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Our First Bi-Sexual (Foursome, mmff) Experience

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My name is Joe and my wife’s name is Nikki. Nikki enjoys me reading the sex stories from SLS as we sit outside enjoying our drinks. We are lifetime members, however, we never hooked up with anyone, or even tried too.

Some time ago we discussed that it would be nice to meet a couple that was maybe a couple of hundred miles away that we might become good friends and possibly be friends with benefits. This would be where were only had a foursome between us and would be faithful between our random meetings.

We are very choosy and clean fanatics. The couple has to be clean shaved. They must also be professionals and are able to keep what happens between all of us stays between all of us.

Yes, we are asking for a lot and we realize this will probably never materialize.

A few months ago, Nikki and I went to Panama City, Florida to visit the beach, bars, and strip clubs. Nikki grew up there and knows her way around and has connections. Nikki earned her tuition for college stripping in one of the clubs back in the ninety’s. She still has a smoking HOT body with large, firm breast.

Now for the story. When we arrived Friday around noonish we did some sightseeing around the beach area. Nikki wore a thin Summer dress that went to her ankles. Her hard nipples were easily noticed as they rubbed against the soft material. I also knew that she wasn’t wearing a thong, which made this even more exciting to me.

I always enjoy watching the other men, and women sneak looks at her large breast and firm nipples as we walk hand in hand. It was time to get to our rented condo and get settled. Our condo was on the beach with restaurants within walking distance. After we were settled, we walked to a seafood restaurant where we dined and had a few drinks. Maybe a little more than a few drinks. Nikki was feeling no pain.

We went to our room and got a blanket to take down to the beach. We walked along the beach which had a warm breeze and the sound of the waves breaking onto the shore was very relaxing. The beach was very quiet without the day crowd and we didn’t have to walk far to get away from the lights of the condos that cascaded over the beach.

Nikki neatly placed the blanket on the sand and we both sat down. Before we knew it, we were like two teenagers making out. We were in our own world as I was sucking on her breast and fingering her tight pussy that was getting slicker by the moment. Nikki had my pants down to just above the knees and was rubbing my hard cock with her soft hand.

Nikki was moaning softly, at least I thought she was as things were really getting hotter. I guess the sound of our passion had traveled down the beach and got the attention of another couple.

During our passion, I heard voices approaching. I told Nikki that there were people coming our way. I was a bit nervous, feeling like a kid getting caught with his girlfriend. Nikki told me not to worry about them. We were married adults and adults have sex. It’s natural. I still wasn’t all that comfortable about our approaching intruders.

The couple stopped about fifty to sixty feet away and put down a blanket for them to sit on. WTF!!! The whole beach and they get this close to us. Nikki told me to calm down. They were close, but not within our bubble, forget about them.

Obviously, the couple heard me and my feelings about them being too close. The woman said that she was sorry to interrupt us but that she was the blame for them getting close to us. Okay, I’m curious now, why is it her fault. I spoke in a normal tone asking why is it your fault?

The woman said that her husband and she were visiting Panama City and she was acting like a kid. She said she probably had too many drinks and she wanted to do something she always wanted to do. I asked her what that might be. She said she always wanted to be a voyeur and watch another make love. She apologized for getting close to us and we heard her tell her husband they needed to leave.

This was an exciting thing for me to hear. That explained everything! I told the couple not to go and that her fantasy sounded interesting. Without consulting with Nikki I told the couple to bring their blanket closer to us. The woman said, “No, that’s okay, we’ll leave”. I told her that I really wanted them to come down to where we were.

We saw the silhouettes get up, gather their blanket, and walk our way. When they arrived we could see that they were a couple about our same age and they looked very nice. I introduced Nikki and myself and the woman introduced herself as Cara and her husband John. John was the pleasant and quiet type.

Cara was wearing a light color blouse and a skirt. John was wearing shorts and a button-down shirt. They were a good-looking couple. After a couple of minutes of chatting, Nikki told me to get back to what I was doing. I knew Nikki was as excited as I was knowing we were going to be watched while having sex. We had fantasized in the past about being watched while making love.

