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I was seduced by a Sasquatch!

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Sasquatch or Bigfoot

Lynn and I (Trevor), Lynn calls me T are a happy fun married couple that loves travel and RV camping with good friends that’s fun to be around. We do like camping the most with another couple Ted and Marci Ted calls her Mar. We’ve been friends for over three years now and Ted opened up to me recently and said he and Mar have been experimenting with the swinger concept.

We’ve been pretty open with each other since we’ve became friends. Lynn and Marci always hit it off pretty good and had similar personalities. They both have a great set of tit’s they didn’t mind flashing them around camp after having a few cocktails. Nothing serious, just some titty flashing to get us guys wound up. I’ll admit Ted I and do instigate titty flashing a lot more than they offer. LOL

I asked Ted if Marci mentioned the swinger thing to Lynn and she said no she didn’t think Lynn would consider anything like that and didn’t want to create any discerning thoughts between them. It certainly intrigued me and I wanted to know more. Ted said he and Marci went to a swingers party about 7 months ago and wanted to see what the soft swing / soft swap was all about. He said the party coupes were just normal everyday people that enjoyed some extra spice in their relationships.

I was all ears and he said the girls liked to play around with each others titties rubbing them and kissing them. People were very friendly and one couple came up to us and the other wife told Marci she had beautiful tits and did she mind if she could see them? Ted said just the atmosphere made his cock twinge and when Marci looked back at Ted, he nodded with approval. Marci pulled up her top and the lady said eeeew nice, may I as she had her hands in a cupped position ready to feel them. Ted said he gladly nodded to Marci again she fondled Marci’s tits right in front of him and her husband.

Without asking she leaned over and licked one of her tits and said oh nice and tasty too! Ted said they were standing in the kitchen as others were walking by giving them winks and thumbs ups and the lady asked if her husband could have a feel and taste? Ted said Marci appeared to be handling it well and enjoying the attention and said if she wants to? He said Marci cupped one of her boobs up to offer it to the ladies husband and he reached out and ran his fingers over and sucked on her nipple.

Ted said that’s when things heated up and we were sucking each others wives tits and feeling them up. Ted said he knew Marci was enjoying herself because she had her hand on the other guys crotch feeling his cock through his pants. I said holy shit Ted. I don’t think Lynn would ever go for anything like that? Ted said they ended up back in one of the open rooms having oral sex with each other. Ted said he and Marci were hooked on how hot and exciting things got and they’ve been playing a lot more since. Ted said that’s why I wanted to tell you because Marci and him plan to spend a little more time in the swinging atmosphere and didn’t want us to think we were avoiding you.

Ted said he and Marci said if the situation ever came about they would love to try swinging with us if we were interested. My mind was racing and I’ve secretly also wanted to fuck Marci. I told Ted I’d confront Lynn and get her thoughts on the subject.

We were scheduled to go camping the following weekend and we usually camp at State Parks because they’re quiet and have plenty of space and woods to run around in.

Now that general introduction has been done. Here is how things got interesting on this camping trip. I should have mentioned I bought this Sasquatch-Big Foot costume several years back and I always kept it in the camper for some late night fun scaring kids or just some general fun around the campfire. Ted and Marci seen me wear it a few times when I’d sneak up behind Lynn and growl then grab her tits like a wild beast. Lynn would alway jump and everyone else would laugh their asses off when she would say please Mr Big Dick, don’t eat me in a seductive way. T

his campground did not have full hook ups and using the shower house was much easier than emptying our RV tanks everyday. Ted said he told Marci he talked to me about the swinging lifestyle they were experimenting with and he told her I’m game to play with Marci but wants Lynn to be on board too.

We usually get wound up on our second night of camping and drinks are flowing pretty heavy. Lynn loves to cut loose and let her hair down while camping and this trip was no different. Sometime during the afternoon / evening I told Ted he should put on my Sasquatch outfit and go to the shower house and see if he could catch a feel of Lynns tit’s or at least get a good eyeful of her naked body.

Ted was all on board for this little scheme and Marci was aware of what was going on to. About 9:30 that evening the shower house was completely empty and Lynn said she was going to take her nightly shower. She asked Marci if she wanted to go and Marci said she was going to hang out and have another drink with the guys. Lynn walked off with her flashlight and shower gear and I went and grabbed the costume. We were all laughing like hell as Ted was putting it on and Marci was adjusting everything so he was completely covered. It’s just a top and some step in pull up pants with Big Foot feet to step into. Ted grabbed a little flashlight to shine his way to the shower house then slip it in his pocket once he got there.

Marci and I decided to stay back and let Ted handle things as they may. We couldn’t stop laughing and Marci said what will Lynn do when she sees Ted in your costume? I chuckled and said she’ll think it’s me. Marci said oh my god! I said maybe Ted will finally get a chance to play with Lynns tits tonight? Marci laughed and said I’d let Big Foot play with my tits anytime and with that I stood up and said the call me Big Foot and Sasquatch at times. Is that an invitation?

Marci said I’m sure Ted won’t mind. In fact he’s been encouraging it lately. I started getting a woody as I stepped behind Marci and leaned over and ran my hands down her shirt feeling her wonderful tits. Marci has nice tits with large areoles and oh so soft. Marci was moaning letting me know she enjoyed my hands on her tits. She leaned back and her head was against my cock and I was getting an aching hard on. Marci said hmmmm what’s that I feel getting hard against my head?

I wanted to fuck her right there on the spot but Lynn and Ted would be back soon and I told Marci we may have to play around later. I sat down just in time to see a flashlight coming back from the shower house and it was Lynn. She just went in our camper to put her shower stuff away and came back out and looked at me kind of puzzled and said where’s Ted in a bit of a nervous voice? Marci said I think he went looking for firewood. Lynn sat down beside me and just kept looking at me so strangely and was being very quiet.

Finally Ted come strolling in with no costume and an armload of firewood. Marci said what took you so long Babe? Ted said he dropped his damn flashlight with the firewood and the light broke. He said I gathered what I could and worked my way back in the dark. (What really happened was he tossed the suit in his truck and grabbed an armload of wood out of the back of his truck form his campsite close to ours).

Lynn was still being on the quiet side and said if you guys don’t mind I’m going to turn in for the night. I said are you ok Hun? Lynn just looked at me with that puzzled look again and said I’m fine. After Lynn walked into the camper. Marci and I said did Lynn think you were funny jumping out at her with that Sasquatch suit on? Ted said I guess I startled her at first because she had just got out of the shower and was drying off when I peeked around the corner. She quickly pulled her towel up to cover herself in a Oh Shit moment! She looked and me and smiled then said in a playful way. Oh Mr Big Dick, I mean Mr Big Foot, please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want. Just be easy with me and then Lynn dropped her towel! I didn’t know what to say or do so I just growled at her in a bear like voice. She again said Oh My Mr Big Dick please don’t eat me! Lynn turned around and placed her hands on the wall and spread her legs and said please Mr Big Dick, do what ever you want to me but please don’t eat me! She looked back at me smiling so I thought what the hell, I’m going to at least get a quick tity feel before I’m discovered. I stepped over behind Lynn, reached around and put those hairy paw hands on her tits. I let out a couple animal like pleasure moans and Lynn reached behind and worked her hand down my costume pants and managed to undo my shorts. I knew I was busted then but she just said OOOOH Mr Big Dick You really are big tonight and she was stroking my cock as I played with her tits.

