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Experienced Couple breaks in a newbie pair

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We were nervous. Even though I had been involved in the LS over the years with other partners, it had been a while and my wife was just starting to explore the LS with a fairly open mind but had led a sheltered life before me. I was the first to show her the pleasures of anal and her BJ skills have become quite spectacular with all of her recent practice. We had a few MFM’s with somewhat limited success and an impromptu couples experience with limited interaction. In all cases, she handled herself well, however when there was casual contact between myself and the other wife (my hand on both of their lovely asses while they were both blowing her husband) the sight of that caught her off guard. She wasn’t yet ready to share, and I get that. Having been very vanilla all of her life, these new experiences were uncharted water for her. She had done well and had found it incredible that her husband could watch her suck another man’s cock to completion and be OK with it, and in fact enjoy watching it. It was all new to her, but too much could wind up being…. well… too much if I was not careful, and we clearly explained this in our profile. We stated we were starting off with MFM’s but hoped to graduate to couples someday when she reached that comfort level, but she felt that she was not “bi” and had no real interest in being sexual with another woman. This would be a deal breaker with most other LS couples.

So it was kind of surprising when a sexy younger couple reached out to us and expressed a strong desire to meet up with us while they were in town. I am in my late 50’s, but still fit, trim and with a decent package, a full head of hair and I’ve never had trouble attracting women. My wife just entered her 50’s and is a 5’2” 110lb sexy thing with blonde hair, blue eyes and a tight little figure on her with an ass to die for. We had naked private pics where we think we look pretty good and we had opened them for them so there was no surprises there. But these two were hot, 15 years younger than us and with a bunch of certs and would host swinger parties at their lovely pool home about 1,200 miles from us. The dozens of photos on their profile showed they were not at all shy, and had no problem crossing into the “very wild” side of things and posted some hot photos to prove it. She was a dark haired beauty with beautiful D’s that she knew how to display and legs topped off by a nice bubble butt. He was 6’, strong and had a boyish charm about him and by his profile pics, was packing some serious meat. By all accounts, they were in the major leagues and we were still playing high school ball. So why us? Was it a mistake?

We responded by asking if they had read our profile and they explained that that had, but everybody starts somewhere. We again gave them an “out” saying there were probably much more experienced couples in our area, but they were persistent. Having explained these things to them, they still were wanting to meet with us. We talked it over and decided, why not? No means no, right? They were going to be in town in about 4 weeks and we discussed the upcoming meeting in detail and went over several scenarios and how she would feel about them. She still had boundaries set, and I told her I would support her choices 100%. As the meeting date got closer and closer, it was a mixture of excitement and apprehension. We wanted to have fun, but we were worried we may bore them.

The big night was here and we talked to them on the phone. They were very high energy, were excited to meet and they wanted to meet at a local dance club. When we arrived they already had a nice booth by the dance floor and they came across the open dance floor like they were meeting old friends. He hugged me with a bear hug and slapped my back and then grabbed my wife and picked her up and spun her around and I heard her let out a squeal. His wife, came up, pulled me in close, wrapped her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips while grabbing my ass, and them proceeded to do the same thing to my wife. Well OK then, as we shot each other surprised glances. What have we gotten ourselves into!?! The women were dressed to kill.

A drink or two in and we found they were generally fun and likeable people, the kind of couple that draws you in with a mixture of warmth, humor, fun and extreme sexiness and we were enjoying ourselves. As the night progressed, the wives danced together putting on a show that caught the attention of many of the men watching. They pulled each of us men on the dance floor and their grinding and laughing made every man in the place wish they were in our shoes. While in the booth his wife took my wife’s hand and put it on her husband’s cock. Only fair since she was also grabbing mine on a regular basis, each time saying to my wife “I hope you don’t mind”. Both of them had massaged my wife’s perky C’s and even tweaked her nipples through her sheer black dress. The two girls went to the rest room and I thought it would be a good time to maybe see what the expectations were. All he said is “don’t worry about it and everything will work out fine”. When the two girls came out of the bathroom, they sat between us with a wry slime on their faces. My wife winked at me, not being sure what that meant, but a few minutes later when I looked over in the dimly lit club, I could see both women had their hand under each other’s skirt. I guess my wife was becoming “bi-curious” right before my eyes.