Nikki laid on her back and I went back to sucking and fondling her breast as she was working my unsecured pants back down to rub my cock. As I sucked on her breast, I would turn my head to glance at our new friends watching us. I noticed Nikki was doing the same thing. This was a new and very exciting experience we were having.

Cara and John just sat on their blanket, both facing us. They had front-row seats. All they needed was a soft drink and popcorn. It would be like being in an adult theater. Nikki had my pants partially down and was trying to get them totally off me, but her arms were too short. She was getting frustrated trying to remove them as I wouldn’t let her sit up, as I kept her down sucking on her breast.

Cara picked up on Nikki’s frustration and Cara asked Nikki if she wanted her to help remove my pants. Nikki moaned “Ahha”. This really excited me. Cara is going to take off my pants while I’m sucking on fine titties.

As Nikki was on her back, I was on my right side. Cara crawled over to the back of me and took hold of the waist area of my pants and slowly began working them down. I could feel the soft touch of her hands sliding along my legs. When Cara had the pants down to my calves, she took her hands and placed them against each leg, and began sliding the pants down with the backs of her hands as she was also caressing my legs.

I was in no hurry to get them off as the soft rubbing downward on both legs was making me harder than hard. As my pants were almost off, I began to finger and rub Nikki’s soaking wet pussy. I was in a world of my own. As my pants finally came off Nikki began rubbing my cock. Cara took both her hands and started at my ankles and caressed upward along my legs and over my bare ass.

Cara then removed my shirt and began to rub my back. I repositioned myself to get between Nikki’s legs. It was time to lick and tongue her pussy. I moved Nikki’s skirt up to her waist so it would not interfere with her pussy being eaten. Nikki was in extasy.

Without hesitation, I said, “John, get Nikki’s dress off for me”. I no sooner had this out of my mouth and John appeared out of nowhere with his hands on her dress, slowly moving it upwards. I noticed as John had the dress up to Nikki’s breast, he slid the backs of his hands against Nikki’s breast as he moved the dress upward and finally over her head.

Seeing this excited me and I had also noticed that Nikki had moaned a bit louder as his hands slid across had her breast.

Cara was still softly rubbing my back as I laid on my stomach eating Nikki’s delicious pussy. I glanced up at John, while still buried in Nikki’s pussy and told him that Nikki had moaned when his hands touched her breast and that I think she might like to be touched more.

I saw John look at Cara, waiting for some type of sign of approval. I could tell by the look on John’s face that he was willing to do anything for Cara’s approval. John had the poor puppy dog look. I could see that Cara gave John a slight nod of approval. Off like a shot, John’s mouth was all over Nikki’s left breast as he fondled her right.

I guess Cara felt free to do as she wanted as John was sucking on some beautiful titties. Cara took her right hand, reached around and under me to grab my balls and cock, and brought them out behind me as I was still on my stomach.

As Cara was on my left side I rolled slightly onto my right side to make access to my cock and balls easier. As I made it slightly onto my right side, Cara reached behind my balls and began to massage them. I couldn’t help but moan loudly. Cara took this as a sign of approval.

I was about to blow my load. Eating the finest pussy while getting my cock and balls massaged. I didn’t think it could get any better, but then, Cara moved her way down to start sucking on my already rock-hard cock. My moans became uncontrollably louder and Nikki had to look to see what was happening to me.

I looked up and watched Nikki’s eyes as she saw that I was getting a blowjob. Her eyes lit up and she said “Oh fuck yeah! Suck his cock and lick his balls. He loves it!”

Nikki seeing this only made her more fucking horny. She wanted a hard cock in her mouth and she wasn’t going to be outdone. Nikki had John get on his knees on the right side of her as she was still on her back. I watched as Nikki grabbed John’s long stiff cock and slowly slid it into her mouth, taking it all the way in.

I don’t know how I kept from blowing my hot load into Cara’s mouth while watching Nikki give John a blowjob. Nikki was giving John one hell of a sloppy blowjob. I could see streams of saliva on John’s cock each time it came out of Nikki’s hot mouth.

I keep saying over and over in my head, don’t cum, don’t cum.

