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Just Listen Darling My husbands words that made me a hotwife

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I am really surprised to be writing this story. A month ago, I would have never believed I could have sex with a man other than my husband, especially not at his suggestion and with his encouragement. Most of all, I am astounded what a totally amazing erotic experience it turned out to be and how wantonly, willingly and shamelessly I threw myself into the adventure, to the delight of both my husband Rob, and myself.

My name is Jillian and I am a successful professional woman of thirty-one years. I am a little taller than average and by all accounts I am attractive and have a good body. Men seem to think so. Like all women I can point out a dozen faults that I would love to change. However, the things that matter are all good: I have long well shaped legs, medium-large full breasts which still hold up pretty well, my bum is rounded and in good shape (it should be after endless work in the gym) and my face is pretty enough with the advantage of a great smile and full slightly pouting lips which look stunning with bright red lipstick. According to Rob, my pussy is muscular and tight. You will have to take his word for it. He certainly seems to love her!

So there I am - respectable, married to a successful man and enjoying an intimate loving marriage with a good serving of regular sex. Not surprising, when my husband asked me if I had ever thought of having sex with another man, I was furious. My interpretation of the question was him challenging my fidelity, which was impeccable in our four years married together.

"No way!" I snapped back angrily, turning away from him as we lay in bed, "You know I love you and I've been completely faithful. I can't believe you even asking me".

I really hadn't even thought of having sex with another man, despite the approaches and opportunities, which were available in my job as a conference organizer, since I was often away from home and there was an almost unending supply of total strangers, staying in the same hotel as me.

"I'm sorry Jillian", said Rob, his tone very repentant, "I really didn't mean it like that. I know it's just been us. I trust you and I love you very much".

I was still angry so I didn't answer and now I was confused too. I just lay there in silence for a long while, listening to Rob breathing. I could tell he was awake too.

"Then why did you ask me?" I said eventually.

Rob turned to spoon me and wrapped his arm around me pulling our bodies together. I was glad to feel him close to me again. It's never good to end the day on a sour note.

Rob nuzzled my neck and kissed me gently, his hand tenderly cupped one of my breasts.

"You remember a few nights ago when I woke you up in the middle of the night and we made love like crazy?"

"Yes, you horny bastard, I was tired all the next day!"

Rob had been so hot and excited that night; it was just like when we were first married and I had no complaints if my husband wanted to be that passionate with me!

"Did you wonder what made me so horny?" Rob asked.

I hadn't. Now it intrigued me. "No? Are you going to tell me?"

"Maybe I'll just make love to you again", whispered Rob, kissing my neck and now beginning to run his hand down my body and across my thighs. I could feel the unmistakable twitch of his cock as it stiffened against my bum. Now my breathing was starting to quicken too.

"I want to know. Tell me what made you so horny?"

Rob's hand started to explore between my legs and I eased them open to let him touch my pussy. Ever so gently he drew his finger between the lips, finding my moisture and using it to tease my clit. The electric tingle shot through my whole body and I melted into his strong arms.

"Just listen darling and please don't be angry. I had a dream that you fucked another guy when you were away at a conference and then came home and told me all about it. I woke up with a massive hard on, just like the one I'm getting now!"

Rob was getting hard very quickly and I could feel the heat of his growing cock as it started to explore between my legs from behind.

"Weren't you jealous and angry?" I asked.

"Yes, I felt both at first when I woke up. Then I realized it was just a dream and I was so turned on that I had to have you right there and then. It was like a naughty fantasy. I was surprised how hot it made me."

I was shocked. My husband was turned on thinking I had fucked another man! By now Rob's cock was completely rigid and he was rubbing it along the length of my pussy from behind so I arched my back to make it easier for him. All the while his finger still teased my clit and I was now just as turned on as him.

"Are you thinking about it again?" I asked.

"Yes Jillian. I can't get it out of my head. Please don't be mad".

Just at that moment Rob's cock found my pussy and he pushed a few inches into me. It felt like heaven and I was so excited that I couldn't be mad.

"I'm not mad if it makes you want me like this. There's no harm in having dirty fantasies".

"I'm so glad you're not upset darling".

Rob's thrusts were becoming longer and he was driving deeper inside me now. His cock felt amazing and with his finger still teasing my clit I was fast approaching an orgasm. My mind began to wander to some of the men who had made passes to me at conferences. Somehow I was trying to imagine which one it would have been in Rob's fantasy.

"Oh Jillian, imagining you with another guy is so fucking hot!"

I was still confused by Rob's confession but it was turning me on too and I started to play along.

"I'm sorry darling, I couldn't help myself. I know I shouldn't have done it", I moaned as Rob's thrusts quickened. By now my pussy was so wet and I was just about to come.

"Was it good Jillian? Did he fuck you well?"

"His cock was so hard, just like yours darling. He made me come twice before he came inside me. I loved it!"

Rob drove his full length into me and I went wild, moaning with the best orgasm I can remember for ages.

