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Sexy Barcelona Beach Story - Part 2

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After rinsing off at the shower and getting dressed we walked a short distance to Gerard’s favorite chiringuito, a beachside bar, to get a sangria and chill. I was excited to see that they had cava sangria on the menu! This is my favorite kind of sangria and something you rarely see outside of Barcelona. Everyone agreed it was a good idea and we ordered a carafe. Then we settled into people watching and chatting. My body was feeling super charged from the sun, the sexy bodies, and the flirty kisses from my new friend. ‘Hmmm, I wonder where this night is going to take me.’

Gerard asked where I was staying, and I told him I had a room at a small hotel nearby. He said that they had a beautiful Airbnb on the water only a few hundred meters away. “The building looks ordinary from the suite but the penthouse apartment we rented is amazing. We should have our next drink on our patio and watch the sunset, what do you think Marie?” “Great idea Gerard, Christine, you must come back to our place for a glass of wine and see the place, the view is spectacular!”

Gerard paid the bill and we all headed back to their Airbnb. I was a little nervous wondering if this was such a smart move, I just met these people after all. But then I remembered the image of Gerard’s, naked ripped body, and his huge cock glistening in the sun at the beach shower. ‘I can’t resist to see where this is going to take me next. Besides, this is the kind of experience my husband, Evan, was hoping I would have on my solo trip to Barcelona. I just need to remember to capture some photos for him!’

When we got to the Airbnb it was as they had described. The outside of the building was only so-so, but the top-floor suite was beautiful. The patio looked over the ocean and the sun just starting to set. It was a spectacular. Gerard said, “You girls can freshen up first and I will go after you.” Marie said, “Great” and told me to come with her. The bathroom was big with a separate soaker tub and a double size shower, all very modern. Marie turned on the shower and then peeled off her dress and told me to join her. I had seen most of Marie’s body before, but this was the first time that she was completely naked in front of me. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth, her breasts were firm and natural looking. She had no tan lines on top but a bright white thong bikini line highlighting her ass. She was super-hot, and I was a bit nervous about getting into the shower with her. I stripped off my dress and panties and got in. Marie was soaping up her body and then started to rub soap on my back, shoulders, and breasts. It was so sexy, ‘Evan would die if he was here watching us naked, soapy, and sexy in the hot shower.’ Marie started kissing me and her hands moved over my body playfully caressing my hard nipples and her hand wandered between my legs, teasing my pussy lips, and caressing my ass. I also explored her amazing body, her firm tits, and hard ass. ‘Oh my god, I feel like I might cum, just from the feeling of her body and her hands teasing my naked body.’ But before things got too carried away, Marie said, “We should get back to Gerard before he wonders what is taking so long.” We rinsed off the soap and got out of the shower. I put back on my underwear and sundress and Marie headed off to her room to get some clothes.

Gerard was standing on the patio looking out at the view, there were still quite a few people on the beach and lots of people walking along the sidewalk. “This is incredible”, I said, “We were lucky to find this place and I am really glad we met you too” Gerard said with smile and a wink. My heart skipped a beat. “Yeah, I am glad I met you and Marie, and appreciate you inviting me to your place.” Marie came into the room, she was wearing a sexy dress, it was long, flowing and pretty much see-through. “Gerard, it’s your turn for the bathroom, we’re all done”. Gerard said he would be quick and headed off.

I was looking out at the sunset when Marie came up behind me. She was standing behind me very close and then started to slowly kiss the back of my neck, her hands touched my shoulders. I could feel her firm breasts and hard nipples pressing into my back. A shiver went through my body. I’m normally not super into girls but every time Marie touches me, my body explodes with tingling, and sexual excitement. I turn around and we start kissing deeply, passionately, her tongue exploring mine, her hands on my breasts, only a sheer layer of fabric between us. I am not sure how long we were making out but when I looked up, I saw Gerard standing by the entrance to the terrace with his pants undone, slowly stroking his big black cock, and staring at us with lust in his eyes.

Marie suggested we should help him out, so the two of us walked over and kneeled in front of him. His cock was amazing, long, hard, thick, beautiful. His balls were shaved smooth, and he only hair on his body was a small patch above the shaft of his cock. His rock-hard six-pack abs, and chest were all perfectly smooth. Marie started sucking his cock and I gently grabbed his balls and started sucking them, one ball at a time, each one filled my mouth. Gerard sat back on a chair and watched as the two of sucked his cock and balls. I moved up to his shaft, dying to get my turn to put that amazing hard cock in my mouth. Marie and I kissed over his cock, ‘God this is so amazing.’

Marie moved down to Gerard’s balls and let me suck his cock. I rolled my lips over my teeth and started to work his cock with my mouth. Then I shifted to taking his cock deep into my throat. Gerard began to moan and say it felt so good. I kept working his amazing cock and I could feel his body tensing up, he was breathing louder, and moaning. I saw Marie taking a photo of me sucking his cock and thought I should get a copy for my husband, Evan. “Oh, this feels so good,” he said, “It feels so amazing you are going to make me cum” Marie said “Gerard, cum on our faces,” and she got in close to me, Gerard pulled his cock from my mouth and with a grunt and a yell he exploded. The first bit of cum flew over my head but he pumped another load onto my cheek and then more onto Marie’s face. I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last bit of cum off it. Then Marie started to lick the cum off my face and we started passionately kissing again.

