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Our First and Best So Far. MMF

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Wife and I are both 38 and have had a very good sex life. It started out as wild and energetic sex but no blow jobs for the first 2 years. She finally started given in to my pleads and blow jobs became more and more frequent. We have been married 15 years and both have kept good fiqures and are attractive. My wife has great tits and she loves them sucked and nibbled on to the point that there are time where she will cum while I suck on those beautiful tits. That is where we begin. I have asked her over and over would it feel nice to have someone sucking her tits and going down on her at the same time. She use to say it would feel great but I do not feel comfortable with having a strange guy in our bedroom. I would just agree and contemplate how to arrange new cock to play with. I want to share with you how that actually came about. She and I both work hard and decided to go away for the weekend. I told her that I wanted to rest and have sex all weekend so please bring clothes that are sexy and teasing. We went to a beach community and rented a house for three nights. We got there on a Thursday afternoon and took a wonderful walk on the beach. When we got back she gave me a very sensual blowjob while on the couch in the front room. The front room had mostly windows and so you could see from the outside fairly easily. Right when I was about to cum deep down her throat the door got a knock on it an do mean it sounded like it was coming down so I jumped and when I did I came out of her mouth and cummed down her chest and one shot went across her face. She was a mess and I was laughing loudly and the door knocked again so I go up to see who it was when I saw it was this young guy from the beach I opened the door some and let him speak. He asked if he interrupted anything to which I replied not really but he looked past me and saw Denise wiping her face off and she just smiled at him I then replied I guess you did what can we help you with? His story was he needed a place to change before work saw us walking and smiled at Denise when she smiled back he felt a connection and followed us to our house. He walked up to ask when he looked into the window and saw her going down on me he figured he wait well he was going to be late for work so he went ahead and knocked. That is when he watched as I shot my load all over her. He felt bad that the cum had to go to waste like that. I asked him into our house and he went back to change while I cleaned up Denise and got us a few drinks. When I came back he was sitting on the couch with her chatting I really felt the sexual tension in the air. He got up and you could see from his bulge he had a very large cock in those slacks as walked out. While leaving he asked if we would come see him at the restaurant he works at for dinner and he would take care of us and he walked out. I looked at Denise and she was grinning from ear to ear and with out saying a word grabbed my hand and took me back to our bedroom and forced my head down on her pussy where I gave her a very intense orgasm. We cleaned up took a shower and went to dinner I do not have to tell you where we went to eat either.

Dinner went well and the place closes early since it is out of season so The waiter whose name is Mike and I with Denise went to a little crab shack bar and presided to have a few drinks well I do not drink and Denise loves jack Daniels and coke. When she starts on those she gets wild and we have had our best sex ever when she gets a few of those in her so when we got to the bar and I asked her what she wanted and she stated a Jack and Coke I knew our evening was going to end up wilder then we have ever shared. I was right on that feeling.

It got to be kind of boring sitting there listening to the two of them chat and he was young so there was not much there to chat about. My friend he was a waiter at the beach but one thing was for sure he seemed like he would be a wonderful addition to our bed. I finally told the two of them I wanted to go back home and needed to piss first and he agreed he was ready to leave as well so we got up to pee and went to the trough in this crab shack where I pulled out my cock to piss. Now I like to look at other cocks so when he pulled his out I glanced at it and was blown away by the size of it I knew right then that I wanted to see Denise take that cock in her hot pussy. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me then something happened I will never forget nor expected he reached over and grabbed my cock and gave it a tug and looked at me and said can I go home with you two. I walked over to him with my cock in his hand reached out and touched the first cock other then mine ever and said I hope so. Let me go find out.

I went back to the table looked at Denise and told her Mike was coming home with us and finish what he started in the rest room she could enjoy this or go to bed but we were going home to have some fun. Denise laughed and told me she had his cock on her mind all night and was trying to tell me that she was ready to explore a new avenue of sex. I waved Mike over looked him in the eye told him to be at the house in fifteen minutes door will be open and lock it behind you.

Denise and I left and headed to the house we called the kids at home and let them know we would be sleeping in and not to call us unless there was a emergency.

