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My favourite sight - watching Monika

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My favourite sight is to see my hot wife's hand encircling another man's cock with her engagement and wedding rings sparkling as she takes him in her mouth, working his shaft. She knows how much I love that sight and looks over at me smiling as I watch the erotic scene. I am the luckiest man in the world to have a wife who let's me share her with other men.

It all started four years ago when we were on our first European holiday in Rome, a sort of delayed honeymoon a year after we married.

On our last day, Monika and I were having lunch in a very nice restaurant just across the square from our hotel. It was a warm May afternoon and we happily drank our wine and enjoyed the Roman scene unfolding around us. As lunch progressed I realised that Monika kept looking over my shoulder and was becoming increasingly distracted. Occasionally she would lower her eyes coyly and smile.

"What's going on over my shoulder?" I asked.

"I can't believe the cheek of these Italian men! There's a good-looking guy a few tables away flirting with me! He can see I am with you. He's shameless".

"Do you think he knows you are married?"

"Of course! Look at my rings sparkling in the sun!"

"Describe him to me and tell me what he's doing!"

Monika told me he was handsome and very well dressed, drinking a small carafe of white wine. Occasionally he would blow her a kiss or put his fingers to his lips and make a gesture expressing how beautiful she was. A couple of times he had winked at her. As she was describing all this I could see she was getting flustered and blushing and I began to realise she was enjoying the attention.

Suddenly evil thoughts came into my mind. Another man flirting with Monika was also turning me on.

"Why don't you flirt back and surprise him?" I asked, "He probably gets a kick out of the fact you are married".

"I couldn't do that!" exclaimed Monika, surprised but giggling at the idea.

"Of course you can. As they say 'When in Rome'..."

Monika thought about it for a few moments and looked away across the square. I thought she was going to change the subject but she surprised me.

"What should I do?" she asked simply, looking at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

"Your dress is very short. Why don't you open your legs and see if he notices!"

"I can't believe you want me to flash another man you dirty bastard! I'm your wife!"

Exactly, I thought privately to myself. That's the whole point. I want to show my wife to another guy who I haven't even seen yet!

"Only do it if you want to", I said nonchalantly. "It's not a dare". I knew Monika would take it as a dare!

With barely a second of hesitation, Monika changed position on her chair and uncrossed her legs. Then she slid forwards a little, pushing up her skirt still higher and opened her legs. Finally she flashed a big smile over my shoulder to her admirer and then looked back into my eyes.

"Satisfied?" she enquired triumphantly, thinking it was the end of it but I had other ideas.

"I'm sure I will be later. Right now I just want to know what happens next!"

Monika tried to stare me down and not look over to her Latin beau. I could see she was desperate to gauge his reaction. I raised an eyebrow questioningly and she flinched, looking back towards him.

"If you want to know, he is looking right between my legs and blowing me kisses towards my pussy!"

I could feel my cock growing hard. I wanted Monika to go further - much further.

"Why don't you unbutton the top of your sun dress? Let him see a bit more of your amazing breasts!"

"He's going to think I'm trying to seduce him!"

I took my chance.

"Would you like to?" I asked staring deep into Monika's eyes. I could see her hesitating long enough to know she was pondering the implications of my question. She was getting flushed. Soon I had my answer.

"It's getting hot out here", said Monika, winking at me as she started to unbutton her dress down to the middle of her cleavage.

"VERY hot!" I exclaimed. "Is your 'lover' watching you?"

"He's NOT my lover and yes, he is watching me!"

"Then I'm sure he WANTS to be your lover". I goaded.

"Maybe not", said Monika, sounding disappointed. He's called over the waiter and I think he's asked for the bill".

"What a shame. I was beginning to get turned on watching you seduce a total stranger".

"You dirty bastard!"

We need not have worried about her man going because in a few minutes a bottle of ice-cold white wine arrived and the waited explained.

"The gentleman over there says you have a very beautiful wife and he would like to buy you both some wine to help you enjoy Roma".

He certainly was confident!