Rob rolled me onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my knees so he could take me properly from behind.

"I can feel his hot come inside you. You are so wet".

"Yes, he came so much", I played along, surprised how much this dirty talk was exciting me too.

"I just love fucking your used pussy!"

"Good, because I loved being fucked by another man".

"Oh Jillian, you are such a sexy slut. I love you. I want you to fuck as many men as you want. Just bring me home their cum in your hot pussy".

I couldn't believe Rob's filthy talk! He was really into this and I was even more shocked that I didn't mind a bit. Another orgasm was nearly on me.

"I will, Rob. I will bring you home a dirty cum filled pussy".

"I'm coming...I'm going to add my come to his!"

I felt Rob's cock spasm and that was enough to send me over the top too and my second amazing come of the night tore through me as my mind was full of images of strange cocks unloading into my pussy.

I slumped onto the bed, gasping. To my surprise, Rob turned me over, pushing my knees up and opening my legs wide, his face dove immediately between my legs.

My pussy was already tingling, so the sensation of his tongue and mouth sucking on me sent me right up on a high immediately and fresh orgasms started to roll in waves, almost painful they were so good. Rob had never done this to me before after he came and I realized it must be part of his fantasy too.

I had no complaints and by now I was completely immersed in the fantasy too.

"Can you taste his come?"

"Mmmmm", was all Rob could answer as he lapped at me, sending me over the edge again.

Eventually, I had to push Rob away because I was too sensitive. To my surprise he immediately pulled himself up over me and his cock was hard again brushing my opening.

"I want you again", is all he said, as he locked me in a kiss and I tasted my juices and his come combined. He entered me again and I let out a long slow moan.

Rob's pace was slower now and he looked lovingly into my eyes.

"Thank you for not being angry at my fantasy".

How could I be - it was so hot for me too!

"Thank you for not being angry that I fucked another guy!"

"Oh Jillian, I will never be angry if you do!"

"Then I will Rob. I'll fuck another man if you'd like it", I don't know what made me say it but at that moment I really meant it.

"Yes, I would", groaned Rob and I felt his come gush into me.

Exhausted and panting, we lay there in each other's arms, neither of us saying a word. It had all been so intense and unexpected. Eventually Rob spoke.

"I suppose it's OK to bring fantasies into the bedroom?"

"Yes darling, it is and I really do love you". I said, feeling more in love at that moment than I can describe, I added, "and if you think you can handle it, we may even turn a few fantasies into reality one day".

"I think I could handle that, lover", said Rob kissing me tenderly.

That night, we slept like the dead.


The next morning when we awoke we lay in bed holding hands. There was an uneasy silence at first. Perhaps we had gone too far in one go last night and neither of us quite knew what to say. I was nervous because I had to admit that I was now contemplating the meaning of what I had said the night before and I was hot between my legs just wondering what it would be like to fuck another man and if that is what Rob really wanted of me. Eventually, I broke the silence.

"That was a hot fuck last night darling. I can't believe I was so turned on by all the dirty talk".

"Feel my cock now", said Rob.

My hand found the stiffest cock I had ever held.

"You turned me on so much last night when you played along with my fantasy".

"Is it just a fantasy Rob, or is it what you really want?"

"I don't know darling. Somehow the jealousy is part of the turn on".

"Well let's just think about it for a while and keep it as a fantasy", I said climbing on top of Rob and placing his gorgeous hard cock into my pussy and pushing back on the full length. Neither of use spoke. We just fucked and came quickly. We were both absorbed in out own dirty thoughts.

The next few weeks went by uneventfully although we did revisit Rob's fantasy quite often, which always led to great sex. I was becoming more comfortable talking dirty and I had gotten over my initial shock that my husband could contemplate me fucking another man. The idea of it had begun to permeate my own thoughts and I found myself looking at other men differently, wondering if it could ever happen.

Then it was time for me to go away again to organize a conference. Despite being only just over an hours drive away, I would stay over because with all the long days and drinks and dinners in the evenings it was too much to drive home each night.

The night before I was due to leave, Rob and I lay in bed and inevitably the conversation turned to his fantasy, since the circumstances now meant I would be in the situation to make it a reality.

"What if I really did find another man at the conference and decide to fuck him?" I expected Rob would back down, faced by the true prospect of his wife with another man. His answer was pretty intense!

"I would like it to happen if we could agree some rules and it was a mutual decision. I don't want to lose you darling. At the same time, deep down, I know I want you to enjoy other men as part of our sex life".

There was a long silence while I gathered my thoughts. I turned to Rob and kissed him tenderly. Then I looked into the eyes of the man I adore and asked him simply, "What are the rules?"

"You let me know in advance if it is going to happen. You must tell me where you are so I can come and get you if you need me to. If it does happen, you share all the details with me and let me ask anything I want to know. And finally, if it is possible, you make love to me next with his come still inside you". Rob kissed me back and mouthed the words "I love you".

