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Skinny Dipping on the Beach in California (MFF)

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I was traveling to several stops across the country. One of those stops included a few days in California. I was meeting up with some colleagues there who were from all across the U.S. We spent our days meeting with clients and our nights going out to dinner and having a few drinks. After basically being with these people for basically 14+ hours a day, we got to be pretty comfortable with each other. Our last day there, we talked about how those of us not from California had never been to a CA beach. We put a plan together to drive an hour or so away that night to eat dinner at a cool place on the beach and see the sights in a bustling little area nearby. We finished up our business day and all went to our rooms to change for the night. I was excited to go out and not have to worry about getting up early and go on calls. Most of us had later morning flights back, so we could stay out and enjoy ourselves. We all fit into one car, so we got in and off we went. We saw some beautiful scenery along the way and it was neat to share the experience together. It was actually kind of said to be leaving everyone because we had grown closer with our time together. We put our names down for dinner and walked along the boardwalk for a little while. It was going to be an hour-long wait, so we weren’t rushed. We decided to go to a little beer/drink hut to get something to drink. We drank those first ones pretty quickly and went back for more. The area was starting to get busy with people and all kinds of interesting things were going on. The more people there were, the crazier it got. We stepped into a bar to listen to some music that was playing and ordered more drinks. By now, we realized we were blowing off dinner at the restaurant, but we decided we’d find something to eat later. We went from place to place laughing, dancing and drinking until we realized we needed to eat something. There were three guys and two girls (including me), so we all just stepped into a little pizza place to get something to eat. We had more drinks with our pizza and were all acting pretty crazy by now. It was feeling like a big group date more than anything because we were all flirting with each other, dirty dancing a little bit, and talking about people in the crowd…who we would choose as a complete stranger to have for the night, etc. When the girl who was with us pointed out a girl across the restaurant as someone she would choose, that got things going even more. Of course, the guys went crazy and I was curious myself. She and I just looked at each other and smiled and rolled our eyes as the guys stuttered all over themselves. We decided to go walk around some more to see who and what was going on now. As tipsy as we all were, we were holding each others arms and bumping into each other. One of the guys had always been attracted to me and I found myself gravitating to him. Naturally, the girl and I were sticking together too, just because we were the only girls in the group. We were hanging out in one club and decided it was time for a potty break. She and I went to the bathroom and I asked her if she was just pointing out the girl earlier just to get a rise out of the guys. She then told me that she was bisexual and wanted to see how I would react because she found me attractive. I asked her if I passed her test and she said “Yes” and kissed me. Here I was in some random bar in California kissing one of my female co-workers! Wow. It was great. She was so soft and she smelled so good and it made me want to go to bed with her right then. I knew we couldn’t leave since we were all in this together, so we composed ourselves and went back out to the guys. They asked if it always takes us forever to use the restroom, and I said, “No, only if we decide to make out in the bathroom”. For the second time that night, they all went nuts. The one that I thought was cute gave me a lingering look that made me wish there was more of that to come later. After a while, someone spoke up and said, “You know, we still have not been on the beach”. So we all stumbled down to an area where we could access it. There were people hanging out close to the boardwalk, but not so many as we walked further away. Someone had the crazy idea to go skinny dipping, so we all tossed our clothes off and went running into the water. At first, the girl and I stayed to ourselves and then we moved closer to the guys. After a while, we were all comfortable to play in the waves and talk. I so wanted to touch the one guy, but I wasn’t sure how he would react. Before I had a chance to find out, he put his hand on the small of my back. Tingles ran all over me and I looked at him. He smiled and I reached under the water and touched his leg. I had to remember that we were both married and we were still co-workers! What a mess we were all in and there was no turning back now. We got out of the water and went onto the shore to get dressed. Instead, though, we decided to sit on the beach chairs to dry off. They were connected in sets of two, so the guy, the other girl and I went to one set while the other guys decided to go check out the scene some more. I was in one chair with her sitting in the middle and him in the other. In a minute, he got up and came over to me and just started kissing me! She said, “Well, don’t mind me, you two!” He looked at her and said, “You know you want her too, just jump in.” So, she did. I was lying half-way down with him sitting on one side of me and her kissing my titties. He reached down to touch my pussy and I reached over to feel the smooth hardness of his dick. I so wanted him in my mouth, so I rose up a little and started to kiss and lick just the tip. He was already enjoying himself, but I wanted more. I had him get in the other lounge chair so I could do a better job. He was so smooth and hard and long! I was really looking forward to making him cum in my mouth. While my ass was sticking up in the air, she came over and got on her back under me so she could eat me while I was busy with him. It felt great to enjoy myself while he was getting so close himself. Before long, he was spewing in my mouth and I loved the fact that I brought him to that point with my mouth. He then got up so I could roll over and enjoy her working on me for a while. He just sat there and watched as she sucked and kissed my pussy until I was on the verge of having an amazing orgasm. He started to kiss me on the mouth as soon as I started breathing hard. That was an amazing experience. By then, he was hard again and I really wanted to feel him inside me. I told him to lie down and I crawled on top of him. I was feeling a little pang of weirdness because of the circumstances, but I couldn’t stop. I leaned forward on him to kiss him while positioning the tip of his dick just at the opening of my lips. I was so wet that I knew he was going to slide right in as soon as I moved backwards. While we kissed, he was trying to push himself inside me by thrusting his hips up. I moved away from his face and pushed back just so the tip went inside me. I looked over to see her going crazy with her hands all over her body. I slowly moved to get him inside me, inch by inch, until I couldn’t wait to feel how far inside me he could go. I slammed myself down on him, hard, and he let out a load moan. I went up and down one more time and went back to a slow up and down motion. After a few times like this, he said, “Are you trying to kill me?” He then pushed me off of him onto my back and shoved himself inside me. OMG, it felt so good! I threw my legs around his waist and pulled him into me as far as I could. He thrust a few times and came again inside me. While we were lying there still catching our breath, she came over and sat on my face. I licked and sucked her until she came on my face. We all lay there catching our breath before we dressed and headed off to find the others.

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