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the first party

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?????Hi everyone, my name is Brian and my wife is Jenny and we'd like to tell our experiences of our first swingers party from this past August. my wife says I can do a better job of putting the events into words so here goes.

first, I'd like to give a little background as to how we got to this point. I've had fantasies about becoming a swinger for some time and finally decided to talk to my wife about it. she wasn't very receptive of the idea at first but she didn't say "no" so I considered that a win, lol. after several weeks of persuasion she agreed to try it. I told her if we didn't like it we'd just quit. we started by joining SLS. within a few weeks we met several couples over dinner but the chemistry didn't seem to be there with any of those. then came along Ken and Brenda. I could tell from the first few minutes this couple was going to be different. we seemed to hit it off right from the beginning. Ken was a tall muscular guy who I could tell my wife was attracted to. Brenda was a petite brunette with a nice body and who seemed like she could be quite fun and wild. as the night went on my wife and Brenda seemed to "connect". we told them we were new and wanted to take it slow. they told us they were fine with that and they'd go at whatever speed we felt comfortable with. on the way home Jenny said to me, "I like those 2". I told her I did too. we made out to meet them again the following weekend, again over dinner.

as we got ready to meet Ken and Brenda for the second time I could tell my wife was much more relaxed and enthusiastic about the upcoming evening. we again spent the evening talking and getting to know each other. Jenny and Brenda were really hitting it off and that was a good thing. they even made out to meet during the following week to go shopping. on the way home that night she said, "I think they like us". I said, "yes we all seem to get along".

after my wife got home from shopping with Brenda later that week she said to me, "I think Brenda and Ken would be great to have some fun with for our first time". I was kind of shocked, but figured, hey let's run with this and see what happens. I told her I was up for it. she said, "I'm talking just some touching and soft stuff". I told her whatever she wanted. she said she'd call Brenda and set things up. after she got off the phone she told me they were coming over the following Saturday evening. I was excited as I thought about seeing and playing with Brenda and I could tell Jenny was excited also. I think Brenda's wild side was rubbing off a little on Jenny.

as we prepared for the evening with Ken and Brenda my wife really shocked me when she said, "you know, I've always wondered what it's like to be with another woman". I couldn't believe what I just heard. I never thought my wife had any bi tendencies, until I thought about it a little more. then I realized she actually was throwing out hints with some of her comments she had made over the years we were married. all I could think about the rest of the day was seeing my wife with another woman. I could tell she was excited too as she couldn't quit talking about the evening ahead. once Brenda and Ken arrived we sat and talked for a bit but it didn't take long for Brenda and my wife to start flirting with each other. pretty soon they began taking articles of clothing off of each other. I was so pumped I couldn't take my eyes off these 2 lovely women. within seconds they were both naked and kissing and touching each other. then I saw Ken getting naked. my wife looked at me and said, "what are you waiting for?" I didn't need to be told twice, off came my clothes. then Brenda started kissing Jenny's neck and then down to her boobs. as she sucked on Jenny's large nipples I could tell my wife was getting extremely turned on. after a few minutes Brenda moved to Jenny thighs and began licking them. I noticed Ken started rubbing his hard cock as he watched. as Jenny lay back and spread her legs Brenda moved in on her wet pussy. she then positioned herself over top Jenny and spread her legs over Jenny's face. jenny immediately began licking Brenda's clit. I found myself rubbing my cock as I couldn't believe my eyes, this was so hot. both women began to moan as they continued to give each other oral pleasure. eventually they both came in loud orgasms, screaming in pleasure. after Brenda dismounted my wife she moved over to me and said, "let me do that for you" as she grabbed my cock and began stroking it. then she said, "wow, your cock is enormous and incredibly hard". Not to brag but I am very well endowed. my cock measures almost 13" in length and 3" in girth. her tiny hand looked miniature as she wrapped it around my large erection and began stroking. then I watched as Jenny did the same to Ken. as I watched Brenda handle my cock I could tell she was having a blast trying to figure out what to do next with my enormous penis. she grabbed it with both hands and began working it up and down. she kept looking at me smiling as she then slowly pushed it into her mouth. she could only get about 3/4 of it in until I could feel it hit the back of her throat. both women continued to rub and suck our cocks until we both exploded. I could feel I was getting really close as Brenda had my cock buried in her mouth. she looked up at me and smiled as she knew I was close. I couldn't hold it anymore. I could feel my cum surge from the head of my cock as I watched Brenda continue to suck it. as I let loose with my first wad I saw her face light up. as I continued to pump into her mouth she seemed to really enjoy it as she continued to bury my cock deep in her throat.. after I finished she opened her mouth and it was full of my cum and then she smiled and closed her mouth and swallowed. Ken erupted soon after shooting his load onto Jenny's boobs. Brenda looked at me and said, "that's some tool you have there". I smiled and said, "was it too much for you?" she laughed and said, "no, but I did have a problem trying to fit it in my mouth, but that's a good problem to have". then I watched as Brenda rubbed Ken's cum all over Jenny's tits. as Brenda continued Jenny laid back and spread her legs again. Brenda immediately climbed on top of her and began licking her pussy. Jenny returned the favor and both girls continued until they both had another orgasm. what a great first experience we had with these 2. after they left Jenny said, "I really enjoyed tonight, I'm glad we met them". I agreed.

over the next week my wife and Brenda met several times for lunch as they were really becoming good friends. one night Jenny said to me, "maybe we should take our swinging to the next level". I looked at her and said, "oh". she said ,maybe we should do full swap". I said, "sure if that's what you want". I didn't want to sound to eager but the thoughts of fucking Brenda just got me instantly hard. she then said, "good because Brenda and I set up a meeting for this Saturday night". Jenny continued to surprise me with her eagerness to expand her horizons but I wasn't complaining, this was great.

