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My Tropical Getaway to Paradise Part 3

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Trent wakes up to find me stroking his cock. He grins and says " Haven't you had enough of that monster yet!!" I replied. " Are you serious?" I could never have enough of that thick cock. We are just getting started. He props up on his side so he can watch me. I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I am in a very playful mood. I run my tongue all over his balls and the sensitive areas all around down there. He cant take much more of this teasing. I finally go back to the head of his cock and give it lots of attention. I can feel his body twitching from all the attention he is getting. I ease his cock into my mouth and I am still stroking it with my hand as my mouth starts going up and down his shaft. He lays his head back now and his eyes closes. He is savoring the sensations that are being brought out by this amazing blow job that he is getting from me. It doesn't take me too long to get him to spill his load. I am able to swallow it all this time. He leans up and kisses me and tells me that it's time we go get dress and explore the area while we are here.

We go take a shower and get ready to go out. I am dressed in a low cut top and some very short shorts with sandals on. He is has a tight t-shirt that is showing off his muscular chest and big guns along with shorts. We make a stunning pair. Everyone is opening admiring us and I am loving every minute of it. We get in the car Trent rented and decide to go sight-seeing to see what all this place has to offer. We come upon a nude beach. We both look at each other and smile. He asked me if I was sure that I want to do that. It's not like I am going to know anyone there and we are on vacation. I want to experience new things so I tell to park the car so we can try this out.

We found us a nice spot to lay out on the beach. We have a great view of the water and the other people but far enough away of them to make us feel comfortable. We take our clothes off and take turns putting sunscreen on. Neither one of us want to deal with a sunburn while we are here. Trent is having a little trouble control his cock. The thrill of being out in the open and seeing me totally nude is making him get hard. He decides to lay on his stomach until he can gain control of himself. I take out a trashy romance novel and lay down on my back and starting reading.

We weren't down long before we here some noise. I look up just in time to see a volleyball heading our way. I tell Trent to watch out. He rolled over just in time to catch the ball. A very beautiful blonde with c-cup size boobs and an a pretty brunette that wasn't quite as tall with d-size cup walked up to apologize and get their ball back. They asked me if i wanted to join them because they were one woman short. I looked at Trent and asked him if he minded if i went. He told me to go ahead that he would be find. The thought of me and the other women bouncing around nude playing volleyball made him get hard again so he quickly turned over before the other women saw his hard cock.

I follow Dana, the blonde, and Olivia, the brunette, down to wear they were playing volleyball. All the woman were between 20 and 40. We were all very hot looking women. We all were in pretty good shape. I couldn't help staring at all the boobs swinging back and forth. It was really hard to concentrate on the game. I was on the team with Dana. She was really attractive. She walked over to me and hugged me when I made the scoring shot. I felt a tingle run done my spine when her boobs rubbed against mine. My mind starting reeling. I imagined what it would be like to have her and Trent giving my body attention. I was so caught up in my fantasy that I didn't notice the ball heading straight for me. I heard Dana call my name. I looked up just in time. I hit the ball to Dana and she spiked it over the net to win the game. She gave me a congratulatory slap on the ass and I returned the favor.

Dana and Olivia invited us to meet them later that night at their local hang out. I gave them our room number at the hotel so they could get in touch with us if plans change. I walked back to where Trent was. He was getting a nice tan on his ass. I told him he better turn over so he will tan evenly. He asked me how the game was. I told him the team I was on won but it was hard to concentrate with all those gorgeous boobs bouncing. I told him I was fantasizing about Dana that I almost got hit by the ball. I told him about them wanting us to hang out with them tonight. Trent was all for it. What guy wouldn't want to be seen with three hot looking women. I told him that I wondered if they would come back to the hotel with us and party in our room. He gave me a devilish look and asked what was I wanting to happen with them. I told him that I had always wanted to be with a woman and I am here to have new experiences. He said he would do what he could to help me make it become a reality. We stay a little longer and then decide we need to get back so we can get ready for this evening.

We get back to the hotel and take another shower. Trent lathers my body all up and he is really turning me on even more so then I was while playing naked volleyball. He reaches around and starts playing with my nipples. They immediate get erect. He is dang those things are sticking out you much be really wanting it. I turn around and grab his cock in my hand. I must not be the only one wanting some because you are hard as a rock. He pushes me against the wall and shoves that thick cock into me all the way. I suck in a deep breath and slowly release it as he starts driving it in and out of me. You want that hard cock don't you and boy did I ever. I moan to him to fuck me good. I need it so hard right now and he doesn't disappoint me. He is hungrily kissing me all over as he drives it hard into me. We are both panting and groaning from all this exertion. He cant hold off and has to shot his load in me. Yes!!!! I love the feeling up his cum feeling me up inside. We rinse off and get out of the shower. He jokes if we keep this up then we may not end up going out. He will just keep me as his love slave to have his pleasure with.

