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Initiation time

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My wife's name is Jenn and mine is Jim. We're both in our 30's and have been married for about 10 years. We have a pretty mundane sex life with Jenn being a little on the prudish side. John and Mary are our neighbors and we tend to do things with them from time to time. Mary has always been a little different. She seems normal enough but some of the things she says and her innuendos take me by surprise. John and I are fairly tight going to an occasional sporting event and sharing a brewsky at a local sports bar every so often. Our neighbors throw a lot of parties which we have been invited to but they have had a few that we weren't invited to also. At one party a guy named Bob who I've come to know from former parties made a comment that tweaked my curiosity. He had definitely had a few too many and said something to the fact that Mary had really put on a show at a party a couple of weeks ago, one that Jenn and I weren't invited to. He stated that the "dance" she performed with two guys at the same time was the hottest thing he'd seen since the movie Deep Throat. My interest was definitely peeked and I decided to talk to John about it the first chance I got.

The next week John and I were watching college football at our local watering hole and I asked him why we weren't invited to some of his parties. He told me that those parties had a different group of friends and that he didn't think we would enjoy them. I then told him what I had heard about Mary and asked him what that was all about. He looked at me for a second and then confided in me that they were into swinging. Even though I had a faint idea that was the case I still was a bit shocked. John and Mary seemed as normal as any of our other neighbors but now Mary's behavior made a lot more sense. John continued that Jenn and I were dear friends to them and they didn't think we would be interested at all in the lifestyle. I asked him why he thought that. He asked me if I didn't mind him getting a little personal and I told him I didn't. He then proceeded to tell me that they had decided that Jenn was probably a little too uptight sexually to get involved with the lifestyle. I was surprised by how they had made that determination. He asked me things about our sex life like if she had ever been with another woman or if she liked anal or giving head. I told him I had only had anal sex with Jenn once when she was super drunk and that she did give head but would never swallow if and when she did allow me to cum in her mouth. It was getting late and he wanted to continue this conversation at his house. He called Mary and told her we both were on our way home. So to his house we went.

When we got to his home, Mary served us a couple of beers and John told her to slip into something comfy. He told me how they had gotten into swinging and how it had spiced up their sex life and how much they both enjoyed it. I was all ears. After 5 minutes had past Mary came out of their bedroom. I almost dropped my beer. The only thing she had on was John's dress shirt, it was unbuttoned and only covered half her breasts and left her bush completely exposed. I said bush but actually she was completely shaven except for a small strip of pubes directly above her clit. I couldn't see all of her breast but she definitely had a nice rack. She sat down next to her husband as he continued to tell me how much Mary loved the sex. She shook her head in agreement as she started to rub John's crotch. She proceeded to unzip his pants and slide her hand inside and massage his ever growing cock. She finally pulled it out and there was the biggest hard-on I had ever seen. I have always had pride in my 8 inch thick man snake but John had to be nearly 10 inches and thicker too. "I just love to suck cock," Mary said as she dropped down on her knees in front of her husband. Soon her head was bobbing up and down as she engulf almost all 10 inches. "No one sucks cock like my baby." John stated. I squirmed in my seat trying to adjust my emerging hard on. John must have noticed my dilemma and said, "Honey, we're being rude to our guest, why don't you make Jim feel a little more comfortable." Mary crawled over towards me on all fours and made a bee line between my legs. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. "Oh baby, he's got a nice one," she mused. He mouth covered my cock in one quick stroke. I could feel her soft breasts rubbing against my inner thighs as her head bobbed back and forth. All the time she had her eyes looking up at me and she was purring loudly, "Hmmmm." Her deep throating my cock felt incredible and having her husband a few feet away watching was terribly exciting also. Her bouncy round ass was starting to garner my attentions. John must have noticed as he said, "Squeeze her ass if you want." I leaned forward and grabbed one of her cheeks and squeezed her soft but firm ass cheek. I massaged it for a while before I slid my middle finger down the crack of her ass. I pushed my finger into her cunt and it was sopping wet. This was one hot bitch. As I fingered her cunt her moans grew louder and louder. "Baby, I need something bigger in my pussy. " she garbled as my cock was embedded down her throat. John got up and position himself directly behind Mary's ass. " She loves having two cocks in her at the same time." John informed me. As he shoved his monster cock into her I thought she better have a wet cunt to accommodate John's huge dick. She closed her eyes and let out a garbled moan as John drove it home, "Ahhhhhh." She was