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In Cassys Hands - Part 1

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There was no question in my mind as I watched her perfectly manicured hands reach for the bronze door handles. I was standing behind the two most affluent people I had ever personally met. The sculptured art-glass door opened to revealed the interior of their apartment near the top of San Francisco's Opera Plaza Towers, and for the first time since we met, I was able to take my eyes off this beautiful woman for a moment to take in the stunning home. Stepping inside, I saw a breathtaking mixture of dark terra cotta colored walls, marble floors, and ebony moldings everywhere. Not moldings painted black, but ebony; as if some insane carpenter had cut up Steinway grand pianos and made them into wood trim for this elegant home. While I was standing just inside the door, taking in the room, she walked up behind me. Her sweet hot breath tickled my neck, as I heard her husband close the door behind us. I could feel her slender hips as she pushed them against my backside, and lightly bit my left earlobe. I heard and felt her husband as he moved behind her and whispered something unintelligible, causing her to laugh softly.

How had I gotten here? I thought back to only hours before, I had showered, dressed, and left my apartment in Pacific Heights intent on rewarding myself. I had settled into San Francisco shortly after my divorce, gotten a decent job at a recording studio nearby, and saved a little. Today was the day I set aside to stroll down to the high-end stereo store and buy the speakers I had always wanted. It was to be my first true declaration of independence. As I passed through the store that morning my head was high, my chest out a bit more than usual, and I headed past all the plebian consumer gear, straight for the high-end loudspeaker room in the back.

That was when I saw them for the first time. They were standing directly in front of the set of Klipsch Heresy's I had come to liberate, listening to some nondescript yuppie-elevator-saxophone-jazz that I detest. I stayed at the back of the room. The volume level of the demonstration and the intensity of the salesperson's pitch indicated he was closing for the kill. And, to be honest, I didn't mind the view at all. The female half of the couple was absolutely stunning, from what I could see. She was very tall, at least five-feet-ten. Her brown hair hung in soft curls down to her slender waist. Her legs were long and slender but beautifully muscled and shaped in a way that was both athletic and totally feminine at the same time. They were legs worthy of observation, and quite visible since all but the top six or seven inches of them was exposed beneath a short black pleated skirt. I was enjoying her beauty, and content to stay right where I was. Even if they bought the speakers I wanted, I reassured myself that there must certainly be another pair in the warehouse.

The man beside the legs was impeccably dressed in a stylish Italian suit. He was indicating to the salesman that he wanted the volume even higher. I muttered under breath, "If you're going to play it that loud, why don't you listen to something decent." As if he had heard me, he pulled a CD out of the pocket of his overcoat and handed it to the salesperson. It wasn't until the CD was ejected, and the room fell silent that the couple noticed me behind them. They both turned and smiled, and I realized these two looked like models. Her face was so feminine and perfect that she almost didn't look real. He was ruggedly handsome and perfectly groomed. Thinking back, I realize that I actually felt a little intimidated, until he spoke.

He smiled broadly, and laughed a bit, "I'm sorry, are you waiting to listen to these? We've been here for over an hour, listening to every one of these until we're half deaf, and we just can't decide. Maybe we should take a break." I saw the utter panic on the face of the salesperson. There was no way he was going to let this well-heeled, obviously affluent couple walk away to be replaced by a twenty-eight year old gear-head in blue jeans.

I smiled and shook my head, "No."

The male half of the couple turned to me and said, "Do you know anything about these? They all sound good to me." He was asking me - about loudspeakers - and even though I was certain he had caught me staring at his wife's legs (and ass) a couple of times he continued to be warm, charming, charismatic, and really likable. And, he had just paid me the ultimate compliment. He had asked for my opinion.

Being a recording engineer and a gear head, I was more than happy to help. Stepping up beside them, I asked him what kind of equipment he was going to power them with, what type of music they listened to, how big of a room they were trying to fill with sound, and whether they gave a damn about their neighbors calling the police. The more I talked to them the more I realized these were really cool people, and that we could probably be friends if not so obviously distanced by social status. His wife asked how I knew so much about this equipment and I explained by describing my occupation in a recording studio. I may have overstated my importance to the recording industry a bit, but I couldn't help myself. Her attention was intoxicating. I finally suggested that even though this was a very subjective area, there were probably only two good choices for them; the British KEF's, and the Klipsch Heresy's, suggesting they forget about all the other speakers in the room, listen to only those two, and decide which they preferred.