I pick a very sexy outfit that shows off all my curves. Trent definitely approves of my outfit. You are planning on teasing me all night. I give him a mischievous look that tells him to watch out. I'm still in a playful mood. We had no sooner had we gotten dress that there is a knock at the door. We both look at each other and wonder who it could be. Trent goes to the door and looks through the peep hole. He turns back to me and mouths that it is Dana and Olivia. I had no idea that they would come by. Trent opens the door to let them in. They decided to surprise us. They looked incredible. I admired their bodies. I reintroduced them to Trent. We go sit at the small table in the room and asked them if they wanted a drink. Trent got them a drink. We made some small talk to get to know each other. I felt Dana place her hand on my thigh. It startled me and Trent saw me jump. I covered saying my foot was asleep. Dana looked at me and smiled. I had now idea what they are up to. I saw a look of surprise on his face. I assume Olivia must be getting familiar with him as well. The conversation soon turn sexual.

Dana asked me if i had ever been with a woman. I told her now but that I was really curious about it. I asked her if she had been with a woman and that's when she told me that Olivia was her girlfriend and that they both were Bisexual. I couldn't believe the good fortune that I am having on this vacation. I manage to hook up with this gorgeous man with a thick cock and now I have two Bisexual woman here with me. I was awaken from my thoughts by kiss. I opened my eyes to see that it was Dana kissing me. I felt her hands move up to caress my boobs. I let out a little sigh. I break it off to make sure this is real. She looks and ask if I am OK with what is going on. I nod my head. I cant quite find my voice. I guess I am in shock as to what is happening. I look over and see that Olivia is kissing Trent and he is running his hands all over her body. I suggest that we take it to the bed and shed all these clothes.

We all take a moment to take in the sight of our naked bodies. The woman can not get over how large my boobs are. I proudly announce that they are 38 G. Their jaws drop open. They have never had the pleasure of sucking and rubbing on such huge boobs. They also are mesmerized by Trent's thick cock. Dana has me lay on my back. She tells me that she wants to savor my body. To discover all my sensitive areas. She me withering in pleasure and begging for her to make me cum. She starts out kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears. I reach up and caress her boobs. I pinch her nibbles slightly getting her nipples extremely erect. I so want to suck on them. She can see the wantonness in my eyes so she leans forward and swings them before my face. I latch onto one and start sucking it and rolling it around in my mouth. She throws her head back and moans to let me know that she is enjoying what I am doing. I reach down and stick my fingers between her legs. Her pussy is so wet. I separate her lips and find her opening. I stick a couple fingers in and out to get the juices really flowing. I then move up to her clit. It is nice and swollen. It's not quite as large as mine but still pretty big. I cant wait to get my mouth around it. It doesn't take me long to make her cum. She leans down and kisses me and tells me that she is ready to bring me pure ecstasy. She wants to take me to a place that I have never been to before. I lay back and open my legs and tell her to go for it.

She starts moving down my body just igniting the flames that have already started to flare up. I can feel the heat raising in my body. I push her along. I want to feel her tongue lapping up my pussy juices like she is starving. I want my clit sucked so hard. I want it to make me a quivering mess. She senses that and takes her time. She is reveling in torturing me and making me wait for something I have desired for so long. She doesn't go directly to my aching clit instead she kisses my inner thighs and runs her hands all around my legs. She is making this so intense. I am probably going to cum as soon as she touches my clit with her tongue. She can feel me shaking from all the sensations. She lightly touches my clit and I moan in pleasure. That encourages her to be bolder with her tongue. She runs it up and down my pussy. She starts working me in earnest. I start bucking and pushing my pussy into her face. She latches onto my clit, rolling it around in her mouth. She then sucks hard on it and that was all it took. I start shaking violently. I have never had an orgasm that hard before. She looks up and me and grins. She sees that I haven't come down from the realm of ecstasy that she took me too. She did her job well. I pulled her up to my and our tongues danced together. We each are tasting our pussy juices and they blended well together.

Trent and Olivia had been keeping themselves busy doing a 69 while all that was going on between Dana and myself. All the sounds that Dana and I were making were helping Olivia and Trent get closer to achieving their orgasms. We see that she was really going down on Trent and he was definitely working that pussy of hers. We decided to help them out. Dana start rubbing his balls and playing with his ass, while I started playing with Olivia. We didn't get to play with them too much before Olivia shudder with her explosive orgasm and that triggered Trent to finally unleash his into Olivia's mouth. She was good. She manage to swallow all of it without missing a drop.

We all take turns taking a shower. We get dress and decide to out to eat dinner. The girls know a nice little Italian place so we go there. They have us a little table in the back with it's dimly light and is quite romantic at this place. We enjoy each others company and the meals are great. We decide that we have had enough enjoyment for one night so we make plans to go out the next night with them.

We walk them back to their car and kiss them good bye. We watch them leave then we get in our car. We are still in a haze from all the has happened tonight. I cant believe that we were able to experience all that tonight. This makes me wonder what is in store for us tomorrow night.

to be continued..........................

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