Watching Nikki giving John a sloppy blowjob and finally seeing him blow his load in my wife’s mouth was all I could take.

I blew my hot fucking load of cum in Cara’s mouth. I was still eating Nikki’s pussy the entire time. John, Nikki, and I all came within seconds of one another. Nikki is sometimes able to squirt. When she came after getting John’s load of cum in her mouth, she squirted three huge loads of cum into my mouth. I was able to swallow most of it, but some shot all over my face, which I love.

I watched as Nikki let John’s cum run out of her mouth and down her chin and onto the blanket. Cara swallowed all of my cum and licked my cock clean.

John, Nikki and I felt bad that Cara didn’t have the opportunity to cum. It was decided that we would all go up to our hotel room, as it was closer to take a breather and to get Cara satisfied.

When we arrived in our room, we all had some cheese and crackers along with assorted cold cut sandwiches. We rehydrated with juices and then had a couple of mixed drinks before starting back up.

Not sure whose idea this was but it was either Nikki or Cara’s. Nikki said that we needed to take showers and get cleaned up. Sounded like a plan. Then the rest came out. We were each to take a piece of paper and write our name on it and put it into the ice bucket. We would each draw a paper and whoever’s name we drew we would have to shower with that person.

I could see that John wasn’t so keen on this idea and I wasn’t either. What if John and I got each other’s name. Oh well, it’s been a crazy night already and what are the chances of that happening.

Okay, we are all ready to pick names for the shower partner. But wait, now Cara speaks up. An update on the showing with a partner game. Cara said whoever we shower with each partner will have to wash the other with soap and water with bare hands on the private areas.

Oh crap… This could be Fantastic, or it could be devastating. My lucky feeling wasn’t feeling so lucky right about then.

Okay… that’s it, no more modifications.

I thought about drawing names and came up that this idea of drawing names would have a slim chance of working as someone would probably pick their own name which would throw the game off.

I came up with an idea. Remove Cara’s name from the ice bucket and whoever she picks showers with her, since she didn’t cum yet this would be a bonus that she gets to pick her shower partner. The remaining two would have to shower together.

Off we go. Cara removes her name, and she draws the winning name to shower with her. John and I are hoping she picks either of our names. No, oh hell no… She draws Nikki’s name.

A game is a game and we all agreed to play and play fairly.

Which pair showers first. The men or the women. John pipes up saying he is going to make us all fresh drinks and I said I would help. Yup, the ladies go first.

John and I watch the ladies undress with full lighting. Now we see everything in the light. They are both smoking hot. Both have shaved pussies and large firm breasts. Into the shower, they go.

After a couple of minutes, John and I hear them laughing and giggling in the shower. We walk up to the door and listen carefully. Whatever they are doing they are having fun doing it.

After approximately twenty-five minutes they reappear from the bathroom. I asked what they were doing that caused them to laugh. They looked at one another and burst into laughter. They weren’t going to tell.

Cara said, what happens between all of us, stays between all of us. Nikki looked at John and me and told us to get into the shower and just have fun. What happens, happens. Just enjoy the moment.

Nikki’s words were calming and seemed to make the upcoming experience better than I had felt before she spoke these words to John and me. The women had fun, why shouldn’t John and I.

John and I get undressed in the lighting so now the women see us. Off to the shower. One thing nice about a condo is the never-ending hot water. We go into the bathroom and I shut the door.

John gets into the shower and turns on the water to a nice warm temperature. There we are, two straight men in a shower, naked, facing one another, not knowing what to say or do.

Before this gets any more uncomfortable, I said John, we know what we have to do. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. We may never see one another again. Let’s move this along so we can get back out there and fuck some wives.

John laughed and said, “Let’s go!” I looked down and I was the closest to the bar of soap. I said I’ll wash you first if that’s okay? John said that he was ready.

I took the bar of soap and got it wet. I soaped my hands up and began to wash John’s cock with my bare soapy hands. Both John and I keep our private areas shaved, just like our wives. As I massaged the soapy foam on John’s cock to clean it, I noticed John’s face began to grimace. Was I hurting him somehow? I was being gentle. Was the soap getting into a cut? I couldn’t figure it out. Then it dawned on me. John was trying not to get a hard-on.

