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the vacation

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my wife has been going to exercise classes for a couple years now and she has gotten to be friends with a few of the ladies in her class. she's gotten really close with 2 ladies in particular, Saundra and Amanda. both are middle aged (late 30's or early 40's), both have been married but are now divorced and both are extremely attractive. I've met both several times and after about the third time meeting them I asked my wife if they were in the lifestyle. she said she doubted it because neither of them had ever given her that impression. Saundra gave me a hard on every time I saw her. she was a brunette with large, round, firm tits, a dark tan and a gorgeous ass. Amanda was a busty blond who also had a really nice body. one evening after my wife got home from class she told me the 2 girls were going to a resort in the Caribbean and they wondered if we wanted to go along with them. I asked my wife why they invited us and why they weren't taking their boyfriends as she told me several weeks ago they both were dating again. she told me Saundra just broke up with her guy and Amanda wasn't serious about the guy she was seeing and they thought we'd be fun to go with. we talked about it over the next several days and decided we'd go along with them. the next day my wife told them we decided to go. my wife said they seemed very excited and they told her they'd make the reservations at the resort. one day as time got closer to our trip my wife told me her and the girls were going shopping for some new clothes and bikinis. I told her to make sure the bikinis were very small and showed lots of skin in the right areas. she looked at me and said with a grin, "ok, I'll get right on that". when she got home later that day she asked if I wanted to see her new bikini. I said sure. as she changed into it I could see it was a nice sexy 2 piece swimsuit, not what I had hoped for but it did show enough of her great body to get me thinking about what Saundra and Amanda's suits looked like. I asked my wife again if she thought these 2 girls were in the lifestyle. again she told me she didn't think so. I said to her, "well you can't blame a guy for dreaming".

we were now just a day away from our departure. I started thinking more and more about the week ahead with these 3 lovely ladies. finally the day had arrived. we met at the airport and boarded the plane. Saundra and Amanda were wearing shorts and nice tight tops that really showed off how busty they were. as I sat next to my wife and Saundra on the plane I kept trying not to stare at Saundra's large chest, but it was like a magnet. those breasts were so perfect. as I continued to stare at them out of the corner of my eye I could feel my cock getting hard. when we arrived at the resort we all noticed the resort had a nude beach. my wife said, "oh look a nude beach. that sounds like fun". Saundra laughed and said, "I'm too much of a prude to try that". once at the lobby desk we come to find out the hotel only had 1 room reserved for all 4 of us and no other vacancies. Saundra told the clerk she made the reservations herself and this was upsetting. the clerk apologized and told us he did have a master suite available he'd give us for the same price, but it was on the nude side of the resort. it had a large hot tub and 2 queen beds. we talked and decided to take the master suite. Saundra and Amanda agreed they were fine with sharing a bed. I could feel myself getting hard again at the thought of that. Apparently this resort had 2 separate and distinctive sets of rooms, one for clothing optional and one regular. on the way to the room we passed several nude people walking through the halls. the girls all commented they didn't know if they could do that. of course my wife, being in the lifestyle, was fine with it but didn't let on to Saundra or Amanda. once we got to the room we were all impressed, it was huge. in the bathroom there was a large 2 headed walk in shower plenty big enough for 4 or more people and a large hot tub also big enough to fit at least 4 adults. as the girls were preparing for dinner I was reading a pamphlet the clerk had given us about the rules for the nude side of the resort. this side had its own restaurant, work out room sauna tennis courts and more. clothing was optional in all areas. the nude beach was very interesting. apparently there were 2 separate nude beach areas. 1 for families and a fenced in area where anything goes. I was really getting turned on thinking about this. as we got ready to leave for dinner I asked them if they wanted to go to the nude restaurant. they all smiled and said, "not really". then my wife said, "maybe tomorrow", as they all laughed. my wife was already trying to throw hints out there to see if Saundra and Amanda would give any indications of being willing to have some fun. so far they weren't too receptive. as we sat at the dinner table I couldn't take my eyes off Saundra's tits. she was wearing a sexy white dress with a low cut neckline that showed her large boobs off very nicely. when Amanda and Saundra excused themselves to go to the bathroom I asked my wife if she'd throw some more hints their way to see if there's any hope of anything happening during the upcoming week. she said she would. after we got back to the room and got showers we all got ready for bed. it had been a long day and it was getting late. I changed into a pair of shorts and a t shirt. my wife and I usually sleep nude, but since we were sharing a room with Amanda and Saundra and we hadn't gotten any vibes yet that thy were into having some fun we thought it best to wear clothes. the girls all wore knee length loose fitting night shirts so not much to see there although all the girls' nipples were slightly visible pointing through the shirts. the next morning after breakfast we decided to check out the resort and see what activities they had. I asked if we were going to check out the nude side. they all smiled and Amanda said, "not today". I was trying to drop hints, but it wasn't working the 2 girls weren't taking the bait I was offering and my wife wasn't helping me much. she needed to get with it and start working on these 2 if we were going to have fun with them. the rest of the afternoon we played some tennis and mini golf and various other activities. we all had fun but I was hopeful the girls would take a trip to the beach, I was dying to see Saundra and Amanda in their bikinis. but that didn't look likely this day. on the way back to the room Amanda and Saundra