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Weekend With Steve n Kelli

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Steve and Kelli were always fun to hang out with. We had known them for about two years after meeting at a local waterfront bar where they showed up each weekend on their boat. They loved to entertain and would always invite my wife and me to come on-board when they had docked.

To say Steve and Kelli’s boat is nice is an understatement…….it’s fucking amazing. Well over 50 feet long and decked out with every possible luxury you could imagine. I always thought this thing must have cost Steve a bundle, but I later learned it was Kelli who was the one who was actually the money maker in the family. She was a tax accountant who large companies sought after. Apparently by the way she and Steve lived…she was a damn good tax accountant.

She was also a very beautiful woman. I guessed her age to be mid forty however I had the good sense to never ask. Kelli was about the same height as my wife, 5’’6”, but was much thinner in her build. She had always reminded me of the actress Julianne Moore because her auburn hair and absolutely amazing smile were an attention getter.

When my wife and Kelli hung out at the bar, they always got at least one or two free drinks from some guy who was trying to make a pass. My wife’s 36 DDDs are incredible and her body is nothing but perfect curves. As I said, the two of them together could probably get anything they wanted with only a quick flirtatious smile.

Steve was much taller than me. Standing at about 6’4”, he had been a swimmer in college and nearly made the Olympic team. Kelli was also a swimmer and this is how the two met. They got married as soon as they graduated. Although Kelli made more money, Steve’s electrical business was nothing to shake your head at. All in all, an extremely successful and attractive couple who complemented each other perfectly.

My wife and I liked to hang on the boat with them to have a few drinks when they were docked. Their boat always attracted attention and it was more fun to be out there than it was inside the bar. This led to our becoming very close friends. It seemed each weekend (well Sunday, because that is my wife’s only day off) we would end up having a few drinks, either on their boat or inside one of the bars located along the riverfront. The day would always end with Kelli and Steve saying, “You guys have to come with us for a weekend trip?

Steve had told me a few stories about these overnight trips which were filled with cocktails and everyone having a great time on the water. They usually met up with several other boats and anchored over-night in a spot near a waterfront restaurant about 20 miles away. We promised if we ever had a whole weekend free we would take them up on their offer as it sounded like a great time. The fact Steve had added I would see some great looking tits also made me want to go.

As it turns out, a bit of bad luck (broken water pipe at the store next to my wife’s beauty shop) allowed/forced her to take off for a week while the landlord completed the repair and replaced the damaged wall and flooring. Even though she was very upset at being out of work for a while, she was also happy to have some free time to enjoy.

We went out to a nice dinner the same night as a start to her unexpected vacation. Over drinks we discussed what we could do for the next week. My wife did not want to go away for any more than a night or two. She was unsure how much time the contractor would actually need at her shop. She said if we go to the beach she wanted it to be more than just a few days, so the beach trip was out. While making our plans, we both must have had the same idea because she looked at me and said, “Do you want to call Steve or should I call Kelli”?

I texted Steve as we were finishing dessert. He responded about 20 seconds later. The message only said, “F’n right, you guys will have a great time”. I showed the response to my wife and I saw her give me a sexy smile which led to a lengthy conversation about Steve and Kelli.

Although I knew they loved to party, my wife (Susan) had talked with Kelli and discovered they were swingers. These weekend trips were basically clothing optional and whatever happened…..happened. I looked at my wife very quickly and said, “Well, I’ll call him tomorrow and make an excuse”. Her response kind of took me off guard when she said, ‘No, I’d like to try”.

We had talked about swinging in the past, but never really had tried anything. There was a night when she made out with this young guy at a bar who kept buying her drinks, but it was more of a dare from her girlfriend than anything else. Might be a tame story, but when she got home and told me what happened I fucked her for the next two hours. After that, she always liked to tell me that story and created little fantasy fuck stories to make me hot.

As the trip date closed in my wife and I talked more about what may happen. I will admit, just talking about this made my cock hard every time and I probably fucked her more in those few days than I had in some time. It felt like we were just starting to date again and the old sparks which fade after years of marriage were suddenly ablaze.

On Friday, we both looked at each other and said, “Whatever happens ….happens”. We had had many a lengthy discussion about what may occur this weekend and it seemed both of us were ready to experience something new and sexy.

Susan had brought a light carry bag and I lugged the cooler and a small carry bag which had some clothes. I figured something other than shorts would be more appropriate in a restaurant we would be going to. As it turns out, I had over packed.

