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There were two things my father told me growing up. "Never look a gift horse in the mouth, and Age is only a state of mind."

I had just turned forty. And though I really didn't feel like I was "older" or slowing down in anyway, there were the telltale signs of middle age setting in. I certainly didn't have the firm tight stomach I'd had in my early twenty's, but I wasn't exactly sporting a beer-gut like most men my age seemed to be doing either. There were a few streaks of gray coursing through my hair as well now, but my daughter said I looked "sexy". And that was somewhat of a lift to my ego, especially as I had fairly recently gone through a divorce as well.

I'd managed to find a comfortable little place to live in; it certainly wasn't extravagant, not with my wages, but it wasn't all that bad either. And it was a clean quiet little neighborhood to boot. There was a divorcee who lived on one side of me, perhaps a few years older than I was, but not much, and she was always warm and friendly towards me. We soon established a friendly relationship together, which resulted in an occasional invitation for dinner, and as payment for her hospitality, I did odd jobs for her when she needed things done. My neighbor's name was Jill, and she had her own hands full, as it was too, with two teenage daughters, who were also twins named Stacy and Tracy.

I'd also managed to establish a nice friendship with the neighbor who lived on the other side of me and also divorced, his name was Pete. Pete had a daughter himself; a young woman named Andrea who spent most of her time paling around with Stacy and Tracy and was nearly inseparable.

And so it was, all of us living alone, unattached, divorced, and with teenage daughters, we all had an awful lot in common. Though I certainly didn't see my own daughter as frequently as I liked since she lived a considerable distance away with her mother, she did come to visit as often as she could, and had quickly been included in the everyday ongoing activities and adventures of the other three girls.

Although I had only moved in a couple of month's ago, I had quickly begun to notice what appeared to be an ongoing relationship between my two neighbors, so the likelihood of pursuing anything myself with Jill was basically out of the question. The last thing I wanted to do was become involved in another very difficult situation so soon after my divorce. I wasn't big on dating either, and didn't do the bar scene. So as it was, I had pretty much established a self-pleasured relationship, and was content to let it go at that for a period of time anyway.

There was one thing I didn't have that my neighbors did. Someone to help me do some light house cleaning. I was great in the yard, and around the house, but when it came to doing things inside, I was a bit of a slob. Jill had teased me about this a couple of times when she had come over for a visit. My place never was very neat or tidy the way hers was, but of course, she did have two teenage daughters to lend her a hand doing it too! And of course Pete had the same kind of help with Andrea. At Jill's suggestion, I did speak with Tracy and Stacy about paying them (what I could afford) to come in and clean for me once a week. Nothing heavy duty of course, I'd still do my own laundry and such, but helping me out around the house. To my surprise, they both seemed quite eager to help me out with that, and I gave Jill a bottle of wine that she and I as well as Pete drank down to celebrate with.

Watching Jill and Pete teasing and flirting with one another that evening after we'd drunk all the wine, reminded me just how lonely I really was. If the two of them hadn't been at my house, I would have left the two of them alone a long time ago. Eventually they did leave together, and it mattered not to me whose house it was they went to. I soon after went to bed, and though it was still early for a Friday night, I had a long 'yard' day ahead of me tomorrow, plus the girls were coming over to help me clean.

I had nearly gotten to sleep when the sounds of laughter filled my ears waking me back up. The noise was coming from Jill's place, and by the sounds of it, the girls were out in the backyard doing something. One of my bedroom windows faced her back yard, so without turning on the light, I went over to the window with the intent of yelling out to them to tone it down. What I saw stopped me cold.

Stacy and Tracy were of course identical twins. Maybe their mother could tell them a part, but I couldn't. And I briefly wondered if they were identical in every minute detail. Each of the girls had long dark brown hair that was identically styled and fell well below their shoulders. Brown eyes, with full pouty lips gave each of the girls a mature womanliness that far exceeded their young years; not to mention full well rounded breasts that threatened to bust out, (pardon the pun) of every single piece of clothing they owned. They were tall too, easily standing 5'9" or so, though there was some argument between them over Stacy being the younger, was taller than her sister by half and inch. You couldn't tell it by me either way. Andrea on the other hand, though shorter as well as a year or so older than the twins, had a much younger look even than they did. She had short-cropped coal black hair, and piercing blue eyes to match. They looked like a trio of Salt and Peppershakers as they jumped up and down on the giant trampoline in their backyard. The twins were already a deep golden brown from tanning day in and day out, as opposed to Andrea's almost alabaster white colored skin. With her dark hair, she was a contrast in and of herself, but standing next to either one of the twins, it was even more remarkable. I had jokingly called them an Oreo cookie when I'd first seen them together.

And it was seeing them now that nearly froze me in place as well. Watching them bouncing and jumping up and down was interesting enough. But the fact they were all just wearing short little nightgowns was an added attraction. Initially, I felt a little self-conscious about standing there in the dark spying on them. But hell, they were certainly old enough, and there was nothing wrong with enjoying a little displayed beauty now was there? Really?

I was surprised to see the twins weren't wearing identical nightgowns, they tended to wear matching clothing during the day most of the times, but I think that was primarily for show more than anything else. They enjoyed showing off their 'twin-ness'. As it was Stacy (or perhaps Tracy) was jumping up and down on the trampoline at the moment while the other two girls waited their turns and watched. She was wearing a pale pink 'Teddy' that was fairly sheer looking, even from my window, easily enough to see the dark colored 'dots', which even at this distance, I knew had to be her nipples. But more importantly, as she continued the bounce, jumping higher and higher with each successful jump, her top was reaching the verge of lifting up off the top of her breasts all together. And it was again with some modem of decency that I considered turning away and going back to bed.

Stacy or Tracy, soon got off the tramp however, and I watched Andrea climb on, and I knew I wasn't going anywhere. She glanced around once...quickly, and simply removed the top of her black near satiny colored night-ware, and began jumping in much the same manner, as had one of the twins. Watching Andrea jumping, bare, her near-white breasts bouncing up and down as she did was something I couldn't quite tear my eyes away from. Her own very dark, very large areolas were one more thing that made an interesting stark contrast against her pale-pink, near white skin coloring. And watching her young breasts as she skyrocketed up into the air, hitting the apex, and watching each one of them seemingly float up off her chest was strangely arousing anyway. And so I stood there, continuing to watch, and without realizing it really, began sporting a very aroused erection a few moments later.

The girls were of course still laughing and giggling, and though I could not with a great deal of clarity hear what it was that they were saying, picked out a few words that did suggest they were also commenting on Andrea's wildly rotating floating boobs. It seemed to have become a game for them, as moments later when Andrea finally stopped bouncing, Stacy or Tracy, but whoever was wearing the blue silk Pajama suit, also removed her top and began the game all over again. With much larger breasts than Andrea's, though she certainly had nothing to complain about in that department, one of the twins, and I decided it must be Tracy for some reason, began her turn at jumping, and now flipping over in the air. And I was interested in watching, if for no other reason than to see if Stacy took another turn, and might then reveal if their "twin-ness" also included in exquisite detail, matching breasts as well.

I never got a chance to actually find out though, as Jill had returned home and moments later appeared at the back door, chastising the girls for making too much noise, and even pointed over towards my place. I backed away, far away from the bedroom window, though I doubted highly anyone could have seen me, or realized I had indeed been standing there. Still, it unnerved me a little bit that it might be considered I had been standing there watching the girls, and I quickly retired back to my bed. But I was more wide-awake now than ever and still aching with need from a very aroused, very stiff near painful erection.

I was human after all, and it had been quite a while since I had even been with a woman. And so with lusty thoughts of three pairs of beautiful young boobs bouncing in the air, I relieved myself pleasurably so, and drifted off to a most enjoyable sleep afterwards.

I vaguely remember hearing someone knocking at the door downstairs, but as I was in the space of still being half-asleep and half-awake, I chose to remain in the latter. I had also grown up in a small town, and so wasn't in the habit of locking my doors either. If I happened to think about it, I did. But if I forgot to do it, I didn't worry about it. And so it was in the next minute, I heard as well as felt the twins come in and jump on the bed trying to rouse me from sleep. Though I was now awake, I feigned sleeping as the giddiness of the twins became almost intoxicating. Hearing them laughing and quietly teasing one another back and forth, I was content to go along with the game until one of them suddenly attempted to pull down the covers in order to pull me out of bed. Only then did I remember I had gone to bed (afterwards) totally naked. And worse, I had no idea what the sheets might actually look like either!