While the salesperson put the new CD in the player, I stepped back away from them and returned to my comfort spot against the wall. The music started playing from the KEF's and they both nodded their heads, apparently hearing something they liked. He put his hand around her waist pulling her close. They were so gorgeous together all I could do was smile. His hand slid down a little to the side of her hips, then down across her backside, and finally stopped on her thigh. Her legs were tan and bare, and the vicarious thrill was almost more than I could stand. I could almost imagine, maybe dream, what her thigh must feel like. I felt myself harden, and immediately tried to talk myself out of that reaction. But there was no hope. They were having small, short discussions that I couldn't hear over the loud music, intermittently nodding their heads and checking each other's glance, smiling occasionally. I assumed that meant they liked at least one of my recommendations.

The man signaled the salesperson to switch speakers. The Heresy's fired up loud, full and filled the room with their trademark sound. The couple reacted with body english that appeared to mean they were almost startled by the increase in volume, but they soon began to move their bodies slightly to the beat of the music. Her movements, those natural, smooth, suggestive movements that some women can make seem so natural, were driving me insane. Then, I noticed him moving his hand up her thigh, ever closer to the bottom of her skirt. I watched, unable to move my eyes away, as his hand reached the bottom edge of the skirt and paused. She turned her face toward him and stared intently at him. From my experiences with my ex-wife, I thought to myself, "Someone is about to get his face slapped." She stared at him for about five seconds, then the corner of her mouth turned up into the faintest smirk and her lips pursed slightly - as if she was sending him a small kiss. He smiled back, and his hand continued upward, lifting the edge of her skirt with it, exposing even more of her beautiful thighs to my view. I could feel myself start to shiver from the tension. His hand continued upward, lifting her skirt higher, until I could begin to see a hint of the most beautifully shaped ass-cheek I had ever seen. Did they think I had left the room? They must have thought so. I wanted to leave the room, but I couldn't. I was frozen in that spot against the wall, transfixed by the vision in front of me, like some paralyzed voyeur. I could not look away. I'm not even sure now that I could have blinked. I was waiting for her, in that predictable male-female game to turn and slap his hand away. I waited for that. I knew it was coming. She must have more tolerance than most women. That's all.

But, as I stood there watching, waiting for her respond, she never did. As he continued upward she simply stood there, occasionally passing him a flirtatious glance. Then, she finally reacted. She reacted in a way no woman I had ever known would have reacted. She pushed her bottom ever so slightly back toward his hand, as if she wanted more. That's what she got. As she moved back another fraction of an inch, he slipped a finger underneath her thong and down toward the space between her thighs. She pushed her hips back ever so slightly granting him slightly more access. His hand continued down and forward. Their play continued for a few more moments, then disaster happened.

She looked over her shoulder and stared directly into my eyes. I was terror-struck. It was too late to do what I knew I should have done earlier, leave the room. She held her stare for much too long, and then turned away whispering into her husband's ear. I was certain that I was dead. In my mind, I could hear her say, "That little pervert has been watching us." I knew that within moments he would turn, come toward me, and tear my head off. Or, if it was my lucky day, he would politely walk over, ask me outside, and then tear my head off. I was panicking, but still could not move.

Strangely, he did neither of those things. He turned his head back toward the blaring speakers, moved his hand up away from her crotch, further up the thong. He extended one finger, slid it between her between her beautiful cheeks, and pushed. She pushed back, and I watched part of his finger disappear beneath the cover of the black thong. He moved his finger very slowly; she moved her ass to the beat of the music. They moved like that for three or four minutes until his finger had disappeared to the knuckle. I had never seen any woman behave like this, much less one that was so beautiful as to be normally labeled unapproachable. I felt so inexperienced, so sheltered, so cheated by my past experiences. In that same moment I realized I had quit breathing. Not sure when I took my last breath I thought, "Now would be a good time, before you pass out." My brain had quit working in any recognizable pattern, my jeans didn't fit anymore, and every instinct I possess had been replaced by lust.

At the end of the recording, he pulled his hand from underneath her panties, pointed at the Heresy's and told the salesperson, "Those are the ones. Wrap 'em up, let's take 'em home!" He was being entertaining, of course. They would have to be delivered unless he was driving a truck, and that was highly unlikely. As he stepped forward toward the cash register, searching his wallet for the right credit card, she spun around and slowly walked the nine or ten feet between us. She stopped inches from my face, much closer than our limited familiarity should have allowed. Although I couldn't be sure, she seemed pleased that I felt trapped there against the wall. While there was nothing physically keeping me there, I could not move. Again, I had to remind myself to breathe.

