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Lindas boss

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Linda and I were setting at our table having coffee with our dessert making small talk. We were attending the going away party for Linda’s boss Mike. Mike had just received a promotion and the company threw him a party to celebrate. This dinner party was also serving as his going away party by the company being his promotion was going to place him in charge of a plant back East.

All the speeches had been made and the evening was winding down. Mike was still at the head table making small talk with the company powers and thanking everybody for their well wishes. Mike’s wife Norma set down with us at our table asking how we enjoyed the dinner. We exchanged pleasantries and engaged in small talk while she waited for Mike to join her.

I knew that Linda and Mike were very found of one another. She told me all about the office flirting that went on between them over the three years that they had worked together. She however drew the line with playing with people from work. As much as I knew she wanted to she never let anything happen between them. For this reason I didn’t have a chance to get to know Mike or Norma all that well. I only knew them in passing but they were both very friendly every time we came in contact.

Mikes was in his mid thirties. He was just under six foot and carried an athletic build. His wife Norma was closer to our ages being in her late twenties. She was a blond about 5’7” with one of the sexiest shapes you have ever seen. Both Linda and Norma were wearing evening gowns, low cut and both were showing lots of cleavage.

Mike finally made his way to our table. He gave Norma a light kiss before taking a seat beside her. Well he announced to her I think we can finally get out of here if your ready. Sure she told him it’s your party and if your ready to go I’m ready. He stood up and offered Norma his hand and said why don’t we go somewhere and get a drink. Mike then looked at Linda and I and ask if we would like to join them for a drink. Sure Linda announced before I had a chance to say anything, we would love to join you for a drink where are you two going.

It was decided that we would met up at a small club located just outside of town off the interstate which offered both music and a dance floor. Linda and I followed Mike and Norma to the club. We all four of us walked into the club together. In no time we found a booth just off the dance floor and ordered a round of drinks from a very sexy looking cocktail waitress.

Linda was enjoying herself talking to Mike as he appeared to enjoy chatting with her. I excused myself and made my way to the restroom. As I was washing my hands Mike entered the restroom. He smiled and commented about the drinks running straight through him tonight. Then in a more serious tone he said I sure hope you don’t mind me talking to Linda I’ve become so fond of her over the years at work. Not at all I told him, I know that she also enjoys you which is fine with me. He then stammered for a second trying to find the right words. Ah I was just wondering would you mind if I ask Linda to dance, I chuckled and shook my head no. Not at all Mike I think she would enjoy that.

When I got back to our booth Linda and Norma were both gone. I slid into the booth took a sip from my drink and surveyed the dance floor. I was interrupted a few seconds later when Linda and Norma slid into the booth one on each side of me. Look at that Norma Linda quipped, I can’t leave him alone for a minute before he’s checking out all the women on the dance floor. They were both laughing when Mike rejoined us. He slid in next to Linda as she slid over to make room for him.

A slow song began to play. Mike looked over at Linda smiled and ask her if she would like to dance. Sure she answered and started pushing him out of the booth. Norma looked at me and smiled as we watched them make their way to the dance floor. I felt her hand on my thigh as she said I think those two have wanted to dance since we got here. Well that’s alright I told her as I let my arm slid around her shoulders, I’ve wanted to get you alone since I first saw you in the sexy dress. Oh you dog she said with a smile, I’m a married woman. Then with a wink she added now take me out on the dance floor before we start something we shouldn’t. We were both laughing as we made our way to the dance floor.

Norma put her arms around my neck as I encircled my arms around her waist pulling her sexy body close to mine. As we danced we both ground our bodies into one another. I let my hands slide down the small of her back until I was cupping an ass check in each hand. Norma didn’t pull back at all, instead she spread her legs slightly and straddled my left thigh. She looked me in the eye and smiled before she buried her face into my neck and ground her pussy into my thigh.

I hated to hear the music stop knowing that Norma would soon be pulling her succulent body away from mine. As she stepped back she slid her arms from around my neck and slid one arm around my waist as we made our way off the floor. We got to our booth at the same time Mike and Linda arrived. Linda was smiling and flushed as she slid into the booth ahead of Mike. I slid in behind Norma and reached for my drink.