The waiter poured our wine and I turned to toast him with Monika, raising our glasses in thanks. He put the tips of his fingers to his lips and gestured a kiss. He called out to me, standing and raising his glass.

"You have a very sexy wife mister! Be careful or she will want to explore new passions in Rome! I know about these things!"

Monika and I sat there a little stunned. The sexual tension was electric.

"What do we do next?" Monika asked. "I hope he doesn't expect to come over here and join us?"

"Would that be a bad thing?"

"I'm too embarrassed!"

"That's not what I asked".

"But I've been showing myself off to him. If we invite him over we are just encouraging him".

"Encouraging him to do what?"

Monika blushed. "To have sex with me, of course. That's what he wants."

"You really think it would go that far?" I asked, in my heart begging Monika to say yes.

"If I let him."

"I don't mind if you let it happen."

Monika looked at me quizzically, trying to work out how I really felt. I took her hand and pulled it to the raging hard-on in my pants. She let out a little gasp when she realised that I wanted her to go ahead.

"I mean it. I don't mind. In fact, I would like you to have an Italian lover!"

"Oh my god, this is all happening too fast and I am getting so horny!" she confessed.

"So is that a yes?" There was a long pause.

"Yes. Invite him over. I'm going to the restroom to get my head straight. If I sit in this seat when I come back it means I am willing to try it. If I sit in another place, then you have to help me get out of here because I'm not going to let it happen. OK? You agree?"

"Yes, of course I agree. It should only happen if you want it!"

With that, Monika stood up and started to walk to the restroom. When she arrived at her admirer she paused to thank him again for his hospitality and he stood up, taking her hand which his kissed and then held onto her arm, caressing it while they spoke briefly. Then she was gone and I called the man over.

Marco, as he introduced himself, was warm and gracious as he sat down at our table. Paying Monika and me many compliments and saying how Rome at this time of year always made sexy young women blossom and think of love. As we waited for Monika to return, Marco asked me directly if I would mind if he made love to my wife. I said I would be perfectly happy if it was what she wanted. I also explained that I wanted to be there to watch and participate, which seemed to please Marco.

"Ah so you are a sexy man who wants to see his wife have pleasure with another. For me this is always the most exciting!" I was wondering how many times he had successfully fucked other men's wives when Monika arrived back. We both stood to greet her and she hovered there while I introduced her to Marco. He kissed her on both cheeks in the Italian way and graciously pulled out the chair where she had sat before.

My heart started pounding. She would have to walk around Marco to get to the other chair - so she was almost trapped. Monika looked at me with a devilish grin.

"What the heck! When in Rome..." and she sat down in the 'yes' chair. I was ecstatic!

Marco immediately started paying her unreasonable amounts of attention. He was nevertheless smooth and accomplished as he made Monika relax. Frequently he took her hand and stroked her inner forearm. Another bottle of wine was ordered and by now we were all very relaxed. I noticed Marco eyeing Monika's free hanging breasts and realised she had removed her bra in the restroom. Monika made sure her short dress was riding high and Marco was copping a look whenever he could.

As we reached the end of the wine Monika announced she had had enough to drink and should probably have a lie down. I suggested we walk across the square to our hotel.

"Shall we invite Marco to join us?" I asked.

Monika simply opened her purse and pulled out her tiny panties, dropping them on the table. She had been showing her naked pussy to Marco all this time!

"Finally!" she sighed, "I have been ready for over an hour. Now I am going to need a really good fuck so I hope you two are up for it!"

Monika leaned forward and flung her arms around Marco's neck and gave him a full kiss. Then she turned to me with eyes heavy with lust.

"I want this so much!"

Marco explained that the bill was already taken care of and we just got up and crossed the square. Marco's arm around Monika's waist and me holding her hand.

As soon as we were in our hotel room the action started. Monika and Marco stood at the end of the bed kissing passionately, while I watched. He paid special attention to her neck and I could see her melting into his arms. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his hairy chest. Then Marco lifted her dress over her head and revealed her exquisite naked body. His hands were expert and Monika completely surrendered to his touch. She looked over to where I was undressing and smiled when she saw my massive hard on. She turned to Marco and said she wanted him naked too.

