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My husband plotted to let his friend fuck me, I made sure he did

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One of my husband's hobbies is photography. He is quite good at it and seems to instinctively know just the right angle, light and way to capture a truly artistic photograph. He has won many photo competitions and it’s a real passion of his. That and fucking me at every opportunity.

I’ve often modeled for him. Sitting alone at a bistro, reading a book from a park bench or any number of situations where a human adds to the scene or I am just the subject.

I am Kate. I am five foot five and 115 lbs, with brown hair perky 34c breast, size 4 and stay fit. I’m not a gym rat but I run and stay very active. My husband, Cliff is also fit and exercises frequently. He is 5’9”’, slim build, nice 6” cock. He is a quiet guy, a thinker, that can be easily consumed and obsessed by what he is currently into at any given second.

Cliff has recently had several potential clients requesting his services for boudoir sessions for ladies and also husbands that wish to give their mates sexy bedroom photos as art pieces for their bedroom walls.

Cliff asked me to assist him by posing one afternoon so he could work out some creative angles and lightening, soft spot lights, bounce boards and specialty filters to create very sensual photographs and I happily, said sure.

After turning our bedroom into a photo studio with tripods, silver umbrella flash systems and wires running around the floor like a spider web, he was ready to get creative after dinner tonight.

A friend of ours, Chad, was invited to dinner before Cliff had decided to work on boudoir photography and turning my bedroom into a studio. Chad is a handsome guy, about same height of Cliff, muscular lean with abs and would make a nice James Bond, I think.

After dinner with wine, we all sat down to relax in the den with a second bottle of wine, and we were all feeling quite well. I was feeling relaxed and looked at my husband to give him my, I’m going to fuck you stupid look, to let him know my later intentions.

Chad was aware of Cliff’s photography and had assisted him with a few outdoor shoots. He asked Cliff what projects he had going on and Cliff explained how many boudoir opportunities had came up, which seemed like good financial opportunities, and he’d actually set up the bedroom to work out some creative sensual lighting to elevate intimacy.

Always enthusiastic over his hobby, Cliff asked Chad to check out the set up and see what he thought. After a few minutes Cliff calls me into the bedroom and says it would help if Chad made light adjustments and move things into place while he watched worked with the cameras, if I did not mind some lingerie posing.

Chad had seen me in a bikini a few times since we’d all became friends about two years ago. I recall seeing Chad in his bathing suit, how fit he was, and how well he filled out his swim suit. I said, well since a bra and panties are similar to a bikini, I guess it would be okay since it would help.

Flesh, with all it’s curves and textures is challenging to capture, so it is important to simulate actual client conditions to fully understand boudoir set ups, Cliff reasoned his need to solidify his skills in good boudoir.

I abandon the guys to take a shower and get my hair and makeup right. Just because this is only for technical setup, there is no reason not to look nice while at it, besides, there may be a good photo come from this setting to have on my own bedroom wall.

I put on a red bra, quite thin and leaving little to the imagination, with matching thong panties and stepped into the den to let Cliff know I was ready. Chad, was noticeably interested, showing his sexy smile of approval. Alright, let’s see what we can learn, Cliff says and we head into the bedroom.

I got positioned on the bed and with a few flicks of switches and knobs, the room was dimmed and very specifically aimed small lights popped aglow and the room was transformed into a romantic bedroom scene, unless you had my view of reflectors, wires, umbrellas and two cameras on tripods and one in Cliff’s hand.

Cliff shot off a few shots, lights flashed and hummed and he looked at the view display. Chad, move the pillow strobe down a tad, aiming more at her waist, Cliff directed. Chad knows most of Cliff’s photography toys and quickly made the adjustment. I notice he is checking me out while assisting Cliff and I feel my nipples hardening.

Turn her about ten degrees left, then lower her strap off her shoulder. Get some of her hair over her boob, Cliff directs the set up. Chad gets on the bed and he slowly moves my bra strap off my shoulder and the thin red fabric almost off my breast, then locates my hair to just hide my hard nipple.