We had another round of drinks as well as a few more dances at the club. We were all enjoying each others company. We must have been at the club for an hour or so when Mike ask Norma to dance. It was a slow dance and I could see them smiling and talking while they were on the floor. I slid over to Linda and kissed her on the cheek. Having fun I asked her, yes how about you she ask. If your having fun I’m having fun I answered with a smile.

As Linda and I were talking I slowly slid my hand under her dress and between her thighs. I felt her legs spread slightly as my fingers neared her pussy. I could feel her moist heat through her thin panties. Yes it does look like your enjoying yourself I smiled at her. I started to say something else when I felt somebody sliding into the booth beside us. I looked up to see that Mike and Norma had rejoined us.

Mike seemed to be at a loss for words but I could tell he wanted to ask us something. I slowly slid my hand from between Linda’s legs. Norma caught me removing my hand and smiled. She took over for Mike and said that Mike and her were wondering if we would like to join them at their house for a soak in their hot tub. I looked over to Linda who was already shaking her head yes we would love to she said before I had a chance to say anything. But that’s alright because she said the same thing I was thinking and just said it before I had a chance to.

We took the last sips from our drinks and headed for the door. As we walked out into the cool night air I said I’m not sure where you guys live. Norma looked at Mike then to Linda. You know she said looking at Linda maybe you should ride with Mike and I’ll ride with you hubby incase we get separated in traffic. That would be a lot easier than trying to explain the directions. Sure Linda said no problem, then she looked over at me adding you don‘t mind do you honey. Not at all I had a chance to say before Mike and her were arm and arm heading for Mikes car.

I pulled out of the parking lot behind Mike and Linda with Norma sitting beside me. As we were following them I saw through the glare of the lights of an oncoming car Linda’s head move toward Mike then slid out of sight. I knew that she was going down on him as he drove. That was about the same moment that I felt Norma’s fingers wrap around my cock through my slacks.

While looking straight ahead and showing no signs of feeling her fingers around my cock I said Norma could you do me a favor. Sure what do you want? Would you mind sliding your panties off for me I said with a smile. I could see the outline of her smile as she let go of my cock long enough to raise her hips, hike her skirt up and slid her panties down her long legs. As she slid them off I held out my hand and she placed them in my hand. The crotch of her panties was soaked with her juices. Hmmm I said what have you been thinking about these panties are soaked. I’ve have only been thinking about fucking you she said as she ran her fingers over the outline of my now rock hard cock, and what are you thinking about.

Norma slid over next to me and I ran my hand between her legs. She hiked her skirt all the way up and over her hips as she spread her legs giving me access to her pussy.

I slid my hand over her abdomen down between her legs and covered her pussy with my hand held flat against it. The lips of her pussy were open and I could feel her clit rub against my hand. Her juices were flowing from her very warm womanhood. As I rubbed her pussy I felt her grip tighten around my cock as she stroked it through my slacks.

Looking straight ahead and not seeing Linda in Mikes car I smiled and said hmmm. Norma looked up at me with a questioning look on her face. I told her unless I miss my guess I would say that being I don’t see Linda’s head I would guess that she has Mikes cock in her mouth right now. Norma straightened up a little looking ahead at Mikes car. You know I think your right she said, maybe I should get yours in my mouth just to get even with them. I’ll give you a chance to do that later I told her but right now I think if you do I wont be able to hold back and I would much rather take my time with you if you don’t mind.

At about that time I saw the right turn signal come on Mikes car as he merged to the off ramp. As we came to the stop light I saw Linda’s head pop-up. We worked our way through a residential area before Mike pulled into a driveway in the upscale neighborhood we were in. During most off our drive to their house I spent with my hand rubbing Norma’s pussy as she was stroking my cock through my slacks. As we pulled to a stop in the driveway Norma slid over to the other side of the car pulling her skirt down.

As we both got out of the car I tried my best to adjust my slacks so as to conceal my throbbing cock from view. Linda and Mike were arm and arm as they walked together up to the front door. Norma and I caught up with them as Mike was unlocking the front door.