Marci and I sat there in awe waiting to hear what happened next. Ted said please don’t be mad guys but Lynn had my cock so hard playing with it I had to pull my hand up out of one of those hairy costume paws and reach between her legs. I was fingering her pussy and thank god the hairy paw had an attachment to the suite because Lynn was trying to pull my cock out and I assume wanted the hairy beast to fuck her! I knew this had gone way to far and not sure why I wasn’t busted yet so I let out a loud angry growl, pulled her hand from my pants and took off.

Marci and I couldn’t catch our breath from laughing so hard! Ted again said sorry, it was just supposed to be an innocent playful joke. Ted said Lynn definitely thought that was you Trevor! I said so that’s why she was looking at me so funny.

The next morning Lynn was still a little quiet with me and I said how about Ted and I run to the store for more booze and steaks for dinner this evening. She said that would be fine. I said are you sure you're ok? She said yea I’m good. (Not a peep about last night)

Ted and I headed off to the store and had a chance to talk. He said Trevor, I really do apologize if I stepped over my boundaries last night. I said don’t worry about it, I was wondering if Lynn thought it was me and it didn’t surprise me that she wanted some playful cock after being freshly showered. To be honest I expected that she would be a little frisky thinking it was me. By the way Ted, I’m glad you finally got to feel Lynns tits. Just consider that a bonus her grabbing your dick and you running your fingers over her pussy.

Since we’re being open and honest here, Marci said she enjoyed the tity rub you gave her last night and said she’d love to get ahold of your cock sometime too. She said it felt large and hard when you rubbed it on the back of her head during her tity massage. Marci said when you want to explore some more intimate fun, let her know.

Ted said if we had the opportunity I was welcome to join them in some playtime to test the waters. He said we’re not trying to create problems for you and Lynn and will leave it up to me to get Lynn involved or just me. Knowing that Marci was right here at camp and I have the opportunity to fuck her had my head spinning. I was thinking how in the world could I get Lynn interested?

Back at camp it turns out Lynn and Marci done a lot of talking. Lynn told Marci she had concerns that something happened last night and didn’t quite know how to ask about it? Marci said you mean Sasquatch visiting you last night? Lynn said did Trevor say he was going to do that? Marci said no but he and Ted schemed up a plan that Ted would dress up and go to the shower and roar like a wild animal to get you wound up. Ted said he wanted to see your cute little naked ass and Trevor loaned it to him.

Jesus, Marci… Things went a bit further than a little scary roar! Marci said I heard. She said Ted told her he was just going for a sneak peek but when you dropped your towel, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs. He said no man could resist that kind of invitation. First let me say I hope you're not mad at Ted or me. We’ve loved your friendship for several years now and we’d rather spend our fun time with you and Trevor than anyone else and don’t want to ruin our friendship over some harmless goofing off.

Lynn said I understand and I can see how things got weird for Ted with my playful teasing thinking it was Trevor in the suit and I’ll deal with that little ornery shit later. So tell me about this swinging stuff you and Ted are doing. Marci said I guess Trevor told you about us. Ted and I have had and an interest for a long time but about six months ago did we experienced our first playtime with another coupled and it was way more erotic and sensual than I imagined. Ted and I get so turned on watching each other please and be pleased with others.

Marci said Lynn was all ears and began asking more direct questions. Marci said we started off with a soft swap with another coupe and right away we wanted more than a little petting and kissing others. We wanted good exhilarating erotic fuck me good sex and to be honest we both have never been happier. We actually thought of you and Trevor often wishing you guys were into swinging. That’s why Ted told Trevor about us because we weren’t sure how long we could hide this from you guys.

Lynn said so you don’t mind Ted being with other women? Marci said oh no, I actually encourage it. Marci said, I don’t know if you want to hear this but last night Ted said he had to stop goofing around with you because you had his cock getting hard and he wanted to fuck you so bad! He also told me he fingered you a little and you had the sweetest tasting pussy. Lynn said how in the hell would he know that? He said he licked his fingers after he ran out of the shower and Ted shares everything with me. Lynn said your telling me your husband Ted knows what my pussy taste like!!! Marci said sorry but he does now! Lynn had a moment of squirming in her chair hearing this and her whole demeanor changed when she knew Ted has tasted her pussy.

Lynn said Damn, I did wonder when I reached back and grabbed what I thought was Trevors cock felt on the large side. Marci said trust me girl, he’s large and if it was hard you would know it. Marci said if interested would you like to see a picture of it? Lynn said Jesus Mar, you have pictures of his dick? Yes but please don’t be judgmental. We like to look at them when other women have his cock deep in their mouth and anyplace else he can fit it. Marci picked up her phone and scrolled through some pictures and said check this one out.

Lynn said OH MY GOD!!! Is that Ted? Marci laughed and said you like? Looks good doesn't it? Lynn said I don’t know what to say? It looks so big! It was a picture of a couple we played with a couple times. She had really small hands and make Teds cock look much bigger when she has both of them wrapped around Teds cock. The girl in the picture had her tongue stuck out licking the tip of Teds dick! Marci and Ted obscure the peoples faces for privacy and discretion which Lynn respected. Since Marci had Lynns head about to explode looking at pictures of Teds hard cock and could tell she liked looking at them. She showed her a few more of them fucking other people. Lynn looked at a picture of Marci with a guys dick in her mouth. It was obvious it wasn’t Ted dick because it was black! Lynn looked up at Marci and said are you serious!! You actually sucked a black guys dick? Marci said I sure did and wow did he know how to fuck! Yes they are as much fun to fuck as the stories you hear about. Marci said this guy makes her cum so hard when she fucks him and Ted loves to watch him drive me wild!

Lynn said Marci, I had no idea? Marci said well now you know and if you have any thoughts about trying it, Ted and I would love to be your guinea pigs. Marci said it makes you wet to think about it doesn't it? Lynn said Jesus Marci! Marci said I could tell you are picturing yourself doing what we do. Marci said how would like for me to set you up to play with Teds cock and see how big it can get? Lynn is just starring at Marci and her leg was shaking up and down uncontrollably. Marci said it get the hardest when he’s getting his cock sucked. Ted loves to shoot his hot load in women’s mouths.

Lynn said Stop, Stop, Stop! I can’t take it anymore! Jesus Marci I’m sitting here listening to you and all I can think about is sucking your husbands cock! Marci said you want to don’t you? Lynn was biting her lip looking at Marci deep down wanting to say yes but couldn’t get the words out. Lynn finally said how in the world could I do that? Marci knew right then Lynn was going to be sucking her husband cock tonight and was going to make it happen. Marci said let me think about it for a while. By the way what should we do about Trevor while you're sucking Teds big cock? Should I keep occupied or better yet entertained my way? LOL

Lynn said I can’t do this Marci, I’m too scared. Marci said I was like that to six months ago. But trust me girlfriend, once you have his hard cock in your hands. All fears go away and all you’ll want is to feel his cock throbbing in your mouth. So, shall I keep Trevor busy my way while you have your way with Teds cock? Lynn said Jesus Marci I can’t believe I’m considering this let alone actually doing it! I think I want to but how are you going to entertain Trevor? Marci said ok girlfriend by the time I’m done with Trevor, He’ll agree to anything you want to do. He’s already told Ted and I he wants to play only if you were onboard.