in a state of bliss as her husband slowly stroked his thick cock into her wet cunt back and forth. "Jenn doesn't swallow." John informed her. She took her mouth off my cock and begin stroking the base of my shaft with her hand and said, " I want you to cum in my mouth and I'll drink all the cum you can give me." She went back down in earnest and increased the suction. This hot little slut really did want me to blow my load in her mouth. Mary was the sexual nympho that all men wished for in a wife. John increased the pounding he was giving her causing my cock to plunge deeper into her mouth. I felt that old familiar burning rise up from the base of my cock and it shot up the length of my shaft and exploded against the back of her throat. "Arrgghh!" I grunted. I shot load after load into her sweet mouth. She never missed a beat, she continued to suck and swallow every drop of cum I blew into her. I fell back in my chair as I was completely spent. John was fucking the shit out of her as she told him, "Jim gave me a huge load, Honey, now I need you to make me cum." She started fucking him back and the sound of slapping skin echoed through the room as her ass slammed back against his groin. "Fuck me, fuck me harder!" she screamed. They both climaxed at about the same time. "Yesss!" she yelled as John poured his gism into her quivering cunt. John was pouring cum into her and then he would almost pull entirely out and slam back into her again and cum some more. All the time Mary ground her ass against his cock. This continued 4 or 5 times before he collapsed back on his haunches pulling his wife's ass back with him. He kissed the back of her neck as she sat on him with his cock still stuffed up her cunt. Soon Mary lifted her self off of his cock and laid down on the carpet next to him. Her breast were heaving up and down and her legs were spread open and man juice was oozing out of her hammered pussy. She slid two fingers into her cunt and coated them up with her pussy's cocktail and looking straight at me put them into her mouth, sucking them clean. "I could go for some more if anyone's interested." she proclaimed. What a little fucking slut she was. John laughed, "She can't ever seem to get enough cock. Now clean me up, baby." She winked at me and said,"I love to eat pussy too." And then took John's semi hard cock in her mouth and licked him clean. "How would you like us to turn your wife into a sexual vixen?" John asked. It only took me a second to reply, "Yes; yes, I would like that." "Well then we'll just have to give her an initiation." John replied. I wondered what "an initiation" was. John and Mary then told me how they had turned several straight woman into sex starved swingers. "Mary's the master, just leave it up to her." John stated. I pulled up my pants and left for home.

The next day Mary called Jenn to go shopping with her. When they returned Jenn told me what fun they had and that they were going out just by themselves. Later Jenn emerged from the bedroom wearing the hottest little cocktail dress. She told me Mary had helped her pick it out and asked me how she looked in it. Although it wasn't the type of dress she would normal buy she definitely looked hot in it and I told her so. We went over to the neighbors that night and the girls told us that they would probably be late and for us to have a good time. John and I were going out ourselves. We ended up at the sports bar and was joined by one of John's friend, Dave. During the evening John explained how the girls would attract men like flies. He told me that Mary would make sure that between the attention they would receive and the alcohol they would consume Jenn would be more receptive to her "initiation" when they got home. "Just follow Mary's lead and give your wife all the loving attentions you can." John instructed me. I asked about Dave. John laughed and said "He's one of the initiators."

We got home before the girls and when they arrived it was pretty much like John had told me. Jenn was very tipsy and all excited about being out and dancing with other men. I kissed her a few times and told her how beautiful and sexy she looked. She actually grab my dick and told me that I had better be ready to use it tonight. Mary asked Jenn to go with her to the bedroom because she had a present for her. Off they went giggling the whole way. John motioned me to quietly move over to where we could see through the door that Mary left ajar. I saw Mary hand her a box and Jenn opened to find some lingerie. John told me that she would convince Jenn to put it on and then call for me to come back there. Soon enough Mary called my name and John told me to just follow Mary's lead.I walked into the bedroom to find my wife dressed in a sheer sexy teddy. Mary said, "Look how sexy she is, I can't even keep my hands off her." Jenn looked a little uncomfortable as Mary ran her hands lightly over her body. My wife's legs were crossed as she stood there due to the fact the panties were crotchless but other wise she did look hot. "I think she would like your opinion, Jim," Mary stated. I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply and told her, "You look fantastic." Mary whispered, "Kiss her again." As I did Mary started nibbling on her neck and ear telling my wife at the same time how incredibly sexy she was. Jenn was caught up in the moment as Mary and I tried to give her pleasure at the same time. I noticed Mary rubbing my wife's nether regions and her being a little startled by it. I continued to kiss her and assured her it was OK. Between our necking and Mary's fondling Jenn started to melt in my arms. I laid her down on the bed