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Fantasy Island B & B

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Almost a year ago my wife, Sarah, and I, Justin, went to a Bed and Breakfast on an island. Actually, it was not on an island like the location is named, but on a peninsular. This adventure started about three weeks before our visit. Sarah and I had been wanting a short get-a-way for months. However, between our jobs, the kids and all that pops up we just couldn’t seem to make it happen. We had visited this island about a year previously and enjoyed what it had to offer. We wanted to return again for a few days of rest and fun. Sarah had worked with Pam several years prior on this island and were good friends. As things happen, after Sarah moved away, they stopped contacting one another. Sarah mentioned to me that she might try contacting Pam through the telephone number she had from years ago. As luck would have it, this was still Pam’s number.

This is where this adventure all began.

The night that Sarah called Pam I was in bed watching television. Sarah was in the Living room, and I could hear Sarah laughing and carrying on a lengthy conversation. This conversation lasted over an hour. Then Sarah got off the phone she came into the bedroom. I mentioned that the two of them must have had a lot of catching up to do for the length of the call. Sarah looked at me and said, “You’re not going to believe this shit.” I knew there was a great story coming my way. I was anxious to hear everything. Sarah told me that she had a lot to tell me and before she started, she told me if I needed and drink, snack or whatever, get it before she begins. WOW! No, I’m good, get to the story. Sarah was so excited she didn’t know where to start. She was acting like a child that just won a carnival goldfish. Finally, she sat on the bed next to me and began telling her news. I never met Pam, so I didn’t know anything about her.

Sarah said that Pam had married a guy that she had met after Sarah had moved away. It turns out that Pam and her husband were swingers. My interest has just skyrocketed. I’m beginning to act like a child trying to win a goldfish too. I want to know more, right now! It turns out that Pam and her husband had purchased an old Victorian style home on the Island and had turned it into a swingers Bed and Breakfast. They had basically gutted the inside and made it into a six-bedroom home with each bedroom having its own bathroom. Pam had mentioned that there is a heated swimming pool with a slid, large hot tub, an eight-foot privacy fence around the backyard, lavish tropical landscaping within the fenced area and that the property is secluded from neighbors. This all sounded so Fantastic.

Now, back to reality for a moment. Sarah and I had often talked about swinging and had fantasies that we shared with each other, but that was the extent of it. For me, I would like to be involved is a three or foursome with Sarah. Sarah mentioned several times that she didn’t really want to be with another man. However, she had thought about a threesome with another woman with large breast. I half-jokingly told Sarah that when we venture over that way for our upcoming mini vacation we should visit Pam and see what her Bed and Breakfast looks like.

Sarah quickly snapped her head at me after I mentioned this. I thought to myself, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m about to enter the doghouse. To my surprise and relief, Sarah told me that she had booked us at Pam’s Bed and Breakfast three weeks from now. I was in shock. Did Sarah just say this jokingly or to see what my response would be or was this for real? I didn’t want to say anything that would get me in the doghouse after the last close call, so I just played it off as if she was kidding. Sarah assured me she was serious and that if I didn’t want to go, she would call Pam back and cancel our reservations as the rooms book quickly starting a few weeks out from the reserved dates and she didn’t want to hold a room we weren’t going to use. Pam told Sarah that our first night, Friday, was Lingerie Night and she was to bring something sexy to wear. Also, for us to bring swimsuits as clothing was optional.

I was thrilled. This wasn’t a joke. I wanted to keep this exciting conversation going. I asked Sarah where she and Pam worked that they knew each other. She told me that they used to dance at the same strip club many years ago. I knew Sarah was a dancer years ago and she is just as Hot and Sexy as she was years ago before we met. Sarah has large firm breast, beautiful body and the cutest face. I’ll never know how I was so fortunate to marry this beautiful woman. Three long weeks later zero hour finally arrives, and we drive up to the Bed and Breakfast. It is very quaint and warm appearing home. Nothing out of the ordinary for the older, Victorian style neighborhood. We enter the home and were welcomed by Pam, who was straightening up the Living room. Pam rushed to Sarah, and they hugged, and I was introduced to Pam. Pam’s husband was out of town for the weekend. Pam showed us a picture of him that was in the office.