"Ok. Ok!" I relented. "Let me get up then...without your help," I added.

Obviously the girls knew I had nothing on. "You get five minutes!" I think it was Tracy that warned me, "And then naked or not, we starting cleaning your room!"

They scurried out of my bedroom, and I took very seriously their threat, quickly grabbing a clean pair of underwear from the dresser drawer, as well as a pair of shorts to work outside in the yard in. Normally I would shower and shave, so after a quick trip to the bathroom, I headed downstairs to make some coffee, after which I would head outside to work. Later, much later, I'd get that shower and shave in.

As I worked outside, the twins busied themselves working and cleaning inside. I finished a couple of hours later, and headed back inside the house in order to take my shower. Covered with dirt grime and sweat, I was in desperate need of doing just that. Although Tracy...perhaps Stacy as they were once again wearing identical clothing, was finishing up in the kitchen as I passed, turned smiling and waved at me as I headed up the stairs, though said nothing to me. I had no clue where her sister was, but figured she was most likely off cleaning somewhere else anyway. I started the shower, made sure it was nice and hot and began scrubbing myself up. I'd just finished shampooing my hair and was standing beneath the spray rinsing when I felt a soft pair of hands suddenly reach around behind me grabbing my cock.

"What the?" I almost screamed out loud.

"Hi," One of the twins said sweetly, innocently, as though being in the shower with me was the most natural thing in the world to be doing.

"Stacy!" I exclaimed, she smiled but said nothing.

"Tracy?" I questioned this time, again she merely stood smiling.

"Whoever, whichever one you are, what the hell do you think your doing?"

"Cleaning," she said simply, soaping my cock.

I still had soap in my hair, and it was now running down into my face stinging my eyes. I leaned back to rinse it out, and she took that moment to drop down onto her knees in the bathtub and expertly began sucking my cock. The moment her lips engulfed me, I nearly fell down in the tub slipping in a half-assed effort to pull away from her, but she held me inside her mouth with a vise-like grip suctioning me, her hands likewise wrapping around me and digging into the backside of my ass.

"Damn! Her mouth felt good, and it had been so long!" I found myself thinking, trying to reason, and trying to justify her being here. But it was wrong. Way wrong.

"Your sister," it was a weak excuse I know, but with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, one hand cupping my balls, another massaging my ass, it was about all I could come up with.

She quit sucking and licking me long enough to respond to me. "She'll be with us in a minute," she stated, a giggle in her tone even as she continued kneeling and sucking my shaft.

"That's not what I meant!" I stated somewhat more forcefully, but there wasn't any action on my part to back up the implied indignation. I continued to stand there, knees growing weaker by the moment, cock growing stiffer.

"Hi!" The other twin said, now joining us and stepping into the suddenly crowded shower.

Seeing the 'girls' up close and personal like this was admittedly a treat. And one that was becoming harder and harder to try and ignore. And that being in more ways than one. I decided that it had to be Tracy that was sucking me. For no other reason than at least to give a semi-permanent name to one of them anyway. Her tongue, her sucking, her fondling of my balls had wrestled away the last vestiges of protest that I had remaining. And now standing there eyeing Stacy's beautiful perky young breasts was the straw that broke the camels back. I reached out, and immediately cupped each one of them in my hands and began running my thumbs over her hard erect little nipples. Though I had gotten a brief glimpse of her breasts, one of the twin's breasts anyway, I only now truly and fully appreciated how beautiful they were. Each was about the size of a nice firm gr*pefruit, and as I stood toying with her nipples and sliding my hand over the soft smooth skin, I once again began to wonder if I would be able to notice any subtle differences between the two girls. As though she'd read my mind, and maybe since they were twins who did seem to know what the other one was thinking somehow, maybe she had in fact. Suddenly Tracy stood up and pointed to a tiny little dot, hardly a freckle even on her left breast.

"That's how you'll know how to tell us apart," she said. "She doesn't have one here."

Stacy had by now knelt down, taking over for her sister. They were definitely "twins" in that department too. Her tonguing of me felt nearly identical to the one I had been enjoying from her sister, and I half wondered where...who...they had gotten their experience from.

Looking at her tits I studied them briefly, and she was right. Except for that tiniest of marks, I could not tell the difference in either size or shape of their breasts, perhaps seeing them standing side by side might help. As good as things were feeling, I somehow managed to convince Stacy to stand up next to her sister. I put the two of them side by side under the spray of the shower then, stepped back and began to examine them seriously. As hard as I tried however, except for that one tiny little dot, there was absolutely no difference between the two young women that I could find. I even asked them to twirl around for me, which was like watching someone in a mirror as they both turned in unison in opposite directions at exactly the same time.

"It is a little crowded in here," I stated then, "Lets move into the bedroom!"

"We can't!' Words spoken exactly together instantaneously. Stacy, perhaps really Tracy, turned smiling and laughed at her sister. "That happens a lot!" She said, and then continued just as quickly. "Mom will start to wonder why we aren't done yet!"

"Yes. And she might come over looking for us!" The other twin added.

Hearing that, brought me out of my lustful fugue, and as stiff as my cock was, it softened slightly.

"You go and head mom off just in case," one of the girls said. "We can't be that mean and leave him hanging like this!" As though for emphasis, she once again reached down grasping my cock, and it was immediately back to its full hardness. As one of the girls stepped out, hurriedly dried off and redressed, the other was once again down on her knees taking up where 'they' had left off.

I decided this time it was Stacy as her sweet tongue once again began to dance and play on the surface of my prick.

"Tonight?" She said, somewhat difficult to understand as she'd spoken the question with a mouth full of my dick so that it had sounded like she'd said "Doughnut".

"What'd you say?" I questioned her, wishing almost immediately that I hadn't as she then removed her mouth from around my prick, though thankfully not her hand and continued to keep stroking me at least.

"Tonight. After everyone's gone to sleep. We'll sneak over and slip into bed with you."

"Ah Stacy," I said, taking a stab in the dark here, though she didn't respond one way or the other. "I'm not sure that's a smart move. We really shouldn't be," and then she went back to sucking, and jacking my cock off in a wonderfully smooth, extremely pleasurable way.

"Ah fuck. What the hell, why not?" I said to myself. "It had been a long time. A very, very long time!"

I felt the sperm bubbling up inside my balls, and thought at least to give her a warning of my impending orgasm. Telling her that I was close, and about to cum, she simply murmured her agreement with that, lips still wrapped around me, still sucking, if not more hungrily so. Taking that as her ascension to "allow" myself, I felt the first hard-felt ejaculation explode from the tip of my cock, filling her mouth. This of course, quickly followed by a second, third, and forth ejaculate, and I was wondering if I would gag her, as I knew I had filled her mouth with a fairly large load of my cream. A small portion of it seemed to drool from the corner of her mouth, and she did swallow a "little" of it I guessed, but it was now obvious to me, she had not swallowed all of it. And I wondered briefly if she was now going to spit it out or what. She laughed, almost choked, threw her head back so she could talk without swallowing and gurgled nearly when she spoke.

"Promised sis I'd save her some!"

I watched her dress then, quickly. And she raced down stairs to go meet up with her sister to go do god knows what with my cum. Only then I began to wonder what kind of a Pandora's Box I had opened here, and regretted briefly to having agreed to allow the two of them to come join me in bed tonight.

As I began drying myself off, only then did I realize that I still didn't know which girl was which. Neither one of them had said "who" it was that had the freckle, only that that was the only difference between them. I had to laugh to myself, they'd still managed to keep me in the dark as to their true identities and I could only imagine the 'games' these two might come up with later. I did feel a little guilty about it though, and wondered if I'd have difficulty in facing Jill later. Walking away from a little taste of heaven wasn't something I was quite prepared to give up however. Perhaps afterwards, I could convince the girls that it had been "fun" and all that, but for practical, obvious reasons, it would have to be a one-time thing. Having considered that, and satisfied with my justification and reasoning, I began looking forward towards the evening.