Monika lay back on the bed and I stepped over to kiss her fully on the mouth while Marco completed undressing.

"I want to watch you enjoy him first", I whispered into her ear, "Is that OK?"

"As long as you join in soon. I want to feel two men making love to me at the same time. That's my fantasy!" I had never known that.

"Then let's make it come true, my darling!" I kissed her again and Marco joined her on the bed.

I stepped back and Monika rolled into Marco's arms. I was rewarded with the most erotic image of my young beautiful wife giving herself to another man. He kissed and caressed her in a way that I could tell he was an experienced lover. He was both strong and gentle at the same time.

Monica pushed Marco onto his back and began to kiss down his chest towards his cock. He was well sized and perhaps a little longer than me but slightly thinner. As the afternoon sun streamed onto the two lovers I watched Monika take Marco's cock and wrap her hand around it, her wedding and engagement rings catching the sunlight and sparkling to tell me I was watching my bride. At that second, as her lips opened and she welcomed his cock tip into her warm mouth, I took a mental picture and knew that I would want to see that image time and time again.

Marco pulled Monika's leg over his head so they were in the sixty-nine position. I know how beautiful her sweet pussy tastes and it thrilled me to see Marco drinking her nectar. He must have been good because very soon she was moaning onto his cock and I could see her rhythm was faltering as she had her first wrenching orgasm.

Monika flopped off Marco and lay panting on her back. Before she had time to recover Marco was touching her enflamed pussy and taking position between her legs. Monika motioned for me to join them on the bed.

"Come over here darling. I want you with me for this"

I knelt on the bed next to her and took her hand, looking lovingly into her eyes. A thousand meanings were exchanged in that second. We both knew this was exactly what we wanted.

Marco's cock was now probing the folds of her pussy. He hesitated for a second as if to seek my permission, which I didn't need to give him really. I just nodded and he pushed his cock into my wife as she let out a little whimpering moan. It was done. Another man was in her. I was in ecstasy and so was Monika!

With each deep thrust, Monika would let out a sigh of pleasure. I leaned forwards and locked my mouth on hers. Her hot gasping breath made our kiss all the more exciting as I felt her getting high on Marco's cock. We stayed like that for a while until I could sense she was getting close to coming. Then I pulled away a little.

Monika was looking intently at Marco now, concentrating on her lover.

'Oh yes, that's it. Oh! Just like that. Oh that's SOOO good!"

Monika wrapped her legs behind Marco drawing him deeper into her pussy. She looked up at me, her eyes now hooded with absolute lust. She loved this more than I could have ever hoped. It seemed quite natural and perfect for her to be fucking another man right here in front of me.

I recognised the sounds my wife makes as she approaches orgasm - little yelping gasps growing into load guttural moans. Her eyes closed and she threw back her head as she always does. And then the shuddering convulsions started as my wife began to come on Marco's cock, her hand gripping mine tightly with each spasm.

Monika's orgasm seemed to trigger, Marco's too and with gasps of 'bellissima' he unloaded into my wife's hot welcoming womb. Monika's eyes flashed open when she felt his hot gushes and a wicked grin formed. She winked at me and began to laugh happily as the emotion overwhelmed her. She reached up and pulled Marco down so they could kiss.

"You are a wonderful lover Marco!" she complimented him, between tender kisses. Marco and I took turns kissing her and then the erotic situation began to develop.

Marco pulled out of Monika, his cock slimy and dripping with their combined juices.

"Bring that beautiful cock up here, so I can clean you off", commanded Monika. She grabbed a couple of pillows to help lift her head and Marco knelt in front of her face, slipping his cock into her waiting mouth. I took up position between her legs and slipped a finger into her used pussy, which was burning hot. I could feel a huge volume of Marco's come and without hesitating I leaned forwards so I could inspect Monika's puffy box. From her position sucking Marco, Monika could see my face between her legs. She knew what was coming next! I withdrew my, finger and sucked Marco's come off it, surprised how good it tasted. That was all the encouragement I needed and soon I was lapping at Monika's hole and drinking in Marco's come. Her pussy was already very sensitive and it wasn't long before she came again, pushing more of his come into my mouth with each contraction.