Steve met us halfway down the pier and helped me with the cooler. I immediately saw him run his eyes up and down my wife. She was wearing her bikini top, shorts and a see-through top. There was basically no reason for her to be wearing the top because it was defiantly SEE-THROUGH. Just by the way Steve looked at her (now fully knowing the other side of Steve and Kelli) I knew this was going to be one interesting trip. Although he had never gotten out of line with my wife before (just some flirts back and forth) the way he eyed Susan today told me he wanted her badly.

As I said before, their boat is incredible. As we boarded Kelli came out of the main living area and grabbed my wife. She did a quick hello and pulled Susan by the hand back inside. Steve and I loaded the cooler on board and he scolded me for having brought our own beer and booze. He said, “This is your weekend, everything is on us. I’m just glad you guys finally got to go out”.

I guess he read the expression on my face after he said this because he followed with, “I know Kelli and Susan have talked, but if either of you aren’t cool with it no problem, you’ll have fun anyway”. I simply replied that Susan and I had talked. We decided we were going and I embarrassingly said, “We’ve never really known any swingers before. Steve laughed and said, “Mike, you probably know a whole bunch”. His statement would later prove to be dead accurate.

Although we had been on their boat a number of times, it had always been docked. Steve gave me a quick run-down on the safety equipment then asked if I had ever driven a boat. I responded by saying I had, but nothing as big as this one. He climbed the ladder to the bridge and opened up the door. As he waved for me to follow up I could see Kelli and my wife inside the main area mixing up some type of cocktails. Susan gave me a quick wave and an air-kiss. I then joined Steve up top.

I recognized most of the equipment on the bridge, however some of the stuff Steve had on here looked like you would have to have a pilot’s license to drive it. The bridge area was enclosed and the air condition was cranked. He flipped off a switch and cracked open the windows on either side saying, “We’ll be out of here soon, no reason to waste the AC”.

Kelli and my wife were out on the back deck sipping their drinks. They were both now only dressed in bikinis and I will admit those two were a sight to behold. They both gave us some joking comments about being ready to go and to get our ass in gear. I undid all the lines and Steve backed her out. Thus began our little voyage and our introduction into the world of the Lifestyle.

About twenty minutes later I asked the girls what they were drinking. They pointed me toward the small bar inside. I pretty much well knew where everything was located so I just went in and helped myself. The blender was empty and the bottle of rum next to it was half empty. I assumed whatever they had mixed up was very strong. I decided I would just take it easy for a while and made a light drink with plenty of ice. However, my light drink went straight to my head and I felt buzzed only after a few drinks. I cleaned up the bar area and prepared the blender for another round.

When I came back out on deck I almost spilled my drink. Kelli was sitting on the bench seat at the back of the boat. She had removed her bikini top and was leaning back enjoying the afternoon sun. Her tits were not as large as my wife’s, but they were perfect and capped with perfectly round nipples.

Even though I was a little shocked, I couldn’t help my dick starting to stir as I took in the sight for a few moments. Kelli didn’t react at all when I walked out. She smiled at me and went back to taking in the sun. I thought to myself if she doesn’t care, I’m just going to enjoy the show.

I climbed up the ladder with half a hard-on to find my wife now driving the boat with Steve giving her directions on the course to follow. When he looked at me I could tell he already knew Kelli had gotten topless. The smile on his face indicated he wanted my approval at what I’d seen. I just smiled and nodded my head in a manner which reflected “DAMN”! I had a great suspicion he would probably be expecting my wife to follow suit….or un-suit.

I sat in the chair on the left (port) side of the bridge and watched my wife take Steve’s directions on how to navigate. I will admit, she caught on quickly and wanted to know what each of the instruments was indicating. Steve was explaining the radio directional finder when Kelli joined us on the bridge. She walked up behind her husband and quickly rubbed her hand over his cock. Steve smiled and kissed her before going back to his instructions. I later found out Kelli’s brush over his cock meant she was all in for whatever may come the rest of the trip.

Kelli had rubbed herself down with suntan lotion and her gorgeous tits were gleaming in the bright sun. Even though my wife was five feet away, I couldn’t help but stare at how sexy Kelli looked with her hair blowing back and the lotion on her body. My cock was now swollen and I shifted in the seat to try and cover the fact I was sporting what could only be described as one hell of a hard-on.