I quickly finished drying myself off, took the towel and began drying my still damp hair as I turned and headed back into the bedroom.

"Oh! Sorry, I was just seeing if the girls had done a good job of..."

She never finished. As I hurriedly grabbed the towel from off my head and covered my self as best as I could under the circumstances, I looked up and saw her standing there simply staring at me. Jill stepped into the room closing the door behind her.

"The girls just left, they ah, finished cleaning," I stammered. Jill still hadn't said anything, but began to walk across the room, a wicked little smile pursing her lips.

"What about Pete?" I threw out from out of nowhere. And finally she hesitated; a slight worried frown crossed her face as though she were considering what I'd just said.

"You'd tell him?" She threw back at me.

But it wasn't at all what I was thinking, or had meant when I'd dropped his name. I shook my head no. "Not that. That's not what I meant, it's just that I thought the two of you sorta had something going."

She was smiling again, though she hadn't come any closer to me.

"Oh...we do. We are. But it's not anything serious, nothing like that at all. I've even talked to Pete about you."

"What?" I said still holding the towel in front of myself, but feeling more and more like a trapped rat on a sinking ship. Not that I'd mind getting it on with Jill, in fact that thought had crossed my mind on several occasions as well, especially after I had shortly moved in until I picked up on her and Pete seeming to have something going on together.

"I said, I have discussed the fact that I have always wanted to experience two men together, and we've talked about it. Wondering if you might be interested in doing something like that."

"And Pete would go along with that?" I asked somewhat incredulously.

"He suggested it. Told me to ask you, said that if I didn't have the nerve, he'd feel you out himself about it. But I told him not to. Wanted to think about it a while first and see if the opportunity ever presented itself."

"Like now?"

"Like now," Jill said.

I decided that I was through trying to hide myself. She'd seen me anyway, and went back to drying my hair with the towel while I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a clean pair of shorts to put on.

Jill sat down on the edge of the bed watching me. "I like your cock," she said casually as though we'd been discussing the weather.

"Thank you," I did feel self-conscious now.

"So. You interested in doing that sometime?"

I hurriedly put my shorts on, stepping into them quickly, but not too quickly. I didn't want to appear like I was nervous or embarrassed in front of her. Though I had turned slightly, I hadn't done so, so as to appear like I was trying to hide myself from her either.

"You have a nice tight ass too!" She added.

No point in being polite and thanking her again. We'd end up doing this all day. But maybe that's what Jill wanted to do anyway. I grinned at her instead.

"Think about it?" She questioned, finally rising.

I breathed a faint sigh of relief. I wasn't a young kid anymore for sure. And having just cum a few minutes ago, I wasn't even sure I'd be up for anything so soon.

"Sure. Yes."

"'ll think about it? Or'd be interested in doing it?" She asked me as she reached for the door.

"We'll see." I stated then. But I said it in such a way that it was more of a yes than a nice way of letting someone down easy. Jill' eyes opened wider with a mischievous twinkle to them, and a look of hopefulness behind them as well.

"Soon I hope," she said, finally turning and heading back down the stairs.

"I really do need to start locking my doors!" I thought to myself as I ventured downstairs shortly afterwards. Though the thought of fooling around with her, even with Pete there wasn't all that difficult to consider. We all got along really well together, and I did like Pete on the whole. Just never had considered that as any kind of possibility before. Until now anyway. And that reminded me about the twins and this evening. Suddenly I wondered if it was such a good idea after all, especially now. The last thing I needed or wanted was some convoluted, complicated relationship to have to contend with, especially with my next-door neighbors. I liked living here, and if things got sticky, which they could easily do, I couldn't see how I would be able to continue living here for much longer after that.

Perhaps I'd better head the twins off if I could before anything really serious happened. Unfortunately, though I sort of kept an eye out for them, I didn't see either Stacy or Tracy the rest of the day. As evening came on, and as night finally fell, I became more and more worried as well as nervous, but excited too. With mixed emotions, I weighed the problems and complications against my lust filled desires to spend the night with two perfect "twin" visions of loveliness. Thinking with my cock was extremely difficult, and I tried initially to dull that aspect of my thought process with several stiff drinks. As it became late, and though I was far from drunk, but getting sleepier all the time, I eventually made my way up to my bedroom. With any luck, the twin's would have difficulty sneaking out of the house, or even better, they'd reconsider the situation themselves and decide against coming over anyway. I'd still forgotten to lock my door, and that was the last thought that crossed my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

I have no idea what time it was. But I gradually slid out of the erotic dream world I was in and enjoying, to the reality of the erotic dream I was about to experience. Someone was slowly and softly sucking my extremely rigid cock. It was pitch black so I couldn't see which of the twins it was, wouldn't have made any difference anyway. I felt the other one laying by my side, caressing my chest and playing with my nipples.

"He's awake now," one of them had said. "Told you we'd come," the one who'd been licking and sucking me stopped long enough to say. I still wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but once again the pleasure of having my dick sucked was melting away all my fears and concerns. I felt movement on the bed, and sensed one of the girls moving over to position her self down on top of my face. She didn't even ask. Though it wasn't necessary anyway. Suddenly her pussy was inches above my face, and just as suddenly my tongue was licking and lapping a very wet, very sweet tasting cunt!

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "Yes!" "Oh Tracy, he's a good clit tickler for sure!" She announced.

I couldn't see them now, but at least I knew which one of the girls was sucking me, and which one I was licking at least. I still didn't know which one was which however, and even reaching up to cup and caress those wonderful soft breasts; there was still no real way of knowing. But as I busied myself in the plentiful abundance of pussy lips and nice slick soft flesh, I forgot worrying about which twin had the freckle and which one didn't and contented myself with pleasuring her, while being pleasured myself.

Soon after Stacy quit sucking me. " Lets trade sis," she said. " I want him to lick me now." Tracy reluctantly climbed off my face, and I heard the two girls quickly walk around the bed repositioning themselves. Seconds later I was licking Stacy's pussy, and just as I had experienced before, it was no different to me than when I had been licking Tracy's. Even her pussy juice tasted the same to me, and her lips and clit seemed no differently shaped, or sized than the others. I felt Tracy's hot sex positioned over my cock, and enjoyed the sensation as she fitted herself over the head of my prick. I didn't slide in immediately however, there seemed to be some resistance, and it took several moments of positioning. Stacy though sitting on my face while I licked her, was facing towards her sister.

"Slow...take it slow. Just ease yourself down onto it," she coaxed instructing her sister.

It suddenly dawned on me. Tracy was a virgin!

Now that was a different matter entirely, and I began to voice my concern, and tried to rise up from underneath her. But they had obviously been prepared for that, and I felt Stacy press herself more forcefully against me as though trying to pin my head back against the bed with her pussy. Tracy was still trying to force the head of my dick through her hymen, and the pressure was becoming almost unbearable for both of us.

Once again I fought back, no longer working in conjunction to help Tracy, and certainly no longer engaged in licking Stacy's cunt either. Even having two women sitting atop me, I knew that I would easily overpower the two of them. It was far more important that we sit down and discuss this first. " It shouldn't be happening, not like this anyway!" I thought to myself, and nearly said so out loud.

"Tracy. Help me!" She said. I can't hold him like this. And suddenly Tracy was helping her sister to pin my shoulders down. And I realized. There were three of them.


That thought took me by surprise so much so that I quit struggling with them altogether, and in that moment, I felt my cock push past the opening of Andrea's cunt. She exhaled with a loud "Arrrrrggghhh" deep-throated half pained, half pleasured moan as my cock slid fully and deeply inside her.

"Now...just hold it there inside you like that for a moment," Tracy said, though she was no longer trying to hold me down anymore. That wasn't necessary now either.

"Yea, just hold still until you get used to it. The pain will go away in a moment, and then you can start moving up and down as soon as it starts to feel more comfortable. As soon as you do that, it will begin to start to feel good too!" Stacy had added onto her sister's instructions.