As I stroked his cock and massaged his balls with soap to clean them it was exciting him, and he was getting embarrassed. John’s cock became firm in my hand.

I told John to turn around. I rubbed my soapy hand over his entire ass, cleaning it. Now it was time to clean the crack area. I ran my soapy hand up and down his crack. I could tell from his breathing that he was finding this very arousing.

John tried to hold back his enjoyment, but his breathing and moaning gave it away. I then grabbed the showerhead and rinsed John off. John was done. He could wash the rest of himself.

John told me that he had never had a bi-sexual experience before and that this was an enjoyable experience. I asked John if he thought that the women were laughing because they were getting each other aroused.

Now it was my turn to get washed. John asked me if I had ever had a bi-sexual experience before. I told him no and never thought that I would. He said he hopes I enjoy it as much as he did. He said to get relax and go with it. Don’t get embarrassed.

John took the soap and worked it into a lather. He then grabbed my cock and began to rub soap over it using both hands. He was very gentle, and it didn’t take long before I was getting a hard-on. He said it's okay, he got one too. He told me to relax and just enjoy the wash.

John massaged my cock and balls with the lather until he was certain they were clean. He might have added a little more cleaning than needed, but it felt good. Next, he had me bend over. He rubbed both lathered hands over my ass and up and down my crack until he was certain I was clean.

As we returned to the beds area the women asked us if we had a good time. John and I looked at one another and laughed like they did after showing.

Cara asked if we had the same issue come up as they did while showing together. John said “What do you think?”, and the ladies laughed. Nikki said it seems that we all broke the ice after playing the shower game and that might make things more interesting.

Nikki reminded us that Cara had not gotten off yet and we all needed to work together to make her cum like she’s never cum before. Nikki asked Cara what her sexual fantasy was. Cara said she doesn’t have one. Nikki said that she had an idea to start things off.

Nikki had me go down on Cara’s pussy while John had Cara blowing him as she laid on her back on the king-size bed. Nikki then began sucking on Cara’s nipples and fondling her large breast. Cara took to this like a fish to water. Her pussy was just flowing, along with loud moaning. Cara never had two guys satisfying her at once.

After a few minutes, Cara told me to fuck her. She wanted a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. As I was fucking her, seeing Nikki sucking on her breast and John getting his cock sucked had me rock hard inside Cara hot, moist pussy.

I had to control myself. I didn’t want to cum. I asked Cara if she likes to get her tight little asshole fucked. She took John’s cock from her mouth and said she was always afraid of that. Nikki looked up from Cara’s breast and told her to try it. It feels great once you get used to it. Cara agreed, as long as John was gentle and if she says stop, it means stop. Nikki told John to get behind Cara and that she was going to get the bottle of Anal Lube. Nikki got the bottle of lube from the suitcase and lubed John’s cock and Cara’s asshole. Nikki used her finger to make sure the inside of her asshole was well lubed.

Nikki instructed John and Cara through this new experience for them. Once Cara was very relaxed, John slowly entered Cara’s virgin asshole, ever so slowly. Before Cara knew it, John was deep inside. Cara couldn’t believe it, and had to reach around to feel that John cock was really deep inside her asshole.

Cara loved this new form of sex. It was like Cara had been getting her ass fucked for years. John would slide his cock all the way out and slowly put it back in just to get Cara used to getting a cock in her ass. Obviously, John took to ass fucking quickly too and was going to want a lot more of it.

I told John and Cara that I had an idea. Something I always wanted to do. I told them I wanted to fuck a woman’s pussy while she had a cock in her asshole. At the same time, they both said, “Let’s do it!”

John pulled out of Cara’s asshole and I got under Cara. Cara got on top of me and slid my hard cock into her pussy. Once in her pussy John positioned himself behind her and lubed his cock up once again. John slowly slid his cock into Cara’s asshole. As his cock was sliding in I could feel its entry on my hard cock.

It felt like I had hoped. With every movement of John’s cock going in and out it was rubbing through the layer of tissue onto my cock.