"I like the rules and I agree. No promises that it will happen, darling, so don't get your hopes up. Also, I don't want to feel any pressure or do it for the wrong reason. If it happens, it will be because I want it to and we have spoken and agreed it's OK".

"Yes darling, let's add the rule that there is no obligation and it is only by mutual consent between us: nothing hidden or behind the back".

"OK, my love, you have a deal", I smiled at Rob, kissing him again as my pussy sent a shiver of excitement through my body. The anticipation of leaving the next day, knowing I had 'permission' to fuck another man was turning me on.

"Now fuck your wife Rob, because the next time you do, I may have a pussy full of someone else's come!"

Rob literally jumped on me a fucked my brains out! It was a hot, desperate fuck and we both came hard and quickly.


I left early the next day and drove down to the conference venue. The first day was always set up and so I just worked hard and got prepared for the delegates who started to arrive in the evening. Nothing eventful happened except the usual stuff ups with flight connections and late arrivals.

By 10:45PM I was in my room and called Rob. We chatted for a while and I gave him all the news of the day. We didn't discuss our naughty agreement and I was soon asleep without another thought of it.

The conference next day was rather boring for me. The topics were all engineering and scientific, so I excused myself from the speeches and hung around outside by the coffee station. From time to time, delegates would come out to visit the rest rooms or stop off for a coffee. They were predominantly men and I suppose 90% of the 300 or so attendees were men.

I was dressed smartly in a dark blue skirt, above the knee and a silver grey blouse that opened enough to give a hint of cleavage. I have good breasts, so I like to offer a glimpse of their soft valley, which always seems to draw men's eyes! My legs are long and I know they look good too, although my heels were not extreme so I could walk around all day comfortably.

One delegate came out a few times and several times he came over and engaged me in small talk. He was quite nice and I wondered if he liked the way I looked.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I organized things, helped a few delegates with problems and sorted out a mix up in the program for two of the breakout rooms; all very ordinary stuff.

That evening, there was a cocktail reception and I mingled with the delegates. Soon I found myself talking to the man I had met in the morning who introduced himself as John. He was polite and funny and soon I was relaxing in his company and becoming far more familiar with him than I would normally with a delegate.

John found out that I was married and he was too. At first he didn't flirt with me or give any indication he found me attractive but as the evening wore on and the drinks took effect, it was obvious that he was interested in me.

"You must see all sorts of things happen at conferences", John remarked.

"I suppose so", I said, wondering where this was leading.

"I mean; don't you see a lot of people getting up to mischief because they are away from home".

"Oh yes, of course. That's always happening".

"Has it ever happened to you?" Asked John directly, now looking deeply into my eyes. I felt myself flush. I took a sip of my drink.

"No", I paused, "not so far".

"Well maybe it will one day?" quizzed John.

I felt a flutter in my stomach knowing that he was testing me out. I looked at him differently now, wondering if he could be the one to let me indulge Rob's fantasy, which was fast becoming my own.

"It won't be tonight, that's for sure. I have some preparation for tomorrow still to finish", I said, protecting myself from the randy thoughts gathering in my mind.

"Let's see what tomorrow brings", said John with a provocative twinkle in his eye, "hopefully you will let me enjoy your company after the last night dinner?"

"I'm sure I will see you at the bar John", I said in a non-committal way. "The last night is always easier for me to relax".

"To relaxation", said John and we clinked glasses, "I look forward to tomorrow evening Jillian."

"I do too, John", I smiled, just enough to let him know I liked him. "Good night".

With that we parted company and I did a quick check of the guests before excusing myself and rushing up to my room to call Rob.

First I took a shower and then slid into bed, warm and naked. I called Rob.

"Hello darling", he said, "how is the conference going?"

"Very well Rob and I have some news for you. Would you like to hear it?" I teased.

"Of course! Tell me all!"

"It's not very exciting I suppose, compared to your dirty fantasy, so don't be disappointed". I wanted to ruffle Rob a bit.

"I don't mind, just tell me your news".

I paused a bit.

"Well...I...met a man who I like!"

I could hear Rob inhale quickly.

"And I know he likes me because he suggested that he would like to meet up for a drink tomorrow night".

Rob sounded like he was trembling. "Did you agree to have a drink with him?"

"Not exactly but I could if you would like me to. He's very attractive and good company. The problem is that I think he wants more than just a drink Rob!"

By now I could definitely hear Rob breathing faster.

"That is so exciting Jillian. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know Rob. What do you think I should do?" By now I was getting horny and my hand had found my dampening pussy. "I'm just worried that if I go for a drink with John, it might go a bit further".

"Would you like it to go further with him?"

"I'm playing with myself trying to imagine what would happen!"

There was a short silence from Rob.

"I've got my cock out now. You are turning me on!"

"How much would it turn you on if I went out with John?"

"It will send me wild! Just talking about it is sending me crazy! Do you think you could have sex with him?"

"You know the rules Rob. If I let you know in advance and we agree, then its OK for me to fuck another man", I said, now beginning to groan a little myself as I picked up the pace fingering myself. "I promise to let you know in advance!"

