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First and Couple Swap with Co Worker and Her Husband

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Let me start off with us. My wife and I are very sexual. We both push boundaries to a certain extent. We’ve tried a long time ago to bring a woman in the bed, but it didn’t go as planned. It started off with some failed FFM threesomes years ago but has grown into what we do today. Over the last 4 years we have been fantasizing about threesomes and foursomes while we have sex. I absolutely love it and so does she. While we are fucking, we talk about FFM threesomes MMF threesomes and couple swaps. The first time we did it was a little scary. I said what I said, hoping my wife wouldn’t kill me after wards. To my surprise it had the opposite effect. She was just as turned on as me. Since the beginning of our relationship, we’ve always had amazing sex but now, wow, a whole different level! We’ve gone to strip clubs in Vegas where we’ve gotten a whole lot of extra Treatment!! We’ve gone to a swinger’s club in Texas which was amazing! We didn’t do anything but watch, it was a super turn on. Our next step was just to jump in, which until last month, we hadn’t done.

My wife and I like renting a room for the night away from kids and love to fuck all night. We drink and party. We rented a room at a local casino in our hometown. I take all our sex toys, vibrators, lube, but plugs, video camera, tripod and lighting, lingerie, and even our own stripper pole. I have it all set up so when it is time to go back to our room all we do is play.

We live in a big, small town so every time we go out, we always run into people we know. We are always scared of letting people know our secret fantasies or invite anyone into our bedroom because this town is so small.

This Friday evening my wife was wearing a sexy tight black dress with red heels. I didn’t know what color the lingerie was because she likes keeping it a secret from me. I was guessing red because she knows I love that color and because she was probably matching the red high heels. My wife is tall and slender, has amazing legs, and long black hair that goes to her middle back. Her breasts are large 34 DDs implants that I love sucking. She has a gorgeous face with plumb lips. I love when she kisses the tip of my cock and I love when she sucks on my dick. The pictures I have of her giving me head are amazing. She is 45 but looks like she is 35. She is a real head turner everywhere we go. I was wearing slacks with a collared shirt I felt good and sexy. I’m 45 5’10 with a 6 ½ inch cock that has great girth. For the sake of this story I’m going to call myself John and refer to my wife as Amber.

We got to the casino at about 8, checked into the room, just dropped off our bags and headed to the bar downstairs. We both had a few drinks, gambled a little and were feeling good. There were a lot of people out, we saw some old friends and chatted them up a bit. It was about 9:30 and headed back to the bar, the DJ had started playing and there were a lot more people than when we got there before. As we were standing up looking into the dance floor, I saw an old co-worker and her husband walking to us headed to the bar. Their names for this story are Alexa and Her husband Charlie. I’ve always though Alexa was super sexy. She was about 27ish a lot younger than us and her husband probably the same age. She was kind of like my wife, Tall, slender, long black hair, sexy legs (I remember checking them out every time she would wear skirts to work), beautiful skin tone, I wasn’t sure about her breasts. She would show cleavage, but I could never tell how big they were. Alexa and I had a cool relationship at our office. There was defiantly some sexual tension between us. I had to try hard and make sure people in the office didn’t notice. But I always wanted to go to her office and wanted her to come to mine so I could flirt with her and admire her beauty. We never said anything that crossed the line, but dam, I wanted it to.

As Alexa walked to us, I called out to her. They both came over to talk to me and Amber. She was dressed stunningly as always. She had on a skirt as well. Showing her breasts, her stomach, and her legs. The dress was a nude color and went a little past her knees. She was wearing gold necklaces that brought attention to her beautiful cleavage. I introduced my wife to them. Charlie was a little taller than me and was dressed more country than I. (Even though I grew up on the ranch and on a horse, I turned my boots and saddles in for city life and slacks.)

We offered to buy them a drink and followed them to the bar top. My wife is very friendly and talkative. She started talking to Alexa right away, complimenting her on her outfit and on her beauty. I made small talk with Charlie; we talked about work and family. At first, he was a little quiet but once he knew my wife and I were no threat he loosened up, the shots of tequila also helped.

We found a table for all 4 of us to sit down. We kept the drinks coming while we enjoyed our evening. My wife and I love to dance and love kissing, grabbing, and touching each other. We always get teased for showing PDA. My wife needed to go the restroom and invited Alexa so they both left me and Charlie at the table together. We talked and noticed this sexy blond woman with a short skirt and small top walk by our table. This blond gave us the biggest smile like she wanted one of us to talk to her. She walked by, Charlie and I kept our eyes on her and she passed. I looked and him and said, “damn in a different life, I’d have that” he laughed and said, “wow I’ve never been with a blond like that before.” I laughed and said, “they are fun, they are all fun” Amber and Alexa are both Mexicanas so they have the same look. They could almost pass as sisters or cousins. After the Blond passed by, we started looking at all the women in the bar. I asked Charlie “look at her, what about her, would you do that one?”, “how about that one?” I guess we started having bro bonding moments. To my surprise he was just as picky as me. All the women I would do, he would do, and all the women I wouldn’t do, he wouldn’t either. The tequila and beers were flowing, and we were having a great time. I saw my wife and Alexa walking to the entrance. When Amber walked into the bar/dance area, I went for it. I normally wouldn’t have done this, but I had a buzz. I asked Charlie “what about her? Would you do her?” Charlie looked and my wife and didn’t know what to say. He laughed and took a drink of his beer and didn’t answer.