As we entered the front door Linda commented on what a beautiful home they had. Mike lead the way to the den and asked what everybody would like to drink. As we told him what we wanted Norma slid an arm around Linda’s waist. She gave her a hug and told her how glad she was that we could join them tonight. With that she gave her a light kiss on the lips. As Norma pulled back smiling she made a show out of licking her lips. I love the taste of your lipstick Linda what is it, it tastes very familiar. Laughing Norma swatted Linda playfully on the ass saying you naughty girl.

After Mike handed out the drinks he turned on some music. Norma hooked an arm through Linda’s leading her down the hallway. Over her shoulder she told Mike to get the hot tub ready that they were going to change and would be out shortly.

Mike shrugged saying sure. He looked over at me and said why don’t we get the tub ready. We both walked out the French doors at the rear of the house and made our way to the hot tub. It was already on so all we had to do was to remove the cover. The tub was located inside a gazebo with nice accent lighting that provided just enough light to see in.

Mike cleared his throat and said that Linda had said something about our lifestyle. He was a little unsure of how to breach the subject. I told him that Linda and I have a very open relationship. I ask him if Norma and he had ever played with another couple before. He admitted that they haven’t actually played with another couple before but have talked about it and were both turned on by the aspect of playing with another couple.

He went on to tell me that he and Norma had talked about inviting us over to play with them tonight when they were on the dance floor at the club. That’s good I told him because if they both aren’t on the same page it could get out of hand and cause some problems. I said I was open to the idea and I could tell that Linda was turned on by the idea so if he and Norma were ready to make the jump into the lifestyle it was fine with us and we would love to be their first.

I then ask him if he would be alright with seeing Norma with another man. Mike thought about it for a minute before saying that they had fantasized about it for some time and he found the thought of it very stimulating. It’s not for everybody I told him but for me it’s one of the biggest turn-ons that I could think of.

Our conversation was interrupted by the laughter of Norma and Linda coming out of the house. They both were wearing white terrycloth robes. As they entered the gazebo Norma said what have you two been doing your both still dressed. Just making sure everything is ready for you two I told her. Norma put the handful of towels down on a chair before telling us to get it in gear.

Norma removed her robe tossing it into a chair. She turned back toward us in the nude before climbed the steps into the hot tub. Well if you guys don’t want to get in with us then just stay out there. Linda untied her robe and smiled at us before she joined Norma in the hot tub.

I started pulling my clothes off and placing them on a chair beside the tub. Mike joined me in a race to see who would be the first to join the girls in the tub.

I did nothing to hide my throbbing cock that was standing straight up as I climbed into the tub. Linda and Norma were setting on opposite sides of the tub watching us enter the water. I made my way over next to Norma as Mike entered the water making his way over to Linda and set down beside her.

Moments after setting down beside Norma I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. She smiled at me as she slowly stroked my cock under the water. I saw Mike setting straight backed beside Linda and could tell that she was stroking his cock as he was looking at Norma and me.

I knew that Mike was a little unsure of what moves he should or shouldn’t make with Linda so I decided to take the lead. The way Norma was setting her breast were floating just above the water. I told her how beautiful her breast were as I reached out and ran my fingers lightly over her nipples. She let out a little moan at my touch. I could feel her nipples harden a little at my touch. I then rubbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Rolling and pulling them slightly. Her grip tightened around my cock as I played with her nipples. I knew that Mike could plainly see me playing with his wife’s breast.

I heard a moan from Linda and glanced toward her and Mike. Linda’s head was leaned back against the rim of the tub while Mike was turned slightly toward her. I could see his arm in the water in front of her and could see it moving up and down. I knew he had his fingers in her pussy and could tell she was enjoying what he was doing.

I felt Norma’s thigh touch my thigh as she spread her legs a little. I looked down and through the dim light saw that she was rubbing her pussy while she was watching Mike and Linda. With the fingers of one hand wrapped around my cock and the fingers from her other hand playing with her pussy Norma was definitely getting into the swing of things.

Mike lend down and gave Linda a passionate kiss as he continued to work his fingers into her pussy. Then I saw him whisper something to her just before she started lifting herself out of the tub to set on the rim. As she did Mike moved between her legs and brought his mouth to her pussy. With one hand behind her to balance her Linda used the other to hold Mikes head close to her.