"Oh god that is so hot. I love you teasing me! If you carry on much more, I'm going to come!"

"Hold on a bit", I said, "I have an idea which I think you will like, on one condition that you don't come until I have finished explaining it to you and then we come together on the phone!"

"I agree darling. Please tell me your idea!"

I could sense Rob was really hot now and I started to explain my wicked idea.

"I want you to drive down here tomorrow evening. I will leave a key to my room for you at reception. At around 9:00PM go to the bar and wait there. I will come to the bar with John, or if he's not interested, I will hang around there in case any of the other guys want to pick me up. The most important thing is for you not to let anyone know that you're my husband. I would love you to be here and see me talking with a man who I might choose to fuck. That way, if I want him, you'll be able to agree. We can text each other or find a way to talk". By now Rob was moaning almost constantly and I was getting very high.

"Then, when I go off with whoever I select, you can go up to the room and wait for me. That way, I can bring a freshly fucked pussy back to you and we can enjoy my first stranger experience together. You can even eat out his come from me if you want to".

"Oh darling, I love it. I will be down there tomorrow night!"

"Good Rob. And now you can come if you like, imagining me going off with another man who you have agreed to let me fuck!"

"Oh yes please, I want you to fuck him..." Rob's voice trailed off and I heard him grunt as he came, which was enough to make me come too. That was our first ever phone sex and it was amazing!

After we had calmed down, I gave Rob my room number and we arranged a few more details of how we would enact the evening.

"I can't believe we are going to do this Rob!" I finally said. "I am so excited now I know its going to happen".

"You're amazing Jillian. I love you so much for agreeing to do this".

"It's for both of us darling. I want it too. Just promise me not to jerk off too much tonight. I want you to have some come left so you can fuck me with another man's cum inside me!"

We said goodnight. I had to make myself come three more times before I could go to sleep. I'm sure Rob pretty well rubbed himself raw!

CHAPTER FOUR The next day was the last of the conference. Throughout the day, I kept seeing John and he always seemed to be looking at me. I tried to keep my calm and not stare back or give him any indication that I was interested. I wanted him to work for it. If this was going to happen I wanted John to be enthusiastic!

On the other hand, I was a nervous wreck! My tummy was in knots and my pussy gushing with love juices - so much that mid afternoon I had to go back to my room and change my panties. It gave me the chance to finger myself to a couple of orgasms and that helped me get through until the formal dinner in the evening, for which I changed into a tight, short black dress and tall black heels.

I caught up with John at the pre-dinner drinks and he told me how good I looked, which was true. I could feel dozens of the men looking at me and wanting me. There were a few moments when I could have almost let it happen, I was that hot! I managed to select a table away from John, (since I was in charge of the seating it wasn't hard), yet I was still close enough that I could check him out occasionally and make sure our eyes met. By the time dinner and the dreary speeches had finished, the glances between us were conveying suggestions of what might transpire later that night. I knew I had John just where I wanted him. I was now in the driving seat.

By around 9:20PM we were entering the bar and John had made his way alongside me. I could see Rob sitting casually at the far end of the bar and we exchanged knowing glances. This was it. I now had to decide if tonight I was going to become a hot wife and ask Rob to agree to it, which I knew he would.

John touched me by the arm and we found a space half way along the bar. His touch was electric and it was all I could do not to jump. Rob would have us in full view if we sat here and I was able to position myself so I could watch Rob's reactions without it being obvious.

John ordered drinks and we settled into conversation. We talked about the conference, our interests, his job and we joked about things. We were becoming quite relaxed and John used every opportunity to touch my arm or hand. I did the same to him in return and the sexual tension between us was rising fast.

John could sense I was getting interested, so he complemented me again on my looks and this time told me I looked hot. If only he knew how hot I was between my legs!

"So is tonight the night Jillian?" John asked.

"The night for what John?" I played dumb, looking him deep in the eyes.

"The night you let being away from home lead you into a little mischief. You said it happens all the time at conferences."

"I'm shocked John. Are you making a pass at a married woman?"

"I'm making a pass at you Jillian because you are beautiful, sexy and hot. I can't think of anything better than making love to you tonight. If you will let me."

Of course he had me at "Hello" but I still wanted to play this out a little longer. I could see Rob along the bar shifting on his stool and I knew that meant he was already sporting a massive hard on watching his wife flirting with another man.

"I've never done anything like that before John. You know I find you attractive but I shouldn't go to bed with you. I'm a married and it's just not right."

"So can I take that as a maybe?" said John, now taking my hand in his and pulling me ever so slightly closer. I let a coy smile slip and looked down for a moment. Then, biting my lower lip, I looked up at him with my best sexy 'fuck me' look.

"I want you too. However I will need to be very discreet. I have colleagues here and they can see me talking to you. We can't leave together."

"I'll go to my room first and you can come up in about 20 minutes if you like. I'll order some champagne. How does that sound?"