Pam sensed our nervousness and assured us we were going to have a fun and memorable weekend. Pam told us that she has regular guests that come every couple of months. This weekend there was going to be a couple that she said would hit it off with us. They are very laid back, friendly and funny. Pam mentioned several times that if we ever become uncomfortable with anything we were to come to her or just leave. She was hoping we would have an enjoyable experience our first, and every time we visited her. Pam showed us around the home, and it was exactly as she described it to Sarah. Simply beautiful and relaxing. Next to the heated pool was a flagpole that was used as a stripper pole on occasion. The pool had a large concrete deck around it for Salsa dancing contests and partying. Plenty of fruit trees and scrubs with lights that would shine on them at night.

The inside of the home was just as beautiful and clean. Pam showed us all the bedrooms as we were the first to arrive. Each bedroom had a king size bed and its own bathroom as Pam had told Sarah on the phone. Each bedroom had mirrors on all four walls. I guess due to the high ceilings there weren’t mirrors on them. In the nightstand on each side of the bed were condoms, latex and lamb skin, personal lubes and anal lube. In the office Pam had a display case of dildos, toy handcuffs and many other sex toys for sale.

After the tour Sarah and I got our things settled in our room and met back with Pam in the Living room for a glass of wine and conversation. We talked with Pam for over an hour before other guests began to arrive. She told us that this business was her and her husband’s dream and that the business is finally becoming known and is starting to do well. As we sat in the Living room two other couples came into the room and sat on the sofas. It was somewhat uncomfortable for Sarah and me as we had no idea what to talk about. We were out of our element and didn’t want to bring up anything stupid, so we sat and listened. As we listened to other conversations, we found them to be normal conversations. We were afraid of the unknown. These were just people like us. Everyday people that are neighbors and friends. It wasn’t long before we chimed into conversations and felt like we were among friends. Everyone was so warm and friendly. We felt welcomed among all. The guests were of different ages and yet everyone meshed.

One of the couples that we were talking with was Shane and Ashley. They were both very outgoing, friendly and funny. Sarah and I was hitting it off with them. They said that they try to visit this home every couple of months, and that they were from South Carolina. They were our comfort couple. We felt safe with them. We didn’t have to tell them this was our first time at a swinger location. They could pick up on that, Heck, anyone could pick up on that. Shane and Ashley reassured us that no means no. No one is going to make anyone do anything they were not comfortable with. They said that they felt the same way we were feeling when they went to their first party. They asked us to join them for dinner, which we graciously accepted. As we were going to our rooms to change, Pam came out of the office and saw the four of us talking. Pam told Sarah and I that this was the couple she wanted us to meet as she felt that we were all a great match. Sarah and I laughed and told her we think she was right.

Dinner went very well, and we had made new friends. Upon returning we went to our separate rooms so the women could change into their sexy lingerie. Sarah and I are not bashful. We just didn’t know what to expect. At least we had Pam, Shane and Ashley looking out for us. Sarah changed into her black nighty. Obviously, it was see through, no bra, tiny panties that tied on each side and the nighty went just below her cute cheeks. We left the room and went out to the pool area as this was were everyone seemed to be congregating. We met up with Shane and Ashley. Ashley was wearing a long white nighty that went down to her ankles, no bra and white G-string panties. She was also Hot looking. She had large firm breast with nipples that brought attention to themselves through the nighty. It was around 8:30ish and the weather was clear, calm and about 75 degrees. As there was six rooms and Pam the thirteen people did not take up much area of the backyard. There was plenty of room for privacy in the backyard for those who wanted to be alone. Not to mention the bedrooms and Play room that had a stripper pole, large screen TV, and the DJ that was playing music that went throughout the general area of the house and backyard. The DJ was wearing a red Speedo swimsuit which Sarah thought was sexy on him.

Sarah and I hung out with Shane and Ashley as we walked about the areas. I had mentioned that to have a DJ and all this area for only thirteen people seemed to be a waste. Shane told me that at 10:00 p.m. others with Visitor reservations could pay to join in the festivities for the night. We all mixed our drinks and found chairs by the pool to sit and enjoy each other’s company. By this time Sarah and I felt like we have known Shane and Ashley for years. Before we knew it, it was after 10:00 p.m. and the place gained about another ten couples. Before long things got wild. Sarah and I kept our drinks to a minimum. We didn’t want to get intoxicated, just to the point of feeling good and responsible. We watched a woman dancing very sensually on the flagpole next to the pool. A couple was in the sixty-nine position on a towel in the grass nearby. Sarah and I found this very arousing. This was like a porn movie being made right in front of us. Ashley said that she and Shane were going in the pool and asked us to join them. Why not. Ashley and Sarah removed the nighties and Shane, and I removed our clothes and we piled everything on the chairs. Into the heated pool we went. The pool was very comfortable. Perfect temperature. Nice and warm.