Ok here’s what we’ll do. I’ll have Ted go back to his truck later tonight to get some firewood and if your up to it, put on that Sasquatch suit and go around and growl at him. He’ll know a little female Sasquatch wants to check him out play with his cock. Lynn said oh my god that’s too funny. Ted will know it’s you and guid you down to your knees and he’ll pull his cock out for you. He’ll even rub it on your face to get you started. Trust me girl, You’ll love Teds cock. Oh God Marci….ok lets do it!

Ted and I just got back to camp and the girls seem to be in a fun mood as they’ve already got into the beer. I was happy to see Lynns demeanor is much better and cheerful now. I told Lynn I wanted to grab a shower early and she said hold on I’ll go with you. This gave Marci the time to tell Ted what the plan was and he was elated. I was still wondering why Lynn hasn’t said anything about her episode last night and I wasn’t going to bring it up and stir up some shit if she knew I was part of a devious deed.

Dinner was now over Ted and Marci went off to the shower and Lynn and I chilled and relaxed. Lynn told me she had a brief conversation with Marci about her and Teds swinging activities. I was all ears and so what did she say? Just that they are experimenting the lifestyle and didn’t want us to judge them harshly. What did you tell her? I just said we wouldn’t dissolve our friendship because of that. I told her that maybe one day you and I would talk more about it but I doubt that you would really consider doing something like that. (Man was she stringing me along)!

I was a little disappointed she wasn’t more curious and ask questions about what they do. I’m just glad Marci didn’t say anything about me playing with her tits last night and It’s obvious she thought that was me last night (so I thought) I pressed Lynn a little harder about her and Marcis conversation. Not knowing the two of them had schemed up their own little plan. I also didn’t know Lynn heard I wanted to play with Marci either. So I said I’m glad you guys had a good talk. I wasn’t sure how you would feel that stuff. Lynn said you wouldn’t really want us to do that kind of stuff would you? (God…She had me hook, line and sinker leading me on with my questions) I said I’ve alway wondered why couples get into that kind of stuff? I said I’ve even imagined you and I doing that some time. Lynn said, TREVOR! You’ve actually though about you and me with another couple! Lynn said I promise you, if you ever seen me… lets’s say sucking a guys dick, you would freak the fuck out wouldn’t you? I said I don’t know Babe? It just sounds like erotic fun when I thought about the excitement Ted and Marci are having and wondering if we were missing fun and exciting opportunities? Lynn said, so you would actually be ok watching me suck another guys dick? I guess it would be pretty hot to see? Lynn said enough said about this. We’ll talk about this stuff another time. I just want to enjoy the rest of our camping trip with our friends.

Well that didn’t go as well as I’d liked. At least I gout to hear her ask me if I could watch her suck a guys dick and I think I would if I was getting mine sucked too. It did excite me when I heard she thought she grabbed my dick and it turned out to be Teds. I was also relieved things didn’t go to far and Ted thought fast enough to get out before something crazy happened. Lynn would have probably had a serious freak out.

Ted and Marci joined us around the fire and the drinking picked up as well as the laughing and bullshit talk. It was dark out now and a nice weather. The fire was just right Lynn got up to go pee and Marci went with her. I later found out she was helping her with the Sasquatch suit. Marci came back and said Lynn was making herself a cocktail and would be back shortly.

Ted said I better get a little more firewood and walked off. Marci and I sat there and I said last night was interesting wasn’t it? Marci said things were a little risky wasn’t it. I said I hope I get to spend some time with you and Ted, trying to take her up on her offer. She said I think we can arrange something later if you want? Marci said how would you feel I talked Lynn into some playtime? I sat up and said what do you mean? Marci said Lynn was a little curious about the lifestyle but was worried you’d freak out. I said hell no! She would be the one to freak out if she saw me with another women.

Marci said ok if I persuade Lynn into doing things… let’s say Ted tonight? My cock was twitching and my dick was was saying hell yea! I realized Lynn and Ted have been gone a while and Marci got up and grabbed my hand and said come with me. We walked back towards Teds truck and in the dim lamppost light Ted was standing behind his truck talking. Marci said be quiet and listen. Ted was saying please Miss Sasquatch please don’t hurt me, I’ll give you anything you want. Just don’t hurt me. I heard an animal like growl that sounds very much like Lynns voice. Marci held her finger up and said shush, as we got closer. Ted had his cock out and said please Miss Sasquatch take this and don’t hurt me. I hear a giggling growl this time and could see someone was on their knees between Teds legs! Ted was saying Oh Yea little Sasquatch you like that, don’t you.

Lynn was right! I was freaking the fuck out because it had to be her between Teds legs playing with his cock! Marci reached over and grabbed my crotch and was squeezing it. My cock was hard as hell. Marci whispered to me I think Ted is getting his cock sucked by that female Sasquatch. My heart was ponding because I know that’s my wife in that suit sucking Teds dick! Marci said are you ok Trevor as she pulled my thumping cock from my pants. I was speechless as Marci got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. OH GOD it felt so GOOD!

I could barely make out Lynn as her head bobbed on Teds cock and he was saying yes Oh Fuck Yes! So many crazy thought were running through my head but Marci sucking on my cock just made things a blur. Marci stood up and said do you want to go over and watch that little Sasquatch suck my husband hard cock? I couldn’t say anything, I just walked over shaking and actually see Lynn with Teds cock in her mouth! Marci pushed me back beside Ted and got on her knees and began sucking my cock. I couldn’t say anything. It was like I was invisible and didn’t want Lynn know I was watching her with another mans cock in her mouth!

I heard Lynn say I’m so fucking hot in this suit and pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside. Fuck… Lynn didn’t have any top on and her tits were out and she was stroking Teds cock in her mouth. Lynn hadn’t looked up at me yet but knew I was right beside her getting my cock sucked by Marci. I was getting close to cumming from this insane erotic sex we’re doing. I was trying to be quiet but my cock was about to explode with pleasure and I moaned out loud OH FUCK!!!! Finally Lynn looked up at me and put her hand on my leg as I was cumming and cumming in Marsci’s mouth! Lynn rubbed my leg as I jerked with electric spasms as Marci licked the tender tip of my cock. I looked down at Lynn and she smiled at me, winked and started licking the head of Teds cock too. She was using both hands twisting and jerking and sucking his cock. It was bigger than mine but Lynn was giving him some great head.

Marci crawled around behind Lynn and cupped her hands on her tits an whispered in her ear. That’s it Lynn, suck his hard cock for him real good. He likes it with you put it deep in your mouth and roll your tongue around it. Ted was moaning Fuck Yes that feels good. Marci said make him cum Lynn make him shoot hot cum in your mouth. Make Trevor watch you take Teds cum in your mouth

I couldn’t believe it. My heart was pounding watching Lynn sucking Teds cock and all I could do was enjoy the ecxcitement running through my body! Lynn was jacking him off faster and Marci was coaching her saying that’s it Lynn, he’s almost ready to cum. Marci was twisting Lynns nipples and telling her Ted was going to shoot shoot his hot cum any second and to be ready. Ted moaned out AWWWH FUUUCK!!! Marci was telling Lynn that’s it girlfriend, keep sucking. Take all that hot cum! I was in shock as I watched Lynn on her knees gulping loads of Teds cum down her throat!

Marci had her hands under Lynns mouth helping her catch all his cum. Marci reached over and milked out a few more drops in Lynns mouth and leaned forward and said I’ll help you clean it up. Marci held up Teds nut sack and had Lynn licking them and gently sucking his balls. Ted cock relaxed and Marci turned Lynns face around so they could tongue kiss and mix any remaining cum.