The girls sat back down at the table looking sexier than ever!! Amber asked me if I wanted to dance. I said of course I asked Charlie to order us another round from the waitress while we were dancing. Amber and I started dancing, they were playing some cool jams that we were able to grind on each other and were Kissing on each other. The song ended and Amber asked me how Charlie was, I said he was cool, and I liked him. I asked how Alexa was. Amber said she was sexy, and Amber liked her vibe. I asked my wife what she would hang out with them again “I don’t know, but they have a room here too and it sounded like they come here to do the same thing as us, FUCK!” Amber said with a smile and a grim!! Wow “that would be fun to watch I joked.” Let’s Watch them I teased!! My wife rolled her eyes and said whatever, we can’t do that here.

The next song started playing and to our surprise Charlie and Alexa came to the dance floor and started dancing right next to us. The dance floor was packed, and I was dancing behind my wife. Amber was facing Alexa and Charlie was dancing behind Alexa. As we got closer, my wife and Alexa were basically dancing with each other. It was hot. They both had rhythm and were enjoying each other. I felt my dick get hard as my cock rubbed against my wife’s ass. I felt Alexa’s hands grab Amber’s hips and the girls were now grinding each other. Then I felt Alexa’s hands go on top of mine. And she started rubbing my forearms. I was so turned on. The dance floor was dark and very packed. Alexa and Amber were grinding each other and Alexa’s leg with the slit on the dress was close to me as she was grinding on my wife. I went for it; I started feeling Alexa’s leg and slid my hand up the side with the slit. I got to her hips, and I didn’t feel any underwear. What the fuck was I doing!! Thank goodness Amber or Charlie didn’t notice. Alexa looked at me and winked. Fuck! I’m glad I did it. Alexa’s face looked so hot. She was bighting her bottom lip and moving to the beet. Charlie was staring into my wife’s face. I couldn’t tell if he liked what was happening. Before I knew it, my wife started kissing Alexa!!! O fuck I hope no one else notices!!! This was hot. My wife’s hands were on Alexa’s ass and Alexa’s hand were on my wife’s!!! This was crazy. I came here to have crazy hot sex! I didn’t think this was going to happen. The song ended and the girls pulled away. I could see the smile on Alexa’s face. She then turned around and kissed Charlie. Amber turned around and kissed me. She stuck her tongue, and I stuck out mine like horny little lizards!!! We walked back to our table. Nobody said a word! Charlie then broke the silence and said the waitress still hadn’t taken our order. Amber said “hay, we have alcohol in our suite, let’s go have a drink freshen up and then come back down.” Before I could say yes, Alexa confirmed that was a great idea, so we got our stuff and walked to the hotel elevator.

My mind was racing!! I was so horny, as we walked past the corner my wife grabbed Alexa’s ass as we entered the elevator. We were the only 4 people inside. They started kissing again!! This time they were feeling each other out and licking and kissing each other’s neck. Wow. Charlie and I just stared, leaning up against the elevator mirrors.

We walked out and headed down the long hallway to our suite. Before I opened the door I looked back and said, “don’t judge us, we just love sex and pleasing each other.” My wife laughed and said, “yea right I bet Alexa and Charlie are just as crazy as us.”

They walked in and in the living area we had a stripper pole with our camera set up and lighting. I had 2 vibrators charging by the TV. Alexa said, “wow Charlie, we need one of these!” Charlie answered “I’m buying one tomorrow, but you better use it for me” Alexa said “of course babe you know I love this stuff”

We walked over to the bar, and I poured shots of Don Julio and gave Amber and Alexa some Champagne. We all cheered and had a drink together. I then offered everyone a body shot. Amber and I were the only ones that wanted one. I gave her one. I then asked her if I could do one off her nipple. She asked, “right here?” I said that is the only way I like to do it. She laughed and said FUCK IT and we warned Alexa and Charlie. She pulled down her skirt and now I was able to see her red sexy lacy bra. I moved it to the side with my finger and her nipple popped out. I put a small amount of salt on it and licked the rest with my tongue. Amber laughed and said, “my husband is such a pervert, but I love it.” Alexa and Charlie both commented on how much the thought that was sexy. Alexa then said “I don’t want a shot but can I lick it just to make sure there was nothing left? Amber said of course and I said hell yeah!!! Alexa looked at Charlie and asked by shrugging her shoulders and turning her palms up. Charlie looked and me and then looked and Amber, “is it okay if Alexa does that?” We both agreed.

Alexa walked over to Amber and pulled the sexy bra to the side and started licking my wife’s nipples with her tongue. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it from the outside. O my gosh what is happening I thought. Alexa then moved to my wife’s other breast and started rubbing, licking and sucking both nipples and breasts. I was so turned on. I looked at my wife’s face and she had her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Charlie was also grabbing and rubbing his cock. I can’t believe this is happening.

