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I begged Sheri to go out with me throughout High School, she always said I was too wild and wouldn't take "NO" for an answer and she just wasn’t “THAT” kind of a girl! Not to brag, but I had a rather wild reputation those many years ago. I’m Billy and some of the girls back then called me WILD BILL!!

I was attracted to the older girls, and they seemed to enjoy taking a Freshman, that thought he was a Stud - and FUCK him down to absolutely nothing, it happened more than once and then they told the other girls about taking "The STUD" down a notch or two!!

But I didn't care, all the times I was with the Junior and Senior Class girls, I was learning what to do to please them - that led to getting a lot of Pussy in High School. When the girls in my class were told about things I would do to them, I think some of them went out with me just to see if the stories were True!!

Since Sheri wouldn't go out with me, I dated her Very Best friend Mary - Mary was as wild as I was and there were plenty of Sex Stories around school about the two of us. Finally, her father prohibited her from going out with me........ BUT, at the Friday night Football games – under the bleachers I was raising Mary's petticoat & dropping her bloomers and pounding her at halftime!!

This might rub some people wrong, but all the guys know the Very Best chance of getting a little Pussy – was with TWO types of girls! The Frist was the Police Chief’s daughter (WOW) and the other was the Preacher’s daughter (Even More WOW) I think this still holds true today! Sheri was the Police Chief’s daughter, but the youngest of three & and the two older, were complete NYPHOS, Mary was the oldest child of the largest Church’s Preacher & an Absolute FOX!!!

Finally, Sheri married my very best friend Blake, and he told me that she was a Virgin on their honeymoon, and he had been afraid all through school that I would get her first!! I shrugged it off and wanted the friendship more than the Pussy anyway!!

A few years later I married Mary & the four of us kept a really close relationship. Blake went in the Military service, and they moved far away, BUT.... Every Christmas when they came home, we all got together for a few beers and to catch up on each other's lives.

Sheri confided to Mary that Blake had an affair with a really trashy woman at one of the ports he was stationed at. The worst part was the woman thought Blake would leave Sheri and his two kids for her - so she called Sheri and told her everything.

When they came home for the holidays, Mary asked if Sheri could stay with us a while until they figured everything out, of course I agreed, after all we were all best friends. Now this was all back in the early seventies and the BRA was almost non-existent and Sheri was very well built.

Way too many nights Sheri would come out of the shower with only a long white t-shirt with nothing under it!! But I had made myself a promise to not do anything out of line, HELL - I could see her Nipples & Pubic Mound of hair anytime, that was just the way she normally dressed.

Over time they stayed together and the kids grew up, but Blake just couldn’t be satisfied with Sheri, he was still chasing anything that he thought he might get a quick piece off of, Sheri just seemed to accept it and carried on with day to day living.

Fast forward 25 years - we are all still very close friends, and our kids grew up together. I had outgrown the thoughts of Fucking Sheri long ago and never really thought too much about it again. Blake had developed a drinking problem and Mary & I had been called to their house more than once to referee and get Sheri & the kids out of harm's way.

Sheri still confided in Mary & I had asked Mary not to tell me everything happening in our best friend's lives, but it seemed I had to know all about his skirt chasing and treating Sheri like Shit!!

It finally happened..... I knew all along it would and tried to avoid it at all costs!! Blake twisted off, got drunk and slapped Sheri around before he took the only vehicle and left. Mary was gone to a two-day training class about 2 hours away and was staying the night at another friend’s place.

Mary called and told me I had to go help her get some clothes and bring her to our house - I actually argued the point & tried to find someone else to take care of Sheri. There was no one but me to help her tonight, so I told myself I wasn't helping the one girl that I lusted about throughout High School, she is my wife’s best friend.

When I got to their house Sheri's clothes were torn half off and she wasn't even aware her Titties were visible and one side of her shorts was ripped to her waist, she was naked underneath. I got her some good clothes and told her to change before we left. I was completely in awe as she shucked her clothes and stood there totally naked in front of me.

Finally, she spoke, "You would have never treated me this way, I should have given in to you years ago, look at me, am I that bad, do I look like the WHORE Blake calls me...... I have never had another man but Blake!!"

"Look" I said, "I am just here to help you get to our house, put these clothes on and let's go!"

I couldn't help but watch her slip into the clothes I gave her, still no bra or panties, but Beautiful!!

"Let me get some special things before we leave; I will be right out, and we will go!" she replied.

She came out with an overnight bag and a couple of pairs of shoes, I wasn't paying attention at the time to what she had - I just wanted to be gone before Blake returned. She put her things in the backseat, and we went straight on our house.