Well, is it time to break the ice? I whispered to Sarah. Are we going to do anything with Shane and Ashley, or do you just want to fool around by ourselves? It is up to you. I’m good either way. I don’t want you or I under any pressure. Sarah said that she felt fine with Shane and Ashley and if we were to swing, they would be her pick. Sarah asked me how I felt, and I told her I felt the same way as her. Sarah told me that she had an idea on how to start slowly and see how things develop. I told Sarah to start it. Sarah asked Shane and Ashley if they like to play games. They both looked at Sarah with somewhat of a confused look. Ashley asked Sarah, do you mean like Monopoly? Sarah said No, silly. A little sex game I just thought of. Both Shane and Ashley gave a big sigh of relief and laughed. They had both thought that Sarah and I were having regrets and were thinking we wanted them to play a board game all night.

We all laughed and realized that we would have felt the same way if Ashley had asked us the question being newbies. Sarah explained the rules to her made up game. I had no idea what her game consisted of but was hoping it would be something better than a kissing game. It turned out to be better. Much better. I had no idea Sarah had such a sexual imagination. Here are the rules. Sarah and Ashley go under water at the same time. Sarah sucks Shane’s cock and Ashley sucks mine. Whoever comes up for air first loses. The winner gets to pick what they want done to themselves or whatever they tell others they want to see done. The losing female must also have done to her whatever the winner has done. The sex act will only last two minutes, no longer. This will prevent climaxing and people getting run down before the game concludes.

This works the same way when Shane and I go under water and eat Sarah and Ashley’s pussies. The game sounds very exciting and we are all ready to begin. I keep thinking how out of character it was to hear Sarah say that she was going to suck Shane’s cock underwater. I did find that very arousing, along with thinking of Ashley sucking my cock underwater. Okay, the women are ready to go. On the count of three they are to go underwater. Shane and I begin counting. One, Two, Three! Both heads go underwater, and I feel Ashley slid my cock into her mouth and begin giving me head. I’m watching Sarah sucking Shane’s cock underwater right next to me. It felt like I was in a dream. This was over the edge excitement for me. Never, ever did I ever really think something like this would happen to me. Everything was rushing through my head so quickly trying to comprehend the moment.

It seemed like only seconds before Ashley’s head popped out of the water. Sarah’s head came out of the water about ten seconds later. I’m thinking to myself, she must have really gotten into giving Shane head. Good for her. Great! Sarah won. Whatever she decides to do shouldn’t be too wild and crazy. We’re new to swinging. Time to pay up. We get out of the pool, dry off and grab fresh drinks. I made Sarah and mine very weak. Sarah tasted her drink and told me it was perfect and winked. She is staying sober and so am I. We all grab our things from the chairs and go inside. Sarah tells Shane and Ashley to drop their things off in their room and then meet us in ours. About five minutes later Shane and Ashley are in our room. Ashley asked Sarah if she wanted the door shut. Sarah told her to leave it open. She didn’t care if someone looks in. Sarah said, “I might get hornier knowing I’m being watched.”

Ashley sat on the bed and asked Sarah what she wanted for winning. Sarah looked up at me and said she wanted double penetration. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was speechless. I never knew Sarah ever considered double penetration. She always shied away from anything involving me and another man in our fantasies. I was so locked onto Sarah’s eyes when she said that, that I never looked over at Ashley for her reaction as Ashley must have the same thing done to her for losing. When I was over the initial shock, I couldn’t wait to be part of my wife’s first double penetration. Sarah opened the nightstand drawer and removed a lamb skin condom for Shane and handed me the bottle of Anal Ease. Neither Shane nor I needed help getting an erection. We got hard just thinking of this. Shane put on the condom as Sarah got on all fours and I rubbed the Anal Ease in and around her tight little asshole. I made sure she was well lubed. She had Shane lay on his back as she then climbed on top of him. As I was still behind her I watched intently as she slid his cock into her very tight pussy. This got me ever more excited seeing his cock disappear into her shaved pussy. Shane and I have about the same size cocks.