Cliff shoots a few more stills and he and Chad agree on some lighting soft filter changes. Put on your little white teddy, Cliff asked, it’s more reflective and I need to make sure it does not wash out. I did not have a clue but I grabbed my teddy from my dresser and instead of tripping all over the cables and wires, I turned my back to the guys and replaced my panties and bra for the white teddy and white thong.

I can feel Chad’s eyes are on my backside as I got naked, then into the teddy. I pulled the thong up slowly and it made me feel sexy. I catch my reflection in the mirror and think I look nice. My nipples are all but exposed through the thin silky fabric of the teddy but hey, this is important practice.

I get on the bed and Cliff shoots off several shots. The men are pleased with the lighting and at some, star effect filter, that makes sparkles of the light. Oh that’s nice work, Chad says. Yea, that’s about right, help her get into prone position for camera 2 and move both slave flashes almost to the ceiling, Cliff asked of Chad.

Chad crawls up onto the bed and his hands help guide me into position. He smiles as he arranges my tops spaghetti straps so my nipples are almost exposed. Cliff makes a few adjustments to a strobe light and I’m quickly ready more shots.

I found it odd that Cliff seemed oblivious that I was nearly naked in front of his friend, but I could tell Chad was sporting quite the bulge now. We got some great work done tonight, Cliff said, and with a flip of a switch or two the images were projected onto the wall for us to see.

I was fully impressed with the quality and sensuality of these boudoir shots. Any woman would be pleased at how Cliff managed to compliment my looks with a romantic flare. I also became aware Chad was enjoying my photos, and me quite a lot as well.

Do couples add to the difficulty, say the boyfriend or husband want intimate boudoir pics of the both of them. Well, that would be challenging, I’d say I’d have to box the view and condense the scene within the space I have to work in, maybe shoot the 35mm wide for good depth of field, Cliff says.

Baby, while your in the teddy, let’s move Chad behind you and click off a shot or two and see how it looks for depth of field sharpness. I felt a little tingly, but Chad’s confidence in getting behind me lightened the moment. He moved in close from behind, I could feel his body against mine as his arms reached around me and onto my tummy

Cliff is looking through the lens, look ahead Kate, and Chad look at her, get close like you’re smelling her hair. I felt Chad press against my ass, his cock was definitely firm and his breath is on my neck which brings a tingle to my skin. Cliff rapid fires a few photos. It felt odd to have Chad’s arms around my near nakedness, but the guys seemed to have a shared idea of what’s needed.

No, the cloths, that checkered shirt is confusing the auto focus, loose the shirt, I need to get the feel of bodies not a laundry basket Chad, my husband tells his friend. Chad gets off the bed removes his shirt then gets behind me again. I feel his naked chest press against my backless teddy as he pulls me against himself again.

Okay, Cliff says, try some sexy poses, move and pause. Chad wraps one hand around my stomach and his other creeps up against the bottom of my breast. Nice, that’s good, good energy Cliff says. Nice, run with that like you are lovers and show that passion to the camera, Cliff directs us.

Chad is lightly touching my cheek and ear, my neck with his lips and his right hand cups my breast fully. I am somewhat shocked but play along like the good model, but it feels very real. I’m getting hotter by the second.

Should I feel guilty, I wonder. Good, excellent movement, remember move then pause Chad. Kate give me expression, sexy hot, Cliff says. No, apparently I should not be feeling guilty, I reasoned.

Chad pulls my strap down, stretching it towards the bed and exposes my breast fully while his lips graze against my neck sending chills across my body. Oh yes, that’s it, hold it, now that is boudoir, Cliff seems excited about it as he rapidly blast off a series of shots.

I move slow, placing one hand on Chads leg and reach up to touch his cheek with the other while he takes both my breast into his hands kisses my shoulder. Certainly, I had not seen this developing when Cliff asked for my help with some poses. Excellent, really good, move and pause my husband seems quite pleased for me to be fondled by our friend.

Cliff shoots off more photos and Chad holds my breast from different angles of attack, my nipples hard as little diamonds. I keep thinking, Cliff, I’m your wife, do you see what is going on here, yet I continue to pose.