I said god damn guys, I don’t know what just happened but that was the most intense sexual thing ever! Lynn said well Babe, you pulled that little fun prank on me last night so I felt you should have a fun and harmless prank back, and yes we were all in on it as they all chuckled. Marci said well folks, let's go get a well deserved drink and discuss things.

Lynn and I do have an ornery side but we just took our actions way over the edge this time and I’m going take all the blame or should it be credit? LOL

We grabbed another drink, stirred up the fire and discussed things a bit. I said well that blowed my mind. Ted said he felt like he was going to blow the head off his cock it felt so good! I said so your saying my wife is a good cocksucker? Ted said well Ill tell you this. When I was at my truck getting firewood this little horny female Sasquatch came growling and charging at me. I had to think quick… either hit it with a stick and make it mad or let it have it’s way with me. Thank God Lynn showed up to shewed that horny little Sasquatch away and save my life. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. We laughed like hell at Teds version being attacked by a horny Sasquatch. I spoke up and Said well I guess I’m proud of my wife for steping in and saving your life! Lynn spoke up with her smart remark saying it was all Marci’s fault showing me pictures of Teds cock. I just had to see for myself! Besides I missed out big time last night when that big horny hairy Sasquatch tried to have sex with me. When I tried to tame him and rub his big cock, He fingers my pussy and had me in an arm hold so I couldn’t get away. Just about when I thought he was going to bend me over and fuck me like the wild horny beast he’s was. Something started him and he quickly ran out of site. I thought of how close I came to be empaled by this monster and fucked crazy until he was done with me. Thank god he was startled and left. Whew… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. We cried laughing at Lynns version and Ted well then he needs to get one of those Sasquatch outfits for the next time we go camping together.

Marci said you better take us for protection the next time you go to the shower house. We wouldn’t want you get attacked by any night monster while here. Lynn said that sound like fun and maybe we should go make sure the showers are free of horny creatures in a little while.

Marci said I’m game, Ted said he better tag along to help out and I said I’ll need to go too so we can take turns being a look out. Here we are making up corny excuses to all get naked in the shower housed full around. It happens to be one of those partition walk-in rooms that several people could walk into and shower. It had a couple nice wooden benches.

I said how about Lynn and I heading up to the showers and you guys meet us there in a few minute. Ted said done. I wanted to talk to Lynn in private for a few minutes and as we gather some shower gear and towels I asked her if she was ok with playing around more and how far do we take this? Lynn said it was more erotic than she thought but was concerned how I felt. I said I was all for it not knowing how I’d feel actually seeing you with someone els. It bothered me at first thinking you liked Teds cock more than mine. Lynn said oh god Trevor you are the only man for me. I just done that because I got so horny with desire and want to share with you. It was only an erotic event for me and I knew you’d be there to protect me and we were with our best friends.

Well the question is how far do we go with this? Have you considered fucking Ted? Lynn looked at me and said well would you want to fuck Marci? Neither of us wanted to say we wanted to fuck first. I said ok then I think it would be hot to fuck Marci and I think it would be hot for you to fuck Ted. Lynn looked at me, smiled and said I think so too. Wow my stomach was churning like crazy and Lynn said hers was too. So is this a no holds bar then? Lynn said I guess so? I asked Lynn if she fucks Ted could she take his cock size? She looked at me glassy eyed and said we can try. Lynn stops and says….Trevor I’m so cray horny right now. Do you feel the same? I do Babe but my stomach won’t stop churning thinking about it. Lynn says I know isn’t it crazy?

I couldn’t believe we were going have our first full sex swap in a shower house, It wasn’t going to be comfortable at all. That’s when I heard a vehicle pull up and it was Ted and Marci. They pulled in front of the door so nobody could walk in on us. Marci said we come bringing comfort items and had three of these 2” thick dense foam pads. All put together was a little larger than a king size bed. I don’t know why they had these things but it sure made me imagine a lot of other comfortable possibilities.

Marci turned on a shower and Lynn turned on the shower head right next to Marci’s. Lynn stepped over to me and let me puller top off and her pants down. She held her arms over her chest as if she was a bit shy and I thought how could she be shy now when she was sucking Teds cock a couple hours ago? Anyway it took no time for Ted and Marci to strip down. Lynn stepped into the warm water spray and Marci stepped behind her and started lathering up her back. Ted was washing Marci’s back and I moved up to help Ted and we worked around to her front side washing her tits and ass. Marci reached around in from of Lynn and lather up her tits and tweaking her nipples.

Ted moved around and started helping Marci lather up Lynn all over and I kept working on Marci. My fucking dick was bouncing with excitement and I looked down and Ted was still soft but hanging really low. Ted turned Lynn around facing Marci and slipped behind her and I was behind Marci. We were all facing each other and able to see what we were doing with each other. Lynn was watching me as I was running my hands over Marci’s tits and gradually down to her pelvic area. She seemed to be ok with this so far then Ted removed one hand off of Lynns tit and slide down to her smooth shaven pussy mound and took one finger and slipped it in her wet opening gently caressing her clit as he slide his finger up. Lynn closed her eyes, threw her head back and her legs almost buckled as Ted held her up.

I knew Lynn just had a flurry of butterflies run through her body. Marci reach one hand over her head and around my neck and the other hand grabbed my cock. I also held one tit and slid my other hand down and started fingering Marci’s pussy. It felt so wet and slippery from the shower and Marci was tugging on my cock with the fingering I was giving her. Ted moved slightly to one side of Lynn and leaned over and took one of her tits in his mouth and had his hand in a much better position to play with Lynns pussy.

Lynn looked over at me again and Ted stuck one of his long finger in Lynns pussy and swirled it around. Lynns eyes rolled back and she raised both arms and clamped her fingers around the back of Teds head. Jesus Lynn looked so fucking hot standing there with her arms up letting Ted finger her pussy. I felt I needed to say something and said, Lynn are you ok Babe?She just smiled and shook her head yes and I knew she was enjoying the finger fucking she was getting. We had all the most of the slippery soap rinsed off now and cut the showers off. Ted moved back behind Lyn with her hands locked on the back of his neck He caressed Lynns tits as he bent down I seen his cock spring up between her legs. Lynn was a little weak at the knees as she spread her legs and let him rub his cock back and forth on her pussy.

Marci turned around holding my cock and started tongue kissing me. She whispered I’m so fucking horny and I want your cock. She was rubbing it between her legs feeling my hard cock. Marci turned back around and faced Lynn then dropped to her knees and cupped Teds cock and rubbed it at Lynn’s wet pussy. Marci leaned over and sucked the end of Teds cock poking out between Lynn’s legs. Lynn was trying to squat down to feel more of Teds cock rubbing her pussy. Marci would suck the end of Teds cock and then lick Lynns pussy as he pulled back. I got down on my knees behind Marci and played with her tits and rubbed my cock between her legs.

Marci held Teds cock tight against Lynn’s pussy lips and licked her clit as the tip of Teds cock poked at her opening each time he pushed forward. Marci looked back at me and said I thinks she wants Teds cock soon. Are you ok? Marci said let me help them for a minute. Marci stood up and whispered in Lynns ear, are you ready for Teds big hard cock? Lynn could only shake her head up and down to confirm.