stopped by the bar for a drink. my wife and I don't drink much so we headed back to the room. this gave us a chance to talk in private. I told her I needed some help with some hints to the girls. she told me she had been thinking of how to approach them and that she had a few ideas. that evening as we were getting ready to go for dinner my wife slipped into one of her club dresses. it was one of her more conservative club outfits, but still very sexy. it had a halter tie around her neck with a plunging neckline that showed off her nice cleavage, an open back down to the top of her butt and a bottom that was cut in length half way between her knees and waist with a side slit up to her thigh. both ladies commented on how sexy she looked. it must have gotten them in the mood to dress sexy because their evening attire this evening was definitely more sexy than the evening before. like my wife's their outfits weren't overly revealing, but it was enough to get me hard. Saundra's dress was strapless really showed off her large boobs. Amanda's was more of a 2 piece skirt/top combo which was open on one side and across her belly but connected on the other side with buttons, very sexy. I said, "looks like we're dining in the clothing optional restaurant tonight". Amanda said, "our outfits aren't that revealing are they?" I said, "unfortunately not". they all laughed and then we headed to the regular dining room. as we sat and ate I found my eyes frequently wondering to Saundra's breasts. they were so perfect and prominent in that dress. I was determined to do everything I could to at least see her topless before this week ended. after we ate the girls decided they wanted to go dancing. as I watched them dance I could see Saundra and Amanda seemed to be loosening up a little as my wife worked her magic on the dance floor by moving close to and then rubbing against their bodies. I could see they were getting turned on by my wife's actions. when we got back to the room Saundra asked if we were hitting the beach the next day. we all agreed that was a good idea and I saw that as an opportunity to tell them about the pamphlet the clerk gave me describing the nude beach. I told them about the special part of the beach and showed them the pamphlet. I could see in Amanda and Saundra's faces they were interested in hearing about this. my wife must have seen it too and thinking this being a good chance to throw a hint to her friends she said, "maybe we should make sure our bikini area is all trimmed up since those new suits we bought are pretty small". Amanda immediately said, "I brought the tools to do that". then I heard my wife say, "would you mind shaving me?" Amanda responded, "no not at all". Saundra then asked Amanda to do her also. she said she'd be happy to. my wife definitely stepped up her game of seducing these 2 ladies. as I lay on the bed in my shorts listening to their conversation I could feel and see my cock growing. I knew they all saw it too because as all 3 got up and walked to the bathroom they smiled as they passed me. once they got in the bathroom I could hear them giggling. then I heard the trimmer start and I was so horny. I got up to grab a drink from the fridge and as I walked passed the half closed bathroom door I could see my wife sitting on the edge of the hot tub naked and Amanda was shaving her pussy. Saundra was sitting next to my wife also naked and watching. she had her legs crossed and her arms folded over her breasts and resting on her crossed legs so I couldn't see anything, but I could surely use my imagination. I stopped and stared for a few seconds but didn't want to be conspicuous so I got my drink and went back to lay on the bed. my cock was so hard and beginning to ooze juices. a few minutes later I could hear the girls giggling again. it sounded like they were having a blast shaving each others pussies. I had to take another peak. as I passed the partially opened door this time Amanda was shaving Saundra. I had a brief but perfect view as I passed of her large perfect tits. I was so ready to masterbate, but didn't want to get caught by the girls so I held it in. shortly after the trimmer stopped then I heard the shower start to run. several minutes went by and none of the girls came out of the bathroom. they all must have been taking a shower together. I couldn't resist taking another peak. as I got to the bathroom door I could see all 3 girls through the frosted glass door of the shower. I watched for several minutes with a smile on my face. this trip was definitely headed in the right direction. as the girls emerged from the bathroom they all had much shorter night shirts on than the previous night and it didn't appear any thing under them. at least my wife didn't because as she bent over to get something from a drawer I could see her entire ass and her bare pussy between her legs. I then went to take my shower. as I walked to the bathroom my large erection showed prominently in my shorts and I heard Saundra say to my wife, "I think your husband likes our bedtime outfits better tonight". I was so horny. as I took a shower I started stroking my large hard cock as I thought about what had just happened in this bathroom minutes earlier and what the week ahead may hold. I erupted shooting cum all over the shower. when I finished my shower and masturbation I decided just a pair of shorts with no underwear would be good for my nighttime attire tonight. when I came out of the bathroom and crawled into bed the girls were still prancing around in their short shirts prepping for bed. when my wife climbed into bed I could feel her pussy was baby smooth and was very wet from the activity she had with the other girls, I'm sure she was very horny by this time. I could see Saundra and Amanda's nipples pointing through their night shirts as they climbed into bed together and I instantly got hard again. then I could feel my wife's hand reach down and begin to rub my cock as I was rubbing her juicy cunt. I continued gently rubbing it and her my cock until we felt Amanda and Saundra were asleep. I said to her in a whisper, "Amanda did a great job, your pussy is so smooth". she replied, "yes, she was amazing". then we both worked on each other in earnest. as I worked my fingers deep in her she erupted in what was one of the quietest orgasms she ever had. I then erupted again. my wife held her hand tight to my cock to catch my cum so it didn't get on the bed. she then grabbed tissues next to the bed and wiped off her hand. we both slept very well, although I could have sworn once through the nigh I heard Saundra and Amanda pleasuring each other.