Gerard was watching us girls as we enjoyed the last taste of Gerard’s cum on our lips and he said, “That was incredible, I think that was the best blowjob I have ever had.”

Marie told Gerard to go get us some wine and he went to the kitchen. “Oh my God Christine, that was amazing, I’ve never seen Gerard cum so fast from a blowjob, he’s not kidding, you really are amazing. Now … let me pay you back,” she said with a smile. Marie then pulled my dress over my head and started to kiss my neck and slowly moved downward, licking and teasing my nipples. My body was on fire. First the flirting and kissing at the beach, then the shower, then sucking Gerard’s amazing cock and now this woman teasing, kissing, licking, my body. She kissed and sucked my nipples and then she slowly peeled off my wet thong panties. She kissed my inner thigh, and lightly kissed and licked my pussy lips. She used the tip of her tongue to circle my clit slowly. I moaned and I could feel the orgasm growing inside me. ‘This first one is going to come fast’, I thought. Marie was licking me from my clit, the length of my pussy, and slowly teasing my asshole with the tip of her tongue. Then working her way back to my clit again. She circled my clit and nibbled it lightly, I was lost in the sensations of this women’s soft face on my pussy and the feeling of her tongue expertly exploring my crevasses. I screamed as orgasm number one rushed through me. Marie didn’t stop, she kept licking, sucking and fingering my wet pussy. Another orgasm was rising, and it was even more intense than the last one. ‘Oh my god, I love being eaten by a girl, her soft skin, her knowing touch – this is incredible,’ I thought. I screamed as another orgasm exploded.

Gerard had brought three glasses of wine and set them down on the side table. He was entranced by the sexy show and pulled out his cock which was already starting to grow hard again. Then he took Marie from behind and started to fuck her pussy doggy style. I could feel the muscular thrusts of Gerard as he pounded his cock into Marie while she continued to eat my pussy. The intensity of the moment and the sight of this sexy women licking my pussy while this gorgeous guy pounded her sent me into yet another orgasm. As I was screaming in pleasure, I could hear an orgasm starting to build in Marie. Marie continued to lick and finger-fuck my pussy while Gerard was rhythmically banging her hard from behind, the sounds coming from Marie were sexy, guttural, and intense and this sparked yet another wave of orgasms building within me and then, just as Marie climaxed, I came again too. Gerard was sweating and panting and stepped back. “Oh my god that was so sexy watching you two girls cum together.”

My body was really fired up now. I have always been multi-orgasmic and the more I cum the more I want it. Now, I wondered if I would get a turn to ride Gerard’s BBC. Marie saw the look in my eye, and the way I was staring at Gerard, asked me if I would like a turn fucking him. Yes! I told Gerard to lie down on the floor and I climbed on top of him with my feet on each side and lowered myself slowly onto his big hard cock. ‘Oh, I love the feeling of the first penetration, when I finally get the cock deep inside me.’ I started to bounce slowly up and down and instantly felt another orgasm building. ‘His big cock is hitting all the right spots,’ I thought, ‘oh god, this feels amazing.’ Then Marie straddled Gerard’s face and started kissing me. I rocked back and forth on his cock. Marie’s breath was short and urgent as Gerard was eating her pussy and driving her to another orgasm. I couldn’t control myself and pulled away from Marie and focused intently on bouncing on Gerard’s big cock, the orgasm that was building was super intense. His cock felt so amazing and this sexy women in front of me looked like she was about to cum. I screamed as an orgasm ripped through me, but I didn’t stop, ‘I am greedy girl and I want more’, I kept going, and another wave of orgasms hit me. I had no idea what was going on around me, I just focused on fucking this gorgeous man. My legs were burning but it felt so amazing, his cock was so deep, so hard, I knew I had another orgasm trembling up inside ‘I can’t stop, I won’t stop’, and then I came again, screaming in pleasure. Finally, too tired to continue, I flopped back on the floor next to them. “Oh, my God, that was amazing!”

In the afterglow, we decided to have a glass of wine and catch our breath. The night was calm and beautiful, and I wondered if the people on the beach heard our passionate love making. Marie said she snapped a couple of sexy pics, one of me deep throating Gerard’s cock and another when I was intensely riding him. “I figured you might want some photos to share with your man in Vancouver.”

“What are your plans for tomorrow?” Gerard asked, “Marie and I plan to go to the beach in the morning and then another couple, from Belgium, is meeting up with us, I think you would like them, you should plan to join us tomorrow,” he said with a wink.

Sexy Barcelona! The first eight hours were crazy – what’s next!!

By Evan Robb, 2022-06

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