"I hope so," Andrea said, her voice sounding strange in the darkness. But she was already starting to move against me, and the sensation of her loosening up considerably added to that, I supposed. As well as the lubrications I felt, and wondered then if she might be bleeding considerably. But Andrea continued to move up and down on my cock, and Tracy moved around to her side though I could not see her still, and seemed to be holding onto her and touching herself in someway in the darkness.

"Feeling better now?" We all heard her ask Andrea after a moment.

"Hmmm yes. Much better," she replied. And then she was fucking me at her own speed and pace, and I resigned myself to the situation, what was done was done after all, and went back to licking Stacy's pussy.

And I had wondered at what kind of games the twins might come up with. " Well I had certainly found that out in spades hadn't I?"

I reached over and managed to switch on the small little desk lamp sitting on my nightstand. I didn't do it so much for finally getting to see the three girls I was in bed with, though that was certainly a side benefit, as it was for making sure that Andrea was ok. In all these years, she was my very first 'virgin' too!

Andrea was still sitting atop me. By this time, each of the girls however were standing, one on either side of Andrea, not really supporting her, or soothing her any longer as I had felt they'd begun doing, but were now more actively trying to stimulate her instead.

I'd half expected to see quite a mess covering the bed sheets, but was actually surprised to see next to nothing of that. The 'moisture' I had felt, had been more of her womanly lubrications and excitement more than anything, and I was at least comforted to know I hadn't torn or injured her terribly in the process of her losing her virginity.

Tracy and Stacy had each taken one of Andrea's breasts in their mouth, and was lovingly and tenderly sucking and kissing it. I had no idea which one was which of course, but seeing the twins standing side by side the two of us was like seeing two perfectly molded bookends of femininity, which in a way they were. After a few more moments, I felt Andrea once again beginning to slowly move against me. Obviously she hadn't come anywhere near feeling this as a pleasurable experience, yet. But as the twins stood there helping to arouse and excite her, she did seem to begin to enjoy the feel of me as she took me in.

"Feeling nicer now?" One of the girls asked Andrea.

"Ah huh," she said softly, with eyes closed now, and her tongue just curled up against her top lip as she licked it.

"I think it's starting to feel good to her, "Stacy or Tracy stated with a giggle, talking back and forth to one another like I wasn't even there.

Even I was starting to feel a difference. As Andrea continued to move up and down my cock, her pussy seemed to loosen considerably, and though much of that was due to her continued flow of aroused lubrications, which certainly helped, the nervousness and fear was slowly melting away, being replaced by pleasure...finally.

Unfortunately, I was now fighting against the uncontrollable stimulation of Andrea's fairly long-time fucking of me, and was nearing the point of no return. It was evident that she wasn't nearly as close as I was, and the last thing I wanted to do right now was to cum already.

"I'm sorry!" I admitted honestly. "I'm way too close, and if you keep doing what your doing, I'm not going to last very much longer."

One of the twins laughed. "Men!"

"Well? What do you expect?" I retorted. " Three delicious looking women in my bed, and I'm not some kind of super-stud, especially at my age!" I said in my own defense.

"Come on, Andrea. I'll help you 'freshen' up!" Miss tiny freckle on her breast said then. Pulling Andrea off of me, the two girls soon disappeared into the bathroom. The other twin came over and lay in bed beside me, close enough that I was able to capture her breast with my lips and kissed and sucked her nipple.

"Will you make her cum with your tongue then?" She asked me.

"Sure. Don't see why not," I said with a mouth full of nipple.

"While you fuck me? I promise I won't go too fast!" Now it was my turn to laugh. "Go as fast as you want to!" I told her, I guess I can manage a couple of times tonight, if you let me have a bit of a breather between them."

"Only a couple?"

"Women!" I responded.

The other two girls quickly returned. It was evident that they'd already discussed things while in the bathroom together, as Andrea quickly climbed onto the bed and began to position herself over my face. Though her tits certainly weren't nearly as full rounded as the twins were, the softness of them in my hands, pear-shaped to some degree, were each capped by the longest stiffest nipples I think I had ever felt before in my life. Just pulling on them was a treat in itself. Then adding to that the sweet fresh just violated pussy that I was hungrily licking and running my tongue up and down was almost more than any one man could ever hope for.

"Hmmm doesn't he lick pussy good?" I'd decided that Stacy was the one with the freckle, and also the one that was busily bouncing up and down on my cock at the same time. Her sister was standing nearby, and occasionally I could feel her hand reaching in and playing with my balls, and frequently grabbing at my cock as I fucked in and out of Tracy.

"Oh yes!" Andrea near hissed through her breath. "I love what his tongue is doing to my pussy, I am definitely going to cum in a minute if he keeps this up."

"Good!" Tracy chimed in. He hasn't even licked mine yet, and I'm dying here!"

"Want to fuck with him for a minute sis?"

"For a minute, I'd love too yes. Just long enough to get my cunny all buttered up for him before he licks it!"

Once again I had the distinct impression that they were talking as though I wasn't even there, at least as anything more than a device to take their pleasure from anyway. But then again, who was I to complain? I was licking and sucking one of the sweetest cunts I'd ever tasted before, which is when the girls switched places however. Once again, I was treated to an equally delicious tasting snatch-snack as Tracy settled her bare-shaven pussy down onto my face.

I knew the other twin had inserted my stiff cock inside of her a moment later. Though she was not easy to see of course with her sister astride my face. I could see from the corner of my eye, Andrea. She was standing off slightly to one side, but what surprised me, was when I realized that Stacy was obviously fingering her friends' cunt while continuing to fuck her self on me. Seeing this, seeing Andrea standing there with eyes closed, legs slightly bent at the knee and holding onto the bed, well the look of her was pure ecstasy. And it wasn't long before she was falling over that climatic cliff either.

"Oh yes...oh yes please!" She moaned. "Right there...that's perfect...just like that! Oh fuck, just like that!"

I had to take a look, having glanced at her a moment ago, the look on her face was incredibly sensual, and wanting now to see her, what was going on, was just something I could not miss.

Stacy was obviously circling her hard clit nub perfectly; the motion of her hand was almost negligible, just enough so to tell that's what it was she was doing. Andrea's face was contorted in a pleasurable grimace, and seconds later it was quite obviously she was climaxing as she all but collapsed against the bed. Even Stacy quit fucking herself up and down against me, a welcome reprieve as it were, for watching Andrea cum had nearly sent me over the edge as too. Even Tracy turned to watch, though still sliding her incredibly wet pussy in small pleasured circles atop my face, which made it a little difficult to watch things without actually moving out from underneath her.

"Cum baby!" Tracy urged her. "Make it feel good for her sis!" Andrea seemed to suck her breath in, and in a long incredibly deep-throated drawl, finally succumbed to her pleasure, exploding against Stacy's still twirling fingers.

"Oh!" She moaned drawing the word out, then screaming it. "OH FUCK!" And for a moment, I was worried that her cry of lust-felt joy might awaken the neighbors. Worse, her father, and that thought suddenly hit me between the eyes!

"What was I thinking of?" I asked myself then. But it was of course far too late to worry about that now. Certainly later perhaps, but I still had a cock that was beyond ready to explode, and balls that would soon turn blue if I didn't release the pressure that had been building up in them.

Andrea had managed on unsteady legs to sit down in a nearby chair, watching now, and recovering her breath. Stacy began fucking herself against me in a hard forceful coupling much like a thoroughbred racehorse heading down the home stretch. And my saddle horn had suddenly found itself deeply embedded inside the rider, and about to come unglued.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." she began, pausing, then adding. "Here...I...CUM!"

Stacy bucked atop me, her orgasm overwhelming her, and I joined her in that moment. I felt the first rich spurts of my jisim filling her, felt the splashing inside her pussy walls, bathing her with such force that they literally began to make erotic squishy sounds even as she slow rode herself to the finish line.

I had not forgotten Tracy however, and my tongue continued to twirl and dance inside her pussy even as my cock lurched, throbbing, still spewing ropes of my rich creamy spunk into that tight heated cavern of her wet hot sex.

What surprised me most about Tracy was, that she was a quiet cummer. Which indeed caught me a little off guard, for she was not at all as vocal as her sister. She tensed, I felt her stiffen, then as the obvious orgasm began, she shook, thrashed atop me for a moment, and then quietly collapsed against me without having so much as uttered a single solitary sound.