For what seemed like an eternity, she stood there, her eyes locked to mine, so close that I could actually feel traces of her breath on my chin. Every possible scenario, every form of cursing or tongue-lashing that she could be preparing to deliver ran through my head. I foolishly reasoned that if I could prepare myself, the scorn she was about to unleash might not hurt so badly. Then the realization hit me, and panic seized my entire brain. She was close enough to knee me in the crotch.

Before I could execute an escape, she took a breath and began to speak, "Are those the ones you would have chosen?" I nodded my head, knowing I dare not speak. "Good, it's nice to know you and Andrew are attracted to the same things. I mean, you apparently like the same speakers. Do you share his taste in women?" My heart stopped, and the shivering began again. Since I could not speak, she continued, "I don't mean to put you on the spot, but you find me attractive, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, of course, I mean...."

She interrupted, saving me from more ineloquent drivel. "You're not one of those poor men that's been taught that pretty women are dolls to be put in a glass case and never touched, are you?"

She was torturing me. Not only was she beautiful, elegant, and exceptionally sexual, but also there was evidence now that she could look inside my head and single out my prejudices. "Well, I probably do fit in that category. I... I think that it... well, it's probably..."

"You were an altar boy too, weren't you?"

I looked at her, and for the first moment felt the first bit of relief, and I was thankful for her sense of humor. Instead of shifting my glance between her face, the floor, and her knee as I had been, I looked directly into her eyes, smiled a very tense, sheepish little smile, and nodded, "Yes."

She laughed. Then I laughed, and suddenly I started to relax a little. She continued, "I understand better now, actually better than you know. I grew up in that same environment. After graduating from an all girl school, it took me a while to sort things out. But, I did. I decided what I liked, and what I needed, then things got better."

I spent a moment basking in her acceptance, then had this horrible thought that stole all my confidence, and made me try to back up closer to the wall I was already leaning against.

She saw my reaction, and probably the slight blush on my face and said, "What was that? Here you were starting to relax and then you went all stiff on me?"

"Sorry, I can't say."

"Yes you can. You will learn that you can tell me whatever's on your devious little mind."

"No, I really can't."

"Come on. Give it a try. I promise it's okay. Have you decided I'm too forward and now you don't find me attractive anymore?"

"No, it's not that, not at all." I started to think wildly trying to find some other passing thought I could have had that I could offer up instead of what I was really thinking. No way. She would see right through it. I decided to tell the truth. "Please don't take this the wrong way, I didn't mean anything bad... I mean it was a great picture in my mind, but I don't exactly know how to..."

She lifted her arm over my left shoulder, placed her palm against the wall behind me, and leaned an inch closer to my face. Quietly, as if she were telling me a secret, she teased, "You need to stop apologizing for your thoughts. Otherwise, you may never meet those people who might find your thoughts ... fascinating."

"Okay, it's just kind of silly, but I had this mental picture you in a starched white blouse and a little plaid skirt."

"And, that vision made you feel... aroused?" She had me in that spot again. I couldn't speak. I couldn't answer her. Finally, when she tired of waiting for an answer, she brushed her hand up the front of my jeans and answered herself, "Oh, my, apparently it did." I felt like a small flightless bird caught under the paw of a wild cat. She was toying with me. I loved it. More than that, I was beginning to realize, I needed it. The few women I had been involved with in my life seemed to have no sexuality of their own. Every sexual act seemed to have the underlying sentiment, "Okay, if that's what you want, I'll do that, but hurry up." This gorgeous creature was obviously in full control of her own sexuality, and at the moment, she had a pretty good grip on mine as well.

Just as I was beginning to get comfortable under her gentle domination, I saw Andrew with a handful of papers heading our way. Her husband's face appeared over her shoulder and startled back into the real world. I had completely put him out of my mind; nearly forgotten he was in the same room. Now here he was. His wife had me backed up against this wall, one arm trapping me against the carpeted wall, her face near enough to kiss. This probably didn't look even the least bit appropriate to a husband.

He smiled broadly, reached his right hand past his wife's waist and said, "Thanks... hell, I don't even know your name.."

"Michael", I replied.

"Thanks, Michael. I have wanted to get a great pair of speakers for quite a while. But, every time I come in here, I just get more confused and go back home, or Cassandra gets mad because I pick something gigantic that won't go with her décor, and I have to send them back. Thanks to you, I think we've gotten what we came for."

"I just gave you a little advice, that's all. No big deal. I was happy to do it."