There was no stopping us. All four of us were turned on. Amber came and sat next to me, and we were facing Alexa and Charlie who were now sitting down across us. I asked Amber if she was wearing matching underwear. She said NO. She didn’t wear underwear tonight. Charlie was quick to respond, “that is hot Alexa isn’t wearing any underwear either!” I had already guessed that from the dance floor, but Charlie confirming that put me over the edge. I right away went for my wife’s pussy, yup no underwear. I started rubbing it and fingering it. She was so wet!! I looked up and Charlie was doing the same thing. He was fingering Alexa. All four of us were turned on. I grabbed Amber and took her to the king-size bedroom. I asked Charlie and Alexa to follow. “Come here and look at the rest of this stuff.” When they walked in the bedroom they saw more vibrators, put plugs, lube, feathers, and dildos. I think they were impressed.

I laid Amber on the bed and started kissing her, sucking on her neck and tits, fingering her. Charlie laid Alexa right next to Amber and he was doing the same thing. I was getting so turned on hearing my wife moan and hearing Alexa moan. I heard the slapping of skin as Charlie fingered Alexa. I could hear Alexa’s juices splashing. I was so turned on.

I then pulled off Amber’s dress leaving her red bra and her red high heels. I snapped the bra off exposing her beautiful breasts. I wanted to kiss every inch of Amber. But at the same time, I was thinking of Alexa. Alexa was no doubt enjoying Charlie, but I wondered what was going through everyone’s minds. How far would this go? I started kissing my wife’s shoulders and kissed her all the way down to her wrist and to my surprise I noticed Alexa and Amber were holding hands as they both laid on their back as their husbands kissed, licked, fingered and fucked our respected wives. I grabbed my wife’s forearm and gently slid It down to Amber’s and Alexa’s hands that were still together. I started holding their hands and then ran my fingers up Alexa’s forearm to her shoulders. I heard a moan and noticed she was breathing harder. I then refocused my attention on Amber. I started sucking on her breasts and gently bighting her nipples. I happened to glance to my right and now noticed that Alexa was also completely naked. Charlie was kissing her and massaging her breasts. We both had our wives straddled and were inches apart, all four of us lying on the bed. I started kissing on my wife’s stomach and moved down to her completely bare pussy. I started rubbing her clit with my finger then I placed my tongue on her clit. I licked it, I gently blew on it. I wanted to take my time. Amber loves when I eat her out. There was no reason to rush now. Amber’s ass was now at the edge of the bed, and I was kneeling on the floor playing with her pussy. Charlie saw what I was doing and gently positioned Alexa the same way as Amber was. He then was on his knees right next to me. He started eating his wife’s pussy just the way I was. I looked up and I saw that Amber and Alexa were holding hands again. I heard them both moan, their breathing was loud. Amber pussy tasted so good all I could think was how is this happening so fast. I took off my shirt and removed my slacks and socks. If the girls were naked, I wanted to be naked too. My cock was rock hard. I gently rubbed my shaft as I continued to eat my wife’s pussy. I felt the precum and rubbed in my skin like lotion. As me and Charlie were eating out our wives, I noticed that the women were no longer moaning. I took a quick moment to look up at the two and they were kissing and leaning into each other. My wife was foundling Alexa’s nipples and Alexa was rubbing the back of Charlie’s head as he continued eating her out. Seeing the two girls kiss as we ate them out put me into ecstasy and I almost came just watching them. I put my focus back to Amber’s pussy, I put my hands under her legs and hips and just sucked and licked until I heard my wife moaning. I knew she was about to cum because I felt her bucking me and her breathing began to be long hard deep breaths. I knew Amber’s noises and I loved it. Amber began to breathe hard and loud. “don’t stop don’t stop.” She started pulling my hair and pushing my face into her pussy. This was my thing, I loved it. “FUCK FUCK IM CUMMING. MMM MMM MMM” Just like that the first orgasm of the night! Seconds after she finished cumming I heard Alexa beginning to breath hard she had a different sound and it turned me on so much. Amber helped coach her through her orgasm “cum for us Alexa cum for us! I want your husband to taste all our juices! We are all turned on so much cum Alexa Cum!” That did it Alexa let out the loudest scream it was hot!!! We all gave them a minute break and let their heart rates and breathing come to a slower pace. AS they came back to reality the girls started kissing again! I couldn’t take it any more I wanted to fuck someone!! I stood up and looked at Charlie, he was now naked just like me. We both rubbed our dicks and positioned ourselves at the edge of the bed and started fucking our wives harder than we’ve ever had!! Amber’s legs were over my shoulders, I was able to slam my cock into her pussy hard, fast and loud. My wife only had on her high heels. Charlie was fucking Alexa the same way. We both are ramming our wives with brute force. My wife’s tits were moving vigorously up and down as I dripped sweat from my forehead onto my wife’s stomach. Our wives are both loud. We are fucking them so hard that they could no longer kiss but I noticed they are holding hands. We fucked like this for maybe 10 minutes. I didn’t want to come so I slowed down to control my orgasm. Charlie followed suit. As we slowed down our wives began kissing again. Now I was going slow but pulling my cock all the way out and pushing it all the way in. Alexa was only wearing her high heels too. Her gold necklaces moved up and down with Charlie’s every thrust. I normally love red high heels but seeing her with black ones turned me on just as much as my wife’s red ones. I took my eyes off my wife and started staring at Alexa as she continued to get fucked by Charlie. Amber noticed and asked out loud and I’m sure everyone heard “do you like watching Alexa get fucked? Do you wish that you were the one fucking her?” I was so into I said it out loud not knowing what Charlie or the girls would think or say. “Yes, I want her! Yes, I want to make her cum just like I make your cum!” As I said that Charlie started fucking Alexa harder. Then Amber asked me, “what about Charlie? Can he fuck me?” I said, “yes of course, anything goes tonight!” That pushed everyone over the edge. I began cumming so hard, yelling Amber’s and Alexa’s name!! “AWW AMBER AWW ALEXA!” I came so hard I yelled and screamed. At the exact moments Charlie was yelling and shaking as he pumped his load deed inside his wife’s pussy. The women both came again seeing how much turned on the men were pushed them over the edge. I fell on my wife’s body and kissed her. Our sweat and juices were everywhere. I told her how hot it was to fuck right next to Charlie and Alexa. Charlie and Alexa were kissing and lay inches away from both of us. There was an awkward silence and then Amber broke it, “is that all you boys have?” We all laughed and said hell no. We are here all night. We all got up and walked naked into the living room and got a drink. I poured another shot for Charlie, and I took one as well. The girls had champagne. It was so sexy seeing them with champagne glasses as they were both naked, but both still had on their high heels. Both girls sat by each other whispering and giggling and then asked for towels. I got them each a towel and put on my boxers. Charlie was the only one naked, he started laughing and then put his underwear on as well.