Marci held Lynn up as Ted laid down with his back on the mat and she guided Lynn to step over Ted and helped her lay her back on Teds chest. Lynn let Marci spread her legs apart to let Ted cock to come up between her legs again. Marci leaned over and sucked Teds cock between Lynns legs then pulled his cock to the side and started licking Lynn’s pussy. Lynn was delirious with pleasure arching her back for more. Ted pulled Lynn’s ass up to his belly so the tip of his cock was touchy the entrance of her pussy. Marci guided Teds large mushroom shaped cock head and when the tip went in, Lynn moaned OH GOD! Marci held his cock in place while Lynn accepts his large size and holds his cock as he gently slips his large cock in and out letting her adjust each depth. Lynn was squirming for more as he inched a little at time Lynn was moaning and Marci said are you ok baby? Lynn said Oh God Yes! Ted was playing with her tits and Lynns stomach muscles were tense and he whispered in her ear do you want more hard cock Lynn just shook her head yes.

Marci was on her knees and spread them and looked back at me and smiled. I knew that was my signal to enter her from behind. Holy fuck her pussy was so warm and wet! My cock instantly throbbed as I pushed in and out. Lynn was trying to hold self up with both hands on Teds chest and her legs spread to each side and feet planted on the mat. Ted held her up so she could take as much cock as she wanted. Lynn lowered her self down taking a little more cock in her quivering pussy and Marci spoke up and said here it comes guys then Lynn let out a scream the whole campground could hear. OHHH FUUUCK! OH GOD!!! OH My GOD! OH MY GOD! Marci said you go girl. Cum all over that hard cock! Lynn was having an orgasm and she was shaking so bad that it was hard to hold herself up and Teds cock kept slipping in deeper and deeper. Lynn kept screaming Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Lynn was tapping signaling she had enough and Ted helped her roll off and Lynn collapsed on the mat I was pounding Marci’s pussy and almost ready to explode and she pulled away and said not yet Trevor.

Ted laid back and Marci crawled over and started sucking Teds cock keeping it hard. I crawled over to check on Lynn and she rolled over on her back and reached up for my face and just held her hand there. She had that look like she was high as hell, with dazed look in her eyes. Lynn reached down and grabbed my hard cock and played with it rubbing her thumb over the head. I leaned over and kissed her and said are you ok? She wouldn’t say anything, just shaking her head yes. I said it looked like you got off Babe. She smiled big and mumbled uh huh.

Marci crawled over and said I think Ted wants someone to fuck his cock and cum on it if theirs any takers in the room as she smiled looking at Lynn. I said Babe, you want to see how much of Teds cock you can take? I kissed her as Marci crawled between legs and Lynn looked at me with uncertainty as Marci started licking her pussy. Lynn squeezed my cock and raised her hips to give Marci her wet pussy. I looked down and said Damn Babe that looks erotic, do you like it? Lynn smiled at me as she rolled her hips enjoying the tongue fucking she was getting.

Marci sat up and said ok girlfriend it’s time to ride the stallion. Lynn was looking at me for encouragement and I smiled, nodded ok and said enjoy. Lynn squeezed my cock one more time and rolled over and finally spoke up and said lets see if this stallion can buck me off! Marci shouted you go girl! Lynn straddle Ted, leaned down and place her hands on his chest and eased herself down. Marci was right there to help guide Teds cock until it was in. Marci wiggled her finger for me to lay back on the mat and she started sucking my cock again I was looking over at Lynn as she lowered herself down little by little. Her pussy seemed to be much more relaxed and was accepting Teds large cock much better. Lynn said OH GOD I FEEL SO FULL! Lynn had her hands on Teds chest and he had his on her hips and Lynn rolling her hips making Teds cock rub her inner walls. She would jerk each stroke that hit a sensitive spot.

Marci climbed up on me and said I’m going to fuck the shit out of you Trevor! Marci easily slipped all the way down on my cock and started fucking me. Lynn was letting more of Teds hard cock penetrated her too. I was trying to hold off, I didn’t want to cum too soon. I was hoping Lynn would finish first and that would make me cum hard. Lynn had almost all of Teds cock buried deep in her pussy and she started rocking and grinding on Teds pelvis. All of a sudden OH GOD! OH FUCK! OH GOD! She was cumming again. Marci said see girlfriend, I told you would like it. Lynn was now in never, never land and the only thing on her mind was to fuck and fuck with passion and erotic sex like she’s never had before. Marci leaned over and said you want to bet she’ll cum 5 more times and smiled. By now Ted had a firm grip on Lynns hips and raising his hips so they could fuck each other making his cock reach areas that’s never been touched before. Lynn screams out again from the hard fucking Ted was giving her and cried out OH FUUUCK! Marci said cumming again Babe? Lynn said Oh God Yes I can’t stop CUMMING! Lynn was making all kind of squealing noises. Marci said tell him to fuck you hard Lynn, He has a surprise for for. Lynn could only say Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Marci said tell her Trevor, tell Lynn to ask Ted To fuck her hard. I was so god damn horny I would say anything.

I’m sure Lynn could her my voice when I said tell him Babe, tell him to make you cum all over his hard cock again. Lynn screamed out God Damn It Ted…Fuck Me God Damn It Please Fuck Me!! Ted grabbed Lynns hips again and started ramming his cock in her thrusting a deep and banging their pelvises together. Lynn fell forward and then Ted put his arms around her and started grinding his cock in her. All Lynn could do was squeal with pleasure. Marci new Ted was about to pump my wife full of cum and she started grinding on my cock. Marci said oh fuck Trevor I’m cumming on your cock! OH FUCK! OH YES! OH YES! I couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded deep in Marci’s hot pussy!

We looked over and Ted moaned out Oh Fuck and pulled Lynn in as tight as he could pumping her womb full of hot cum. Lynn was crying Oh God, Oh God Oh God. And could only shake and convulse from the climax she was having. I said to Marci maybe she’s had too much and she should stop? Marci said no, let them finish. Lynn’s just emotional because she can feel Ted squirt cum in in her and she wants it. Ted jerked several times as he came down from his sexual high. Lynn had collapsed on Teds chest and panting heavily as well as Ted. I could see Lynns body rise and fall with each breath Ted was taking. After a minute or so Marci crawled off me and Lynn rolled off Ted and laid across me like a rag doll. She had zero energy from the fucking she just went through.

Ted said we better roll shit up and get out of here in case we made too much noice and stirred up a park ranger. Marci laughed and said all a ranger could say is the showers are closed now. LOL We rolled up the mats and we all showered again feeling super comfortable being naked and headed back to our RV’s. I told Ted and Marci we were turning in for the night and would see them in the morning. Lynn and I were exhausted from the tense sexual sensations we just experienced and went straight to bed. I cuddle up with Lynn and asked how she felt. She said she kind of felt like she cheated on me but with me there it was different? Lynn said it drove me crazy when I heard you tell me to tell Ted to fuck me. It made me feel like you knew how good his cock felt inside me and you wanted me to have more. Is that crazy Hun? No Babe, I could tell you were enjoying it and when Marci whispered to me to tell you that. It excited me too. It turned me on so much watching you cum all over Teds dick. I had to cum myself and Marci kept grinding her pussy on me and I had to explode.

Lynn laid her hand on my face and said so did you enjoy it to? I said yes and it was the craziest sexual experience I ever had! Lynn said me too. I asked Lynn if she thought she’d like to do it agin sometime and she said she would if I did. Lynn said Marci showed her a bunch of pictures of her and Ted with other couples and it got me horny. I said maybe we should go to one of their parties sometime to see how things go? Lynn smiled at me and said do you think we should? I said we should at least try it and she said ok.