as we arrived at Ken and Brenda's house I could tell Jenny was anticipating her adventure with Ken as was I with my night with Brenda. after we ate we all moved to the living room and Brenda came over to me and began rubbing my ever hardening cock and said to me "I can't wait to feel that thing up inside me". I said, "boy you don't waste time". she looked at me and smiled and said, "I've been thinking about you fucking me ever since I sucked on it". as she unzipped my pants I could feel I had gotten fully erect. she then worked my penis free from my underwear and then I felt her hand grasp my cock. she then tried to work it through my unzipped jeans but I could tell she was having trouble pulling my large cock through the zipper hole. she started laughing as she continued to struggle. finally she unbuttoned my jeans and exposed my hard erect cock. as she started rubbing me I started unbuttoning her top. as I worked down the buttons on her shirt I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. when I undid the last button she flung both sides of her shirt open fully exposing her beautiful breasts. I began rubbing and squeezing them as she continued to stroke me. then I pushed down my pants and removed my shirt as she took off her shirt and pushed down her shorts. then she crawled on top of me. just then I realized Jenny and Ken weren't there. I asked Brenda where they were and she told me they went into the next room. I wasn't sure I liked us being in separate rooms, but Brenda said, "don't worry Ken will take good care of her, he's gentle". as she lined me up I could feel my cock slide into her wet hole as she let out a loud moan. I steadily pushed deeper into her as she continued to moan louder. I continued deeper as she exclaimed, "oh yes that feels so good I want it all the way in deeper, deeper". finally as I pushed my 13"s all the way in she let out an incredible yell. at first I thought she was in pain, but then she said, "oh that is incredible and feels amazing, now work it in me". as I started slowly she yelled, "harder, pound my pussy". as I really began to work and thrust back and forth she yelled, "oh yes that's it right there." she was amazing as well with her pelvic movements and as we worked in unison I could tell we were both close to cumming. she then screamed, "oh yes I want your cum in me. I'm ready, now, now, as I shot with my first wad she let out an incredible scream of orgasmic pleasure and she said, "oh my God, more, more fill me with cum." I continued to pump my cum into her as she continued to yell and moan in pleasure. finally we both were done and exhausted. she looked at me and said, "that is one amazing cock". I smiled and said you were great yourself. as I looked around Jenny still hadn't returned. Brenda said, "looks like Jenny and Ken are having fun too". about 15 more minutes went by and finally they returned. Jenny was smiling from ear to ear and I knew she had a great time with ken. as she sat across from me and spread her legs I could see her pussy was still wet and dripping with Ken's cum. I noticed Brenda staring at my wife's dripping cunt and pretty soon she went over and began licking her. she continued until Jenny had an amazing orgasm. Brenda and Jenny then kissed. as they did I could see Jenny was enjoying the flavors she was getting from sticking her tongue in Brenda's mouth. she certainly has surprised me with how quickly she has embraced the lifestyle with these 2. as we sat and talked Ken said, "hey we have a big party every year at a place we rent nearby and we'd really like you both to come". we told them we'd think about it and let them know. on the way home that night all Jenny could talk about was the evening she had with Ken and how much she enjoyed his cock. she said, "don't get me wrong, yours is still better, but there was something about having someone else inside me that turned me on. I guess it's just that it's new and different". when we got home we had amazing sex. Jenny was like a whole new woman.

over the next few days we talked about the party invite and neither of us were sure we were ready for that. it was going to be a huge party with well over 100 guests expected to attend. plus we had read some posts about their previous parties and they sounded like they got really wild and kinky. we discussed our concerns with Ken and Brenda the next time we met them and they told us not to worry that we wouldn't be pressured into doing anything we weren't comfortable with plus it would be a great way to meet some new people and make some new lifestyle friends. given their assurance we decided to attend. we trusted these two and they were nothing but respectful of our wishes since we met them. they told us the party would be held at a place close by. it has a large in ground pool and pool side area and a large house with several rooms set up as play rooms. as the weeks progressed leading up to the party we continued to meet and play with Ken and Brenda on occasion.

as the day of the party neared I asked jenny what she was planning on wearing. I couldn't imagine what she would pick because its an event where you definitely want to dress sexy and show some skin, but my wife is somewhat conservative when it comes to showing her body in public, although she has a great one. she told me she hadn't decided yet, but her and Brenda were going out shopping the next day and she'd ask her for some advice. her and Brenda were seeing a lot of each other over the past few weeks. they were meeting for lunch and going to the tanning beds a lot. they both were getting great all over tans in preparation for the party. Jenny looked great with her golden all over tan, as did Brenda. I couldn't quit thinking what jenny would choose to wear. the day before the party I asked her again what she was wearing. she said, "I've decided but it's a surprise and you'll need to wait for the party to see it". well this made me anticipate even more. I couldn't imagine my conservative wife wearing anything too revealing, but then again some of Brenda's wild side has rubbed off on her.

the day of the party had arrived. both of us were full of anticipation but also had some nervousness. I couldn't wait to see Jenny's outfit, but I'd need to wait a few more hours because as she emerged from the bedroom from changing into it she had also put on a beach cover up shirt. the outfit underneath must be somewhat sexy because the cover up was cut very short and I still couldn't see any signs of her outfit from under it. I could feel my cock grow as I watched her and imagined what her outfit might look like. the party was scheduled to start at 2 pm and we wanted to get there around that time so we could settle in before too many other guests arrived.