The girls were a little tipsy and said they both needed to go to the restroom. Me and Charlie went to the bar and I poured us another shot. I asked him what he thought of everything that happened so far? He replied, “Dam John, this was the best thing he has ever been part of, and I don’t want it to end.” He then said, “John I didn’t answer your question from earlier when we were downstairs, YES, I’d do your wife!” I laughed poured him another shot and said, “she Is hot and at the way the night was going, she would probably do you too!”

The girls came out of the bathroom giggling again. Amber asked if I could get her another body shot. I said of course. I didn’t want the night to end, and I wanted to instigate it a little bit more. I told her and Alexa to sit on the couch. I went over to where both girls were sitting with some salt and instead of putting it by her hand, I told Alexa to lean back and I slowly pulled down the towel that was covering Alexa’s breasts. I put it right above the nipple. Amber looked at me and smiled, “you sly,” she grabbed Alexa’s breast and licked the salt. This must have turned Charlie on because he went to Alexa and licked the tit that was just in my wife’s mouth.

We all laughed, Charlie and I sat back in the chairs that were facing the couch. Amber asked, “You boys ready for round 2?’ “Hell Yes” we both replied. Alexa said, “prove it, let us see those dicks.” Without hesitation, I dropped my boxers and so did Charlie. My dick was semi hard and not up to its full potential. I didn’t see Charlie’s dick, so I didn’t know if he was ready for round 2 yet. “It looks like you boys need a little help” my wife said. She turned to Alexa and said, “you ready to make these boys night?” “Their night? Yea right make our night!” Alexa said. They started kissing again passionately. Then they both took off their towels and put down the champagne glasses. Amber came over to me and kissed me passionately. I was still sitting on the chair. Then she got to her knees and started sucking on my dick. I looked over and saw that Alexa was now on her knees sucking Charlie cock as well. Within seconds my cock was at full potential and ready for round 2 and hopefully 3. I sat back and enjoyed as my wife sucked on my cock and licked my balls and slobbered all over it. It is like she knew Alexa was next to us and didn’t want to be shown up while she was rocking the mic. I looked over at Alexa and she was doing a number on Charlie. She was in full control of his dick, and it looked like she truly loved giving head. While I was watching Alexa give Charlie head, I felt Amber’s mouth come off my dick. I looked at her and she came up and kissed me. She then started kissing my ear and whispered to me, “how far do you want to go? Do you want to fuck Alexa?” I didn’t know how to answer. “It is up to you; I’ll do anything you want to do.” She kissed me again and then whispered “can I fuck Charlie? Will you get jealous?” This is a question I didn’t know how to answer. I’m a macho guy and what’s mine is mine, but the opportunity to fuck Alexa? What do I say? We’ve fantasied about this for years. Could I handle someone else’s cock in my wife? Could I handle someone else making my wife cum? Amber kissed me again and grabbed my dick which was still rock hard. I then asked her, “are you going to get jealous? Will you hold this against me?” She pulled back, looked me right in the eyes and spoke. “John, I love you, I love fucking you, I love turning you on, I love that we can do all this so far and I think we can do anything as long as we both agree we do it together.” I grabbed her by the back of the head and started kissing her again. “I agree. I love fucking you and I know whatever happens we will be fine.” “LET’S DO IT” we both said.