Nikki got onto her knees and moved under Cara as she leaned upward so she could suck on Cara’s breast as she was getting double penetrated.

Within minutes Cara was cumming all over my hard cock that was inside her pussy. Gush after gush of cum flowed from Cara’s pussy. I could feel her warm juices on my balls and running down the crack of my ass.

This new experience for John was uncontrollable. John shot his hot load into Cara’s tight asshole. I could feel John’s throbbing cock against mine just before he exploded. Hearing both Cara and John cumming and the exciting feeling on my cock, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my load of cum into Cara’s waiting pussy.

When John’s cock slowly shrunk and slid out of her ass Cara rolled off of me in exhaustion.

Break time! More snacks and mixed drinks along with more juices.

It’s now about 2:00 a.m. and we are ready for more. What’s next? It’s been an exciting night so far.

Nikki and I were laying on the bed next to one another while John and Cara are still up snacking. Nikki asked me if John and I had a good time in the shower? I asked her why? She said she was just curious. I asked what she had in mind.

Nikki whispered that she would do something I always wanted to watch her do if I would do the same for her. I knew what that was. I wanted to watch Nikki lick, suck on the clit, and finger a pussy. She always said if she ever did this for me the pussy had to be clean and shaved. Nikki said, if the opportunity presented itself, she would go down on Cara.

The night just keeps on getting better. What will I have to do for Nikki?

Okay Nikki, what will I have to do for that to happen? She whispered in my ear “I want to watch you suck on John’s cock”. I said Really???

Nikki said that she wanted to lick one side of his shaft and watch me licked the other. She told me she would teach me how to suck a cock. She said she always wanted to watch me suck a cock. I asked her if she wanted me to suck on his balls too? Nikki looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “Fuck yeah”.

I asked Nikki if she was kidding with me and she assured me she wasn’t. I told her I’d do anything that would excite her as it would excite me also by doing it for her.

Cara and John looked at us and Cara asked what we were whispering about and said that whispering wasn’t nice. She was right. If the shoe was on the other foot, we would feel the same way.

Before Nikki could say anything, I wanted to take the bull by the horns and put the whole thing out there.

I looked at John and Cara and said that I had always wanted to watch Nikki eat a pussy. Nikki had always told me that if she was to ever eat a pussy it would have to be clean and shaved. Cara, you fit the bill.

What I found out when whispering is that Nikki always wanted to watch me suck a cock. I had no idea of this. She said she would eat your pussy Cara, if she could watch me suck John’s cock. Nikki said that she wanted to lick one side of John’s shaft while I licked that other and that she would teach me how to suck a cock.

My thought is that if I did this to John, I want John to do the same to me. Just to keep everything even so no one has anything on anyone.

John laughed and said, “We already gave each other a hand job in the shower. Might as well suck cock if we get to watch Nikki eat Cara’s pussy”.

Nikki then says that she likes keeping everything even. Now the whole matter rests on Cara, and I have a good feeling about this. Cara says sure, why not. I’ve never been ass fucked or double penetrated before tonight. Might as well try pussy.

Nikki tells me to move over on the bed and she gets up and starts patting the bed where she wants Cara to be. The way the beds are in the room Nikki has Cara lay on the right side of the bed, on her back and I’m near the middle of the bed next to Cara. Cara gets situated with her head on the pillows, two of them so she can have her head raised to watch.

Nikki gets onto the bed at the foot of the bed at Cara’s feet. Nikki spreads Cara’s legs and crawls up to Cara’s shaved pussy. I’m laying on my side with my arm under my head with my elbow on the mattress for a close-up view.

Nikki is on her stomach and uses her right hand to gently touch Cara’s soft and shaved pussy. Slowly Nikki applies more pressure and begins to rub the clit. Nikki slides up further and is now in a position to taste her first sweet pussy.

Nikki brings her mouth to the pussy and takes a gentle lick. Nikki uses both her hands to spread the lips to get her tongue deep inside. Her head is buried in Cara’s pussy. Nikki places the first two fingers on her right hand deep inside the pussy.