as we all awoke the next morning Saundra asked my wife and I how we slept. we told her good and asked her the same. her and Amanda both said they slept fine together. I thought to myself "I'll bet you did". the girls decided they wanted to do some stretching before breakfast after our day of activity the day before. they then moved into the sitting area of the suite and began bending and stretching in their short night shirts. I couldn't see much interesting from my vantage point as I was looking at the girls sides, but my wife conveniently positioned herself directly behind Saundra and Amanda and was watching the girls asses very intently. I knew she had a perfect view of their pussies as they bent over and stretched. I saw her smile as she looked over at me. when they finished we all got dressed and headed for something to eat. after we got back from brunch the girls decided to head to the beach. they changed into their swimsuits, the moment I was waiting for. I was dying to see these 2 girls in bikinis and to see how small the bikinis were. as Amanda emerged from the bathroom her bikini was definitely sexy. it was black with tiny strings and small triangle patches covering her boobs and a small bottom that exposed part of her tight ass. Saundra's suit was very similar except white. both girl's boobs were partially exposed in these small tops and their nipples were visibly pointing through the small patches of material of the bras. I asked, "what, no nude beach?". they all smiled at me and said, "no, not today, maybe tomorrow". as we walked to the beach my wife and I were following Saundra and Amanda and neither of us could keep our eyes off of the 2 girls wiggling asses as they walked out across the sand in their tiny bikinis. I could tell by the look on my wife's face she was getting turned on. once we found a spot I got hard as I watched all 3 of them rub their bodies with lotion. my erection was noticeable and lasting as we lay on the sand and I caught all 3 girls checking me out from time to time. I kept watching these half naked ladies lie in the sun and kept admiring Saundra's large, firm tits. I kept hoping that at some point on this trip I could see her naked. I was getting so horny. we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach that day and I can't begin to count how many times I got an erection watching these ladies. when we got back to the room we all took showers and got ready for dinner. as she was dressing for the evening I heard Amanda exclaim from the bathroom, "let's try the clothing optional restaurant tonight". I couldn't believe my ears. then I heard Saundra say, "ok". Amanda then came out of the bathroom wearing a sexy, revealing, dress that almost fully exposed her large boobs with a deep plunging open front. it was cut very short and she had to keep pulling it down to hide her ass. Saundra then changed into a very short mini skirt and a top that had a deep plunging neckline and open back and sides. her boobs jiggled and were almost popping out as she walked past me. my wife changed into one of her club dresses which was also very revealing. it was a white mini dress with small dime sized holes all over it. I knew my wife always takes clothes like this along on trips just in case she "needs" them, but was shocked to see Amanda and Saundra wearing what they were wearing. Saundra looked at me and said, "you're getting your wish, I guess with these outfits we are headed to the clothing optional restaurant". as we walked to eat I noticed both my wife's nipples had worked their way out through the holes in her dress as they usually do once she starts moving in that dress. she didn't even bother to try to adjust the dress, she just left them peak out all evening. when we got to the restaurant, there were many naked people dining. some very lovely ladies completely nude. I didn't care about those ladies. the only ones I cared about were the 3 I was sharing a room with. I wanted to see all them naked together before this trip was over. as we sat around the table eating I could feel my penis grow rock solid as I had a perfect view of Saundra's tits from across the table. as she moved, I could see right in behind the material of her loose fitting top and I could see her entire one boob and her large puffy nipple. I could tell my wife was getting turned on because her nipples were getting harder and larger as she was staring at Amanda's chest as her boobs were almost completely visible also. I couldn't stop thinking about the days ahead and these 3 lovely ladies. when Amanda and Saundra excused themselves to the restroom it gave me and my wife a chance to talk again in private. we both agreed this was looking good. after we finished eating the girls decided they wanted to go dancing again so we headed to the onsite club, this time to the clothing optional one. I'm not much of a dancer so I just sat and watched as my wife, Amanda and Saundra danced and shook their bodies to the music. I saw both Saundra's and Amanda's boobs pop completely out several times. my cock was beyond hard. some of the other ladies that were dancing started removing what little clothing they had. I was so pumped I thought for sure my wife would start taking her dress off and encourage Saundra and Amanda to do the same. but she didn't. what was she waiting for? when she came back to the table to get a drink I asked her why she didn't get naked. she told me she wanted to let them take the lead and to make sure she didn't come on too strong and scare them away. as we headed back to the room I was somewhat disappointed, but figured we had several days left and we were off to a good start at eventually having some fun with these 2 bombshells. as we got ready for bed the ladies sleepwear changed from the night before. Saundra emerged from the bathroom first wearing a short teddy with a deep plunging neckline with her boobs again almost completely exposed and her large nipples pointing prominently through the thin material. as she walked passed him I had a clear view of her breasts and caught a glimpse of her beautiful pussy, as she wasn't wearing a thong. Amanda came out wearing a g string and a very small, sheer cut off top with her boobs and nipples clearly visible through it. as the 2 girls climbed into bed together my wife and I were very horny and again we pleasured each other after we thought Amanda and Saundra were asleep. the next morning the girls decided to do some exercises to a dvd they brought with them. they changed into their exercise outfits and what outfits they were. Saundra and Amanda's outfits were very similar and consisted of a very small tube top bra and a suspender type bottom with extremely high cut leg openings and a narrow piece of material up their crotches and a tiny string right down their butt cracks. I've seen women wear these type outfits to exercise before but they always had legging type material under or part of the suspender suits to cover their thighs and ass. these suits did not and were very revealing. my wife's outfit was very conservative compared to Saundra's and Amanda's and I thought what's going on here. all of a sudden the girls we were trying to seduce have become the ones being more provocative. as they began exercising I had a perfect view from behind this time. as they bent over I could see their pussy lips peak out on either side of the tiny string of the suit. they had to have known they were putting on a show for me, but didn't seem to mind. my cock instantly got hard. they continued to work their bodies to the exercise and as they did each time they bent over more and more of their pussies became visible. I was in a trance and as they turned around they looked at me and smiled and said, "are you enjoying our workout?" I said, "yeah, uh it's ok". after they were done they showered and we headed for