Norma was fixated on Mike and Linda. Her breathing was starting to come in shorter deeper gasp as she let the exotic effect of seeing her husband eating another woman right in front of her take it’s effect on her. With one arm around her shoulders I lowered my mouth to hers. She looked up at me just as my mouth reached hers. As our lips touched she parted her lips and I slid my tongue into her mouth. As our tongues played together I replaced her finger with mine in her pussy.

We partied our kiss a few minutes later when we heard Linda moaning across from us. We looked over to them and saw Linda now with both hands holding Mikes head firmly to her pussy. She was bowed up in a semi-sit-up position holding him to her as she ground her womanhood into his face. She then leaned her head back and through clinched teeth ground out the fact that she was cumming. Linda’s legs were over his shoulders and his arms were around her with his hands cupping her ass.

Mike continued to hold her and let his mouth work on her pussy as Linda came down from her orgasmic high. Linda was stroking his hair as she came back to earth. After a few minutes of this I heard her shudder and mutter the first words that had been spoken out loud since we had been in the hot tub when Linda said oh Gawd it’s cold out here.

Mike backed away from Linda a little and she slid into the warm water of the hot tub. By this time I again had my tongue in Norma’s mouth and was working on her “G” spot with my index finger. Norma’s mouth opened wider, she gripped the wrist of the hand I was playing with her pussy. Her eyes opened wide looked at me then closed as she started to cum.

As Norma was getting her breath again I looked over at Linda and Mike. Linda was slumped down in the tub with the water up around her neck. Mike had his arm around her shoulder and they were watching us. When Norma regained her senses again she looked over at them and smiled.

Linda spoke up saying to nobody in particular and everybody in general that she didn’t know about the rest of us but it was too cold for her out here and she was ready to go back inside. There was no argument from anybody and as she stood up everybody else joined her in climbing out of the tub.

Linda quickly dried off a little before wrapping a towel around herself and heading into the house. Norma followed suit and joined her wrapping a towel around herself as she jogged off toward the house leaving Mike and me still drying off. I saw the terry cloth robe that Linda had been wearing still laying on the chair wear she had tossed it. I put it on grabbed another towel and headed into the house.

When Mike and I made our way into the kitchen Norma was pouring hot coffee into four cups. Mike went into the din and came back with a bottle of brandy to add a little flavor to our coffee.

Not sure of were or what he should do Mike ask us if we would like to retire to the game room. We all followed him into his game room which had a full size pool table as a focal point. The coffee and brandy were having the desired effect and we were all starting to get a warm glow.

Linda, with only the towel wrapped around her lend over the edge of the pole table to grab a ball. When she did the towel raised up above her ass giving everybody a clear view of all she had to offer. Does anybody what to play pole she asked. Sure Mike said as he started gathering the balls to rack them up.

After the balls were racked Mike walked over to the wall rack and got a couple pool cues. He handed one to Linda and stepped back from the table asking her if she would like to break. Oh I’m not sure I know how she said why don’t you show me. Mike walked up behind her showing her how to hold the cue. As he did Linda thrust her ass back and into his crotch. She then started arching her hips rubbing his cock with her ass.

Mike put the cue down and grabbed Linda around the waist with both hands. He opened his robe and jerked the towel from around his waist. With Linda bent over the pool table and her towel up around her waist Mike slid his cock between her legs. Linda reached between her legs, grabbed Mikes cock placing the head at the entrance to her pussy. With one thrust of his hips Mikes cock embedded itself deep in Linda’s pussy. After three years of working together and wanting to fuck her Mike finely had his cock in her.

I walked up behind Norma as she was standing transfixed by the sight of Mike fucking Linda. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her into me as I leaned down and nibbled on her neck. Norma turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. As she did I gave her towel a little tug and it fell away from her body. She gave the belt on my robe a tug pulling it open and pulled the towel from around my waist.

I eased Norma to the carpeted floor and eased between her legs. She spread her legs as I moved between them lowering my mouth to her pussy. I eased my hands under her ass raising her crotch upward giving me better access to her wet pulsating womanhood. She moaned a deep throaty moan as I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her. I worked my tongue in and out of her I sucked her clit between my lips and sucked it.

I felt Norma raise up a little as she grabbed me pulling me up her body. With a pleading look on her face she mouthed the words “fuck me, please fuck me now”.