We looked over at Alexa and Charlie, Alexa was still sucking Charlie’s dick. Amber said to Alexa, “I talked to John, and we are good! What does Charlie say?” Alexa took the dick out of her mouth and went up and started kissing Charlie. She looked at him and asked her point blank “do you want to fuck Amber because I want to fuck John?” “I’d though you would never ask! Of course, as long as all 4 of us are cool with everything.” I looked at him and said “Amber is an amazing fuck, and she wants you just as much as I want Alexa! I’m good if you are good.” He then looked at me and said, “HELL YEA!” We were both excited. We gave each other the cheesiest of fist pumps and then kissed our wives. Amber said she wanted to taste my cock one more time before it was buried inside Alexa. She went back down and sucked it and kissed it. I looked over at Alexa and she was doing the same to Charlie. Then my wife pulled away, but her hand was still on my cock. She looked over at Alexa as Alexa was pulling away from Charlie. They both leaned into each other and started kissing. My heart rate was pounding. I knew what was about to happen. Amber looked at Alexa, “you ready babe?” “let’s do it!” Alexa replied. Then I saw Amber still on her knees crawl over to Charlie as he will still sitting on the chair. I saw as Alexa released Charlie’s cock and now Amber took hold of it. Amber looked up and over at me and I blew her a kiss and told her to enjoy! I watched as MY WIFE take another man’s cock and into her hand and then put into her mouth. Charlie cock looked as big as mine, but he wasn’t circumcised. I watched as my wife pulled back the skin and started to lick the top of his dick. I’m not going to lie, at first it made my stomach turn. Do I look away or do I keep watching her suck another man’s dick? She took it into her mouth and began to get into a rhythm. I was turned on watching it, but I was also jealous. Suddenly, I felt a warm hand grab my cock and as I looked down, I saw that Alexa was now on her knees in between my legs. She looked me in the eye and stuck out her tongue and licked the bottom of my head. Alexa kept staring at me with her eyes open. I quickly lost any bit of jealousy I had only seconds before. I now was 100% focused on Alexa and she began to give me head. She kept looking at me in the eyes and she swallowed my whole cock. She kept one hand on my balls on the other on my shaft and she kissed and stroked my dick. Looking at her straight in the eyes the whole time she sucked my cock was such a turn on. I reached over and put her long silky black hair to the back. It was covering her perfect breast and perfect fat nipples. I wanted to see her body as she sucked on my dick. I’ve always wanted to fuck Alexa; I couldn’t believe this was happening!!

I sat back and watched Alexa do her think. I honestly have to say that she was better and giving head than Amber. She sucked my dick with such enthusiasm. As I write this, I close my eyes and I can still remember vividly how good Alexa was at it. Alexa wasn’t afraid to make noises, she slurped it she used her tongue, used her lips and used both her hands. I rarely cum just from getting head but if I wanted to release, I could have busted my whole load directly in her mouth. Alexa glanced over at Amber and Charlie, that made me curious about how they were doing. I looked and I saw Amber yanking at Charlie’s cock it looked like she was enjoying herself. Charlie had his eyes closed and his head tilted back. He too was having a great time.

Alexa re-focused on my cock and looked me straight in the eyes. I loved that she did that. Alexa then spit on my cock to lubricate a little more or just to get me turned on. I loved it. She grabbed the head with her fingers and tilted my dick to the side. She stuck her tongue out and began to trace the veins of my dick all the way to the shaft. Such a turn on! Hands down the best head I ever had. She then pulled up my cock and begin sucking on my balls. “Gently does it” I told her. She spit on my cock one more time and then got off her knees and went to kiss me. I’ve been so infatuated with Alexa for so long it was nice to finally have her. We kissed passionately I grabbed her perky ass as she rubbed my chest. I didn’t know what to do next. Do I fuck her? Do I return the favor and eat her out. I knew Charlie had pumped a load into her earlier but that didn’t scare me. I wanted to taste her pussy. Before I could decide Alexa got in between my legs and begin to sit her smooth lasered pussy into my rock-solid cock(reverse cowgirl). I grabbed the shaft of my dick and helped guide it into her. O man!! She felt so tight!! So wet!! She moaned and screamed, and she sat down completely on my dick!! Alexa kept it there. She didn’t start riding it. She held and pushed her hips as far down as she could. My dick was hard and swollen and buried deep into her young tight pussy. Before she started moving, I heard her breathing and she started to yell and moan! “I’m cumming I’m cumming!! Keep it in, don’t pull it out” Alexa yelled. My dick was only in her for less than 1 minute and she had already came once. I let her calm down. The buildup was heavy for both of us. I didn’t want to cum yet. So, I pulled her off me and went across the room and put her on all fours and the couch that was facing the 2 chairs where Amber and Charlie were. We looked over at them, we had completely lost interest in what Charlie and Amber were doing because we were in our own world.