That’s great stuff, now Chad, man you need lose the pants, the brown slacks are killing the whole mood of boudoir. A few more shots and I think I’ll have this thing figured out, Cliff says cheerfully.

Well, I guess I can, but you ask a lot out of your models, Chad replies as he gets off the bed and drops his pants. Holy shit, no underwear, Chad’s cock was hard as stone and had to be at least eight inches long and thick as my wrist. I’m staring at our naked friend with a hardon and am thinking, Cliff, are you seeing this, my husband.

As Chad begins moving back onto the bed, his cock swaying back and forth, I hear Cliff, okay, so back behind Kate and think passion, show the camera some animal desire, my husband says. I am not easily shocked, but my husbands obliviousness to a naked man with an erection getting behind his beloved wife, I’d think would be noticed intently by most husbands.

Chad moves against my back, I feel his hard cock pressing against my butt cheeks as he again takes both of my breast into his hands. Again I reach up and touch Chad’s face gently and close my eyes, opening my mouth as if I were ready for penetration.

Cliff shoots a photo or two, very nice, now begin working Kate’s top, tug it to different angles like your almost ripping it off her with desire. Chad shifts about tugging my top down, my naked tits exposed and his other hand slides down to rest on my mound. His cock has now slipped under my ass cheeks and between my legs.

I can feel his hard dick between my legs, the top of his shaft lightly resting up against my outer pussy lips. Sorry, it just has no where else to go, Chad says apologetically. I say it’s okay, we are just following directions. Oh, nice with the hand on her pantie Chad, Cliff approves with several clicks of the shutter.

Okay Chad, slip your hand into her pantie so the white fabric is clearly shown on the back of your hand, I need to see the pantie on this. You don’t mind do you baby, my husband asked me. I tell him no, not if it helps, so Chad moves his hand underneath my thong and down onto my pussy. Just following directions, Chad informs me. I say it’s okay, just modeling.

Cliff pops off several shots, a few close of just Chad’s hand in my underwear and full body from several angles. This is good stuff, wait till you see the lighting on these Kate, he says with obvious excitement.

I move my hips forward and slightly to the right for Cliff’s rapid fire close up of this man’s hand inside my thong, and as I do I can feel Chad’s cock slipping along my pussy lips and I realize, I’m wet.

Now, lean back slightly, keep her top stretched down like that, Cliff directs us. Chad and I lean back together, and again I feel his hard cock run the length of my slit, only this time the head of his cock bumps into my swollen clit, instantly jolting me with a shock that ran through my entire body.

Okay Chad, move half way to Kate’s right and rest your hand on the back of her neck, look at her like a sadness overcome you. Kate, use your left hand and pull the middle of your teddy down with a fist, grip it like you’re about rip the teddy right off.

I comply and grasp my top just as Chad moves slightly to the side, his cock is now along my outer right thigh, hard and hot against my leg and in plane view of Cliff.

Hey, I can use that. Kate, cover his junk with your right hand and work the lens baby. I reach down and find Chad’s cock poking straight and level. I have to lift his cock up with my hand and it fills my grasp fully, it has heft to it, thick and meaty. I stand it up straight, hiding it behind my hand and forearm. Sorry, just following instructions, I say softly to Chad. I feel his cock pulse in my hand. I understand, it’s okay, he assures me.

Cliff pops off a few shots and says Kate, I hate to ask but, this situation could arise in boudoir shooting, so let’s work it a few shots. Since he is all, erect, could you grasp his, thing at the base and let the rest just stick out, like you have control and all the power.

I say I suppose so, if it helps. I run my hand down another man’s cock for the first time in seven years. I am notably aware of how thick Chad’s cock is and the length, so long and hard. I reach the base of his cock and grasp it firmly. Immediately it throbs in my fist and I clinch on it firmly. Sorry, I say to Chad. He replies it’s okay, just modeling.