brunch. their outfits for brunch were as about as revealing as their exercise outfits. Saundra was wearing micro shorts that showed about half her ass and a sheer see through crop top. Amanda wore a bikini bottom and a cutoff t shirt that revealed the lower part of her boobs. my wife changed into a micro mini skirt and a see through halter top. these ladies were driving me nuts with their sexy revealing outfits. as we sat around the breakfast table I couldn't keep my eyes off of Saundra's visible, firm round breasts and large, hard dark nipples. my fixation was obvious and as I continued to stare Saundra smiled at me. she seemed to enjoy the attention. I was so turned on and my cock so hard. just then 2 naked guys with enormously large and hard cocks walked passed us and sat at the table next to us. all 3 of the girls' attention was clearly on their large erections. the guys looked over at the girls and smiled as they couldn't help but notice the girls' gawking stare. as we finished eating and got up to leave Saundra said to the guys, "nice day isn't it". the one looked at her with a smile and, "very nice". I could tell all 3 women were getting horny from the visual stimulation of these 2 naked muscular men. on the way back to the room the girls couldn't quit talking about those 2 guys. once back at the room we decided to head to the beach. as the girls changed, their suits also changed from the day before. I don't know where they got these suits, but I was liking what I was seeing. my wife came out of the bathroom first. she was wearing a mini slingshot bikini with small strings to cover her nipples and a very low cut crotch in front that just exposed the very top of her clit, but kept more than enough hidden to be tantalizing. Saundra's bikini was a sheer micro bikini. her dark nipples and pussy were clearly visible through it. Amanda's suit was a very tiny, transparent banana peel bikini. her boobs and pussy also plainly visible through the thin material of the suit. they told me they bought 2 new suits when they went shopping the week before the trip and these were the other ones. I told them I liked these better and they all said they thought I would. Amanda and Saundra were definitely getting more and more bold with their attire and their actions with each passing day and this trip was getting much more interesting as well. as I watched the girls prepare for the day in these bikinis I got a full erection. as I came out of the bathroom from changing into my swim trunks the bulge in them was huge and very noticeable as I hear Amanda exclaim "well I guess these suits got somebody excited". I replied, "the lovely ladies wearing the suits help too". they all thanked me as we headed out. the girls decided we better head to the nude beach today because of their revealing suits. as we headed out across the beach my wife and I were again following Amanda and Saundra and we again watched their asses the entire way as the tiny strings of their bikinis ran up their ass crack and their firm bottoms wiggled and jiggled the whole way. once the girls picked their spot they decided to take a swim. as I watched them frolic in the water I could tell their suits were not keeping things in place very well as they kept adjusting them. when they got back to me I could clearly see all their tits and pussies through the wet tiny bikinis. Saundra's tits were amazing even though I was seeing them through the suit. I could see her very large dark areolas and her huge long hard nipples. I could also see her very large and very dark colored pussy lips in her bikini bottom and was wishing she'd take it off and let them hang out. Amanda had very nice nipples and pussy as well, but there was something about Saundra's body that was a magnet to me. I so badly wanted to take her right there and fuck her. she again smiled and looked at my huge erection in my suit and then sat next to me. she was well aware she was showing me everything she had through the wet suit and she didn't seem to mind one bit. after they dried off they began rubbing sun tan lotion on themselves. then they started rubbing each other's bodies. I could tell all 3 girls were getting turned on as their nipples grew harder and pointier almost popping out of the tiny suits. I had gotten a full erection again as I lay on the sand and watched the girls massaging each others bodies with oil and my large cock was pushing hard on my swim suit. I saw Saundra staring at my crotch as the bulge in my suit was enormous again and sticking straight up. then I saw her smile as my wife rubbed her ass with oil. I could tell it was about everything my wife could do to keep from ripping her bikini off of her. she continued to work her hands underneath the tiny strings of her bikini making sure to apply oil everywhere on her backside. then I watched as my wife untied her bikini top. as Saundra flipped to her back she held on to her top so as to not fully expose her tits. I watched as my wife took her hands and went under the tiny patches of material of Saundra's loosened bikini top, rubbing her boobs thoroughly. then Saundra reached up and gently pulled her loosened top completely off. as I watched my wife massage Saundra's large firm breasts Amanda began pulling the strings of my wife's suit off her shoulders as she continued to rub oil on my wife's back. as my wife began moving her way down Saundra's body I had a perfect view of Saundra's gorgeous, perfect, fully exposed boobs. they stuck up like sand dunes above her body and her large, hard nipples were pointing like steeples up in the air. my wife continued massaging Saundra, now down to her legs and thighs. I watched as she worked her fingers under the tiny strings of Saundra's bikini bottom. then I saw her nudge the strings down Saundra's thighs. Saundra gradually lifted her ass off the sand as if to tell my wife to take them off. little by little my wife worked her bikini down her legs until she had her vagina completely exposed. Saundra then reached down and pulled her bikini entirely off over her feet. my wife then pulled her arms through the strings of her bikini that Amanda had pushed off her shoulders completely exposing her boobs in the process. as my wife continued to oil and massage Saundra, working her way up her legs to her inner thigh, Amanda pulled my wife's suit off entirely and continued to massage and oil her back and butt. I watched as my wife began rubbing Saundra's groin, causing her to arch her back and breath heavy. my wife saw Saundra was getting very horny so she decided to quit before we got in trouble because we weren't in that "special" area of the beach. I could tell it was everything my wife could do to pull herself away from Saundra as she was getting very horny also, but she reluctantly did so. Amanda then asked my wife if she would oil her. my wife proceeded to give her the same treatment also removing her bikini in the process. when she got done with Amanda she looked at me and said, "you might as well remove your suit". as I pulled my suit down past my erect cock all 3 girls were watching with anticipation. as my cock sprang free like a bottled up genie, I heard Saundra exclaim, "oh my". as I lay naked in the sun with my cock sticking straight up next to these 3 beautiful naked ladies I couldn't help but think about how erotic Saundra and Amanda had become over the past 24 hours and what the next couple days would bring. after a few hours of sun the girls decided they wanted to take another dip in the ocean. I watched as the they strutted their naked bodies to the ocean and then frolicked in and splashed each other with water. I could tell Saundra and Amanda were feeling very comfortable around my wife as the 3 seemed to hit it off really well. this could only be a good thing. after about 30 minutes having fun in the water they headed back