once we arrived at the party Jenny immediately jumped out of the car and pulled off her cover up. my jaw dropped. never did I imagine my wife wearing something this revealing in front of other people. she said, "what do you think?" I stammered for a minute and then said, "um, yes it's um very sexy.". it was a white outfit. the top was a micro top that tied around her neck and middle of her back with tiny thin strings. it had a tiny strip of material about 1" wide and 3" long which only covered the very center of her large firm breasts. her dark areolas were sticking out on both sides and her large hard nipples were prominently pointing through and slightly visible under the sheer thin material. the bottom was what I would call a loin cloth skirt. it had a patch of material in front about 4" long and 6" wide to cover her crotch and another in the rear about 6" wide and 8" long to cover her butt and then it was open on both sides with the exception of 2 tiny elastic strings that held the two pieces together. I couldn't be sure but it didn't look like she was wearing a thong. I couldn't imagine her not wearing a thong, but then again I couldn't imagine her wearing something like this in front of other people she didn't know. she looked awesome. the white material (what little there was) of her outfit really set off her deep golden tanned body. as she opened the rear door of the vehicle to get out her bag of accoutrements I was right, she wasn't wearing a thong. I had a perfect view of her pussy from under the skirt. I could see she was already wet with anticipation of the day ahead. by this point I had gotten a full erection. as she turned around and looked at my crotch she said with a smile, "well I guess you do like my outfit". as we walked to the party area all I could think about was how gorgeous my wife looked in that outfit and what the day ahead would bring. once we got to the party area we were surprised to see how many guests had already arrived. it took us a few minutes to spot Ken and Brenda. once we did Jenny yelled to Brenda and she came running over and gave her a hug. she then hugged me and as she did I could feel my erection push up against her almost naked body. she looked at me and said, "I see you're ready for the day". I nodded as I was fixated on her outfit which only reinforced my erection. she was wearing a tiny black outfit. the top was basically a tiny string around her upper chest and middle of her back with tiny frilly strings about 2" long dangling from it over her breasts, just long enough to cover her nipples. but as she moved her nipples would peak out between the frills. the bottom was made the same way with frills just long enough to cover her crotch. as Ken approached Jenny ran and hugged him. as she released her hug I noticed her nipples had peaked out from behind her tiny top. I saw Ken starring at them so I knew he noticed them also. as we stood talking I could see the bulge in Ken's shorts grow as he continued to gaze at my wife's exposed nipples. I don't know if she wasn't aware or was just showing them off to ken and Brenda, but it took her several minutes to reposition her top. as they took us around and introduced us to other friends of theirs Jenny's nipples kept popping out every time she would hug someone. Brenda told us to go grab a table and she'd be back in a bit to check on us. as we found a table and got ready to sit down Jenny said, "I can't take this top anymore, I'm taking it off". I watched as she reached around and untied the ties and then pulled it off, fully exposing her large beautiful breasts and hard nipples. I was shocked. my wife not only willing to show off her boobs but actually seemed to want to without any encouragement from me not to mention she was one of the first to begin removing clothes, so unlike her. I could tell she was getting horny, her nipples were very large and looked very hard. as she sat down and reclined in the chair her large breasts were like magnets to all the guys who walked passed us. then I realized they also probably had a good view up her tiny skirt at her pussy because she wasn't wearing a thong and as she reclined her skirt rode up even higher on her thighs. she then arched her back and put her hands above her head and slightly spread her legs apart and began to soak up the sun. I was sure anyone passing now would have a wide open view of her exposed pussy from under the skirt. this was a sight I had to see. I decided to go get us some drinks and on the way back I was right. I had a totally uninhibited view of her pussy. no wonder people were gazing at they passed. she had to have known her pussy was clearly visible in that position, but she didn't seem to care. what a turn on for me, I was getting so horny. as we sat and relaxed I noticed one guy in particular pass several times and stare at jenny. pretty soon I saw him coming again only this time he was naked and had a full erection. it kind of freaked me out a little at first but he seemed harmless and he didn't approach her so I didn't think any more of it.

a few minutes later I saw Brenda talking with him at the table next to us. I heard her say, "I don't know but I'll try". a few minutes later she came over to Jenny and told her she wanted to take her to meet some of her girlfriends. Jenny hopped up and was eager to go. as they were departing I noticed Jenny's skirt was all bunched up in the back fully exposing her ass. I yelled to her but heard Brenda reply, "that's ok it'll be coming off soon anyway". as they headed on their way Brenda ran over to the naked guy and hugged him. I heard her say, "Hi Al this is Jenny. She's new to the lifestyle and this is her first party, she'd like to learn what these parties are all about." they were close enough so I could hear the entire conversation. Al replied, "hello Jenny, nice to meet you". Jenny replied similarly and then they hugged. as they did I watched Al aim his erection right between Jenny's legs. Jenny didn't shy away, but rather opened her legs to accommodate his penis. I knew Al's erection was rubbing against Jenny's clit as they hugged, I could see her face light up. after the hug the 3 of them stood there talking about various things for several minutes. I could tell Jenny couldn't keep her eyes off his erect penis. I knew she was getting turned on. then all of a sudden Brenda reached out and grabbed his cock. I heard her say to Jenny, "doesn't he have a nice package?" Jenny replied with a smile, "yes he does". they continued to talk as Brenda began stroking Al. then I heard her say to Jenny, "go ahead touch it, it won't bite". I watched as Jenny's hand slowly moved towards his cock. I could tell she wanted to but was a bit apprehensive. finally her hand made it as I watched her touch it with her thumb and forefinger. Brenda then said, "come on I know you can do better than that". Jenny then slowly wrapped her entire hand around Al's cock. they all continued to talk, but gradually there was more cock stroking going on than talking. then Brenda said, "I'll bet it tastes good too", as she dropped to her knees and started sucking him. within a few minutes Jenny was on her knees. the 2 girls took turns for awhile but gradually Jenny was doing most of the sucking. Brenda then pushed Jenny's skirt down to her knees and began rubbing Jenny's pussy from behind. Jenny then reached down and pushed her skirt all the way off and spread her legs as if to invite Brenda in. as Jenny continued to suck Al Brenda continued to rub Jenny. after about 15 minutes I could see Al was ready to explode. Jenny saw it too as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and prepared for his surge. all of a sudden I saw him shoot a wad clear over Jenny's shoulder onto Brenda's face as she was still kneeling behind Jenny. his next wad landed square on jenny's tits. she continued to stroke him until he had deposited the rest of his cum on her boobs. then I watched as Brenda licked the cum from her lips and said, "you did good Jenny, but you need to finish the job". Jenny just stood there(actually she was still kneeling) as if she didn't know what to do next, her boobs dripping with cum. Brenda grabbed Al's shrinking cock and said, "you need to finish the job and lick his cock clean". I could see there was still some drips of cum hanging from his cock and I wasn't sure how this was going to end because Jenny never expressed any interest in tasting my cum even when I encouraged her to. but she hesitantly moved her mouth closer to the head of his cock and slowly put her lips to it and then pushed his entire head in her mouth. Brenda then said, "great job, now lets get you cleaned up". Al complimented her also telling her she was great. then I watched as Brenda took her fingers and scooped up some of the cum from Jenny's chest and moved them up to Jenny's mouth. once again I was shocked at my wife's actions as I watched her stick out her tongue and lick Brenda's fingers clean. Brenda then scooped up more of Al's cum on her fingers only this time instead of waiting for Brenda to bring her hand up to her mouth Jenny reached down, grabbed Brenda's hand and pulled it up and then licked her fingers as they dripped with cum. I couldn't believe what I just saw. Brenda sure was teaching my wife some new tricks and I loved it. Brenda then smiled and said, "let's get back and get you cleaned up properly".