We lay in a heap of bodies for a moment, shallow quick breaths slowly calming, slowly returning all of us back to normal afterwards.

"Excuse me ladies," I said as dignified as possible. "But I really gotta use the bathroom." Tracy had moved off me by this time, and I extricated myself as delicately as possible from beneath Stacy. I quickly headed for the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door, though I at least lifted the seat up, and began to relieve myself in another, though certainly different pleasurable way at that point. Hearing movement behind me, I turned my head just enough to see Andrea standing in the doorway watching me pee into the toilet from behind.

"I'm next," she stated, smiling a mixture of excitement, and still a little apprehension perhaps as I looked briefly into her eyes.

It seemed I always had to pee like a racehorse afterwards, and this time wasn't any exception. "I'm sorry for taking so long," I said, standing there continuing to urinate. "But I really had to go."

"I do too!" She exclaimed somewhat more urgently now. Can you stop it for just a split second?" She asked me, the question so curiously strange that I actually did.

Andrea suddenly moved in front of me, and in one swift motion had put the seat back down, sat down, and spread her legs. I began to move away from her as she began peeing herself, figuring her need had obviously been even greater than my own.

"No. Here. There's plenty of room," she indicated pointing. And the "V" gap between her legs as she sat relieving herself was an interesting sight. I carefully walked over, positioned myself once again, and ensured that my aim was perfect before continuing myself. Andrea laughed, watching me as I watched her, our streams nearly colliding and splashing against one another in the bowl.

Moments later I had finished and stepped away to wash. Washing not only my hands, but also grabbing a hand towel I quickly soaped up my cock as well.

"Here. Let me do that for you," Andrea washed herself as well as me, and we'd both nearly and completely forgotten all about the twins until we once again turned and headed back into the bedroom. I nearly stumbled when we entered the room. Stacy and Tracy were engaged in an extremely sensuous sixty-nine on the bed with one another. It was clearly obvious that the girls were oblivious to our even being there.

"They do this often?" I asked turning towards Andrea. She looked at me, nodded her head.

"Nearly about every chance they can get. For about as long as I've known them anyway. Stacy said it was the closest she'd ever come to licking her own pussy."

Even I had to agree with that statement, and watching them, I felt my somewhat flaccid cock twitch with renewed arousal. "Shall we?" I indicated pointing towards the bed.

"Thought you'd never ask," Andrea stated, bouncing on ahead of me and jumping up onto the bed next to the girls. "You guys having fun?" She questioned, getting two half mumbled faces full of pussy responses from the twins in the process.

I joined her, and as she opened up her legs to me, I eased into Andrea once again. Slowly, very slowly as I knew she would no doubt still be a little tender. "You doing ok?" I asked her.

"Fuck me!" Andrea said looking at me directly in the eyes. "Fuck me until I cum this time," she spoke to me softly with an urgent tone to her voice and what could only be described as a newly borne womanly maturity about her now. And so it was, that I slowly began to ease myself in and out of Andrea's quickly lubricating cunt. She began to match my stroking, rising to meet me as I quickly began sliding in and out of her with a lot less friction and a lot more slippery sensual trusting inside that silky soft passage. Even the twins took a moment to look over at us, each one of them smiling, and each one of them with the female 'dew' of the other glistening on their respective faces.

I don't know how long the girls actually stayed. I seem to recall dozing off at one point, the three of them still stroking, sucking, licking and touching one another nearly most of the night. I had finally collapsed exhausted and spent after one last incredible orgasm when each of the three girls had begun a 'sucking' game of who got the cum-shot. I have no clue who the eventual winner was. In actuality, you could say it was me of course, for truly I had been. And though the orgasm felt nice, it was about all that I had left in me. I doubt seriously there had even been enough ejaculate to warn any one of the three of them to even be worried about if they had any kind of aversion to having done that. Too tired to care at that point anyway, all I knew was that they had eventually left at some point, and I had immediately fallen right back to sleep and didn't even bother to try and get up until late in the afternoon.

When I finally did wake up, I immediately began to worry and fret over what had happened the night before. Not only had I taken my neighbor's daughters virginity, though I had not known it initially, it wasn't exactly something that would be that easy to explain away under any circumstances. And then of course there was Jill. I had also fucked and sucked both of her daughters, and if she happened to learn I had also done that, I felt that our relationship would come to a quick and sudden end. I was reminded however of her own bold suggestion about getting involved with her as well as Pete, but even though she appeared to be interested in me as well, there simply was no telling how a mother would react towards me under those circumstances.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, heading into the bathroom. And staring down at the toilet seat I was once again reminded of the craziness of the evening. I didn't bother lifting the lid up either.

I spent the remainder of the day watching T.V. and generally trying to hide out after a fashion. I didn't see any of the three girls, and was having mixed emotions about that. On one hand of course, I was glad that I didn't have to confront any of the girls. I wasn't sure I was quite prepared for that, nor how they might react now that we'd all had a chance to have some time to think about what had happened. On the other hand, I was also concerned that I hadn't heard from any of them either. Perhaps even now they were confessing everything they, no make that, we had done. So I was half expecting either Jill, Pete, possibly even both to angrily come knocking at the door.

I jumped. Someone was knocking. (I had locked the door by now), but it wasn't an angry or insistent knock. That was something at least. I knew I must have looked like shit; I hadn't even bothered to shower yet. I caught a whiff of myself as well, and realized I smelled pretty ripe. As soon as I'd manage to get rid of whoever was at the door, I decided to run upstairs and shower immediately. I'd caught a brief lingering odor of something else as well. A faint trace of the twins perfume they'd been wearing all mixed in with a jumble of other erotic lingering odors on top of that. I definitely needed that shower.

I cracked the door, peered out, and saw Jill standing there. At least she was smiling.

"Haven't seen you all day!" She stated, and then opened the door the remainder of the way and more or less barged in carrying a Chinese take out sack full of all kinds of good smelling dishes. "I always get way too much of this stuff," she said setting the large bag down on the counter, and then holding up a nice bottle of wine, which I hadn't seen until now. Only then did she turn to face me and see that I was pretty scruffy looking, and even held her nose to pointedly inform me that I smelled bad as well.

"Dinner will keep until after you shower," she stated flatly. I wasn't about to argue with her on that point, but I also wasn't too excited to see her there either. At least she wasn't tearing my head off. That was something I guess. But feeling like I had just run out of options, I turned and headed immediately upstairs to take that much needed shower.

The stinging spray of the hot shower felt good against my skin. With sufficient soap added to that, I began to feel almost human again. Though I had spent a considerable amount of time in the shower, I had no doubt that Jill would still be waiting for me. We'd often spent evenings together sharing dinner, so there was nothing unusual about that of course, and Chinese takeout did sound really good. My stomach had already begun grumbling earlier as I had realized I'd not eaten a single thing all day long. Stepping out of the shower and toweling off, the tantalizing aromas of Chinese were strong as they filled my nostrils. Wrapping a towel around myself, I ventured into the bedroom. Sure enough, Jill was there, a large tray of delicacy's spread out on the bed along with two glasses of wine. Several candles had also been lit, the only source of lighting in the room, and Jill was on the bed naked, fingering an egg roll as I walked in.

"Hungry?" She asked. But I got the distinct impression she was offering herself up for dinner more than she was the food.

"Famished," I replied, but immediately realized it probably wasn't the best response I should have given her. I was honestly referring to the food, but her lying there naked had obviously taken it the way she'd originally thrown it out to me.

She patted a spot on the bed with her hand, indicating for me to come over, sit down and join her. Even removing the towel to attempt to get dressed was out of the question for the moment. Once I'd done that, it would be as good as accepting her invitation to join her. Keeping the towel on, I did cross over to the bed and grab one of the egg rolls however; they did smell wonderfully delicious.

"What about Pete?" I questioned as non-committal as possible. Still trying to pretend not to take too much notice of her bare erotic looking breasts. "Won't he wonder why we hadn't invited him over for dinner too?" I was still trying to think of an easy way out of all this, but wasn't having a lot of success at the moment in coming up with a solution. My cock wasn't helping much either as it had already begun to stiffen with interest, and was another reason why I quickly sat down on the bed next to her. It would be 'tenting' up the towel in a few more moments.