my way, their wet naked bodies glistening in the sun. as they got closer I had a perfect uninhibited view of Saundra's incredible body. her breasts were even more amazing than I had previously thought. they were so round, so firm, so tan with incredibly attractive dark areolas and large puffy nipples. and then her pussy with it's long dark lips dangling and swaying from between her legs as she walked. as they got to me my somewhat shrunken cock instantly grew hard and erect again. I heard my wife say, "I see you're still excited". then Saundra said, "he must have a great deal of stamina". my wife said, "yes, he can stay hard for hours and regrow very quickly". Saundra then smiled and said, "hmmm, interesting". as we all sat on the sand I could see Saundra looking down admiring her perfect body, and why not. she had an incredible body and she knew it. then as we decided to leave the beach for the day the girls decided to put their suits back on for the walk back. I also reluctantly put my suit back on. as we headed back to the room we passed the special nude area of the beach. I peaked in and there were people having oral sex and others fucking. I said to them, "let's try that area". Saundra replied with a big smile, "maybe tomorrow". I couldn't believe she said that and that's all I could think about the rest of the day. on the way back to the room my wife complained her back was bothering her. Saundra told her she would give her a massage when we got to the room. Amanda told my wife that she highly recommends Saundra's massages as they are "special". once back to the room Saundra told my wife to take off her bikini and lay face down on the bed. as my wife removed her tiny sling bikini I could see her nipples were already very hard in anticipation of the massage. as Saundra started to massage her back Amanda and I watched. she started with her back and then she moved to her ass as I could tell my wife was getting turned on. she then moved to her legs, starting at my wife's feet and then making her way up, running her fingers up the inside of her legs and just tantalizing her pussy with an occasional touch, each time my wife spreading her legs a bit more as if to invite Saundra in. eventually Saundra concentrated more and more on my wife's increasingly wet pussy which was dripping so much the bed was wet under her. meanwhile Amanda started feeling herself, first her tits and then massaging her cunt as I began massaging my hard cock through my swim trunks. Saundra continued the massage telling my wife to flip onto her back. as she turned over she looked at me and told him to remove my swim trunks. as I did my fully erect 9" cock sprang free like a jack in the box. Saundra then started rubbing my wife's boobs with her own boobs then she massaged my wife's ever growing nipples. then she started to rub her thighs, again just tantalizing her pussy with an occasional touch. As she continued my wife started to moan. Saundra then entered my wife with 2 fingers and began massaging her cunt. my wife's pussy was wide open and ready for business as she continued to moan louder and louder. then she began tickling my wife's dripping lips with an occasional lick from her tongue. As Saundra continued to tease her by tugging and gently licking her pussy lips, making sure she licked up every bit of my wife's juices, my wife arched her back and moaned even louder in pleasure. meanwhile Amanda had removed her suit and started massaging her own clit. then she reached over and started massaging my cock. then Saundra removed her suit. it was the moment I had waited for since the start of the trip, I was within inches of Saundra's naked body. the more I looked at her the more perfect she was. words couldn't describe my elation. as she began to lick my wife's pussy in earnest my wife began to explode with euphoria and exclaim, "oh, oh, oh". Saundra positioned herself on the bed so Amanda and I had a perfect view of her pussy not to mention being within reach. as she spread her legs the full beauty of her vagina became evident. her long dark lips dangled like cherries from a tree as the drops of her juices dripped from them. As she continued to bury her tongue deep in my wife's cunt with her facial lips pressed tightly against my wife's pussy lips I couldn't resist touching her beautiful pussy. I reached out felt her large lips, tugging and pulling on them to see how long they really were. they had to be at least 2" long. then I took my fingers and spread them apart to reveal her wet pink pussy. what a sight, that incredible pink pussy hiding behind those long dark lips. then I pushed 2 fingers in her open hole and began rubbing as her and my wife moaned with pleasure. at this point I was beyond any point of stimulation and arousal that I had ever experienced in my life. I couldn't resist, I had to put my hard cock into her. as I pushed the head of my large penis past her lips and into her wet vagina she let out a loud moan. as I continued to push my rod deeper and deeper in to Saundra, Amanda moved to a position over my wife's face. as I thrust harder and harder into Saundra she moaned and yelled with euphoria. at the same time my wife was licking Amanda's juices from her pussy, licking every drop she could. I tried to hold back cumming as long as possible, but couldn't hold back anymore. as I could feel my cum pumping deep into Saundra's pussy she let out an incredible moan of enjoyment while still having her face buried in my wife's crotch and then she clinched her legs and ass cheeks tightly together to lock my cock in her. she had one of the loudest and longest orgasms I ever heard a woman have as I continued to pump her full of cum. my wife followed with her own amazing orgasm. when I removed my cock from Saundra's pussy my wife moved into position immediately to catch the dripping cum. she lay under Saundra with her mouth open catching every drop and then began licking her still dripping pussy lips and then she stuck her tongue in as far as she could to get every drop of my cum. as she continued Saundra left out another loud moan. meanwhile Amanda moved in on my wife and began licking her pussy. by this time I had recharged so I slipped into Amanda. poor Amanda the only one of us who didn't cum yet. that would change. as I continued to pound her I could feel I was close. as I pumped her full of my cum she had an amazing orgasm. my wife saw her chance as she gave Amanda the same pleasure she gave Saundra making sure to lick every drop of my cum from her pussy by burying her tongue deep inside her, bringing her to another incredible orgasm. my wife continued to enjoy Amanda's pussy and gave her multiple orgasm as she continued to lick it. meanwhile I couldn't resist playing with Saundra's lovely large perfect breasts and large puffy nipples. in doing so I became hard once more. Saundra massaged my cock first with her hand and then with her mouth until I squirted all over her tits. as my wife then proceeded to lick them clean Amanda slipped her tongue into my wife giving her multiple loud orgasms. as I lay on the bed with my head drooped across Saundra's spread legs staring at her incredibly attractive pussy and large puffy lips, I couldn't resist playing with her again. I reached up and began massaging her long lips, pulling and tugging on them trying to get them as extended as I could. they were incredibly long and as I spread them I once again revealed the pink inside to her delicious pussy. at that point we were all exhausted and we laid motionless on the bed. eventually we realized we hadn't eaten anything for dinner. we all needed showers. my wife went first as I lay still in awe at Saundra's body. when my wife came out of the bathroom she said, "you know, I don't feel like putting any clothes on". Amanda and Saundra agreed, a nude dining experience would be great.