The next morning Lynn and I walked over to Ted and Mars campsite. Marci was sitting back in her lawn chair and Ted was standing over next to a table getting a cup of coffee. Lynn being such a flirty sport thought quick enough to walk over and give Ted a kiss on the cheek and grab his crotch and said just making sure you're not holding any hard feeling for me from last night. Ted spewed coffee out of his mouth laughing and after wiping his face he said Christ girl, if you don’t stop that my hard feeling will come back quickly! Lynn turned around smiled and winked at Marci as she grabbed her and I a cup of coffee.

Lynn ad I told Ted and Marci we had a great time last night and it was more fun, intense and erotic than we ever imagined. We said we’d like to go to one of the swinger parties with them sometime to see how things go. Marci said we would love for you to go with us. Just remember you can choose how far you want to go with things and both of you respect each other and accept what each other does. Ted said can you guys deal with watching either of you with a different partner if you go that far? You should decide ahead of time what you might or might not do and come up with a safe word should you want to stop anything.

Lynn and I excitedly said ok, when’s the next party? Mar said one was going on almost every weekend but if we wanted to get a little practice in, We still have a couple more nights of camping together. LOL. Lynn said Marci, I have some questions for you after while in private if that’s ok? Marci said sure girlfriend.

Lynn and Marci went to the camper to chat and left Ted and I to talk. I expressed how much fun it was to see Lynn have such a good time and glad he opened up and told me about their swinging interests. Meanwhile Lynn said she spoke to Marci about some things that happened last night and in particular the part about Marci licking and eating Lynns pussy. Lynn said it startled her at first but in the heat of the moment she said it felt so good. Marci said I don’t do that with every women we play with but your pussy was so pretty and you had perfect little pink pussy lips that look like they were begging to be kissed and licked. Marci said her pussy had such a good taste and she love licking her clit as ted was sliding his cock in.

Lynn said that was her first experience being licked by a women and could tell Marci knew all the right places to please. Marci said she loved getting her pussy eaten by another women because us women knows what really feels good and we can make each other cum so easily. Marci asked Lynn if she wanted to test the waters later this evening to see if this if something she wants to pursue and Lynn said yes let’s give a try.

We all spent the rest of the day doing a little biking, hiking and exploring the outdoors and had a perfect fun day. Later that afternoon Mar had a crockpot meal that was cooking all day and we had a good appetite from our day adventures. The booze was flowing freely again and the girls went in to clean things up after dinner. The girls had been gone for some time now when Ted and I both received a text from Marci asking us to come inside. She said she has a new fun game she wants to show us. Ted said sounds like they’re up to something?

Let me set the stage…. Ted and Marci has this large U shaped leather sofa in their RV living quarters and when the table is removed it is a perfect seating arrangement for three. We walk in and Marci is on her knees between between Lynns legs. Lynn has a few pillows under her to raise her ass and she was leaning back with her feet on Marci’s shoulders. Ted spoke up and said NICE! Marci patted her hands on the cushions each side of Lynn motioning us to sit down. Marci looked up and said here’s how the game goes boys. I’m calling three strikes and your out and I’m the first pitcher. Ted and I said hell yea, let’s play!

Marci cupped her hands under Lynns ass cheeks and pulled her in and began eating Lynn’s pussy. Lynn reach over and was rubbing our cocks through our pants and Ted and I quickly stood up and took our pants off so we could get our cocks played with while watching Marci work her magic. Marci was tongue fucking Lynn and Lynn was loving it as she raised her hips to let her get deep with her tongue. Lynn’s legs began bouncing on Mars shoulders as she started to have an orgasm. Lynn moved her hands and held Marci’s head and held her pussy on her face for a few seconds. Lynn let go and Marci raised head and shouted Strike One! Who’s the next pitcher? I wanted to lick Lynns pussy so bad after watching that and I hurried to get between her legs.

Lynn raised one leg and put her foot on my shoulder and threw her other leg over top of Teds leg, grabbed his cock then looked at me, smiled and stuck her tongue out and flicked it in a licking motion as she raised her wet pussy for me to lick. I love eating Lynns pussy and she always has such a sweet tasting pussy and I love to make her cum eating her out.

Marci was on her knees beside me stroking my cock watching me eat Lynn. It couldn’t of been more than two or three minutes and Lynn was moaning with climatic pleasure again. I grabbed her leg that was on my shoulder and pushed it up and away giving me access to her asshole. I circle my tongue around it and darted my tongue in and out a couple time then licked my way back up cleaning the sweet nectar from her pussy lips. Marci shouted out again, Strike Two! Next pitcher please. Ted looked at Lynn and said I think I’m up next and Lynn smiled at him and said oh yes you are Mr.

Marci and I got back on the sofa and we each grabbed a leg and held them apart giving Ted a wide open view and full access to Lynns pussy. Ted also grabbed Lynns ass cheeks firmly and held her up a little and started at her asshole and slowly licked all the way up and through the folds of her pussy, stopped and flickered his tongue on her clit the circled around the outside of her swollen lips and back down to her ass. Lynn looked down at Ted as he pushed his tongue in and out fucking her asshole with his tongue! Lynn was trying to spread her legs further apart so he could go deeper in her asshole. Ted then worked his way back up sucking on her pussy lips then plunging his tongue in and out of opening while using his thumb to massage her clit.

Lynn was bucking and hunching on Teds face moaning Yes, Yes, Oh Fuck Yes! Then Lynn exploded into another orgasm and started squirting uncontrollably. This was only the second time I’ve ever seen Lynn squirt during an orgasm. Thank god Marci had towels all over the sofa and on the floor because Ted pulled Lynns pussy lips apart and started patting her clit with his finger. Lynn was screaming OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Then squirt again and again. Marci and I was holding her quivering body as Lynn held Teds head and fucked his face draining herself of all she had.

Lynn finally calmed down and Marci said that was definitely a Strike Three! Marci got up and tossed Ted a couple towels and grabbed us all a bottle of water. She chuckled and told Lynn she should have an energy drink with some electrolytes from all the fluids you just released. Lynn said oh god I know and laughed. Lynn said if you don’t mind can I use your bathroom, I don’t want to walk naked all the way to the bathhouse and back. Ted said it’s all yours sweetie.

Marci straighten out the sofa a bit and sat down between Ted and I. She spread and threw her legs over mine and Teds, grabbed our cocks and said, how’s the new game so far boys? We said Love it! Love it! Love it! as we each had her tits in our hands.

Lynn walked in and said my, my don’t we look comfy. Lynn stood in front of Marci looking down at her hands wrapped around our cock and said you poor baby, are the boys giving you enough attention? Lynn leaned over and started tongue kissing Marci and that made my cock harder. Lynn got down on her knees and said may I play with one of those? (Referring to Mars tits). Ted and I moved our hands and Lynn leaned forward and start licking and suck each of Marci’s Tit’s. She was moaning with pleasure. I loved watching Lynn sucking on her tits.

My mind was racing fifty miles per hour when Lynn started kissing Marci’s chest and working her way down her belly. Lynn looked up at Marci as she kissed her bellybutton and slowly moved to her pelvic area. I’m thinking holy fuck! My wife is going to eat Marci’s pussy? Lynn looked up at me as she ran her tongue just above the hood of Marci’s pussy to see my reaction. Marci moaned and squeezed our cocks, Ted and I gave moan of approval and Lynn did it! She took her fingers and spread Marci’s lips apart and licked the opening of her pussy then tickled her clit with her tongue!