I moved up her body and as I did Norma grabbed my cock pulling it to her pussy. Norma positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy. I held back for a moment until she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. Then with one swift thrust of my hips I drove my cock into her with one movement. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as I held my cock all the way into her.

I didn’t move until I felt Norma start to move her hips. As I held myself motionless Norma started fucking my cock in and out of her pussy by moving and arching her hips. As she did I matched her movements as we let the pleasure mount in both our bodies.

As I fucked Norma I could hear the wet slapping of flesh as Mike slammed his cock into Linda’s drenched pussy. His crotch would slap into her ass making a sound that could be heard throughout the room. Every time it did a little more of her juices would coat her ass and his abdomen making the sound even loader.

I was doing everything I could think of not to cum too soon. I wanted to bring Norma over the top with my cock before I emptied my cum deep into her pussy. Somehow my efforts work as Norma started screaming out that she was cumming. As her orgasm started I held my cock as deep in her pussy as I could and let her pleasure soar through her body.

When Norma’s breathing came back to normal and her orgasm subsided I pulled my cock from her pussy. I raised up a little and rolled her over so that she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air while she was facing Linda and Mike. I moved behind her placing my cock between her thighs sliding it along the length of her pussy. Norma reached between her legs, positioned the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy then rocked back imbedding my cock into her.

With the sight of Linda bent over the pool table and Mike behind her fucking her hard and fast in front of us I started fucking Norma from behind. With no pretext of anything other than wanting to cum I grabbed Norman by the hips and started thrusting my cock deep into her pussy. Norma started matching my thrust into her with her own thrusts back into me driving her pussy onto my cock as I was driving it into her.

I knew I couldn’t hold out very long and made no effort to. I wanted to squirt my cum deep in Norma’s pussy. I wanted to hold my hard pulsating cock as deep into her flowing pussy as I could as I deposited my cum deep inside her. It didn’t take long for the tightening in my balls to signal that I was about to cum. I heard Linda tell Mike that she was about to cum just before she started moaning. The wet slapping sounds of Mike pounding his cock into her along with Linda’s moans and gasps of her own orgasm drove me over the edge. I grabbed Norma by the hips and pulled her into me as I drove my cock as deep as I could into her wet warm pussy. I held her ass tight against me as I started pumping my cum into her pussy. I felt her start to quiver as another orgasm started to wash over her. As she felt my cum splash into the depth of her pussy her body was quivering from the orgasmic pleasure she was feeling.

When my cock finally stopped pumping cum into Norma I eased her forward and collapsed on top of her. I closed my eyes and tried to regain my normal breathing. I could feel my heart bounding, I could hear Norma breathing and I could feel the grip of her pussy as my cock started to shrink inside her. The feeling of her damp ass resting against my abdomen was very stimulating and gave seed to the idea that this nights pleasures might not be over.

I don’t really know how much time passed before I opened my eyes again. When I did I saw Linda and Mike Laying beside us. They were both naked with Mike laying behind Linda holding her in a spoon position. As I surveyed Linda’s beautiful nude body laying in front of me I noticed that her thighs were wet with a combination of her juices and Mike’s cum that had flowed out of her pussy.

With Linda laying in front of me in the nude. Her thighs wet with sexual juices from just being fucked by Mike. Along with seeing Mike absently caressing her breast I could feel my cock start to respond and grow as it was nestled between the checks of Norma’s ass. Linda’s eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. Linda was the epitome of a sexually content and satisfied woman.

I saw Linda reach down between her legs. I knew she was reaching for Mikes cock, to guild it into her pussy. I also knew that I wasn’t the only person in the room that was getting turned on by the sight of his wife with another man. Linda arched her hips and I knew she had Mikes cock positioned to enter her. Mike eased his hips forward and drove his cock into Linda again.

By this time my cock was fully erect and twitching as it rested in the warm wet crease of Norma’s ass. Norma opened her eyes and look over her shoulder at me. She then looked over at Mike and Linda. She stared at them for a few seconds before the smile creped across her face. Mike had a grip on one of Linda’s breast as he was thrusting his cock in and our of her. With that sexy smile and a twinkle in her eyes Norma said I guess I wont need to suck it to get you ready for another round. Oh don’t let that stop you I told her you might be able to get it even harder.