when we got to the restaurant the girls immediately noticed the same 2 guys they were drooling over at breakfast. they were seated at the bar having a drink and as we approached them I heard my wife say, "hey you 2". as they turned around in their barstools even though their cocks weren't erect the first thing I saw was their enormous packages between their legs. they introduced themselves as Tim and John. they told us where they were from and amazingly they were nearby where we lived. as the girls introduced us and they talked with the guys I noticed their cocks grow into massive erections as they were getting turned on by the girls' naked bodies. as the girls stared at their incredible mass, I could tell they were getting horny also as their nipples got really hard and large. as we headed to our table I heard John say, "maybe we'll see you around the resort again". my wife said, "that's be nice". as we sat waiting on our food the girls couldn't quit oogling at these guys and their huge cocks. I heard Amanda ask my wife how big she thinks they are. my wife replied, "at least 12"." when the guys got up to leave their cocks stuck out like sideways telephone poles from between their legs and I heard my wife exclaim, "mmmm, mmmmm, yummy". after we ate we headed back to our room. I could tell the girls were still all horny and thinking about their 2 new friends because that's all they talked about on our walk to our room. once back in the room my wife and Amanda started feeling and touching each other. my penis grew as I watched them relax on the bed and fondle each other's bodies. then I felt Saundra's hand grab my hard erection and pull me by it to the other bed. she told me to lie down and as I did she began sucking my cock, first just the tip and then eventually deep throating it. then I saw my wife go to one of the dresser drawers and pull out one of her large strap ons. I watched as she worked into Amanda's open pussy. as she did Saundra lay on top of me with her pussy over my face with her long dark lips dangling over me and dripping with delicious juices. I began to lick her luscious lips as she began to moan. I heard Amanda cum in ecstasy as my wife pounded her with authority. then I saw Amanda attach the strap on and give my wife the same treatment. they were very horny and it didn't take either one long to cum in full orgasm. Saundra continued to suck my cock as I had my tongue deep in her delicious pussy licking up every drop of her fluids. she had one of the best tasting pussies I ever encountered. as she came in a loud orgasm from my tongue, I saw my wife and Amanda in a 69 position licking each other. as they both erupted shortly after, I exploded in Saundra's mouth, filing it with a big wad of my cum. she turned around, opened her mouth, showed it to me and then swallowed it and then smiled. these women were animals. my wife and I created monsters, but I LOVED IT!!! we all needed showers again before bed. I watched as my wife grabbed Amanda's hand and led her into the shower. as they showered together I sucked on Saundra's large nipples. she was really enjoying the attention I was giving her and I was enjoying giving it to her.. I could feel my cock get hard again as I continued to suck her incredible nipples. as I was ready to stick my cock in her, my wife and Amanda emerged from their shower with big smiles. I heard Saundra whisper to me, "come on we'll do it in the shower" and then she grabbed my cock and led me in the bathroom. she hopped in the shower, turned the water on and pulled me in behind her. then she grabbed the soap and told me to soap her. as she handed the soap to me over her shoulder I began rubbing her back with it. then I moved to her legs and the her tight little ass. my cock was so hard as I watched the soapy water run down her naked bask side. then as she still had her back to me I pushed my erection under her ass and between her legs. I could feel my penis rub against her long wet pussy lips as I reached around her body and began soaping her chest. as I looked over her shoulder at my soapy hands rubbing her large, firm, tan breasts and her large puffy nipples I began working my cock back and forth between her legs. as I gazed down at those incredible boobs from over her shoulder they seemed even more perfect and impressive from this vantage point than before. I watched as the soapy water ran down over them. I began squeezing them and gently pinching her nipples between my thumb and finger, causing them to grow even larger, as I rammed my hard cock between her legs faster and harder. then she turned around and leaped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I aligned my penis with her pussy and slammed it into her as I held her up with my hands under her ass. she wrapped her arms around my neck and mashed her large tits up against my chest. I continued to thrust my hard rod in her as the shower water ran down over us. as I continued she arched her back and I buried my face in those beautiful breasts. then I let out a loud shout as I could feel my cum surge deep inside her cunt. then she let out a loud yell and clinched her legs around me even tighter and arched her back even more. I continued to suck on her amazing breasts and absolutely huge nipples. they had grown enormous as she became so turned on. as we finished she looked at me and smiled and said, "that was awesome". I agreed. when we came out of the bathroom my wife and Amanda were lying naked on the one bed on their sides facing each other kissing and rubbing each others asses with their one hand. my wife looked at me and said, "you can sleep with Saundra tonight". I smiled and said, "OK". as Saundra and I climbed into bed naked together I had a hard time believing the events of this day. we all said goodnight to each other and then Saundra rolled on her side wit her ass facing me. I mashed my body up against hers and dr*ped my arm over her and across her tits.