"Oh, you did a lot more than that. Without you, I'd probably be heading back to our apartment and have to live with the speakers we have for another year." Cassandra (nice to finally know her name I thought to myself) turned to her husband, held one finger in front of her lips, shushing him. His eyes opened wide, and he laughed, "You haven't told Michael what he's done for me?"

I was getting confused, "I just passed along a little advice, and some of my personal opinions, that's all."

"Oh, no. You did a lot more than that!"

I finally just said it, "I don't understand."

"Andrew, will you just be quiet for a minute? Michael is a little shy, and more than a little uncomfortable."

He put his hands on her shoulders and smiled. "Well, maybe if you explained it to him he might be a little less shy and uncomfortable. See Michael, while we were listening, I decided almost immediately on the second set of speakers you recommended. Cassandra thought they were too big for the house. I said they were just right and I wanted them." Now imitating Cassandra's sexy voice he continued, "Then, she said, 'I'll make you a deal. If you will help me talk him', meaning you of course, 'into coming home with us where I can seduce him and fuck his brains out, then you can have those speakers. And I said, 'You've got yourself a deal, sweetie'."

The room went so silent that could actually hear the happy salesperson shuffle the sales papers together and staple them.

Cassandra turned and frowned at him. "Andrew, you can be such a jerk. We were just getting to know each other a little bit. I don't think he was ready for that much information yet."

"You've been over here for fifteen minutes! Are you losing your touch, my dear? I'm not giving up my new speakers just because you're a little rusty on your ten-minute seduction techniques!"

During the exchange, neither one ever dropped their alluring smiles. It was obvious that everything they said to each was playful banter, one of my favorite indications of intelligence. It appeared that they went through life with each constantly teasing.

I was on fire. I wasn't sure what their lifestyle arrangement was. I wasn't even sure whether they were sane. For all I knew, they could be a weird seduction-and-murder duo; they could have escaped from an institution for the insanely beautiful. But, I did know one thing for certain. This particular Saturday afternoon, whatever the peril might be, no matter how much my conscience and fears nagged at me, I was not going to miss out on this particular adventure. No way. Today was going to be different than all my previous life had been, regardless of the consequences. I decided to lose the deer-in-the-headlights look, and go for what I really wanted at that moment.

I looked Cassandra directly in the eyes, waiting to make sure I had her full attention. Without looking at him, I said, "Andrew, you need to make sure you get some really good cables to go with those speakers."

As Andrew walked away laughing, Cassandra gave me her look and said, "I'm so glad you are hitting it off, because if I get my way, and I usually do, you two will be spending a lot of time together. You do understand that Andrew will be with us the entire time, don't you? He would pout terribly if we didn't let him be there."

I nodded my head. The truth is, I didn't really care whether Andrew, half of his relatives and an NBC News crew were going to be there.

"Have you ever been in a threesome before, Michael?"

I shook my head, "No."

"Oh, my. Then today is definitely your lucky day. Have you ever wanted to be in one?"

"Yes, I guess I pictured it a little differently, you know me and two girls, but..."

"Of course, the universal male fantasy. Let's start here, and later today you can tell me whether you still think you want to try to satisfy two women, okay?"

I heard something in her voice that turned me on so much I almost couldn't control myself. There was a dark promise in her voice, a veiled warning that I was going to be pushing the edges of my envelope soon. There was also something else, an unspoken promise that called to me like a primal instinct. Until that moment of that day, I would have never thought I would be attracted to one tacit promise; I would not be in control today.

* * * * *

As we entered the apartment, she proved me correct. I was most definitely not in control. Nor was Andrew in control. He was on his way to the kitchen to get some drinks, as ordered.

Cassandra crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, "I have waited long enough. I would like to see your cock."

I was dumbfounded. What a statement! No wine, no small talk, no "Where are you from originally?" Just blurt it out. It was the last thing I would have expected to hear from a woman of her station. Worse yet, what if I didn't measure up? Would I be summarily dismissed?

"Michael, I'm waiting, and I feel I've waited long enough. I want to see your cock."

I began to unzip my jeans and slide them down over my hips. Cassandra took three steps toward me, reached out and took it in her hand. "Hmmm...very pretty." She moved her hand gently along the underside her long fingers touching my testicles. Her fingers wrapped ever so gently around my testicles. Then, she did something I could never have anticipated. Cassandra took her thumb and forefinger, made a ring around the top of my testicle sack, tightened the noose she had created at the base of my penis and gently pulled down. My reaction was instantaneous; my cock pointed straight into the air and my knees involuntarily bent to remove the pressure. I looked into her eyes and all I could see was amusement. "Oh, that excites him. I think we have a candidate Andrew. Michael, if you will straighten your knees, and behave yourself, I will reward you. I promise."

