can kill two birds with one bang. I can practice for our threesome, and I can have Marv one more time. What do you think? . . . OK, I promise to use the camcorder, a condom, and let you listen to us over the phone. You can listen to the action live, and watch the video when you get home. Yes, I?ll make sure the camcorder is aimed properly so you can see my breasts bounce and sway as I get banged.

Here?s what I?ve got in mind. Like I said before, Marv is having a little trouble getting it up this morning. But, I?ve been handing out hard-ons for years. I know what it takes to get a guy up. I?m just going to use a little lusty language and visual stimulation to get him up.

It will go something like this. I?ll put on my black choker necklace. And when he returns, I?ll kneel on the bed on my hands and knees and ask him what kind of an animal I remind him of. I?ll sniff around to give him a hint. He?ll say ?a dog,? and I?ll say ?that?s right!? Then, I?ll ask him if he knows what a female dog is called, and he?ll say ?a bitch.? I?ll say, ?that?s right, and this bitch wants to lick your dick.? Next, I?ll put Marv on his back on the bed and straddle his body on my hands and knees with my muff over his head. I?ll lick his dick, and he can play with my nookie. He will feel my juices begin to flow. I know I can get him up. And when his cock is like concrete, I?ll ask him if he is ready to bone his bitch on the floor doggie style. He won?t be able to resist me, and I?ll move to the floor to let him bury his bone in me one last time - - doggie style.

So, what does my horny hubby think about that? OK, thanks honey. You are such a sweetheart and a real generous stud. I?ll keep the hands-free telephone headset in place and describe what Marv is doing to me and how it feels. Are you game for some ?live? telephone sex? Well, grab your cock and listen as your woman gets fucked. I hope you get off, too. Did you hear that click? I just loaded a fresh cassette in the camcorder and turned it on. I hear Marv coming back. Listen to this.

?Hi big boy. I?ve been talking to my hubby, and he wants to listen to us as we make out one last time this morning. We?ll be using the camcorder, too.?

?Now, let?s make you cock crow one more time. Do you like my black choker necklace? It?s all that I?m wearing, and I?m wearing it just for you. What kind of animal do I remind you of?? . . . . . .

Thus ends Chapter 2.

Her further adventures will follow in Chapter 3.

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