in the middle of the night she woke me up giggling. I asked what was wrong. she said, "nothing". then I realized what happened. my cock had gotten rock hard while I was sleeping and was in the crack of her ass. I apologized and told her I get hard in my sleep quite often. she said, "that's fine, I think it's cute. now I want you to fuck me again." we had very quiet but intense intercourse which ended with both of us cumming in ecstasy.

the next morning the girls did their exercises naked. as I watched their naked bodies move and their boobs jiggle I got hard again. I heard Saundra say, "this is great, we'll need to start a naked exercise class when we get home". I was really turned on watching them move their naked bodies as I lay on the bed with my erect cock sticking straight up. I heard Amanda say, "looks like somebody else likes our naked exercise". my wife said, "he'll have to wait, I'm hungry". after they finished exercising they all got showers and I heard Saundra say, "you guys aren't wearing clothes are you?" we all agreed nude would be fine. as we entered the restaurant I could see the girls searching for their 2 friends, but they didn't appear to be there. as we ordered and then ate our meal I could tell the girls were hoping those 2 studs would show up so they could get another opportunity to see their huge packages, but it didn't happen. on the way back to the room I could see the disappointment in their faces so I tried to comfort them by telling them I was sure they'd appear once more before this trip was over. once back in the room I saw my wife looking at Amanda and Saundra's crotch and then she said "it looks like we're all getting a 5 O'clock shadow down there, we probably should trim up again". they agreed and then Amanda went and got her tools. Saundra and I watched as my wife sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and Amanda began to sheave her pussy. as she continued I could tell my wife was getting horny. she continued until she removed every bit of stubble that was present. when she was done my wife's pussy was as smooth as a billiard ball with not a hair to be seen. I was getting so hard and turned on and as I looked at my wife I could see she was ready for action as her pussy was dripping wet. then Amanda said to my wife, "ok, you do me". Saundra and I watched as my wife shaved Amanda until she was baby smooth. Amanda was also turned on as her pussy was dripping wet also. then Saundra looked at me and said, "would you shave me?" as I looked at her incredibly beautiful pussy I replied, "uh, sure". as I began my cock was already hard and then I saw my wife and Amanda begin to lick each other's clits. my wife and Amanda really had a thing for each other. they really seemed to enjoy each other's incredibly gorgeous bodies. as I continued to shave Saundra, making sure to remove all the stubble from around her long lips, my wife and Amanda had an amazingly mutual orgasm. once I was done shaving Saundra she reached down with her one hand and spread her large pussy lips apart to reveal her wide open juicy cunt as if to invite me in. It didn't take me long to push my hard erection into her, causing her to moan and arch her back. as my wife and Amanda watched us Saundra and I worked each other like a well oil machine. then I injected her with a huge explosion of cum as she erupted in orgasmic pleasure. as I pulled my dripping cock out of Saundra, my wife began licking it clean as Amanda went over and began licking Saundra's dripping pussy, giving her yet another loud orgasm. these women were insatiable.

after a break the girls decided they wanted to head to the beach again today. as they were cleaning up from the recent activity I heard Saundra say, "we're not wearing our bikinis are we?" my wife replied, "we may as well not, they'll just come off once we get on the beach anyway". as we headed out across the warm sand I got another erection watching these 3 naked girls work their way across the beach. I could tell my wife was turned on again also as we watched Saundra and Amanda's naked asses wiggle in front of us and thought about these girls' willingness to show off their beautiful bodies in public. and why shouldn't they show them they both had amazing bodies. when we got to the special area of the nude beach Amanda and Saundra headed into the fenced in area without even saying a word to me and my wife. I could tell my wife was so horny. as we walked through this area looking for a spot to lay we could see most everyone else having some form of sex. my cock was so hard and erect that it swung from side to side as I walked. the girls laughed as they noticed my swinging cock. I couldn't help it, these girls were so sexy. then they finally found their spot. hard to believe but it was right next to the two guys with huge dicks they've been drooling over in the restaurant the past few days. as the girls started rubbing lotion on each other I saw the guys watching and then noticed their cocks getting larger. the girls kept looking their way also and I noticed all their nipples getting hard and erect. my wife started rubbing Saundra's back while Amanda asked if I wanted her to do my back. I gladly obliged. as I watched my wife rub Saundra's back and then her legs and eventually move to her inner thighs I could feel Amanda's hand reaching between my legs and touching my balls. I was so hard when my wife then told Saundra to flip on her back as did Amanda to me. as I flipped to my back my cock stood high and straight like a telephone pole. as my wife worked on Saundra's large tits and puffy nipples I could see her juices flowing. she was dripping on Saundra's stomach as she straddled her. she then moved to her groin completely bypassing her legs. as she began massaging Saundra's pussy I felt Amanda's hand start to rub my cock. then I noticed the 2 guys next to us began rubbing their huge erections. next I looked at my wife and she already had her head buried between Saundra's wide open legs. Amanda then motioned for the 2 guys to come over to us as she got on her knees and began sucking my erection with authority. then I heard the one guy ask us if we minded if they joined in. the girls all got a huge smile on their face and said, "no, not at all, please do". so they each got up and moved into position, one behind Amanda and one behind my wife. then I saw them gradually push the head of their very large cocks inside both girls as my wife and Amanda let out a loud yell of painful pleasure. as they pushed completely inside both girls they each let out a scream of ecstasy. the guys asked if they were ok and my wife and Amanda both shook their heads yes and said, "don't stop". as I continued to watch my wife and Amanda get pounded by these 2 enormous cocks and my wife giving Saundra oral euphoria I came without notice shooting my entire wad in Amanda's mouth. immediately Saundra erupted with loud moans and I knew she had cum. then as the 2 guys continued to work their magic Amanda leaned towards my wife and then my wife to her and they locked lips in a long and sensual kiss. I watched as Amanda passed my cum to my wife's mouth. then I watched my wife hoover over Saundra's face. as Saundra opened her mouth I watched as my wife dribbled my cum into her mouth and then I watched as Saundra swallowed it. then I heard the guy who was in my wife exclaim, "I'm gonna cum". my wife had an orgasm like she never had before. it seemed like he was pumping her full of semen for hours as she moaned and gasped continually. then before she was done with her orgasm the other guy came in Amanda. Amanda screamed with pleasure as he pumped and pumped her full. eventually the 2 guys removed their large cocks from the girl's pussies. my wife and Amanda proceeded to immediately lick each others cunts as the cum oozed out. as they did Saundra came over to me and did a 69 until I came in her mouth. again I watched as she swallowed it. I was exhausted. I told the girls I was done for awhile. the 2 guys then offered their services and the 5 of them played with each other the rest of the afternoon in various positions and with various partners. these women were unbelievable with their desire for sex. it was an unbelievable day I'll never forget. the girls finally had their fill with the 2 guys after draining them multiple times so we headed back to the room. but before we left the girls made sure to invite these 2 studs to our room that evening.