Sheri was still pretty shaken up and asked if we had anything to drink to try to calm her down a bit. I brought out a beer and wine cooler, but she wanted something stronger!

"Don't you have any Tequila or Vodka to mix a real drink?" she asked.

I retrieved our best tequila and got her a shot glass, as I poured her a shot - I couldn't help but notice her nipples pointing straight at me through the thin sheer blouse I had gotten her. She gulped down three shots before I knew it and went to the couch to sit down.

I could tell there was more than getting away from Blake on her mind as I tried to keep my distance.

“Come over here and sit by me, Hell Fire, you know I won’t bite….. but even if I do, I will make sure that it doesn’t show!!” Sheri said with a look that I had never seen in her eyes before! This was the opportunity that I had waited for my entire life, and I didn’t know if I could go through with it!

Something was different, Sheri didn’t make an effort to cover herself at all, she knew I was looking at her Nipples and the shorts were just loose enough for me to see her Pretty Pussy Lips as she moved her legs around to get comfortable.

Finally, Sheri spoke up, “Why do you think Mary isn’t coming home tonight – she knows about our history and is giving you the chance to fulfill your DREAM FUCK!!! I knew Blake was going to get wasted tonight and if there was ever going to be a perfect time to get together, then it had to be tonight!!”

Now my mind was running wild – Mary has never stayed away for a meeting this close to home…… She knew Sheri was coming to the house and what shape Sheri was in mentally!! Was she really setting this up???

I had to call Mary & just feel her out about this, but I couldn’t just come out and ask her!! When Mary answered the phone the first thing she said was, “Having a good time sweetheart??”

“Yes” I replied, “Just sitting here talking to Sheri about old times and stuff!”

Sheri was smiling as she heard Mary tell me, “You two make up for old times and we will talk when I get home tomorrow night!”

Sheri listened as I told Mary I loved & missed her, and she told me again to have a good time & we would talk tomorrow night!!

HELL……. Why didn’t she just come out and say, “Why don’t you FUCK Sheri while I am away???” That’s all I needed to hear as Sheri got up and raised the thin top, as the material slid over her Nipples they stood straight out almost begging to be Sucked, Kissed, Pinched & Squeezed!!

Now for the very first time, I had the opportunity to REALLY look at Sheri’s TITS – ON MY GOD – they were just as perfect as I thought they would be!! Nothing covering them up, not even the sheerest tops that she always wore around the house whenever we went over to visit!

I stood up and walked over to where she was leaning against the bar, Sheri turned to meet me as I took one breast in my hand and the other nipple in my mouth!!

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD!!” she squealed as I pinched and rolled her taught nipple with my fingers, “Suck my Titties, suck them HARD, I want everything you have to offer!!”

She pushed herself up on the edge of the center kitchen bar as I followed, not wanting to let go for even a split second!! As she lay back on the countertop, I caught the thin material of her shorts and slowly tugged at the waistband.

Sheri raised her hips enough to allow the material to easily slide down her hips, “OH SHIT!!” she said as her Ass touched the granite counter top of the bar, “That’s COLD!!” I continued to work the shorts down as her legs went together at the knees, then she spread her legs open wide!


There was a Gold ring through both Labia Lips, connected with another small chain between the rings!!I couldn’t help the look on my face – Sheri knew by my expression that I had seen the piercings!!

“You like my decorations?” she asked, “Those are a product of a long weekend in Las Vegas, remember back when the ladies used to take a trip every few years together??”

“Yes, I do.” I replied, “Mary went on a few of those back in the day, Buy never came home with something like that!”

“Well, honey – Mary was there when I got this about 5 years ago, there were 8 of us and Mary and one other wouldn’t get their Pussies Pierced, I can’t believe she never told you! Sheri explained.

“WHY would Mary tell me about something like that?” I asked very seriously.

“Mary & I have talked many times about how me and you never got the chance to be together and wondered if the opportunity ever came up, would we do it or not?” Sheri continued talking.

“So, what was Mary’s thoughts about it?” I had to ask.

“She said she thought you would in a heartbeat – that’s why we are together tonight, to give you the chance and see if you will take it or not!”

My next question, “What does Mary say about it all and if I do, what are the repercussions??”

“You have a “One Time” HALL PASS from Mary, she feels that you have been true to her - although you secretly LUSTED for me since High School, and she wants you to have your way with me for One Night only!” Sheri explained.