Oh, yea that is so nice. Damn Chad that’s a big thing, what do you feed that thing, Cliff ask. Blonds, he laughs. My husband takes a few stills then says, oh yea I have an idea. Baby get your face right at his cock, and stick your tongue out, like you are about to lick it. That red lipstick will really pop with this filter, he says while twisting another filter onto the lens.

Chad moves so he is on his knees, leaning back and his cock sticking out proud and hard. I lay down on my stomach and get close as directed. His cock looks so manly, wide and almost straining for more. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out, it’s so close to touching his cock, I can feel the heat radiating off it.

Oh, that’s nice, wet your lips and open your mouth a little wider and get that tongue to curve up at the tip. I wet my lips, open my mouth and stretch my tongue out then let it curve upward where I stop a paper thickness from Chad’s cock. I hear Cliff’s Nikon ripping off a flurry of images.

Several flashes go off, Cliff is working it. I see Chad’s cock throb, and bob up and down, the motion causes his cock to lightly graze the tip of my tongue. I felt the electricity again crackle through my body.

Kate, remember the photos I got of you with the strawberry in your lips, where your mouth is open and your lips are softly holding the berry, that would look great here, what do think baby, my husband asked.

I could hardly believe it, my husband just asked me to put my lips on another man’s cock, his friends cock no less. If it helps, and of course if Chad does not mind, I say. Great, Cliff says, as if Chad had no opinion on the matter. Chad says, knock yourself out, anything he needs I’m good with it.

I adjust a little and open my mouth, wider, then place my lips over the front half of Chad’s cock head. I feel the warm dick in my lips swell and react to my lips. Another man’s cock was being hugged by my lips and it was okay with my photographer husband.

Cliff powers off several close shots. Some very close that only captures my lips and Chad’s thick cock head wedged within. Lean back slightly more Cliff directs Chad. As he leaned back about half his cock enters my mouth briefly. Sorry, just adjusting for the photographer, Chad says. I say it’s alright, it was just an accident.

Shit, I missed that, that would have been a great shot, Cliff griped. Do that again Kate, he asked. I didn’t do it, Chad did as he moved, but for some reason I actually wanted to, so I took about half of Chad’s cock into my mouth. Again his cock swelled and pulsed with a powerful throb. I used my tongue to ever so easily move about the underside of his cock, all the while my husband is taking photos of my infidelity.

Damn, that is awesome. I need my 18 to 35 lens for this work, I’ll be right back in a second, my husband says and darts out of the room, leaving Chad and I on the bed with his hard cock halfway in my mouth.

I suddenly begin to suck Chad’s cock like a slut, taking all of him into my mouth and feel his cock respond by getting even harder and I hear him moan a soft oh god, as I bottom out with him down my throat.

I spit his cock out and begin to jerk him off rapidly and say, you two set this up didn’t you. Tell me the truth or I will make you cum right now, so speak, I say. Chad whines, I can’t tell. Fine I say, Cliff can come back here to find you’ve cum all over the place, and I stroke his cock faster.

Okay, it’s true, Chad spills his guts. I stop jerking him off and listen. Cliff has had a thing about wanting to see you fuck another man, for a long time really. I simply volunteered when he came up with this evil charade to try and make it happen. I just thought it would be great to play with you some.

I knew it, I knew something was up, I said. Chad apologized saying he hoped I was not angry. I thought for a second, no it’s okay. If he wants to see me get fucked, then we will turn this around on him, but if you say one word about this to Cliff, I will kill you in your sleep, I say.

Chad agrees to keep my awareness of his plot to our selves and just in time as Cliff’s footsteps sounded his approach. I felt like I was now the one in control. Cliff enters the room to find Chad and I waiting patiently as if nothing had transpired.

Cliff twists the bayonet lens onto the Nikon then plugs in the main strobe and says, now where did we leave off at. We were basically in the same position only my lips were not on Chad’s cock. I looked down at his hard cock, my saliva shining on his dick skin and said Baby, I think we left off here, and bent down taking about half his cock back into my mouth.

Oh, yea, perfect, that’s precisely where we left off. Now hold that a few bits while I get that shot, my husband says without missing a note. I figure Chad was telling the truth, he wanted me to fuck his buddy, so I began to work the bottom of Chad’s nice cock with my tongue. I felt Chad’s hand lay gently on the top of my head and the soft moan escape his throat.