I started arching my hips and sliding my cock along the length of Norma’s great feeling ass. I noticed that as I did Norma was starting to respond with her own movements. She started rolling and arching her hips rubbing her ass against my hard cock.

Norma’s face was a little flushed when she looked back over her shoulder at me again. She licked her lips before she said, are you going to put that in my ass or just rube it all around it. I raised up slightly and guided my cock between her legs. Her pussy was flowing with a combination of her juices and my cum. Rubbing my cock around her pussy put a moist glow of our juices on it.

I reached between our bodies and ran my hand across her pussy before inserting a couple fingers into her drenched pussy. I set up on my knees and pulled Norma to a kneeling position in front of me. With two fingers in her pussy I extended my thumb and massaged her puckered little back door. She let out a short gasp when I first touched her there. Using the juices from her pussy a lubricant I lubricated her ass. As the opening started to yelled to my touch I removed my fingers from her pussy and started pressing it gently against her ass hole. Ever so slowly my finger entered her.

After several minutes of preparation I again ran my cock over her pussy before I positioned the head at her back door entrance. With a slow gentle push the head started to slid into her. After a few minutes I had about half my cock in her ass. I stopped to let her get accustom to my cock in her tight back passage before continuing. Norma let me know when she was ready for more by pushing her ass back against me. I stood still and held myself firmly against her as she imbedded herself on my cock. It was a real good thing this was the second time in a little more than an hour because the feel of her tight little hole gripping my cock felt incredible.

Norma and I were occupied in our own little world when I heard Linda tell Mike that she would be right back. She jumped up and trotted off toward the bathroom. With Linda’s absence Mike started taking more attention in Norma and I. By this time Linda was resting on her elbows with her ass in the air. I was behind her sliding my cock in and out of her ass.

As Mike watched us he started stroking his cock. Norma after a little bit looked over at him and smiled. Then she said, Mike remember what we were talking about in bed a few nights ago. Oh yea was Mikes reply do you want to try it now??? Norma nodded her head yes.

Norma started raising to a setting position and ask me to help her up. Mike was now standing in front of her and helped her to her feet. I never removed my cock from her ass and we were now both standing. Norma looked over her shoulder and said to me that she wanted to have Mike and me fuck her at the same time, as if I didn’t know.

As Mike approached her Norma took his cock in her hand and guided him to her pussy. She rubbed the head over her slit before aiming the head at her entrance. I was standing behind her with my cock buried all the way in her ass when I felt Mike’s cock enter her. It felt strange feeling another mans cock so close to my own but it was also very exciting. I thought Norma was going to faint, her knees began to buckle a little and both Mike and I were holding her up. Are you all right he ask her, oh god yes was her reply. Mike then began to fuck her in earnest. He would slid his cock almost all the way out leaving just the head in her hesitate a moment then slam it all the way into her again.

Norma was really getting into Mike fucking her. She had her arms around his neck and was kissing him passionately. During this time I hadn’t moved at all. The only movement was a little bouncing she made while Mike was slamming his cock into her.

As her breathing started coming in gasp while she was making little moans deep in her throat I started sliding my cock in and out of her ass in slow even strokes. Mike and I started matching strokes into Norma that were getting faster and harder. I was holding her by the hips while Mike was holding her around the waist.

As Mike and I were through with any preliminaries we were both fucking Norma fast and hard. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked over and Linda had rejoined us. She had one hand on my shoulder and one on Mikes. She stroked our arms and shoulders as she watched us fucking Norma. Linda lend forward as I lend forward toward her. She slid her hand from my shoulder to my neck as our lips met. Her tongue darted out and into my mouth, I sucked it into my mouth and heard her moan.

As Linda and I broke our kiss I saw that she was straddling Mikes hand and knew he must have a couple fingers in her pussy. It was at about this point that Norma started screaming that she was cumming. I slammed my cock into her a couple more time and couldn’t hold back any longer. I held her tightly by the hips driving my cock as deep into her as I could and started to cum. As I was starting to come down from my orgasm I felt Mikes cock slam deep into Norma’s pussy and as he held it there it started twitching and pulsating. I knew he was cumming and held Norma as tight as I could.