Although the pressure on my scrotum was unexpected, I was beginning to find it sufferable. Cassandra gracefully dropped to knees, her face just above my penis, now glistening with one drop of anticipatory lubrication. As I stared down into her eyes I thought to myself, "Oh, that reward. I'll do anything for that reward! Her lips parted. I was going to watch the most beautiful lips on the most beautiful face I had ever seen wrap around my cock. I dared not breathe. I straightened my knees as she had demanded. As her face neared, I could feel a whisper of her breath across the head of my cock. At the very moment I expected to feel her lips touch my glans, she pulled down again. I let out a moan and my knees bent again.

She looked up at me, smiling. "If you don't keep those knees straight, you are going to miss out on the best blow job you have ever had, Michael." The downward pressure on my balls felt she had tied a barbell to them, but I slowly straightened out my knees again. "That's a good boy." The pleasure/pain from my aching balls was unlike anything I had ever felt, but I noticed my erection was like nothing I had ever felt either. It had never been this hard before. It, too, had an unfamiliar ache. She pulled down again, stretching my balls even further, but I was beginning to enjoy the sensation and this time, and though it took much deliberate concentration on my part, I did not bend my knees. Cassandra looked up at me, almost lovingly, and smiled. "Now we're learning," she praised and covered the head of my cock with her beautiful, warm mouth.

It was, just as she had promised, the blowjob of my life. The combination of light suction, the heat of her mouth, her soft hair moving slowly closer to my abdomen with each stroke was almost more than I could bear. All too quickly, I could feel a long-overdue orgasm building. So did Cassandra. As my penis tightened and prepared to explode, she jerked just hard on enough on my balls to stop it, but I would not bend my knees now. She opened her mouth wide around my cock and said something that sounded a lot like "Good boy." Another orgasm began to build. She waited until I was almost ready to explode again, and pulled hard. I let out a guttural cry. She slid her mouth up and down my cock faster as another orgasm gathered. She waited until it was almost too late and pulled again, harder. She repeated this delay tactic over and over again. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I was losing my senses. I wanted to come, now. I began to pump in and out of her gorgeous face, being careful not to slam my pubic bone against her. Then I quit being so careful. I was going to fuck her face.

As yet another orgasm began to stir, I felt her free hand move underneath my shirt and come to rest on my concealed hip. I could feel her manicured nails on the small of my back scratching lightly, almost tickling. Then she opened her hand and began that same light scratching at my lower ribs. She started to move up slowly, almost as if she was counting my ribs, the tickling sensation nearly driving me wild. At my fourth or fifth rib, she stopped the light grazing motion, and gently pressed her nails in the space between them. Her hand began a crawling motion, like an erotic crustacean burrowing up and under my shirt. With each upward locomotion, Cassandra dug into my ribcage a little harder until she reached my left nipple.

Touching it lightly at first, and then squeezing it harder, she began pulling at my nipple. As if her left thumb and forefinger were not doing enough damage on my balls, the digits of her right hand were pulling my nipple outward, then down. She pulled on it so hard that another imminent orgasm disappeared. But I did not bend my knees. No fucking way.

Through my Cassandra-induced semi-consciousness, I heard the faint sound of ice against glass, and the sound was heading our way. But, as another orgasm was building I really didn't care. As Andrew's footsteps stopped behind Cassandra, I thought it might be prudent to open my eyes. They had been closed between my brows in some hope that I could somehow help my body achieve orgasm through facial contortions. He stood there a drink in each hand, smiling. I somehow got the feeling that what was going on here met with his approval.

Closing my eyes again, arching my back, I was plotting ways to push myself over the edge without Cassandra knowing that I was coming. That way, she could not pull another of her tricks and stop it. Was it possible to fool her and ... not necessary. She pulled her mouth away from me to talk to her husband, damn!

"Andrew, would you please set those glasses down and find something useful to do?"

"Like what, my love? Doesn't look to me like there's anything you don't have handled."

"Please unbutton Michael's shirt. My hand is getting cramped under here."