Cliff clicks off a few photos and says damn that’s hot. He flips a switch or two and the wall illuminates with a photo of Chad’s cock nestled in my lips, then another with half his cock in mouth. I admit, Cliff does great work. Perhaps I’d say it was somewhat pornographic, but doubtless artistic and the lighting was awesome. Chad’s cock looked so hard in the photo. The big vein running down the side, my red lips shinning around his meat.

Damn, Cliff, you do some good work there, that’s not your everyday home picture shot off a cell phone. Very artistic, Chad says. Cliff seems pleased with his work as well but not distracted from what is happening. Cliff’s hardon has softened to a slight curve, still mostly hard and ominous looking though.

Cliff honey, should I fluff him a bit or are we done for the night. Oh, no let’s work a little longer, it’s only 10pm. Yes if you don’t mind, I have a few ideas and maybe you could fluff him just a little. I said sure and began sucking Chad’s cock, using my hand on his shaft to slow pump his meat and taking him deep into my mouth. I was hoping to shock my husband with my display of eagerness to suck Chad’s cock.

Damn, Kate can fluff, Chad moans. Hell yes she can, but I need to get this photographed. Just, work the camera and have fun, my husband says, so I keep sucking Chad’s cock, but I don’t want him to spew just yet. My husband had a vision, and it included this cock inside my pussy. Now it’s about how to get it inside me as if it were his idea all along, as he’d hoped.

I get up on my knees and capture Chad’s cock between my 34c’s and hear my husband say, great idea, work the camera. I let him tit fuck me a few strokes and then extend my tongue out so it licks the head of his thick cock when he pushes forward.

Cliff is taking shot after shot, getting in close and twisting tripods for light changes and I notice he has a hardon too. Yes, I think, my husband likes this. I’ve heard of men that like to watch their wives fuck other guys, and it appears Cliff is one them. Great stuff, Cliff compliments my every move now. Chad is still on his knees and his cock is like a polished stone. I get on my knees facing him and pull my teddy off my right breast and take Chad by the back of the head and pull his face onto my breast.

I lean back, jutting my tits into the air and let Chad feast on my nipple for the camera. Damn baby, way to work the passion my husband says, his lens almost touching my breast as he burns digital images onto the memory card.

Still both on our knees, I move Chad’s cock downward as I pull my thong straight out and down slightly, and work his dick under my pussy then allow the thong to pull it up against my wet pussy lips and hold it there. Oh, hell yes that is nice, my husband moans out, then blinds me repeatedly with flashes of strobe lights.

My thong rides underneath Chad’s cock, pulling his meat into my slit, he did not hesitate to pump his cock back and forth, sliding it along my soaking wet cunt lips. I lean slightly backwards, arching my back so his cock head is digging into my slit and mashing into my clit. Yes, fuck yes, this is great stuff, my husband says, move and pause, I need time for the shot.

Chad is slow pumping his meat along my wet slit and pauses, his cock head against my hard clit and I feel it pulse against me. I look at my husband, he seems totally engrossed and pleased in what is unfolding in front of him. His camera is aimed like a rifle at the junction of Chad’s cock and my wet slit.

I reach back with both arms and lean way back onto them, practically aiming my pussy right at Chad’s hard cock and as he pushes forward slowly I feel his cock’s head spread my pussy lips wide, wrapping around his thickness as it finds my entrance.

About half the head of his meat is pressing into my soaking wet hole. Cliff is taking shot after shot from close up of my pussy to full body views of what he secretly plotted to see happen.

Chad pushes forward, fuck his cock is spreading me so wide as his dick’s head sinks into my wet hole. Oh holy shit, that’s the shot, that’s so hot, Cliff gasped. Another man’s cock head is inside me and my husband seems to love it.

Chad pulls back some, almost out of my body then sinks just the head back in again, he’s fucking me, pumping me with just the head of his cock and I feel an orgasm coming on. I almost panic, I had not planned on cumming on another man’s cock, but it was happening out of nowhere.