Kelli stood on the left next to my wife and placed her hand on the small of her back. I heard her say something to Susan about her being the new "Captain" and how she hated having to drive the boat. It was then my wife noticed Kelli was topless. She smiled over at me, blew me an air kiss and went back to her navigation lesson with Steve. I guess Kelli having her tits out was what we expected on this trip. It did not faze Susan at all.

As we neared a narrow strip in the river both Steve and I saw Susan tense up so Steve moved in behind my wife. He began giving her directions on which course she should follow and pointed out the markers for the fishing nets along the right bank. To make matters worse there were two other boats heading toward us and I could tell Susan was a little scared at what she should do.

Steve leaned into her and said, “Don’t worry sweetie, you got it”. He glanced over at me and seeing no objection, he ran his hand lightly down Susan’s back. My wife looked over at me with a somewhat concerned glance, but when she saw my face and understood I already knew what Steve had done, she relaxed and went back to driving.

As the two boats closed in Steve whispered something in my wife’s ear. She looked at me, smiled back at Steve and went back to concentrating on not wrecking the boat. Steve placed both his hands on either side of my wife and rested on the consol. He pressed his crotch against my wife’s ass and whispered something else in her ear.

This time Susan looked over at me and I could tell the look on her face was seeking some type of input. I just smiled and said, “You’re the Captain baby, it’s all up to you”. Susan glanced quickly back at Steve who just said, “Keep your eyes on the road sweetie…I mean Captain.” He looked over at me and I just gave an all-knowing nod of approval. Blame it on the sun, alcohol, my hard cock or whatever you want, but I just gave my approval for another man to do what he wanted with my wife.

Susan obviously felt Steve’s hard cock against her because she looked over at me again, I guess for a one final approval. My smile told her what she needed to know. She pressed her ass back against Steve as he lightly ran his hand over the small of her back. My girl went back to driving and I watched as Steve ran his hands up and down her waist. I will admit, I was turned on as hell watching this, but what happened next made my cock harder than I could remember.

Kelli came up beside my wife and stood on her left. She looked over to me for a second then took Susan’s left hand off the wheel and glided it down to Steve’s cock. There was no way of missing it because Steve was probably harder than I. His dick was almost coming out of his bathing suit.

Kelli placed my wife’s hand against the bulge in Steve’s suit then whispered something into her ear. Whatever it was caused Susan to squeeze the bulge Steve had pressed against her ass as she leaned her head to the side to allow Kelli to lightly kiss her neck. Steve then leaned in and began kissing the other side of my wife’s neck. Yep, this little voyage was now becoming VERY interesting.

My wife glanced over at me quickly. The sexy smile she had was only outdone by the sheer look of desire she had on her face. I’d seen that look so many times during our marriage, especially in the earlier years, but today was one I will never forget.

Steve took my wife’s hand off his cock just long enough to untie his suit and let it drop down his legs. He kicked em aside and stood there naked with his cock sticking straight out. He had a decent sized cock, not as big as mine, but well over 6 inches. He guided my wife’s hand back to its original position and I heard Susan let out an approving little sigh when she felt his now “unleashed” hardness.

He joked, “Keep your eyes on the road” as he ran his hands over my wife’s waist. Kelli alternated between kissing my wife’s neck and whispering into her ear. This went on for several minutes and watching them made my dick so hard I wanted to jerk off at the show they were putting on.

Kelli put her hand on the wheel and whispered into my wife’s ear once more. This caused Susan to look over at me and ask, “You ok baby”? I smiled and said, “Absolutely baby, looks like you are having fun”. The look my wife gave me at this moment told me she was looking for some type of guidance or approval from me. I just nodded and said, “I knew we would have fun on this trip”.

That was all it took because Susan turned around and locked into a very passionate kiss with Steve as Kelli slid in to take over the driving. She was still holding his cock in one hand and pulled his head into her with the other. This did cause a little twinge of jealously, but I quickly realized this was not an “I love you kiss”…… this was an “I want to get fucked kiss”. The two are very different.

Steve ran his hand up to feel my wife’s beautiful tits. This made Susan pump at his dick harder. He was very much enjoying my wife and I will admit I was very much enjoying the view. He stepped back and pulled my wife along with him toward the large bench seat which ran along the back of the bridge. Susan only broke away from his kiss long enough to try and untie the back of her bikini top. She was half successful, but quit and grabbed his cock with both hands again.

Steve had to ask my wife to let go long enough so he could pull at the bench seat. It folded out into what I thought was a mini bed, but was probably designed in order for someone to sunbath when the overhead awning was retracted. Once the mini bed was ready, Steve turned and picked my wife up and laid her down on it.