as they walked back to our table I saw jenny smiling as she seemed proud of her first party experience. I asked her how it was and she said< "it was ok". she could say what she wanted but I knew by the look on her face she loved it. after she cleaned herself up with some paper towels I heard her exclaim, "hey, how's come I'm naked and you 2 aren't?" Brenda promptly turned around and told her to do something about it. I then watched as my wife untied her top and pulled it off to reveal Brenda's perky little breasts. Jenny then untied her bottom and pulled it of and then smacked Brenda's ass and said, "I want some of that". Brenda replied, "oh you'll get some of it before this day is over". then Brenda looked at me and said, "what are you waiting for". I replied, "go for it". now I couldn't wait to see this. I was wearing a pair of shorts that had an elastic waist band with no buttons or zippers and my cock was fully erect after watching Jenny with Al. I knew she was going to have a problem getting my shorts down over my huge cock and I was right. as she pulled she got them part way down when they got stuck on my erection. she tugged and pulled but was getting nowhere. as she said, "it's too big". Jenny then came to help but without much better results. they both started giggling as they struggled with my large penis and shorts. finally Jenny reached down into my shorts and repositioned my cock which then enabled them to pull them down. as they did my enormous cock sprang free like a giant jack in the box and smacked Brenda in the face. I laughed as she continued to giggle. finally they worked my shorts completely off and then Brenda said, "there's that beautiful hard monstrosity", as she squeezed it. she then said, "I have to go great more guests but I'll be back". as she left Jenny and I relaxed in the recliners. Jenny leaned back and stretched out in the sun this time spreading her legs a little farther than she had last time. as we laid there I saw a lot of people starring at her and why not, she had a gorgeous body and was displaying it beautifully. I could tell she was feeling much more comfortable being here than she did earlier. I also knew she was getting very horny. I decided to get more drinks and on the way back I couldn't help but gaze at my wife's body myself. as I got closer I could see her pussy was dripping wet nd I knew she was soon in need of a good fuck. I wanted to take her right there but shortly after I returned Brenda came running up to Jenny grabbed her hand and said, "oow oow, I got 2 guys you have to meet". she pulled Jenny up and started to lead her to these 2 guys. as they were leaving I said, "do you want to take some paper towels along with you?" again Brenda didn't give Jenny time to respond before saying, "no, this time she's swallowing". as they departed I couldn't hear anything else that was said as the 2 guys she wanted her to meet were seated too far away. so Jenny has agreed to give her account of what happened with the 2 guys.

hi everyone this is Jenny. I guess I'm up to describe this encounter so here goes. once Brenda told me I was swallowing I looked at her and said, "I am?' Brenda replied, "trust me these 2 have the best tasting cum". I wasn't sure I was ready for this but I did like licking Al's cum from Brenda's fingers so I responded, "well, maybe just a little". as we approached the 2 I could see they both had nice hard cocks. I could feel my juices flowing as I was already very horny. Brenda introduced the first guy as Mike. as I hugged him I made sure his erection ran between my legs and rubbed my wet pussy. it felt so good as he slid it between my legs, so firm and solid. she then introduced the second guy as Bill. I again made sure his cock slid between my legs and again I enjoyed it immensely. Brenda told them I was new to the lifestyle and wanted to get some experiences at my first party. with in seconds I felt my one hand grab Mike's cock. seconds later my other hand grabbed Bill's. I couldn't help myself, they both looked so good and hard. I began stroking both and within a few minutes I found myself on my knees sucking them, first one and then the other, back and forth I went. then Brenda said to them, "she has agreed to swallow your cum if you both ejaculate at the same time. they both agreed they would try. then Brenda said to me, "if they're going to cum at the same time in your mouth you need to put them both in at the same time". as the men moved closer together I found myself with 2 cocks in my mouth and I was really enjoying it. I really wanted one of them to fuck me. I was so horny I would have screwed just about anybody at that point, but I didn't want to remove either one from my mouth either, I needed another cock, lol. as I continued to suck them I decided I could wait to get fucked as I concentrated on what was going to happen once they shot their loads in my mouth. that would be a lot of cum to swallow and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. as I continued sucking I could feel them both push deeper into my throat and the next thing I knew I could feel cum surging into my mouth and throat. I never seen it coming, but Mike had begun to ejaculate. Bill followed Immediately. I could feel the warmth of their cum run down the back of my throat as I could feel them continue to pump it into me. I was hoping they would soon be done as I could tell my mouth was getting full. then it happened, before I knew it I took 1 big gulp and down it all went. I actually surprised myself that I did it and even more surprising was that I loved it. I never knew what I was missing all these years by not swallowing Brian's cum. Brenda looked at me and said, "wow, you swallowed that like you've been doing it for years. I'm impressed." I replied, "yes, I surprised myself. I can't believe I swallowed all of that". she then said, "see I told you they were yummy". she then told me she needed to go check on a few things but she'd be back to introduce me to more fun. as I walked back to Brian at the table I was beaming with confidence and pride and the nerves from earlier were completely gone, but I was about as horny as I ever was in my entire life and I needed to be fucked and I was determined to try my hardest to make that happen sooner rather than later. I'll let Brian take back over the narration from here on out.

as Jenny walked back to me I could see the joy on her face and I knew she was feeling very comfortable with being at the party after her first 2 experiences. I also knew she was horny as hell and so was I. after watching her with the 2 guys my cock was rock solid and sticking up like a flagpole. as she sat down she said, "wow that was exciting and fun". I asked her if she enjoyed it and she told me she did. then she began to rub suntan lotion on herself. she started with her feet and then her legs and then she worked her way up to her inner thighs. I watched as she began to rub her pussy. I knew she wanted to be fucked so bad. she continued to rub her clit as she began to moan. then she laughed to herself and said, "I'd better quit that". she then started rubbing lotion on her arms and worked her way to her chest. she spent several minutes massaging her boobs until finally she moved to her nipples. I watched as she caressed and gently tugged on them causing them to grow even larger and harder. she continued to massage and stimulate her nipples until she had them as large as I'd had ever seen them. she then gazed down at them in admiration and smiled with satisfaction and then leaned back in the chair and began soaking up the sun. after a few minutes I saw her put her legs down on each side of the recliner and spread her legs wide open and then reach down and spread her pussy lips apart. then she put her hands above her head and arched her back even more causing her tits to rise up like mountain peaks above the landscape and her nipples to stick up like monuments on top the mountains. what a sight. she was my wife but I still had to gaze at her perfect body. and I wasn't the only one. almost everybody that went passed was stopping and starring at her. I could imagine the view they had from in front of her with her legs spread wide open, looking directly at her pussy with her pussy lips spread. this was a sight I had to see. so I went for more drinks and on the way back I saw why everyone was pausing to gaze. her pussy was dripping wet and her pussy lips were spread and she was wide open. she was displaying everything she had to display for everyone's viewing pleasure and they were all taking advantage. it was as if she was inviting someone to just stop by and offer to fuck her. after the party she told me she was so horny she probably would have fucked just about anybody had they stopped and asked and I'm actually surprised no one did. I didn't know how much more of this party I could take without relieving some built up sexual energy.