I look up at Chad and he’s looking right back into my eyes. I nod yes, and he pushes his cock deep inside my drenched pussy. Fucking god his cock spread me so wide and he sank to depths never hit before and I came on his cock.

I bit my lip and tried with every fiber of my soul to contain my orgasm and keep them from knowing I was mid organism. Oh my god, what a perfect shot, my husband says as he clicks away photo after photo of this eight in hard cock stuffed fully inside my pussy.

Chad pulls his cock back out to almost the tip and fucks it deep into me again and the response from my husband is the same, take photos. I see his cock is hard and that leaves no doubt about it, he wants this, wants Chad to fuck me for whatever reason it excites him, so I pump back, fucking my hips slowly forward to meet Chad’s hard cock.

I raise up my hips and begin to push my little thong off. Chad pulls his dick out and waits while I toss my panties to the floor. Cliff is smiling, holding his camera and I move into doggy position. I don’t need to act a wife who’s boudoir session turned porn at this point, we all know I’m fucking Chad.

Chad moves behind me and I hear the camera shutter cycle as he enters me again and begins to slow fuck my wet pussy. His fat cock feels so good inside me, I just keep my ass up and head down and let him plow my hole. He’s so hard it’s like a steel pipe and it feels great stuffing me full.

Chad is fucking me with solid strokes now, banging into my ass firmly and my pussy juices are paving the way for him to drive it deep and hard. I look over and see my husband, camera hanging off his neck on the custom strap, his cock is out and he is jerking off slowly and watching his friend fuck his wife. He has no idea I am aware of what he secretly wanted.

I reach out and take his hard cock in my hand and pump it a few strokes, which encourages him to get on his knees on the bed and offer it to my lips. I swallow his cock to the back of my mouth and realize, I’m being spit roasted.

I get a rush of endorphins and feel another orgasm approaching. Chad grabs my hips and pulls me tight against his body and begins to slam fuck me harder and harder. I spit out my husbands cock and yell, fuck me, fuck that pussy.

Cliff snatch’s my breast and holds firm as I sucked his cock like I’m the slut he wants. Soon my orgasm is not to be denied and I let them know. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum on his cock, I growled out. I felt my husbands cock steel up in my mouth and I knew the feeling all too well, he was about to erupt into my throat.

Fuck man, I can’t hold out, I’m going to cum soon, Chad warns. Then I hear my husband grunt and feel his cock throb hard as his warm cum fills my mouth. I swallow and swallow his hot globs of sperm until he is spent and jerks his cock out of my mouth and lifts his camera to rip off a few photos of my being taken doggy style.

My organism hit me like a run a way train and trashed my body hard. I was mid orgasm when Chad cried out a last, Oh fuck, and jerked his cock out of my mid spasm pussy, then I felt his hot cum raining down on my back and ass. The camera singing off click after click and the lights flashing and popping as the scene is captured on digital media cards.

Suddenly Chad’s cock is back in me and he rides out his last few quivers as my orgasm is rebooted and finishes on his dick. I know a few drops of his cum was released inside my pussy as he softened. I hope Cliff likes it.

Finally, Chad pulls out of my pussy slowly, to the sound of the camera’s clicks. I collapsed onto the bed and realize Cliff is shooting the cum splatter on my back and butt cheeks.

I reach back and scoop up a glob of Chad’s man juice and sit up. Cliff looks on and waits to see what I’m doing. I sit on the edge of the bed and slowly rub Chad’s cum across my breast. White streaks of his orgasm smeared over my nipples, and Cliff ratcheting off more photos, while saying how fucking hot that was.

I go to the bath and put on my robe while Chad gets dressed and I come back to lay on the bed and bid our friend a good night. As they head out of the bedroom and down the hall I hear Chad say, well that went extremely well. My husband says, hell yes it did, but maybe we will skip the photography and just seduce her next time. Chad says, I’m looking forward to it already. As I lay there, with two cum loads in and on my body, I think yes, I’m looking forward to being seduced too.

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