It was then Kelli said, “Mike, it’s your turn to drive”. I looked at her with what I will assume was a confused expression. She just motioned for me to get up and take over the driving. I looked back over and Steve now had my wife’s top off and was caressing her beautiful tits while he kissed the side of her neck. Kelli then gave me the “come here” gesture with her finger and moved to one side so I could take over. I did what she asked, but kept glancing back to check out what was happening on the other side of the bridge.

Kelli said, “Susan and I talked about this when you guys decided to come”. She went on to say, “Yeah, she told me about your little fantasy of watching her, but this time you only get to listen”. Kelli brushed her hand over my now raging hard cock. She giggled and said, “Oh you must like this” as she squeezed me once and released her hold on my cock. I now realized this had all been previously planned out between the girls.

Kelli stepped back toward my wife and Steve leaving me there with a hard on and a somewhat puzzled expression on my face. I quickly glanced back and Steve was pulling my wife’s bikini bottoms off. She saw me looking and closed her eyes as she leaned back and spread her legs open. Steve kneeled down and began lightly kissing the inside of her legs. Just as he was nearing her clean shaven pussy, Kelli gave me the order of, “You are supposed to be driving. She walked back over and smacked me on the ass.

Kelli stood next to me for the next 10 minutes or so. I could only assume Steve was giving my wife a very nice licking as I heard her sighs begin to build. Kelli only brushed my cock once more before saying, “Don’t worry, it will be your turn soon”. Kelli stepped behind me and I had to fight myself not to turn around to see what was going on.

When I heard the familiar sound of my wife’s moan of pleasure, I knew Steve had just entered her pussy. I glanced back, but Kelli was blocking my view. She smiled at me and gave me a light kiss before pushing my head back to face the water. Kelli whispered in my ear, “You have a job to do”, as she ran her hand down my chest and stopped just before she reached my aching, hard dick. Her sweet tits pressed against my back felt amazing and if she had actually reached down to my cock I think I would have come just with the slightest touch.

I could hear my wife begin moaning out with pleasure now and pictured Steve ramming his cock into her all the way. Kelli was making slow circles over my stomach with one hand and the other was playing with one of my nipples, something which always drives me crazy. The strain in my shorts would not be able to hold out much longer because I felt I was ready to burst through them at any moment. I just looked out over the water, felt the air blowing on my face and listened to the sounds of another man fucking my wife 8 feet behind me.

Kelli finally reached down and felt my throbbing hard dick. She ran her hand lightly over it a few times and said, “Damn honey, you have a big one”. Although my wife said she’s seen bigger, she fell in love with my 8 ¼” x 6 ½” cock and by the way Kelli was holding it, I think she was also pleased. She lightly bit my ear lobe and whispered, “Just keep your eyes on the road”.

She kissed the right side of my neck once more then pulled my head and locked me into a very long kiss. This was the first time I had kissed another woman since my wife and I were married 12 years prior. The feeling was not only strange but exhilarating at the same time and I wanted her badly.

Kelli broke away from our kiss and I took the chance to glance back at my wife. Her legs were wrapped around Steve’s waist and her face was buried in his chest. Steve had his hands around Susan’s waist gripping her ass and was in the process of “jack-hammering” my wife’s pussy. Susan’s cries of pleasure told me she was in heaven.

Kelli kissed me once more and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get her back when we’re done with her”. She smiled and then laughed when I realized she was not joking about her comment. Kelli’s hand then grabbed my aching cock and I almost came in my shorts as she gave me a few tugs. She whispered in my ear, “You have a nice cock……keep your eyes on the road”.

Kelli let go of me and grabbed the seat cushion off the chair I had been sitting in next to the bridge consol. She threw it on the deck next to me and knelt down. She gave me one last glance up which I took as “You better do as you are told”. I locked my eyes forward and felt my grip on the wheel tighten without evening knowing I had done so.

Kelli brushed her hand over my rock-hard dick for a few moments and then went straight for the draw string on my suit. She pulled at my hips so she had better access in this position and I kinda stood sideways while keeping my eyes on the water, especially since several jet skiers had decided to fall in and start jumping the boat’s wake while others were coming in from the front to join their friends.

Kelli had a little difficulty getting the knot out she caused pulling the string, but persistence paid out. My shorts fell down around my ankles. My aching hard cock sprang free and almost hit her in the face as it stood straight up in front of her. I could not remember the last time I was this hard and begging for release.