My cock was throbbing at this point and I was in heaven watching my beautiful wife work wonders on Marci’s pussy. It was like she’s done this her whole life. She was making Marci scream with pleasure. Marci laid her head back and moaned out Yes! Yes! Yes! As she let go of Teds cock and reached down pulling Lynns face tight as she was about to cum in Lynns mouth.

Ted looked over at me and said Damn Bud, she’s good at this! I felt so proud of Lynn’s newfound skills. Marci started to relax from her orgasm and and said Damn girlfriend, that was definitely strike one! Lynn smiled at me, stood up, kissed me and said next with an ornery grin on her face. I said I’ll give it my best shot!

Lynn traded places with me on the sofa and I crawled between Marci’s legs and Lynn said go nice and slow babe and make her scream. I was kissing Marci’s belly working my way down and Lynn was rubbing up and down her inner thigh as I get closer to Marci’s wet pussy. Lynn took her two fingers and pulled the hood of Marci’s pussy open and said there you go, kiss right her babe. I did exactly as I was told and I softly kissed the swollen prize waiting for me. Lynn said nice baby, now lick her like you do me. That I can do and Marci’s pussy was starting to taste wonderful as her juices were continuing to flow.

Lynn was talking dirty saying things like lick that wet pussy and tongue fuck Marci’s hot pussy. Lynn said come on girlfriend, feed Trevor your pussy. Make him stick his tongue in deep and cum on his face. I’ll make him lick it all up when your done! Marci through her head back and grabbed my head with her free hand and screamed FUCK YES!!!! God she tasted good as her nectar was gushing now. Lynn said that’s it babe. Lick up all that sweet cum Marci gave you. Lynn reached down and used both hands to spread her wide open and kept saying get it all baby. Get your tongue deep in there and lick it all up.

Marci was having spasms from her strong orgasm. I sat back, looked up and said was that Strike Two? Marci looked down and said it sure the fuck was and you have an amazing tongue! I had marci’s wet cum all over my face as Lynn leaned forward and licked around my mouth and tongue kissed me the said nice job Baby! Ted spoke up and said looks like I’m still sucking hind tit and hope she saved some for me? LOL Ted got up to grab us another water and I took his seat on the other side of Marci. Lynn was caressing Marci’s tits as she regained composure. Lynn whispered in her ear and said we need to play this game again. Marci took drank her water as Ted got between her legs. He said hold on to her guys, I don’t want this one to get away! Lynn and I put an arm under each leg and pulled them back so Ted could show us his technique and went straight for Mars asshole. Probing it with is tongue and rubbing her clit he could tell it was still a little too sensitive and kept massaging her asshole with his tongue. Marci was laid back and enjoying the soothing feeling of getting her asshole massaged with Teds tongue.

H probed her ass with the tip of his finger making her squirm and knew she was primed for more pleasure. He jammed his tongue in a couple more times, then reached down and pushed his thumb up her ass. Marci tensed up and Ted said that’s it baby fuck that thumb with your ass. Marci was rocking back and forth as Ted had his whole thumb deep in her ass. H said are you ready baby? Marci just moaned Uh Huh and Ted started twisting his thumb and running it in and out like jack hammer. Ted said hold old to her guys as he sped up. Ted was rapidly fucking Marci’s asshole with his thumb. Marci screamed and bucked wildly almost coming off the sofa. She speechless and could only scream and moan with pleasure.

Marci was oozing her last bit of love juice and it was running down her crack and down Teds fingers and hand. She finally let out a last scream saying Oh My Fucking God…. As she clamped her ass tight locking her husbands thumb in her and bucked wildly! Marci relaxed from her climax and Ted slowly pulled his thumb out and said Strike Three Babe, you’re out! Marci was almost crying sayin God Damn I get the most intense orgasm when he does that.

Back to rehydrating and let the girls recover from all the strike outs. LOL

After about a half an hour and a couple of beers. Ted and I we were still struggling with half hard aching cocks and the girls knew it. Marci finally spoke up and said I think it’s time to play one more inning to see batter can hit a home run and I’m calling this game Batters Up! So you guys get ready to swing your bats because this part of the game we’re going to add a special double header for this inning, if you know what I mean as the girls smiled at us. Marci said, we’re drawing straws and the longest straw goes up to bat first.

Marci cuts a straw and hands them over to Lynn and take one in each hand and holds them out for Ted to pick one first. He reaches out for one and she pulls her hand back and offers him the other one and he takes it. She holds out her hand with the other straw to me with a grin on her face and I take it. Marci said now boys who has the longest straw? Ted held up a straw twice as long as mine! The girls laughed and said it looks like Ted goes up to bat first. I thought that was cute Lynn making sure Ted got the long straw because she was fascinated and couldn’t wait to get Teds cock back in her mouth. She’s become such a nympho for Teds cock and I was happy to see her enjoy our erotic fun.

Ted said hey guys. If it’s ok I’d like to record the game to make sure there's no question about who’s the clear winner. I said ok as long as we keep it discreet and we get a copy. LOL Wouldn’t you know it, Ted had and quickly came back with a tripod video recorder. Looks like they come prepared and obviously done this more than once. Marci leaned over to Lynn and whispered in her ear. Ted likes to film me sucking other guys cocks so we can watch later. She said remind me and I show you a couple videos of us playing later and winked.

Lynn didn’t seem to mind and was getting so excited about the batting contest, or should I say get her hands on Teds hard cock! Ted had the recorder at the right height, angle and recording when Marci got down on her knees and said Lynn, can you lead the first batter over? Lynn gladly reached down and grabbed Teds cock and led him over to Marci. Lynn held Teds cock and tapped it on Marci’s lips. Marci pulled Lynn down beside her so that Teds cock was right in their faces. Lynn was getting excited shaking Teds growing cock between their cheeks and lips. Marci started licking and kissing Teds cock while Lynn held it for her. Marci opened her mouth and Lynn guided Teds cock in her mouth and started jacking Ted.

I could see Teds cock getting harder and harder in Lynns hand and she fed it to Marci. Marci pulled back and pushed Teds cock over to Lynn. She looked over at me with excitement in her eyes and a (here we go) look on her face then licked the tender underside of his cock then kissed the tip. Marci cupped his balls and used her other hand to rub Teds cock head over Lynns lips. Teds sticky pre cum was all over my wife’s face now and Lynn looked over at me and with no inhibitions, opened her mouth and let Marci guide his cock in. Lynn was looking at the recorder then back at me as she started sucking Teds Cock harder. Ted was moaning Oh Fuck That Feels Good Lynn. I know this was turning Lynn on hearing Ted tell her how good his cock felt in her mouth. Marci took his balls in her mouth and Lynn held his cock and tried to deep throat it as much as she could. Both Lynn and Marci were licking up and down Teds fully erect cock and each time a little pre cum seeped out they took turns licking it off then tongue kissed each other.

Lynn looked up at me again as Ted was pushing his cock in her mouth and I could her cheek bulge out from his large cock head. I was so fucking horny jacking off watching Lynn do this. She knew it was turning me on and made sure I could see her tongue licking tried giving Ted a fantastic blow job! Lynn had Teds cock so hard, his blood filled veins were showing as she done her best twisting and sucking motion. Ted was getting week in the knees with legs slightly bent trying to fuck Lynns mouth moaning GOD DAMN THIS FEEL GOOD! Holy Fuck Girls, I’m Going TO CUMMM! Ted grabbed his cock and the back of Lynn head and began jerking as he shot strings after strings of hot cum in her mouth! Lynn tried to keep her eyes on me to see if I was watching her accept his cum. My eyes was transfixed on Lynn as I seen her swallow Teds hot cum! I almost shot my load watching her do this!