Next it was my turn to enter. Sarah told me many times how good anal penetration feels, yet she rarely wants it. I slowly place the head of my cock at the entrance of her asshole, and I slowly begin to push it in when she tells me. She takes deep breaths, and I can feel her relax her muscle. As I enter her ass, she tells me to go ahead and just go in all the way in one stroke. I remembered in the past she would tell me it hurts until its all the way in, then it feels so good. She told me that anal orgasms were the best. As I am entering her ass fully, I could feel Shane’s cock inside her. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine as we moved in and out of her in rhythm. As Sarah was getting double penetration Ashley was sucking on Sarah’s right nipple and her hand was fondling Sarah’s left breast. Before Shane and I knew it the wristwatch alarm went off and the two minutes were up, and we had to pull out of Sarah. When Shane and I got up to wash I noticed that Sarah had a glow about her face. I asked her if she was alright. She said that double penetration was fantastic and wants to do it again.

Shane and I returned from the bathroom and it was Ashley’s turn to get double penetration. Sarah already had a condom out for me and handed Shane the bottle of Anal Ease. Ashley had never had double penetration before and was a little nervous about it. She had anal penetration in the past. However, she wasn’t crazy about it. She said that she agreed to the rules of the game before she started and would play fair. Sarah put the condom on me, and I got on my back on the bed. Shane lubed Ashley’s asshole, both inside and out. Sarah made sure that plenty of lube was used. Ashley got on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy. Shane positioned himself behind Ashley. Sarah directed both Shane and Ashley from her experience. Sarah told Ashley how to breathe and relax and instructed Shane when to enter and how to enter. It took about ten minutes before Shane was all in Ashley. I could feel Shane’s cock rubbing against mine inside her as he entered Ashley’s asshole. After Shane was in Ashley for about ten seconds, Ashley wanted it out. It was too painful. Sarah reminded us that the two minutes was the limit, not a minimum. Ashley was a Trooper. We congratulated her on a job well done. She said that it wasn’t really that bad and she was just nervous and wants to try it again one day when she is more relaxed. What a time Sarah and I were having. We had met the right couple.

We all cleaned up and went out to the pool area where they were doing a Salsa dance contest. The women were either naked or in their lingerie. What a sexy sight. We saw plenty of sex. Everything from a couple to a foursome (mmmf). I must say, she was very exciting to watch as she was fucking one guy as he was on his back and had two cocks in her mouth at the same time sucking them. She was very experienced at this technique. As the four of us got back into the pool for the next round of competition Ashley was joking that she wanted a re-match with Sarah. I looked at Shane and said that I didn’t have a problem with giving her a re-match. Ashley can give me head underwater again if she wants. Shane felt the same way about Sarah sucking him again. As I mentioned before, it was fantastic getting head from Ashley while watching Sarah sucking Shane’s cock. Besides, if Sarah won, she might want another double penetration or maybe wants two cocks in her mouth at the same time. Shane and I were hoping Sarah would win again. I figured with Shane also pulling for Sarah to win he knew Ashley must not be as adventurous as Sarah.

Time for round two. Shane and I have our backs against the wall and the women are in front of us like before. This time both women are taking deep breaths before going under. Shane and I started our count to three once again. One, two, three! Both women go under at the same time. Ashley began sucking my cock and massaging my balls with her right hand. Sarah was pumping her head back and forth on Shane’s cock as if she wanted him to cum in her mouth before she came up for air. I told Shane, I think Ashley is going to win this round as Sarah is burning her air up quickly. Shane just nodded as he was enjoying the head he was getting. Just then, Ashley’s head came out of the water with Sarah’s not far behind. I told Sarah it looked like she was trying to get Shane to cum in her mouth before coming up for air. She laughed and said she was trying to do just that.

Sarah said she never gave a blowjob underwater before and wanted Shane to cum in her mouth. I can’t believe all that I’m learning about my wife tonight. I knew she has a wild side, but never knew this wild. I was loving it and her even more for opening up for me. As before, we got out of the pool, all made drinks, Sarah and mine were very weak, and walked around the house to see what all was going on. In the Play room a woman was pole dancing while the DJ was getting a blowjob. Somehow the DJ’s red Speedo was on the woman’s head that was sucking him. What the heck…

There was plenty of pussy eating and cock sucking going on in the Play room. The scent of sex was very noticeable. These scenes just got the four of us hornier. Off to our room once again. As we entered the room, we sat on the bed just waiting to hear what Sarah had in mind this time. I figured Sarah let loose on the first win. Whatever she has in mind won’t be nearly as wild, but hopefully just as fun for Shane and me.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to ask Sarah what she had in mind. I laughingly told her Shane, and I were hoping for another double penetration. She said I was somewhat close, and said she was glad everyone was sitting down. Sitting down I thought, why sitting down. What kind of sex can we all have sitting down next to each other on a bed? When she told us what she had planned, I knew then why we all needed to be seated. I got another shock from her tonight. I thought to myself, I’m too old for all these shocks. And this was not a good shock either. Sarah said, without a blink of an eye or any hesitation, she said she wanted to watch Shane and I screw each other. Shane said something the same time I did, however, in my daze I don’t know what it was. I said that you must be kidding. Sarah just smiled and said “Nope”. Ashley said “Oh yeah. I always wanted to see a guy on guy.” Apparently, Sarah does too. Ashley piped up and said that Shane and I enjoyed watching and screwing her and Sarah in the ass and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I always hated that stupid saying and now, even more so. Shane and I knew they had us. No way out of this one. Before we get started the room door needs to be shut and locked.