and Mary came with us. She was fingering my wife's exposed pussy as her moans continue to grow louder. Mary pull my shirt to motion me to move away from Jenn. I got off the bed as my wife squirmed under Mary's expert touch. The sight of another woman's finger inside my wife's cunt caused my rock hard cock to twitch inside my pants. Mary pulled off Jenn's top and started sucking her tits as she slipped a second finger into my wife's vagina. Jenn spread her legs even further as she drifted into a state of bliss. Mary pulled her dress up and I stepped forward and help her take it off. She wasn't wearing any panties and I unsnapped her bra. Jenn reached for her breast and started caressing them. She didn't notice John and Dave enter the bedroom. Mary dropped down leaving a trail of saliva from Jenn's breast, past her navel and finally to the entrance of my wife's neatly trimmed bush. Jenn must have sensed what Mary was going to do next and whimpered, "No ,no." Mary replied, "It's alright, I want to kiss you there." She removed her finger and started licking all around my wife's pussy lips. "Hmmm," my wife cooed. Mary's educated tongue lapped Jenn's cunt without penetrating her. She was driving Jenn wild with desire until finally she started sucking my wife's clit. "Ohhh," Jenn screeched. Her breathe quicken as Mary licked her closer and closer to orgasm. Soon after my wife let out a moan that came deep from within as she achieved the sweet "O", "Aaagghhh!"she came as she trashed about the bed. When her body finally stopped twitching Mary crawled on top of her and kissed her deeply. "Did you enjoy that," asked Mary. "Yes, it was wonderful," replied my wife. "Would you like some hard cock now?" Mary continued. "Yes, I want to be fucked now," Jenn said. "Just as soon as you make me cum," Mary informed her. I don't know if my wife fulling understood the implication of what Mary had told her. As Mary climbed on top of her she protested how she had never done a woman before. Mary told her that she wasn't going to cum and not return the favor. As her thighs straddled my wife's face she said,"Eat me until I cum." She sat directly over Jenn's face and pulled her head up to her longing cunt. My wife started licking her pussy, not really knowing what she was doing but soon she hit Mary's clitoris. "Yeah, that the spot, suck me right there." ordered Mary. She started purring as she fucked my wife's mouth. She asked Jenn if she still wanted some hard cock. Jenn mumbled affirmatively. Mary motioned for me to move directly behind them and I noticed Dave getting behind them also. He was also taking his clothes off displaying his rock hard 8 inch cock which also was even thicker than mine. "Tell me you want to be fucked," Mary ordered. "Yes I want to be fucked, please fuck me." my wife pleaded. While Mary was sitting on my wife's face she couldn't see whose cock was about to skewer her. Dave climbed on the bed and lifted my wife's legs up over his. He pressed his dick into Jenn's well lubricated pussy. "Hmmm." she moaned as Dave filled her up. Dave kept a smooth even stroke as he fucked my own wife's cunt. I watched as her tongue was licking the entire length of Mary's cunt and Dave's dick continued to plunge ever deeper into her womb. My hard dick was bulging with envy as I watched my wife's body responding to another man's cock. By this time Mary was humping my wife faster and faster. For a novice my wife was apparently doing a good job. "Oh, you're doing great, I'm so close." she panted. She yelled and pulled Jenn's head hard against her cunt as she fuck my wife's face. "Yessss!" she screamed. Mary jerked over and over as waves of orgasmic bliss engulfed her body. She collapsed forward finally but kept her cunt covering my wife's face. Jenn wanted to be fucked harder as she too was getting close. "Oh baby, fuck me harder," she cried. As she was close to the point of no return, Mary asked,"Do you want him to stop?" "Nooo, don't stop now." she pleaded. Mary motioned me over as she rolled off my wife and Jenn finally saw that Dave was the one fucking her. My wife glanced at me and I assured her everything was OK. I kissed her and told her to cum. I could taste Mary's juices covering and inside Jenn's mouth. Dave increased the pace of his stroke and she immediately wrapped her legs around Dave and lifted her ass up to meet him. She started yelling, "I'm cummming!" Dave was in total control as my wife's cunt convulsed around his thick cock. Her body thrashed about the bed and for the second time tonight my wife came like never before. When her orgasm finally subsided, she lay on the bed like a limp rag doll. When she regained her composure she looked around the room and asked what was going on. I told her we all were initiating her into the Lifestyle. "You want me to fuck other men?" she asked. I told her how exciting it was seeing my sexy wife making love to other people. "Didn't you enjoy that just now?" I asked. The smile on her face told me she did and then she asked, "How does this initiation work?" Dave pulled his cock out of my wife and said, "You have to fuck all of us." Mary was on her knees in front of her husband blowing him this whole time when John said, "And I'm next." Mary moved away from him and his rock hard monster was in clear view for my wife to see. Her eyes got a wide as saucers and she blurted out, "I can't handle THAT." Mary assured her she could and told her that she could get on top and take what she could. John laid down on his back and coxed Jenn to climb on. Jenn tentatively climbed on top and squatted over John's 10 inch cock. She held him with both hands and lowered her