Linda started letting our little whimpering moans. I looked over at her, she was holding Mikes wrist to her as she arched her hips and ground her pussy into his hand. Her ass cheeks where quivering, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she let her orgasm flood over her.

We all let our bodies untangle from one another and just eased ourselves to the floor. My cock had deflated to a semi-soft state when I let it slid our of Norma’s ass. I could still feel Mikes cock in her pussy when I pulled out of Norma. She still had her arms around his neck and he kissed her before he pulled out of her. They both just sunk to the floor and laid there for a few minutes catching their breath. Linda was laying with her legs pointed toward Mike with Norma just below her pelvic area. I was laying about even with Linda.

Norma was the first to speak and as she slid her hand across Linda’s thigh she smiled and ask her how she was doing. I’m doing great Linda said just resting a little but having fun. Norma continued to stroke her thigh in an absent minding loving manor.

Linda’s legs were spread slightly as her and Norma continued chatting. Norma was looking at Linda’s thighs and pussy as she slid her hand between Linda’s legs and wiped her fingers over the inside of her thighs. Your wet all the way down her Norma told her with a smile. Linda told her with a smile that she would have to blame Mike for that he must have put a pint of cum inside her. Oh my Norma said in a mocking manor, is it still in there she said as she brushed her fingers over Linda’s pussy. I think so was Linda’s reply, I’ve been leaking cum every since he fucked me.

Do you mind if I see Norma said. I’ve never seen what cum coming out of a pussy looks like from this angle. Linda answered her by spreading her legs a little more so Norma had a clear view of her pussy. Again Norma reached out her hand and tentatively traced the opening of Linda’s pussy with her fingers. Norma moved closer as she inspected Linda’s pussy to the point she was laying between Linda’s now wide spread legs.

Norma’s fingers were wet when she brought them to her face to examine them. She looked at her fingers, she smelled them then with her fingers so near her mouth she licked her fingers. She pondered the taste for a second before she placed her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. MMMM she said as she reached out again this time she eased a finger into Linda. She moved it around a little before removing it and sucking it clean.

This went on for awhile before Norma said that it was a strange combination of Mikes cum and Linda’s juices. I love the taste it is so unique I have never tasted anything quite like it. With that Norma lend forward and ran her tongue over Linda’s thigh. Linda took a deep gasping breath as she felt Norma’s tongue on her flesh. Norma continued to lick both of Linda’s thighs. Norma looked up at Linda and in almost a whisper said do you mind? Linda shook he head that she didn’t mind. Norma reached under Linda’s knees and raised them up to where her feet were flat on the floor with her legs spread wide. Norma then lend forward and traced Linda’s pussy with her tongue.

Mike and I watched Norma eating Linda for a number of minutes. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. Neither of the ladies had ever been with another lady before. They might not have been experienced in this kind of thing but they made up for that with enthusiasm. It just kind of happened and it was just so honest and exotic that we couldn’t take our eyes away from them.

After some time Mike couldn’t take it any longer. The sight of his wife eating another women’s pussy along with the sight of her ass waiving in front of him. With her juices and our cum running down her thighs. Mikes cock looked like it was only about half hard when he slid in behind his wife and eased it into her pussy.

It was one of those few but very special nights when everything just seems to go right. We continued to play around and have fun for another couple of hours. We even found out that four people can fit just fine in a two person shower. We had breakfast in the nude and the sun was coming up when Linda and I kissed them good by and headed home.

As we pulled into our driveway that morning I only had one regret. I wish we would have started playing with Mike and Norma three years earlier. I am sure Linda felt the same way.

We partied with Mike and Norma a couple more times before they left to move back East. Over the next few year we visited them in their new home and they came our west to see us a couple times. But as time past we just drifted further and further apart it seemed. We weren’t able to make it back there one year and they weren’t able to make it out here the next. One thing became another until one day Linda and I were talking and their name came up. We tried to call them only to find out that Mike had taken a new job in the North West someplace. They moved out of that area and we lost tract of them. That was more years ago than I like to think about but we still wish we could run across them again. It just goes to show that if you find special friends enjoy them to the fullest because you never know how long you will be able to enjoy each others friendship.

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