We got in the house I told Denise to go change and be ready we will be I there in a few minutes. I took all my clothes off but my boxers and waited a few minutes before Mike was quietly sliding into the house. The lights were off so he did not know I was sitting there. As he walked by I reached out and touched his hip told him to strip down to his shorts he laughed an d replied he was not wearing any shorts so when his slack came off I could see his already semi erect cock right at eye level. He turned towards me and grabbed my head and pulled it towards his cock. Now I have never had a cock in my mouth before but I have seen a few up close during my days of adult bookstores I would go and watch as other sucked each other and played with each other i always wondered what it would be like to suck one I just was not ready yet so I looked up at him and said maybe later right now Denise is waiting for us in the bedroom. I will go in there and he start to play with her you wait her and when you hear her moaning you come in ad start right in on her tits she will go wild when you do that. He sat down on the couch and agreed. I gave him a quick tug and he gave me a quick suck on the tip of my dick and i knew we were going to have some wonderful sex that night I was as hard as I have ever been period.

I went into the bedroom and found Denise laying on her back legs wide open tits held in place by a wonder brassier she bought the really shows off those tits. I walked right in climbed on the bed brought my leg between here and ground my thigh against her pussy she shook and shuddered she was really buzzed from the alcohol and heaved her chest to my mouth and offered her tits to me I ignored her request and slid down her body to her awaiting pussy I lightly passed my tongue over her lips and she went crazy grabbed my head and pulled me up to her tits again. I kissed her cleavage and slid back down to her pussy. She let put a load moan which I echoed for her and shoved my tongue deep into her hot wet pussy. As I was getting a mouth full of pussy I felt something brush by me I looked up and there was Mike grabbing her bra and ripping it open when her tits bounced free she sat up and grabbed the poor guy and buried he face in her tits she was sucking her nipples and grabbing her tits and she was bucking, shoving her tits up to him grinding her pussy on to my face she came instantly. When she cums she does not like anyone to touch her for a few minutes and she worked us up to a frenzy so there was no denying Mike and I from attacking her but she was a fighter and always has been so she pushed him a away closed her legs and rolled over on her stomach. This was my cue. I climbed on her back and waved Mike over and we started kissing her back gently she reached out and started to stroke Mikes cock I pulled her to her knees and opened her legs so Mike could see her wet dripping pussy and took him by his cock and guided him into my wife for the first time ever I watched as another man slid his cock in to her waiting pussy. She loved it. She took every inch of that cock she slammed her ass against him over and over she clinched the sheets and was screaming in ecstasy over this cock. I was amazed at the fervor in which she was fucking him. She never fucked me liked that. After a few minutes of that pace she released her grip on the sheets and reached out for me she too my cock in her mouth and had me slide under her while she was on her hands a knees slowly working her pussy on Mikes cocks she sucked on my dick and I was playing with her bouncing titties looked up and saw her swollen clit. I reached out with my tongue and gave it a little flick she shuddered and I flicked it again. I could tell she really liked that so I pursed my lips and while Mike had his enormous cock in her I sucked on her clit and she came with a loud moan and clamping on his cock. He tried to pull out but she had a grip on him with those pussy muscles when she relaxed he slid that cock out to just the tip and I never would have imagined what I was fixing to do but it was all heat of the moment kind of thing I leaned up licked down his shaft and grabbed his cock and let it fall into my mouth. He started to slowly work it back and forth and it slowly went down my throat with great ease. I have always joked around with Bananas and sausage for friends about how far down I could slide one but never thought of taken on a real one. I am 6?6?? tall and 220 lbs so Proportional wise it made sense. Well Denise was getting tired of being on her knees she had been there for twenty minutes or so so she climbed off me and spun a round slid down her pussy on my cock and helped suck Mike off. He told us later he has a hard time Cumming in a woman?s pussy he prefer a mans mouth any day. So it was minutes before he was ready to shoot. Now Denise rarely takes one in the mouth but she was not letting this one go. And I have never had one and did not know when there would be another chance. So I grabbed his cock and licked the under skin of his shaft he jolted forward and shot a large clump of jism down my throat. I was surprised how easily I took it. He pulled out and let Denise suck on him and clean him up. I started thinking about the past day and how Denise had really opened up to a whole new life where we could have great sex while being away from home with complete strangers and I rammed my cock in to her wet hot pussy and came like I have not came since I was a teenager. She whispered in my ear thank you and she wanted to do this again. I smiled and was like no problem. As she got up and got off the bed Mike looked at her and told Denis how incredibly sexy she was and I stood up beside her and gave her a very big hug told her I loved her when I felt Mike reach out and stroke my cock. I t felt so nice and gentle I took a few steps towards him and he lowered his mouth on my rod looked at Denise and said do you mind I wanted to do this since seeing you do it to him this afternoon on your couch. She smiled and we all laughed and I got my first blowjob from a man and loved it.

The End

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