Within 10 minutes they suggested we take the party elsewhere and we followed them back to their suite at an upscale hotel on the beach with a balcony overlooking the water. The girls made themselves and us a drink and we all went out onto the balcony. As my wife and I stood next to each other looking out over the water by the railing, they both came up behind us with him behind my wife and her behind me. They turned my wife facing me and pushed us together and my wife and I started to kiss passionately. We could feel their hands all over both of us and while we were kissing with our eyes closed, it was impossible to know who was touching what or by whom. My wife just kept kissing me with her full tongue with an intense passion, almost as if she felt safe letting them do whatever they wanted as long as our lips were locked. I felt his wife’s hand reach between my legs from the back grabbing my cock and stroking it as it hardened through my pants. I could tell from my wife’s gasps and moans that he must be doing the same thing to her from behind as well. Soon my wife’s top was coming off over her head as our lips momentarily parted. I looked into her eyes to see how she was doing and she smiled and locked onto my lips as soon as the shirt was gone. At the same time his wife was unbuckling my pants and taking off my shirt. Within what seemed like seconds, we were both naked between them. Somewhere along the line they had stripped naked and I could feel her come behind me and press her warm tits onto my back and kiss my neck pulling my hips to her and he was doing the same thing to my wife but pushing his huge cock between her legs.

I felt my wife arch her back every so slightly away from me and a few second later she took a huge breath. I could not be sure, but I was pretty sure he had just pushed his large cock into her pussy from behind while his wife was reaching around and stroking my cock while my wife and I were still passionately kissing. I went to grab my wife’s tit and his hands were already there. He took my hand, put it on my wife’s breast and then put his hand over mine and was massaging her tit with my hand while he had a firm grip on the other tit. Meanwhile, his wife had stepped away for a second and came back with some oil that she used on my throbbing cock from behind, lubricating my cock, balls and even my ass as she knelt behind me. It felt like she was rubbing her hand and entire forearm up and down my shaft. I was curious if my wife was being fucked from behind even though her body movements were confirming it, so I reached down between her legs to rub her clit and was met with his wife’s fingers. She was fingering my wife’s clit from between my legs and using her forearm on my cock like a master. She grabbed my hand and put it on my wife’s pussy and I could feel him going in and out of her. I pulled back at first as a natural reaction to touching another man’s cock, but she brought my hand back. As it was being lubricated by my wife’s soaking wet pussy, she moved my hand back and forth from her clit over his cock and back to her clit again. But then came the real surprise. As she was doing all of this, she started kissing my ass all over working her way to the center. My wife was breathing heavy and now moaning into my mouth as I was shoving my tongue in. He was clamping my hand on her tit and fucking her from behind with an increasing pace. Then her tongue found my asshole. She teased it at first and then went full on tongue fucking my ass while she was rubbing my balls and cock with her hand. I’ve never had anyone do that to me before and it was incredible. She would go from licking the back of my balls up to my ass back and forth while her finders were wrapped around my cock stroking me. I could hold out no longer and with a deep groan I started to cum, squirting my load onto my wife’s belly that ran down into my hand as I rubbed it into her pussy and his cock. Then he started to cum as well shouting out “FUCK..FUCK…FUCK” and I could feel his cum all over my wife’s pussy too as it flowed out from her sweet lips as he pumped her full. I felt my wife’s legs getting wobbly and shaking as I massaged both of our cum onto her pussy and she let out one long deep moan and almost collapsed. It seemed as though he held her up with his cock impaling her as she spasmed and bucked. I swear it seemed like he was lifting her feet off the ground with his cock. His wife then came around between, swallowed my cock twice and then turned and started to lick our cum off of my wife’s pussy while he was still inside her. He backed up and sat on the chair never letting my wife off his cock and his wife kneeled between their legs and licked up his cock onto my wife’s pussy while I watched my wife lay her head back on his shoulder as she spasmed and shuddered under his wife’s tongue. She licked them both clean as his cock receded and finally was squeezed out by my wife’ s tight little pussy. His wife eagerly lapped up the cum as it flowed out. She then got up and kissed my wife with our cum all over her lips and my wife eagerly received her cum soaked mouth. The night went on like this for about two hours with every manner of coupling between the four of us that could be imagined. Somehow, this amazing couple were able to immediately shove aside any hesitation my wife may have had and even crossed a few of my own boundaries. My wife is now past bi-curious and we have made plans to attend a party at this couples home in a few months. They said they have some friends they would like to introduce us to.

Author JEM

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