just then I heard Brenda yell for Jenny to come over to her. she was standing with a bunch of naked guys next to the pool, to far for me to hear the conversation. Jenny looked over and said, "what?" Brenda replied, "just come here". so Jenny jumped up and jaunted over to her and the guys. Jenny was listening very intently a Brenda was talking to her. then I saw Jenny reach out and grab one of the guy's cocks. then she moved to another and then another. she grabbed and felt every guy in the group all the while listening to what Brenda had to tell her.

just then I heard someone yell my name. it was Kim, a tall blonde who goes to the same gym and exercise classes as Jenny and who I've had fantasies about since the first time I met her. I had 2 particular fantasies. first, was for her to join me and Jenny in a threesome and second was for me to fuck her. we had no idea she was in the lifestyle. she was wearing a tiny little mini sling bikini. as she walked towards me I could see the tiny strings of the bikini did little to hide her large breasts. they were wide enough to hide her nipples but as she got closer I could plainly see her areolas sticking out on all sides of the strings. I also couldn't help but notice how large her nipples appeared to be as they were very prominently pointing through the thin material of the strings. they looked so large and hard, even larger than Jenny's. as she got even closer I could also see the top of her clit as the bikini had a very low cut crotch. she gave me a huge hug and as she did my large cock slid in between her legs. as It slid in I could feel my foreskin get pulled back so that when she released her hug the head of my cock was fully exposed. I also noticed after she released the hug the tiny strings covering her nipples got repositioned completely exposing them. as we stood there talking I couldn't keep my eyes off her breasts and especially those incredible nipples. I saw her gazing down at my large erection also and as we continued to talk I could feel my cock begin to ooze. I know she saw it too as I saw her smile as she gazed down at it. she asked where Jenny was and I told her I wasn't sure but if she wanted to have a seat I was sure she'd be back soon. by this time my juices were dripping off the head of my cock. I really wanted to pull my foreskin back over my cock head but was too embarrassed to do it in front of Kim so I sat there with my cock head fully exposed as we talked. pretty soon Kim says, "you don't mind if I take my suit off do you?" I couldn't believe she said that. I replied, "no, make yourself comfortable". I was in awe as she pulled the tiny strings off her shoulders and pushed the suit down over her legs. she then tossed it to the ground and began rubbing her legs. she massaged her thighs for a bit and then spread her legs slightly and rubbed her pussy a few times. I felt she was more than ready for whatever and I had a real chance to fulfill one of my fantasies but Jenny wasn't here. I had to go find her. plus I wasn't sure how much more visual stimulation of Kim's body I could take without erupting. I told her I was going to find Kim and I'd return soon. she was fine with that and she said she'd wait.

as I walked around trying to find jenny or Brenda I noticed a lot of women starring at my large penis. my foreskin was still pulled back over my cock head and I was starting to enjoy the attention I was getting with it pulled back so I decided to leave it go. I even heard a few women remark how nice my exposed head looked. finally I spotted Brenda. she was talking to 3 guys and pointing up towards the house. as I got closer I heard her say, "the first room on the right". when I got to her I asked her if she knew where Jenny was. she told me she was up at the house having some fun and that I should go join her. as I headed towards the house I noticed quite a few gentleman heading there too. when I entered I saw the first door on the right was open and there was a large number of naked men in it. then I saw a woman lying on the corner of the bed with her legs dropped o over the foot end. she was being fucked by one guy while she was sucking another. she was also stroking 2 guys. one was kneeling on the bed next to her and the other standing next to her along side the bed. I was witnessing a gangbang. then I almost fainted. I just realized who the woman being banged was. IT WAS JENNY. at first I was mad that she would do this without talking to me first, but the longer I watched the more turned on I got. as each guy would ejaculate another would move right in to take his place. I couldn't be sure from my vantage point but it looked like she was swallowing the cum of the guys she was sucking and it also looked like the guys who were fucking her were cumming in her pussy. then I heard a voice behind me say, "looks like she's having a blast". it was Brenda. I replied, "yes it does". she then said, "you better go get in line". I decided she was right. I was so horny and hadn't had an ejaculation yet and was about to burst. as I walked closer I could see her boobs were getting covered in cum. as I got in line to fuck her I got even more turned on as I watched my wife in action. as I entered the line it looked like 5 guys ahead of me waiting their turn at Jenny. soon after I got in line I saw the guy fucking her thrust deeper in her and let out a few moans. I knew he had ejaculated and I was right, they weren't pulling out to shoot their wads. as he erupted inside her Jenny arched her back and let out a moan as best she could with a cock buried in her throat and I knew she had an orgasm. soon after I watched the one guy she was stroking shoot his wad on her face and neck. then I saw the guy she was sucking thrust and groan and then I saw Jenny take one big gulp. she never even opened her eyes, just her mouth in anticipation of the next cock. as I waited my turn I started to rub my cock. I knew once I got in her it wouldn't take me long to explode. one by one the guys ahead of me fucked my wife. it seemed like it'd never get my turn but finally it was the guy's turn ahead of me and I knew it wouldn't be long now. I watched as he pushed the head of his cock into her cum filled pussy. as he did I saw cum ooze out around it. he began pounding her as I watched. after several minutes I watched him shoot his wad deep inside her. she let out a moan and I knew she had another orgasm. as he pulled out it was my turn to step up to the plate. I made up my mind I wasn't going to say anything to her. I wanted to see how long it took once I started fucking her for her to realize it was me. as I walked up to her there was cum everywhere. she was covered in cum from her groin to her hair. the bed under her pussy was saturated as the cum from her pussy was a constant stream. I was so turned on. I gradually pushed the head of my cock into her pussy as she moaned each time I went a little deeper. as I pushed it all the way in I watched the guy she was sucking fill her mouth and then I watched as she swallowed it and opened her mouth waiting for the next cock. within a few minutes the 2 guys she was stroking exploded at almost the same time covering her in even more cum. I couldn't hold it anymore. I thrust deeper in her as she actually removed the cock she was sucking and let out a loud scream of pleasure saying, "oh my God that feels so good". as I felt my first wad go she moaned even louder and said, "yes fill me with cum, it feels incredible". I knew I was releasing with a great deal of force as I usually do when I have pent up energy and I knew she was feeling it. I continued to pump her full as she continued to moan while trying to suck a cock. finally I finished. as I did I thought for sure she'd look up but she quickly went back to sucking the guy's cock in earnest. I couldn't believe it. I just fucked my wife and she never even knew it was me. I made up my mind I wasn't going to interrupt her pleasure by telling her I was there, I'd wait for a more opportune time to do that. I figured I'd let her have her fun. besides there wasn't too many guys left, although I was sure many were going back for seconds and also I wanted to get back to see if Kim had still stuck around waiting for me to return. I didn't forget about hopefully fulfilling one of my fantasies with her and Jenny, but I thought maybe that ship had sailed because it took me so long to return.