HOLY SHIT, why would my wife put me in this situation and let me Fuck her very best friend?? I knew I had to have Sheri and the night was getting shorter by the second.

Sheri laid back on the bar and slowly spread her legs again, after the initial shock of the Piercings and I had the chance to look at the Gorgeous Vagina that I had LUSTED after for over 20 years – OH MY GOD!!! I honestly believe that I have never seen a more Perfect & Beautiful PUSSY in my entire life!!

As she lay on the bar the words “TABLE PUSSY” were burned in my mind, I started at her knees gently kissing about every 2 or 3 inches on both inner thighs as I worked up to her Glistening Love Hole.

Sheri was squirming her hips and groaning when my lips met her Labia and my tongue touched her Swollen Red Clit, she shrieked “OH FUCK, OH GOD!!! I HAVE WANTED THIS SO LONG!!”

I don’t know if it was the anticipation of finally getting to taste her Love Juices or just my excitement when her womb swallowed my invading tongue, BUT I never tasted Pussy Juice that sweet – like fresh honey it flowed onto my lips and down my throat!!

This night could not end quickly – I had to make it last for what would seem like an eternity - that’s how long I had waited for this very moment. As my tongue sampled Sheri’s Sweet Juices, my hands squeezed and teased her Voluptuous Breasts, my God they were perfect and her Nipples were ever so sensitive to my every touch!!

I scooped Sheri up from the bar and carried her down the hall to the guest bedroom, as I lay her beautiful body on the smooth comforter, she turned and caught my Rigid Cock and pulled me closer to her open mouth. I had waited so long for this moment, I couldn’t let her lips touch the head of my manhood for fear of losing it and CUMING from her mere touch!!

I pulled away and Sheri reached again, ”Please, Please, don’t do that to me!” I begged.

Sheri was confused, “I thought that would show you how much I wanted you too!” she sheepishly said.

“ON NO, NO, NO, it’s not that!” I responded, “If you do that, then I will CUM instantly and I want to make this night last forever – I can’t let it be over that soon!”

Sheri almost lost it as she laughed out loud, “You think you will get by just CUMING ONCE?? I will guarantee that I will have you CUM at least twice before I am through with you!!” She said with a Devilish Grin on her beautiful face!

“But not YET” I pleaded as she kept smiling.

“OK, I will let you please me FIRST, but after that you are totally mine and you will CUM again, I PROMISE!!!” now she had MY attention!

For the next hour, I kissed, caressed, and pampered this gorgeous lady’s body in every way imaginable! I had her Orgasming repeatedly from my tongue & my fingers and after she pleaded me to “PLEASE FUCK ME”!!! I made her Orgasm until I thought she would pass out from my Rock-Hard COCK!! Her love juices were flowing like no other Lady I had ever been with!

I can’t think of a position that we didn’t try – we FUCKED in every way I could think of, and Sheri was more than willing to let me have her entire body at my pleasure.

Finally, I knew I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I pushed her knees up to her chin and as the first wave spewed deep inside her beautiful Womb, her legs started quivering and she pushed her pelvis up to meet my thrusting Cock!

“Come on WORK this PUSSY, FUCK me like you mean it, WORK THIS PUSSY!!!” she was making guttural moans as she coached me on, “FUCK ME, Make me CUM on your COCK, CUM inside me BABY!!!”

Finally, we just melted into each other’s arms and lay completely SPENT on the damp comforter, NO Words were spoken, just soft smooth touches that brought CHILLS to each of us…..if there was ever a glimpse of HEAVEN in my life – it was happening as we lay there together!!!

We had all night, and it was only 11:30 – OH MY GOD, I had this beautiful creature for at least another 6 hours before I had to go to work. But as we lay there, we were consumed by gentle touches and soft whispers about how great it was to finally be together if only for one night!!

Sheri snuggled up next to me, “Remember our deal?? I let you please me – then you are all mine until I make you CUM again?” she whispered in my ear.

“YES Ma’am, I remember, but that just might not happen – I am only good for one go round and it’s pretty much over for me after that!” I said, secretly wishing that it wasn’t true!!

“BUT, we have a Deal and I Promised that I could make you CUM again, NOW it’s my turn and you WILL CUM AGAIN before I finish!!” she said with that Devilish Grin all over her pretty face!!

“You know that I am living the Dream right now and I will believe anything if it gets me a few more minutes with you!!” I said with a somewhat sliver of confidence in my voice.

“OK LOVE, just lay back and DON’T STOP me from anything – remember – you are mine until I make you CUM again!” she ordered.

