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A Small Get Together Gets Hot Pt. 2

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Well, the thing with Dana and Tess was really a problem. Dana and her had been friends but now that Tess had told her she was after her Dana kind of tried to stay away from Tess the rest on the night. Aubry was excited about the possibility of seeing Tess and Dana together as he had told me before. He pulled me aside after a little and said, Hey, what if we get Dana really loaded and let Tess have her, will that work. She is your wife man, we can do what you want but you have to live with her after, just remember that. He smiled, Not a problem. Well, the night went on and Tess was in her usual form. She danced with anyone that asked her and her bottom stayed exposed most of the time. She went to "clean up" about mid-night and came back looking really refreshed. She sat next to me and kissed long and deep. Aubry had been getting Dana hotter and hotter by playing with her and getting her wetter, fingering her almost to orgasm then letting her suffer all the time making sure the wine kept comeing. We were sitting in the booth after a dance in which Dana's boobs were coming out of her low cut shirt and she leaned against Aubry, he popped them out. She was to high to move much and he was massaging them pinching the huge nipples. Tess was staring at them ,hungry for Dana. She was in a state of lust. Dana told Aubry to make her cum or she was going to go nuts. He told her to lean back and close her eyes and enjoy. She did with her legs coming open and her thong almost pulled off and her clean shaved pussy soaking wet. It was right there in Tess's sights. Aubry smiled at Tess and knoded his head for her to enjoy. Tess slide over and began fingering Danas lips, pulling her lips apart ad massaging around the clit. Dana kept moving her hips and then she spread her legs further. Oh yes, she moaned, oh that is it as Tess played with the button. Then her mouth went to Danas cunt, sucking the clit in slowly and to out surprise Dana just moaned and laid there. Her eyes opened some and she saw Tess between her legs and all she said was, "Okay you little bitch, you win, take all you want." Well Tess did just that. She ate Dana thru several orgasms and then got up to her face with pussy juice still all over her face ad kissed Dana deep. Dana responded and they were making out like crazy. Now Dana had her hands all over Tess. Tes took her by the hand and managed to get her up, Where are we going Dana asked? To the van dear, if I am going to have you then I want to have you the right way, all naked and lots of room. I handed Tess the keys and they stumbled out the door. Aubry sat there not believeing it. Over and hour passed and we went to the van, I opened it with my other keys and we got in the front looking thru the curtains and seeing Dana sitting on Tess face a perfect 69 in progress. They orgasmd after a while and then looked at us. Dana looked at her husband, Well, I hope you are good with this cause I think you got me started and now I don't want to stop. Tess rolled her onto her back and got on top her titties in Danas face, suck them baby Tess said, suck them really hard, really hard. Oh yes she moaned as Dana did as she was told. Bite them now, oh yeh, harder, harder. An orgasm shook Tess all over as she was on top then she dove between Danas legs again eating her thru another orgasm. The she looked up at Aubry, Fuck me now Tess told him, come on back here and fuck me. He climbed back and Dana said, well, I need cock too, come on Steve, Lets do it, you know you have wanted to all night. Yes I have I told her and the four of us were naked in the back fucking away. Somewhere we all dozed off and laid there naked the rest of the night. The sun coming in the curtain woke up Dana and she moved over to kiss Tess, they woke up and were making out as I opened my eyes. Lets go to our place Dana said and I got dressed and drove....It is really difficult top drive a van when the back is going up and down all over the place but it is possible.

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