Amber was still sucking Charlie’s dick. It looked like Charlie was really enjoying himself. My wife pulled up and saw that we moved to the couch. Amber looked so sexy wearing her red heels. I knew Charlie loved it and wanted more. Amber grabbed Charlie by the hand and told him to follow her back to the bedroom. She then looked and me and Alexa and told us to come too. I was about to fuck Alexa doggie style right there on the couch, but I guess let’s go to bed so we can have more space!! I grabbed Alexa by the hand, and she followed all of us to the room. We got to the bedroom “pick any toy you want Alexa, I’ll let you have first choice,” Amber was such a good host!! Alexa picked the purple vibrator that has a second prong that rubs the clit while the main prong is inside you. “Great choice,” Amber nodded. They both still had their high heels on!! What a sight. I grabbed Alexa laid her on her back. I started kissing her. She was a great kisser. Her Lips are sexy. Perfectly proportioned, I nibbled on the top lip. We kissed so passionately. I’ve been wanting Alexa for years. If felt that the 4 years of knowing were like 4 years of fourplay. I moved my lips to her neck. I sucked on it lightly and licked it. With my left hand I grabbed her right hand and held her hand stretched out across the bed. My cock was rubbing on Alexa’s thigh. So close to her pussy but so far from it. I licked the outside of the ears. I knew Alexa liked everything I was doing just by her breathing. I kept my tongue out and moved it from her ears to alongside her lower chin line. Alexa tasted so good. I smelt the Black Opium perfume on her neck. She tasted and smelt so good. I went back to her lips and kissed her over and over. I kept her right arm stretched out, holding it down, I let her know I was in charge. I wanted to taste her pussy. I wanted to smell her juices and lick her clean. I started making my way to her box. From her neck I made my way to her breasts. I released her hand and now used both of my hands to fondle both her tits. She had the prettiest of nipples. I sucked on them, licked them, and lightly pinched them. I went from the left breast to the right one. I loved them. I needed to pinch myself. Was this happening? I stayed on her tits for what seemed forever. I was mesmerized by her body and the auora of sexuality Alexa was displaying. I wanted to kiss her again. I moved back up and licked her lips and kissed her. I looked her in the eyes. She had the look like she wanted to be fucked. Both of us were so turned on we barely noticed Amber and Charlie doing their own thing. I couldn’t take it no more. I wanted to taste her pussy. I kissed her lips one last time and headed down to body. I could feel small goose bumps on her skin. Alexa was just as turned on as me. I licked and lightly blew on her chest. I made it past her breasts. My tongue was on the center of her body, 4 inches away from her belly button. As I reached it I let my vavas fill up her naval. I then sucked it back up and swallowed my own spit. My hands braced her hips, I could smell her sweet pussy. I was finally there! Her skin was smooth, no hair. The small goosebumps let me know she was enjoying herself. I moved my middle finger to her clit. I kissed it. I spread her cover and stared at her clitoris. Every nerve ending in Alexa’s body was tied to this perfectly shaped knob. One lick sent a tingly sensation to the very back of Alexa’s neck. I stuck out my tongue and flexed my tongue muscles. Instead of moving my tongue back and forth, I moved my head up and down. The sturdiness of my tongue caressed Alexa’s clit. I licked her clit at a steady pace. Alexa was pulling my hair with one hand and grabbing my shoulder with the other. I had no sense of time and wanted to do this all night. I switched from licking it to kissing it and then back to licking it. I then slid my mouth down to her pussy, it was so wet. I slurped up all the fluids I could. O shit, some of the fluids was probably Charlie’s, “fuck it” I’m so turned on I don’t care. Alexa tastes so good and she loves it. She was caressing my head and lightly pulling on my hair. “Don’t stop John, you do it so GOOD!”, Alexa’s voice was so sexy. I didn’t need her to tell me that, I had no intention of stopping. Alexa started scratching my head instead of pulling my hair. I loved what has happening. I drank as much fluids of Alexa’s as I could. Alexa’s hips were starting to buck me. My arms were under her thighs and my hands wrapped on top of those sexy thighs. I pulled her vagina deep into my face. Pussy lips on my cheeks and a her clit on my nose. My tongue entered her hole. I didn’t want to wake up, please don’t be dreaming! Alexa started pulling my hair again! Her hips were harder and harder to hold down. I knew she was only minutes away from climaxing all over my face. I held strong and didn’t stop. “AWW AWW, I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING!!” Alexa couldn’t keep it in. she came all over my face and mouth. I kept my mouth there I wanted all her fluids in my throat. “AWW Alexa, you taste so good!! The breathing the smell of pussy the smell of sex. No other moment like that I’ve every felt. Amber and Charlie could of left. I don’t even know. I looked to the side and Charlie was doing his thing. He was making my wife scream and moan. Wow. I can’t think. My cock is rock hard and bulging. Pre-cum is leaking from the tip. What next? What do I do?

I told Alexa to get on all fours. I positioned myself behind Alexa. She must of though I was going to fuck her, but I wanted to taste her pussy one more time. I wanted to smell her juices to lick her clean. I started eating her pussy from behind. I loved doing this to Amber and I love doing it now to Alexa. I tasted and swallowed as much as I could. I slurped up the “sloppy seconds” I don’t care I’m fucken a sexual horny fucker, laugh if you want. When your tongue and mouth are in her pussy your eyes are well, looking straight at her asshole. I got my free hand and started rubbing the outside. I put light pressure on it. I could feel Alexa jump feeling my finger rubbing her asshole. Alexa didn’t tell me to stop so I continued rubbing it. I had the urge to lick it, so I did. Alexa started to moan as she felt my wet tongue in her asshole. I continued going back and forth from her asshole to her pussy. Alexa got the vibrator that Amber gave her earlier, she kept the vibrator on her clit and I could hear her breath start to increase. The vibrator really did the trick. “I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING O MAN DON’T STOP!” Wow it happened again. I’m not counting but I think Alexa has came 5 times already.