Ted relaxed and snowy pulled back as Lynn opened her mouth to show us the last remaining steams of Teds cum then swallowed. Marci licked Teds cock clean the leaned over and the girls started tongue kissing. Ted collapsed back on the sofa and Marci turn to me and said, Batter UP! I could barely walk over to to them as Marci turned me to the side a little for the best camera view. My heart was pounding and I said don’t touch my cock for a minute. If you do I will explode. Lynn looked up, smiled and said looks like we have a real horny batter here! LOL That immediate cumming sensation was close but gradually subsided enough that I wouldn’t bust a nut instantly. I reached out and put my hand on top of Lynns head. She grabbed my cock and guided over to Marci’s lips and said be easy girlfriend, we don’t want him to cum too soon.

Mar kissed and licked all the oozing pre cum from the tip of my cock and held her lips on my throbbing head a few seconds to feel the throbbing my cock head was delivering. I felt like I could blow any minute and prayed the I could hang on a little longer! Marci grabbed my ass cheek and in one long push forward took my cock all the way to the back of her throat. She had her nose tight against my pelvic bone and moved her head back and forth. I swear I thought I could feel her tonsils slid over my cock head! She gaged a bit but started sucking my cock like no tomorrow. Lynn looked up and said does that feel good Babe? I said Oh My Fucking God…..YES! Lynn pulled my cock over to her mouth and she sucked and swirled her tongue around my cock head. She knows this drive me crazy!

I said FUCK!!! I’M GONNA CUMMM! Marci moves in and opens her mouth. Lynn is jacking me off in her mouth and I’m feel a massive load of cum building from deep in my balls. Lynn looks up at me as I blast hot cum all over Marci’s face. Lynn tried to control the streams of cum spewing uncontrollably. Pointing it in her mouth cum was shooting everywhere! Some in Marci’s mouth and all over her face, running down her eyes, nose down her cheeks and chin. Marci took over and grabbed my cock and gobbled up my last few spurts of cum. God her mouth felt so good on my dick! I started to relax and soften and Lynn took my cock and gave it some last good tongue swirls to capture any remaining dribbles of cum. She then turn to Marci and liked a big glob of cum from around her so she could see then tongue kissed her. Then Lynn grabbed Marci’s face and began licking all the cum off her face and feeding it to her. They kissed mixing my cum in their mouths. Lynn finally wiped the remaining cum of Marci’s and placed it back on the head of my cock and Marci sucked the rest of the life out of my cock.

I collapsed back on the sofa with Ted as the girls finished kissing and caressing each others breasts. Lynn stopped, looked over and said well now. Who’s the lucky home run winner? Marci said we need a clear and decisive winner or we’ll have start over to play another inning tomorrow! Ted and I said maybe we should have an extra inning tomorrow just to make absolute sure! LOL We all bust out laughing as the girls got up. We all cleaned up and made some fresh drinks and just enjoyed sitting around naked with each other. We said we were for sure going to the next swing party and expect it will be just as exciting and fun as we’re having now. Ted shouted out who the hell was the home run batter? Marci jumped up, grabbed the recorder and said let’s do a quick review but lets vote between 1 to 10 and we each write it down on a piece of paper for additional fun! Marci said wait a sec as she was writing something down n a post-it-note and passes it to Lynn. Lynn smiles, holds it up and said the home run batter that wins gets this voucher for a double header blow job from me and Marci! It’s an on demand voucher for when we’re together next time!

Ted turned the video on and we all gathered around the small kitchen counter / bar. Ted and I leaning over with the girls close behind with their tit’s squished against our backs. Ted was up first and this was this first time Lynn watching herself sucking another mans cock. I said Damn Babe, you definitely have a mouthful! Marci said I knew she would like it and that’s not the only thing that’s going to fill her mouth as we view Ted pumping hot cum in Lynns mouth. Lynn shouted out Jesus guys! My cheeks look like a chipmunk with dick that in my mouth! Marci looked at Lynn and said you loved though girlfriend. I said that was hot as hell and wrote down my rating. Ted said I’ve dreamed about my cock in Lynns mouth for a long time, turned and gave me and Lynn a high five and wrote his number down. Marci said I’m so happy my husband got the chance to cum in my best girlfriends mouth and she din’t loose a drop! Ted loves it when a girl swallows cum! Marci wrote down her rating and set the scores aside to so we could judge the next Batter. LOL

The next scene came up and though I couldn’t hold out as long as Ted, I gave it my best effort. We all went WOW….Ewwed and Ahhed when I started shooting cum all over Marci’s face. It was so hot watching Lynn try make it go in her mouth. The best part was when Lynn licked the cum off Marci’s face and fed it back to her tongue kissing. We all started saying that’s going to get some good points. I wrote down a 10 for myself because I really wanted that voucher for another chance to have the girls suck my cock a little longer. Lynn winked at me and wrote down her score and Marci said I certainly have my score. Ted was contemplating and taking a little extra time writing down his score and Marci said Jesus Ted write down a score we want to see who the lucky winner is. I knew dam well he wanted that voucher because he really enjoyed Lynn sucking his cock as he wrote down his score.

Marci and Lynn rushed to gather the scores and they each pulled a score from the blow job for Ted and took turns announcing…. 10.. Another 10…and Another 10 and YEA Another 10 Lynn and Marci was so giggly reading the scores.

Marci said now out next Batters score as the girls were so excited to read the final results. Marci said first score a 10…. Lynn says next score is a 10… Marci says and the next is a 10… Ted held onto his score and with a shit eating grin slid it over to Lynn and she opened it and it said 10 plus an additional 10 because it’s my damn recorder! We all cheered and laughed. Ted said, girls….that blow job you gave Trevor was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen and I had to throw in an extra 10. Ted turned to Lynn and said You Girlfriend are a true Sexual Vixen and definitely know how to make a my cock hard and blow jobs exciting as hell and slapped her another high five! Lynn looked over at me and was grinning from ear to ear with joy and new found confidence.I shouted YEA!!!! Lynn handed me the voucher and said we did good Babe and gave her another high five too. Then Lynn with another ornery smile on her face and turned to Ted and said here my big ticked friend is a voucher for (cumming) in a close second. It turns out we are all winners and look forward to using our vouchers!

Needless to say Ted and Mar are not only our best friends. They are now our sexiest most erotic best friends with some exciting new adventures to explore.

Lynn and I later talked about what we done with Ted and Maci and agreed it was the most erotic and exciting sex we ever had and wanted to experience more! I told Lynn I wasn’t sure how I would feel watching her with another man but it ended up turning me on more you you can imagine. Lynn said I was scared too but when I seen how horny it was making you I wanted do do things I’ve only secretly fantasized about. Lynn said she loved fucking Ted and his cock wasn’t that much bigger than mine, just a little longer and it drove her crazy having another mans hard cock in her.

Lynn grabbed her phone and said check out this pics Marci sent me. She was eager to show me one of Marci sucking a really hard black cock. Lynn looked at me with hopeful eyes and said what do you think of that?

Well that’s another story for our new found adventures with our best friends!

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