“This could take the rest of the night, I said with some thoughts about there is no way she can get me off again this quick – maybe 20 years ago, but tonight was a “NO WAY JOSE” type of night!!

She ordered, “SSSHHHH, NO TALKING, be quiet and enjoy – but remember, you are mine and I will make you CUM!!!”

Sheri was an artist, she had an almost electric touch as her hands traced patterns all over my body, occasionally touching my very limp cock as her hands made zones all over, from chest to stomach to thighs to face…. Her soft touch was the most erotic feelings I had ever felt!!

I thought only women has erogenous zones, that’s BULLSHIT, my entire body was coming alive in places I never knew there were feelings attached to! As her fingernails traced the veins on the shaft of my Cock, I could feel the blood start to flowback bringing life to what a few minutes ago was limp without any hope of revival!!

Sheri pulled my knees up and flattened my feet on the bed, I felt her trace down my crotch to my balls as she squeezed each one, before gently sucking just the head of my cock and dropping down to each ball, HOLY SHIT – as she sucked each ball her fingers were still running wild under my ass cheeks. I thought I felt her stop at my ass a few times, but decided she was just making patterns and my ass was conveniently at the intersecting spot. BUT MAYBE NOT, I felt it again and sort of moved my ass away – I felt her hand on my COCK holding me still.

“UNH-UNH, Don’t move, remember you are all mine until I make you CUM – THAT means ALL of you is MINE – DON’T MOVE again” she sternly ordered!

“OH SHIT!!”, I thought “What is she doing and do I want to let her do whatever it is??”

Sheri had been getting me relaxed for over 30 minutes and I was a willing subject, as she got back into her rhythm, she took my now RIGID COCK into her soft warm lips, slowly she moved up & down the shaft as her hands & fingers went back to tracing about my body!!

She was deep-throating me and it was Heaven, I knew she could do this for hours and I wouldn’t CUM, I could let her keep this up all night. Again, I felt her fingers tracing circles around my ASS, I could feel her finger almost try to enter my ass (or so I thought) but just laid there as ordered and let her have her fun!

Again, I felt her finger at my ASS, but this time something was different, it felt wet almost like she had lube on it, WHAT THE FUCK!! HOLY SHIT!! Was going through my mind!! Sheri had stuck her finger in my ASS!!

“DON’T MOVE, BE STILL, I am going to make you CUM!!!” she ordered.

HELL NO!!!!, I wasn’t moving, Sheri had her finger in my ASS and was moving it around in circles!!! Then I felt her stop, I could feel something different at that instant!! She started a massaging motion on the inside, behind my balls, OH MY GOD!!! Whatever she was doing was sending waves of excitement through my entire body!!

Now she had moved her mouth up to just the Head of my now throbbing Cock, Sheri’s tongue was going in circles as she sucked the Pre-Cum from my Rigid Cock!! Every few seconds her throat would open up and she took the entire shaft deep inside her body, OH FUCK!!! I couldn’t take this very long without exploding in her mouth!!

I made the mistake of uttering, “OH GOD, you feel good, PLEASE Don’t STOP!!”

That must have sent her into another gear, Sheri took my entire Cock deep in her throat and I could feel her muscles massaging me with a swallowing action – I was almost out of breath as she picked up the motions in my ASS – realized she was Finger Fucking my ASS with in & out motions combined with a Come-Here flipping of her finger!!

I new it was over for me, I grabbed her head and held her down tight as my balls emptied wave after wave of Thick Hot CUM deep inside her belly!!

“OH FUCK, OH GOD, FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK !! I AM CUMMING!!! I almost screamed as she fingered my prostate and deep-throated my Cock at the same time, NOTHING in my entire life had ever matched this Ejaculation – I was Cumming with more force & volume that I had ever had!!

After what seemed like an eternity the contractions between my ASS & My COCK slowly subsided – I could still feel her finger in my ASS as she was still massaging me from the inside – WHERE the FUCK had she learned how to do something like this???

Sheri had swallowed the most massive load ever from me and gently pulled her finger out and fell over on the bed – face up with small traces of Cum running down the corners of her lips!!

Silently we lay there for over 15 minutes – Finally I asked, “Where did you learn to do that?? I have NEVER had an experience that came close to what you just did to me!!”

“You know that I have never had another Man in my life”, she said, “I have watched that on PORNOS and always wanted to try it on Blake, but he treats me like a WHORE – if I did something to him that he didn’t know about – he would probably slap me around, calling me a SLUT & WHORE – wanting to know who I had been with to learn something like that!!”