We laid on the bed and were focusing on Amber and Charlie. Amber was on her back and Charlie was eating her pussy. He had both his hands up squeezing my wife’s tits. I think Charlie loved having fake large breasts. I on the other hand loved the natural breasts that Alexa had, especially those large nipples! My wife was squirming as Charlie did a number on her. As I stood back to see Charlie eat Amber’s pussy I got to see what toy Amber picked. She had put the butt plug in her asshole!!! Dam it looked hot. The crazy thing about all this is I felt no jealousy!! That was a relief. When me and Amber have sex, sometimes she used her vibrator and I put my dick in her mouth. Charlie was playing the part of the vibrator as he was devouring her pussy. I thought to myself this would be the perfect time to let Amber suck my dick. I positioned myself next to Amber and pulled out my still rock-hard dick and put it in Amber’s mouth. She grabbed it and sucked it twice. “It tastes like pussy, like Alexa’s pussy!! I like it!!!” Wow she tasted Alexa’s cum from the living room minutes before. She put my dick back in her mouth and started breathing through her nose. Charlie re-positioned his hands under the thighs of my wife leaving my wife’s breasts unattended. Before I could say anything, Alexa was now sucking on my wife’s tits!! This brough instant ecstasy to my wife. She started cumming right then and there. As Amber recovered from her orgasm, I was ready to have mine. I moved over to Alexa laid her on her back and mounted her in the missionary position. I grabbed my cock and slapped it on her clit and rubbed the shaft all over her pussy. She reached up with her right hand put it up against my chest, “stop teasing me give me your dick John, I’ve wanted it for years.” I couldn’t believe Alexa confessed to wanting to fuck me in front of my wife and her husband. In truth I wanted her longer than she wanted me. I still remember the first day she came to the office. I was trying to be professional but trying to get her attention at the same time. Now I have her, my dick is literally ½ an inch away from entering her pussy again and making my fantasy a reality. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and guided it into her pussy. It was so wet. I wanted to go slow but the buildup for the last few hours had me wanted to get crazy. I grabbed both her thighs, lifted her legs straight up and I began to fuck her with POWER and AGRESSION. I didn’t stop, my cock was making me proud, hard as a rock and the stamina I needed for a night like this. Alexa moaned and yelled; she didn’t hold back. Her legs were so sexy seeing high heels on turns me on, I don’t know why. Alexa’s tits her bouncing up and down. Alexa still had her necklace on and it was bouncing from her chest to her chin. Alexa’s skin was smooth, her legs were long. Alexa had a smaller frame than my wife. I loved it and didn’t want this to end. After about 10 minutes of fucking her in this position I wanted something else. I glanced over and I saw Alexa Riding Charlie, it looked like they were both enjoying themselves. I don’t know how it started with Amber and Charlie and I didn’t care, I had Alexa right here she was my only focus. I spread Alexa’s legs wide open, as far as they could go. They almost hit Amber as she was riding on Charlie. I fucked and fucked. I was so sweaty, and Alexa’s pussy was so wet, we had natural lubrication all over our genitals and all over our body.

I let Alexa’s legs fall to the bed and I was now laying on top of her missionary again. I started kissing Alexa. She is perfect, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Now instead of pounding her pussy, I started grinding her. I pushed my dick, still harder than ever and kept it all the way inside of her. The walls of her pussy gasped my cock! My crotch rubbed on her clit, and she begin to moan louder and louder. I think she liked what I was doing. We kissed like porn stars, our tongues just touching each other without our lips touching. I tried looking into Alexa’s eyes, but she couldn’t keep them open. She let out another moan and put her head all the way back. I felt her nails digging into my back. Her sexy high heels were also rubbing into my lower back like spurs. I knew she was about to cum again!! I didn’t stop, my dick was as deep as it could go, I wouldn’t retreat, I kept it in her as deep as it would go. Alexa started yelling “don’t stop, don’t stop” I didn’t. I felt her fingernails dig into my back and her legs wrap around me to keep me in. She moaned and yelled, and I kept my focus. I tried kissing her, but she kept pulling away to breath and scream. “I’m cumming I’m cumming o fuck o fuck” She started shaking and I let her enjoy her orgasm. I was proud of myself.

I looked over and Amber was still riding Charlie. Her beautiful fake tits were bouncing up and down an Charlie was trying to squeeze them as she rode his cock. My wife had both hands on his stomach pushing down, trying to make Charlie’s cock go deeper and deeper in her. Alexa and I just watched as Charlie and Amber were fucking. I was not jealous; I was enjoying the show. Alexa leaned over and started kissing Charlie as he lay on his back. She then got to her knees and started kissing my wife. What a sight. Alexa went back to kiss Charlie and rub his chest. “Do you like it babe? You like fucking a strange pussy? Is it just as good as mine?” I could tell this was turning on Charlie. “Cum for me, I command you to Cum in Amber, cum in her!” I’ve never seen this side of Alexa it was hot. “Okay, okay I’m almost there, don’t stop Amber don’t stop!” I heard his breathing getting louder and he started to grunt like any man would. He yelled, “FUCK FUCK!” At the same time Amber started screaming “I’m cumming I’m cumming” she started riding him harder and harder they were both cumming at the same time!! I loved it. My wife fell onto Charlie and began kissing him. Alexa’s head was so close they all three started kissing. Fucking amazing!!