"I don't know", I feigned, "I'm still really nervous. What if I get scared and want to back out?"

"Then all its cost me is my dented pride, a bottle of champagne and a wonderful evening with a sexy woman who I'll think about all night".

Quite smooth, I thought. I let his words sink in silently for as long as I dared.

"What's your room number John?"


"Go up and wait for me lover and don't worry, the champagne won't go to waste! I'll be up as quick as I can".

John left and I watched him go to make sure it was safe to go over to Rob.

"What happened?" said Rob, "Why did he leave?"

"He's gone up to his room to wait for me, darling. So now is the moment you have been waiting for. You have to decide if you agree to your wife fucking another man!"

Rob looked at me with eyes hooded with lust. He was shaking with excitement.

"Oh yes, I want you to my love, but is it what you want Jillian?"

"More than anything. This is so hot, especially knowing we're doing this willingly together! Besides, I can't wait to bring my used pussy back to you because I know that's what you really want".

I leant forward and kissed Rob. The sweetest sexiest kiss I can remember and breathed, "I love you" into his mouth. He did the same.

Rob held me close and whispered in my ear.

"Now go and be a dirty girl and have fun with your lover's cock. I'll wait for you in bed with my tongue and a hard-on ready for you".

I kissed his cheek, winked with a dirty smile and set off for my room first to freshen up a little.

I took off my sodden panties and left a note for Rob placing them both on the pillow.

"When you read this note, your wife is somewhere in this hotel being fucked. I hope you like the idea because I do. Just save me some of your come for when I get back. I'll be very disappointed if you can't fuck me while I tell you all about what I did tonight with my other lover.

Here are my wet panties, since I won't need them. Why don't you sniff them and then you can compare the smell of my cunt before and after John fucks me! Enjoy!

Your sexy slut wife, who loves you totally,


I kissed the paper, leaving a corny lipstick kiss mark. I thought Rob would like that slutty touch.

Then I headed off to room 1411 and my first cheating with the full blessing of my husband!


By the time I reached John's room I could hardly walk. I was trembling with fear and excitement. My mind was full of questions and doubts. How did I let this go so far? Is this going to ruin my marriage? Why do Rob and I both want this so much?

John opened the door quickly to my knock, wearing the white hotel robe and I literally fell into his arms. Instantly we were kissing with hungry mouths. We kissed passionately for what seemed like ages until I had to break for lack of breath.

John offered me champagne, which I gladly took and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'm so glad you came Jillian. Thank you", was his simple statement.

"I don't know why I am here. It's so wicked. For some reason, I just have to do this". Poor John. If only he knew.

John joined me on the bed and pushed me back, lying next to me. We started kissing again and after a while I felt his hand running up my inner thigh. Soon enough his fingers found my uncovered pussy and he would have instantly noticed how wet I was.

"Seems like you came prepared," said John. Then, holding up a condom pack he added, "and so did I!"

"You won't need that, lover. I want to feel you come inside me".

For one horrible second I thought I would fail in my mission to get my pussy nice and dirty with his hot come. I needn't have worried as John tossed the condom aside and resumed his dexterous exploration of my open gash.

"Oh yes John", I moaned as his fingers sent shock waves through me, "I came here so you can fuck me. I really want you". My hand found John's cock and I started to massage and stroke it. The size felt about the same as Rob's, maybe a little fatter.

I couldn't resist seeing it so I pulled open John's robe and saw the first new cock since before I was married. It looked wonderful and quickly I took the tip in my mouth and washed it round and round with my tongue drawing it in and out of my lips. John moaned loudly. I didn't want him to come in my mouth so I stopped the sucking quickly, probably to his disappointment.

I was just aching to be fucked. I can't explain it. It was so animal. I was just desperate for his cock to stuff me and come inside me. I was also thinking about Rob lying there waiting for me. I wanted to get back to him with a trophy of John's come as soon as I could.

John must have thought I was a total slut. I yanked up my dress to fully expose my pussy and lay on my back, submitting to him.

"Fuck me now John. Please just fuck me. I want you so much!" I begged, completely without shame!

John wasn't about to turn me down either and he quickly threw off the robe and was on top of me, his mouth locked on mine in a passionate kiss and the head of his lovely cock brushing my open willing vulva.

Reaching down, I positioned his beautiful meat perfectly and he just pushed into me all the way in a single deliberate thrust. I was off in heaven immediately. The anticipation all day had made me so high I was practically coming already. Running my hands over his powerful back and buttocks, I locked my calves behind him and pulled him into me.

John was a strong man and I was being fucked well and hard, our pelvic bones smashing together and sending shocks into my clit. In no time I was moaning and coming in body splitting waves. John kept pounding me and I never really came down from my high. This was so good I could have almost cried!

I could feel John building up to come. I wasn't quite ready and I wanted his come as deep in me as possible.

"Turn me over. I want you to fuck me deep from behind". I have never known a man who doesn't like a good doggy fuck and John quickly flipped me over and pulled me to the edge of the bed with my knees tucked under me, positioning my pussy perfectly at the edge of the bed. My face was on the bed. I arched my back like the slut I was and begged him again for his cock.