Although I don’t have the biggest cock in the neighborhood I have never had any complaints. I glanced down and saw my dick was so hard the veins looked like they were ready to pop out. Listening to my wife’s moans of pleasure behind me didn’t make matters any better and I felt I would come just with the breeze blowing across my cock as the boat plowed through the water.

Kelli simply grabbed my cock in her right hand and squeezed my ass cheek with the left. She kissed the head of my dick a few times and swallowed almost all of me in one move. The feeling was absolutely incredible as she held half my cock in her mouth and flicked her tongue around the underside of my shaft. I guess my groan of pleasure told her she was on the right spot because she flicked her tongue faster and her grip on my ass cheek increased.

I was trying to think of anything I could not to come so quickly but the feeling of my hard cock in another woman’s mouth and the sounds of my wife being fucked behind me was just TOOOOO much. I said, “Sweetie, either stop or I’m going to come”. This caused Kelli to playfully spank my ass and she let out a little “mmmmmmm’ sound as she worked my dick in and out of her mouth. Yes, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I didn’t last twenty seconds more.

I came so hard in Kelli’s mouth I thought I would actually fall down. The first stream gagged her a little, but she never let up on sucking me. I thought she had drained every drop of come out of me. To say she owned my ass at that point would be an understatement. Although it was a very quick blow-job, I will confess it was one of most incredible ones I had ever had…..just don’t tell my wife.

Kelli left me drained with very weak legs and I just wanted to sit down as she released my cock from her sweet lips. She kissed the head of my cock a few times and then stood up next to me as I tried to go back to concentrating on driving.

As I turned toward her she kissed me very deeply. I guess she had purposely left some of my come in her mouth because I could taste it as she forced her tongue in. She let out a slight giggle at having done this, but I didn’t care. I pulled her into me thinking this had been one INCREDIBLE blow-job even if it had only lasted about two minutes.

My wife was still being pounded by Steve behind me and her moans were already making my cock hard again. I turned quickly and saw Steve had lifted her up off the bench seat and was standing next to it slamming his cock into her. Kelli kissed me once more and grabbed the wheel so I could watch the finale of my wife’s first fuck with another guy since we started dating 15 years ago.

Steve grabbed my wife’s ass and pounded a few more times into her. His groans told me he was about to come and the force he was slamming his cock into my wife made me a bit jealous at this moment. The look of absolute ecstasy on my wife’s face didn’t help with the jealous feeling, but her cries of pleasure as Steve banged away at her pussy told me she was having as much fun being fucked as Steve was having fucking her.

Steve leaned his head back and yelled out, “Oh holy fucking shit”!!! He slammed once more into my wife and released his load inside her. Just as he did, Kelli ran her hand over my cock. She whispered in my ear, “He’s wanted to fuck her since the day we met you guys”. With that, she squeezed my cock and told me to get back on the wheel.

Just before turning back to pay attention to my driving, I glanced back at Steve and my wife. Her legs were now wrapped around his waist as he stood in front of the bench seat and slowly pumped his cock into what now must have been an extremely full pussy. Her feet and cute pink, painted toes were almost the only thing I could see of her as Steve finished what would be the first of many fucks to happen today.

Kelli lightly slapped my ass and walked over behind her husband. She rubbed Steve’s arm and he released his hold on my wife’s legs being replaced with Kelli holding her feet from behind him. Steve leaned over my wife with both arms braced on either side of her. He pushed in once more and was met with Kelli pulling at my wife’s legs to assist with the final thrust of this session.

Steve rolled to the right side of my wife and I got the first clear view of my lovely bride. She was flushed, hair askew and by the smile on her face…thoroughly well fucked. Steve’s come was running out of her pussy and I later regretted not getting a picture of my wife’s first, swinger “cream pie”.

My cock wanted her so bad it ached. Although I had felt a little jealous streak during her session with Steve all I wanted now was to take her as hard as he had done. The sexy smile she flashed at me and the fact a small trail of come was still connected to her thigh and Steve’s cock only made my dick get harder. However, what came next was another first in my book.

Kelli grabbed another cushion off the adjacent seat and threw it on the deck in front of my wife. As Kelli knelt down, Steve ran his leg over her shoulder as if he were caressing her. Kelli ran her hands up and down my wife’s legs once and then without any more ado, buried her face right into my wife’s pussy.