“I know this will possibly be a One-Time affair and I wanted to make it as Special as Possible for both of us!” she continued, “Please don’t think I have slept around and am a SLUT, I haven’t but Blake has since day one, so he blames me for his lack of Morals!”

My mind was running a Marathon as she spoke, what if this didn’t have to be a one-time thing?? Mary had given her permission and Sheri needed a place to live – WHAT IF??? – we could enjoy the benefits of an Open Relationship, with Sheri??

Sheri & I lay on the Guest bed in each other’s arms – totally SPENT – OH FUCK!!! I just heard the garage door open!!

“SSSHHHHH!!! Be Quiet, I told Sheri, “Someone is in the garage!!”

As I rounded the corner of the kitchen (totally naked) – I see Mary coming through the laundry room door – OH FUCK!! What do I do!!

Before I could speak, I hear Sheri, standing behind me “Hey gorgeous, what took you so long?? We have been trying to take it easy until you got home, but I don’t think Billy can CUM again after what I just did to him!!”

Mary comes straight toward me, “What the FUCK is happening??” my mind is asking myself as Mary stops inched from my naked body – looks at my shrunken Cock and takes it in one hand as she kisses me with a passion that I thought was long ago dead – her tongue was darting in and out as she squeezed my Cock!!

I felt Sheri’s hands on my back and her Tits pressing hard against me!! Mary pulled away as Sheri moved around to face Mary, OH FUCK – SHIT is fixing to HIT THE FAN!! No one could even guess my surprise & thoughts as Sheri planted her lips on Mary’s and kissed her like a PORN STAR!!!

I am sure the expression on my face gave them enough reason to explain!! Sheri dropped to her knees and pulled Mary’s skirt off – Mary had no panties covering her Love Hole – instantly Sheri started kissing Mary’s Smooth-Shaven PUSSY!!

When Sheri came up for air, they both told me to come and sit at the bar while they explained the entire situation!! Mary started out about how bad Blake had treated Sheri & how close they had become over the years as Mary consoled Sheri almost each time Blake cheated on her.

Sheri explained about how she confided in Mary and told her just once she wished she could have a man treat her like I treated Mary!!Then she dropped the Bombshell – one day as Mary hugged and consoled Sheri – THEY KISSED – that led to other things and over the last year, they had been regular LOVERS!!!

Mary wanted Sheri to feel the attention and excitement of a real love from someone like me, but they couldn’t think of anyone for her. Mary volunteered to let Sheri have a one-night thing with me just to see if she wanted to pursue another life away from Blake.

Mary knew I wouldn’t go for it, so they made a plan to follow through the next time Blake twisted off!! Now I could see the pattern and how they worked everything out to let me have SEX with Sheri!!

“I wish to HELL I would have known about this!!” I told them.

Mary replied, “If you had known in advance, you wouldn’t have gone through with it, I know you that well!!”

Sheri chimed in, “But Mary, you were actually part of the entire performance – without actually being present in the flesh!”

“OK, you got my attention, HOW could that happen??” I quipped, “Mary was out of town for business!”

“Yes Honey, I was – but the two of you put on One Hell of a Show over the security system’s cameras!” Mary went on to explain that she watched every move from the start right up until she opened the garage door, “NOW I want some of what you gave Sheri tonight, and DON’T tell me you can’t CUM again – I watched what Sheri did and you about blew her away!!”

We sat at the bar as the night went on and discussed the options and repercussions that could come into play. How could I have missed that Sheri & Mary were lovers for almost a year – How would this work out if everything stayed as it is, and I could have BOTH Ladies and could I keep up & please BOTH Ladies???

Sheri did NOT lie – she had never been with another Male until that night – BUT she failed to tell me that she had been having SEX with my WIFE!!! But my High School dreams have come TRUE, Sheri is AWESOME & when you put the two of them together…. There are NO WORDS to describe them!!

That night happened over 4 months ago and now Sheri has moved in with us – NEVER in my life could I have dreamed anything like this would happen to ME!! I absolutely LOVE to watch the two women have SEX together – unless you have personally witnessed it – there is NOTHING like watching your wife eat another Lady’s Pussy & then she & the other lady have HOT SEX!!!

BUT….. when they bring YOU into the action, there is Absolutely NOTHING being a part of a Three-Some with your wife & High School Dream Fuck!!

Until that night I always thought “No WAY would my Wife eat another Lady’s PUSSY, But just watching it happen has been the most Sexual Exciting thing I have ever witnessed!

Remember NEVER GIVE UP – your High School Fantasies just MIGHT CUM TRUE!!!

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