John was in me immediately with his amazing hard cock. Now he could really pound into me and I could feel his tip all the way up to my cervix.

"Oh yes, that's it. That's what I want! Fuck me hard until you come!"

Which is exactly what he did, making me scream out with another massive orgasm as I felt him load me up with his hot come. I was so sensitive that I felt every turgid squirt and that was the sexiest part, knowing he was giving me the gift I wanted most of all.

I flopped forward on the bed, still wearing my dress and one high heel, my bum and pussy exposed. John joined me and lay back beside me.

"That was amazing Jillian. You're SO hot!"

"Thank you John, I really needed that and you fucked me to perfection!"

John leaned over and we exchanged a long passionate kiss, which I broke, turning over and sitting up.

"I am sorry lover but I have to go before the guilt sets in".

Poor John looked really disappointed, his cock hanging there still half hard. I am sure he was waiting for another less frantic session.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay the night? Please at least help me finish the champagne".

I pulled on my other sexy pump and stood up brushing down my skirt as the first drips of come started to leak onto my inner thigh.

"I'd love to stay the night John but that would make it too intimate and I know I'd feel so guilty tomorrow. This was wonderful, believe me, but I have to go!" And I really did have to go because I could feel the come beginning to drip.

"Please, if you change your mind you will come back? You're so sexy I don't think I could ever get enough of you".

"I know where you are if I need you!" I said with a sexy wink.

John stood up and I took this lovely naked man, who had just fucked me so masterfully in my arms, his cock leaving little cum slicks on the lap of my dress. We kissed again and whispered a few more thanks to each other. John repeated his request for me to stay but I managed to get away.

Then suddenly I was out in the corridor teetering toward the elevator, heading back to Rob. As nobody was around I stuck my hand up my dress and cupped my naked pussy to catch as much come as possible. Not very ladylike, even for a slut like me!

Down two floors, I was at my room in a few seconds.


As I let myself in to my room, I could see Rob spread out on the bed, lit only by one bedside lamp, my discarded panties in one hand and a truly raging hard cock in the other. "I wasn't expecting you back so soon," he said smiling.

"Lie back darling. I have a present for you," I announced as I kicked off my shoes and clambered onto the bed, standing astride John and pulling up my dress off over my head. I flicked off my bra and presented myself naked for my husband.

"Would you like to see your wife's dirty fresh fucked pussy, full of another man's come?"

"Oh yes," gasped Rob, staring intently at my puffy lips, from which a long filament of come was hanging, "bring that pussy here so I can smell and taste her".

So I straddled Rob's face and slowly lowered my pussy down, stopping about six inches above his mouth.

"Would you like me to describe how I got fucked by John?"

"You know I would!"

"OK then, you can suck on this while I tell you". With that I lowered myself onto his mouth, thrilled by the filthy idea that my husband wanted to eat another man's come out of my pussy.

As soon Rob's expert tongue and mouth were on my pussy, I was racing up towards another orgasm. It wasn't just the sensation, which was delightful; it was also the naughtiness of the conspiracy that had brought us both to this depraved scenario. I was a good wife by being a bad wife. Go figure!

Rob couldn't get enough of my pussy and I gasped out the story of my short hard fuck with John. It was pretty hard to talk as I had a whole string of beautiful orgasms on Rob's mouth.

After I was satisfied that Rob had enjoyed as much of John's come as possible, I slid myself back down his body and onto his sweet cock. He slipped in easily and I settled back on him with a sensual rocking motion.

"How did my pussy taste?"

"The best ever."

"So you like eating another man's come from me do you?"

"Oh yes darling, I love it".

Rob was looking dreamily up into my eyes and I could tell he was already on the verge of coming.

"How does your wife's used pussy feel darling?"

"Soooo good! You're so fucking sexy, I'm going to come really soon!"

I quickened my pace just a fraction and leant forwards and started kissing Rob.

"I want to taste myself and John too", I said between kisses. That was enough to send Rob over the top. He just started to unload a huge hot flood into me and we had both achieved our wish of me taking loads from two men in my pussy one after the other.

I collapsed into Rob's arms and he just kept saying, "I love you darling, thank you, thank you".

Lying there in the after glow we talked about how we felt and both agreed it was beyond our wildest expectations and a total success. We laughed and giggled about our naughty sexy game.

"I feel a bit sorry for John", I said eventually, "I just used him to fuck me and he was hoping for a whole night with me. He looked so sad when I left".

"Would you like to go back to his room now?"

Rob's question surprised me. I hadn't thought about it, although now I began to wonder if it would be nice to take more time with John. I felt a flutter in my tummy and my pussy. I don't know how I could be getting excited after all this sex!

"Can I - are you sure that's OK with you darling?"

"On one condition", said Rob with an evil grin on his face, "You don't clean my come out of your pussy".