Okay, now wait a minute, I'm having a great time here, I'm keeping my knees locked. I'm being a great sport. But, I'm not accustomed to another man in the room while I'm having sex, even if I am fucking his wife's face. I'm not used to standing in another man's view with my pants around my ankles unless he has a medical degree on the wall. And I'm damned sure that I'm uncomfortable with a man I just met removing my shirt. All that ran though my mind in an instant, and just as I was about to open my mouth to protest, Cassandra swallowed me again, completely, all the way to the base of my cock. I could feel the muscles of her throat close around the head of my penis, and all thoughts of protest left my mind. As a matter of fact, everything left my mind; my name, where I lived, any past or present relationships, morals, prejudices, all of it, gone. The only thing that existed on this earth for me at the moment was my yearning to explode into this teasing, calculating, torturous bitch of a woman's mouth.

I looked down at her face as she sucked hard, her mouth sliding back to reveal a miracle. I am a man of average size. But as she pushed back to the point where I should have popped out of her mouth, all I saw was shaft. The head of my penis was still concealed in her mouth. I had never seen my own member this long, or this wide, ever. The view of my own member this way, especially contrasted against the stunningly beautiful face engulfing it was exciting. I felt like a god. As she swallowed it again, Andrew reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt. I didn't care. Whatever he needed to do to give her more access was just fine with me.

I could feel the onset of a monstrous orgasm building. Cassandra felt it too. She slid her mouth from tip to base over and over again. I told myself this was the moment. Her tempo increased as Andrew helped me free my arms from my shirt, and my muscles tensed; first my abdomen, then my shoulders and arms, my perineum and finally my thighs and my ass cheeks. I was not going to be denied this time. Just as I reached the point where she had always denied me, I waited for her to pull on my balls again. But, she did not. I could feel myself moving closer to the moment I had begun to crave. Cassandra continued to increase the tempo of her head. At that very moment Andrew reached up and put my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His hands were still freezing cold from carrying the drinks he'd made, but it felt great. He was man, and I had never allowed a man touch me sexually before, but it felt great.

Then, a moment, which I would later find nearly incomprehensible, occurred. I had never made a physically aggressive move toward any woman in my life. I say that with great pride. But, as ecstasy neared, I reached down and grabbed two handfuls of hair and began using Cassandra's face like some cheap masturbation tool, rowing her head back and forth toward my release. I could feel her grip on my left nipple tighten, and thought to myself, "You go right ahead bitch, not this time." Then I turned to Andrew, whose fingers were still softly teasing my right nipple. I looked him straight in the eye and hissed through gritted teeth, "Harder!" He complied. As I went over the cliff, I felt his hand reach back and grab one of my ass cheeks, pushing me against his wife's wide-open mouth. It was too late to matter now. I remember hearing myself scream as if I were being branded. The hot iron was not on a branding iron; it was flowing molten out of my cock into Cassandra's throat. It seemed as if it would never stop; waves of orgasm, contraction after contraction until there was nothing left of my strength.

The last thing I remember was Cassandra and Andrew carefully, almost lovingly, moving me to a sofa and covering me with a big down quilt. I felt so safe, so cared for, and so utterly exhausted. As I began to drift away, Cassandra knelt down and gave me a soft lingering kiss. The unfamiliar taste of my own semen was the very last sensation that crossed my mind as I slipped away.


When I woke, it took me a minute to get a grip and remember where I was, and how I got there. I could hear voiced a room or two away. They were talking and laughing, obviously having fun. I sat upright on the big leather sofa. During the few minutes that I used to gather my thoughts, Cassandra and Andrew noticed me and headed my way.

"Hey, Sleepy Head. Welcome back."

I rubbed my eyes, and instinctively pulled the blanket to cover my lap. In a moment, the events that had occurred just...well, I didn't know how long ago they had occurred, those events replayed in fast-forward in my mind. I wasn't sure what to do. I wondered how everyone felt about what had just happened. I needed to talk, and had no idea how to begin. Cassandra took the burden away with her first sentence.

Walking around to the front of the sofa, wearing a white cotton robe that looked luxurious enough to weigh a good ten pounds, she teased, "Michael, I know you had a good time, but I'm not used to men falling asleep on me. I like to keep playing. But, I'll forgive you this one time."

She had a broad, beautiful smile on her face. Flirtation never stopped for this woman. I looked up and apologized, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe I've ever been taken over the edge like that before. No, I'm sure I've never had an experience like that. I thought I was going to die before you got done with me."

"Oh, let me assure you, I've never had anyone die on me before. But, compliments like that will serve to keep you on my good side." Cassandra smiled and walked toward me. She grabbed the blanket and slid it over. "What's this? I obviously didn't wear you out completely! You look like you're ready to go again."