I still hadn’t came. I let Alexa put her nails and heels into me. But I couldn’t take it no more! It was my turn. There was one chair/couch in the master bedroom suite. I walked her over to it and I sat down facing the bed. Charlie and Amber were both laying in the bed from exhaustion. I spread my legs and motioned to Alexa to come ride me reverse cowgirl again.

About an hour ago she straddled my cock and came within minutes. Now it was my turn. I didn’t have to worry about making anyone else cum. I did my job both with my wife and with Alexa. I didn’t have to hold back. Alexa turned around reached down and grabbed my cock and slid it into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down into my crouch. Alexa’s waste was so small her skin was so soft, and her pussy was so wet. I could smell sex. I loved it. Alexa began doing all the work she moved her body up and down I could see my shaft first disappear and reappear into her pussy. It was hot. She did this for about 4 minutes. I knew I could cum any second. I started forcing her hips to go harder and faster on to my cock. I was concentrating looking at my shaft go in and out. Suddenly, I looked up and Amber was kissing Alexa, I couldn’t see because of the way Alexa was riding me. I saw Amber bent down and start sucking on Alexa’s breast. I was minutes away from cumming. Then before you know it, Amber is on her knees grabbing my balls and asking me if I like it. I thought I had minutes before I came, now I’m holding back. I don’t want to cum yet! I feel a jolt as Amber’s tongue starts licking my balls and sucking on them. “o right there baby right there, lick that clit!” Amber was now eating Alexa out as I fucked her. That is, it!! I’m done. I grabbed Alexa’s hips and pushed my cock as far up as I could. I didn’t let go. I yelled!! Loud!! I felt the tongue on my balls, and I heard the women cheering me on! “Cum John cum!! Alexa’s pussy deserves your cum! Don’t be shy give her all of it!” “TAKE THAT YOU BITCHES TAKE THAT!! DON’T FUCK WITH ME, I’LL MAKE EVERYONE CUM!!” and just like that Alexa came again and I busted my load that I’ve been holding in for hours!!

I was exhausted! Alexa got off me and lay on the bed. I didn’t have the energy. I fell to the floor and laid on the carpet like a snow angel. My legs and arms spread apart. My heart rate was pounding, and my breathing was loud. I needed water. I was drenched in sweat. I yelled out “Who says Albuquerque is boring?” Everyone laughed. Amber came over and lay with me on the floor, kissed me and hugged me. She whispered in my ear “did you enjoy yourself?”, “Best night of my life!” I responded. I asked her what she thought. “I loved fucking a new dick. Charlie’s dick was un-circumcised and curved to the right It was great. I want to do this again! I hope you are up for it?” “I laughed yell yea! I’m the biggest freak you know!” “Alexa, Charlie, what you two doing tomorrow?” I joked. They laughed and said “Amber and John.” The girls took off their high heels and put on towels. Charlie and I put on our boxers and went into the living room to have a drink and reflect on our evening. I poured some more drinks and decided I wanted a body shot. “One last time for good measure?” Alexa smiled and pulled down the towel. I put the salt on her breast then licked and sucked her entire breast. Amber wanted one too. I said you can’t do it on Alexa again, “Charlie pull down your boxers and put the salt the tip of your cock. He obliged and Amber did a shot of Charlies dick. She licked the remnants off with her tongue.

I pointed to the stripper pole, the camera and toys we didn’t use. “I guess we have something to try with you guys’ next time.” “I would love to see my wife strip and use that pole” Charlie was a taker. We had some more drinks and laughed and were in aww of our night. Alexa and Charlie were getting tired, so they decided to call it a night. Amber and I were the only ones doing blow, so we had a long night ahead of us. It was weird, Alexa did some with Amber at the beginning but didn’t do any more after that. Who knows.

My only regret is that I couldn’t watch Amber and Charlie a little closer. I had so much focus on Alexa that it didn’t matter what Amber and Charlie were doing. However, if we do this again, I’d probably do the same thing. Alexa has a sexual aura that she would probably have me forget that anyone else is in the room.

They got dressed. I shook Charlie’s hand and hugged and then kissed Alexa right in front of him. Charlie didn’t care, he was kissing my wife and she was in her towel. As they stayed kissing her towel fell to the floor and my wife’s breasts were pressed up against Charlie. I grabbed Alexa’s ass and told her I’m going to fuck her again just wait! “I can’t wait John; o please don’t make me wait!” and like they left to their room. They asked if we wanted to have brunch in the morning, I told them to text if we were up, we’d love to.

Amber and I sat there sad that they left but happy that it happened. “We need to make this happen again John. Do your magic, let’s invite them to Vegas or to the lake! This could be magical for everyone.” I agreed. Alexa and Amber are friends now and have something planned for us in 2 weeks. They haven’t told us what yet, I don’t know if it can top what happened the first time, but I’m sure it will come close.

Till we fuck them again!

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