"That's so fucking naughty", I exclaimed, instantly turned on by the idea.

"I like the idea of that! Are you sure you'll be OK until the morning?"

"Yes, it will turn me on imagining you with him again. I probably won't sleep and likely I will nearly pull my cock off my body!"

"Just save some for me!"

"Go on. Call him. He may already be asleep. I want to hear you call him and seduce him".

I picked up the phone, sharing it between Rob's ear and mine so he could hear the call and dialed John's room trembling with renewed excitement. He only took three rings to answer.

"Is there any champagne left?" I asked in my sexiest voice, "that hot fuck has left me a bit thirsty!"

"I was hoping you'd call. We still have half a bottle - do you think that will last us for the rest of the night?"

"Probably, since we are going to be making love most of the time. That is if you let me come back?" I said teasingly.

"I will leave the door ajar and wait for you in bed. All I ask is that you take your dress off this time. I want to enjoy you naked".

"I promise, but I have to warn you that I haven't had a shower yet. Is that OK? I feel a bit dirty".

"I like dirty girls. Anyway, perhaps I can clean you up a little myself". My pussy shivered at the thought!

"I'm on my way John. I want whatever you want tonight". I clicked the receiver down and looked at Rob who was beaming a smile up at me and already had nearly achieved another full erection.

"Fuck we're so dirty", I said to him triumphantly, "This is so fucking horny darling. I'm glad you had your dirty dream and now we can make it real together".

"This is way better than any dream I've ever had", said Rob and we kissed one last time. I thanked him for being the best sexy husband in the world. After all, I was the one getting double and triple portions!

I slipped on my dress, naked underneath and headed back up to 1411. I felt like a total whore and I just couldn't stop smiling to myself. "Jillian", I said to myself, "you are a sexy dirty slut! Go and enjoy yourself girl!"


I let myself into John's room, locked the door behind me, pulled my dress over my head and stood there naked beside the bed. I extended a hand which he took and said quietly, "I am yours tonight John. Whatever you want, I am yours".

John flipped back the sheet and I slid in beside him, into his arms. The feeling was instantly different. I had come here to take my time; to make love. Suddenly, I was his lover and I was prepared to want him unconditionally the same way I wanted my husband Rob. This was the most erotic moment of the whole night when I decided to put Rob out of my thoughts and submit all of my feelings to enjoying John.

For the first time I started to notice the differences between my two men. John smelled different, his body was an unfamiliar shape and the way he touched me was new. Although before we had a great fuck, I really didn't pay any attention to him as a man or as a lover. Now I wanted to indulge that pleasure!

I started to lovingly kiss John's chest and teased his nipples with my tongue and teeth. At the same time, my hand reached down and cupped his lovely strong balls, which were big and filled my whole hand. His cock, now freshly erect, had thick soft skin, which flexed up and down across its hard inner core as I pulled up and down. Looking at his beautiful member I realized that he was uncircumcised, unlike Rob and I was fascinated with the way the hood could be pulled back to reveal his purple tip which was deliciously smooth and tight as if it was straining to be pleasured.

With tenderness and equal measure of lust, I turned and took John in my mouth, holding his cock by the base and combining my mouth with my fingers as I worked him in and out of my salivating mouth. His cock was hot on my tongue and on every downward stroke, my teeth tugged gently on his foreskin, drawing it back across his taut-skinned glans so it could nudge the back of my throat. I was giving him the best head I know how and I became one with his cock, sensing every change in his response to my touch.

As I lost myself in adoring his manhood, John gently lifted my leg over his head so I straddled him in a sixty-nine position. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy and he just stayed there for several minutes breathing on me, inhaling the smell of my pussy. Knowing it was Rob's fresh load he was inspecting made me tingle all over with expectation that he would soon be unknowingly be drinking my husband's come.

When the moment came and his mouth encircled my puffy used vulva, I cried out with the exquisite intensity of the feeling, my innards in knots as an orgasm started to rise. Tears of pure sexual joy rolled from my eyes and I was completely connected to John, sobbing as I came. I could feel my inner contractions and I am sure that pushed Rob's come from my pussy. John responded by running his tongue from my clit up to my open hole and drinking down my husband's mess. Nothing had prepared me for this intensity and I sobbed and came continuously, unable to control my emotions.

Soon, I could sense John's cock tightening and his balls were contracting up in preparation for his come. His breathing into my pussy was in short hot gasps and his concentration was slipping. I pulled his foreskin right down from his sensitive tip and worked it with my tongue and teeth, lightly scraping them over its dome. Beneath me, John's muscles contracted and his balls began to clamp into a tight ball in my hand, my fingernails scraping his soft scrotum. His mouth left my pussy and he let out a yelp of exquisite pain as his cock disgorged, pumping with such intense squirts, that I didn't even need to swallow for his come to flood down my throat. John's come spasms went on for ages and I luxuriated in several mouthfuls of his sweet come, some of which I held in my mouth to savor its taste and because I knew it would excite him if I swallowed slowly and cleaned his cock down to the last drop.