I stopped sucking her and could see that Marco's cock was getting hard in her mouth. I started to turn Monika over and instantly she knew what I wanted, positioning herself on all fours with Marco's cock in her mouth.

Then it was my turn to thrust into my wife, knowing I was second in line for her juicy snatch today. I rammed her hard, driving her mouth onto Marco's cock. It was so hot to turn my wife into a cock sandwich! After all the waiting I didn't last long and soon I was pumping into her willing pussy, more come than I could ever remember.

When I had finished, I turned around and flopped down in the bed, so my head was just on the edge. Monika knows how much I like sixty-nine to finish our sessions and she quickly understood what I wanted. She moved down the bed and straddled my face, her knees just on the edge of the bed. Marco was a bit unsure of the plan, so Monika told him.

"Fuck me from behind while he eats me". Then Monika dropped forwards and took my recovering cock in her mouth.

Marco didn't hesitate and in a few seconds his now hard cock appeared just above my face and he slid into Monika, his pungent hairy balls resting on my nose. I was inches away from his cock as he drove into her, forcing my own come to drip out of her slot into my waiting mouth. Probably this is my favourite position because I can really witness another man's cock in my wife so close up.

Marco pounded away for a long time and between his thrusts and my licking we brought Monika to three more orgasms before he finally came. I loved the moment when his ball sack contracted and I could feel him pumping into her. As his shrinking cock withdrew it flopped for a moment onto my lips and left a trail of come across my face. With that I exploded into Monika's mouth.

We took a short break and took turns to visit the bathroom. When I came back, Monika was already straddling Marco's cock and this time they were enjoying a slow loving session. Outside the sun was nearly gone and the room had taken on a more subdued feel. I slipped on a robe and sat back in a chair to watch my wife make tender love to another man, knowing that our life would never be the same again. Marco kept telling Monika how beautiful and sexy she was. She in turn told him he was a great lover and how exciting it had been to have her first threesome with him.

When eventually they had finished, Marco excused himself and said it was time to leave. When he had gone I joined my lovely wife in the bed. We cuddled and kissed, touching each other and discussed what just happened.

"Are you OK with what we just did?" I asked.

"What do your think?" laughed Monika, smiling broadly, "I have never come so much in my life and I got to live out my dirtiest fantasy for the first time!"

"It was my fantasy too", I confessed. "I'm sorry I never told you before. I thought you would be mad at me".

She was surprised but we both agreed it had worked out just fine and it had been a perfect way to discover we both shared similar desires.

"What was your favourite moment?" asked Monika.

"When you took his cock in your hand for the first time. The sun made your engagement and wedding rings sparkle and it made it even more erotic knowing you are my wife and I was watching you enjoy another man. I will always remember that moment!"

"Well it's good to know what you like to watch. I will remember to put on a good show with my ring hand, if this even happens again".

"What was your favourite moment, darling?"

"When you kissed me as he first entered me. I felt we were doing this together. I was so in love with you at that moment..." she hesitated and then gave a quick giggle, "And all the sex of course. That was the best sex ever!"

"Would you do it again, if there is an opportunity?"

"If we do it together again. If we are both happy with the situation - then yes!"

"I hoped you would say that", I said kissing my sexy wife and slipping my finger into her pussy. "Ooh, it feels like you still have a lot of Marco's come in here. I hope you're not keeping it to yourself?"

"Not at all!" exclaimed my slut-wife, opening her legs as an invitation. "I intend to make my pussy the cup from which you drink many men's come! So you may as well get used to it!"

I have. Over the last four years I have supped the come of seventeen men from Monika's pussy. I have watched her ring fingers encircle every one of their cocks and I have several photos now in our growing collection of erotic memories.

Really, I am the most happily married man I know!

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