after we got back to the room and all got showers we headed for dinner. the girls told me they decided to wear something to the restaurant this evening. well I guess it was something but it wasn't much. Saundra wore a tiny pearl bikini. it really didn't hide much, her large beautiful pussy lips were still clearly visible as the tiny string of pearls ran up between them. Amanda wore what I would hesitate to call a mini dress. it was basically a band that went around her waist with tiny short strings dangling from it. her pussy was also clearly visible as the strings weren't even long enough to cover her it. my wife wore her loin cloth mini skirt. she had the most coverage but even her pussy was clearly visible as the tiny patch of material moved as she walked. I think these outfits turned me on even more than seeing the girls naked. it was as if they thought they were trying to be a bit conservative, but really they knew they weren't. I told them I was going completely nude because I didn't have anything that small to wear. they all laughed.

after we ate we headed to the club. the girls began dancing and rubbing against each other. then they started grabbing each other's asses. they were getting so horny we didn't stay at the club very long. they were in a hurry to get back to the room to have some fun. we no more than got in the room than there was a knock at the door. my wife got up to answer it and it was the 2 guys from the beach. my wife immediately grabbed their half erect cocks in her hands and pulled them in the room. as Saundra, Amanda and I were on 1 bed, my wife and the 2 guys were on the other. I watched as my wife took turns sucking their now enormous cocks. as she did Amanda and Saundra sucked me. then the one guy entered my wife's wide open pussy with his erection while the other guy went in her asshole. as they pounded her in both of her holes she screamed in agonizing pleasure. I then began to fuck Saundra as Amanda moved over my face with her pussy. after awhile I heard the one guy yell, "oh, hear it comes". I wasn't sure which one came but whichever one it was my wife enjoyed it immensely. then I saw the guy in her cunt pull out while the other guy continued to pound her ass. as I was getting close Amanda erupted in orgasm from my licking. then I saw the other guy pull out of my wife's anus and come around to her boobs and ejaculate an enormous amount of cum oh her, covering her entire chest and face. then I erupted in Saundra causing her to have a loud orgasm. then we all switched partners and did it all over again, this time the 2 guys pounding Amanda while my wife,Saundra and I played with each other. finally Saundra got her turn with the 2 guys while my wife, Amanda and I played together. what an evening. we were all exhausted. as the 2 guys got ready to leave my wife asked, "will we see you again?" the one replied, "I'm sure you will". then my wife and Saundra took a shower together while Amanda and I talked on the bed. I had been so busy transfixed on Saundra's great body I failed to realize just how gorgeous Amanda's body was. as we lay on the bed I kept thinking more and more that I really want to fuck Amanda. after my wife and Saundra were done with their showers, Amanda grabbed my hard cock and said, "let's get a shower". this shower went pretty much like the one the night before with Saundra. I kept staring at Amanda's great tits and large nipples and got hornier and hornier. we then moved to the hot tub where she climbed on top of me and began working her magic. as I sucked on her large breasts and nipples I could feel I was ready to fill her pussy with my cum. as I erupted she let out a loud yell and moan and clinched her legs tight around me. then she said, "wow". when we came out of the bathroom my wife and Saundra were in bed together kissing and feeling each other's ass. my wife then told me to sleep with Amanda that night. I was more than happy to as I felt I had previously ignored her in favor of Saundra. the more I looked at her naked body the more I realized that all 3 of these women had incredible bodies and I was lucky to have had the opportunity to fuck all of them.

we never put on one article of clothing the rest of the week and continued an incredible week of sex. I got so comfortable with Saundra and Amanda by the end of the week I would frequently grab their tits and asses at any time. I could tell they enjoyed it and actually encouraged me to do it.

our last day had arrived and it was time to head home. when we got to the airport we saw the same 2 guys the girls played with on the beach and in our room.. they headed our way and when they got to us they kissed Saundra and Amanda. Saundra said, "I'd like you to meet our boyfriends, Tim and Jeff. we were confused. she explained, "they took a separate flight down. we're sorry, we knew you 2 were in the lifestyle all along and thought it would be a turn on to tease you and to see how you would try to get Amanda and myself to join you in erotic fun." she continued, "we were right, it got us so horny as you subtly tried to seduce us". Saundra then told us she intentionally booked just the one room on the nude side on purpose. somehow Saundra and Amanda knew my wife and I were swingers. we have no idea how they found out but they did. we were played perfectly by these 2 hotties, but that's ok my wife and I had a blast as did Amanda and Saundra. hopefully this was the start of a long and adventuresome relationship between the 6 of us.

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