Jill already had a wanton naughty look in her eyes as she sat staring at me. "If you'd like, I can certainly call him and invite him over. I already told you he said he might be interested in doing something like that. But I thought that you might prefer to be with me alone the first time, sort of a get acquainted 'session' between us before including Pete. But if you prefer?" She'd made a motion to reach over to the nightstand to pick up the telephone when I stopped her.

"!" I shot out saying. She turned back, leaving the phone alone and waited.

"Maybe we'd better talk about this first. The last thing I want to do is complicate things, ruin our friendship, or cause any problems between you and I and Pete."

There, I'd said it. Managed to get my worries, concerns and fears out on the table. Maybe she'd stop and think about things too.

"Oh, I think we're 'way' past that now." Jill stated smiling, but it was a wickedly mischievous little smile, and I knew she was leading up to something.

"The girls told me what a marvelous time they had with you last night," she stated off handedly. There was no 'edge' to her tone, or hint of anger in it at all, if anything, she was obviously aroused while sharing this tid-bit of information.

"They what?" I stammered.

"Don't worry. I'm certainly not mad about it, a little jealous maybe, but certainly not angry. The twins are old enough to make up their own minds about who they go to bed with, and the fact they managed to get to you first isn't really surprising. I figured as much when they snuck out of the house last night. Hell, I almost got up and came over with them!" She chortled.

She hadn't mentioned anything about Andrea. Maybe the girls hadn't either, but I wasn't about to bring that subject up either. I was already squirming with the uncertainty of this new development as it was.

"The only way I would be angry," she continued, "Was if I wasn't able to have a little fun with you myself. That certainly wouldn't be very fair now would it?" Jill reached over and placed her hand on the towel and began pulling it away from me. I even rose up off the bed a little so that it would slip out from underneath me without her having to yank it. Whatever concerns I had previously were now a thing of the past. I didn't exactly feel trapped necessarily either. Jill was an extremely attractive looking woman. I'd only not pursued her earlier because of what I had initially seen between her and Pete. All that had suddenly changed now, except perhaps for one small detail.

"What about the twins?" I questioned.

"Oh...they know I'm here. Even told me to tell you how good a time they had last night and that they're looking forward to doing it again soon. Told 'me' to have fun and tell them about it later after I get home."

I breathed a sigh of relief at that. No complications at least. I didn't want to become embroiled in some uncomfortable confrontation with the girls over this either.

"As for Andrea? I didn't figure it was my place to say anything to Pete. Even I didn't know she was still a virgin until the girls told me what they'd done, tricking you into deflowering her. And Andrea's her own woman now anyway. What she chooses to discuss with her father is her business, not mine."

"Well so much for that." I thought to myself.

The feel of Jill's hand on my cock told me that dinner might have to be re-heated. The heat between her legs was telling me that I'd be dinning there instead, and soon, very soon!

Jill was twenty, perhaps twenty-five years older than the twins but no more than that. And I took notice; perhaps for the first time really as how I now envisioned the girls would look when they were their mother's age. Jill was a voluptuous looking woman. She had perhaps put on a few extra pounds over the years, but then again hadn't we all? Jill seemed to radiate her sensuality however, a maturity that came with age and experience, and though the twins had certainly been exciting in their enthusiasm and youth, there was something about a woman who knew what she was about, and knew what it was she wanted from a man. And Jill fit that description perfectly. I rolled over, reaching for and capturing one of her incredible looking tits. One again I was briefly reminded how the twin's might mature in much the same way as their mother had. As pretty and as firm as their young breasts were, caressing their mothers as I also began to kiss and suckle them was far more stimulating and erotic to me. Jill placed her hand behind my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked her taut hard nipples. A subtle, simple thing perhaps, but it proved my self-made point. Experience and the understanding to sometimes take things slow and smooth and enjoy the moment was a far more rewarding pleasure for me than the rushed frenzy I'd experienced with the girls last night. Though that was ok too. Everything had its place and time. And I had certainly enjoyed myself. But this, the gentle touching, the obvious unspoken confirmation that Jill was enjoying what I was doing to her by the simple placement of her hand upon my head was what I had missed doing with the girls last night. And I found myself rapidly getting even more aroused and looking forward to this experience with Jill more than I realized I might have.

I made love to her breasts for a very long time, alternating back and forth between them. As I kissed, and then sometimes sucked on one, flicking her incredibly fat nipples with fleeting light feathery touches, then stabbing at them instead suddenly with hard lapping licks of my tongue, I would also caress and pet the other breast. Back and forth I continued to feast, erotic visions dancing in my head, my prick throbbing almost painfully so with lustful need and desire.

"Move up," she whispered to me, guiding me upwards between her legs as she pulled me towards her, spreading herself open to me as she did. "I want to tickle my clit with your cock." Taking my hardness fully in her hand, I posed myself, kneeling before her wide-open pussy. She took me and began rubbing the blood-engorged head of my prick against her wet open slit. The feel of her silkiness was like pouring warmed oil over the tip of my cock. Taking my penis, she slowly and oh so teasingly drew me up and down herself, taking frequent moments to circle and quickly rub my cock against her own swollen exposed little nubbin of super-sensitized flesh. Breathlessly, she would then repeat the procedure all over again with near maddening slowness, bringing me constantly to the very brink, as well as herself, and then pausing until the waves of pleasure died down to a controllable level once again.

Hands free, I knelt above her, teasing her nipples in much the same way that she teased her clitoris with my cock. Rolling her nipples' sometimes pulling on them or gently squeezing them to coincide with the same erotic thrills she was causing each of us to feel and experience. But seeing her face, looking into the various expressions that I saw etched there, constantly changing as each sensation was felt, achieved, and explored was as exciting as the actual feelings themselves. Something about watching a woman actually enjoying her self, uninhibited, allowing her vulnerability to show through her emotions. Seeing that, watching Jill now as I was, increased my own pleasures ten fold, and heightened the desire as well as the need beyond my wildest imagination.

The juices between us were becoming slick near syrupy in volume as well as texture. Intermingling together, my cock leaked as though it was ready to spew at any moment, which it very nearly had several times already. Jill's own pussy was lubricating in such quantity that the moisture was seeping out of her in tiny little rivulets of thin creamy streams that ran down her slit, and on down to the opening of her ass and onto the sheets beneath us.

I'd been fighting the "moment" holding back and willing myself not to cum too soon, but I was rapidly losing ground over that one. Each time I had thought myself a goner, Jill had sensed it, stopped, pausing just long enough before continuing to allow myself a few moments to collect and re-gather my strength. But Jill was now unable to go on much herself, each tiny delay building towards that even greater, higher level of pleasure, until we were both standing on the precipice.

Without warning, she took me with her hand, slid me in, and humped herself against me. My cock slid quickly and easily inside her, sheathed in a fiery white-hot sensation that enveloped me and caressed my cock beyond the ability to withstand. I came with unbridled hot spurting passion. Torrents of my cum filling her cunt, bathing her in my juices, and serving as the ignition for her own deep felt orgasmic enjoyment.

We both moaned in unison, my hands still cupping her breasts digging into them as I came in a long single drawn out penetration of cunt that gripped me in a vise-like contraction. Holding me there and milking every single delicious precious drop of cum that I possessed, and to which she now was in possession of.

Even long afterwards, collapsing atop her, and now quietly nuzzling and kissing her neck, I still felt her cunt contracting around me, as though it were kissing me in some special way, as I was kissing her. It was the faintest of pulses, like a beating heart that I felt rhythmically expanding and contracting, almost near soothing, relaxing, sensual.

"Bet the twins didn't fuck you like that," she spoke with confidence.

The whispered moan I gave was her only answer. But it was the answer she'd hoped for and expected. Any more would have taken, not given to that exclamation of pure and complete satisfaction.