as I approached our table I saw Kim doing a 69 with another lady. I didn't want to interrupt her so I stood by the bar. as I watched the 2 in action my cock grew once again. as I stood leaning against the bar my huge erection stuck out like a sideways telephone pole and as 3 women walked passed one reached out and grabbed my cock, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. as they walked away from me I heard her say to her friends as she kept looking back at me, "I couldn't help myself, it was so huge and looked so hard". she was a gorgeous redhead with nice tits and a great ass. I knew I could have had her right there and normally I would have been all over that, or should I say her, but I had 1 thing on my mind right at this time and that was a threesome with Kim and my wife. as Kim and her friend continued their oral pleasing of each other I could tell they were both close to orgasms. soon they both began to moan and scream in pleasure. I was so horny again. I wanted to make Kim scream like that. after they finished they kissed and her friend departed and then Kim began rubbing her pussy and breasts in post orgasmic caressing. I watched her for several minutes and then decided to go sit beside her. as I started to walk towards her she leaned back and relaxed in the sun, arching her breasts high in the air. they were so round, and firm and perfect, what an incredible body she had. as I got closer the view just kept getting better. her legs were spread just enough to see her pussy. I could see enough of her lips to envision how incredibly long they were. I could see them dangling from her body and resting on the seat under her. I've always been turned on by long pussy lips and I could only imagine how long hers were if stretched out fully. wow, what I would have given to be able to suck and tug on those luscious lips of hers. then there was her nipples. so puffy and large and erect. by the time I got to the chair next to her any limpness my cock experienced back at the bar was quickly erased by looking at Kim's incredible body. she asked me if I found Jenny. I told her, "yes, she's up at the house having some fun but should be here soon". I wasn't sure how much longer Jenny would be especially if every guy decided they wanted seconds of her, but I figured I'd tell Kim "soon" so she would hang out longer waiting for her. she replied, "oh good, I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees me here". as we sat and talked I could tell we were both getting extremely horny. she kept gazing at my large cock and smiling at me as I could see her nipples had grown even larger. I could feel my cock begin to ooze as I couldn't keep my eyes off of her either. then as I said something that she thought was funny, and I don't even remember what it was, she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. as we continued to talk she didn't remove it and, in fact, started to move it closer to my groin. I just continued to chat and didn't let on I even knew, but inside I was so hopeful she'd grab my cock. within a few minutes I felt two of her fingers gently grasp the base of my penis. as she did I couldn't help myself, I throbbed my cock. s I did this she giggled to herself and smiled at me. gradually as our conversation lessened, her hand worked its way up my erection till she got to the tip. then while grasping the shaft of my cock with her hand she took her thumb and ever so slightly began rubbing the very tip of my foreskin. this felt incredible. then I herd her say in a soft voice as if talking to herself, "It's even bigger and harder than I had imagined". gradually she began pulling my foreskin back while continuing to just tickle the very tip of it with her thumb. she was driving me crazy with her teasing and I was ready for her to start rubbing it in earnest. eventually she got my foreskin pulled back far enough that about half my cock head was exposed. then she took her forefinger and rubbed the tip of my stretched foreskin, going around the edge of my exposed head in the process. I could see my juices ooze from my urethra slit. then she pulled my foreskin all the way back and began rubbing my flowing juices all over my exposed head. then she began to really concentrate on my urethra, gently rubbing it back and forth with her thumb. she was giving me an incredible hand job. and I could tell I wouldn't be able to take much more of this without exploding.

just then I saw Jenny and Brenda emerge from the house and start to walk toward us. what bad timing. I wanted my fantasy of a threesome with Kim and Jenny to come true but I was so close to ejaculating I wanted to finish what Kim started even more at this point. but not to be. as they got closer Jenny saw who I was with and yelled to her. Kim immediately dropped my cock and got up and ran towards her. as Jenny got closer I could see her body glisten in the setting sun as she was still covered in cum from her gangbang pretty much from her groin up to and including her hair. as the 2 girls met thy hugged each other. as they released their hug I could see Kim's boobs glistening in the sun from the cum that had transferred from Jenny's body. Jenny said, "what are you doing here?" Kim replied, "the same thing you are silly". then Brenda said, "congratulate her, she just experienced her first gangbang and she was incredible". I told her she might want to clean herself off but Brenda replied, "NO, all the cum on her shows off her accomplishment of how successful her gangbang was". I could see in Jenny's face she was gleaming with pride and happiness at her incredible gangbang. as her and Kim sat down Brenda excused herself. I asked Jenny if she wanted any napkins. but she replied, "no I'll just smear it around and rub it in". I watched as she began to rub her tits. she took both her hands and began smearing the cum all over. then she spread her legs, reached down and spread her pussy lips and revealed her still cum filled pussy. as she did Kim and I were mesmerized. I could tell Kim was getting very horny watching my wife as she kept staring at her spread pussy and began rubbing her boobs. Jenny was wide open and it was plain to see her cum filled hole. then Jenny complained about her legs bothering her from being drooped over the edge of the bed. Kim promptly asked, "do want me to massage them for you?" Jenny replied, "that would be great". I watched as Kim got on her knees and began rubbing Jenny's legs, starting at her ankles. as she did she gave me a perfect view of her long dangling pussy lips from under her ass. what a sight and I was correct they were incredibly long. they had to be at least 4" long as they dangled and swayed with her movements. it was everything I could do to keep from going and sticking my cock in her. I watched as she worked her way up to Jenny's knees and then her upper thighs. then she began rubbing the inside of Jenny's thighs as Jenny spread her legs even more. then I saw Kim stare with anticipation at Jenny's cum filled pussy as her hands worked closer and closer to it. then she asked, "do want me to clean up your vagina?" Jenny replied, "sure, that would be nice". I figured she'd use napkins but I was wrong. I watched as she slowly began to lick the cum that had run down the inside of Jenny's legs. she then took her tongue and caught the drips dangling from Jenny's lips. then she began licking Jenny's pussy eventually burying her tongue deep inside Jenny. as she did Jenny arched her back and began to moan. I could see Kim's pussy just drip with her juices. I couldn't take it any more. I got on my back and positioned myself between Kim's legs underneath her. I held my mouth open and caught every drop that dripped from her lips. what an incredible tasting pussy she had. I moved closer and closer until I had my tongue within an inch of her lips. I couldn't resist, I had to put those lips in my mouth. I then took my tongue and ran it up between her 2 lips parting them in the process and licking all her juices from them. then I pulled them into my mouth and began sucking on them. they were so long they filled my mouth. then I stuck my tongue up in her as far as I could and began to work it inside her. as I did I heard her begin to moan. after awhile I wasn't sure if Jenny or Kim was moaning louder, it was almost as if they were having a competition. finally they both screamed with orgasmic pleasure. before I knew it one of my fantasies had come true, but I had little hope of the other one (the one where I fuck Kim) coming true. after the girls were satisfied we all sat back in our chairs and Jenny said, "how was that, you know licking the cum out of my pussy?" Kim replied, "it's great, you get the best of both worlds". Jenny just looked and smiled. little did I know what she was planning.