I tried my best to talk Shane and me out of this. I stuck to the story that Shane and I aren’t gay, and we won’t be able to get hard. How can we fuck if we aren’t hard? Ashley was one up on me. She said for us not to worry about that small issue. She and Sarah would suck us until we were hard. Shane and I told them that we didn’t think that would keep us excited enough to keep a hard on. Once again, Sarah shocked me. Sarah told me that she knows I will get hard and stay hard if I watch her eating Ashley’s pussy. Oh crap… She had me there. Sarah enjoys playing and sucking on nice firm breasts. However, many times she said she would never go down on a woman. I was doubtful she would even let a woman go down on her. Is there something in the water here that has turned my wife into a wildly crazy sex machine? Neither Shane nor I have ever had a guy on guy experience. We all agreed whatever happens between us, stays between us. Okay, who does what to who first? As Sarah is the winner she decides.

Sarah looks at Shane and tells him that he is going to get fucked first. This excited Ashley as she begins to clap and cheers for Shane. WOW… she must have really been wanting to see him getting ass fucked for a long time. Sarah tells Ashley that she is going to be my prep girl. The prep girl oversees lubing the asshole, both inside and out. Ashley will be in charge of getting and keeping me hard. As Shane gets on all fours on the bed, Ashley began giving me head. Sarah pours Anal Ease into her hand and begins rubbing it around Shane’s asshole. Sarah pours more lube onto her hand and fingers and slowing begins to finger Shane’s asshole with the lube. Sarah said two minutes is the limit. As Ashley only stood ten seconds, ten seconds is good enough for Shane and me. However, it is ten seconds of total insertion time.

I position myself behind Shane and put on a condom. Sarah and Ashley are on either side of me as they wanted to watch the ass fucking up close. Sarah helped Shane with his breathing and talking him into a relaxed state of mind. When Sarah felt Shane was ready, she softly told me to start pushing my way into his asshole. As I was just about an inch in Shane began to moan with pain. Sarah told Shane that this was the roughest part and told me to just push in quickly, which I did. Once I had made my way in, Shane’s pain vanished, and pleasure ensued. Shane said it felt good as I was fucking his asshole like a pussy. Ashley and Sarah were both watching intently and rubbing their clits. Before we all knew it the wrist watch alarm went off, the two minutes were up. If I had gone on a little longer, I would have cum, and Shane would have probably had a prostate orgasm.

Now it was my turn in the barrel. Everything that Sarah had told Ashley and Shane about breathing and relaxing was going through my head. I was ready and the last one in our foursome to take it in the ass. I got on all fours and felt Ashley rubbing the Anal Ease all around my asshole. I heard her put more into her hand and knew she was going to start fingering my asshole with the lube. She entered slowly and I concentrated on staying relaxed and control my breathing. Ashley was finger fucking me with lots of lube. I felt as she slid two fingers into my tight asshole and start finger fucking me. I could tell that Ashley was into anal things. She was getting into finger fucking me and it felt great!

As this was occurring, I looked to the side and behind me and saw Sarah giving Shane head to get him hard. Once he was hard Sarah put a condom on him. We were ready to go. Shane crawled forward and I could feel the tip of his cock against my asshole. I stayed relaxed as he slowly entered. When he reached the point of pain, I let Sarah know. Sarah told Shane to just push through quickly, which he did. The pain was gone. This was a whole new experience. Sarah had given me prostate massages in the past, which felt wonderful. This sensation was the same. I had thought that only the guy putting it in an ass was getting a great sensation. Like fucking a pussy. I was wrong. The receiver gets pleasure also.

Before I knew it the two minutes were up. and Shane was pulling out. There was a bit of pain went he pulled out. Shane and I headed to the bathroom to clean up. When we came out Sarah and Ashley gave us a warm round of applause. They both got to see something they always wanted to see but were afraid to ask for until that night.