The days soon slipped back into a more normal routine. My fears and worries over complications occurring quickly evaporated. The twins still flirted, teased and acted just as they always had around me. Jill still spent time alone with Pete, as well as with me on occasion, and the three of us frequently got together over drinks or dinners, though we had not as yet ventured down that road of exploration that Jill had a while ago suggested. Even Andrea didn't act any differently around me now either. And I was most happy for that. The fact that I had been the one to take her virginity wasn't treated as though there was anything "extra" special between us beyond the friendship that we'd previously enjoyed. And though there had not been any reoccurrence of that particular evening, it wasn't as if it was expected, or required that it would or should happen again either. I was reasonably sure that nothing had been said to Pete about it by either his daughter or Jill, most certainly not the twins, or I felt I would have at least heard something about it by now. I enjoyed the days I spent with Jill, as well as the nights, and life settled down into an easy going routine. Too routine, I guess especially where the twins were concerned.

A rare three-day weekend soon came, and the twins had been bugging their mother about doing something special together. And by together, they meant including Pete and Andrea as well as myself. It didn't take too much convincing, everyone had spring fever and wanted to do something. It was decided that we'd all go, and spend the next three days camping out in the wild together. We had two fairly large sized tents, one for the adults, and one for the three young "women" as we'd decided when discussing accommodations. Admittedly, I wondered if this was partially Jill's idea as we'd not as yet or discussed since that first time, the possibility of a threesome between Pete, Jill and myself. And though I don't think that was part of the plan, I don't think I was the only one who thought about it afterwards either. Sleeping three to a tent like that, there wouldn't be a whole lot of privacy amongst the three of us sleeping together under those circumstances.

We shoved off bright and early and made the two hour drive to the area that I had suggested as I'd gone fishing a few times up there, and had discovered in my wanderings a perfect little spot that was out and away from the typical camping spots. We'd at least have "some" privacy, even if it weren't amongst ourselves.

A short time later, both tents put up and bedding all laid out and situated, we got a nice warm roaring fire going just as it was beginning to get dark. A light dinner along with some nice cold beers set the mood for relaxation and the enjoyment of sitting outside underneath the stars.

We'd sat around the fire for a considerable amount of time, and not only consumed beer, but soon started in on a few harder drinks as well. We'd been sharing stories, telling jokes, and before long, the talk was getting a little sexual in nature, not without a little bit of help as the twins seemed to constantly redirect whatever we discussed back in that direction. I was already feeling a healthy 'buzz' from all the alcohol without being anywhere's near drunk, when Stacy had disappeared inside her tent and emerged a short time later with two small self rolled joints of grass. I hadn't smoked since high school, and hadn't really gotten high too many times, preferring my favorite drinks instead. But I was more surprised when Stacy had in fact produced the grass with her mother sitting there, but it was obvious she knew about it, and as Stacy lit the joint and passed it along to her sister, she in turn gave it to Jill who took a long healthy pull on it herself.

We continued talking; another joint was soon passed around, and though neither Pete or I smoked any of the grass, Andrea did partake of some of the second joint, which I did feel slightly surprised at her father to some degree. But by this time, the two of us were pretty well juiced without having had to smoke, and it was of no major concern after that. We had a pretty good sized fire going and even with a bit of chill in the air of late spring it was still getting to be pretty warm feeling as we sat. It was then that Stacy and Tracy had stood up and were semi dancing about the fire. I am sure it was a combination of the grass and booze, but we began clapping and cheering them on as the dance got wilder and wilder. Andrea soon joined them, and I noticed Pete didn't seem to mind the suggestiveness of their dance, even when the twins eventually stripped off their clothing and continued to dance around the fire naked. Even Andrea joined them in that, and I watched for any signs of her father's disapproval, or if nothing else, surprise. And though he did in fact seem to have a bit of a nervous laugh at seeing his own daughter dancing around nude, he didn't say anything about it, nor did he really focus his attention on her after that either.

Admittedly, watching the three girls dancing around the flickering flames was having some effect on me. I was fairly aroused, and wondered if Pete was feeling the same way I was. Even Jill was beginning to make suggestive remarks, and though not dancing along with the girls, had eventually been coaxed into removing her own top and baring her breasts. Jill certainly had nothing to fear from that either, with tits as lovely as hers were, she could easily compete in that department without a bit of self-consciousness, and did.

I'm not sure when or how things actually got started. It had all seemed innocent enough, though as I said, we were all feeling pretty good by this time. But a "dare" was made, and then accepted, and the next thing I knew, one of the twins was kneeling down between Pete's legs and giving him a blowjob in front of the rest of us. Up until now, I had never even considered the possibility that the twins had ever been with or done anything with Pete. But it was obvious that they had with him no differently than they had with me, and even more importantly, that Jill obviously knew about that too though she had never mentioned it.

"Come on Andrea," Tracy teased daring her. "You said I'd never suck off your father in front of everyone. So now that I have, it's your turn!"

Pete gave a wild eyed look of concern, about the first time I'd seen him react that way all evening until Tracy clarified that she hadn't meant Andrea was to suck on him. "Unless she wanted to of course," she had added afterwards. And though Pete still seemed a bit uncomfortable with the way things suddenly seemed to be going, with Tracy still sitting beside him playing with his rock hard cock so openly, he was enjoying the sensations of that too much to complain too loudly and cause her to quit doing it.

"So, its your turn to do something now," Stacy joined in with her sister. And Jill leaned over and whispered to me that the girls seemed to be on one now, and that just about anything was likely to happen. On that point I had to agree, still a little taken aback on how open Jill was on whatever adventure the twins seemed to involve themselves, as well as anyone else who happened to be around them.

"I took me a while to eventually accept it," Jill stated as though she'd been reading my mind. But it was either that or ground them for life, and all they'd end up doing then is spend time in their bedroom 'doing' each other all day long instead."

Obviously, Jill knew all about that too. And again I was surprised, though not shocked at that revelation. I think I was beginning to come to a better understanding, of Jill's relationship with her daughters. And it was more of one of acceptance for the girls' adventurous natures, rather than trying to repress it and alienating them because of it.

"So what do you want me to do?" Andrea asked them.

"Well, you have two choices," Tracy stated. "You can either go down on Mom, or you can go down on David," She'd said pointing over towards me.

Even I blinked on that one, though still trying to appear as un-shocked by that as Jill was herself, I did half turn, smiling somewhat stupidly I know in Pete's direction. He merely shrugged his shoulders however as if to say, "What can I do?" smiled sheepishly as he sat there with his raging hard on getting worked up and down by one of the twins.

Jill surprised everyone at that point. "Why don't you simply flip a coin? Then, if it's heads, you suck David. If it's tails, you lick me."

Everyone actually laughed. It was funny, and with the implication being so obvious, it had evaporated almost instantly any remaining inhibitions in this little group altogether. Stacy quickly fished around in my pocket for a quarter. Found something else there instead, and fished around with it for a moment until it was too obvious what it was she was really doing.

"Come on Stacy," her sister complained. "Hurry up and find the quarter. I'm anxious to see how this turns out!"

She did come up with one moments later, and immediately tossed it high into the air. When it finally landed, even Tracy ran over to have a look, leaving Pete with his cock sticking straight up out of his pants. He didn't try and hide it though; just as curious as everyone else to see where this was going.

"Tails!" Stacy and Tracy screamed out in gleeful surprise. "You're licking mother!"

"Which also means, I'm sucking David!" Stacy chimed in.

Tracy immediately walked back to where Pete was sitting and took up where she'd left off, though not sucking him, just sitting beside him playing with him as we all watched Andrea walk over towards Jill.

Jill had stood up by then, long enough to have removed the remainder of her clothing, and once again settled down into her chair. Andrea took one of the nearby cushions off a now vacant one, and threw it down on the ground to kneel on. In seconds, she was hungrily licking Jill's cunt while we all sat there gaping at the two of them.

"Well?" Jill stated matter of factly. "Isn't anyone else going to do anything so I can watch too?"

Laughing wickedly, Stacy began helping me to undress completely, as had Pete by this point. Before long, we were all nude, sitting in close proximity to one another, watching the equal pairings as the three young women busily "serviced" the adults. Again, this hadn't exactly been planned to happen, it just naturally turned out that way, but it was also evident by the way things were going that eventually we'd soon be switching positions and performing the same services we'd been receiving ourselves.