self onto him. "Ughhh." she moaned. She was actually able to get more than half of him into her tight little cunt. She took a moment or two to adjust to the biggest cock to ever be placed inside her pussy. She soon started moving her ass up and down on his massive thick pole. "Doesn't that feel good?" Mary asked, "You're going to enjoy this, Honey." More and more of John's pole was disappearing into my wife's cunt. "Hmmm."she cooed. She dropped down to her knees and started fucking him in earnest.. Mary climbed over to me and grabbed my aching cock and said,"She's a natural and I'm sure you're ready for some attention." Was I, watching everyone fucking me wife had brought me close to wanting to jack myself off several times already. Mary dropped down to her knees and took my cock deep into her mouth and started sucking. As excited as I was it felt like my first ever blow job. Jenn was moaning and fucking John all the faster. As I watched my wife Mary asked me if I was really turn on seeing my wife fuck other men. Yes, I grunted. She squeezed the base of my cock and told me not to cum yet. "Then you're really going to like this." Mary informed me. She turn to Dave and said,"Now." Dave reached into the night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube and proceeded to cover his cock with it. He climbed up behind my wife. I don't think she even knew he was there until he pushed her down on top of John. John reached his arms around her and held her down. Dave spread my wife's ass and rubbed his cock around her tightest hole. Jenn's realized what he was up to and protested. But she was in no position to do anything to prevent it. Dave shoved her lubricated cock into my wife's asshole. At first the shock made my wife gasp, after Dave's cock head past my wife's sphincter he continued to press it home. "Argghhhh!" she screamed. Mary told her that it would start feeling better in just a bit. After embedded about 6 inches of his cock up my wife tight ass, Dave stopped and stayed still. John started fucking her cunt again and soon Jenn's motor started purring again. Mary laid down at the bottom of the bed with her head closed to her husband feet. "Jim, I want you to fuck me now," she commanded. I drove my cock into her cunt and started fucking her. I had a perfect view of my wife being DP ed by John and Dave. "It's really hot watching your wife getting fucked by two guys, isn't it?" Mary asked. It was incredible hot and soon I felt my own load getting ready to explode. "Give it to me, I want you to filled my cunt with your seed." Mary begs. I can't hold off and wait for Mary to cum. I blow my load seconds later and pour gism deep into Mary's womb. I collapsed on top of Mary but I can't take my eyes off of my wife's ass. Both men are deep fucking her ass and cunt. Jenn is in a state of hysteria as she cums over and over. Dave is really slamming my wife hard now and as his buttocks tighten up he grunts loudly and starts pouring cum into Jenn;s ass, "Ugghhhh!" His grunting seems to go on for nearly a minute. I hear Jenn yell out, "I can feel it, it's so warm." Dave falls back to the side of the bed and my wife's gaped asshole is mere feet away from my view. Dave's cum is oozing out her ass as John's pounding of her cunt causes it to pour out. It runs down the length of his cock onto his sack as Jenn's ass rides up and down his pole. He stuffing all 10 inches into her well fucked pussy by this time. "Baby I"m going to cum now." he yells. "Give it to me." my wife pleads. John lift his ass of the bed as he begins to shoot his load up my wife's cunt. "Yessss!" Jenn screams. She's cumming again as another man unload more foreign cum into her. I swear I can see the movement of his seed squirting up from the base of his massive cock. Again and again he shot man juice into Jenn's pussy. They both lay motionless after wards for several minutes. After witnessing all this my cock is rock hard again. Mary is the first to speak, "You're not done yet, Jenn." Jenn replies, "I fucked everyone." Mary informs her, "Everyone except your husband and I need to cum again." Jenn lifts herself off of John's cock and immediately his cum starts pouring out of her pussy. Mary has her crawl between her legs and orders her to make her cum. My wife is on her hands and knees eating Mary out. Her cunt has that fresh fucked looked as John's seed is still dribbling down her inner thighs. "That's it clean me up, suck all the cum your husband filled my pussy with." Mary says. My wife who doesn't swallow was devouring Mary's cunt which was filled with my seed. She was swallowing my cum by proxy. Standing behind her I put my cock up against her sopping cunt and drive it home. Damn she'd wet. That and being hammered by John huge cock has left her cunt sloppy. It only heighten my excitement as I pound my wife's back side. Mary is moaning again as she's brought closer to the brink by my wife's lapping. I'm getting super turned on by watching Jenn eating pussy as she's being fucked doggie by me. "Good girl, you sure are good at eating pussy." Mary moans. I can fill my cum boiling over as I slam my wife's cunt. "Ahhhh." Mary moans as my wife brings her to orgasm. The sound of skin slapping and Mary cumming set my cock squirting for the second time tonight. I grunt loudly as I deposit another load into my wife's well fucked cunt. I stumble away from the bed as Jenn crawls on top of Mary and collapses in her arms. Everyone is spent and happy. But all I can think of is how soon can we all get together to do it again and this time I want to be the one to fuck my wife in the ass.

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