Once I was sure that John was empty, I spent another few minutes kissing my lover's cock and all around it until his size had diminished and his cockhead had disappeared back into its cute little cover.

Turning round, I lay back in John's arms and we kissed gently and tenderly. In my mouth were the remnants of two beautiful men's come and at that moment I was sexually and emotionally complete. I don't know if I will ever feel so fulfilled again, either as a woman, lover or wife.

"You're amazing Jillian", whispered John between our kisses, "I've never enjoyed a woman as much as you. You are so beautiful and sexy. Thank you for coming back to me tonight".

"Thank you for cleaning my pussy so nicely", I said, smiling inside as I reveled in the furtive thrill that he had consumed all of my husband's come.

"I loved the way you cleaned my cock after I came", added John.

"Well since we are both so clean and beautiful", I said, looking lovingly into John's eyes, "do you think it would be a problem if we got dirty again?"

"I'm amazed to say, I think that is going to happen very soon", said John, a naughty twinkle in his eyes. "There is something about you Jillian which is more sexy than I can even describe".

"I have no idea why", I said, putting on my best innocent girl pout and dipping my head like a naughty child. "I don't know what has gotten into me tonight - I've never behaved like this before!" OH JOHN, if only you knew!

We kissed and talked and giggled like teenagers for a while and I got John to set the alarm for early, because I said I had to clean up from the conference. When we realized that only left a few hours together, the intensity of our kissing increased and eventually we were ready to make love for earnest.

This time, I lay John down on his back, clicked out the bedside light and in the grey half light, slowly slid my pussy down onto his gorgeous cock, pressing my breasts on his warm chest and wrapping my arms around his neck. In this sweet embrace we rocked for what must have been hours. I was constantly teetering on the edge of an orgasm and occasionally let myself fall over the precipice, our mouths nibbling, our breaths entwined.

"Tonight John, for just one night, I love you!" I confessed, consumed by these amazing feelings. I was crying just a little when I added. "This can only be one night my darling. I'm sorry. I can't see you again. This is our special act of mischief. I will always remember loving you like this John".

"I love you tonight Jillian and always will in my memories. You are perfect and this is heavenly. Nothing can take this away from my heart now".

I could see the time on the bedside clock and realized we only had minutes left.

"Can you come in me again, my lover?" I asked.


I lifted myself up and ground my sensitive mound on John's cock, rocking back so his base drew hard across my pussy bone. Inside me I could drive his cock into the sensitive g-spot of my box. I could feel him building again with me.

"Come in me John. I want your come deep inside me!"

This time, I could tell he had less come but my orgasm was just as intense as we reached our finale together screaming out our moment of joy.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," we both repeated over and over as the waves washed over us. And in that moment I did love him.

We lay there in silent embrace for no more than a few minutes before the alarm brought us crashing down to reality and suddenly I was myself again.

We kissed and touched and looked into each other's eyes but my thoughts were now back with Rob. Sweet Rob, who had given me a night almost no woman could imagine possible. Now I just wanted to hurry back to him to say "thank you".

John's plane was leaving early, so I knew I was safe and would not see him again this morning. As I slipped on my dress he begged me for my number although I knew he could find me through my work if he really wanted to.

"Let's not spoil this John. No numbers. No calling. No regrets. This was the first time for me being unfaithful and I cannot imagine it ever happening again, (that wasn't quite true!). Go home to your wife and make love to her as beautifully as you did to me. I have a wonderful husband who wants me home too".

"You're right, Jillian". And with a simple kiss I let myself out of his room and headed back to my room. It was five fifteen.

An early departing conference delegate looked at my disheveled state as I joined him for only two floors in the elevator. I am sure I reeked of sex but I just didn't care.

I couldn't help laughing out loud as I covered the last few steps to my room.

Rob greeted me at the door, naked with a hard cock. Happy as I was to see him, I was satiated and exhausted.

"It was wonderful darling. Thank you for letting me go to John", I said as he covered my face with kisses, "can I just sleep for two hours and then you can wake me up with kisses and I will tell you all about it?"

"How about I put you to sleep with kisses between your legs? Otherwise you might leak all over the sheets".

I loved Rob so much. He was just like a naughty little boy at that moment. I melted and couldn't resist his offer.

Lying naked in bed, I lay on my back as Rob slowly lapped John's last load of come from my now weary pussy. I did come again - not with the same ferocity as the night before. After that I must have blacked out.

The next thing I knew was Rob gently kissing my face and neck to wake me. In my half consciousness I was in an erotic dream, raised on an upholstered table, like a whore-offering as several naked men surrounded me kissing and licking my body, running their hands into every crevice at will. Rob's hands were gently stoking me and as I slowly woke to reality. I promised myself I would revisit that dream one day as a fantasy to describe to Rob!

Needless to say, the whole experience has changed our lives and we now have plans to repeat the experience whenever the opportunity arises. That could be as early as next week, when I have another conference.

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