Kim then excused herself to go to the restroom. Jenny said, "I need to go too". when the 2 girls returned Jenny looked at my cock and said, "aw that poor thing needs some attention, what does it want?" I replied, "yes it does". she then said, "well um would you mind fucking Kim?" "I want to lick your cum out of her pussy." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked at Kim as she spread her legs and said, "come on big boy make me scream". I was so ready. I came over and crawled on top her and began to push the head of my cock under her long lips and into her hole. as I did she moaned and said, "that's it now I want to feel that all the way in me". as I pushed deeper she moaned louder and louder. then all at once I pushed it all the way in and she screamed and moaned almost as if she was in pain. I asked if she was ok and she replied, "oh yeah, that feels so good now make me cum over and over". I began to work my tool deep inside her, slowly at first and then a bit harder and faster. she yelled, "harder harder, I need you to pound me harder". as I began to really pound her she wrapped her legs around mine and screamed even louder, "oh yes that feels so good". meanwhile Jenny had positioned herself over Kim's face and Kim began licking her pussy again. after numerous minutes of pounding her I could feel I was ready to explode. I yelled, "I'm gonna cum". she yelled back, "oh yes do it, do it now I'm so ready for it shoot me full". as I let out my first wad I heard her moan as loud as I ever heard a woman yell. then I felt her clench her legs tightly around me and her entire body stiffened like a board and her eyes rolled back in her head. I continued to pump her with wad after wad as she continued to scream in pleasure. shortly after Jenny came in another orgasm from Kim's licking, although I wasn't sure how Kim could lick Jenny and scream so loudly all at the same time, but she did it. after I finished Kim and I were both out of breath but she wouldn't loosen her grip of her legs on me. she looked at me and said, "I need more", as she began to work her pelvis. within just a few short minutes I could feel my cock grow inside her. she smiled and said, "oh, that feels so good, I can feel that enormous thing grow inside me". as we started to work in unison again I could see Jenny setting beside us looking on in anticipation of licking my cum from Kim. I knew she didn't want to wait but I wasn't about to pull out now, I was fucking Kim for the second time within a few minutes and jenny would just have to wait. besides she had all that fun with her gangbang, now it was my turn. as I continued to pound Kim for the second time I watched Jenny begin to rub herself. I didn't take long for either myself or Kim to get ready for another orgasm. as I unloaded in her again I could again feel her tighten her grip around my legs and her whole body get stiff. and then she let out 1 enormous moan and said, "yes, deeper, I need more". I was drained but she refused to let loose of her grip with her legs. I looked at her and said, "you drained me". she smiled and said, "aw, but I want it again". I probably could have went one more time as I could feel my cock already begin to stiffen, but I figured jenny was more than ready to lick Kim's pussy. as Kim slowly loosened her grip around me I equally as slowly pulled my cock out of her. as soon as I did I could see my cum begin to ooze from her hole. it only took Jenny a few seconds until she had her face buried between Kim's legs. as I watched her lick Kim I could feel I had grown into another full erection. Jenny had her ass pointed right at me and her asshole was wide open. I had always wanted to try anal but jenny was never very receptive to that idea but I thought today she's done a lot of new things so why not give her one more thing to put in her achievement column. I got back on my knees and slowly started to push my cock into her anus. as I did she let a moan of pain but that quickly turned to a moan of pleasure as I started to work it inside her. as I was working my cock deeper and deeper into her ass Kim was about to have an orgasm from jenny's tongue. soon after she erupted with her orgasm. I continued to pound Jenny's ass s she yelled, "oh yes, yes oh that feels good, I want you to cum in my ass." shortly after I erupted, shooting whatever cum I had left into her asshole. as soon as I pulled out Kim got up and came around behind Jenny, spread her ass cheeks and watched as my cum dripped out of Jenny's anus. by this time we all were beat. we pulled up chairs and relaxed and started to chat. Kim said, "I have a confession, I've had this fantasy with you 2 ever since I first met you". Jenny laughed and said, "so did I". then I told them, "make it 3 of us". we all thought that was funny and had a good laugh about it. as we continued to talk I repositioned my chair so it was facing jenny and Kim so I had a great view of their naked bodies. what an incredible sight to see these 2 gorgeous beauties laying naked side by side. both their tits were firm and round and their nipples still hard and erect. they both had their legs spread and I had a great view of both their pussies. both were still dripping wet from our activity and the more I stared the more turned on I got. I could see my cock was growing again and jenny looked at me and said, "oh my God are you horny already?" I laughed and said, "I think so". her and Kim both laughed and then she said, "well lets go take a dip in the pool and cool you off".

as we walked towards the pool I was pretty happy. I was with 2 of the most beautiful women at the party and I had fulfilled both my fantasies involving Kim. other guests probably could see I was happy as well because I had grown into a full erection again. as I walked I could feel my large cock sway back and forth like a giant sideways pendulum. I could see the glow on both Kim and Jenny's faces and I knew thy were happy as well.