I could see that Nikki’s fingers were moving upward to massage Cara’s G-Spot. Cara was soon moaning and getting restless. Her body was arching, and her breathing was slow and deep. I was finally seeing what I had always wanted to and the wait was worth it.

Nikki and Cara were so into this, neither were paying attention to John and me. I slid over and motioned to John to lay down on the bed. John grabbed the two pillows from the other bed and laid down with his head propped up. I got between John’s legs and positioned myself, so my head was close to his cock.

I glanced over at Nikki and I don’t think she realized what was going on with John and me.

I took my right hand and began to softly rub and play with his limp cock. I could tell John was a bit nervous as this was new to both he and I. It didn’t take long before John’s limp cock began to grow and was becoming firm.

I moved up a further and took my tongue and began to lick the underside of his shaft while I gently rubbed the head. It was time. I opened my mouth and began sucking on the head of his cock. Slowly I was taking more and more of it into my mouth as it was growing longer and harder. John and I were how Cara and Nikki were, oblivious to our surroundings. As I sucked John’s cock up and down and rubbed it with my right hand at the same time, I could feel John’s cock begin to throb inside my mouth.

John put his right hand on my head to get the up and down movement to a pleasurable pace for him.

The next thing I realized is that Nikki's face was on the left side of my head and was kissing my neck and tonguing my ear. I took John’s cock out of my mouth and leaned it toward her. Nikki moved forward and took John’s cock all the way down her throat.

Nikki sucked the cock and then began to run her warm moist tongue up and down the left side of it. I then began running my tongue up and down the right side of the shaft. At times, our tongues would meet.

Nikki went back to sucking the cock and I moved down and began to suck on John’s balls. I would put one ball in my mouth and then the other. Nikki would do this to me and it would drive me crazy.

With John getting his cock sucked by Nikki and his balls sucked by me I knew John couldn’t hold out for too long before cumming.

As this was going on Cara had come up behind me and began to rim my asshole. This was driving me over the edge.

As John was about to shoot his load Nikki and I slowed our pace to prevent his ejaculation. There was more to come. It was now Nikki’s and my turn.

We all changed places, so Nikki and I had our heads on the pillows to watch.

Cara got between Nikki’s legs and John got between mine. This was another exciting sight to watch. Cara was going down on Nikki, licking, sucking, and finger fucking her and John was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow.

John was also taking the time to suck on my balls and then going back to sucking my cock.

I looked over at Nikki and told her how much I loved her and that this night will never be forgotten.

Cara and John were both working magic on us. Between watching and the great feeling of a blowjob I couldn’t hold back any longer and neither could Nikki. We both exploded at the same time, cumming in both mouths.

We both let out loud groans that had to awaken the other guests.

I watched John as he swallowed my entire load like a pro and Cara did the same on Nikki.

Now Nikki and I needed to get Cara and John off. Nikki went down and began giving John a blowjob and I went down on Cara’s pussy.

Within minutes of me fingering and sucking on Cara’s clit she was about to unload in my mouth. Nikki worked John’s cock until he was in a frenzy.

Nikki and I watched each other, trying to synchronize that Cara and John would cum together. Our plan worked perfectly. Cara shot her loads into my mouth and John blew his load in Nikki’s mouth.

Nikki sucked John until she had all of his cum in her mouth. I thought that she had swallowed the cum, but Nikki crawled up to me and gave me a kiss. When she did, John’s warm, slick, load ran into my mouth. This was unexpected, yet exciting.

Nikki said that John swallowed my cum, it was only fair to swallow his. We needed to keep everything even. She was right as always. I swallowed the large hot load of John’s cum.

This had been an unexpected night of sexual adventures and surprises that I, or should I say, the four of us, never thought that we would have ever participated in.

Needless to say, none of us spent much time out and about in Panama City. We all were totally exhausted. When we would regain some strength, it was used for sex.

We didn’t make it to any of the strip clubs this time. However, we all made new friends that will meet again, and all promised to be faithful to just us four.

On our next rendezvous, Nikki has set up for her and Cara to dance at a strip club that she used to work at for John and me. Of course, it will only be the four of us having sex. A promise is a promise.

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