I had in fact eventually traded places, and spent a wonderful time kneeling down between Stacy's legs licking her sweet snatch. She'd managed to have a small satisfying little orgasm, and by the sounds of it, so had Andrea as Jill had surprisingly gone down on her upon seeing Stacy and I switching places, though unfortunately I wasn't able to witness nearly as much of that as I would have liked to, busily engaged doing the same thing myself.

Surprisingly, the girls soon announced they were retiring to their tent to go to bed. But I took that to mean the word literally, and not that they intended on going inside to sleep. It was obvious to me at least that they had other plans at that point, which didn't include the three of us. But I also suspected that this preliminary little game of theirs had also been intended to warm things up between Jill, Pete and I. And wouldn't have been at all surprised if Jill hadn't in fact put them up to it. Jill was the first one of the three of us to get up and go inside our tent. Once again Pete did his shrug his shoulders thing, and then followed me inside shortly afterwards.

Jill was still nude, lying atop the multi-layered pile of sleeping bags, quilts and blankets. It was a cozy, if not extremely soft comfortable bed to actually lie down on.

"Looks like your finally going to get your wish," I stated as I dropped down to lie down beside her, Pete doing the same on her other side. Jill simply smiled, knowingly, and beckoned us both to her. In seconds, I was sucking and kissing her left breast, and Pete was busily licking and playing with her right one.

There was still sufficient light from the fire burning brightly outside that there was no need to light a lantern or anything inside the tent. And the atmosphere was admittedly erotic as we found ourselves, as excited as teenagers involved in doing something particularly naughty and bad. For some reason, just being outside, even in the tent had heightened the intensity of our arousal level. Maybe the twins had known that too, and by doing what they had started earlier, had ensured that the three of us would end up in bed together. Obviously this was something their mother had wanted to happen all along, and I decided that they had purposely removed Andrea from out of the picture in the event that all this might be a little disconcerting to her. Though I had certainly not noticed or even felt anything like that as the evening had progressed. Short of not actually participating with her own father, it didn't appear she was bothered by watching one of her own best friends busily sucking him off either.

Jill rolled over on top of Pete. She easily and quickly inserted his cock inside her cunt and began to slowly fuck him, getting used to the feel of his prick as it slid in and out of her rapidly lubricating pussy.

"Fuck me in the ass David," she told me. Though she continued licking me and sucking me to an even greater firmness. As my cock was fairly slick with her saliva, I made my way around her, and as she presented herself perfectly to me, I eased just the tip of my dick inside the cute puckered opening of her ass. She was unbelievably tight at first, and we both took that time to get used to the sensation before I continued. Pete lay motionless, though his cock was embedded deeply inside her cunt waiting for me to join him there inside her. Easing myself slowly in, I was amazed to feel his cock resting against mine as I finally slid the entire length and girth of my prick inside that tight anal opening.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck!" Jill stated unabashedly, and loud enough that I was sure the girls had heard every word. I remained motionless however, though buried to the hilt inside her, throbbing excitedly and expectantly, feeling Pete's cock doing nearly the same thing through the thin membrane separating the two of us.

"Now," Jill moaned, considerably more quietly. Even then I barely began to move in and out of that still almost 'too' tight of an opening. But then as Pete began to fuck her pussy with much more forceful quicker motions, Jill began urging me to match his own movements.

"Fuck it David. Fuck my ass baby! Yes. That's it...just like that!"

She was louder now, once again. But hearing her talking to us, the erotic naughty words flowing out of her mouth with such sensual sounding vulgarity, I urged her on to continue it.

"You like the way Pete's cock is fucking your pussy baby?" I asked her. "You enjoying that nice fat cock of his sliding in and out of your cunt?"

"Oh yes...Oh my god yes I do!" She wailed loudly once more. "Fuck me Petey! Fuck my pretty pussy for me!"

Pete was grunting and groaning. And though his words, if he spoke any, were intelligible, just the animalistic sounds that were emanating from him where enough to send Jill into another elongated series of one word vulgarity's that once again enhanced rather than detracted from the incredible sensations that were being felt between the three of us.

"Fuck - suck - piss - cock - cunt!" She began chanting over and over again. "Fuck - suck - piss - cock -cunt!"

Each spoken word was a matching thrust inside her. Pete picked up on it nearly the same instant that I did. I slammed into her...held it there without pulling back out...and Pete did exactly the same thing on his end.


I slid out...slid in again, a little faster this time, as did Pete.


Another plunge, and then another, once again in unison

"Piss - Cock!" Jill gleefully screamed out loud.

Another deep stroke...holding it.

"Cunt!" Jill was near laughing, not with hysteria, but with pure sensual lust.

I could see Pete's face, saw him looking at me as well, and on a given signal, we each one began to pound into her with a rapidity borne of need as well as madness.

"Fuck-suck-piss-cock-cunt," Jill tried to say, still trying to keep up with the speed and rapidity that we were now doing inside her. My cock was well lubricated in her ass now, pre-cum leaking out of my own dick in nice slick leavings that wet her and made the quickness of her ass fuck even more pleasurable to bare.

"Fucksuckpisscockcunt...fucksuckpizzzzzzz...," finally giving it up as we began to head down our own rhythmic plungings inside her, no longer matching tempo and speed, or even simultaneous strokings. But this was a new sensation anyway, and once again, simply added to the incredible feelings that I was experiencing as well. My cock going in, just as Pete's was coming out, and Jill not knowing which stroke to moan on, or enjoy one over the other. For her, it became almost a constant quick paced fuck, though in reality, we had each settled into a slower, much more steady easygoing rhythm.

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, Jill lurched, her body tensed, and the sounds of what nearly sounded like a damn bursting suddenly surged from her pussy. It was an incredibly wet gushing sound, and even Pete was surprised by it, as was Jill! Her cunt was contracting and jettisoning a torrent of pussy juice. Never before in her entire life has she done so before, but as she continued to ride the wave of such incredible ecstasy and pleasure, her pussy continued to pump out her lubrications in such quantity that they soon turned into frothy squishy sounds that were just one more sensual delight to hear, enjoy and experience with her.

It was soon obvious by Pete's moans, which had equally escalated to deep-throated gruntings that he was nearing his own orgasm.

"Let me suck it!" She demanded, and moved in such a way that I had no option but to remove my cock from inside her ass. Jill moved slightly down Pete's torso, grabbing his cock and attacked it with such forcefulness that I feared she would rip the tip of his prick clean off.

"Ahh Ahh Ahh," was all Pete could manage. But it was definitely loud enough to silence even the chirping crickets near by, and I laughed at that, as the sudden silence was evident. Only momentarily however, for once again Pete lurched, bucked and I knew he was filling Jill's mouth with his cum. "Oh sweet fucking..."

It was all said. I watched his face grimacing in a near pain-pleasure that was obviously very intense as I continued to kneel there beside the two of them, stroking my own cock and watching. Pete all but passed out, and only half reluctantly did Jill then turn away from him, Pete's cum slightly drooling down from one corner of her mouth. Taking her finger, she wiped the creamy nectar away, and sucked it off her finger.

"You ready to cum now too?" She asked me.

I stood up at that point, my cock hard, swollen, purple and angry looking, angry with 'fuck-lust' needful to spew the jisim that was boiling inside my balls waiting for release. Jill quickly inserted my cock inside her mouth, and quickly sent me spiraling towards my own orgasmic explosion. Seconds later I felt the first powerful surge of cum explode from the depths of my tightened ball-sack, filling her hungrily sucking mouth. Watching her suck it, feeling one incredible pulsating release after another as they escaped my prick, shooting inside that warm sucking oval of her lips. My orgasm seemed near continuous, and I began hoping it would never stop, that the spunk flying from my cock would never end.

Weak-kneed, I finally collapsed on the soft comfortable bed beside Pete. He was out if that was possible. Jill slid in between us, and we all lay together quietly.

"Thank you," Jill suddenly stated. And I almost answered her myself.

"Your welcome mother!" I heard the twins say just outside the door to our tent in perfect unison. There was a brief giggle after that, and then the hurried sounds of their footsteps heading back towards their own tent.

"And we still have three full days ahead of us," I did answer then.

"Yes we do...don't we?" Jill stated happily, lying there still fingering her wet juicy cunt.

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