Looking down, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was ready to go again, well maybe 80% ready, but I would have never imagined that was possible after what I had experienced. Cassandra playfully slid onto my lap, one leg on each side of me. I could feel some of the weight of the heavy robe, but what surprised me was the feel of her skin. As her thighs made contact with my bare legs, I was actually startled. Her thighs were extremely warm, dry like they had been covered with talcum or baby powder, and softer than any skin I had ever felt. Softer than baby skin, softer than teenage girls I remembered from high school, softer than anything I had ever felt. Within seconds of her first touch, with her face just inches from mine, I was ready; completely, mentally, physically ready to begin again.

"While you were sleeping, Andrew took me to the shower and tried to wear me out. I had a really good time, but I'm so horny I don't know what to do. Would you like to see if you can help me out, Michael?"

"I'll certainly do everything I can, Cassandra. But I do have a question."

"What's that, dear?"

"What satisfies you?"

She laughed, "Oh, I see! You're afraid that I may be insatiable. Is that it?"

"No, I didn't mean that. I would just like to know a little about what turns you on."

She smiled, leaned forward, grabbed my penis, put the tip in side her and sat down taking it all in one motion. She rocked her pelvis forward, and I could feel her vaginal muscles squeeze me tightly. "Well dear, let me explain a little about what excites me. I like pretty bodies, and pretty parts of bodies. I like really classy well-done erotic videos. I enjoy picking up handsome young men in the most unlikely places. I love taking a risk every once in a while that might get Andrew and I thrown out of a really nice restaurant. But, mostly, I enjoy exploring new territory." As she spoke her slender hips slowly rocked back and forth on my cock. "I love doing things I've never done before. And I love helping sexy people like you explore their own sexuality until they find their limits. Limits, that's the really exciting part." As she continued, I slid closer to the edge of the sofa, allowing easier access, and sliding deeper inside her. From the look on her face, it was evident she approved as she continued. "Great sex doesn't happen between your legs. Really great sex happens up here, between your ears. I want you to think about it Michael. Ask yourself, has anything you've ever done ever equaled the scenarios you can create in your mind?"

"Not until today."

"Oh, you are sweet." She moved her hips slowly, almost randomly, continuing to lean closer until her hardened nipples gently kissed my chest. I could feel her hair tickling my shoulders and arms as her hips finally found a slow rhythm. Then her face nuzzled my shoulder and I could feel her sweet breath on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as her excitement, and my cock, grew.

I was so caught up in her attentions that I had once again forgotten about Andrew, until his tan legs brushed my shoulders. At first, that made me a little uncomfortable, but as Cassandra got more aroused my nervousness went away quickly.

He was sitting on the back of the sofa, his right thigh against my left shoulder; softly talking to her while she rode my lap. "Cassy, did you find something you like? Oh, I think you did." She looked up at him, rolled her eyes back a little, dropped her head back on my shoulder and picked up the pace. I could sense that she needed more of my length, so I slipped my hips forward a little more and pushed my hips up to meet her. My head went back on top on of the sofa back-cushion. She followed me as I laid back, kissing my mouth as she started to pant. I was amazed at the heat and sweet taste of her tongue and mouth. She was beginning to pant from her exertion and it tasted like arousal. I'm not sure how to explain that. The more aroused she became, the hotter her taste.

She sat upright again, and went back to work on my lap. With my head back like that, I was immediately overcome by the urge to look to my left, in Andrew's direction. It's a crazy reaction, and one I have never understood. It's the same thing that happens in a men's room. The most heterosexual man in the world is compelled to look over in the next urinal and check out the equipment belonging to the guy standing next to him. It's instinctive, and probably beyond anyone's control. Andrew had been sitting at my shoulder for a while, and I could not resist any longer. A took a quick glance left, then back in an instant. There was nothing to see there. Just a muscular thigh and a set of six-pack abs completely tan. That's all. Whatever secret he had that had earned him the attraction of this woman currently fucking my body and mind was going to remain a secret, hidden from sight.

Cassandra was beginning to make little rhythmic noises, my favorite sign that she was nearing an orgasm. Her "Mmmm's" became a little louder and a little more frequent. She started riding me harder, and I pushed back to meet her thrusts. She began to bite her lower lip, and the sounds became louder. She buried her head in my shoulder and pushed her forehead hard into my shoulder.

"Cassy," Andrew cooed, "you're getting louder and you're going to upset the neighbors, again." I hoped she didn't hear him, because her gutteral expressions were turning me on. I had never been with a woman so expressive during sex, and I was savoring it. She did not reply, she only continued to get louder.