We left the room to quench our thirst and to see what all we were missing both inside and outside. The four of us were exceptionally horny as we had a lot of sex between us, without relief.

I told our group that I always had wanted to have sex while watching others fucking around me and them watching us. Ashley said that wasn’t any problem. Just don’t go touching someone without their permission or invitation. I would never touch without an invitation. I wouldn’t even ever ask someone if I could touch them.

Shane led us to a room that Pam had shown us earlier that was empty at the time. When we arrived, there were several people on mattresses that now covered the entire floor. There were three couples having sex separately, along with one guy with two women and two guys with one woman.

This was hot sex we were seeing. Ashley told us to find a space and get on the mattresses. Ashley asked what Sarah and I wanted to do. I said I would like to have Ashley and Sarah take turns having both cocks in their mouth at the same time. With that request Sarah slid between Shane and me and told us to stand up and get side by side. When we did Sarah began sucking Shane’s cock until it was hard. When Sarah got to me, I was already hard from watching her giving head to Shane. Sarah took my cock and put my cock in her mouth which already had Shane’s cock in it. She rubbed and beat our cocks together in a playful manner when she took them from her mouth. Ashley was kneeling behind me and had reached under me to gently play with my balls.

It was time to swap partners. We were all game for this. We all sat on the mattresses, and I began to fondle Ashley’s breasts. The fondling turned into sucking on them. When I glanced over at Sarah, she and Shane where French kissing as Shane was playing with both her breasts. Sarah’s right hand was massaging Shane’s stiff cock.

I gently helped Ashley onto her back and then I parted her legs. Her shaved pussy was like Sarah’s. Just beautiful. I got onto my stomach and moved forward until my tongue was close enough to touch her clit. I used both hands to separate her lips, then began tonguing her clit and lips. Her pussy was wet and getting wetter by the moment. I felt a head touching mine that was nudging me away from the pussy. I noticed it was Sarah’s head. I moved my head away. Sarah positioned herself close to Ashley’s pussy and began fingering it. First one finger, then two. As her fingers massaged the inside of the pussy, her tongue began flicking the clit. Another shocker for me tonight. My wife eating pussy. Never thought this would happen. But then again, I never thought that anything that has happened tonight would ever happen. I crawled to Ashley’s head on my knees and positioned my cock on the side of her head. When I was in position Ashley grabbed my cock with her right hand and guided it into her warm, moist mouth. This not only felt fantastic but seeing Sarah eating pussy at the same time was super exciting.

Shane slid behind Sarah and nudged her onto all fours. Once Sarah was on fours Shane moved behind her and pushed his hard cock into her pussy. What a sight to behold. All four of us were being serviced at once. I scanned the room, watching others having sex as others were watching us. Until you experience an orgy, you’ll never know the feeling it provides. My eyes caught two women as they entered the room. They stopped just inside the doorway and were taking in all there was to see. As I was looking at them, their scanning eyes met mine as they reached our area of the room. For whatever reason I didn’t look away. Neither did they. After a few seconds they exchanged words, and both walked over to us.

When they arrived one of them said “Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves tonight.” Shane, Ashley and Sarah were unaware of them entering the room and they didn’t stop doing what they all were doing. I told them that we were having a fantastic night together. With all that was happening we didn’t introduce ourselves. One of the ladies asked if I would mind if they laid down on the mattress next to us. I said, “Why of course not.”

They both got down on the mattress on the other side of Ashley. One of them got on her back and the other straddled her face, and the pussy eating started. The one on top leaned back and began rubbing the other’s pussy. There was so much to see and not enough eyes to watch everything that was going on in the room. I heard a couple having orgasms and others moaning and groaning. I had wished that this was all being recorded for me to watch later. I wanted to see everything. Ashley was still sucking my cock and I was about to blow my load in her mouth. I backed away to keep from exploding. As I did, Shane and Sarah did the same. The four of us then sat and watched the two new women next to us go to town on each other. The two women saw us watching and it appeared to make them hornier.

The two changed to the scissors position. Pussy to pussy, grinding away on each other. As their pussies were grinding together, they were both playing and massaging their own breasts. They too were moaning loudly with ecstasy. Several minutes later the two ladies went into the sixty-nine position. These two women had our undivided attention. All our eyes were locked on them as they moaned, and their bodies arched and quivered from oral stimulation. Finally, they both climaxed at the same time. Both were squirters. The clear, hot cum spued a couple feet from each of them. The cum quickly soaked the white sheets on the mattress. The two were exhausted. The one looked over at the four of us, as we sat in amazement, and asked if we enjoyed the show. She said they really find it exciting to be watched.