after a short dip I jumped up and sat on the edge of the pool. Jenny followed shortly after and did the same thing. as we sat there we both saw Kim emerge from the water and start to head our way. as she did I noticed jenny begin to spread her legs. as she got closer to us I could feel my cock grow with anticipation and I watched Jenny spread her legs even further as if to invite Kim in. Kim had that look on her face, you know the one that says, "I'm horny and I'm going to do something about it". as she got to us I felt her one hand grab my cock and watched as she began to rub Jenny's clit with the other. then I felt her pull back my foreskin as I watched her enter jenny with first one finger then two. she started to work both of us and then I saw her put three fingers up inside jenny's pussy. finally she had entered jenny with all four fingers. jenny was wide open and receptive to whatever Kim wanted to give her. Kim then began to work both of us in earnest, making both of us moan. she continued until we both erupted with orgasmic pleasure simultaneously. as I exploded my first cum shot went way out into the pool and hit a cute redhead that was standing nearby watching us. I didn't realize it at first but this was the same redhead that grabbed my cock while I was standing at the bar earlier watching Kim and her friend. we all apologized, but she told us not to worry, she actually enjoyed it. Kim then crawled on top of jenny and they began to 69 each other. as they did this the redhead came over to me and began rubbing my penis. it didn't take long for me to grow and erection again. once I was hard she jumped on me and shoved my cock in her pussy and began riding me like a mechanical bull. it was awesome as jenny and Kim orally pleasured themselves I was fucking a cute redhead. I could feel I was getting close and I told her, "I'm goinna cum soon in case you want to pull out". she smiled and said, "no way I want that in me". soon after I erupted causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. soon after that I heard Kim and jenny both erupt simultaneously in their own orgasms. they continued to lick each other until they both had 3 or 4 more orgasms. it was so awesome to hear them cum in orgasmic pleasure at the same time on multiple occasions. what a day and night we had.

as we headed back to our table Kim told us she needed to leave as she had to get up for work the next day pretty early. we all agreed we'd need to get together sometime soon as we kissed and hugged her goodbye. as we both watched her naked body walk away from us I think we were both thinking the same thing, "what a woman". jenny and I sat talking for a bit and I asked her how many times she had an orgasm. she laughed and said, "I'm not sure I lost count during the gangbang at 12". I replied, "wow". she said, "yes I was a horny slut today". I just laughed and told her I was glad she had a good time. she told me she was glad we came. then she said, "aw you poor thing you only had 5 ejaculations. I just looked at her and figured this would be a good time to tell her I was one of her orgasms during the gangbang. I said, "well, you missed one". she recounted out loud, "twice in Kim, once in my ass, and twice at the pool. I said, "but you missed the one at your gangbang". she just looked at me with a confused look. I said, "I was one of the guys that fucked you". she replied, "no way". I said, "yup, ask Brenda". she said, "I'm so sorry". I told her it was fine and that she had her mind and hands and mouth someplace else. she laughed and said, "I was kinda preoccupied with other "things". as we looked around we realized it was getting late and all the other guests had already left. we decided it was time for us to leave also so we packed up our things and headed to say goodbye to Brenda and Ken.

they were both starting to clean some things up and we asked them if they needed help but they told us they would let most of it go until the morning. as we were saying our goodbyes to them Jenny all of a sudden exclaimed, "I can't believe it". we all looked at her with a confused look as she continued, "we were so busy with other people we never had time to play with you 2". we all smiled and realized she was right. Jenny and I were beat but didn't want to be ungrateful guests so I grabbed Brenda and began fucking her and Jenny did the same to Ken. once Ken and I both erupted Jenny and Brenda starred at each other's dripping pussies and they both decided it was to good to waste so they did a 69 on each other licking the cum from each other and eventually giving each other an orgasm. we thanked them for a great party and for inviting us and told them we were already looking forward to the next one. they told us they were glad we came and Brenda told Jenny she was proud of her for all her sexual accomplishments she helped her attain. Jenny told her she was glad she helped her come out of her shell. as we headed to the car I realized we still hadn't put any clothes on yet. then Jenny says, "whew, I'm hot. I'm not wearing any clothes for the trip home". I told her if she wasn't neither was I. it was no big deal, we had all back roads to travel and it was late and we didn't have far to go.

as we drove home I couldn't help think about the day we had. s I did I could feel my cock grow. I figured jenny was thinking about the day also as she was unusually quiet. I couldn't help myself, I had to reach over and grab her boobs. I could feel her nipples were again, or still, incredibly hard. pretty soon I felt her hand on my cock. as I drove she continued to gently rubbed me the rest of the way home. when we pulled into the driveway of our house she immediately began to rub my cock with authority. after several minutes I could feel I was ready. she aimed my cock right at her face and as I exploded I watched my cum squirt all over her lips and mouth, although my first burst went onto the windshield. she then licked her lips with her tongue and smiled at me and said, "wow that sure is good stuff".

after we showered and got in bed it didn't take me long to go to sleep. but I was shortly awakened by a noise. I turned on the light on my bed stand and I saw what it was. It was Jenny using her vibrator. I just looked at her. she said, "I'm sorry I woke you, but I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about all the events of our day and I got myself horny again." I said, "that's ok, while I'm awake I may as well pleasure myself". so as she laid there using her toy I stroked my cock. it didn't take her long to erupt in a loud orgasm. once she finished she got on her hands and knees in front of me and positioned her face inches from my cock head and opened her mouth. she then said, "I want you to fill my mouth with your cum". I was so turned on again as I continued to rub myself. within minutes I could feel my cum surge out of my urethra. I grabbed the base of my cock with my other hand and pulled hard on my foreskin as I started to explode. by doing this I knew my cum would shoot out of my head with great force and I wanted to make sure I shot my cum deep in her throat. I watched as my first wad came out with explosive force and landed way back in Jenny's throat. I continued to pump cum into her mouth as she continued to hold it open. after I finished I saw her mouth was almost full and then I watched as she swallowed and then smiled at me. I think Brenda has created a monster.

over the next couple weeks Jenny was insatiable when it came to sex. she would demand it several times a day and days I worked she would be waiting for me at the door naked when I got home. I knew she was longing for it during the day while I was at work. one evening she said, "do you mind if I have some friends over during the day?" I knew what she wanted. I replied, "no". the very next day I came home I saw a strange car parked in the driveway. when I went in the house she yelled from the living room, "hi honey, we're in here, come join us". I walked in to find her naked with 3 naked guys around her. she said, "we've been waiting for you, they're all charged up and ready to go, all I need is for you to get naked and join us". I could see as I got closer that she must have already had one round with the guys as her boobs had cum on them and her pussy was dripping. I was really turned on by my wife's willingness to let other guys fuck her and I didn't even know these guys and I wasn't sure she knew them either, she just needed sex all the time anymore. It didn't take me long to undress and all four of us enjoyed my wife as she enjoyed all four of our cocks.

she's been unstoppable ever since the party and I'm loving every minute of it.

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