By the look on my wife’s face she was clearly not expecting this and I at first thought she would jump up or push Kelli away from her. These thoughts were quickly eliminated when I saw my wife lean her head to the side, close her eyes and moan out a long, “Ohhhhhhh God”. It was obvious, Ms. Kelli knew how to lick pussy and my wife was willingly accepting her introduction to the bi-girl world.

Kelli was obviously sucking her husband’s come out of my wife. She had her arms locked around Susan’s legs and there was no way she was going to get away from Kelli’s mouth. As I watched this I could not help it. I turned quickly and checked the water. Nothing in sight ahead of us allowed me to watch Kelli eat my wife out while I stroked my now rock-hard dick which was aching for attention. I didn’t feel embarrassed jerking off because Steve was already doing the same. He was still lying next to my wife rubbing her tits with one hand as he pulled on his now hardening cock with the other.

Kelli must have really known what she was doing because I heard the familiar sounds of my wife nearing orgasm as she slowly moaned out, “Oh Fuck, Oh FUCK…. OOHHHH FUCKKKK”. Her legs locked out and Kelli bore down harder.

I was able to grab my phone and snapped off a quick pic just before my wife exploded in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen. Nothing in a porn movie would compare to how she convulsed. Her stomach muscles were actually twitching as Kelli brought her off, however Kelli never released her from her hold and kept sucking as my wife tried to squirm to get out of her grasp.

This must have been as much of a turn on for Steve as it was for me. He grabbed my wife’s tit and stroked his cock a few more times releasing a little bit of come onto her leg. This only made my wife moan louder and I think she actually came once again when Kelli said, “You like this don’t you“? Her legs were still shaking and she had her head leaned back against the pillow with her eyes closed. There was no doubt in my mind my wife was one happy girl at this point in time.

Kelli finally let up on my wife and lay on the other side of her. She and Steve brushed their hands over Susan’s waist and tits. I now understood the earlier comment Kelli had made to me about getting her back when they were done with her. I could tell at this moment they were nowhere close to being through with my girl and this was just the beginning of an incredible weekend.

Kelli said something to my wife which I could not make out. The two got up from the bench seat and came over on either side of me. My wife pulled me into her and kissed me very deeply. She then whispered in my ear, “Baby, I love you and want you to have fun”. Kelli pulled me into her and gave me a long kiss while my wife teased her hand around my still very hard dick. They both backed away and climbed back down the ladder without any further explanation.

Looking back as the girls left, it appeared Steve was half asleep on the bench seat. Since I wasn’t really sure exactly where I was heading I knew I was going to have to wake him up. We were getting close to the area he'd described, however I did not know how to turn on any of the navigation equipment and was using my best guess at this point. My dick was still standing straight out and I felt funny as I thought to myself I am “Naked and Unafraid”.

I finally had to wake Steve up after I waited for my hard on to drop back down. I slipped my suit back on and geared the motors down. This woke him up and came over to check our location. Apparently I had guessed pretty well because he took the wheel and swung us starboard saying, “You are right on target”. 10 minutes later Steve was giving me instructions on how to set the anchors and we were at our home for the next two days. It was a perfect natural cove location which was somewhat hidden from the main river.

As I was setting the rear anchor the girls came back out of the main cabin. They had made a couple blenders full of pina-coladas and were both giggling at whatever inside joke they had between themselves. My wife handed me her glass and gave me another very long passionate kiss. She then looked me right in the eyes and asked, “Did you like”? I smiled back at her and whispered in her ear, “No baby, I didn’t like it……I fucking loved it”. Susan kissed me once more and took her glass back. She then looked me in the eyes and asked, “Are you sure”? I simply repeated my earlier answer and pulled her back in for another kiss.

She then told me Kelli said there were going to be a bunch of people meeting up with us this weekend. She mentioned a couple of the guys were young, very good looking and hung. Kelli had been fucking these two guys over the past six months and she always looked forward to hooking up with them on the weekend. I knew the only reason my wife would tell me this is because it was obvious she wanted to play with the young, hung guys.

I assumed my wife was waiting for some type of response from me. I simply looked her in the eyes, kissed her lightly and said, “Baby, you can do whatever you want”. My mind was now racing as to what we were about to get into over the next few days.

While I never regretted coming on this trip, I was a bit apprehensive about hooking up with total strangers. Our comfort factor was Steve and Kelli were our friends and I felt they would never put us in a bad situation. As it turns out, my assumption was absolutely correct. I had more fun over the next two days than I have had in my lifetime.

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