The sex in the room had become frantic. It seemed that something had caused everyone to reach a higher level of excitement. The woman that was with the two men when we entered the room had just taken one guy’s load in her mouth and it was dripping onto her breast while the other guy had just shot his load onto her stomach and was back to fucking her pussy. Another woman was getting gangbanged by three guys. I watched as two of the guys had already cum in her pussy and the third guy was getting sloppy thirds. I could see the cum running out of her pussy as it was getting fucked fast and furiously. The smell of sex was strong. Watching all the raunchy sex going on around us had become contagious to the four of us.

Ashley opened up first and told Shane that she secretly always wanted to blow three guys at once. Shane smiled at her and told her to do it. Before Ashley got up to go find three guys to blow, she asked Shane what he always wanted to do. Shane said that he always wanted to be one of the guys that gangbangs the woman, then cums on her face and boobs. Ashley told him to go find a gangbang and to wear a condom while fucking her.

Before Sarah and I knew it they had disappeared. Since everyone was exposing their hidden sex secrets, I asked Sarah what her secret fantasy was. Sarah said that she didn’t have any and that she doesn’t fantasize. How many times have I heard that from her? Everyone fantasizes. Not long ago she was getting double penetration and watching guy on guy. That was all her idea. What secret doesn’t she want to tell? Why be embarrassed? The ice is broken on everything. Sarah finally came clean after much persuading. She told me her ultimate fantasy. She told me that she knew she always shied away from talking about having sex with another guy and eating pussy, or having a woman eat her pussy. But in reality, she thought of this often. I encouraged her to tell me what her fantasy is and that my fantasy is to be involved in her fantasy. I assured her I was game for anything. After all, we both did some kinky things already.

Sarah wanted a bi-sexual foursome. She wanted both straight and bisexual action and wanted to watch me in both straight and bi-sexual action. I told her to let’s do it if we can find another couple that goes both ways. Sarah said that she would find Pam and ask her if she knew of any couples that were here that might be interested.

Sarah left to find Pam and I went to the Play room and watched all the fucking going on there. About twenty minutes later Sarah caught up with me. She said that she had spoken to Pam and that Pam was seeing if she could come up with anything for us. About an hour later Pam met with us at the pool. Sarah and I had forgotten all about Pam when she walked up to us. We were so entranced in our surroundings. Pam had us follow her to the Living room, where she had us seated. Pam sat next to Sarah and she told her what she came up with. I’m sitting next to Sarah, so I hear everything. Pam said that she had always found Sarah attractive when they worked together and that she would be interested in being part of Sarah’s fantasy.

Sarah was excited. She told Pam she had found her attractive also. Pam said that there was a guy named Todd, he is married, and his wife was also present. Todd was interested in joining us and his wife didn’t have a problem with it. His wife was being entertained by other people.

It sounded good to us. Pam told us that there was a small cottage on the side of the house that is kept locked. It was only for special occasions. She told us exactly where it was and gave us the key. She said that she and Todd would meet us there shortly. Sarah and I went inside the cottage. It was somewhat small, but plenty of room for four people. All the walls and ceiling were mirrored, a giant bed, about the size of two king size beds together, romantic lighting and music. There was also video equipment, tripods, mounting brackets, etc. on shelves.

The room was sensational. As we were checking the room out, Pam and Todd arrived. We all introduced ourselves and had a glass of wine from the bottle Pam had brought out with her. Pam said that we were free to use the video equipment if we wanted too. We decided against it at this time.

Everyone was naked by 10:30 p.m. and it was now about 2:00 a.m.. Pam dimmed the lighting to low setting. Visibility was very good, yet not bright. We all got on the bed. Pam crawled over to me, put her arms around me neck and started kissing me. Before long, her warm tongue was in my mouth. Sarah had moved over to Todd and was French kissing him. My hands were fondling Pam’s large breasts as Todd was fondling Sarah’s firm breasts. Pam reached down and grabbed my semi erect cock. She began softly rubbing it as her tongue was dancing with mine. I was hard in no time.