"Cassy, Mrs. Bergstrom is going to call the police again. You might want to keep it just a little bit quieter." I wanted Andrew to shut up. I could generate an orgasm simply by listening to this woman. Andrew continued, "Okay, hon', you leave me no other choice." With that he grabbed a handful of her beautiful hair at the back of her head, lowered his right leg and pushed her face into his lap. It made her moan even louder for a few seconds, and then her sound became muffled as she swallowed him down to his pubic bone, her sound lost into his abdomen.

As Cassy pushed her beautiful head even further into Andrew's lap, she apparently did something that affected him greatly. As her head twisted and moved, he began moaning. His toes began to curl, and his leg straightened. As his leg moved down, it slowly revealed Cassy's beautiful face little by little until I could see her completely. He eyes were closed, her mouth was opened wide, and from the movements I could see on her cheeks her tongue was very busy. She stayed there at the base of his cock for a very long time, and I started to notice she was fighting the urge to gag slightly. As she slowly pulled away, I could see why.

As her head drew back slowly, she slowly revealed the length of his cock. She kept sucking and sliding more and more of it out of her mouth. When a length of it equal to mine had been reveled, her mouth was still full. As she slid back further still, I could see the network of ropey veins that crisscrossed its length. Then finally she drew back far enough I could see the crown of the head as it pushed at her lips. It was large, very large, but so perfect in porportion that it had to be be described as...

Cassie pulled her mouth away, letting his cock spring free, and smiled at me. As if she was reading my mind she said, "Beautiful, isn't it?" Well, I didn't know how to answer that question. Even though that's exactly what I was thinking I could not bring myself to answer affirmatively. She saw my discomfort, smiled, and grabbed the back of my head. She grabbed a handful of my hair, leaned over and kissed me deeply, then returned immediately to trying to swallow him.

I was left with pure panic. Her mouth tasted so completely different than it had before. It tasted hot and earthy. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time, but nothing like her kisses had tasted previously. I was tasting Andrew's cock, or the essence of it left in her mouth. It was a brand new experience for me, and it aroused me more than I cared to think about. i couldn't take my eyes off Cassie as she slid back and forth on this man's beautiful cock. My arousal grew. Where Andrew was sitting on the back of the couch, her gorgeous face and his cock were no more than two inches from my face. I watched, and heard every single sound of a blow job. The fluid clicks, the soft moaning. It was inches from my face, right next to my ear, and it was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced in my life. She slid her mouth from his cock and kissed me again. There was no panic or surprise and I actually caught myself wanting to savor every new taste her mouth brought me. I noticed this time it was slippery . She was sharing Andrew's pre-cum with me. She stopped kissing me and didn't say a word. She simply smiled teasingly and returned to sucking his cock. She continued sucking him for the longest time, slid her mouth from his penis, and tilted her head to kiss me again. As I leaned forward, looking forward to the next kiss tinted with the taste of Andrew, she turned quickly, swallowed his cock to the base and stared directly into my eyes.

"What a fucking tease!" I said to myself. I could see the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile. She had me all figured out, and she knew she had a convert on her hands. She turned all her concentration to Andrew, her mouth moving swiftly from the tip of his cock to the base of his balls over and over again. I could see from her cheeks that she was sucking him hard as her head bobbed faster and faster. Andrew quit moaning and began yelling profanities, then made this gutteral scream while using his hips to fuck her face. I began pumping her hard from underneath, and she began to make a liquid moaning sound. She took his entire load, with only the slightest bead of his come slipping past the corner of her mouth, and never stopped moving up and down his shaft. With all the sucking sounds an inch from my ear, Andrew's shooting cock just inches from my face, and Cassie vagina tightening as she moaned through her climax, my orgasm hit like a freight train in the dark. As I pushed hard into her, I couldn't hold back any more. I started yelling, and I'm still not sure why, "Owwww, Owww". As I reached the point of no return, I closed my eyes, grabbed the cushions under me, and bucked up into her. As I got louder and louder, Cassie squeezed my penis with her vaginal walls, waited for me to get to the point of no return, then covered my mouth with hers. As I pushed harder and harder into her, she slid her tongue into my mouth, covered with her husband's come and fed it to me as I came into her. I didn't care. She had won me over. I was so posessed by this woman I would suck come from her mouth, her pussy, directly from her husband's cock. I just didn't care any more. And she knew it.

As I started to recover, I saw her reach across to the table beside her and grasp the tip of a very long phallus attached to a harness.........


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