As I glanced over at Sarah and Todd, Todd was on his back and Sarah was on her all fours giving Todd a blowjob. I positioned myself on my back and Pam started sucking my cock in the same manner. This was so sexually stimulating for me. Getting my cock sucked while watching Sarah sucking another guy’s cock. I had a handful of Pam’s hair, as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I was about to blow my load. After watching hours of hot sex, it wouldn’t take much to get me off. Pam moved away from me and went over to Todd and whispered something in his ear. With that, Todd came over to me and tenderly took my hard cock in his right hand and slowly began massaging it up and down. I looked over at Sarah and Pam and they were both watching Todd. Todd then laid down on his side and slid my cock into his mouth. He began sucking and licking my cock in front of the women. I could tell that the women were enjoying what they were watching. Todd released my cock and got between my legs. There he began licking and sucking on my balls. He would take my cock in his hand and bring it down so he could lick and suck it between his ball licking.

As I laid there enjoying the head I watched as Sarah laid Pam onto her back. Sarah had maneuvered Pam so I could get a great view of what was to happen next. Sarah took Pam’s legs, bent her knees up and spread the legs. Sarah’s tongue went right to Pam’s pussy. Sarah was fingering Pam with two fingers and had her mouth buried in Pam’s pussy. This was all so unbelievable. Never thought this would be happening. I had to stop Todd as I was about blow my load. I had Todd swap places with me. I lightly touched Sarah to get her attention. When she looked at me, I nodded for her to meet me at Todd’s cock. Sarah came down to Todd’s cock. I was on one side of him, and Sarah was on the other. I took ahold of Todd’s hard cock in my right and brought it to my mouth. I could see the excitement in Sarah’s eye’s, knowing what was about to happen. Something she always wanted to watch. I slowly licked the tip, then the entire shaft. I could see Sarah was getting very hot watching this. I then slowly took Todd’s entire cock into my mouth, to the back of my throat. I sucked and bobbed my head on it. I could feel it growing within my mouth. Just how Sarah would tell me how mine would grow in her mouth when giving me a blowjob.

I slid it from my mouth and pushed it toward Sarah’s mouth. She put it in her mouth and began sucking Todd’s cock like there was no tomorrow. Right in front of my face Sarah was sucking a cock. Sarah knew Todd wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, so she removed it from her mouth, slid toward me and began French kissing me. I could taste Todd’s pre-cum on Sarah’s tongue. Pam grabbed Sarah and playfully pushed her down. Pam then crawled between Sarah’s legs and began eating her pussy. Pam was a wildcat. Whatever she was doing was making Sarah squirm and moan like I never heard her do before. I had to get a closer look and learn her technique. Pam was an expert at pussy eating. She was able to bring Sarah to the point of orgasm, then stop on a dime and start all over from a slow pace. It was magical to watch.

To get Sarah even more excited for her fantasy that was occurring for her, I put on a condom. I had Todd on all fours on the bed in a position that Sarah could watch our action while her pussy is being eaten. I got the bottle of Anal Ease and lubed Todd’s asshole both inside and out. Sarah tried to focus on Todd and I, but was finding it difficult with all her near orgasms. I got behind Todd as Sarah watched intensely. I looked down and placed my stiff cock up to Todd’s asshole. I could feel Todd relax and I slowly began to push my way in. My cock slid very easily into Todd’s ass and I began fucking him vigorously while watching Sarah’s pussy being eaten. Sarah and I were both so sexually excited from what we were feeling, and from watching each other’s pleasure. We couldn’t hold back any longer.

I was fucking Todd’s ass so hard and deep. Todd was jacking himself off with his right hand as he was being fucked. I was to the point of no return. I blew my load in his ass. As I blew my load I could feel and hear that Todd had shot his load also. I was so spent I leaned onto Todd’s back for a moment. During this time, I felt my softened cock slid out of his tight ass. Pam had Sarah to her point of no return. Sarah’s back was spasming up and down as she was being fingered and eaten. With a loud “Oh Fuck Yeah!”, Sarah squirted like she never squirted before. She squirted at least five times with squirting distances over two feet.

She laid there breathless and quivering. We both had orgasms we will never forget. Sarah told Pam that she needed to get relief. Pam laughed and said that she was going to be getting relief soon in the Play room with the DJ. Pam told us to just lock the cottage up when we leave and that we will see her in the morning, or afternoon, depending on her action tonight.

This adventure was one that Sarah and I never forget and one we thought would never happen. We both opened up to one another about our fantasies and were fortunate enough for them to occur.

We have broken the ice with each other and feel free to share any fantasies that either of us may have. Saturday night was another memorable night that was full of sexual adventures for us.

A special thanks to Pam, her warm friendship and her beautiful B and B for our lasting memories. We made a lasting friendship with Shane and Ashley, and we all made reservations for our return in three months.

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